Yep, that’s a win right there. You see, the New York Times upped the hackery Sunday when its editorial board absurdly claimed that President Obama didn’t really lie when he said “you can keep your plan.” Guys, he totally just “misspoke!” Over and over. Period.

As Twitchy reported, the mockery was swift and sure. And “just bloggers” and citizens helped out the “real journalists” over at the paper of hack-tastic record with a brutal compilation video of all of President Liar Pants’ “misspeaking.

Will the White House now pivot to the teleprompter excuse?


Loesch further slammed Obama and the New York Times as only she can:

Bingo! “Lying one’s head off,” indeed. Is it any wonder his poll numbers are plummeting? Sane people (this excludes you, NYT editorial board) do not like big fat liars.


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  • Republicanvet

    Another question: Since most leftist media are nothing more than Preezy’s transcribers, shouldn’t they be able to check their own records on this lie?

    • stuckinIL4now

      Check records? What’s that? They don’t have to verify anything so long as it fits their SADministration Obumuh-Dembecile butt-kissing narrative, and if it doesn’t fit, they just ignore it.

    • Politically Incorrect

      Nope, cause the teleprompter gave BHO bad information making the “Preezy’ a victim, yet again.
      It’s my contention that Congress should subpoena said teleprompter since there’s virtually no chance the 5th will be invoked…

      • Thomas Long

        Must have been Bush’s old teleprompter… :-/ #sarcasm

      • 2hearts4life


      • SupplyGuy

        Teleprompters are racist! Who knew?

        • atlas007

          If I don’t agree with Obama’s white half does that still make me a racist?

    • Frank Castle


      L M A O!!

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Ms. Loesch:

    Check fire!

    You’re about 28″ due North of the actual target in your last Tweet.

    Correct and fire again!

    • John Ansell

      That’s why that lady “fainted” behind Obama while mispeaking in the garden.

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        “Staged” and “Faux” nearly fainted.

        • Nancy Pickering Churchill

          I am telling you, they think they are so much smarter then the lower common folks who gave them their position… They think we are sooo dumb! God, it is so amazing to me that they think they can pull the wool over all of our eyes! We know exactly what he is… A Damn Liar! No one will call him that.. but he is a stinking LIAR! He didn’t mis speak, he out right lied, and it’s been proven! So tell it like it is Media….DO YOUR JOB!

          • atlas007

            Remember when Congressman Joe Wilson yelled out in the chambers “You lie”, when Obama was giving his speech? He knew.

          • allah_speaking

            In some ways they are smarter. Their necks haven’t been stretched by ropes yet.

          • Clark Gertner

            They are not smarter, but they are more shrewd. They spend all their time plotting how they can ‘get over’ on the American people, while most of us are occupied with living our lives, working, and taking care of our families. Liberals have created a culture of kids taking care of their parents through gov bonuses for having more kids.

        • Dan Glosser

          I like when they take a look back just before wink wink fainting…lol

    • DrKennethNoisewaterMD

      Beware, only the Left are allowed to use such analogies.

    • marshwill


    • jahoosafatz


      • Jack Deth

        Great name, jahoosafatz.

        Haven’t heard it in ages!

  • search9286

    Isn’t he surrounded by dozens of advisors? Shouldn’t they have explained to him what HIS law actually said? Where were those advisors when he claimed he didn’t know about “Fast and Furious”, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, etc., etc. He is either the biggest liar we’ve ever had or the most incompetent. I think both.

    • Xanderson

      To be fair, he is a competent liar.

      • porkchop6209

        No, you have mis-spoken. He is an incompetent truth teller. Context, context, context

        • trixiewoobeans

          I believe we should retire “misspoke,” and call it what it really is…”mistruth.”

      • KansasGirl

        Is this sarcasm?
        I, for one, never believed any of his lies.

        • pepjrp

          You’re a smart girl.

          • KansasGirl

            Wish there were more. *sigh*

          • pepjrp

            We are grateful for you anyway. :)

          • reggie_gabr

            If there were more…he wouldn’t have been a two term Prez…or even the first time…

          • KansasGirl

            Let’s face it, most of the people that elected him will see no change in their lifestyle.
            We’ll still be forced to support them…with the democRats getting the credit.
            These generational deadbeats are a protected class, don’t cha’ know.
            I say, it’s time to take out the trash.
            We’ll see if these pubs have the stomach to do the right thing.

          • reggie_gabr

            I wish I could say that I believe it to happen…we do need the term limits, however I hear it is next to impossible which makes me wonder if the situation is incorrigible …with the coming generations brainwashed since age 6 till 22 what can we expect from today’s kids that will rule in 10-15 years from now….sad

          • KansasGirl

            It’s because of our kids that we must keep up the fight.

          • peter

            take out the trash is exactly right, that would be some big a..s

      • pepjrp

        He does excel in that area. Good point.

        • bear

          if he,s so good at it how does everyone knows he,s lieing.he gets busted over and over,,bengazi.etc,etc,etc,,,how is that a good then you have to dig deeper into ..why would there be American.s who still believes Obama..they want to be lied to or their benifiting from the lies..

          • pepjrp

            Excellent points. Some sure love his lies and don’t want to hear the truth.

          • Dan Glosser

            You have said it.

          • peter

            they need him to live the easy live!

      • marshwill

        Well, he has proved himself to be very adept at lying….. but, being a leader or a President, NOT SO MUCH!!!

        • bear

          an adapt lier gets away with it..

          • mc5cents

            The essence of a good “sting” is that the mark doesn’t know he has been taken. See the movie “The Sting” for examples.

          • marshwill

            Many do not get away with it forever. We can hope that this inept imposter’s days of getting away with it are coming to a close.

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      0 had extreme help by two (not the only ones) WJC, HRC…

      What difference does it make, now. – HRC
      We do not live in an evidence based world any longer. – HRC
      Right wing conspiracy, Monica/Gates of water Kenneth Star. – WJC
      Depends on the definition of is. – WJC

      The Scandals:
      Gennifer Flowersgate
      Vince Fostergate
      I wonder where those Whitewater billing records came fromgate
      Paula Jonesgate
      Federal Building campaign phone callgate
      Lincoln bedroomgate
      White House coffeegate
      Donations from convicted drug and weapons dealersgate
      Buddhist Templegate
      Web Hubbell hush moneygate
      Chinese commiegate – Clinton was practically endorsed by red China Update!
      Let’s blame Kenneth Starrgate
      Zippergate/interngate – the Lewinsky affair itself
      Perjury and jobs for Lewinskygate – the aftermath
      Web Hubbell prison phone callgate
      Selling Military Technology to the Chinese Commiesgate
      Coverup for our Russian Comrades as Wellgate
      Jaunita Broaddrick gate

      • Biggus_Footus

        Your forgot missle-technology-to-Chicoms-for-campaign-money-gate.

        • Joe Worsham

          A big one !

      • terrstin

        Helps to to better judge in the furture

      • geddys_uncle

        More gates than a farm & ranch supply store!!!

      • Laverl Turley

        Even though there are others that have committed that dastardly deed also, does not in any way mean that i like it or will vote for some one that does lie.

    • Cynthia McKee

      I’d like a few more like arrows on this one!! You hit the nail on the head!

    • Thomas Doyle

      He absolutely is both…

    • journogal

      I don’t think he is incompetent at all – he is evil and he is intent on bringing our country to its knees. I don’t think he listens or cares to listen to his advisors. He thinks he knows it all and doesn’t anyone’s advice, guidance or opinion. He simply doesn’t care. It’s his way or not at all.

      • sgb1

        Scott Peck described evil in “People of the Lie” as the inability to admit to error. Looks like you nailed it.

        • journogal

          What amazes me is that people haven’t began to turn on him…so far.

          • David

            It’s amazing that about 40 percent still think obama is doing a good job. I look at it this way: When walking down the street and I meet 100 people I have to figure 40 of them are insane.

          • journogal

            Very true…

          • Jerry Ellis

            only 40?

          • [email protected]

            David, look at it this way: Everyone from Watters of Bill O’Reilly to Howard Stern has shown man-on-the street interviews with that 40 percent, and they are not necessarily insame, just 100 percent ignorant of so much that we assume they should know. Probably 10 out those 40 are journalists.

          • petie3

            We have been screwed; by those who claim to know how to teach our children, by those who arrange the newscasts, by

            Democrats engaged in damage-control 24/7, by those who are not what they seem, by those who get rich by scamming the taxpayer, by those on foreign payrolls (more than you think), by people who attack or ignore

            those who speak the truth.

          • allah_speaking

            Carry a sharp stick. Poke them with it. The ones that don’t seem to mind are probably ozombies…

      • ShirleyCummings

        I don’t believe he is the one that is calling the shots,its the Bilderbergs,i may be wrong,but don’t think so. There was a conspiracy back in 2009,that our gov’t was planning to create an outbreak of swine or bird flu.This was reported by a Doctor who treated heads of state,for she was told by a co worker,that it was about time for the culling. When asked what they meant,they said,you know where we get rid of the useless eaters that are eating up our resources. Well this Doctor knew she was told something that she was not suppose to know,and this Doctor left the country and only flew in long enough to give the interview,and when finished she was gone.The Bilderbergs are a secret society,some of this society are finding their way into Obama admn. Hilary was one,Kerry is another one.All you have to do is look up the bilderberg group agenda,or bilderberg attendee’s or members.Now i would ask,if you wanted to depopulate this Nation,what better way than to control your healthcare,who is really going to know when some’s being coverage and offered euthanasia? No one,so is this the way in thru the back door? Clinton,Edwards,Perry, J. Kerry even Bush senior thought the New World Order would be great.All i know that something evil is going on in our Nation,and i believe people on both sides of the isle’s are part of it.I do know that Hilary and O.H.O went to a secret meeting ,before he was elected.

    • MimiEye

      They had to pass it before they could read it … and they couldn’t tell him what was in it until they read it … LOL!

      • TexasMom2012

        Apparently, they cant even tell him what is in it until after it is implemented…

    • Daryl Williams

      They had not read because Pelosi was still lookingat it to see what was in it.

      • [email protected]

        Just looking, Daryl, that’s what’s taking so long: she can’t read!

    • marshwill

      He should be forced — in that straitjacket, if necessary — to get off the &^#^&%# campaign trail, keep his butt out of Air Force 1 and off the golf course for a couple weeks and sit it in the Oval Office (if he can find his way there) and have briefings about all the things every other President INSISTED on KNOWING about in their administrations…… like “We’re tapping Angela Merkel’s private phone” (as if ANY national security person would do that without the president’s APPROVAL; certainly not without his knowledge). I’m sick and tired of this imposter who has DONE nothing to improve the condition of the country but MUCH to make it worse and who KNOWS NOTHING about what is going on in his administration.

      • Jerry Ellis

        I agree…..The story is behind the walls of the “Oval Office”!

    • bear

      I know so..he wouldn.t know the truth if he tripped over it.

    • Frank Castle

      Advisers? Yes, but they keep “advising” him to LIE !!

    • idiotmitten

      He pulled a Joe Clapper – told the least false lie.

  • marion vega

    ok judge. but i misspoke, let me walk with my complimentary kool aid

    • David

      Honest judge I didn’t do it. Those 47 stab wounds are an obvious case of suicide.

  • rambler

    Amazing how the libs prefer to defend a LIE rather than admit it was a lie. The next step for the libs is to say that “it doesn’t really matter”. Lies do matter and so does credibility.

    • mikeh420

      You mean like saying “What difference does it make?”…

      • rambler

        Libs like anything that has deflective possibilities.

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        Also, Hillary repeated it a week or so ago in a spewed speech, and at the Benghazi hearings:
        “We do not live in an Evidence Based World, any longer!”

        • Daryl Williams

          Really Hillary? I Thought you study law.

          • petie3

            Only enough to enrich herself and twist the truth. It doesn’t make any difference to Ambassador Stevens, he’s dead. And it’s on your watch. So you really think it makes no difference?

        • sgb1

          Whose fault is that?

      • tchamek

        aka -Hillary

    • GaryTheBrave

      They consider lying as a weakness but not a moral weakness, more as an imperfection. Libs believe they are perfect in all things. Any proof to the contrary is wrong in their minds.

      • Jennifer

        Any means to an end…

      • rambler

        Libs have to lie to themselves. Everything is framed for the “greater good”, so if lying achieves the “greater good” then they are all for it, especially if that “greater good” benefits them the most.

      • Moogiechan

        They see nothing wrong with lying. It’s getting caught that they have problems with, and that’s only because it temporarily gets in the way of implementing their agenda. While they are defending or deflecting lies, they could be in their hot tubs….

        • petie3

          Like Marat.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      And yet, they’ll be the first to tell you, when it’s a Repub administration,”It’s always the cover-up that gets you in the end– so why not come clean now?”

      • rambler

        Because rules are for catching the other guy and never for cleaning up one’s own act.

    • Bitter Clinger

      Recall how they protected Clinton when he lied to a grand jury. It was just about “personal behavior” so that lie doesn’t really matter. Sort of like those four Americans dying in Benghazi. What difference at this point does it make?

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        And HRC, also made the statement in those hearings, “we do not live in an evidence based world”.

        • TexasMom2012

          She may not but many of us DO!

      • rambler

        What sort of person would defend the morally bankrupt? Seems way too many at present and too many in DC and the media.

        • Deborah Hallsted

          My mother is a dem, and she has ridiculed and laughed at me for believing in honor and bravery. She says, “everyone lies, everyone commits adultery, everyone is dishonest”, etc. So to respond to your question, dems defend them, because they believe lies are normal, to get your way. So they aren’t disappointed in O, since they don’t expect anything else. Shes an atheist, which is more common in dems I think. She’s been looking forward to ObamaScam, and hoped (when we spoke about it) that the “republicans wouldn’t screw it up, by delaying it”. She loves Clinton and Owebamao. Hard for me not to talk politics with her, but sometimes hard not to respond…..!

          • rambler

            Gee, sorry about you mother. I could never share her opinion or her excuse for voting for those politicians. I know people with that same opinion. To me, character, honesty, integrity and morals matter. Without them there is corruption, which can never be justified. I think that the dems defend all this horrid behavior because they can’t win without it. To admit that it is wrong would mean that they would have to clean up their own acts and that is too much work.

          • Deborah Hallsted

            No kidding. I agree. And among other things, she stole my trust fund, from my grandfather, so honesty and integrity, not big on the list. Interestingly, she has a huge heart surgery coming up in a week, and has told me at least four times that she is daily haunted by the past, and can’t let it go at all, and wishes she could be a Catholic, so she could go confess and believe everything was erased concerning her treatment of me. She won’t say sorry, in any form, though I told her years ago I forgave her. Nor will she put me back in her will. So she wants absolution, but not to “clean up her own acts” as you have said. I find her behavior to be quite typical of the dem platform. Ironically, I told her the love of God has helped me to forgive myself and others in my life-needless to say, she didn’t take the hint . Too bad, I don’t want her haunted, I sure am not! I have peace. I wish her nothing but happiness and health.
            No trying to “ramble” lol, I use my personal example only as a reference to what I have experienced personally of liberal attitudes and behaviors.

          • [email protected]

            Deborah, you represent the good side of mankind’s nature. I am now old and have the experience and knowledge to reflect on three generations from my lifetime. I now have to conclude that the people who populate what we currently call Liberal ideology do not possess the same belief that you have, re: Right and Wrong exist. If there is no such thing as Wrong, the whole idea of lying for them is only an inconvenience to be explained away, and move on to the convenient things that promote their agenda.

          • Deborah Hallsted

            Thank you for your kindness, I appreciate those words :) There was a good article the other day on Glenn Beck, which echoed your sentiments, that without the basis of a fundamental belief in God as our Creator, there’s no justification for following Judeo-Christian principals other than a personal arbitrary whim. It went deeper than that, but you clearly already understand the underlying position.

          • rambler

            I applaud all that you have done to maintain your character and to find forgiveness. That is not easy to do. May you receive many blessings for all you have accomplished.

          • Deborah Hallsted

            Thank you :) !

    • Biggus_Footus

      The “media” can never point out the lies because they’ve carried the water on every one of them, which makes them liars as well. Besides, there’s nothing in Obamunism that they find objectionable.

      • rambler

        And so the media can’t ever be objective.

    • JoJo58

      In the liberal mind, the ends justify the means. Progressives have an agenda and that is collapsing the US government and replacing it with a NWO communist regime and they envision themselves ruling the entire world while the rest of us live in squalor, third world conditions. Unless we all decide enough is enough, we’ll all go under.

      • rambler

        The progs should be careful what they wish for. What they want has never worked in any countries even when the public doesn’t mind being controlled by leaders “parenting” them. There are too many individualists in the US who will never put up with being ruled.

    • Daryl Williams

      They already use one similar to that. “What difference does it make” Hillary.

  • CrustyB

    AP style book: Bush “lied” and Obama “misspoke.”

    • lilwren

      but then as something else said: “What difference does it make?”

    • Deborah Hallsted

      Oh yeah!

  • ObamaFail

    Liberals are pathetic. They’ll scream “lie”, “racism”, “terrorism” or “traitor” at Conservatives for proving what a joke Obamacare is or how this plan or that plan put in place by Obama is going to fail. But let it be proven to them that Obama lied to them for years and they’ll trip over themselves to defend the lie or spin the lie and claim that Obama never said it.

    • fights

      True definition of sheeple. These are the same kind of people as the people who literally drank the koolaid.

  • Skevvy

    Miss Spoke and Mister Ected! Keep the tape running because next He says, “Nothing in this bill will require you or your employer to change anything.” , which is even more damning!

  • Maxx

    If you’re to believe how the NYT wants to spin this, remember liberal ladies down the road when he says…

    …”I didn’t kiss her, she kissed me.”

    • 3seven77

      And don’t forget the ending of the story when the rapist says: “I did NOT have sex with that woman…”

  • AmericanMom

    Harvard might want to consider a new course for students: How to convince people your blatant lies are simply misspeaking.

    • rambler

      That maybe why the POTUS had his transcripts sealed…. misspeaking was his major.

      • Ronald Williams

        No he’s hiding because he lied to get into collage, said he was from kenya and that’s fruad.

        • rambler

          No matter what is contained in those files….. the man is a total fraud.

      • AmericanMom

        Hoping a hacker can expose those “secrets.” Hiding what’s in those transcripts only makes it appear he’s hiding either his grades, the content of his thesis’s or that he’s shown to be a foreign student.

        • rambler

          Eventually, those secrets will be out when someone wants to get back at him or he fails to keep paying money to keep them out of sight.

  • Buffalobob

    “to misspoke or not to misspoke” that is the question. Valerie Jarrett

  • Riordan Kynes

    How, may I ask, does a deity misspeak?

  • BlahBlah

    Hey now. I said this like this morning. :/ I demand my snarkyalties!

  • HanaFiveO

    The fop sweat is really getting thick these days.

  • carolhaka

    IT depends on what the definition of the word “misspoke” is!

  • Mike

    One time might be forgiven as “misspeaking”. The Second and countless subsequent times, put the lie to it being anything other than a lie.

  • AmericanLass

    POTUS had no idea what was on TOTUS. He will investigate and someone will pay for that outrage.

    • Bitter Clinger

      No. Sorry. No one will pay. No one ever pays in the Obama Regime. That would be like leftists keeping score at sporting events or assigning letter grades in academia. You wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings now would ‘ya?

      • AmericanLass

        TOTUS has been delegated to a closet in an undisclosed location.

    • MyrmidoNOT

      Sadly…the someone is us!
      We always pay…it’s what taxpayers do.

  • MyrmidoNOT

    Wonder who is sitting at the keyboard…typing the mis-speaks??
    Care to guess?

  • Delphinus13

    “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. Period.” Wow!!! That seems pretty definite to me, especially since he repeated it over, and over, and over, and over all around the country. Obviously, it as a lie/sales pitch to convince people to buy a bad product.

  • AtomicMountain

    If Woodward and Bernstein concluded that Nixon simply “misspoke”, I’d have never made this reference.

    • freeperjim

      Bernstein’s communist parents raised little Carl as another hate filled leftwing communist like themselves.

  • Joe

    OH SNAP Dana!

  • Michael Rice

    The good thing about this is, the undecided voters tend, IMO, to not be low info or sheep. They see this stuff for what it is.

  • Dr_Chambers

    I’m surprised the WH hasn’t gone to the Alan Greenspan line, “I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant”!

  • Tom Messner

    obama is just doing what he is paid to do.

  • Abigsoxfan

    The fact that he spoke it over an dover and said the EXACT same thing every time the dozens of time he said it proves beyond any doubt that it was written into the teleprompter. If it was written into the teleprompter, then the entire Obama administration vetted it including the President himself. There was no “misspeaking” here. This is exactly what he wanted to say to help sell his healthcare reform. The fact that the NYT doesn’t see this proves how their bias slants everything they see and hear. How anybody can take anything they’ve said for the past two decades with any amount of credibility totally amazes me. If this is not absolute proof of media bias which the left constantly denies, nothing can convince these knuckleheads.

  • James

    Of course he was lying. His lips were moving.

  • AZWarrior

    Poetic justice: NBC just found out THEIR premiums are increasing. KARMA?????

  • Daniel Bonacum

    He lied, he’s a liar – that’s what liars do. The idiots that support this liar seem to be ignorant to the fact that everything that is said these days is totally documented. Welcome to the internet age. I blame Al Gore for obama’s demise.

  • Julian A

    typical chicago politics

  • terrstin

    B.o. could just be a perpetual misspoker !

  • Chris Douglass

    George Bush tampered with the teleprompter!!!!!

  • Stephen Peele


  • McCabe

    Is it possible that Obama misspoke 22 times?

  • Bill Wood



    Select the items below that you think will influence those in your network and post them with a comment that the CORRUPT MEDIA will not tell them about this!


    • BiIIy

      Jesus Christ how many websites do you go to writing the same stupid rant in caps over and over?

  • Keri Green

    George Sorros owns 90% of the media in this Country there going to lie and spin the truth as long as the money comes in.

  • aragona

    BO – Thine pantaloons are ablaze!

  • Jim Rasmussen

    What difference at this point does it make? It’s not like it’s a big ****ing deal … or something like that.

  • Gene Barnes

    those people that dont know that obama lies every time he opens his mouth now days are living back in the 7th century.

  • Diana Gambony

    He is a pathological liar and has proven that all during his presidency. He thinks he is a KING and believes us all to be his stupid subjects. I have seen right through him since his onset as a state senator, just watching him blatantly “con” naive, gullible believers – I can hardly wait for the books on him to be published after he finally gets the hell out of the White House.

  • OTTObox

    “I didn’t know what the teleprompters said.”

  • fights

    Heard that creepy guy David Axelrod today and he kept saying the “VERY SMALL PERCENTAGE of people this is happening to”. That’s the new line folks, listen for it. Well there was a fairly small percentage of people without health insurance, but for some freaking reason, everybody has to be affected. SO SICK of these marxists!!

    • Steve

      Can’t remember who it was, (so many of them now are trying to spin this) but they said “since when do we change a law for 5% of the people”? If I was on the panel I would have said, how ’bout gay marriage a$$hole?

    • delilah50

      There will be more people kicked off their plans than there was uninsured in the first place!

    • liberalssuck

      16 million is such a small percentage, frickin morons they are!!

  • carmijok

    Well, to be fair…like all of the American people. he didn’t know what was in the law until it passed.

  • DrKennethNoisewaterMD

    Maybe cancelled Glen Beck and his spooky Soros chalk-talks need a revisit. The more obvious it becomes that his money is connected to sheikh islam’s election/re-election, the more scandal happens to distract the public.

  • oo

    problem is we have a bunch of treasonous congressmen who refuse to hold the Traitor in Chief accountable… they are in effect aiding and abetting in the destruction of this country… treason is rampant in Sodom on the Potomac…

    a warning to all the traitors in government:
    Pro 6:12 A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth.
    Pro 6:13 He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers;
    Pro 6:14 Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord.
    Pro 6:15 Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy.
    Pro 6:16 These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
    Pro 6:17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
    Pro 6:18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
    Pro 6:19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

  • Larry A Underwood

    love it and I would add can a teleprompter misspeak for three consecutive years?

  • carmijok

    Hitler also had a problem with ‘misspeaking’. Just ask Neville ‘Peace in Our Time’ Chamberlain!

  • RiseUp

    The mainstream media is the enemy of the constitution and the people. They are complicit in the nightmare.

  • carmijok

    Chris Matthews better get that tingle going up his leg checked…oh wait…he can’t because his insurance was cancelled!

    • [email protected]

      I think we can now spell it Tinkle, after he has learned ObamaCare got to him personally.

  • foreverinchrist

    Well the people who voted for you must be shaken their head right now. They really believed you were given them something for free…lol! You played them good to the bone that even now when the truth is out, they still believe you haven’t lied to them. Now that’s what I call being brainwashed! A bunch of blind idiots just like Germany was under Hitler.

  • Mike

    Perhaps it’s time for the NY Times to give up its status as a supposed news source and just admit it’s nothing more than a propaganda rag for the left.

  • Conservative Mark

    This guy exposed himself as a lying Muslim his first day in office signing his first executive order sealing his entire paper past!

  • Guest

    ok I have had it….. I’m going to go play a game… I can only stand so much from this disgusting putrid filthy liar… what an embarrassment… him and his lemming followers …
    the fires of Hell are going to burn hot when they throw him in it … BASTARD…

  • oo

    ok I have had it….. I’m going to go play a game… I can only stand so much from this disgusting putrid filthy liar… what an embarrassment… him and his lemming followers …
    the fires of Hell are going to burn hot when they throw him in it … B…A…S…T…A…R…D…

  • oo

    ok I have had it….. I’m going to go play a game… I can only stand so much from this disgusting putrid filthy liar… what an embarrassment… him and his lemming followers …
    the fires of Hell are going to burn hot when they throw him in it ..

  • alvin691

    Apparently, when Obama was out on these promotional tours he was by himself without any speechwriters or handlers. /sarc

    • beebop1952

      They didn’t tell him so, in theory he didn’t know ….. sarc as well

  • Ben Smull

    New catch phrase, “You can’t’ obama your way out of this one!”

  • DonutToo

    This man is a narrow minded, short sighted sanctimonious jerk, with bad case of constipation of the mind and diarea of the mouth! Plus he is a pathological liar!!

  • Gin

    One time may be “misspoke.” Over and over again…not on your life.

  • Mark Caldwell

    Obamamugabe doesn’t need to tell the truth, he’s a dictator stomping on the Constitution daily. If he can ever disarm Americans he will set himself up just like Fidel Castro, or an Egyptian pharaoh.

    He loathes the few freedoms we still retain and anything that interferes with his desires for total domination.

  • TheRMSDave

    LOL! Really?!

  • jb80538

    How long will it be before 0bama blames Bush for 0bamacare failures?

    • voodoolife

      1-2 days… He’s busy floating other lies at the moment…

    • SNAPTIE ®#Soro’sRentORiot™
    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      I’m kinda surprised he hasn’t already.

    • liberalssuck

      He already has blamed republicans for the failed roll out!!

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      he did

  • Osama0bama

    New Yeccch Slimes ad revenue is down almost 6%. Hmmmm .. I wonder why no one wants to advertise in “the paper of record” anymore?

  • Edward Kimble

    “President to speak at 100th anniversary of Boy Scouts.” I didn’t know Whoopi Goldberg was a Boy Scout, That was before the teleprompter told him not to I guess. What a four flushing wise guy.. I wonder if he can parlay that poker hand into a five card flush one of these afternoons?

  • Scott Sage

    How many misspeaks does it take before it’s a lie?

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Depends on if it’s a Democrat or a Republican.

  • DS11T

    It must have been one of those racist tea-party teleprompter’s that snuck itself in and set itself up to make 0bama look like an A-Hole !!!!!

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      no doubt.

  • sgb1

    “Mispoke” is just another word for “lied”. “I misspoke” is supposed to mean what? That I lied?

    • Mike Santino

      Obama makes bill & hillary clinton look like Mother Theresa

  • Mike Santino


  • Mike Santino


  • Franklin Crittenden

    What you people seem to not understand is that Obama Supporters DO NOT care if he lies as long as he gets what THEY want…

    • liberalssuck

      As Rush put it, hard to argue with Santa!!

      • Franklin Crittenden

        What gets to me is that the Mainstream Media is acting like this is the first lie that Obama has ever told…

        I can name more than a half dozen other lies without even trying including; the Reverend Wright, Transparency, Gitmo, Benghazi, the IRS Scandal , the AG spying on unfriendly Reporters, no tax money for ObamaCare, and then saying that everyone will save $2500.00 on their Healthcare Premiums…

        Suddenly a few in the Mainstream Media pick out, “If you like you Healthcare Policy you can keep your Healthcare Policy” and wants to pretend that they are Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward and have uncovered another Watergate!

        That lie is Child’s Play compared to Benghazi where they lied and people died!

        Is that guy still in prison for making that video?

  • harley_dave

    Some might believe that Obama is evil, and his intent is to slowly destroy our society with forgeries of doubt and mistrust. Personally, I don’t give him that much credit.. He has shown time and time again, that he lacks both the leadership and the experience to do his job. It is truly sad to watch a supposedly “educated man” as he cluelessly dithers from one bad decision to another in a vain attempt to make sense out of the honored responsibility he has accepted but doesn’t seem to understand. It seems that History alone will judge Obama’s presidency, since the American people lack the stomach to admit their mistake..

  • Greg Pettijohn

    But you know…Government is mush more important than its subjects…Thats why we are being force fed all this crap, and they get a break….

  • Brian

    Maybe Obama’s people will start blaming the Teleprompter just like Ron Burgandy did!

  • BowenG

    And misspeak across

    the nation so often!

  • Vernez Gonzalez

    I cannot count the number of time I heard him say “if you like your healthcare that you have, you can keep it”. He is a liar and the Teleprompter had nothing to do with it.

  • Leigh

    So I guess when it comes to Obama’s predecessor, it is now “Bush misspoke, millions croaked!”

    • liberalssuck

      No now it is Obozo lied and 4 people died!!

  • whomatters

    Leave them alone, the NYT just mispoke!

  • Eric Coddington

    Lying is like having hemorrhoids they keep trying
    to cut it out, but they still keep talking out their – Well

    you get it!

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    So, does that mean Obama misspoke when he said Congress and the rest of the world drew the red line?

  • Dee Bigelow

    Kinda reminds me of Clinton’s “Depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.”. Why do we accept bold faced lies?

    • liberalssuck

      liberals have no moral standards. Why they can do what ever and never called out for it. Unlike us!

  • Diane Jankowski

    He is just a Big Fat Liar.

  • Mr.Richards

    If we don’t like our President, do we have to keep our President?

    • Deborah Hallsted

      LOVE that!

  • killdozerd11R

    Mis spoke my ass lying SOB is what he and the rest of the MSM are
    not even gonna start on the congress

    I don’t believe a damm thing coming out of none of their mouths

  • Mary Brandyberry

    Misspoke is the new GLITCH!

  • constitutionminded

    Maybe some day Obama will tell the truth. When unicorns fly.

  • GaylePutt

    Score one for Dana!!!!

  • Dec25Kid

    If he were a competent liar, he would have had a better cover up or comeback. He doesn’t. That means he’s incompetent as a liar – he’s incompetent in more ways than just that.

  • JenJen

    No. He lied or was simply ignorant of facts. Neither of these is acceptable in a President.

  • Mackie

    Obama’s teleprompter needs some additional technology attached to it …..a lie detector!

  • Terry_Jim

    “I misspoke. “PERIOD” and “ASTERISK” are too close on the Teleprompter keyboard,no one is madder than me about it.”

  • Mommamia1

    I think Hillary Clinton was the first on pardoned by the media for her “misspeaking” when she said that she was shot at when landing in Bosnia. Lies are all they know.

  • Jabsdna

    I would LOVE to see Ovomits filthy tongue swell up and EXPLODE in front of the entire world the next time he spews out another lie like that !!! How long do you think we would have to wait :)

  • SisterMary

    It all depends on what one’s definition of “misspoke” is…

  • marshwill

    “Misspoke” is the new “Lying one’s head off.

    And, to Øbama, “PERIOD!:” means “I just told another big WHOPPER!!”

  • Gordon Waite

    These people will continue to blame others for their mistakes as long as the media, or the people as a whole, continue to let them get away with it! My question is, who will they blame for the loss of our constitution?

  • woodgrain

    He should have said if he like your healthcare plan you can keep it. Yep, that would have gone over really well. This guy and his backers have to get the hell out of our government. Might as well SHRINK government after seeing all this mess that’s come up this year.

  • jack comeaux

    just a sorry old lying ass as usual

  • DocScience

    The New York Times of today looks more like the Pravda of old every day.

  • Colorado Rick

    If Obama is “the smartest man in the room” than that room must be filled with some blithering idiots!!!

    • liberalssuck

      We just call them liberals or droolers. Both fit!!

  • David

    I have more faith in what the National Enquirer prints than the NYT.

  • Jason Himelstein

    Folks, they are ALL liars and crooks. Mccain is the worst of all…a total fraud. Obama is unqualified and meek. Pelosi is creepy, who knows she cant lose an election in her District. Boehner seems like a decent guy, but no spine. Harry Reid is dishonest, boring and dumb as a rock. Palin is mean spirited and stupid. Biden is full of BULL. I MISS GW BUSH

  • David D

    Jay Carney official statement ” The President was unaware of the inaccurate information he was prompted to speak. He was only made aware of the error during the same news story that you are reading currently”

  • Carlos Jr Collazo


  • Mic

    He mispoke almost as many times as the Times misreported

  • John G. Gault

    Obummer the Lying King!!!!!

    • liberalssuck

      Obama Bin lyin, lol!!

  • big_bubba63

    I was just informed that I have been banned from the Huffington Post. Apparentley the Huff can’t tolerate opposing views. I did not call any names or use any foul language. I’m a disabled vet trying to express my opinions. What happened to 1st Ammendment rights.
    Obama has lied to the American people since he first looked through the telepromter. Stating you can keep your health insurance if you like it, period. That is not open for interpretation. It is what it is no matter how you spin it..

    • Finrod Felagund

      You’re better off staying away from the PuffHo anyways.

    • Mitch Rapp

      The Huffpo, which is a hot bed of 0bama Zombies, kept all articles about the ACA debacle to a bare minimum for three weeks.
      They are rodents over there, ignore them.

  • James

    There was a time in the distant past that words had meaning and everybody knew what they meant. If nothing else they should be held accountable for corrupting the English language. Its getting like the tower of babel they are trying to confound the language !!

  • imonmyway

    It seems that “Miss Speak” accompanies our President everywhere he goes. What’s with that?

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    Looks like we’re done here, folks. Ms. Loesch said everything that needed to be said regarding the ObamaDERP Cheerleaders…oh, wait, the New York Times….

  • Ronald Beekman

    It was Bush’s fault. He hacked into Obama’s teleprompter.

  • rebelparson

    It depends on what the definition of the word “is” is.

    • kenai

      It depends on what the definition of the word ‘keep’ is.

  • hal8196

    If it was said once, then maybe (just maybe) they could declare that the POTUS misspoke. However, more than once is just a plain old lie, but that is impossible for the communists and their minions to admit.

  • Jerry Ellis

    Note to Barack “Barrie” Soetera, Obama, Please Email me your next lie….I’ll cover for you dude!!!

  • thohan

    The difference between Pravda and our legacy media is that Pravda was competent.

  • Dan Glosser

    This will feed the ones it needs to feed and the ones that know it was a lie will be still saying it when we are all in the bread lines…if there are any bread lines. This has to stop and stop now. The End.

  • Kriz

    Someone please impeach that liar

  • DeafRanger

    100% Agree with her!

  • YouGoGirl

    I guess the NYT misspoke too…..

  • Dominick Carrullo

    lied his a** of not his head…..

  • Edward Cline

    No, no, people, Obama really did “misspeak,” because, you see, there was a repeating “glitch” in the teleprompter, and the manufacturer is being hauled into a Congressional hearing to explain why it was never fixed. In the meantime, Harry Reid, Henry Waxman, and Nancy Pelosi are preparing statements alleging a conspiracy to embarrass the President. It was the Tea Party! Together, they are submitting an op-ed to the Times that will agree with the “misspoke” line. Jay Carney is preparing to duck questions from the White House Press Corps.

  • atlas007

    Anyone or any news organization who now supports Obama must be a Communist hack whose ambition is to enslave all of us. Time to throw these bums out if town. Do not buy the NYTimes for starters. Nov. 19. A day to march in DC to demand Obama’s resignation.

  • Retired Veteran

    Next the NYT will be reporting that “Oral Sex really isin’t Sex”!! Oh wait, Bill Clinton beat him to it!!

  • [email protected]

    Will the guilty teleprompter be identified, quietly moved aside while on paid leave, then show up on tour with Joe Biden when he surfaces again?

  • Joseph Mandich

    He misspeaks every time he opens his MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott H

    We all know it isn’t because Obama can’t read, because he is useless without his teleprompter!

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    We need to change his name to BUSH…then MAYBE the media will do their job.

  • donzap

    Obama misspoke for three years. Stoyer admits Democrats knew about the lies too.

    I guess Obama and every leading Democrat are incapable of “speaking” without misspeaking.

    Of course, we also know the media knew about the lies too. They knew Obama was lying about being able to keep their plans. Finally NBC spoke up and as a result Obama has been busted. Perhaps Obama was misbusted?

    Whatever. Obama and the left and those who designed and are pushing Obamacare have now been outed as the frauds and charlatans they are.

    It’s gone beyond a bunch of coordinated lies and has become something else.

    Can anyone say criminal conspiracy? Conspiracy to commit fraud? Fraud?

  • MickeyPhinn

    In the words of our next president…”What difference does it make,what difference does it make.”

  • $52967652

    Nothing and I mean nothing is EVER this guys fault. He takes all the credit for anything good but disavows knowledge of anything bad. Really? Either this guy is a pathological liar or just incompetent or both. Either way that is BAD for America.

  • Mommamia1

    The people that voted for this man(?) misspoke.

  • Dennis Horne

    Seems everytime he opens his mouth lies come out. He is the most dishonest, corupted president in history!

  • Franklin Crittenden

    What gets to me is that the Mainstream Media is now acting like this is the first lie that Obama has ever told…

    I can name more than a half dozen other lies without even trying including; the Reverend Wright, Transparency, Gitmo, Benghazi, the IRS Scandal , the AG spying on unfriendly Reporters, no tax money for ObamaCare, and then saying that everyone will save $2500.00 on their Healthcare Premiums…

    Suddenly a few in the Mainstream Media have picked out, “If you like you Healthcare Policy you can keep your Healthcare Policy” and now wants to pretend that they are Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward and have uncovered another Watergate!

    This lie is Child’s Play compared to Benghazi where they lied and people died!

    By the way,iIs that guy still in prison for making that video?

  • Kevin K Andretti

    He forgot to mention — you can keep your doctor and your plan — but he never says a word about the Rates are going to skyrocket — AND HE KNEW THAT ALL ALONG… The Scum Bagger…………

  • BillC

    But weren’t those teleprompters left over from the Bush administration?

    • D. Lenore Hutchens

      just can’t let Bush leave office huh?

  • Bob Moore

    misspeaking on purpose is a lie…

  • HenryThe7th

    He’s sorry he mispoke the same lie at least 2 dozen times. Obamacare passed based on lies. Repeal it.

  • allah_speaking

    The anarchist in me says burn the NY Times to the ground.
    The intelligent person in me tells you to cancel your subscription to the NY Times and never read the rag again.

  • demographicallychallenged

    The President hasn’t lied, his speech writers and advisors have. He is dressed, feed, and told what to say and do during the day. If he is good he can go play golf. If he gets in trouble he is sent somewhere on AF1 until someone cleans up his mess.

  • trnichols

    He lied and his whole life is a lie.What do you expect!

  • Seth Alu

    W misspoke about WMD’s in Iraq. I expect apologies to flow now in 3, 2, 1…

    • D. Lenore Hutchens

      W may have been misinformed (although I don’t believe he was – there were WMDs, if chemicals count), but we know Obama was told in 2010 that thousands would loose their health insurance plans.

    • Mary

      So did Hillary.

    • spaceycakes

      no he did not.

  • rm1evo

    You can’t make this up. Pieces of S H I T’s.

  • Terry

    What would it take to get him empeached? Everyone is talking about it, but no one is doing anything about it. LET’S JUST DO IT!!!!

  • Johnmcf2

    So a politician is a misspoken? I see why they like it, it doesn’t sound right so it might not be as well spoken as politicians are Liars. Pure and simple just as God meant it to be.

  • desert rose

    liar liar!! sounds like “no mas pantaloons”

  • Tom

    So know Teleprompters are making people misspeak, guns kill people, spoons make people fat, the color of ones skin can make one a racist, and liberals are just plain lying sacks of shit.

    • Beckery49

      all lies but the last one.. That’s the truth!

  • Mary

    Dana Loesch is my latest girl crush!!

  • sanirab

    Bagdad Bob is alive and well and is the spokesperson for obamacare.

  • radicallyalyssa

    He sure misspoke a lot…

    • in_awe

      Every time his lips moved over the past 5 years as far as I can tell.

  • NMG

    Isn’t it interesting? Leftist “journalists” like Rather will make up stories to make a Republican president look good while the NYT will make up stories to make a DamnOldcRat look good.

  • D. Guardian

    …listening to that idiot for a second or two has given me….what the hell!!! where is the stupid toilet paper…aaarrrgghh……

  • Mike Zambito


  • TonyMitch

    So now I can tell my grandkids. Never lie but it’s okay to misspeak.

  • Carolina Corpus

    In other words, we misunderstood, so is our fault! Thats rich even for liberals.

  • ranchdancer

    how many times did we hear bla bla … can keep your plan…UNLESS …..>>never>>never>>never

  • disqus_SSjSmaFJ4u

    Who is really running this country?
    Obama can never answer questions on the IRS, NSA, Benghazi, or the ACA because he was not informed or was misinformed or totally unaware because these matters were handled by others because he was getting ready to campaign, play golf or wanted to get a good night’s rest before he went on vacation.
    He is an AWOL president who knows one way to talk to the American people!
    Lies, lies, & more lies. Impeachment is just around the corner!!!!

  • yourmamatoo

    No matter the spin. The folks know Obama lied.

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    Lying morphs to “misleading” to “misspoke”

  • ZombieWarhol

    and so the sheeple will continue to believe what the liar in chief feeds to them so long as they get their handouts….

  • Chico Hinojos

    b.e.a.s.t baracks-evil-agenda-starting-tribulation