Ask and ye shall receive.


Um, yes. He did. For years. And those silly Tea Party rubes knew it was a shameful lie all along. Way to be on the ball, WaPo!

On Wednesday, Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler decided to weigh in. Verdict?




Hardest hit? Media Matters’ hacks.


And an exit question for WaPo:

We won’t hold our breath.


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  • itsatax

    Obamacare has no chance of passing Congress after this brutal fact check.

    • Pilgrim Stuch In Bizarro World

      I;m so glad our media is looking out for the people!

    • pinupartist

      I’ll bet the Senate will find Clinton guilty & remove him from office once those go-getters at the Post fact-check his lies….

      • MyrmidoNOT

        More likely the Post will “fall on their sword”…
        for ALL their lies…once they fact-check themselves.

        In the meantime…the spin continues…

    • ryan charisma

      you do know it passed and is the law already? right?

      • Timothy Kincaid

        sigh, no I don’t think they do

      • Zane Henry

        wow. You’re sharp!

        Here’s your participation ribbon!

      • JMW

        “brutal fact check”….. =…………..sarcastic remark. You do know that you don’t get a cookie now… right?

  • Macsen Overdrive ✓re-rolled

    WP’s Fact Checker tends to be surprisingly fair with calling out liberal lies. They’re not perfect (they have to kiss up to their employers sometimes), but they are definitely a lot fairer than Politifact.

    • JamesMc

      Politifact is a fairly low bar to hurdle. They’re in a limbo competition with Wikipedia on who can set the bar lower.

  • pinupartist

    Operation: Restore Credibility at the Post:

    “Is it safe to admit he lied?”
    “Yeah, it’s after the election & the defund effort has failed.”

    The slowest horse has finally finished the race. Way to go, trust fund Ivy League legacies…smh

  • snowleopard (the true one)

    Obama’s entire admin has so many Pinocchio’s that they could replant the worlds forests due to the lies growing their wooden noses to such great extents.

    • RblDiver

      I figured they were chopping off their noses to make paper to print money on, they’re doing a fair amount of that!

  • Andrew

    Prepare for it:

    “I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.” – Obama

    It’s not my fault!

    • mickeyco

      I think the latest is it’s because of Romneycare. Not sure how, but that doesn’t matter to them.

      • JamesMc

        Hard to keep track. Newest one I heard was blaming the States. Comparing it to Medicare Part D was before that. There’s also been RomneyCare, Heritage Foundation, the shutdown, sequestration, evil bloggers, Koch bros., rightwing DDos attack… .

        • TexasMom2012

          Newest claim I heard blamed Nixon, rotflmyfao!!!!!

        • Dwayne Jackson

          Don’t forget the recent solar flares.

      • SpaceRacer423

        “Its important to remember, a lot of these insurance policies where started under a previous administration……..”

  • Wally C

    MSM late to the dance with the wrong outfit on.

    • Chevypowered


  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Following the lies is like…

  • M F Scotto

    WaPo still working on Hitler’s promise not to invade Poland.

    • arttie

      That explains “peace in our time.”

  • BoscoBolt

    I don’t often agree with my caller I.D. box, but, I think it might be onto something …

    • Moto

      I don’t always agree with my caller I.D. box,but when I do it’s saying “Impeach Obama”.

    • ryan charisma

      no thank you, I don’t want him impeached.

      thanks for playing.

      • Sean Barrentine

        If it’s because you don’t want crazy Uncle Joe as president, I feel you there. Better the devil we know than the idiot we don’t know what the hell he’ll do next.

  • JR48

    Even a blind squirrel can find a nut now and then.

  • $18912735

    4 “Pinnochios” for Obama, 300 million “Deliverences” for America.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    28 Oct
    Cuffé @CuffyMeh
    Hi @GlennKesslerWP , could you fact check this Obama promise please?
    Glenn Kessler @GlennKesslerWP
    @CuffyMeh yep, looking into that….he said it many times.
    3:07 PM – 28 Oct 2013
    So if Cuffy didn’t specifically ask Kessler of the Wash Post TWO DAYS AGO to “look into” this, he wouldn’t have checked it out?


  • Acethepug

    At the end of the day, so what? It’s not like President Boyfriend is ever held accountable for or punished for his lies.

    Even worse, we have a virtual mob of Obamabots that will protect and defend him. Look no further than partisan hacks and shills like Tommy Christopher or Josh Barro.

    When I see large numbers of the Obama Administration (and those in the Media that lied and covered for them), starting with the President himself, in prison orange, doing real time, I will believe it matters.

    Remember what Nixon was impeached for, and then look at everything Obama has been given a pass on — remind me again, which one is called a monster? And which one keeps getting his lies and impeachable offenses handwaved away?

    Yeah. Heck of a job, Bammy. Heck of a job.

  • ProudTexasConservative

    Fact check until the cows come home. Facts don’t mean Jack SHi% to this admin and they get away with it time and time again due to a gutless GOP and brainless voting block. Obama could blame the fence post for his failed laws and nothing would change. Tired of commentary and meetings, the American people want ACTION!

  • TheExecutiveProducer

    “One of the president’s most famous promises turns out to be wrong — and earns 4 Pinocchios.”

    Even when they are exposing this scumbag president they go soft on him. That quote should read:
    “One of the president’s most famous promises turns out to be a LIE.”

    There’s a big difference between being “wrong” and lying. Big difference.

  • FarmBoy11B

    but if you read the piece, Kessler lets him off the hook with all of that “we’re replacing substandard plans……” talking points

  • seant426

    Did it ever occur to anyone that this is all just a part of the Master Plan? That certain politico-types are purposefully subversive in this ACA march-out debacle? That ultimately everyone will be on Medicaid or Medicare and the government will achieve it’s final destination: Single-payer? I’m all for basic, comprehensive healthcare for every American but once again, the only winners here are Big Insurance and the Government. The rest of us caught in this clusterfuck just need a scrip for hemorrhoid cream.

    • bupalos

      >>>I’m all for basic, comprehensive healthcare for every American>>>

      So how would you go about implementing that?

      • seant426

        I’m open to suggestions, got any?

        • bupalos

          Single payer?

          • seant426


          • bupalos

            Why not?

      • Thomas Dobbins

        Use Hawaii’s system…?

        • HanaFiveO

          Im in Hawaii, were getting screwed too.

  • AlmaAlma

    The people need to see a comparison chart on which media alerted them to the Obamacare debacle first? MSNBC, CBS, FOX

    • HanaFiveO

      Go to Newsbusters for that info.

  • rambler

    Well…. technically no ONE person took their health plan away because ALL the people in the 3 branches of gov along with the insurance companies did it so that ONE person would not be blamed. Welcome to gov “speak”.

  • bupalos

    To be fair, there is no way Obama could make that promise when it’s he private insurers that offer the plans and they can– and do –and have –cancelled and changed plans and rates every year from time immemorial.

    Has anyone here actually had the same plan at the same rate for more than two years in a row in the last 15 years? I haven’t.

    Yeah, the ACA refuses to call some things insurance (for the purpose of the mandate to get yourself covered) that previously were called insurance. Some of those things were real insurance without a little this and that like maternity, some of them really weren’t insurance in any meaningful sense at all, like the lady making the rounds bragging about here old $56 “insurance” that paid for almost literally nothing. If you had the former, your new apples to apples plan plus maternity now is going to be 10% higher, for no gain to you if you hate kids or whatever. For the latter, it’s going to be 400% higher for 5,000% gain to you and you don’t get to free ride the healthcare system any more.


    Question to everyone doing cartwheels over this. Will you still be doing cartwheels the next time WaPo gives a republican like Perry, Ryan, Cruz or the like 4 Pinocs? You seem to never really believe the “main stream media” when they call out a republican or tea partier.

    Somehow I think I already know that answer.

  • CasualMeyhem

    WaPo – That’s the newspaper Warren Buffet didn’t want to saddle his children or his company with, right?

  • ryan charisma

    I have a question. Why would anyone want a policy that has a lifetime limit? or doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions? or doesn’t cover preventative testing?

    all this “lied” crap is weird to me. you can’t keep a bad policy because…

    it’s a bad policy. this is a good thing people.

    • HanaFiveO

      Lifetime limit is for folks with terminal diseases like cancer.

    • irishgirl91

      A lot of these plans have extras built in in order to make them ACA compliant. BC/ pre-natal and delivery/pediatric coverage etc. Some people prefer to pay out of pocket or enjoyed health care savings accounts. Young couples hold off until they are ready to start a family. It doesn’t really matter what a person wants because now the government tells you what you need. It is weird to me that a person would want to be told what they have to purchase.

    • Deborah Hallsted

      Because men don’t want to pay for female procedures, and vice-versa -catch up, read a few articles.

    • libsmakemelaugh

      You are a shining example of an uneducated fool. Do some studying on insurance, its purposes and the term “adverse selection”. It shouldn’t take long and then you can get back to your porn addiction.