Irony. It’s so hard!

Alanis! Perfect. And aye, there’s the rub! The Obamacare launch is a total train wreck, as expected. So what is left for lackeys and flacks to do? Deflect like the wind! Now, with more nonsensical spin.


Citizens take him to task and it is glorious.


Exactly. But, hey, never let a little suffering go to waste! Axelrod has “jokes” to make.

That seems to be the trend. White House Obamacare flack Tara McGuinness did it by retweeting a GOP-slam by Media Matters’ Oliver Willis.

Iowahawk brings it all home:


Double bam-tastic.

And for the trifecta:

It’s terrible, because it’s true. But Axelrod doesn’t care about that, natch.


Boom! Here’s some Obamacare ‘irony,’ David Axelrod, summed up in one video


And Rep. Castro (D-Texas) retweeted Axelrod’s ludicrous tweet.

Perhaps he needs some schooling too.


Pitiful: ‘Choke on this, peasants!’ WH Obamacare flack retweets Oliver Willis GOP-slam

Full coverage of David Axelrod

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    I see he is another disciple of Alinsky, how do you even try to turn this mess into a positive for them. Millions of people are receiving notice that the company they work for are dropping their employer paid policies. All the local stores in Washington are under threat of strike starting tomorrow over this. So a program to help a few million is going to negatively impact millions more. Who thought this asinine idea up. Sure we needed insurance reform, but this bulldozer is destroying the entire system that has worked fine for most of us in order to help some of us.

    If you wanted to help the poor more, all the money wasted on this should have gone to boost up Medicaid which was already paying for those who didn’t have insurance. It should have been used to encourage preventative care, using existing programs. Not taking a bulldozer to what was already working at 1/3 the price.

    • snowleopard (the true one)

      Twist reality around, spin lies and shout them long enough, loud enough, until it becomes accepted as ‘the truth.’

      As you stated Alinsky at its finest.

    • autdrew4real

      It wasn’t like they weren’t warned either. From the beginning, the admin was warned that it would lead to job losses, businesses closing, decreasing hours of work, being dropped (or their spouse is) & raising rates. No matter how many warnings they got, the admin doubled down. We’re screwed.

      • TNJim

        They were warned, but dismissed the ones doing the warning as right wing hacks, bought off by the insurance companies, conspiracy theorists, and the usual racist, anti-poor, BS they’ve always done.

        • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

          Those believing that right wingers are bought and paid for by the insurance groups should be checking which one of these hare brained morons own stock in the policy holders in the exchange. What better way to get rich than to pass a law, require everyone to buy something and then own the stock?

          • franknmiller

            I love your comment…but I believe it is “hare brained”…as in the brain of a rabbit. Still very appropriate.

          • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

            have that problem a lot, what goes through my brain gets typed by my fingers, there = their all the time have to go back and edit. Will fix.

  • Clayton Grant

    I don’t think Axelrod understands the difference between complaining and mocking.

    • tjp77

      Yeah I don’t hear anyone saying ‘BOOHOO why can’t I sign up for Obamacare?!?!’

      Its more like ‘HAHAHA yeah we told you Obamacare was a horrible, unworkable idea being pushed on us by a bunch of incompetents.’

      • tedlv

        It is so great and wonderful, the very people that passed the bill they never read opted out up front. Yeah, good bill that.

  • rambler

    Hey Davey….. it’s only the people on the left complaining about not being able to sign up because it means that the ACA was an epic fail from the get go. I haven’t bothered to waste my time to even look at the site and hell will freeze before I would even consider signing up. Next time the public comes out in force not wanting something….. DON’T PASS IT!!!!!

    • conservative hispanic

      I’ve been unable to access the comments section on for the last two days. Are you having the same problem or is it only me? Have I been banished at long last? Or is it a problem with the website?

      • rambler

        Gee, sorry to hear that. I haven’t had any problems other than disqus dumped me out and I had to sign in again and it had comment loading problems. I do know that MM’s site get attacked on a regular basis and it gets strange from time to time.

      • rambler

        GEL suggests updating your browser.

        • conservative hispanic

          Thank you.

          • rambler

            Any luck getting back onto MM?

        • JeffyTheQuick

          I’m using Netscape 4. What else is there?

          • rambler


      • SkyePuppy

        I haven’t been able to get on for over a month. I have a new Windows 8 computer and it doesn’t appear to be compatible with Michelle’s website for the Disqus comments. For a while, the comments would load but I couldn’t get to the Disqus login screen. Now I don’t even see the comments.
        Twitchy works great for me, though!

        • rambler

          Eewwwww, windows 8.

          • conservative hispanic

            Well, I hasn’t worked. Still can’t load the comments. I can go to any other Disqus website, read the comments and post, but not at MM. Any other ideas?

          • rambler

            Email MM directly. I got blocked once under the old system and asked what I did to get banned. It turned out to be a mistake. Also during that time my server was blocking me from conservative sites.

        • conservative hispanic

          That’s what happened to me in the last two days! The comments won’t even load! I just updated the browser. I’m crossing my fingers.

    • Paula Flechtner Martin

      I’m just waiting for one of Oblahma’s media cronies to blame Bush/Tea Party/Republicans for the reason their website failed.

      • rambler

        You might not have to wait long. I’m sure that the lefty think tanks are already working on how to deflect the responsibility.

      • Steve Harris

        You must have missed them blaming the Tea Party already.

      • kheard

        I read one of them blame private business. ‘All of the other government websites work. If the government had built it then it would’ve worked.’ I know, but that’s who we’re dealing with here. So I fully expect them to blame Bush any second now. Of course they’ve already blamed Ted Cruz and the Tea Party. I think with them, blame is really an endorsement.

  • pinupartist

    Isn’t it ironic that a government filled with people who WORK FOR US is telling us all what we have to spend our money on?

    Although kudos on saving all the money you’d have to pay for more staff by getting the lametream media to do your work for you free of charge.

    Reporters love “irony” but 9 out of 10 of them wouldn’t know it if it bit them on their left-wing butt…….

    • Paula Flechtner Martin

      More ironic is a government telling us to buy their healthcare/shit-sandwich, then exempts themselves with the excuse that they already have insurance WHICH IS PAID FOR BY US TAXPAYERS!

      • David Pancost

        Paula, I don’t think it’s ironic as much as it is EVIL to the core. The corruption in our Federal government is stunning in it’s depth. This policy is unjust and evil in the extreme, and it’s pathetic that the MSM fights so hard to justify it. We need to start calling this garbage what it is and exposing the monsters in Washington for what they are. The real evil empire consists of the “rulers” in Washington. Do not cooperate with their game.

  • Keith

    I only complained about a bill that the morons on the left didn’t read. I’m funny that way especially when the liar in chief waved around other cumbersome things that confuse people like credit card agreements and mortgages that are both under 2,100 pages.

  • John Howard

    David, by ‘fast enough’ you evidently mean ‘at all’

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Isn’t it ironic that the Ax doesn’t get that it’s a matter of, those who are having to take it up the kiester are asking, “Where’s the lubricant?”

  • JPeden

    Isn’t it ironic that Obama shut the government down instead of fixing Obamacare? NO, it’s exactly what Commies do:The trains weren’t on time but the train wreck was.

  • BlahBlah

    OK Axelrod and co, I get that you hate conservatives. That’s a given. What I don’t get is why you hold in such contempt those who actually vote for you?

    • conservative hispanic

      Because they’re useful idiots, and therefore beneath contempt.

      • Red Ink News

        Why no one in the media is talking about how united and irate the real ‘conservatives’ are is typical and pathetic. I think they are WAY underestimating the power of pissed right wingers. And as for the damn rhino’s? They won’t know what hit ’em when their asses are writing out their resume’s

        • conservative hispanic

          They’re not interested. 2014 will hit them just as hard if not harder than 2010.

      • BlahBlah

        Wow and Dowd just obliterated Stompy. Are we having the opposite day?

        • conservative hispanic

          Well my dear, that nutbag is as nutty as ever. She’s ranting as usual. Another Saturday night without male companionship and only wine and a vibrator, I guess.

          • BlahBlah

            I read a lot of the comments. One of them said that Obama is in good shape because he’s having great success with ObamaCare, Syria and Iran. I was like TF? The dood wrote it in all seriousness.

            But why am I surprised. I live here.

          • conservative hispanic

            In NYC? If so, I fell sorry for you.
            The people that comment on the witch’s site must be even more deluded than she is.

    • TocksNedlog

      Heaven forfend that anyone would ever vote for Axelrod!

    • JeffyTheQuick

      Because they keep voting for him, no matter what.

  • Matt


  • keyboard jockey

    This is the best he could come up with? That’s sad.

    • LR99

      Liberals clutching at straws! Seems to be a trend with the obama epic failed Presidency!

  • stuart little

    I am waiting for the $hit to hit the fan when folks fill out their 2013 taxes and have to give their HI policy info and allow some bureaucrat to judge whether it is “sufficient” and then add the tax/penalty to their taxes. The IRS we now trust so much. And oh, BTW, did you contribute to OFA?? A registered Democrat? We already saw this movie in IRS#1. Now we have The Return of IRS with HHS #2. It’s all talk until they track you down and take more money.

    • Ryan Schneider.

      It was said that nothing is certain except death and taxes. But with these kind of taxes, they might well torture you slowly to ‘clinical’ death, then revive you, let you “recover”, then start the horrible process all over again.

      • stuart little

        Looks like they can bleed you medically and then score on the death tax when no more to b e gained there. No conflict of interest there.

        • Ryan Schneider.

          Well, it seems that Big Pharma wants to keep us alive and sick anyway. There hasn’t been an official, LEGAL cure for anything in decades, just treatments. One doctor told me their goal is to turn cancer into a perpetual inconvenience, just like flu is, which used to be a death sentence. The only branch of medicine that is advancing as it should is emergency medicine, as people will always have accidents, so there is no need to slow it down for the ‘bottom line’.

  • JPeden

    Don’t y’all ‘subjects’ know that your Dear Leader hath decreed that we should not be listening to each other on twitchy, or even to our own minds?

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “Who ya gonna believe? Me, or your own lyin’ eyes?”

    • thedumbblonde

      What I find “ironic” is that the man forcing people onto healthcare exchanges, warns people away from the free exchange of ideas.

      • stuart little

        This is the reality that is collectivism, Marxism and fascism. You vill only listen to our ideas, ones that support the collective.

      • TocksNedlog

        Exchange your freedom for government enslavement. Line up!

  • justlittlolme

    Isn’t it ironic that the most ardent proponents of the Affordable Care Act are the ones who couldn’t exempt themselves fast enough?

    • Russ Tobel

      Thank-you very much

  • Red Ink News

    Did anyone else get a notice from their insurance company that there is a new $200 a month spouse ‘tax’ if your spouse has access to health insurance through their employer? On top of that, My rates have DOUBLED and my son turns 18 next month. Think I’m going to keep him on my insurance until he’s 26? I don’t think so!

    First of all, that’s a moronic idea to begin with. It teaches dependence and I refuse to teach my son those kind of morals. Secondly, If I keep HIM on, my premium almost triples! Thanks you dumb a** clowns for voting this marxist, Chicago thug back into office. Over half of American voters are flat out DUMB. Period!

    • stuart little

      What’s Barry going to do after January 20th 2017?

      • TocksNedlog

        Don’t you mean ‘the day after Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires’?

      • BJOSEPHS

        likely make 1 million per speaking engagement on the lecture circuit. millions more on the boards of silicon valley tech firms. venture cap firms will pay him millions more as exec vp ( political front man ). he will become the richest ex president

      • Rick Busler

        declare marshall law and suspend everything

    • Howard Roark

      My health insurance premiums increased 142% ” to meet the new requirements of the ACA” to quote the insurance carrier. Oh did I mention the deductible is now $5k. This is no longer really insurance. It is really payments for the privilege of practically being self-insured.

      Another govt solution that is worse than the underlying problem.

      • liberalssuck

        I want one liberal to tell us one government program that is efficient and run properly, just one!! I mean we have almost 17% of government deemed non essential and in the private world they would be called unemployed. We have found the areas that can be cut.

      • tedlv

        You are obviously not telling the truth. Obamacare is the greatest thing that ever happened to this country. sarc off. I don’t recall anything the government has gotten right in a very long time.

  • John Ansell

    I lost my insurance, but hey, what difference does it make, Axelrod. Now that the ACA is in place it’s all rainbows and unicorns.

    • Red Ink News

      lol…the whole obamacare plan is going to collapse. It won’t work if not enough healthy kids sign up…and with 5000 deductibles, not even their moms are going to agree to that.

      • Michael Jorden

        If not enough sign up they will be forced to. Sad state of affairs.

  • Taxpayer1234

    So much delicious lib-smackery!

  • mdtljt

    Not to be superficial, well maybe, but is it a requirement that all FOO (Friends Of Obama) members look like creepy sickos you’d call the cops about if they were skulking around playgrounds? Axelrod’s & Messina’s faces, along with their politics, are the stuff of nightmares!!!

    • Chevypowered

      All that is missing is an old van while listing to “vehicle” by ides of March.

    • arttie

      Uriah Heep and son of Uriah com to mind.

    • JPeden

      I think the Sun has a seriously bad effect on those “types”. They can’t use mirrors, either.

  • I_Vote

    Ironic indeed, since Axelrod himself calls Barry’s Epic Fail “excruciatingly embarrassing.”

    • TocksNedlog

      He never said that.

      • James Nelson

        That was Dick Gibbs

    • Guest

      That was Gibbs.

  • forgetyoutooo

    I’ve noticed an increase in the number of useless tweets, comments and articles being released about OBAMACARE. Not about OBAMACARE – God forbid – but in the never ending attempt to brainwash Americans into calling OBAMACARE the liberal/socialist/lie name it was given; Affordable (LOL) blah, blah, blah.

    • vetgal1970

      I have been collecting all of the pro Obamacare graphics that they used in 2012 , also the ones put out by OFA, moveon dot org etc. I have also been collecting their splashy ads that complain about how many times the R’s have repealed it and how the R’s have been fighting against this great BILL. They OWN it.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Good one ‘Rod, usually we need to tune into Maddow to get that kind of snarky sorority chick irony.

  • Arkuy The Great

    David is not completely wrong. I oppose PPACA as much as anyone else frequenting this board. Still, I am opposed to the Administration’s waivers because the law, as now enacted, should apply to everyone equally. Unless there is specific provision for Executive dispensation from compliance the waivers need to be rescinded. So, in that sense I do want people to sign up. Even those who assumed they would be exempt because they got “juice”.

    • Zane Henry

      all government policy and laws are arbitrarily enforced.

    • liberalssuck

      Agreed, funny how insider trading is ok for them but the rest we go to jail for.. Now they get major subsidies and Obozo and crew have waivers as do most of their cronies.

  • mtshark

    The real irony is that people like Axelrod who are so incredibly stupid have so
    much power.

    • tedlv

      Idiocracy, anyone?

  • missyree68

    No, but it is amazing that you can say what you just said (although, that is what you get paid for. . . those little pearls of wisdom to take yet one more swipe at the conservatives). Yeah, David we are upset by this part as well.

  • Wes

    The ido’ts have lost sight of their objective but have redoubled their efforts.

  • El Train

    The real irony – expecting something that the government created and is forcing us to use to actually WORK. We’re all suckas!

  • Ginger Whetstine

    Why is anyone listening to the tweets of a guy hired for a campaign that is working for a guy that cannot run for office again???????????? His job as liar makes him burp constantly each and every time he lies……. his tell is really the funniest of them all……..
    burp.. Oh, excuse me, as I was saying “LIE”…

    It’s hysterical to watch him.

  • kindamara

    I actually had an acquaintance claim it was all the republicans purposely trying the crash the Obamacare system. I just looked at her and said “give me a break”. By the way, she also said it really didn’t matter to her because she and her husband have the high end government insurance, Nice, eh!

    • tedlv

      Sounds like the conspiracy theories about WTC. The smaller building that collapsed from the weight debris falling on it has been the wacko’s biggest story – they blame explosives, though pictures clearly showed there were no explosions. The windows blew out because of escaping air when the floors pancaked down. But, hey, the idiots need someone to blame, I guess.

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      Drop by her house in January 2018, and get a load of her face when you ask her what they think about paying the 40% Cadillac Tax on their high-end government insurance. :-)

  • Tim

    I think it’s ironic that a spin doc like Axe doesn’t know any more about irony than Alanis does:

  • Rationalthinker

    Hash-tag THIS : Hey, A55holerod….drop dead!

  • JMO✓ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Isn’t it Iron Axelrod is the same tool he has always been.
    Maybe for millions upon millions of dollars some of Us Taxpayers expect a system to work…. guess that is to over Axelrod’s head.

  • Missgto

    Isn’t it ironic that those who love “O” Care the most will not be participating in it themselves? HYPOCRITES!

  • digitalPimple

    If they are attacking people who don’t like Obamacare instead of touting it great success(es).. that tells you all you need to know..

  • Mark_Krieg

    I got to keep my health care plan, it went from $1108.00 a month to $1387.00
    just to meet Obama’s stupid ass rules.

    More affordable? all the assclowns in washington needs to be horsewhipped for not having obamacare shoved down their throats the way we did.
    Obama and axelrod should be impeached, or shot at sunrise, let them choose !!
    The law doesn’t allow for exemption to Obamacare. or delays how can Obama do this legally?

  • phungi20

    Axelrod thinks his smarmy stupidity is all the lubricant we need.

  • American-By-Choice

    LOL! Classic demonstration of THE POINT!

    I’ve argued for many years that the Ideological Left is a Virus, within the Human Collective.

    The Socialist Virus, spreads from one individual cell to the next, by contact through which it transmits a FRAUDULENT, encoded message, replacing the instructions which are otherwise innate to the respective cells and is that thru which the individual defines its Culture. Replacing the definition of the culture with Foreign Ideas that are Hostile to the principles that define and otherwise sustain that culture.

    The Fraudulent message, cloaks the infected cell, making it appear outwardly normal, as a means to Deceive the immune system, providing for the infected cells with the illegitimate means to transmit their FRAUDULENT Advocacy to those Ignorant that they represent that which serves their destruction.

    This very much in keeping with the nature of The HIV…

    Thus SOCIALISM is the Cultural Virus that Causes AIDS… Anti-American Independence Deficiency Syndrome.

    I should point out that the LEFT HATES THIS PARTICULAR THESIS so:

    Pass it on…

    Deceit FRAUD Ignorance
    >>> >> S O C I A L I S M << <<<

  • Sakemoto

    Axelrod doesn’t look as much like Hitler without his mustache.

  • stdog

    still wont make healthcare affordable. aca is such a disgraceful lie.

    • Crystallite

      It should be CACA instead of ACA.

  • DebsFriends

    Let me get this straight: Those who can’t afford to get a voter id must get a computer to sign up for Obamacare?

    • rambler

      Naw….. They’ll find some ACORN people to go door to door to sign people up or they can call the hot line on their obamaphones.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    David……you see all these bees? They are guarding me right now. Keep flappin your piehole and I will tell them you killed their queen with your effin healthcare!

  • TNJim

    Axelrod’s slipping. He used to do spin so much better than this.

  • FlatFoot

    But… but… it worked in Chicago!

  • chrissy

    Poor David, so brainwashed, so delusional, so od’ing on Kool-Aid, so dumbed down, so Democrat.

  • AmericanMom

    They can’t even sign up at all Asswipe Axelrod!

  • Rob Bernaldo

    Trend: Whenever Axlelrod speaks, you know it’s bad for the left


    Shouldn’t he be fixing Becker’s faucet?

  • seronac

    Again, we see that it is not about affordable care, or even health, but about The Agenda.

  • James Nelson

    What’s ironic is that the only word that fits in Affordable Care Act is “act”, there is no affordable or care.

  • Barbara Rapley Douglass

    The Dems keep saying that the number of people going to sign up at the web site just shows how popular it is. Never mind the fact that we are being forced to sign up for this trash, could that be the reason for the numbers at the website?

  • Axelgreaser

    STUDY THIS MAN’S EVIL PEDIGREE (even if you REFUSE to study Community Organizer Barack Obama’s) and ask, why is such a troll and weasel’s opinions allowed such powerful access to the public unless we’re completely devoid of legit press? This toad and a successful, powerful slum lord from Chitcago, Valerie Jarret (along with God only knows who is behind them) CHOSE our unifying, post racial, completely (hold your laughter) ‘transparent’ ‘1st Negro’, Hussein Obama, who has done NOTHING but to destroy America. Need proof? Proof that scrubs any of the vileness slipping out past Axelrod’s lying lips or any television squatting Obamabot or the many Brides of Obama, ie, Jehmu Green?? LOOK: You cannot explain that away. It trumps every liberal argument blasted at us 24-hrs a day, designed to confuse us Alinsky style. THAT is your children and their children’s futures, spent and it’s an inaccurate total. It is far greater and Boehner and Obama between the two of them just added another Trillion, easily, with their last fake ‘settlement’, a continuing soap opera which seems to be designed to minimize and destroy the two party system for the next 60 yrs, or, I suppose, until the inheritors of that miserable, choking national debt total finally arise and give their lives up to correct the crimes that occurred against America RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER, UNDER HER NOSE during the last 20 yrs. And I include ALL President’s who served during that period as culpable.

  • James Neal

    Isn’t it ironic that Sebelius has time to yuk it up with Jon Stewart and attend gala parties, but can’t seem to fit in Congressional Oversight? After all, all they want to know is how the hell you spend $634 (MILLION, BILLION, TRILLION? — who really knows?) and still manage to eff it up this bad? What I want to know is how much money is being spent to fix something that she said was “Ready To Go”. Isn’t THAT ironic, Axelface?

  • Acethepug

    It’s always been about control, not health insurance. But then again, Axelturf already knows that — he just doesn’t care — like all the others with exemptions to this supposedly-great Obamacare.

    Keep spinning the narrative, Axelturf! Ironic is having to troll the people who accurately said “I told you so” when they said this wouldn’t work. But, again, you have health insurance, so what do you care about those who are losing theirs, right?


  • FoodForThought

    Isn’t it ironic that “Julia” from The Life of Julia campaign used the ACA/Obamacare to “help” her get through college so she could be a: Web Designer. Maybe she should have designed the web site? 😉

    • tedlv

      Maybe she did. A kindergarten kid could have done better.

    • Crystallite

      Under the Bamster: Julia won’t be able to afford college as she’ll be faced with higher health insurance premiums, higher student loan debt and a lousy economy with few jobs.

      Under Romney/Ryan: Julia would have been able to graduate college and look forward to a bright future with a robust economy in which she could pay off her student loans, get a job in a company still offering healthcare to its employees and have money set aside to travel or perhaps put a down payment on a home.

      Which do you think Julia would prefer?

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      Sorry Julia, but Obama left you high and dry. Of the $840 BILLION he wasted on his failed Recovery Act, he only gave $0.730 billion to your small business loan interests. After all that, the reason you couldn’t get a job in the first place is because his unemployment rate has only dropped 0.5% in over 4 1/2 years. Thanks for playing though…

  • ELC

    Will someone buy that imbecile a muzzle? It would be a pleasure not hearing from him permanently.

  • usaok59

    Isn’t it ironic that the one who said it’s so great, won’t sign up for it.

  • Oscar C

    It has been noted throughout history, that when the dumbasses in the population increase and outnumber the smart ones –> liberals ride their dumbasses into power… America is at the water shed moment –> the dumbies out number the smarties.

  • Rick Roll

    The opponents of Obamacare are not complaning that people can’t sign up fast but instead they are criticizing a flawed website that cost over 400 million dollars of the tax payer’s money.

  • Michael David Davis

    Isn’t it ironic that David Axlerod has no idea of what a dipshit tool he is?

  • JustLikeAnimals

    @davidaxelrod isn’t it ironic that the people who said Obamacare won’t work are pointing out that it..wait for it..DOESN’T WORK? Ass-clown.

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    If Obamacare is such a success, why are people like A-holerod being trotted out to TELL us it’s successful? At some point, we’re going to need to see results, and when the Left can’t produce them, all Hell is going to break loose.

    • Crystallite

      Axelgrease’s company will allegedly reap a windfall from the implementation and success of O’Care.

  • John Heathcote

    Isn’t it ironic that the liberals are choking on something that they crammed down the conservatives throat!



    We’re mocking.

  • Jeffrey Litwin

    I am a fan of Ted Cruz, but I’d like to say is that they really shot themselves in the foot by the crap they pulled with the shutdown. I agreed with the shutdown just not the line they used by saying defund Obamcare. All they had to do is let it shit the bed on its own and stuck with the saddling our kids future with the debt of trillions owe now. That way Obama and his lackey’s get hit from all sides.

  • AZWarrior

    No, but it IS ironic that all the supporters of Obamacare have wavers.

    • DWAAP

      lol, awesome!

      • Jimbolero

        Go to the People’s Cube and there’s lots more where that came from. It’s run by a former Soviet agitprop artist and it’s badass. Check it out!

        • DWAAP


  • Kevis

    Axelrod needs to meet a meat grinder, Chicago mob style.

    Ground turd, free for the taking.

  • Victoria Richardson

    This is foolish spin !! We ticked off because the flippin website is such crap and the cost for tax payer dollars over 300 million dollars and ten year old technology and the Administration must not like American workers because they contracted a Canadian firm to put this into action or in-action I should say.

  • Meech204

    Stupidity wears me out. How many more millions of dollars will the taxpayers have to sink into this sinking ship?

  • Tantalus XVI

    Isn’t it ironic that the people in charge of something called the “Affordable Care Act” have no freaking clue how much it will cost? #OneHundredTrillionDollarsMwahMwahhahahaha

  • Tantalus XVI

    Truth be told fellow right-wing nutjobs, Obamacare has nothing to do with health, its about getting you (re)used to “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” The program may be scraped within five years so what, big victory (NOT), but a couple laws here and there will remain permanently, kinda like the TSA, and other such “security measures,” as well as recent city-wide lockdowns, and warrantless searches “in the interest of public safety.” Precedence in a court of law is all they need…

    • marcellucci

      I can’t imagine un-ringing the bell that is the IRS tax code debacle…….

  • JR48

    There is a difference between ‘can’t sign up soon enough’ and ‘can’t sign up at all and now have no health insurance’ chuckles.

    This is your mutant baby, Axelrod. Own it.

  • Dave B

    Here’s some Irony for you Mr. Axelrod, from one of the poor peons just trying not to drown in your “brave new world”.

    The irony of something called the “Affordable Care Act” being designed to crush the current US medical insurance and health care industries so we all beg for socialized medicine.

    “Affordable” being too expensive for us idiots who have to actually pay for it to “afford”.

    A “Care Act” having such lousy coverage and being designed to drive many of us into bankruptcy. Most American’s can’t afford to pick up 20% to 40% of catastrophic medical costs (that’s why we buy real insurance) and unlike Medicare there is no supplemental insurance available.

    And the ultimate irony of the Lords and Ladies of the ruling elite designing something
    for us poor minions that they aren’t subject to it themselves (and actually admit they can’t afford)

    How clever you all are.

  • fivebyfive

    I can’t wait to not sign up

  • Hayden Bird

    Ironically, the people who voted for this don’t like it. I guess those damn conservatives aren’t as evil as they’re made out to be dot dot dot… what do we really know about Obamacare dot dot dot… good things spawned from Obamacare vs. bad things dot dot dot… where do you get your information dot dot dot… ‘We’ve cut the deficit in half’ says Obama dot dot dot… does anyone even care anymore?
    dot dot dot…

  • Richard Nightwood

    They’ll make the same jokes when you’re pushed against the sandbag wall.

  • cscape

    i think it’s ironic that an ardent communist is the spitting image of the Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler (LOL)

    • cscape

      and you libs out there….. don’t even think of attacking me on this observation….. if you can vilify Ted Cruz for his resemblance to Joe McCarthy, then the Axelrod/Hitler comparison is apt

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    The reason they can’t sign up, or fast enough, for that matter is…OPOSWATZHCARE DOESN’T WORK! The Website DOESN’T WORK, The Exchanges DON’T WORK, and the Government is collecting Money for Nothing #DireStraits #MarkKnopfler except to feed their own appetites at America’s expense! That is why I (for one) want NOTHING to do with this Pyramid Scam! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • lionstar

    Hey Alexrod, There is NO ONE that opposing Obamacare more than me and I’m NEVER going to sign up for it. Send me to Gitmo and I still won’t sign up for it. I’ve got two Grandmas that have Alzheimer’s that Obamacare will kill and I will NEVER give in. Fine me, jail me, make me disappear, I don’t care. Obamacare is nothing more than a dressed up version of Hitler’s Operation T-4 AND I’M NEVER SIGNING UP FOR IT! EVER!