It’s rather dusty in here. Tears.

Patriots descended upon Washington, D.C., on Sunday for the Million Veterans March, which protested the Spite House’s Barrycades, particularly the ones at memorials for America’s bravest.

This patriot moved everyone.

God bless him, indeed.

As Twitchy reported, Barrycades at several memorials were torn down and transported to the White House, where march attendees peaceably assembled. They also delivered the Barrycades to the Spite House: “Return to sender,” baby!

These photos, however, are the most touching and poignant.


Always. And that brave hero is continuing to support America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Thank you, sir.


And some exit adorable hope for the future:


Valor: Another wounded warrior carried Barrycades; Searcy: ‘Best damn tweet ever!’ [pics]


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  • ObamaFail

    That man has given more for this country than any Democrat, or the illegals they give special treatment to, ever will.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      …or all of them combined.

      • ObamaFail

        One man who lost limbs in service to this country > millions of illegals coming here just to demand free handouts

        • aPLWBinAK

          “millions of illegals coming here just to demand free handouts”……..and the Azzhole in the Spite House continues to give them handouts, while cutting off death benefits to the U.S. servicemen and women. The longer this shutdown goes, the more this emperor is exposed for what he really is, even to the FFVs.

    • capisce

      and that picture is worth more than all the words on all the pages of the AHA

    • GoldsteinsBook

      My father was a life-long Democrat who served this country in World War II. Plenty of Democrats have given their lives to protect your right to disrespect their service because you have a pathetic need to see all liberals as caricatures of evil.

      • Red Fred

        My Father also was a Democrat, but the party policy was different during that era. And yes, I agree, many Democrats gave their lives as well, and we HONOR, RESPECT, and CHERISH each and every Veteran. All. Period.

      • Vennoye

        My Father was a life-long Democrat also. He would not, however; be a supporter of the current crew IN CONGRESS or the 44th president.
        I never hear any one who honors our vets divide them into political parties…..this political party highly partisan stuff started during the 2000 election and afterward–thank the MSM-and the party leaders who took advantage of the bias.
        No biggy though, because what you are seeing right now, is BOTH establishment political parties destroying their brands!!
        Guess what, by 2016, we will ALL be independents!!

        • GoldsteinsBook

          I never hear any one who honors our vets divide them into political parties.

          I agree with you but that’s the minority opinion on this thread. @Gary Freeman made a preposterous and ugly claim about our Democratic veterans which, at the time I am writing this, has been affirmed by 160 people.

          • Sharon Port

            I truly believe the original comment didn’t imply those who have made the choice to fight for this country but for those Dems in this administration and past administrations. I, too, agreed with the statement as I first read it before reading the thread; I took it to mean Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, the Pres and the rest of them. I did not take it to mean the ones who have fought for this country….those “other” Dems are fighting AGAINST this country. My thanks to your father and others like him….

          • ManaMoffa

            No one made any claims about any old time Veterans who were Democrats.

      • reshas1 This is what the vets, truckers, tea partiers & patriots are fighting against.

      • Danny

        please understand I and all on here would honor a vet no matter what party affiliation. of course you see other posts the democratic party has changed and those that were democrats might even consider changing

      • Mutrock

        Liberal, by definition, is amoral. Liberal means to take property forcefully from one man and give it to another, whether or not he wants to give his property to the other man. Liberal means one man has decided how someone else should live their life and forces them to do so. All the liberal programs, rules, and regulations add up to tyranny of men over other men. That is not just amoral, it is criminal. It has been the normal state of man over many millennia of human history. It is the state of most men living in the World today. We had an opportunity to be different, to be exceptional, but we reverted back to living our lives under the same old tyranny of man.

        • Ryan Schneider.

          “Liberal” is the crown prince of words deliberately muddled to fit various, often contradicting ideas over the past 120 years or so. It’s brother is “progress”, which has simply come to mean whatever you want it to. As for me, the only definition of progress that I will ever accept is that of G.K. Chesterton.

          • Deborah Hallsted

            These days the “chaff and the wheat” are being sifted more than ever, and Chesterton’s world, with it’s own paradoxes, doesn’t fit today’s scene. Sadly, one can say now, that “man who stands in the middle of the road gets hit with cars going both ways”. Good Luck

          • Ryan Schneider.

            Well, I can still become a Saint, simply by being the one who contradicts this absurd age most. I have a long way to go though; I’m not just swimming against the stream these days, but struggling to dodge all the garbage floating in it.

          • Deborah Hallsted

            No kidding, me too.

        • thepar


      • Dennis the Dreamer

        When it comes to serving their beloved country, they don’t see you as democraps or goptards. The vets fight for everyone’s liberty and freedom. But Obama and his minions are pure evil.

      • Billy Bob

        I would imagine that a lot of Democrats aren’t Liberals.

      • Jim

        The Liberals in charge do it to themselves. The Democrat Party is far different than it was in JFK’s time. In fact JFK’s views would be aligned with the Republican views these days. The extreme left Socialist have taken charge of the DEMOCRAT PARTY and have driven it off the left cliff. I was a Democrat myself till Carter pushed it left and it has kept heading to the left. Choose which party supports your view, it’s not about the party it’s about our country first. When any of us just rubber stamp the parties nomination over and over, we set ourselves up for this problem we have today.

        • Ryan Schneider.

          It was the same for my mother. The last straw that drove her from the Dem. Party was Roe vs. Wade. Every philosophically consistent Catholic had to leave after that, (sadly a rare animal), which also goes to show how different the Kennedys were from one another. Furthermore, JFK should never have picked Johnson as V.P., if that had cost him, he could have won in the next round. Nixon would have proven himself weak sooner or later.

      • Susie Haynie

        My dad and mom were both lifelong Democrats. I have voted Democrat in the past. I know my parents are turning over in their graves now. The Democratic party today does not stand for what it did in the past. The current administration, including Reid, Pelosi, and Obama..oh and a few Republicans..are traitors to this country and our Constitution. Someone has flipped a switch in this country and evil people HAVE taken over. It is about time folks wake up and realize it.

        • Guest


          • Susie Haynie

            Wow.. really? I want you to walk through your house and get rid of every plastic thing you have. From grocery bags to dishes to furniture. While you are at it, get rid of your car…and your children’s toys. Oh and any prefab materials that might have been used to build your house or apartment or camper. Get rid of it all..because you support the oil pigs if you don’t get rid of it. And can you define “capitalist”? Because you sure don’t know how to spell it. JACKASS! Anyone living off the government is capitalizing on our sweat and OUR income. Think about it! Wake up!

          • Ryan Schneider.

            “BETTER DEAD THEN RED, NO BLOOD FOR OIL, HELL NO, WE WON’T GO, MY COUNTRY RIGHT OR WRONG….ext.ext. About all that accomplished was a gradual increase in sales for hearing aid companies. Cooler heads always prevaile.

          • Susie Haynie

            What does any of what you said have to do with what I said? Or this article?

      • Wolfgang Weicheier

        Own it. As far as Democrat WW2 vets go, and my father was one until LBJ, this would make them mad as hell. The Battle for Iwo Jima, Saipan, Bataan Death March, Malmedy Massacre, Pearl Harbor. Jug Ears thinks a Barry-cade is going to hold them back?

        How unacquainted do you have to be with the everyday American to think this petulant man-child is going to dictate terms to veterans who gave so much and who knew and witnessed their brother in arms give everything they had?

        Do you still want to tell me Democrats are above using healthcare as a political weapon, when they are so petty as to deny a double amputee vet access to a memorial??

      • Marna McAlexander

        My father was a lifelong Democrat–but today’s Democrats would trn his stomach. This is not what he fought for in WWII.

      • Carl Martin

        my father and i where both lifelong democrats
        But somewhere The democrat party sold there souls
        To the wackos from the far left The party as become
        Pure unadulterated evil There is no good in the party
        It is a Party who Warships unethical behavior and condemns
        Family values
        Roe v wade is a prime example
        The far left takes something that has some good and carrys it
        To a genocidal level

        • TexasMom2012

          The Booed God at the last convention, the one where they re-nominated Obama. That says it all to me.

      • Poncho

        “Democrat” was not a dirty word back then. Whether you want to believe it or not, “democrat” today is equivalent to “socialist”..

      • Mark

        No disrespect to your father or disagree much with what you said. But I am curious, what do you think he’d feel about the memorials being closed off, especially the ones that never have an security guards at them?

        • GoldsteinsBook

          I’m pretty sure he would be as disgusted about it as I am.

      • ManaMoffa

        You seem to not know that the Democrat party has changed . People thought it couldnt get worse by it has.
        Your father fought against people who act, think and parade around like current Democrats.

        • GoldsteinsBook

          I would appreciate it if you would refrain for speaking on behalf of my father.

    • Rightturn

      That’s an interesting theory. But just how has he given any more for this country than has Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth?

      • Meech204

        Did anyone get a picture of Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth today? Didn’t think so…..Her choice…her right.

        • GoldsteinsBook

          Shorter: A veteran’s sacrifices only matter as long as their political views align with my own and participate in activities which affirm my political ideology.

          I would love to hear about the sacrifices you have made for this country and how they compare to those made by Duckworth.

          • BronxJo

            The Veterans’ Memorials belong to the
            Vets; that was the whole point of the march today. The
            organizers of this event specifically said they were non partisan. The political theater of spending manpower and resources to shut down open air monuments, at the expense of Veterans is a low moment in our history.

            I wish that Rep. Duckworth had shown up. Her shaming of that corrupt IRS contractor at a hearing this summer with his fake disabled vet status was a proud American moment. (he twisted his ankle in prep school and never served, but got himself retroactively declared 30% disabled, she pointed out they classify her at 20%)

          • GoldsteinsBook

            I support reopening the memorials Unfortunately, this was a highly partisan event


            “In a mean-spirited fit of selfish anger, Barack Obama has shut down our nation’s war memorials. And he has declared open war on our honored veterans!”

            ‘Honored guest and speaker’ Rep. Steve Stockman’s bio reads “Congressman Stockman sits of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and plays an active role in uncovering the truth about what happened at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.”

            They invited the birther Larry Klayman to speak who, predictably, called Obama a Muslim and told him to come out with his hands up.

            Again – I support opening the memorials but this was a highly partisan event organized in hopes of inflicting political damage against Obama and The Democratic Party.

          • BronxJo

            The organizers were not partisan. This was grassroots and began on Facebook, as did the bikers on 9/11, then the truckers circling the beltway on 10/11-10/13. The Million Vet March was started as an idea after seeing the boorish treatment of handicapped, elderly Vets being brought in by the honor flight/honor bus charities. Here is their information and their own words. And if you check out their Facebook page, you will see they have 60K likes and cross promotion from the biker and trucker pages.
            The thousands who showed up have no control over one man with a Confederate flag or one controversal person who grabbed camera time.

          • GoldsteinsBook

            I appreciate the link — I had only seen the site to which I linked in my original reply to you. While the original idea may have been for a nonpartisan demonstration, it morphed into the partisan event that was held on Sunday.

          • BronxJo

            The theater of shutdown ploy of closing down the monuments backfired badly. However, this should not have stopped Democrat lawmakers also showing up to support the Vets. That is what is partisan, where were they? From the first instant that we saw citizens being spitefully shut out from parks monuments, and most especially Veteran memorials and the uproar that ensued, we should have heard an apology.

          • Waiter_1

            I was right away on all the Dems FB pages yesterday asking that same question. Faxes wont go through………..Most of the time no answer to the phone so that’s all we have left is to get on their FB pages. Not a single “Official reply” some other posters tried to make lame excuses though.

          • TexasMom2012

            Instead they (Pelosi et al) attended the Illegal Alien rally for which the National Mall was opened by the National Park Service. The same service that continues at great expense to attempt to close our open air Veterans Memorials. You know those memorials that have never been shut down during the last 40 years and 17 plus previous government shut downs? Who decided to shut down these memorials so that honor flight WW2 vets could not get to the memorial that the private sector PAID FOR? The answer is President Stompy Foot! Excuse me? The Dems rallied with illegals, by definition NOT AMERICANS but avoided our veterans and have spoken not a word in support? Exactly how is it partisan for some Republicans to support our vets? Spit. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

          • GoldsteinsBook

            You’re right — despite the fact that the event was sponsored by conservatives, it is disappointing that no prominent Democrats got behind the effort and added their names to those opposing the barricades at open-air memorials.

          • Deborah Hallsted

            Because, like Duckworth, the Democrats in Congress chose not to come.

          • Poncho

            No sir, it did NOT morph into a partisan event! It is simply a fact that todays liberals are simply not as patriotic as they claim to be. This entire fiasco in DC with closing down OUTDOOR MEMORIALS that DO NOT belong to the government is absolutely a play by the Obama administration to harm as many Americans as possible. There was no reason someone of liberal interests could not attend this protest. Yours is the typical liberal attack when you know you are wrong. And there was no logical reason to close down outdoor memorials. I’ve been there twice and have not seen a government employee at one of the memorials yet.

          • GoldsteinsBook

            I’m not sure what a typical liberal attack is but, then again, I doubt anyone who knows me would characterize me as such :-)

            Event sponsors were clearly partisan but, as others have pointed out, Democrats could have showed up to show their support for what I believe should be a nonpartisan issue.

          • William Kent Jenkins

            Let it go Dude , you’re still trying to pick an argument , to get a rise out of people , which leads me to believe you are just a troll

          • Ryan Schneider.

            I think it inflicts political damage against BOTH parties. I am expecting record 3rd party wins next year.

          • GoldsteinsBook

            I know some people like to imagine that, upon Obama’s re-election, he met with his cabinet an instructed them to submit to him proposals that would punish veterans.

            That seems a bit extreme to me but I strongly suspect that some of the suspended services were chosen as a bit of political theater. Whoever advised the memorial barricades needs to lose their job.

            It’s as sad for me to see Democrats trying to defend the shutdown of the WWII memorial as it is to see Republicans claiming this the Obama/Reid shutdown. I hope you’re right an we start seeing people run for office that should be there. Myself, I would love to see Neil deGrasse Tyson run for office.

            If the world is something you accept rather than interpret, then you're susceptible to the influence of charismatic idiots.— Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) September 27, 2013

          • dominigan

            Are you saying that Obama is not the head of the Executive Branch under which the Department of the Interior reports? Perhaps you should be asking just WHO gave them orders to seal off the parks, and why are they continuing those efforts even in light of the veterans. This entire event became partisan the moment one partisan decided to shut them down.

          • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

            If President Obama did NOT order these memorials shut down, then who did? He runs the Executive Branch of the federal government. ALL the Park Service and Dept of Interior report to him. HE ALONE has this authority.

            As to your first premise, I know that isn’t true. He rarely meets with his Cabinet.

          • GoldsteinsBook

            While I don’t know the chain of command in respect to closing the memorials, you may notice that I never claimed Obama didn’t give and/or sign off on the decision. I do think he should fire any advisor who didn’t recommend he reopen them once the first Honor Flight vets were turned away. Regardless, the buck stops with Obama and I think his decision to keep them barricaded is terrible.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            I dunno, I recently learned that Tyson is very good friends with Seth McFarland, as biased a liberal as you’re gonna see in comedy. Find me a level scientist who is friendly with the creators of South Park, and we may have something. Those guys are the most unbiased jokers of all time.

          • GoldsteinsBook

            I got sick of Family Guy after the first season and that seems to be McFarland’s only schtick. While there are duds sometimes, South Park has remained consistently funny. While it’s not animated, I always felt Arrested Development writers didn’t get enough credit for their willingness to make fun of absurdity wherever they found it.

            All that said, political affiliation has never been a criteria for my friends. I was being a little glib but I would honestly love to see more scientists (or other professions other than lawyers) in Congress. I say this as someone taking LSAT in December so it wasn’t meant as a cheap shot on that profession but as someone who thinks our Republic would be better served by some diversity in Congress.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            I hear you there, there is not one doctor in congress or the Senate right now, not one! And yet we need to trust lawyers groomed from college as career bureaucrats to know how best to run healthcare? I propose a new law: no federal decisions regarding healthcare can be legally handled by congress unless a minimum of 10% of them are Medical doctors with at least a year of experience. Nurses would also count.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            By the way, I try my best to have friends regardless of affiliations, but I don’t tolorate bigoted stupidity lightly, especially the kind masquerading as “scientific history”. Case in point being the new version of “Cosmos” hosted by Tyson, with MacFarlane as executive producer. I was looking forward to seeing it until I learned that bitter fact. And of course, MacFarlane, who has made pissing on the faith of his fathers a big part of his career, will be featuring a segment bemoaning “martyrs to science” prominently, such as Bruno and Galileo. Those dead horses have been beaten so many times there is not even dust left of their carcasses. An historically unbiased scientist would know Bruno was executed primary for being a murderer, an anarchist, and a metaphysical heritic. His opinions on astronomy were not even mentioned at his trial. As for Galileo, he would have gone up to the likes of MacFarlane, slapped him, and challenged him to a duel in defense of Mother Church’s Honor. Anyone who fails to grasp this needs to read “Galileo’s Daughter”, and you will find as loyal a son of the Faith as ever sprung from Italian soil these last 2,000 years, albeit a hotheaded, egocentric one. It was those weaknesses that led to his troubles, but his faith, and well intentioned loyalty was never in doubt. In fact it was his hatred for certain protestants that was the catalyst for his problem. If a science documentary will not fairly account these facts, then it should not even mention these persons, science should be perfectly neutral.

          • GoldsteinsBook

            Thanks for the reply — I didn’t know Tyson was going to be resurrecting Cosmos and I really had MacFarlane’s name wrong.

            As far as the ‘historical martyrs’ segment you referenced, has MacFarlane said he is going to make that a prominent segment? It would be tiresome if that’s the case and sincerely hope they don’t ruin the show by browbeating the audience.

          • Guest

            I don’t know exactly how prominent it will be, but the teaser trailers sure have been, and knowing how MacFarlane craps on Christians in general, and how he was going on in an interview about how Carl Sagen helped him find “reason”, I would not hold too high an expectation that the “‘browbeating’ bullet” will be dodged. As for the name, there are typically a dozen or more was to spell a Celtic name in American English, not that a creep like Seth is worthy of any of them; he is a disgrace to his Clan.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            I don’t know exactly how prominent it will be, but knowing how fond of craping on Christians in general MacFarlane is, and the fact that in an interview he was going on about how Carl Eagan helped him find “reason”, I have reason to doubt the the audience will miss the “‘browbeating’ bullet”.

          • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

            President Obama is the ONLY person in the federal government that can order Park Service to close the memorials. How can a rally to reopen them be anything but partisan?

            Take a look at the Democrat party today. Take an honest look. They are run by the Baby Boomers of the 60s who tore apart the country during Vietnam. Do you seriously believe that your Dad would be a part of their disdain for keeping this country strong and free? My Democrat Dad, who died in 1970 and was a WWII Vet, sure wouldn’t.

          • GoldsteinsBook

            I am disgusted by the barricades around open-air memorials and I’m sure he would be as well.

            Calling yourself a Democrat doesn’t mean marching in lockstep with the decisions of Democratic leaders anymore than being a Republican means supporting all things Republican. Furthermore, because we have only two major political parties, we often end up voting for coalitions of opinion. Many union-minded Democrats don’t care for the party’s platform on immigration. Many Wall Street Republicans are wary of the religious right. People who say JFK wouldn’t recognize his party never seem to question what Eisenhower would think of his.

            Side note: As someone who didn’t grow up in the 60’s, I am so sick and tired of those 50-year old fights that continue to tear the country apart because some boomers can’t get over themselves. I know that opposition to the ACA doesn’t make one a bigot or mean they want people to die of curable disease. However, support of it doesn’t mean you oppose freedom or want a weak country.

          • William Kent Jenkins

            Klayman was just calling a spade a spade

          • Deborah Hallsted

            She walked OUT of the Benghazi hearings when the families began to testify. As a patriot, who has sacrificed her all for this country, I honor her. That doesn’t make her right 100% of the time. She’s still human. It does entitle her to my, and other Americans, respect for her service, and our undying gratitude.

          • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

            Thank you. I noticed that when it happened. The difference between Democrats today and those of 40 years ago is that no Democrat today dares to question or rebuke the party leaders over any issue that requires honor or integrity.

            Some try, but are quickly brought back into line and the press will cover it up.

          • Deborah Hallsted

            Yes, it’s incredible how the libbies accept “the party line”, hook, line and sinker. For people who supposedly embrace “diversity”, they allow none.

          • Waiter_1

            That’s what makes it so hard to accept her walking out on the parents. She can be thankful she was not left behind

    • Winngirl

      Well said…

  • pinupartist

    In the words of Forrest Gump, “Magic Legs.” :)

    Proof you don’t need real legs to kick stompy-foot in the…butt 😉

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Reminds me to send in another donation to Wounded Warriors. God Bless our Heroes!

  • AyePatriot

    This photo will go down in history as THE moment in this movement. It’s as powerful as the raising of the American flag in the rubble of the WTC.

    Such quiet dignity is hard to express in words. Thank you for your service, Sir!

    • trixiewoobeans

      It needs to go viral STAT!

    • trixiewoobeans

      It needs to go viral STAT!

  • Marcy Cook

    If that prick in the WH, who has never done a damn thing in his life, had a conscience
    he would go outside and greet these men and apologize. None of this would have ever happened under Bush’s watch.

    • ObamaFail

      Bush is the only president since 1976 to have not let a shut down happen under his watch. So you’re right, nothing like this would have happened under his watch.

    • SawLogBackBone

      Let’s say it louder:

      • ObamaFail

        The way I see it is, every second those vets are out there and Obama refuses to even go out to speak to them, he is proving more and more that he has nothing but contempt for our nation and our heroes.

        • Charlotte Fowler Supe

          Why should he care? After all his wife is ashamed to be an American.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

        Would be great if Bush ended up coming out. We know he’d at least come and hug the warriors.

        • MagPie

          GW hosts the vets and disabled at his ranch. Aftet Obobo leaves office, you will never see him host anything for them.

          • DWAAP

            Exactly, when the Fort Hood attack happened, GW and His wife went to see the injured right away, when they arrived at the base(w/o security detail) it was announced that the President was there and when walking in the hospital they realized it was not kingobama, but GW and First Lady Laura to support the injured. They did not seek out the media as it was not warranted, only there to comfort the injured. When kingobama learned that he was there he asked GW to leave, and the very next day kingobama arrived in the Dallas/Forthworth area but NE VER even went to see the injured, did not even step foot on the base, went to an area that had a place to hold his “speech” and his koolaid audience, and made sure his media knew of his arrival and left promptly. kingobama is not a true man, but a coward, GW is a true man who genuinely cares for this country and the men/women who fight for it everyday!

        • The Green Devilish One

          Since my original comment was deleted, let me just say that some of the vets I know would have spit in the drunk’s face for lying about the WMDs in Iraq and starting a false war that resulted in thousands of their brothers and sisters in arms coming home in body bags for no good reason.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            That’s as may be. However, he still would have shown his affection for them and their service, and possibly silently shared in the mourning of those lost. The current pResident, could care less. Pawns on a chess board.

      • b_truit

        He wouldn’t dare lower himself to speak to our vets. Throw the bum out

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      He believes he has no reason to greet our Patriots and apologize…

      • Bruce wayne

        because he is an American HATING ASS

    • MagPie

      Many people did not like GW, but at least that man had respect for the military.Obobo hates the military and vets. All Vets and active military THANK YOU for your SERVICE.

  • SawLogBackBone

    Thank you Veteran, you are our friend and HERO. We VOW to support you in every way possible. God Bless you!

  • Ted H.

    God Bless him, and ALL our wounded warriors!
    Every American has the right to peacefully assemble, he and his ilk have guaranteed that for 236 years, and counting….

  • peteee363

    that guy should have worn a paper bag over his head. Obama will have him fined for transporting cargo without a cdl license! after his audit!

    • opus6

      He doesn’t care. That’s how brave he is.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    So, So, Proud, Truly We The People Have Been Blessed by The Brave!!!!!!!
    Thank You, Sir!

  • typster62

    Do you suppose we will hear anything about this phenomenal event from the MSM?

    • TJ

      Only to highlight the destruction of government property and the cost to replace the moved barriers to the monuments.They will not say it was done during a vets rally but general tea party rally.

      • Danny

        get a life

      • Jens Johnson

        The only thing you will hear about this event, is about the confederate flag. The MSM will make a big deal about this and declaring that it was all because the president is half black and we are a bunch of racist for supporting this event. Just the basic SSDD.

    • Rusty Bill

      hahaha hehehe hohoho

      *ahem* sorry…

      I gave up on the so-called “mainstream media” decades ago.



  • eaglechick

    Should be on the cover of a magazine

  • eaglechick

    Maybe he will get a Trac chair

  • AlCashier

    with the clench still in our heart & tears in our eyes, we know that wounded warrior charging the WH with that WWII Memorial barrycade, is the epitome of what today is about

  • TJ

    Tea party 1774 = Toss tea in the bay.

    Tea party 2013 = Toss barrier in front of the peoples house.

  • The Masked Avatar

    Has NBC called him a racist yet?

  • Abaraxas

    Any prior president (heck, even Clinton) would have at least made a statement thanking or supporting them. Bush would have been right down there with them shaking hands and hugging. Obama is off to New York to do some photo-ops about the shutdown and Obamcare.

  • typster62

    You know them very well!

  • MandaLynne

    They have called out riot police with batons!!! Against our Vets!!!!! Gestapo!!!

    • Joe

      That picture is the Al Sharpton rally of racists in DC a year or so ago.

      • AccountantCas

        this was the veterans march in front of the White House fence. I watched the live video.

      • MJRAWL

        Man, are you dumb!

      • MandaLynne

        Regardless, they have sent in police in riot gear against 80-year-old vets! This picture is from in front of the White House yesterday.

    • dowl

      Police against those who hijacked the visting veterans interested in the monuments. What percentage of the manufactured ‘photo op’ for politicians and wannabes and actual veterans of the US miliary visiting the Republican government shutdown and shuttered National Parks?

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    Hey, President Stompy Feet? THIS is what American exceptionalism looks like.

  • Joe

    What lib will be the first to call that young man a teabagger ?

    • Princess Manchele


    • PissedOffVet

      The first liberal that wants to get tea bagged, bet it’s a dude.

  • TocksNedlog

    A better man than Barack Obama will EVER be.

  • CrustyB

    Five years of Obama in one picture.

  • Will Seay

    Let it be known, By those who support the progressive Ideal… be they Democratic, Republican, Illegal or citizen… Whether they walk upon our land or occupy lands far from us. This is the determination of the American people. This is but one example of their spirit.. Within one man who’s own body has been ravaged by war.. This is the strength you seek to fight against… The raw courage you seek to subdue, and we stand with him, and vow you shall not prevail. God bless those who have given all, those have given body and or mind… Those that will stand with their spirit, scars and wounds, and those who will stand next to them willing to give the same. Yes… we say to you that seek our demise, you will not prevail… EVER!

  • zlerpster

    Any links with the double-amputee Vet’s name? He certainly wasn’t broadcasting himself. Real heroes don’t. They just do the job.

  • qqchris55

    LET FREEDOM RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz


  • qqchris55

    LET FREEDOM RING !!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Sullivan

    How much longer must we suffer under the gestapo boot of obama before congress moves to impeach

  • SkyePuppy

    Looking through the various photos, and I don’t see any trash on the ground. Definitely not the typical Lefty demonstration.
    God bless our veterans!

  • Dieter Gould

    Well, the big “O” will probably declare “Martial Law” because he’s not a happy camper right now!!! No one wants to listen to him! And, We the People keep dismantling his toys!

    • spaceycakes

      they kicked his tinker toys down the street!

      • Dieter Gould

        Some how, I believe his favorite toy was the “Slinky!” Because, it has no back bone or support to stand up!

  • excopconservative

    Lost both legs, but not his spirit.

  • carolhaka

    Okay people! Get his name, he should be the next representative from his District!

  • jane is jane

    America has lost her way

  • Guest

    I love this photo too…

  • dotJenna

    This photo speaks volumes too…

    • The Green Devilish One

      Did he go ask Ted Cruz why he shut down the government?

      • dotJenna

        I’m glad this photo bugs you. It would me too if I were a Nazi.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    As in Brave Heart……. HOLD, HOLD, HOLD !!!!

    • spaceycakes

      ‘I’m goin’ ta pick a fight’
      ‘Well, we didn’t get dressed up for nothin”

  • Conniption Fitz

    Day 2 – Barrycades at WWII memorial back up – Elderly Vets in wheelchairs pushed through anyway for photo op:

  • dilligaf421

    If a true leader would step up and ask,I would gladly take up arms and follow them in the fight to take back our Country.

    • The Green Devilish One

      Who said it’s your country to take back? Give it up, teatards. This country isn’t the lily white christian fascist republic of your wet dreams. It belongs to a rainbow color of people believing in many different gods and even no gods at all and some find their lifelong happiness with someone of the same sex. This is America, not this 1950s false fairy tale you teatards carry around in your heads. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL.

      • Patrick Chester

        Odd, looks more like you came up with a fairy tale and attributed to the people you hate so you could dehumanize them.

        Though if things are going your way why are you here screeching how the people you hate are doooomed and so on?

        Might want to pull back on the spittle and flop sweat.

        • Evil Otto

          He can’t help it. He’s a ranting, screeching hate-filled bigot at heart.

          • The Green Devilish One

            No, I’m a man who’s spent most of my life being victimized by white bigots and the only thing that’s saved me is being a very large black man. Tell me, Otto, have you ever ended up face down on the pavement with a gun in the back of your neck held by a black cop for doing nothing more than being in the wrong neighborhood with the wrong skin color? You ever have a cop pull you over for no good reason to run your license or get frisked and told to submit or get hauled into the station for suspicion of drug dealing and resisting arrest? It gets a little tiring dealing with fascist punks like you who think freedom is dependent upon the color of one’s skin. I wouldn’t wish that crap on anybody, not even a punk like you, but if you had something like that happen, your attitude might change.

          • Evil Otto

            Do you think any of that justifies your use of a racist slur? Your bigotry? It doesn’t. Do you somehow think I’m sympathetic to your racist rants, your venomous hatred of Tea Partiers, gun owners, and hell… anyone who expresses a political opinion that isn’t mindlessly leftist?

            You lash out at random people on the internet because you feel weak, because the anger festers inside you and the anonymous nature of the internet allows you an outlet. You are seriously one of the most hate-filled people I’ve ever seen comment. I can practically see the veins sticking out in your neck as you comment.

            It makes me laugh. Why? Because you demand sympathy while acting like a complete and total @sshole. You revel in it. I don’t care about your skin color, I don’t care about your supposed encounters with brutal cops. You’re not lashing out at them, you’re lashing out at people who have done you no harm… and guess what, drone, the Tea Party hasn’t done you any harm. They’ve just stood in the way of the Glorious Leader, Obama. to you, that means the same thing.

            It gets a little tiring dealing with fascist punks like you who think freedom is dependent upon the color of one’s skin.

            Back that statement up. Use direct quotes from me. I have THOUSANDS of comments on DISQUS. Find one that is fascist, or that shows that I “think freedom is dependent upon the color of one’s skin.”

            In other words, drone, PROVE IT. I’m not playing this game with you, and I’m not going to try to reason with someone so filled with hate. Prove your statement, or retract it.

          • Patrick Chester

            He’s like an incredibly whingey Sith.

            Or maybe I’ve been playing too much SWTOR…

      • Evil Otto

        Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL.

        Too bad you don’t actually believe that.

  • Jane Anderson

    Hey Spitehouse, yeah you. Remember when a single lone man stood up to the Chinese tanks in Tienanmen Square? All it would take is a single cop to stand up to the Barrycades to shame you all over the world. These amazing veterans of our wars – who protected YOU too, and you treat them so horribly! Yet you keep your golf course open during this federal shutdown. Shame on you. Shame on YOU for spiting our veterans like this.

  • John L Barker

    Do you get it yet Mr. President?

  • Jane Anderson

    Mr. President – TAKE DOWN THIS WALL

  • Poncho

    Why can’t there ever be a forum where people do not bring political views into the conversation? This protest was not about politics. It was and is about an unnecessary harassment of American veterans. The only way it involves politics is the reason the barricades were installed in the first place. The President, or someone he is responsible for, ordered the barricades installed and even reinforced. At the very least, the President approved of the barricades, or he could have had them removed. The protest was about the wrongful and completely unnecessary closing of outdoor, open-air memorials. I am fairly sure there were conservatives and liberals in the crowd. Political views were not important. Veterans come from all walks of life in America and those memorials and monuments in Washington belong to us, not the government. The American people paid for them through donations. The government did not build them or pay for them. And the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund provides upkeep on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I don’t know who upkeeps the WWII and Korean War memorials, but I’m pretty sure it is not the government. Government does not have the RIGHT to close our memorials, and American patriots simply re-opened them. Isn’t that a sad commentary that this protest was even necessary!

    • spaceycakes

      the prez played the ‘political’ card when he put the barricades on the monuments. Done.

  • Stayve13

    Get ready obama, the people are finally starting to wake up.

  • driveldriver

    My father and mother were lifelong democrats also, and my dad’s father was a WW2 vet. They belonged to the Democrat Party of John Kennedy, not Ted Kennedy. They belonged to the party which did value it’s military , not denigrate it. They belonged to the democrat party which believed in fiscal sanity and doing what was best for the country, even if it meant telling constituents they need to work and pay taxes. No longer. Today’s democrat party is the party of socialists and communists with power and perks for the politburo. But you aren’t alone, the republicans are right there with you.

  • Texan357

    I’m not gonna lie – I got choked up for a minute there.

  • Lindakl

    dEMONcrats are the scum of the earth!!

  • Page Hall

    what an awesome testament to the faith honor and resiliency shown by our heroes, our wounded warriors… this makes me feel so much stronger, gives me hope by showing me how others with much more severe disabilities thrive and conquer the many obstacles life has thrown their way. What a guy! Thank you Sarah for sharing this image it’s so inspiring and makes me smile very deep inside.

  • Michael B

    No matter how many times the fools put the barrycades up, we’ll be back to take them down. Peacefully, quietly, neatly and professionally, but they will NOT be permitted to stand.

  • scpatriot13038

    obama showed how he feels about vets when he ordered police and Secret Service dressed in their SWAT gear greeting the vets at the White House. I think obama should be more worried about a military takeover than a Tea Party takeover . . . or is that the same thing?

    • The Green Devilish One

      Any possible threat to the White House is met by security. I bet if the Drunk was still president and a bunch of people from Occupy showed up at the White House, the police and secret service couldn’t mace them fast enough for you.

  • Bobbie Barbour

    This photo moves me to tears.

  • Breda Fallacy

    HE’S NOT A PARAPLEGIC. Good Lord, have enough respect to get his disability right.

    • LibertyLane

      Just because someone doesn’t know the term bilateral prosthetics, doesn’t mean they have no respect Breda. The story here is the amazing continued heroism of this one man, who obviously is respected by all.