Doh! Again. As Twitchy reported, the health insurance exchange websites are full of fail. And it continues: Security? Ha!



Hilarious! DNC touts ‘what affordable care looks like’; Citizens: Fixed it for you, DNC! [pics]

Surprise! Obamacare health insurance exchange websites don’t work

  • Diane Biegel

    The security questions were working at 6 a.m. CDT, then they stopped. Either way, account setup and log in didn’t work. This stuff is SO BASIC. Shame on them.

    • Kevin J. Rice

      This is what happens when you have millions of people hitting a brand-new relatively complex website all at the same time. The servers are blowing metaphorical smoke. Give them a day or two, or just wait until the middle of the night.

  • WhoMeToo

    Is anyone really surprised??? O.o

    • BlahBlah

      I am shocked. Shocked I tell you. BUT I AM SIGNING UP ANYWAY CUZ LOLSECURITY

  • no_more_deceit

    But, but, it is the ‘law’ (then again -so was slavery).

  • Amy

    The security drop-down boxes WERE working earlier this morning, but there was a glitch in that no matter what your answers were, it errored out, telling you “no two answers can be the same”:

    I guess their “fix” to that was to disable the drop-down questions.

    • Karin_A

      That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. But I’m not surprised. Government IT: Bringing you yesterday’s solutions tomorrow!

  • stuckinIL4now

    My how symbolic and telling. There isn’t going to be any security with your personal and health information anyway.

  • Ron Wilson

    It is all Bush’s Fault, you Racist’s!!!!

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub


    • Dee M.

      Oh, that is priceless!!!!!!!!!

    • J. Cox need to post that on the OFA twitter.Priceless.

      • SkyePuppy

        They’ll all agree with it.

        • J. Cox

          Sadly…you are right.

  • The Jackal

    Why am I not surprised!

  • JeffWRidge

    Oh yeah, let’s let the government run everything. They’re so efficient and professional. When will people learn? The government is made up of people who are just as fallible as everyone else. Only when government bureaucrats make a mistake, it messes up things for millions of people.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Identity.Security. There is none.

    How Many DataBases Are You In?

  • Brian Johnson

    Hahahaha, I don’t know that my day could get better….first the government shutdown, and then watching this steaming POS fall flat on its face.

    Sadly, reality is going to hurt when the GOP rolls over for the Senate Dems and….well, I guess I’ll still have this steaming POS to laugh at….

  • kayakingfatso

    There is NO way I’m providing any information on that website just to see what I’d have to pay. Any forms that come my way by mail- trash. They already have my information. The government can suck it. Hi NSA! Arseholes.

  • grais

    Why aren’t they blaming it on the shutdown?
    Or the sequester?
    Or Bush?

    • therantinggeek

      Give it time. The accusations will commence shortly.

    • Unicorns and Rainbows

      Don’t worry.
      The day is young.

  • DeadlockVictim

    I tried selecting “What was your first pet’s name?” and typing that in, and got an error message: “No, the NSA says your first pet’s name was Spike”.

    • JR48


    • Jerry S.

      I typed in “BO.”

      Got an error message saying “Bo was eaten last week. Try again.”

    • porgiefirefighter

      They just asked me my dog’s maiden name.

    • Dee M.

      Shoot! I shouldn’t have read this at work. Just fell off my chair laughing!

    • notdingy1

      Wow – how did they know that ??? Weird !!!

  • therantinggeek

    First thing that popped into my head this morning when I read the related article? A remix of Strong Bad’s “The System is Down”. #MusicOnTheBrain

  • Maxx

    I tried to log in to see what all the fuss was about but got redirected to 😉

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Think about it…
    Your Name(s), Address, Birthdate(s) and…
    Social Security # Accounts
    IRS Account(s)
    Bank Account(s) Checking, Savings, Money Market,
    Credit Card Account(s)
    Debit Card Account(s)
    Health Insurance Account(s)
    Medicaid Account(s)
    Medicare Account(s)
    Power Bill Account(s)
    Water Bill Account(s)
    Gas Bill Account(s)
    Car Loan Account(s)
    Mortgage Loan Account(s)
    Retirement Account(s)
    401K Account(s)
    Stock Brokerage Account(s)
    Apartment Rental Agreement Account(s)
    Car Insurance Account(s)
    Veterans Administration Account(s)
    DMV Account(s)
    Who’s Protecting 20 + – Accounts with SSNs?

  • Karin_A

    Anybody see Greta last night? She was grilling someone about the cases where someone doesn’t have the internet. They stammered and tap-danced around, but they were clueless. What about those people? I live in the country, and I know lots of people who don’t have internet. Trying to economize, they got rid of it.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      But it’s RACIST to keep people from voting if they don’t have a photo ID. And voting, while a right, isn’t “mandatory.”

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    No wonder Democrats exempted themselves from all this. They knew what a pain in the ass the website (and the law itself) would be.

  • Ailsa Nordstrom

    Oh I’m sure the questions are there. They’re just being displayed in the “invisible ink” font.

  • vetteman2010

    government + security questions = boy do I feel good now. Nobody will have access to this now will they?

  • ima Borg

    hit the site harder!! lets bring the entire Biaaacchh down!! oohh wait.. it was never up.. ROTFL!@!!!

  • Rick M

    Security questions not working in Pennsylvania….

  • Joe W.

    I just put random answers into the answer boxes in order to move to the next page. After being asked to set a user name and password and press continue, the screen said the site was “unavailable”…try again later. All the previous info was wiped out. I wasted an hour, and at my age, every hour is critical to me as I don;t have many to spare on a waste such as this. I tried to obey this crappy law and got dumped….just like I thought I would. Obamacare is a failure, just like the idiot it was named after.

  • DiabloDawg

    Maybe Mr. Snowden can answer the non questions not asked by the feds?

  • porgiefirefighter

    Excuse me for being a little uptight about security. I think they just faxed my tax return to Nigeria.

    • Sakemoto

      That means you’re going to get 5 million after you pay your 30K premium.

  • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

    #Obamacare #glitch #securityfail

    Security Question #1 – What is Stevie Wonder’s favorite color?
    Security Question #2 – What was Marcel Marceau’s most popular song?
    Security Question #3 – What was the make of Helen Keller’s first car?
    Security Question #4 – What was Liberace’s first wife’s name?
    Security Question #5 – How much was Abraham Lincoln’s refund?

  • Dee M.

    HA! I’m not the least bit interested in Democare, but I went to the website. Been there for just shy of two hours and still getting message, “We have a lot of visitors on our site right now and we’re working to make your experience better. Please wait here….” Here’s my shocked face. :-0

  • Mark Tipton

    I wonder how many millions they paid for this website?

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      Rove said they awarded a $1.2 billion contract to a Co. that must print off all applications on **hardcopy** to do the validation. :rolleyes:

      • Mark Tipton

        Damn. One contract like that, I could sub-contract it out to freelancers working in India and still have a billion to retire on … and likely a much better website and a nice server rack to boot.

        • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

          Yea, I doubt these idiots could meet the SEI CMM Level 1.

  • GrumpyOne

    The whole government is “FAIL” period and is confirmed to be more so every day!

    Time to dismiss the 900,000 or so “non essential” workers, redistribute their responsibilities and carry out a course of simplification of processes to give the taxpayer an inkling of value for taxes paid.

    O’bammycare will simply do the opposite…

  • m00tpoint

    Get quotes in IL? I can’t even see the *example* premiums! The database was never told it’s OK to give data to the web server!

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      That’s what you get from a totally inexperienced President who thinks “software” is a bowl to eat cornflakes from.

  • Darnell Peacock

    It’s the first day… We are so quick to jump on something and point out the faults. ACA is not perfect. NOTHING IS. NOTHING IS. NOTHING IS. It will get better and you can all go on to bad mouthing the next thing.

    • visceralrebellion

      3 years, unlimited budget and they can’t create a website account system. You’re not serious are you?

      Way to go.

  • Chelsea York

    The start chat button won’t work either when you have the Live Chat box open. I was having problems w/ the security question drop down as well so I decided to talk to someone. But when I push start chat nothing happens.

  • Melanie Evans Woods

    It wouldnt let me create an account at this time. When would be a good time for you? SMH!

  • Cassiopia Scott

    If this is any indication on how this healthcare will be handled, I’d rather pay the fee or get my own insurance from a local broker. Did I expect anything better? Not really… How can you fund something that doesn’t work. What a joke.

  • notdingy1

    I have been on the computer for several hours on the website in OHIO. I was able to get to the first page where your id is verified. I got an error message twice that my attempt to verify my id was unsuccessful. Finally I figured out that it was because I did not have the last four zip code digits listed. This was about an hour ago and there is a please wait message with a green circle that keeps turning. Two times it said my session as about to time out and I had to click something to keep going. I think I am giving up today ! Maybe will try again tomorrow !