Game. Over.

Sen. Reid isn’t the only one missing in action (or inaction).

That’s right: Obama hit the links this weekend instead. Priorities, baby!

As for Harry Reid … Psst! #BlameHarryReid. Pass it on.


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Harry Reid: Americans will not be extorted by Tea Party anarchists and their pointless vote

  • The Penguin … and whatnot

    Why? Because they suck!

    • HWarrior13

      Quite succinct, Peng.

      • BlueGood

        YES..the Dems know if at first they don’t succeed…..they’ll just keep sucking until they suckseed……

        • jr61020

          Nice play on words..

        • HWarrior13

          I see what you did there, Blue

          • erehwon

            B -)

        • JeffyTheQuick

          One question, and a follow up for Harry Reid:
          Do you have a temple recommend?

          If yes, the follow up:

          Have you been honest in your dealings with others?

          • GaylePutt

            Google “harry reid wrongdoings” to answer that.

          • JeffyTheQuick

            It’s something he has to answer every two years, if, indeed, he possesses one.

          • Joseph

            Did it.

          • GaylePutt

            And what did you find?

          • jorgaone

            Can’t possibly have one–unless he flat out lied to his Stake President. AND IF he lied–the Lord WILL see to it that he doesn’t desecrate His Temple with himself by using it…I’ve seen it happen; it ain’t pretty.

          • JeffyTheQuick

            and his bishop.

            There are 3 signatures on a Temple Recommend.

          • jorgaone

            I guess you could say that–my Branch President, the Stake President–and my own are on mine. Is that what you meant? IF he lied to the first two–the THIRD signature, his own–will surely open him up to the powers of Hell; won’t it?

          • JeffyTheQuick

            Of all of them, the last is the most important. The branch pres/bishop/stake pres will be accountable for what they do, but per AoF 2, I am accountable for what I do.

            As for where he is going, I will (and have to) leave it to The Lord.

          • tedlv

            Never. Read this quick, Disqus auto deletes me.

          • JeffyTheQuick

            Read it. 😉

          • SurfaceUnits

            Support for or affiliation with any group or individual that teach practices that are not in agreement with church teachings. That’s gotta hurt, Harry.

          • JeffyTheQuick

            Yeah, we never had Stake Planned Parenthood Day.

          • Adam Cooper

            My mom thinks he should be excommunitcated.

          • Chip Snow

            I emailed him and asked when he was going to remove his name from the records of the Church. Since, you know, he doesn’t give a hoot about his beliefs.

          • Hans Delbrick

            The evil of Harry Reid aside, you should do some honest cogent research on your religion. If you ever did, you would ask to have your name removed. UTLMdot)ORG & HOTMdotTV Jesus, not Joseph. Also do read a new book by former BYU Professor Lynn Wilder titled: “Unveiling Grace.” Barnes & Noble has it.

          • fivegreatkids

            I have researched my religion honestly, fervently and to the best of my ability and still know without a shadow of a doubt that it is true. The Lord has let me know it many, many times. If you choose not to like my religion that is your choice-but you really don’t need to waste your time bashing it. But thank you for your love and concern!

          • Hans Delbrick

            It’s not a question of my liking your religion or not. It IS a matter of truth. Also which 9 accounts of the sacred grove vision do you hold to? Did you rely on an esoteric feeling to determine if it was true? On the issue of “bashing” may I point out a quote to you by your religions founder, Joseph Smith that I find quite offensive to those of us who adhere to biblical Christianity: “I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head….When the light rested
            upon me I saw two Personages…standing above me in the air. One of them
            spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other—This
            is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!”2 On asking these personages
            which church he should join, Smith supposedly was told that he should
            join none, “for they were all wrong…all their creeds were an abomination
            in his sight; that those professors were all corrupt.”

          • Loretta J Groom

            I really don’t believe that he understands this???????

          • Adam Cooper

            Or maybe “Thou shalt not make false witness against thy neighbors.”

          • Loretta J Groom

            True True

          • Chip Snow

            Adam, Harry should have been ex’d after his comment about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes. “I have proof!” Uh, huh.

          • Adam Cooper

            Have you ever had a dream and when you woke up you thought parts of it were real? Maybe that’s what happened to Harry. He dreamed that he had proof. 😛

        • AZWarrior

          Curly- Three Stooges- said that all the time!

          • Bill Coomes

            Marx Brothers: Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo and Bamo. Now these are real clowns.

          • AZWarrior

            Don’t you mean ‘Marxist’ brothers? (Especially Bamo).

    • Robot F. Kennedy


      • The Penguin … and whatnot

        beat it b*tch.

      • TocksNedlog


      • HWarrior13

        I don’t understand this comment…are you telling us to remember the heroes of Benghazi ? The Benghazi 4 ? If so, that’s good, but I’m not sure what it has to do with the shutdown, and why is Penguin pi$$ed off ?
        What piece of the puzzle is missing here?

        • [email protected]


          • Evan Wohl

            i believe its the Joker!

          • The Penguin … and whatnot

            Memoria is a lib douche. Seen his crap before. He thinks Benghazi is a joke. Check out his history.

            Example: “Bravo. All should refer to the sub-human Tea Bags by their true names.”

            And this: “I never quite liked Piers… until about two weeks ago. Any enemy of the sub-human baggers is a friend of mine.”

        • jr61020

          Because Hillary and the deaths of the 4 Americans in Benzhag are synonymous. Because when you think of one you automaticlly think of the other. But I have no idea how he got from the shut down to her.
          I have always maintained we waterboard her to find out what happened… but I guess that might have some legal ramification..haha

          • HWarrior13

            Yeah, I get the Killary to Benghazi connection (even Helen Keller can see that)….but I’m still having trouble making the leap from Killary/Benghazi to the govt. shut down issue.
            But I’m loving the water board idea !

          • jr61020

            I feel your pain but I got nothing. And why bring Helen into this? She was just minding her own business bumping into furniture and BANG here she is in Benghazi.
            Some things we just have to accept by a leap of faith Govt to Benghazi to Hillary to Helen Keller…ha

          • HWarrior13

            You’re right, bringing in someone who’s dumb, deaf and blind has no place in politics….and Helen Keller doesn’t either.

          • Aloysa

            Love you thoughts on this

          • Adam Cooper

            Sir, you just won “Giggle of the Day Award”. I commend you.

          • HWarrior13

            Thank you, Adam, but contrary to the picture of my hero, Mr. Brietbart being displayed – I am a Madame 😉
            Sorry for the confusion.

          • Adam Cooper

            Forgiveness please! How about every time I get someone’s sex wrong I get $20? Somedays I’d be really raking it in.

          • HWarrior13

            Seems like a nice enough reply below there, Adam…why is your comment “awaiting moderation”
            Is it because you used the “s” word ?

          • Adam Cooper

            Maybe it was such a powerful reply that the people aren’t ready for it yet?

          • David_Francis

            I think Helen Keller could see better than Barack Obama.

          • samiller57 .

            Helen Keller was deaf and blind but not dumb. However, “Tommy” was deaf, dumb and blind.

          • Clyde Baxter


          • Judy Fraizer

            Sounds like Memoria uses the typical barry-boy MO…CHANGE THE FREAKIN SUBJECT!!

        • David_Francis

          There hasn’t been a budget in 4 years and the govt. just wrote checks and printed money. There wasn’t a shutdown. I see little reason that this has to be different, even with the ACA. They could simply open some offices and tell someone to start writing checks and wa-la, Obamacare. Sure it’s unconstitutional, but that hasn’t stopped them before. Why start now? BENGHAZI, IRS, SYRIA, MALIk OBAMA, etc. all the scandals snowballing on Barack Obama require something disruptive to divert America’s attention. Oh! The fiscal year is about up; let’s shutdown the govt.

        • The Penguin … and whatnot

          Memoria is a lib douche. Seen his crap before. He thinks Benghazi is a joke. Check out his history.

          Example: “Bravo. All should refer to the sub-human Tea Bags by their true names.”

          And this: “I never quite liked Piers… until about two weeks ago. Any enemy of the sub-human baggers is a friend of mine.”

        • The Penguin … and whatnot

          When this douche shouts ‘BENGHAZI’ he’s taking a jab at us for wanting justice. He does it all the time.

          • HWarrior13

            Oh….I wasn’t in on the back story.
            Makes sense now,
            Thanks Peng

          • The Penguin … and whatnot


      • Centurian2010

        I am guessing the comment may be saying that they were sleeping during Bengahzi and are doing it again now. They ignored that and blamed a video, now they are ignoring the call by a majority of Americans to defund obamacare but are blaming the republicans for shutting down the government. Both are absurd as both were the fault of the democrats.

      • David Anderson

        Memoria, I hope you die, you godammed POS Demon-c-RAT!

    • Vennoye

      Not much difference between words “leeches” and “leaders”

    • tedlv

      Hmmm no down votes. Are smart people coming around to the intelligent side, like you have?

  • HWarrior13

    Tsk, tsk, Laura…Don’t you know? Working on the weekends is for the “little people”

    • Andy from Beaverton

      Obama will make up for It today with busy schedule:

      Obama Schedule || Monday, September 30, 2013
      by KEITH KOFFLER on SEPTEMBER 29, 2013, 9:23 PM
      10:15 am || Receives the Presidential DailGy Briefing
      11:15 am || Meets and has a working lunch with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

      All times Eastern

      • HWarrior13

        Starting at the “break” of 10:15 am again is he ?

        • JustLurkin

          You’re right. For most working stiffs 10:15am IS break time, if you’ve been hard at it for a couple of hours. pResident princess? Not so much.

          • Jimbo

            What bank do you work in? jk. I’m retired, but my shift started at 6:AM. Since production started at the same time, that meant I started at 5:AM. If you worked “undertime”, shift started at 2:AM. Around 1:PM the boss would ask for overtime. Weekends were for project work, and heavy maintenance. Why am I retired? Because Obama “saved GM.” My old workplace is an empty lot. There’s a Chinese guy getting up at midnight to do my job.

      • Al’s Grandpa ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        13:30 || Meet with cronies at the 1st tee.

      • jpeters3270

        Gee Whiz, that’s an early start. When does the poor man sleep? Didn’t George Bush start his day at 7:00am? I remember Condi Rice saying, “God help anyone who is late” in Bush’s administration.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Amazing how they couldn’t work this weekend seeing as how the Senate exhausted itself, Harry Reidiculous in particular twisting arms and cutting deals, in December 2009 to pass this job-cremating economy-strangling American-fleecing behemoth on Christmas Eve. This so-called shutdown must not be that catastrophic.

    • JamieD

      “Harry Reidiculous”. Love it.

    • Laura Paris

      AZ should relieve Harry Reid because he cannot function/perform his job “under pressure”. Harry Reid is mentally unfit and does not have a sound mind.

      • buckmanjohn

        He is from NV!! Az has the RINO McCain!!

        • Ruth’s husband Ben

          Honestly, I can see how she got them confused. A couple of whacky-birds we could do without.

        • GaylePutt

          same thing

    • dinkerduo

      Harry Scissorshands :) :) !!

      • observing57

        I wish he would run real fast with those scissor hands.

  • lesterwink23

    Doesn’t Laura know that politicians are immune from reaping the seeds of what they sow? Only us lowly everyday common folk are supposed to suffer while they print more money out of thin air and jettison around the country on our dime.

    • dinkerduo


      • Adam Cooper

        Mmm cake…

        • Proud2bfromtheUSA

          the cake is a lie.

          • Adam Cooper

            Grr, I hate it when people lie about pie!

  • Republicanvet

    Cowbow poetry on Brokeback mountain are more important than dealing with bullies. /sarc

    • Kelly Layne

      Wow I would call Harry rediciculous the bully and the biggest bully would be Obama

      • Mike Dezrat Hobgood

        I don’t think I would call a couple of pencil-necked pricks bullies….LMMFAO!!!!!

    • AlmostaCowboy

      Can we call it Brokaw (as in “Tom”) Mountain. I like that. :-)

  • walterc

    After all this fussing and posturing, I can’t believe the house CR only goes to Dec 15. Do we really need to do this every three months? and of course they won’t really worry about it until after the Thanksgiving break on Dec 12th. If you’re not going to pass a budget, at least do a CR that covers the entire fiscal year.

    • Acethepug

      Well, the (legal) option would be for the Senate to pass a budget, but they seem almost religiously opposed to putting down on paper what they want to spend money on. That the House is doing ANYTHING is more generous than the illegally-acting Senate (for over four years now) deserves.

      • Frank

        That right. Because if they did it like the rest of us, their budget would live within the debt ceiling, or they would pass a debt ceiling increase BEFORE spending the money.

        Doing it this way, establishing the bill to be paid first, and then raise the debt ceiling, they create a political crisis. The low info voters haven’t a clue about any of this, just the emotion of the moment. Congress knows how to put one over on the people, they’ve been doing for a long time.

        • Acethepug


          Well said!

      • observing57

        This is supposed to be for Acethepug.
        Obama has already put down on paper as much money as he wants to show, that he is giving to his criminal buddies in the Middle East.

      • jorgaone

        OF COURSE they won’t put in writing what they intend to spend our money on–that’d mean they might actually be asked to DO it! What they want is absolute power to do ANYthing with it–with NObody telling them NO…

    • SPQR9

      No more Continuing Resolutions, nor extensions of Debt Ceiling. Pass a complete budget only.

  • MarcusFenix

    Reid just figures that he pushes an agenda based on handouts and not working…why not join his own club?

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Because he thinks he’s God.

  • gman213

    What government shutdown?

    • observing57

      For this administration, the best showing of resonsibility yet.

  • Marvin Nelson

    #BlameHarryReid Dingy Harry has no business being in Congress-he does not care one whit about the people of this country. He needs to be put out to pasture now!

    • Joe1938

      This spawn from a chicken ranch near Searchlight NV should never have been let out of the pasture to began with. Reid in NV, McCain in AZ. One should worry about those AZ NV voters for continuing to send these cretins back to DC.

      • Jim Kessler

        It just means they don’t want them there either.

        • ptiderman

          No…I think it means that the majority of voters in this country simply follow the wishes of the media without ever thinking about the consequences. Whatever name they hear the most on TV is who they vote for! The people should rise up and vote out EVERY incumbent and INSIST that term limits be set that would make it ILLEGAL for ANYONE to remain in any public office more than 8-10 years. That way, no one could become ENTRENCHED in power and become TOTALLY CORRUPTED.

      • Cindy Brooks

        He looks like a chicken face or a child molester

      • Jeff Roseborough

        Don’t blame me. I voted for his opponent!

  • bigal64

    Why doesn’t Reid bring out the DEBT CLOCK for all to see ?

  • nails88

    Why negotiate with terrorists?

    • Anthony Chatburn

      At best this would be “workplace violence”. Please stick to the administration’s view of the world.

    • LegalizeShemp

      Yes we know, they’re not Muslim murderers so you Democrats refuse to negotiate with them.

      • nails88

        Like Obama negotiated with Osama? (I know the names are confusing for you guys, but just concentrate really, really hard).

        • Unicorns and Rainbows

          Strange how Obama was in the situation room during the Bin Laden raid but went to bed during Benghazi.
          Guess he couldn’t use the deaths of four American who died on his watch to his political advantage.

          • Kelly Layne

            no you got that wrong he was playing cards for five hours

          • ObamaFail

            He was only there for the photo-op. One of Obama’s buddies who got fired leaked the truth that Obama was there for the photo, then spent the rest of the time playing cards.

        • Simon Says

          Now people have started questioning the veracity of the Osama mission. Was he really killed? Why no picks, why no body, where are the patriots that killed him? Since it’s over, no more need for secrecy. Oh, btw, he just ordered the purge of all documents related/relating to Bin Laden, I wonder why, hiding something (again)?

          • Centurian2010

            Add to that the burial at sea was a violation of Islamic tradition, although we were told it had to be done to keep with Islamic tradition.

        • Melissa Royal Marhatta

          Like.. ummm he was there? WOW.

        • Brunodarkhorse

          Typical condescending lib. response. The only one confused here is you. I know the truth confuses you but concentrate really hard.

        • Simon Says

          Now people have started questioning the veracity of the O-sama mission.
          Was he really killed? Why no picks, why no body, where are the patriots
          that removed him? Since it’s over, no more need for secrecy. Oh, btw,
          he just ordered the purge of all documents related/relating to him, I wonder why, hiding something (again)?

        • Centurian2010

          Meanwhile obama arms al-qaeda, funds and assists the muslim brotherhood in gaining power. No confusion here, obama is helping the people who want to kill us.

        • tops116 ✓Quipper

          If by “negotiated” you mean “left the room to play cards while Navy SEALs did all the damn work,” then yes.

        • ObamaFail

          Obama backed Morsi, who was overthrown for being a dictator, Obama is paling around with the President of Iran, and wanted us to work with Al-Qaeda. Obama only works with real terrorists, he hates Americans.

    • lainer51

      that is what the non-loony libs have been saying for 5 years……. where have you been?

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      An interesting defense when Obama is busy cozying up to Iran and the Syrian al Qaeda branch.

    • ObamaFail

      Republicans aren’t terrorists you slack jawed morons. If any party is terrorist like, it’s the party who sides with terrorists every chance they get. It’s the party who let 4 men die in Benghazi and tried to cover it up to protect the terrorists who committed it. The Democrats act more terrorist like than the Republicans. Republicans are trying to save this country from economic collapse, you libs are too stupid and brainwashed to see it. You libs love terrorism, that’s why you guys were marching around yelling “Free Jahar” trying to protect the Boston Bomber terrorist from being punished for his act of terror

      • nails88

        Do you wear your tinfoil hat all the time?

  • gold7406

    why no reid on sunday….apparently he was squeezing his pomegranates.

  • ELC

    Wow!And then they get all excited and blame the Republicans for the shutdown when they are way too busy not working.

  • Unicorns and Rainbows

    Been through at least 17 or 18 shutdowns.
    Miraculously I’m still alive

    • Melissa Royal Marhatta

      Yep, I’m still stunned as am I!!

  • ARJ190

    He’s just trying to make it look like the Repubs are responsible but the more he stalls and refuses to even try to work something out, it becomes clearer to more and more people just WHO is to blame!!

  • Scott Murphy

    Because he, like all the rest of the left, is a useless excuse for both a Senator and a human being.

  • Live_Free_Or_Die

    Sorry Laura but Dirty Harry was reading some Cowboy Poetry Sunday…. have a heart… Geesh!

  • Lowell Sharrah

    all of you who think the gov’t is going to shutdown are idiots. It will never shutdown. It’s just a scare tactic. wake up!

  • Courtney T L Haynes

    Seriously? If the shutdown is such a disaster why aren’t they working 24/7 to stop it? (A) Because them working 24/7 wouldn’t make any difference to stop it.
    (B) Because people seldom work 24/7 on ANY problem no matter how big.

    That you actually think this is some type of “burn” is pathetic and shows you don’t even understand the fundamental rules of logic.

  • soundnfury

    On MSNBC this AM, Mark Halperin acknowledged that the Pres wants a shut down because he know’s the press has his back. So it’s the Pres & the Press against the GOP. Figures…

    • Courtney T L Haynes

      Wanting it and causing it are too different things. In a way, I want it too just to show how stupid they are.

      • ObamaFail

        The GOP pass a bill to fund the government and prevent shut down, 3 bills as a matter of fact, Senate Dems kill those bills and Obama threatens veto. the dems ARE CAUSING IT. WAKE UP JACKASS!!!

    • tallron

      You mean- its the Prez and the Presstitutes >

  • arttie

    Swamping rooms at the mustang ranch?

  • Synonymous1

    Refusing to stop Obamacare in order to avert a few days of Gov’t shutdown is comparable to suicide; A permanent answer to a temporary problem…

  • kenny daniels


  • Rachel

    Shut them down! They won’t , they won’t want to take a pay cut. Lets see who caves.. What’s more important to them. Their checks or what the majority of Americans want.. We’ll see

  • Gary Warren

    Please shut this 3.6 trillion dollar insatiably greedy beast down at 12:01 AM, October 1. Then, in all honesty, for anybody that posts here or has an sense of independence whatsoever, see how long it will take for anyone to personally notice! If you’re a parasite or a benefitted, you’ll probably notice long before a taxpayer. So, tell me, again, why is the government “shutting down” a bad thing? Shouldn’t we all celebrate that the beast is at least in a cage for at least a day?

  • Di

    If o care is soooo gooooood why did they exempt themselves? Why did they reject the House bill that removed that exemption? How dare he talk about a budget when he has refused to even discus every budget passed in the House since 2009? #SenateBudgetHypocrisy

  • tinker_thinker

    For some reason I wouldn’t mind if the government shuts down….especially if it includes the IRS.

  • Cindy Brooks

    ROFLMAO–such an emergency and JOTUS is playing golf!

  • David Lurie

    Obama’s days are numbered

  • Al Gagnon

    because obunhole is orchestrating the demise of the greatest nation on earth , as promised by the muslim brotherhood

  • J.M. Jones

    Because the guys in the White House WANT a shutdown!

  • Bill Jones

    There is no shutdown. We will still print money to pay the DC nonessentials (read all of them) back pay. What a joke.

  • Dick Fitzwell

    Because they WANT a shutdown. There is no real reason for any of this. It’s all political maneuvering. They’re all scumbags, and all of them belong in prison.

  • Dennis Matson

    Good point Laura, how did we survive all those Sunday’s and Holidays and Vacations?

  • Janet L Orendorff

    Okay Mr. Reid the onus is on you and your rebel Senate! If the Senate is not doing at least their job, let alone what the people of America want, then they should and will be removed from Office by the will of the People. The American System is in Place and it is the responsibility of all Elected Officials to perform within that structure, regardless what you or your King Obama has to say! You lead the Senate and also influenced the President not to negotiate. Clearly you do not work for America with the America People in mind. A collaborated resolution far outweighs your alternative, the Senate or President Obama’s. Pictures of you and Pelosi are the epitome of Dumb and Dumb and Stupid!

  • SunGodAZ

    I’m in construction and the government has done EVERYTHING it possibly can to “shut-down” my industry…so having the government shut down for a while is not a bad thing…considering, once it’s over they will simply apply for missed back pay. Wonder when the private sector gets to do that?

  • Jackie Miller
  • belief101

    The government “shuts down” every weekend for 48 hours. Its not the end of the world. Its just Harry, Obama, Nancy and the Dems crying wolf as usual.

  • Kenno

    “Harry Reid: Americans will not be extorted by Tea Party anarchists and their pointless vote”. I know – it will be because of that useless old codger Harry Reid.

  • Aggiechristie

    “We get up at 12:00 and start to work at 1:00. Take an hour lunch and then at 2:00 we’re done. Jolly good times”!

  • lainer51

    A govt. shutdown could only be a GOOD thing!

  • Kevin Blankenship

    They know they are getting paid win lose or draw!! The shutdown is a shame anyway, they will backpay people even if they didn’t work! They cry havoc and let loose the swine to the public trough!!

  • Gregg

    Reid’s already lied so many times already, I find it disgusting that ANYONE would believe him!

    Last week, we said, “Republicans will starve Grandma” just to defund ObamaCare! Of course, that’s a lie. Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid, etc will continue to pay out!

    His statement was discredited by both LEFT and RIGHT media, so I believe he went into hiding, just like Obama does, now that he’s been called out.

  • sefiker

    did anyone see the latest,…..pallets of money found,… billions, could this be part of the lost money from IRS? plus more..anyone know what country the missing pallets of fresh money was found in…they said…i forgot…has this country gone completely corrupt?

  • Thor

    Harry Reid is scared, as well he should be. If his band of traitors fail they could make history as the first house and senators to get life in prison for treason.

  • observing57

    Let them shut it down. It’s a bad time of year to go to the park anyway. Mr. Obama always wants to hurt the people when he doesn’t get his way. Let’s jump on this diseased bill of NO health. In just a few pages there are almost 1/3 of a Trillion Dollars in new taxes. How many pages of this Horror Story can you take?

  • GaylePutt

    Because he’s busy trying to smear the GOP instead of doing his job of what is best for America. Rabid weasel.

  • Kenn Winters


  • Ted H.

    Hey Harry, pass an actual budget yet?

  • John Howard

    Spinning and lying about the reason for the budget impass requires him to spend weekends recuperating. He’s an old man and barely able to stand up there and spew venom anymore.

  • Guest

    ‘Guess, Senator Harry Reid was AWOL Sunday due getting fitted for a new Hurry Cane’..

  • Glenn Adams

    ‘Guess, Senator Harry Reid was AWOL Sunday due to getting fitted for a new Hurry Cane’..

    • Honest_E

      you sure it’s not a hover round?

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Be fair now. Harry was busy with a therapy appointment. Apparently, he has emotional issues.

  • Steve Fox

    they dont believe it will happen arrogant POS

  • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

    Screw all these democrat idiots! It’s never about the people, it’s all about political posturing. And as an aside, the old guard republicans need to start packing, because they should be voted out next chance we have to doit.

  • John Brancato

    Every Friday at 5:00 PM our government shuts down. So what’s so bad about it shutting down a bit earlier?
    Just think about it. Gov’t shut downs means Congress would not be there to screw things up any further then they already are. :-)

  • sneadster

    @SenatorReid didn’t you morons #DEFUND the border fence and were willing to shut down the government then? I know you are 2 faced, try wearing the other one, we are tired of the one you’re wearing now!

  • Redfox007

    Simple, Because he cares not for America, but what he can gain from destroying it.

  • tedlv

    None of them gives a flying f@#k about our country. None of them They are all in it for themselves.

    • tedlv

      BTW read that quick. Disqus auto deletes me.

      • tedlv

        Trust me, the devil disqus has me on auto delete. I have never offered an obscene post. Ever.

  • tedlv

    Remember me. Disqus autodeletes me. Laura is a beautiful, smart woman!

  • tedlv

    Remember me, Disqus auto deletes me. The shutdown may be the best thing to ever happen to this country beyond the original ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The demoncraps are looting our very lives, people, They must be stopped.

  • tedlv


    • Honest_E

      I see 8622 posts from you tedlv

  • mkreider

    Old evil Harry Reid and the pompous Obama decided to shut down the government to salve Obama’s ego. If Obamacare is a Tax per SCOTUS, then why isn’t everyone paying the tax?

  • Dennis the Dreamer

    What shutdown? It seems Dirty Harry is blackmailing americans.

  • Chief_Cabioch

    they want the shutdown, in order to use it against Republicans, we have to make sure they dont

    • Jeremy

      I think a shutdown will backfire on them.I think people are smarter then Obama thinks they are.His popularity is going downhill.

  • Zane Longden

    Certain parts of the government may be shutting down tomorrow but alas Obamacare starts tomorrow. Losing a battle to win a war. Dont negotiate with terrorists.

  • Jeremy

    Obama and Reid both want a shutdown because,they think it will benefit them politically.They don’t give a damn about what the people want obviously since they rammed Obamacare down their throats.

  • Indynana

    Who knows which red state Democrats that are up for election in 2014 ?

  • Mike Boyle

    Hollywood drama in DC. just more BS. Sadly, I believe the republicrats in the house will back down as they did in the senate.

  • justlittlolme

    Because Congress has exempted themselves from disasters.

  • JR48

    Tempest in a teapot. Our government has been shut down 17 times since 1976 and somehow we survived not going to the zoo, camping or to a federal building for a few days.

    As to blaming the Reps, of course they are. They couldn’t possibly blame their own stinking, failure of a bill.

    They might blame the Reps for a transient shutdown…but it’s going to be Obama and the Dems when they realize just how back this Obamacare situation actually is. A situation created by their sacred POTUS with his cronies, and then passed by his then DEMOCRATIC supermajority in Congress.

  • Donna Lichtenwalner

    Because they know the GOP will cave…

  • pirateplayerone

    Because they won’t lose their jobs! If they did, all of them would be there, and there would be no Odummer care!!!

  • huluvaguy

    If anyone needs a good wakeup as to how we arrived at Obama’s Entitlement States of America….you’ll find a good primer in a book called (AMERITOPIA) THE UNMAKING OF AMERICA …BY CHARLES LEVINE…AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

    • stuckinIL4now

      The author is Mark Levin.

    • huluvaguy

      The above referrenced book AMERITOPIA is authored by Mark Levin and not Charles Levine..I apologize for the error.

  • stinkerbean

    I think Obummer only works for one side. He forgets that he is suppose to work for the Whole United States. If he likes Obummercare so much and the Dumbs want to go with it then I say make them have to use it and the Republicans do their own. Obummer tells us all the time he only works for his side.

  • Julie

    Because they THINK the lamestream media will outweigh cable, namely Fox News Channel. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,

  • Kenneth Duncan

    Dems want the shut down. Socialism here we come. I am glad that I live in no where land.

  • Susan D

    congress is such a mess…We the People should shut them down forever. Liars, thieves, cheats, We could do a much better job of managing our selves.
    Reid has to go with his ignorance and hypocrisy. thank God the Republicans are trying to save the Dems from themselves!

  • allan

    Well people none of these bills/resolutions are of a LEGAL
    context; Why you ask? the ‘p’ is not even a LEGAL fiction,
    all the bills/resolutions, are outside the frame work of the
    CONSTITUTION, causes them to be NULL& VOID; Now
    if the SHEOPLE oops people bow their heads and follow
    like the serfs that most of them are; ‘prima facie’ will kick
    in; and for most ‘prima facie’ is assumed law; In others
    words it has never been brought through legal channels
    and ruled on; so if the SHEOPLE oops people ‘ACQUIESE’;
    That is where their IGNORANCE & STUPIDITY is their
    down fall.

  • lisanemo

    Because it’s the GOP’S fault

  • billwhit1357

    They are Enemies of our Nation and need to have Lead Lombotomies, especially the Homosexual Muslim Maggot, Obama! He needs to be kidnapped and wake up in the middle of Egypt, among the Anti-Morsi groups. They will take care of this Sewer Rats butt and he will never be seen nor heard from again! Do the same with Twerpy Harry too!

  • RickQPublic

    Nice to see the 3 year olds taking their ball and going home. I either get my candy or no one gets anything.

  • doofusmagee

    almost all libtards must be atheists. if they believed in god, they would believe in satan and hell. and they would know their express ticket to damnation has been punched. it must be nice, having a ring in their noses, being led by the all powerful savior obama. listenening to the way they praise him is sickenning. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH DEMOCRATS!

  • David Anderson

    Hair-ball, old, tired, and wrinkled, POS Reid should have been toe-tagged long ago!

  • R Peterson

    Obama has UNALATERALLY w/o consent or amendment CHANGED the LAW 17 times! This is patently un-constitutional, the law can only be change by congress, hello? Obama is a DICTATOR and breaks the laws any time he wants or signs orders by fiat. This is Called soft tyranny people.

  • maryannela

    harry reid is probably one of the most hateful politicians I have ever seen. He takes every thing and makes it a crisis not because it benefits this country, but it polarizes the country’s people. How this man rose to power is beyond me, now he is attacking people that don’t agree w ith his running this country over a financial cliff as anarchists, well he would know. Nevada get rid of t his SOB in the next election because I would just love him to be in the unemployment lines that he and his boss’ policies have put us in.

    • CustomDesigned

      Nevada did get rid of him. Huge vote fraud.

      • maryannela

        you are right and I truly believe we got rid of Obama in t he last 2012 election, but for the new and improved voting machines that it took 4 times pulling for the other guy and it kept coming up as you having voted for Obama.

      • seeingeye

        Why am I not surprised?

  • Michael Roy

    guess the credit card just maxed out, put the stuff back and go pay off the debt that you have voted us into! it isn’t 16 trillion, it’s 211 trillion with all the wars and interest added on! The government needs to stop printing money!!!!!

  • probuiltenterprises

    This is all over health care? It will fail on it’s own merrit. How will this health care plan work?. The ACA depends on young people purchasing the plan. So, Kathleen Sebelius stated the costs would be $1.3 trillion. ( CBO figures $1.8 trillion ) Thats $4,333 for every man, woman and child in this country. However, Congress and their staff / aides are subsidized as well as White House staff and aides. The poor are subsidized. 154.7 million people actually work in this country but that figure includes the uneployeed. The median income is around $50 thousand and those who make under $47 thousand will be subsidized. The system depends on young people who are working, purchasing the plan to support the older people who use it more and are 7 times more costly when it comes to medical care. A family of 3.5 ( 1.5 children per U.S. family ) means that if all things were working the way the government wanted and everyone pays then, $1.3 trillion divided by 300 million = $4,333 per person X 3.5 family members = $15,166 dollars per family per year. Not bad Huh? Factor the poor, government workers, muslims ( they get a waver ) , Amish ( they get one too ) unions got a waver, large cormpanies got one and your congressman and senator got one too along with their staff. Who does that leave? Who is going to pay for this and how? Young people are not flocking to this. I just became muslim……..;) so to the fine government minds who think this shit up…..kiss my ass ! signed, Mohammed

  • simpletony1

    What for?

  • Legacy Hands

    The responsibility for all the ills of the last 5 years rests solely on the shoulders of those who voted all of these people into office in the first place. If we don’t take our role as voters more seriously, then we will be repeating this madness until we are no more a republic or someone wants to do what’s best for this nation is elected into office.