Unbelievable, yet totally believable. Evidently Sen. Cruz’s spine is utterly terrifying to some Beltway-entrenched GOP establishment and the knives are out.

Ha! It’s funny because it could be true.

Sen. Cruz appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and Chris Wallace divulged this douche-tastic information:

Citizens are fed up.

Bingo. Talk about out of touch!


Yep. There is no indication yet that Rove was one of the “top Republicans.” But, looky here:

Hmm. Filthy Rove paw all over this one? You decide.

In the meantime, Cruz isn’t backing down and he offered up this hard truth.

Precisely. Keep holding their feet to the fire, Sen. Cruz. We have your back.

  • Republicanvet

    There was a time when the GOP did what was right for America…that has not been the case since Rove made himself king-maker.

    • Elaine

      We really do need TERM LIMITS. Can’t some of the new guys get behind that cause for us? I’ll support anyone who does!

      • docmerlin

        Term limit would just empower people like Rove who act as king-makers.

        • Slugglife

          Karl Rove is an organized crime scumbag. Self absorbed POS who thinks candidates need him to be successful. They dont need rove, they need us.

          No more bushes, clintons, or obamas. Rove gets you all three.

      • johnstretton

        I am against term limits for a lot of reasons. While they may rid us of bad actors that cannot be removed in other ways, they also remove good people from office while they still might be effective. It would increase the importance of the consultancy class beyond all reason.

        We do need to end government sponsored incumbency. And the two-party system has been bastardized to give the electorate the lesser of two evils every time – at least on a national level. We don’t get good people to choose from, we get what the powers that be determine are electable.

        • Marilyn Daley

          The Founding Fathers made it perfectly clear that the ones who were elected should only stay in Washington for a few years. These incumbents get so ingrained with the lobbyists and deal makers, they could care less about the citizens who sent them there. That’s one reason the government has grown out of proportion. Scratch my back – I’ll scratch yours.

        • F. De Moraes

          Not if done right. Allow a provision for the incumbent to stay if he/she can garner 60% of the vote during the primary.

          • MiddleAgedKen

            Heck, just cut their pay. Substantially. The Founders knew people would leave the federal government after a few years because they would be unable to afford to stay longer.

      • sec818

        TERM LIMITS are already in place…it’s called VOTING. And if people don’t show up in 2014, this country is in even bigger trouble than we are now!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Just be careful, folks. I’m not saying it wasn’t Rove, but it could be more dirty tricks from the Alinsky-worshippers.

      • Melissa Royal Marhatta

        Agreed, everyone is commenting on a known “not Republican” ie: chris Wallace statement of “high up GOP” statement to base their judgement on… We do not know where the crap came from!

    • Slugglife

      We can solve this- not one dollar to the GOP.

  • ObamaFail

    The RINO’s along with every Socialist Democrat needs to be voted out of office. If we had more Pro-American politicians like Cruz and Lee, things wouldn’t be so bad in this country.

    • AmericanMom

      The RINOs are democrat-commie wannabes – nothing more, nothing less.

    • chicagorefugee

      Sam Clovis is my choice to replace retiring leftist puke Senator Tom Harkin in ’14!

  • http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1mo1wzFiu1qbubzqo1_400.gif Cleatus Van Damne ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Let’s out these backstabbing cowards, and fire them in 2014!!!

    • Judyann J

      A few years ago during an interview, Lindsey Graham predicted the Tea Party Patriots would be a mere flash in the pan…that it would soon disappear. I believe more than a prediction, it was really his fondest wish. Graham recognized a first class RINO/Progressive such as he would most certainly be challenged by his next election cycle. Well surprise Mr. Graham…the TPP are alive, well and, after the massive IRS vindication, are growing stronger than ever…The IRS scandal, all the ObamaCare warnings criticized as lies and deceptions coming to pass, each and every honest assertion we’ve made proven true has helped to create an enormous awakening of the American people.

      • therealguyfaux

        The difference between Lindsay Lohan and Lindsey Graham:

        One’s a narcissistic drama queen who spurns all advice not to make things worse by being an ass about things.

        The other one is a former child actress.

  • bfplncc

    I’m 59 yo and have been a staunch conservative since Ronald Reagan; before then never cared much for politics. Have donated many times over the years to the Repub Party. I stopped doing that years ago. Donate directly to people like Cruz, Lee, etc. Don’t embellish the largesse of the party, no different than out-of-control gov’t. Do the conservative thing and you decide who gets your money, not Rove, Priebus, etc

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Same here. Although I was automatically enrolled in the republican party because I did the patriotic thing and voted in a primary in my state, I recently “unaffiliated” myself and sent a copy of it to Reince. From now on, I directly support the candidates who speak for the people and haven’t forgotten we’re their boss and not the other way around.

      • vetgal1970

        I have kept my affiliation because whenever they need money they call me at which time I vent my spleen and inform them I have no money to donate because I lost a portion of my income and my family’s health insurance along with it, the same as the last time they called. Then I tell them that I will donate directly to the candidate of MY choice since I am sick of hearing their picks get to DC and say “That’s how we have always done it” which means nothing gets done in the interest of the people.
        Saves money on the phone bill.

        • 0bamasnought

          They have blocked me from even sending them Emails.
          I thought Steele was bad, Rancid Prius is worse for the Party than McCain.

          • vetgal1970

            LOL!! Now See? If you are on their ‘potential donor list’ they will call you and then you don’t have to worry that you aren’t allowed to email them. And really what are you out? If you are like me, taking yourself off the one list does nothing to remove you from the multiple ‘other’ lists generated by big sis and the like 😉

    • SuperRoadrunner


    • rulierose

      I have to speak up for Reince Preibus here a little. remember, Reince had enough of a spine to tell the networks that the GOP was not going to participate in debates run by biased moderators. that was pretty gutsy of him and LONG OVERDUE.

      • Billie Slash

        Fair enough. So where is he now? Hiding under Boehner’s desk?

        • Scott

          with a box of napkins for Boehner


          • bobo444


          • Scott

            He’s a crybaby

    • 0bamasnought

      Donate directly.
      Support the individual over party.
      Take back the issues, one at a time.
      There is always hope for change in America.

    • AmericanMom

      The Republican party via its activists, RINOs, GOP and RNC has become something very ugly and very uncaring about the conservative voting base. Anyone who donates to any of these people is voting indirectly for the democrat party. If even one of these groups begins to see the light of day and value its voter base, it’s going to be difficult to ever trust them again.

  • http://PrimordialSlack.com/ Joan Of Argghh!

    Don’t think @Reince Priebus is above such a thing.

  • kateorjane

    It’s really beginning to look dismal down the road. The goal of the GOP seems to be to slap down all those uppity grassroots Tea Party people and teach them to STFU. The Tea Party voters are starting to think that the GOP has little more interest in conservative ideas than the Dems do. The next election may be the deciding point to see if either segment can build a coalition.

    • OLLPOH ~ Mr. and Mrs.

      The Tea Party was the Reason that Congress was given back to the Republicans.
      Remember Pelosi saying it wasn’t grass roots it was astro-turf and she’s been whaaaaaaing ever since because she only has a fog memory of holding a gavel? Maybe it was too many bottles of wine from her v i n e y a r d or mis-aimed Botox injections.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Rove realizes that his influence is on the wane. He sees people like Palin and Cruz start doing things, fixing things, before getting permission.

    It should be noted that both of them are far from the I-95 corridor. Sarah is still on the outside while Ted is on the inside. The future of the party lies in the West and Midwest.

    • Billie Slash

      Ahem. Is the red-state South chopped liver? :)

    • OLLPOH ~ Mr. and Mrs.

      What are you attempting to say here? Or are you attempting to polarize?
      …Sarah is still on the outside of what?
      And would you clarify this blanket statement, ‘The future of the party lies in the West and Midwest’, please?
      Our point of view: Sarah Palin is a God Loving, America Loving, Constitutional Loving person and wasn’t contaminated by how to game the system and wasn’t bought by the
      ‘politi-king’ like McCain, Rove, Schumer, Durbin, Reid, Obama, etc. Ted Cruz runs in the same type of vein. His family knows what it is to be done in by dirty cronies and dictators and knows how he got to where he is today, its called morals, values, principles and hard work and knowing and learning all the history that he could get his hands on about America.

      Do you know what it is like to get a tube of toothpaste in Cuba?

  • Judyann J

    In 2000,I left he GOP because THEY abandoned me, I did not abandon them. The GOP lost their moral compass, began tripping over each other competing for the most “moderate” spot. They THOUGHT they would buy some love from the Leftist MSM, from young voters, from the Left themselves. It was an enormous mistake then, an enormous mistake now. They cannot, never will be able to compete with the Santa Claus Left, the MSM and Left in general will NEVER love them…all they have manage to do is continue to alienate their Conservative base…the ONLY people fully politically engaged.

    At this point in time, conservative minded people, still the MAJORITY in America, are literally STARVED for representatives with the GUTS and Cojones to MAN UP and fight for what is right for this country. Senators Cruz and Paul, Reps like Lee and Gowdy, is the good ole boys’ GOP network SO stupid and myopic that they do not see how immediately beloved these leaders become?

    In 2010, the Tea Party Coalition banded together, fought like hell and gifted to the RNC control of the House…how did the GOP respond? Instead of reaching out to them, capitalizing on that momentum, they immediately got on the “trash the Tea Party” bandwagon. I can not THINK of a more stupid maneuver than that.

  • FreedomFighter

    What is oppo??

    • Jack Deth

      Opposition research. AKA:

      Skeletons in the closet.
      Anything to shut up or shut down a front runner.

      • MNWoman

        I wonder what the dirt was.

        Does he have outstanding overdue library book fines?

        (this was a lame attempt at a snarky reference to the “Cruz wore bathrobes in the dorms” story)

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          Maybe they found an overturned rock somewhere on a piece of property one of his investments owns which was once rented by a democrat KKK member who scrawled racial slurs on it.

          • MNWoman

            Oooh, that might be it.

        • Jack Deth

          It could be anything. And everything.

          Depending on how often it is trumpeted by a biased and adversarial media.

        • Marvin Nelson

          And, if they can’t find any dirt, they will invent something. They are shameless liars with no soul who will do anything to advance their agenda and retain power.

        • Billie Slash

          He picks his teeth in public. That ought to shut him down.
          /epic sarc

  • Sirenz911

    I don’t put much stock in anything Karl Rove says since he got the presidential election so wrong, but yes, I do think he would do something like this. I just don’t get why so many Republicans in DC aren’t getting the point we are trying to make. That is, whatever the outcome we have to make a stand, no matter what the odds of winning are. Is this not the American way? Good grief this country was founded by people who knew the odds were against them. Did the founding fathers back down? Can you imagine if those who defended the Alamo said well geez, we’ll probably all get killed, let’s just surrender? My God we are blowing up the lines letting them know what we want done and letting them know we’ll stand with them if they hold the line. Why can’t the pick up what we are putting down? If not now, when? Now, before all is lost.

  • MNWoman

    Chris Wallace, time to name names. I know some might think it is inappropriate, but you did not solicit them.

    Also, Karl Rove (and Dick Morris, come to think of it) lost any credibility they had after last year’s election. I cautiously held out hope they were right when they guaranteed a Romney win.

    • Sirenz911

      Agreed, I was thinking of Dick Morris as well.

      • 912er

        Dick Morris is the least of our worries……Its the politicians with an R beside their names who are pretending not to be leftists.

        • Judyann J

          Progressives have infiltrated each and every nook and cranny of our nation…and what the hell, they’ve been picking away at America for more than 100 years. Partly our own fault, apathy has been our biggest obstacle…that and the Leftist MSM never reporting enough truth to get people engaged and outraged. But now, with the advent of the Internet and ability to seek out truth, no more excuses. This IS our last stand and America either engages or lay down and roll over.
          I implore each and every American reading this…do a search for your nearest Tea Party group…I assure you, there is one in driving distance no matter where you are. Get involved, do it before there is nothing remaining to save. Get Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments and get on board…search out the National Liberty Alliance and get on board with their common law grand jury initiative.
          Time is short…GET BUSY.

    • Larry Rappaport

      Rove has been on a losing streak for 8 years. 4 losses and zero wins.

    • stuckinIL4now

      I agree about the election predictions, but we likely may never know if or the extent of voter fraud the left committed and there are some fishy vote counts out there to support that.

  • 912er

    The Fox News channel has turned on us also……We all need to cancel our subscriptions.

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    Well at least it’s official now. The national GOP IS the opposition.

    I will support Cruz and Lee regardless of what stories are spread. Democrats will support Obama if he killed and ate a baby on the Capitol steps. That is how much I will support the Conservatives trying to actually help our country out of debt.

    • Judyann J

      Phil, this is not new…as far back as 2000, I was abandoned by the GOP as they completely lost their moral compass, began trying to complete for who was most, “moderate.” THEY abandoned their conservative base, made WeThePeople into their enemies. And now, we have what has become known as the “RINO’s” … those of the GOP Good Ole Boys’ Club, progressive enough that the clear line of demarcation between DNC and the RNC has evaporated.
      Conservative minded Americans are literally starving to death for representatives with the guts and moral fortitude to stand up to the Leftists, speak out and fight for what little freedom and Liberty remains. Each and every day there are hair curling stories of creeping Sharia, college campuses where by on Constitution Day, a student handing out free copies of our Constitution is whisked away to the principal’s office in rebuke…where the words God and bible are forbidden but Allah and Koran embraced…where a concerned father asks an unpopular question at a public school board meeting is dragged away in handcuffs.
      We the People have had enough…it is time we stand together and speak out in no uncertain terms. These feckless people like Rove, McCain, Lindsey Graham and Mr. Cry Me a River Boehner need to be put on notice, they either man up and grow a pair or be banished from OUR capitol. And yes we must assure these limp wristed traitors, when people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Dr. Paul and Rep. Gowdy become the last men standing, don’t say we didn’t give you fair warning.

      • MNWoman

        Trey Gowdy may be supportive of amnesty, which disappointed me because we need more people like him to stand up against the GOP. It is only one issue that I disagree with him on, but it is a big issue.

        But yes, we need to unite against the establishment GOP. It is time to take the party back. I think that it will be easier to take back the GOP rather than start a 3rd party. The Tea Party was silenced by the IRS, but the grassroots is back stronger than ever.

        There will never be a politician who I agree with 100% of the time (I am not a sheep) but Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have been solid and consistent in their conservativism. As long as they stand strong against big issues like the Senate’s immigration reform, gun control and Obamacare, they will have my support.

    • rulierose

      and that’s why the GOP lost in 2012. because you’re right, the Democrats will support Obama–IOW the Party…but you and other RINO-hating people will only support “the conservatives” and not the Party. if the 3 million “conservatives” who voted for McCain/Palin had managed to get up off the couch and go vote for the Republican ticket in 2012, Obama would not have been reelected.

      • Billie Slash

        Why cry over spilled milk? Romney lost. End of story.
        The tipping point for us regular folks was when Congress got subsidies for Obamacare, and the rest of us got screwed. This is an unholy outrage, and they all will pay in 2014. Stop shilling for the RINO’s–you’re on the losing team.

      • AynRandWasRight

        OK, so I have a serious question for you.
        Why should I care whether a leftist has an “R” next to his name or a “D” next to his name? That is, what’s the point of supporting “The Party” if “The Party” is opposing what I believe in?

  • stuckinIL4now

    Why does the nitwit GOP leaderlessship need to be consulted on anything? They already surrendered and claimed they couldn’t do anything about it. So shut up, step aside and let the professionals handle it. Bravo Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for leading the charge and to all the Conservatives, Tea Partiers and GOP who stand with and support them. Oh and anyone else who wants to join the battle is welcome as well.

  • grais

    This is a big part of the reason I have never been, and never will be, a member of any political party.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sandra.vaughn.90 Sandra Vaughn

    two parties?! yeah, don’t think so, they are so inter-meshed…a vote for one is a vote for both. Until they don’t make the $100k for their position and don’t take bribes-that wont happen in the near future…. He might be the start of such an uprising but one valiant act does not preclude or exclude him from future selfish un American acts. Take away they high pay and the pork they get, make they live modestly (no mansion). Take away the un-checked political funding….then you just might have a person that wants to work for the American people.

  • Nan231

    Why do you think the IRS situation was buried until after the election. Neither the Rhino’s nor the Dems want the tea party to bust up their easy street.

    • stuckinIL4now

      It’s time for We The People to bust that up.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    I find FOX news in general to be rampant with RINO-run Rovism. I have stopped watching except for FOX Business where I can catch Eric Bolling, Charles Payne, Judge Napolitano and John Stossel.

    I’m convinced the need to change the line-up at FOX News is a direct result of us pesky tea party types abandoning them in droves.

    • Larry Rappaport

      You are correct Red. As my being an Independent IMO FOX has tact left. I’m no longer a watcher but a more vivacious reader and investigator. FOX no longer holds that mantle.

      • Worship Dancer

        i am in the same position. i don’t watch fox anymore – too many libturds on now.

    • rulierose

      you think that they added Megyn Kelly to bring the “pesky tea party types” back? that makes no sense at all. and Sean Hannity is the most tea-party-friendly Fox host and he lost his premium 9pm spot.

      and their dropping “Fox News Watch” on Saturday afternoons and replacing it with Howie Kurz and a boring Sunday show is not going to appeal to conservatives either.

      or…what ARE you saying?

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        No, I’m not saying they’re bringing her in to appeal to conservatives. Not at all. I think they’re seeing a drop in viewership though, but because they are out of touch and clueless, they have no idea how to fix it.

        All they need to do is cut the GOP establishment puppet strings and they’ll see viewership like they’ve never seen before.

        They regularly marginalize Ted Cruz and anyone else who has the audacity to stand up to the establishment. It’s pathetic and makes me furious.

    • rambler

      Yup and combine that with all the Soros supported twits who get air time to spew their progressive talking points has cause be to drop FOX.

  • Zefal

    Are we talking about the fat, ugly, bald-headed loser whose third wife just walked out on him?

  • Ian Michaels

    The antics of politicians and policy shapers like Rove and McCain caused my switch to the Libertarian Party 10 years ago. Wakeup grassroots Republicans! These guys are not helping out your cause.

  • leybaterry

    To he’ll with rove and rinos were behind Senator Cruz time for House Cleaning

  • Larry Rappaport

    We have your backs BIG-TIME!!! Mr. Rove is an abstract failure. Had he been in private enterprise as an executive? We’d be sending him over an Obama Exchange navigator. Rove, you and your buddies don’t have the muscle any longer yet you will damage the brand for spite. 8 years of zero wins Mr. Rove which means unequivocal failure to most. Performance and the lack thereof do have consequences, bank it.

    • rulierose

      I think you mean “abject” failure. but yeah.

  • nc

    I can understand an honest disagreement about tactics before Friday’s house vote. But now that the battle is engaged, we need ALL HANDS ON DECK! What is the point of the backstabbing now?

    (hashtag: TrueColors)

  • James R. Allen

    Who let that treasonous dipwad Rove out of his cage again?

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

    Gosh. Golly. Gee-Willikers. I wonder… who could ‘they’ possibly be? Hmmmm?!

  • rambler

    Can’t have representative gov and party loyalty. If the party counts more than the public, then the party needs to go.

  • Marvin Nelson

    Hey, RINOS/Establishmeht Republicans, your days are numbered. A lot of us are sick to death of your antics. You obviously don’t care about us, so start looking for work. I, for one, will do everything in my power to help get all of you worthless POS’s out of office.

  • bobbymike34

    Political ruling class knows they have wrecked the country now it is all about status quo, keep the power, enrich themselves and their friends while the rest of us suffer.
    I have now fallen to a depth of disgust and despair for this nation I have never felt EVEN after the 2012 election.

  • cmerlo1

    If all parties involved were only concerned with the good of the nation, and getting the country back on course, we wouldn’t be seeing this BS.

  • Lindakl

    How disgusting, I used to like Carl Rove but no more. Please let’s expose the RINOs and get them out of the way.

  • JD Olson

    This is the exact same crap they did to Palin when a news story (by Politico, I think) of uncredited sources said top Repubs didn’t want her to run for POTUS.

  • Billie Slash

    Of course it was Rove, among others. This doughboy hanger-on made a fool of himself on election night 2012, and becoming an irrelevant laughingstock has him crapping is pants.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmSIOoy6MlE&app=desktop Booker

    What a disgrace!! Why don’t you spend the time that you use to attack conservatives to go after the looney left and their flagbearer, Obama!! Unbelievable. I can’t blame folks for getting tired of this stupid party.

    • Chevypowered

      This is all about their survival and nothing more. If they truly cared about America and their constituents. Rove and the rest would not be playing these games.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmSIOoy6MlE&app=desktop Booker

        I’ve been hearing for months, “Oh, let’s allow the law to collapse on itself.” “Oh, we control only 1/2 of 1/3 of the branches of government.” “Oh, let’s allow people to feel the pain of Obamacare, and then they will turn to us.”

        I have never seen a group of more feckless politicians than that of the Republican establishment. What a bunch of wimps. It is so disgusting, and it drives me nuts.

        • stuckinIL4now

          As the effects of the rollout continue, the law is starting to collapse on itself but Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are exactly what we need to finish its implosion.

  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    I like how Ted Cruz stands for American principles!

  • 24fan

    Adore him! The fact he isn’t backing down just gah! If he wasn’t married I’d be in love

  • Man Drake

    God bless Sen. Cruz! You are creating clarity for us all.

  • disqus_OSFYmQd4fg

    Rove is a has been – he needs to go home!!!! Contact Fox and end his reign as a contributor. He is not a conservative.

    • Katielee4211

      As far as I can see, Fox News is running off a statist agenda themselves. Rove got nothing right through the last few years and completely missed the boat on the 2012 election results. He’s not credible, either.

  • anjullyn

    A politician with a spine, and conviction. Also one who listens to his employers…his constituents. The old guard don’t know what they’ve unleashed by trying to destroy this man.

  • vetgal1970

    Chris Wallace – Which top Republicans would that be? The privilege of Free Press was so that the people could be informed about what their govt is doing. WE have the RIGHT to know who is doing this. YOU have the responsibility to report. If you do not, next time the govt challenges your privilege, WE won’t be defending you. Not one more American patriot should lay down their life for any of these media backstabbers.

  • Joe W.

    TEXAS PROUD… GOP??…Not so much…..

  • Sam

    How many of you complaining here never bother to vote in primaries? How many of you sat out last election and didn’t vote for Romney because he wasn’t perfect?

  • http://drudge.com snyper77


  • Bemani Dog

    And Sen. Cruz takes the high road. Love it.

  • Cyrano de Milos™

    Rove lost his soothsayer job in 2012. FOX keeps letting him back in with his white board and markers. If the young Turks gain control Karl won’t get his camera junkie fix . Try methadone Karl!

  • ee1774

    When ‘O’ won re-election, I stopped watching FOX News for approx. 8 months. When I tuned in to Hannity I was completely floored to see that his guest for that evening was (drumroll…..): ‘The Architect’ – Karl Rove.
    They’ve learned nothing….

    • OLLPOH ~ Mr. and Mrs.

      The “Architect” is great? come on, how many more lead balloons do we want him to plan and design for us?

  • OLLPOH ~ Mr. and Mrs.

    CarlRove just one of many of the ‘airbags’ from the Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Cadillacs branding of Pol-ti-‘king’.
    Americans have put out the Notice…There’s a recall goin’ on…
    “The Airbags Don’t Work…McCain, Graham, Reid, Pelosi, Durbin, Schumer, Van Hollen, DWShultz just to name some of the other types and styles.
    Rove and his cronies think that they are the Rolls Royce, Cadillac Mercedes premium brand epitomes of the Republican Party. The reality is quite the opposite, if they are anything, they are nothing more than the unpurified exhaust systems for an old Gremlin. If this isn’t true, look at the results of the recent election cycle 2010 and what’s happening now…it’s the Tea Party that’s gettin’ it done!
    Bye-bye Carl and Gremlins…go belch somewhere else….

    • Worship Dancer

      and here i thought he was a douchebag

      • OLLPOH ~ Mr. and Mrs.

        That’s his other job! 😉

        • Worship Dancer

          ah i see. thanks for clearing that up.

          • OLLPOH ~ Mr. and Mrs.

            One needs a pressurized Firehose to wash up after he’s left the premises.

          • Worship Dancer

            i was thinking hazmat suits required.

          • OLLPOH ~ Mr. and Mrs.

            right, watch out for the splash-back
            FYI – don’t tell the EPA either….

          • Worship Dancer

            nope they might find some dung beetle or poop roach that needs to be protected

  • OLLPOH ~ Mr. and Mrs.

    Awwww poor witty whiteboardy Rove(r), Senator Cruz gettin’ to ya’?
    Ted Cruz rocks and drives ”em Crazzzzy! Yessssssss!
    Keep your motor runnin’ Senator!

  • cant_believe_it

    Ooooh, can’t help but LOVE the sweet sound of whinery, of conservatives beating each other up! :-)

    • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

      Well the point is that Rove isn’t a conservative as much as he is an establishment figurehead at this point. Sorry if you’re TOO FFKNG STOOPID to understand what we’re talking about here.

      • cant_believe_it

        Hey, whatever you’re doing there, just keep it up! It’s so much fun to watch!

        • Katielee4211

          At least there’s independent thought, not mindlessly swallowing the insane (and I mean that literally) tripe spewed by Pelosi, Reid and Obama. Are there like key words that cause ya’ll to drool like Pavlovs dogs at the sound of the bell? Just curious. It’s seems like something happens, and all of you come out saying the same thing. ‘mic check’

          • cant_believe_it

            Sorry, but a Senator filibustering the bill he himself advocated for, does not count as “independent thought” among sane people…

        • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

          Meanwhile, who do Democrats have to run against the GOP in 2016?

          • cant_believe_it

            Who cares, we just had our President re-elected less than one year ago! There are more important things to worry about!

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            So, you’re already writing off 2016?

          • cant_believe_it

            Did I say that?
            It’s more than 3 years away! This is about current issues!

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            It’s written all over your post. “Don’t focus on the fact my party has no credible candidates. Focus on the current non-credible President.”

          • cant_believe_it

            Well, whatever you see and makes you happy!

            I can see now why thinking about President Obama in Harvard makes you so horribly angry that you have to talk about it even though nobody else does….

            You may come back when you can stay on ONE topic and not change the subject whenever you run out of arguments.
            Until then: bye-bye!

        • Eric Longstreet

          Yup, its so fun watching the country sink. Believe It.

  • http://americanfreedomdefenders.com/ Texas Infidel


    • pete4palin

      Let them have their own stinking RINO party. It’s time to unshackle ourselves and move forward into a new party and a new day.

  • no_more_deceit

    Reagan/Goldwater/Cruz – conservative Republicans

    Bushes/Ford/Nelson Rockefeller/Lamar Alexander/McCain/Nixon – repubeicans

  • pajamakat

    At one time I liked Rove. Now I cannot stomach him. Every time I see him I switch the channel. RINO – get lost ROVE. Go over to the NEW MSNBC. They would love to have you bashing Ted Cruz over there. While you’re at it, take Chris Wallace with you.

  • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

    Don’t take this is as a defense of Rove, but how certain is Wallace of his sources? Is it possible this is actually a Demonrat operative masquerading as a Republican to sow exactly the dissension we’re seeing here?

    • Katielee4211

      Good point, and a distinct possibility. It certainly wouldn’t be out of the norm for Democrats to pull something like this. Juvenile as it is. Sadly, it has become something that wouldn’t be surprising out of a number of statist Republicans either. As well as some of the easily misled newbies.

    • aeroguy48

      Ok if that’s true then Rove should come out and say its a smear.

  • Katielee4211

    I find it interesting that Chris Wallace stated publicly that as soon as they listed Cruz as a guest, he received this information. Interesting way to put it. Just in that context, it’s almost as though he’s questioning the character of those sources.

  • Minarchism Leads To Freedom

    The Tea Party should be running running both Democrats and Republicans at the same time in every race where a RINO is in power. (Stack the deck and kill their little ‘me’ or a ‘Democrat’ routine they’ve been using against us)

  • Gallatin


  • pete4palin

    Rove and the GOPe ruling class have taken the Republican party down the path pf the Whig party. History will repeat itself. I hear the Freedom Party calling me.

  • Gregg Hammerquist

    Another reason we need term limits on congress.

  • effinayright

    It was bittersweet, for sure, but seeing Karl Rove on Fox Newson Election Night 2012 having to eat his own $hit sandwich on Fox News over his utterly crappy predictions about the game-over Ohio results, was very satisfying.

    Watching the fetching (an old word for “hot”) Megyn Kelly and Michael Barone serve it to Rove by the spoonful was even better over-the-top better.

  • Jim Hull

    if the republicans continue their political suicide, we’ll still have a 2 party system, independents and democratics.

  • Beth Dusty Jensen

    keep going, Senator Cruz… We The People are behind you, even if your two-faced Republican counterparts are not….

  • Adam Johnson

    This is making me ill. If they sent this stuff to Chris Wallace unsolicited, then they’ve waived their expectation to be a “Confidential Source”. He didn’t ask for it and I’m assuming he didn’t agree to anonymity for those sending him the research since he didn’t use it that I could tell. OUT THEM. So we can OUT THEM.

  • rennyangel2

    The idjut DC Reps. are as bad an enemy as the socialist Dems. Rise up tea parties and overtake them.

  • seanmahair

    Ah yes, just because it says it comes from a RINO doesn’t necessarily mean it does. Infighting is the only way they get to win. Let’s all put on our big girl panties and grow up a little and stop the feeding frenzy on this side of the isle.

  • Greg Wakefield

    The one thing I’m not getting – why SHOULDN’T Cruz be asked questions, even if they came out of oppo research? Is it news to people here that all politicians do opposition research, even for rivals within their own parties? I just don’t get the outrage, particularly since Cruz has been so heavy-handed from the get-go.

    • wjr123

      It has nothing to do with the questions. It has everything to do with betrayal. The GOP Washington establishment would rather keep (whatever) power and perks they have rather than fight for their constituents concerns. Honest politicians, being rara avis, are, therefore brought low by the corrupt and falsely entitled.

      • Greg Wakefield

        So – the questions aren’t the problem, but the asking of them is?

        One more question for you: from your answers, I assume you think highly of Cruz and his tactics… what, exactly, is his desired outcome here? You do know that if Obamacare funding is stripped out of the CR, it won’t stop O’care… the bulk of the funding for it has already been appropriated, and the laws and regulations stay on the books. What is Cruz hoping will happen here? I haven’t heard anyone give any coherent defense for Cruz’s tactics, just allusions to ‘principles’ and posturing and so on. I just can’t imagine Cruz going through all the trouble of twisting arms in the House to pass a CR that he will then filibuster, when he knows that even if it passed the Senate it wouldn’t achieve his stated goal of shutting down Obamacare.

        • wjr123

          It’s opposition research used by Republicans against Republicans. From the political game point of view this is not Kosher.

          OTOH, anything that can be done to bring down the current government and the ruling class of both parties should be done. The heavier the hit the better. We don’t have time to play nice as the
          Republic is slipping away as we sit on our hands and watch idiots like Reid destroy our culture while the RINO class looks on with bovine expressions.

    • LegalizeShemp

      Because we’ve been lectured to over and over about “stopping the petty bickering and getting to work for the American people” from the same clowns muckraking this crap.

  • Bryan

    Since Ted is Hispanic, doesn’t this make whomever sent the opposition research a racist?