Did CNN’s Jake Tapper break the scoop that comedian and actor Albert Brooks is Obama’s new adviser on Syria?


What was so spooky, yet wonky? Oh, just a little eerie prescience by Brooks:


Indeed, he did:

Oh my. As Twitchy reported, David Axelrod credited Obama’s “credible,” (yet unbelievably small) threat for forcing Bashar al-Assad to consider giving up his chemical weapons to Vladimir Putin. Well, Twitter now knows that it was the foreign policy expertise of … Albert Brooks? Hey, at least it wasn’t fellow comedian Richard Lewis. All he has is: Because, Bush!

Dave Rubin attempts to steal Brooks’ thunder:

Yeah, no, Rubin:

You clearly aren’t transmitting to Vladimir like Mr. Brooks is!

And this Twitter user has an exit suggestion to fully credit the “Finding Nemo” co-star:



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  • Republicanvet

    So Preezy Obambi with thump his chest and claim credit for this, like all his kool-aid slurping supporters are pushing now. Funny how silent they were until this morning.
    Problem is, no attention will be paid to whether Asswad gives up any chem weapons, or what international body will oversee that.
    It won’t matter since Preezy can now claim victory.

  • nc

    A “couple of weeks?”


    Even if Assad agrees — and in an interview on PBS with Charlie Rose that aired Monday night, Assad wouldn’t even concede that Syria has chemical weapons — the international community won’t have an easy task, or a quick one. Shear, Gordon, and Myers at The New York Times point to one reason why:

    The effort to police such a proposal, even if Syria agreed, would be a laborious and prolonged effort, especially since Mr. Assad’s government has shrouded its arsenal in secrecy for decades. As United Nations inspectors discovered in Iraq after the Persian Gulf war in 1991, even an invasive inspection program can take years to account for chemical stockpiles and never be certain of complete compliance, something that President George W. Bush used to justify the invasion of Iraq in 2003. [New York Times]

    • TomJB

      To paraphrase a wise old hag: We have to invade Syria to find out what’s in it.

      • rippersnort

        I question the ” wise ” though. But like the sarc.

        • TomJB

          Yeah, I coulda used quotation marks

  • Republicanvet

    It took 5 years before UNSCOM inspectors found the facts on Saddam’s biological weapons program.

    …and then only because one of his generals defected.

    • Elaine

      Plus we sent him that “save the date card” so he would have time to MOVE everything into Syria!

  • therealguyfaux

    Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World. (Albert Brooks, mid 20-oh’s film)

    And finding it, 2013.

  • TJ

    All call it that the Chemicals weapons are going to stay in Syria ready to be used but under guard of Russian troops not shipped to anywhere to be neutralized.

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

    If you are a chemical weapons expert residing inside of Syria say A Rebel, or A Syrian Military Loyalist or A Terrorist, who stops you from making chemical weapons? Albert Brooks isn’t aware how easy it is to “make” Sarin?

    “Better Killing through Chemistry:

    I was reading up on nuclear proliferation when our editorial assistant came by my office. “You’ve got a package downstairs,” he said. I took the elevator to the lobby of our building, scribbled my signature on the invoice and carried my box upstairs. I then had all the material I needed to make sarin nerve gas.”


  • gman213

    Slow pitches to yourself rarely work out.