Slam. Tastic.

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum took to Twitter to weigh in on the Miley Cyrus twerking debacle as only she can. Cyrus’ performance at MTV’s VMAs may have even sparked a new definition of “twerking” and Twitter offered a cure suggestion.  MacCallum got straight to the heart of the matter and Twitter users agree:

Train wrecks indeed. But, hey, the Obamacare mess is no biggie: The @BarackObama Twitter account reached out to singer Katy Perry to tweet about Obamacare. Because, #Roar!



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  • Ernest Stewart

    well……ummmm……………sadly thats all i have…

  • James Rose

    You chose to watch the VMA and then get on Twitter and complain about it.

    • Jason Wade Prater

      What a moron. She asked a question, how is that complaining. You really expect people to be psychic, how were we to know Miley was going to go uber skank on us and turn her performance into a masturbation session.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        “how were we to know ”
        I think you got your first clue a few weeks back when she was in the news wanting someone to ‘murder my vagina’

        • Zanshi

          That was Amanda Bynes, FYI.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Oops. Thanks for the correction. They all look alike to me.

        • Ginny Wilkerson


      • pattig12

        I personally “liked” the comment above (James Rose), because it just makes since, long before Miley, there have been women up there showing it all and begging for attention from every male in the place. You NEVER know what to expect from those shows. So if you watch it…oh well!

        • Leland D. Petty

          makes “since”?

      • oconnellc

        You turned on the VMA’s. Unless you somehow thought it was still 1985, you had a pretty good idea what you might see.

        • Rebecca B. Roe

          MTV has little else to offer.

    • DarkKnight2016

      She chose to watch the VMA’s and is now tweeting about Miley Cyrus’ performance and actions. Also most people who come out of Disney. What’s wrong with that?

      • Dutra

        Are you referring to Selena Cyrus and Justin Gaga?

      • GaryTheBrave

        She likely watched as a requirement from her producer. The VMA is not aimed at people beyond their college years.

        • DarkKnight2016

          No, my Uncle watches it with his daughters. My fathers loves watching those award shows, he’s in his 50’s

          • GaryTheBrave

            They may watch it but they are not the target market. The under-25 age range is what the VMA’s try to deliver to the advertisers.

          • Fiala

            thanks to obama, the under 25 crowd doesn’t have the money to buy products from the show’s advertisers….unless they get it from mommy and daddy.

          • Pam Oswald

            Not to mention they can get the condoms for free from the health department, planned parenthood, lots of the schools. Too bad many still choose not to use them.

          • oconnellc

            So is it bad that they can get them for free or good?

          • RDWebster

            NOTHING is “free”. Someone has to pay for it. The sooner people realize that, the more likely our nation can be saved from the unrealistic expectations of the “entitlement generation”! But Congress MUST change first. Those morons are nothing but self-serving and don’t give a hoot about the future generations and the HUGE burden they are heaping on them. We are no longer in recession – we are in the beginning of the great descent into oblivion for this once-great nation. Only the people, using their brains and not their emotions, can save us from the massive problems Washington has been creating for this nation since 2007.

          • Pam Oswald

            I’d rather give away “free” condoms, than pay for abortions. My point was that as much as they advertise condoms on MTV, it doesn’t seem like a lot of their viewers are taking the suggestion. Trojan would probably be better off spending their advertising elsewhere.

          • AFMomXs2

            don’t kid yourself they are watching for the T & A factor LOL

          • Clete Torres

            Wow. Kudos to him for having the patience.

      • Dale Haas

        Seems like the raunchiest performances come from those former Disney stars. I guess this is what happens when Disney tries to create characters with no character…

    • Deborah

      Yep! We can do that!

    • Clete Torres

      You chose to: a) come to Twitchy, b) read about someone watching the VMAs, and then c) complain about the complaint.

      I’d say you’re +1 in the loser category.

      • Rose Mary Booth

        wow then I guess that makes you know better!

        • Clete Torres

          Reckon it does, doesn’t it?

      • Elaine

        Most of us didn’t watch, that’s why we are shocked to read about how disgusting it turned out. Sickening and glad I never watch that garbage.

        • Clete Torres

          I remember when MTV played music videos, and when SNL was funny.

          Boy, is that a cliche nowadays or what?

          • GaryTheBrave

            Even Dire Straits don’t sing “I Want My MTV.”


          • Clete Torres

            Maybe get a blister on your lit-tle finger,
            Maybe get a blister on your thumb.

          • AFMomXs2

            You got that right !!! We used to stay up late on Saturdays to see SNL. Now I wouldn’t walk across the street for a live production. And MTV is a joke. Sick and twisted at that! If I were Will Smith I would be asking them to Arrest Miley

          • bluewaternavy

            Face it, we all remember when SNL was funny. Thats makes us….old!

          • Graham Shaw

            Well I’m 26 and I remember SNL being funny. Celebrity Jeopardy was good as was Brain Fellows. Though ever since Morgan, Sanz, and (though I hate to admit it) Fallon, and Fey left the shows been languishing. The only reason that it enjoyed a small comeback in 08 is Tina Fey’s lips are surgically grafted to Hillary Clinton’s posterior…

          • Worship Dancer

            i wouldn’t bother opening my front door.

          • Worship Dancer

            i wouldn’t bother opening my front door.

          • Bama59

            Showing your age there, it has been a long, long time ago…

          • Clete Torres

            Yeah, I’m dating myself.

            It’s not like anybody else would date me…


          • Ben C

            I wouldn’t mind dating myself. At least I know what I want.
            No awkward moments when you give your girlfriend a pet iguana.

          • OldLady Norma

            “No awkward moments when you give your girlfriend a pet iguana.” Are you an “Everybody Loves Raymond” fan?

          • Bama59

            Good one!

        • jgeorgia2000


        • Mary

          Exactly! And this is news?? It’s the new normal..what does anyone expect? The adults (their role models) on these awards shows have been doing the exact same thing for years and it’s all about their “art”…their “choice”…

      • JulianneBruce

        You chose to: a) come to Twitchy, b) read about someone watching the VMAs, and then c) complain about the complaint of the complainers?

        I’d say you’re +5 in the loser category. Lol

        • Clete Torres

          Try again.

        • Jason Wade Prater

          maybe try an original thought. just saying…

        • jennyVT

          Would not waste my time watching this trash. Guess Miley finally getting the attention she has been craving for the past two years. Where is the talent? Anyone can pay and go to places like this. I personally think they are evil like 99% of the other so called performers in this business.

        • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

          I guess that puts you in the +10 loser category then… Sorry, I didn’t make up the rules.

      • James Rose

        You are an idiot. Miley Cyrus has been doing this for at least three years and each year these idiots who watch it can do nothing but complain about it for weeks to come.
        Your post shows just how liberal you are you Obama voter.

        • Clete Torres

          Your post shows just how liberal you are you Obama voter.

          You’re joking, right?

          Nobody who reads my posts could possibly be this deliberately obtuse.

          • CatHerder

            Pardon him, Theodotus: he is a barbarian, and thinks that the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature.

          • Clete Torres

            He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.

    • Barry Parrish

      There is no bigger hypocrite than one who complains about another person complaining.

    • Keith

      Analysis of a fugly disney star…how dare anyone do that. You sure are a jackass

    • Pam Campbell Garmon

      I didn’t watch. it’s all on the TV news.

    • Reggie

      Never Fails. These little girls like Miley think they must show us their boobs and highlight they have a crotch in order to feel grown-up. SHOCKING….NOT! Same ol same ol

      Ok but they should at least warn viewers they are going to try to shock us by presenting their girly parts so kids who are not ready to see skanks in action don’t have to be ambuxhed.

    • OrionElectra

      Another one of those simplistic “Don’t like it? Don’t do it!” solutions from an equally simplistic public pundit. Actually, sticking your head in the sand for all things unpleasant is the most cowardly act man can perform.

    • cottonn

      Are you saying I should not watch unless I am prepared to be assulted with things like faux sex on stage? Is that the new norm? Is that ok with you? If it is ok with you…then I’ll bet you are still a child.

    • lainer51

      Kind of like those who HATE Twitchy/M.Malkin, but read, follow, comment everyday, all day.

    • bluewaternavy

      She chose to watch the VMA and instead got a Times Square peep show is more like it.

    • Fiala

      so if she chose to watch it, then saw something that she didn’t like, she can’t voice her opinion? What a sheep you are.

    • Godsnewine

      To live in darkness and pretend nothing demonic is prevailing is foolish. She was not watching for entertainment. How young are you anyway? Someone, be on the watch and help this poor lost soul.

    • Tea Dea Herrera

      At least we watch it before we complain quite the opposite of liberals who complain and never watch

    • Guest

      You chose to read Twitchy, then complain about it.

    • we__the__people

      I agree…since the vast majority of what tv has to offer as “entertainment” is nothing but pure trash, anyone that turns on the tube must know they are about the be visually and verbally assaulted with filth.

  • Jason Wade Prater

    Miley Cyrus is a filthy skank. That was the scummiest most revolting performance I have ever seen on VMA, and that’s saying a lot. She needs to stop being a rapper groupie / rap video slut and focus on making sure she is fully clothed and her tongue is not hanging out of her nasty mouth. Maybe Disney needs to provide counseling for their child actors. Not all of them turn out to be repugnant adults. Excellent question tho Martha

    • Clete Torres

      Please Jason, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel.


  • susan

    we always hope they will grow up with values but then once they hit 18 they go wild….why would anyone want this type of life for their child

    • Pam Oswald

      Because their own stardom was fading and somebody had to keep the family living in the style they were accustomed to? Just a theory of mine.

  • David Johnson

    Christina Aguilera went through her shock phase then realized no one bought her records any more. Hopefully MC will see the light think she has talent?

  • Glitter

    The bottom line is that she is looking for the most publicity she can get.

    • Deborah

      Wrong way to get it. The short white hair was a cry for help……… she is going too far and Good Lord get that child some braces!

    • George Murrey

      Yeah, nothing like negative to make her feel good.

  • autmtcstl

    lt is now official; Western Civilization is dead! What a horrible death it was..

    • DarkKnight2016

      I wouldn’t be so dramatic. Many thought the same about Elvis and rock n roll

      • George Murrey

        Elvis had more class, big difference.

        • DarkKnight2016

          Ehh it’s a phase.

        • Clete Torres

          In hindsight, yes. As viewed through the prism (Hi, NSA) of the current time, he was a hip-shaking beelzebub.

          (I am in no way endorsing Miley Cyrus/current MTV, just pointing out a comparison.)

      • BigSky1970

        And you’re an idiot comparing Elvis to this no-talent ass clown.

        • DarkKnight2016

          You’re an idiot for not understanding what was said. What I was saying is that during the rise of Elvis and the rock’n’roll genre, there were many older people who at the time considered Elvis to be inappropriate and a bad influence. I responded this way since autmtcstl stated that Western Civilization is dead.

          • BigSky1970

            Oh, I understand what you’re saying, you’re still an idiot.

          • DarkKnight2016

            You’re still an idiot who doesn’t want to admit he/she was wrong. HAHA!!

          • BigSky1970

            You’re an idiot comparing Elvis (who had talent beyond gyrating hips) and Miley Cyrus who sings with auto-tune and can’t dance to save her life. She possesses no talent whatsoever and has to resort to lewd and crude just to gain attention. She’s nothing more than a talentless attention whore.

          • DarkKnight2016

            I didn’t compare the talents idiot I compared how society saw Elvis when he was first starting out. If you think my comments were about comparing their talents then you need to get some glasses because you’re blind

          • Doel96

            Stop the ad hominem attacks, Big Sky1970. You make yourself look like the larger ass. I’m not saying that you’re wrong and DarkKnight is right (or vice versa). But if you disagree, make your argument. Sit and ponder what the hell the other is is saying first, whether asinine (IYHO) or not THEN make a cogent argument. Don’t dismiss what the other is saying outright. It’s bad form- at a minimum.

          • Joanne Christie

            Like she called herself “WHITE TRASH.” Despicable !!

          • jksopinion

            i like the Eric Holder stab avatar, but STFU! that’s not what darknight’s talking about sheesh!

          • BraveNative

            She is now a Gaga wannabe.

          • Ladydtxpatriot

            imbecile, cretin, moron, changeling, half-wit, retard simpleton, simple could also be used but she seems to know no other but idiot.

          • doree10

            Maybe those older people weren’t so wrong after all. Started with Elvis-he ended up drugged out and dead, and now we are way down the road and the behavior, morals and lack of control is disgusting.

          • frgough

            Considering the downhill slide that started shortly thereafter, they may have had a point.

          • jksopinion

            i think the more disturbing point to your observation is, how grotesque and vulgar will the next gen performer be to cause the same reaction, since we are constantly De-sensitizing ourselves to this type of behavior??

          • Katepatate

            Defining deviancy down. A gradual slide into complete degradation and immorality. Satan is doing such a good job with the unsaved.

          • Katepatate

            What will you find shocking? Miley performing oral sex on stage next time? You must have a very high tolerance for filth.

    • Judy Hines

      We now have an “anything goes” mentality and a president who thinks he and it are cool.

      • Secure

        But if there was a show on tv last night with someone getting their head blown off no one would have said anything about it on this blog today. It would have been a non-event

        • Clete Torres

          Apparently you haven’t paid a lot of attention to what goes on here.

    • 762×51

      Amused to death. This species has amused itself to death. Credit to Roger Waters for that line.

  • Beth

    she’s trash and demonstrated it. What’s sad is she thinks it’s art. Miley we get it you aren’t a child anymore but your behavior last night didn’t prove anything except you need to grow up and you need to re evaluate yourself.

  • Randall Hodge

    I thought twerking was Michelle Obama’s exclusive thing. Maybe next year.

    • Clete Torres

      STOP THAT! Nobody wants to see that.

  • Tim Rogers

    Can we really look to the VMA’s as being wholesome family entertainment? Lots of us would have never known what she did had we not seen it on our leading conservative news outlet. I love Fox News but sometimes I am astounded at what they choose to cover in the name of news. I mean, really, does Miley Cyrus rubbing her crotch with a styrofoam finger really equal news?

    • DarkKnight2016

      What are you talking about this is her twitter account, not her news reporting.

      • Tim Rogers

        I am not slamming Malkin I am slamming Fox News. Really, it was a lead story on Fox News. That is what I am talking about. Don’t know that I equated Malkin’s Twitchy with News. Read the comment.

        • Jason Wade Prater

          ive been watching Fox News all morning, it has not been a lead story. the morning show discussed it briefly, and moved on. delusional much

        • DarkKnight2016

          I read the comment. I am saying that this is Martha Mccallum’s twitter account that twitchy is using. Why slam Fox News? The VMA’s is something that happened last night and they are reporting the highlights and what were most likely the mistakes of last night (i.e. Miley Cyrus). They are reporting on entertainment/pop culture. Mostly all of the news networks have talked about this.

          • GaryTheBrave

            I wouldn;t exactly call them highlights. Lowlights, maybe. Lowlifes definately.

          • DarkKnight2016

            Hey I thought there were quite a few highlights in the show.

          • Tim Rogers

            From what I saw Martha McCallum is an achor with Fox News. Her Twitter Account is her Fox News statements. My thoughts are the same. If this was not covered so much by the conservative news media outlets it would not be a story. Miley’s train wreck is just that a huge train wreck of morals. I just do not understand the love affair I see with conservatives and Hollywood.

          • DarkKnight2016

            Actually no they are not, their twitter accounts are their own. They highlight them on their shows so that fans of the anchors can follow, not for news updates. Most were covering it because even those in the MTV coverage were surprised with that she was wearing. Get a clue.

          • 1964Patriot

            Conservatives and Hollywood don’t go together – you’re thinking Left and Liberal!

          • TugboatPhil

            Twitchy is not a news “reporting” website, unless the news is on Twitter. There are several categories listed on the top of the page. This one falls under one, oddly enough, called “entertainment.”

        • Katepatate

          I agree with you. FOX leading with such a story tells me they are trying to be relevant to the “hip” generation. I don’t watch it very often anymore. Get most of my news online in different places. I can edit out the porn and filth that way.

    • AWomaninTX

      Thank you!

      “That was so awful! I can’t believe she did that on TV! Here, lets take another look at it…”

    • Katepatate

      I didn’t see it on FOX, but Rush Limbaugh even talked about it. Miley got what she wanted. Her fifteen minutes of fame has now burnt out. Very sad to see a young woman, who had a future at one time, slide into such a quagmire of filth.

  • Crappie

    “Whatever Lola Want’s” Syndrome…

  • Andy Bachand

    Because their childhoods were controlled by Disney, and they lacked the ability to act out the way most “normal” teenagers do, so when they finally become able they tend to go overboard. She’ll either settle down in a couple of years or have an emotional melt down like Britney Spears.

    • Rose Mary Booth

      You are so right on.

    • jgeorgia2000

      Yes the old preacher’s kids syndrome

      • Clete Torres

        Good analogy.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    I feel so sorry for the parents of all the little girls that, like with Brittany Spears, allowed their little darlings to emulate her as Hanna Montana. Now they will have go and try to UNDO all the damage THEY did by allowing their kids to cast her as a role model instead of someone that had a moral up bringing. This didn’t just spring up overnight, parents and kids were kept in the dark about her REAL mindset for the almighty dollar. I knew from day ONE this would happen, it just happened a LOT faster then even I thought..Sad, huh.

    • louisa

      Your’e right! OR, maybe this is how they all behave at the Cyrus house. I think that Miley should be the baby-sitter for the Obama girls!!!!!!!

      • Albert Schmitlap.

        By what I have heard he had for baby sitters in the past (terrorist sympathizers) she would fit right in or wouldn’t be worse…;)

    • Katepatate

      Hollyweird and kids don’t mix well together very often.

  • George Murrey

    From what I’ve seen on the news and the twitter here, I didn’t miss anything. Miley is just like good old dad. Let’s hope many young people (kids in particular) will not buy her cd’s or videos; that’s if their parents are smart enough to do so.

    • DarkKnight2016

      Well they aren’t, she currently has one of the top songs in the United States.

      • GlockG22shoots40s

        while I agree that her record is tops right now, she is running her career into the ground IMHO. She won’t top the charts for long acting like a slut. She’ll be another OD loss and the obit will be all about the wholesome Hannah Montana…

    • Memphomaniac

      …I didn’t see the show, but the rest of the family watched…for awhile. Sorry Smiley Miley. You’ll have to go a long way to shock me. This is simply a publicity stunt to introduce Mileys’ next re-invention. (yawn….) Paris Hilton did it with a coochie shot, (and…???) Whats next/? Who cares? I’ve seen a naked bum before. The great thing about THIS performance is…it appears to be, an epic fail. Just maybe, people will forget these SMALL life diversions, and focus on something real, like taking their country back. (nahhhhh.)

  • TMAZiaz

    At some point I hope people start liking talented people again and not the weriest or most strange.

    • jennyVT

      Dolly Parton is her Godmother, Maybe Dolly can help this girl.

  • Darrell Griffin

    Seeing a lot of posts and reactions about the VMAs.

    So glad I stopped watching that trash years ago. That’s a couple hours I don’t have to worry about trying to get back. Hollywood airheads and Music misfits should stop having these things. It ruins their product.

    Only thing worth watching is the CMAs. Where you don’t have to worry about what your kids will see.

  • Larry Meeks

    Can’t wait to watch Honey Boo Boo grind on Justin Bieber next year

    • Clete Torres

      Nobody wants to see that, either.

  • Mark

    being white and trying to be black never works out.

  • Caniac Steve Henderson

    Midnight Student !! No Class !!

  • autmtcstl

    She made her man, Baphomet, proud for sure!

  • David F Shultz

    what does twerking mean?

    • Kristina Anderson

      basically another term for booty-shaking…….

      • Clete Torres

        …in a suggestive and slutty manner.

  • Troubleshooter

    Miley got the slut gene, and she got it bad, and the crack pipe just enhanced it. Now she just wants people to look at her pee-pee.

  • Army Guy

    Nothing new about twerking. It’s been going on in strip clubs forever…and that’s where it ought to stay.

  • moxie

    When she turned :”bad girl” that was it for me! If people would quit buying her crap then she would get the message…..uhhhhhhh maybe…….

    • WhoMeToo

      I don’t know…. Do narcissists ever get the message?

      • Clete Torres

        The narcissist-in-chief hasn’t in five years…

        • WhoMeToo

          I have yet to see any that have. #TakeItToTheBank

      • moxie

        Probably not! She is probably thrilled with all the news reporting her nasty self!

  • Kevin Stuckey

    It’s all about who can be the most outrageous in their actions, attire and “music” and be talked about the most. Remember the old cliché ” there is no such thing as bad press. Just watch the CMA awards if you want to see normal people act normal and sing songs that you can actually understand the words.

  • bret robertson

    ok miley can sing I heard her live during a disney parade back when she was still wholesome which seems like forever ago now the problem is she has a bunch of idiots that do nothing but say yes to her everyday and a father who when she acts like a spoiled brat never punished or corrected her ! So Parents use this as an example as ot how far kids go when they have no sense of decency or right and wrong

  • MichaelG23

    I quit watching TV years ago, Just trash on anyways.

  • ObozoJones

    I bet her daddy is really proud of her…. lol

    • PruningThe Vine

      now there you have said a mouth full! He is the entire catalyst for this. He sold her into this business in the first place and that is why she is a moral-less person today in a business with no scruples and no regard for any kind of sexual propriety in young children or women. He also should have taught his daughter morals, discretion, and the sanctity of her body and sexuality as her father. But he was more interested in riding the gravy train of Hanna Montana, than teaching her that. Now he gets to reap the rewards.

  • chrisallenrich

    Lack of parenting destroys children no matter what race or social status. This young lady is proof positive of that. I am a heterosexual male who thinks there is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful woman and this absolutely disgusts me.

  • rickg62

    I’m glad this has made the news with criticism. I’ve long been tired of hearing show hosts and reporters covering them telling us how we should swoon over the genius of every no-talent hack that assaults our ears. Maybe this will be the tipping point, but then again with the state of what passes for culture in this country, I doubt it.

  • James Crook

    Who really cares? They (those carnival acts) need us. We don’t need them!

  • ns4853

    I honestly believe Cyrus’ future will very closely resemble the paths taken by Whitney Houston, Brittany Spears, and many other spoiled, out-of control, instant success stories. They haven’t had time to learn the values life has to teach until it’s too late. Too bad.

    • Jason Wade Prater

      Whitney spent the first decades of her career as an amazing and talented artist with a lot of contributions to the music industry. Bobby Brown destroyed all she built. No comparison at all, Whitney was a really great performer. Britney okay, Whitney, absolutely not.

  • greywulf1064

    Gee do you think five or ten years from now she’ll think to herself, “Yeah, I’m proud of that.”?

    • PruningThe Vine

      you are assuming she thinks now or will even think then

  • The Lovely Realm

    Her “music” is pretentious and terrible, in step with a desperate ‘performance’, she has the most gangly and unappealing physique to be parading it around in such a way, Will Smith was probably afraid his kids were going to get hit by MC’s teeth…she is her generation’s Grace Jones. If you took the fame aspect out of the music world, it would really drain the swamp. Having said all that, I’m glad I was never on national television when I was in my early 20’s.

  • ModdKenwood

    how long till Miley’s “sex tape” gets leaked? and what will the reaction be when it’s of her going down on another girl?

    • © Sponge

      One of the only sex tapes I have no desire to watch. 8^P

  • The Lovely Realm

    …oh yeah, and Martha is awesome

  • Corky

    why cant everyone leave that little boy alone?

  • xstratusx

    The most shocking was Miley’s lack of performance skills and horrible voice. The butt-shaking simply evoked an eye-roll as the typification of a starlet desperate to shed her Disney image as if it were a disease. Billy Ray is clearly afraid to lay down any rules (hello, letting her get a tattoo at 17?) because she’s the Family Meal Ticket.

    • wwbdinct

      I let my daughter get a tattoo at 17. She was a high honor student and working part-time as well and never, ever gave me any trouble. She will now be graduating from college this year, made the Dean’s list since Freshman year, is working two part-time jobs and will be moving on to get her Master’s after graduation. You shouldn’t paint with such a broad brush!

      • xstratusx

        Talk about painting with a broad brush.. did you read anything else I wrote?

  • DrSamHerman

    Didn’t watch it. Had no interest in watching it. My grown children, all parents, had their children watching movies. MTV was locked out of our cable box years ago and for apparent good reason.

  • Richard Goodson

    She becomes relevant with the shock factor and gains more publicity than she could have ever purchased. It’s very madonna-esque. It’s not classy. It’s trashy, but she has the national stage now.

  • Franklin Crittenden

    Attention she wanted and attention she got!

    • AWomaninTX

      From what I have seen on the morning news, she’s trying to bring back the 90’s club-kids. I forgot how silly looking things got back then.

  • Bucko40

    Miley’s Mommy and Daddy should be so proud of the SLORE they raised. Thank good my kids are grown up and don’t watch this trash.

  • Dave Dk Kelly

    Do they still make music videos anymore and if they do, where are they shown?

  • Magnifico

    What I like about 20-year-olds:

  • WhoDat

    You know why she does it? We love giving attention to her.

    • © Sponge

      Glad you’re admitting you have a mouse in your pocket.

      • lainer51

        are mice ever that small?

        • PruningThe Vine

          actually they are, if you know anything about mice.

    • wwbdinct

      Have fun with that!

    • Clete Torres

      You are using the Royal ‘we’ again, aren’t you?

  • Riley Lomeli

    I enjoy how all you people love to hate!! I truly find it entertaining. I suppose your lives are just so perfect that you feel obligated to complain and complain about everyone else. There are the scums, the low-life’s, and of course the pessimistics in this world.

  • TheColoredHand

    That friggin Miley IS a twerk!

  • TheColoredHand

    Mileys a Twerk!

  • Teddy Simon

    Didn’t watch the VMAs , after seeing clips from it , I think I’m better off

  • JR48

    She walks out, sticks out her tongue and I was already laughing.

    The definition of trying too hard to be edgy. Not shocked, not upset, not concerned, just bored out of my brains watching this child act a fool.

    The emperor has no clothes and is desperate for attention. Whatev.

  • phony scandals

    Miley Man Cyrus = vomit. Lewd, disgraceful. Cut your tongue out. Vomit, vomit, vomit. Sick.

  • Orpheus75

    Because when you have no talent and no real musical ability, you rely on shock and schmuk and props and dancers to conceal your lack of such.

  • Don Fletcher

    I heard about it and thought it couldn’t be that bad. The part of it I watch was worse than imagine. She is unattractive and she is actually a horrible dancer. Her body moves are very uncomfortable and unfeminine. They had to have the dancers come out in teddy bear costumes just to cover up her dancing.
    I’m so glad I listen to country music because that would never be tolerated.

  • happyscrapper

    My very first thought upon seeing the news account of this was, “Soddom and Gomorah”. The second thought was “the people in the wilderness who partied while Moses was up getting the Ten Commandments”. In other words, debauchery on steroids. Am I exaggerating? Maybe. But I am expecting some major pushback from God Almighty. He is being mocked…and God will NOT be mocked. There will be a price for what these slutty, slimy twits are doing to our culture and to the youth of this country.

  • Orpheus75

    I took a bath in antiseptic after watching that one. Was tempted to gouge out my eyes but stopped myself from that extremity. And what’s with that tongue? What worked for Gene Simmons, doesn’t necessarily work for others.

  • Bill Johnson

    Rich sluts are sluts just the same. Its a shame that seems to be the only way Ms. Cyrus can get attention.

  • N3al

    When Andrew Dice Clay crossed the line in one of the first VMA awards shows that Dick Clark produced, Dick Clark told him, “you’ll never work in this town again.” And he didn’t. I just can’t imagine what Dick Clark would say today knowing what the show he so carefully and artfully produced has become. I think he would use the term, “obscene”. And at this point, Andrew Dice Clay probably feels vindicated. Sad.

  • docmacs

    It is just like many other child stars that grow up and want to be seen as an adult…some get it right, some go too far trying to rid themselves of the sweet and innocent persona.

  • Scott


  • carolinelouise

    It was only a matter of time before Miley turned trash. They want to push the envelope more and more and they need to more and more to be noticed. I am so thankful for my small but valuable life, and so grateful none of my kids are in show business. Especially the ones that start out young They all end up this way. Don’t have any respect for her as well as Lindsey Lohan and the other ones like them. There’s a whole bunch of these young girls out there today, who you would not want your daughter to emulate.

  • teamfrazzled

    Did VMA advertise their show would be the most inappropriate ever for anyone with even a rudimentary set of morals? Corruption, filth and moral bankruptcy sold as “entertainment”. Anyone who can’t name the authors (starting back decades) who said encouraging society to first tolerate, then embrace and celebrate this kind of filth as “entertainment” was necessary to further the political agenda and power of the left and why -have spent too much time staring at this kind of crap and not near enough time reading.

  • notenoughtime

    Poor Miley. She bought into the crap of the pop culture pundits that sleaziness trumps talent. She is next in line for a trip to the psych ward. Talk about a war on women!

  • Jody Hurt

    I don’t watch young people’s performances if I can help it. They are getting too sexual in content and too vulgar for the under 18 that have followed their careers!! It is a shame. You really have to pick and choose, the “GOOD” artists!! I will just leave it at that!

  • chrissy

    If I want to watch pigs, I will go to the Swine Exhibit at our State Fair.

  • conservativemomma

    I am happy that Miley tore the veil away last night and young women got a look at how stupid they look with their stupid tongues hanging out and twerking in their vines for every potential employer to watch. I see tons of pretty girls who emulate this behavior and now maybe after watching 2 mins of it on stage it may give them pause before they take their next selfie with their tongue hanging down on their chin

  • Matt Norcross

    Thank god Selena Gomez isn’t like this. What she’s doing is pretty edgy, but it’s tame compared to the trash Miley Cyrus turned into.

    • 1KR


  • Milodactyl™

    Weren’t’ those the same stuffed animals Taylor Swift has in her ground breaking video? “We are never…never….never…..getting in the back seat of your car again”….that video?

  • Mary Mimi McGlone Juckes

    What is the matter with Robin Thicke? Really made me sick that he was part of that. Glad I didn’t waste my time watching it.

  • jwcochran

    OK, I wasn’t going to chime in..BUT..Taylor Swift won last night for a best video award, MILEY didn’t win an award…yet we are “talking about who” … Perhaps Miley wins this round, at least from her publicists point of view… We bad ????

  • yankg

    I would rather watch grass grow, then watch the VMA’S.

  • Dawn Kane

    If she was trying to pull off sexy… she missed it. her moves weren’t fluent and what the hell was with her tongue? She just grossed me out!

  • neoface

    This girl is obviously seeking attention. And looky, how much media coverage she gets! Like Madonna and that Gaga person, she will further up her antics on her next performance. She will only stop doing it, when media starts to ignore her. Where are the parents????

  • kelly curtis

    I couldn’t find the Miley Cirrus video, but Justin Beiber has really become quite the good looking, yet promiscuous lesbian!

    • Clete Torres

      Upvote for making me laugh about Justine.

  • PatriotRG

    what does twerking mean ?

    • M_Becker

      and what’s a VMA??

  • Erin Seitz Ortmann

    As you tried to say this morning, she WAS a talented entertaining girl that we enjoyed watching with our kids. VMA performance was just icing on her already spoiled cake. As of her video Can’t Stop she completely lost respect and admiration from all of my 4 teens – THEY came and showed me the video and were sad that a happy childhood memory had gone so wrong. My kids are pretty moderate politically and very involved socially and musically. They all agreed that not only her actions but the look in her eyes during the video was downright disturbing. They didn’t really mind the song but have started turning it off when it comes on the radio. You do have to wonder what on earth goes on that these young people can’t find happiness or contentment in all of their fame and fortune and so often turn to complete self destruction! How did people of previous generations do it? Shirley Temple, Ron Howard, Kirk Cameron, Donny Osmond and a handful of others somehow grew up to be healthy productive adults.

  • Tim Clark

    A big part of the problem is that this generation of young people have been taken to Disney movies on Sunday afternoon instead of church on Sunday mornings. They lack any sense of morality and need to be told about sin and the forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ. Thanks Martha M for calling attention to this sad situation.

  • M_Becker

    VMA==> Vile Music Association?

  • Gary


  • Carolyn Palacios

    I think that’s unfair. Plenty of Disney ex stars have grown up to be amazingly graceful adults. Tia and Tamara Mowry have grown to be the anti-Mileys. There was a terrific article about how they pray for their detractors a while back.

  • Bama59

    Just saw this article and the tweets, heard about the show on the radio this am. I also saw an article about Selena Gomez wearing a less than conservative top somewhere. My question is, why does it seem that ALL of these little girls from Disney lose their minds when they become teens???

  • Delphinus13

    Yep. Thar about sums it up. Bets on whether she’ll end up like Lindsay Lohan or that kid from Glee before she turns 30?

  • Blak~Jesus

    Change the channel,Mrs. Mc…Or better yet, if your over 30 yrs old, why are you watching mtv anyways? lol..Is this what we have become as ppl? To critisize and over judge every lil thing that we see on TV?..Who cares what Miley did or does?.I barely knew who the chic was until today!..What’s more disgusting? What Miley did, or everyone and the mother having a opinion on it?….Let’s not 4get, the girl is what 19-20?with a boat load of $$, I was broke at 20 and made stupid/inmature decisions…If I had her $ at 20 yrs old, I probably be dead lol…Ciao~~.hate on , A

  • tcseacliff

    she is a slob,, and why are people so shocked, ewe sw this comign a mile away. she was no good from the start!

  • tcseacliff

    *we saw this coming…

  • jerard conforti

    Another Child Star Heading the wrong way and maybe death, I hope not.

  • DebEast

    Nasty looking tongue. Needs scrubbing.

  • May

    Miley Cyrus’s is an embarrassing monstrosity with no talent. GET THE HOOK!

  • fights

    Beginning to think she’s demon-possessed.

  • Cougar Smith

    So crude, so talentless, so disgusting and raunchy that even the nastiest of strip clubs would probably throw her out. Sexy? Not even close.

  • $848723

    Nauseatingly sad!

  • ELC

    Just sickening!Crude and rude behavior by a nit-wit who never had talent to begin with. Her parents must be so proud of the creation they made….wouldn’t you be?

  • gold7406

    miley’s performance…….it broke everyone’s achey breaky heart.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    WHAT happened WHERE? Oh…must have missed it if it was on opposite Duck Dynasty!!

  • tomyg74741

    only jerks twerk

  • paulejb

    Nothing good has come out of Disney since Davy Crockett. It’s been all downhill from there.

    • fred8131

      I thought he came out last year?

  • Kip Hudson

    I,m sure her mom and dad and grandparents are very very proud im just hoping her younger siblings were not watching …hey miley we know your grown up now ..we know you got looks now cover up ..keep your sex life in the bedroom ..and go away!!!

  • fred8131

    Annette is spinning in her casket.

  • An American Veteran

    If you watched Miley at the VMA’s, I would suggest you get checked for an STD.

    • blockthiscnn

      Eye herpes can spread through casual viewing

  • Guest

    Miley Vyrus has jumped the twark.

  • To_Live_Free

    Is this a surprise? Look at that Lady Gaga … How about Kattie Perry? Madonna ? Planned Parent hood? all of which says its OK to be sexually active. The libral base is trying to make the world look like unicorns and fairy dust. They have NO MORALS !

    • blockthiscnn

      Sexually active is one thing (as in a healthy relationship with a spouse) but sexual promiscuity such as this performance advocates is what is harmful. Just wanted to clarify.

  • Katepatate

    Disney has ruined a lot of young lives for profit. Walt Disney would be ashamed of this lot.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    If that’s a “slam-tastic” “tweet of the year” – the bar must be set pretty low around here.

    • filter

      And yet, still heads and shoulders above you.

  • sdnative

    Michelle Malkin..i respect your work. who gives a crap about Miley? or hollywood idiot liberals in general…please …stick to writing for INTELLIGENT people

  • Rulz

    Kind of disappointing that some parts of media have become sponges for teen angst.

    It can really drag on a brand.

  • Gordon Crisp

    who the hell is Robin Thicke? Thankfully it wasn’t Alan.

  • dmar003

    well i quess she abandon her fan base. i just say the little snipet of her act, what a whore.

  • msamericanpatriot

    The music and movie/tv industry is a tool of the illumniati. Lady Gaga and Beyounce are both prime examples of this.

  • James Clark

    What the @@@@ is “Twerking” ??

    • filter

      Pretending to be a stripper while not actually being a stripper?
      New to me too…

  • Annoyed

    Dear Grown Ups,

    Please stop concerning yourself with the antics of a 20 year old who is clearly in the throws of an identity crisis perpetuated by our society. Lady Gaga was pretty much naked at that show, and no one noticed because a young lady, of legal age to do so, danced like a stripper while baring less of her assets than some of her counter parts. If you honestly find this behavior inappropriate, quit rewarding it. You gave her exactly what that whole scene was meant to illicit: attention. NSync got back together, Lady Gaga was naked and still Miley got more attention from the exact people that claim to not appreciate her antics. If you don’t reward these Disney stars for “assaulting us with their teen angst” they’ll stop doing it.

    Also, having been a teenager merely but a decade ago, may I please say let those who didn’t suffer angst, confusion, rebellion and general state of malcontent cast the first stone? We all just got lucky ours wasn’t televised. Or, maybe we didn’t. I didn’t make millions off of my teen identity crisis.

    • filter

      OMG you mean to tell me the twerking fool had NO IDEA that all those cameras and faces were around?

      • David Carr

        “filter” – please re-read Annoyed’s post. Then try to say something that makes sense.

      • Annoyed

        Yes dear heart. That was the moral of the story. It definitely had nothing to do with the fact that 99.8% of the 20 year olds in this country are idiots and that this has been the norm since at least the 50s. Greasers, hippies, hipsters, faux gangsters, twerkers…all of these rather prove my point.

      • Annoyed

        Yes dear heart. That was the moral of the story. It definitely had nothing to do with the fact that 99.8% of the 20 year olds in this country are idiots and that this has been the norm since at least the 50s. Greasers, hippies, hipsters, faux gangsters, twerkers…all of these rather prove my point.

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    Can I see a show of hands of guys that thought the tongue action was sexy. Maybe it is what turns on lesbians I am not sure but I found it a turn off. I mean really a pasty white tongue lolling out as far as it can go. It was like watching a fat guy eat a banana. Not really setting a mood is it. Of course watching a Ho twerking is not really that much of a turn on anyway. I mean who would hit that. Besides some guy named Robin I have never heard of. I guess he must be mainstream.

  • Trudy Hill

    “Now that I am famous, I can complain how I achieved my dream” BTW Miley… that thang you are shakin, if you could unglue your eyes from every mirror you pass, you might notice EVERYONE has one !

  • Theresa

    Yeah she got the most tweets, yeah she got the most attention, yeah she got the most awards…. Oh, wait a minute she didn’t get any awards because her music SUCKS!

  • richard

    Miley Cyrus sets a very poor example to young people and her performance was in no way a display of talent, because is has none, but a display of smut.

  • Jim Martin

    I just love those FOX girls. Not only are they smart but beautiful too. No other network can come close to them.

  • Smeethow

    I have a question for Martha MacCallum, why must fox slam us with showing the videos of VMA on all their shows? I don’t watch MTV on purpose, then fos does this in the name of news ?

  • $8203344

    That Martha Macallum she’s a firecracker ! … and BTW almost 20 yrs older than you’d think she is.

  • FLirishPM59

    I have absolutely no idea what “twerking” is…..

  • LegalizeShemp

    In this media swamp you have to find someway of getting people’s attention, usually with outrageous sexual innuendo, because they sure can’t do it with their talent.

  • David Carr

    Did the stoning already start?

  • David Carr

    Somewhere inside of Miley’s being is the little girl who wrote “I miss you, I miss your smile. And I still shed a tear every once in a while. And even though it’s different now, you’re still here somehow. My heart won’t let you go, And I need you to know, I miss you” when her grandfather died. Pray, if you believe God still has power. Stone her if not.

  • G21

    Build the shining city. The foundation is you:

  • Dale Haas

    Why is everyone so surprised and stunned? Wasn’t her performance a sum total of where our society has gone? Maybe we should all look in the mirror and point the finger at excepting this kind of trash in just about every thing we see….Miley just gave us all the “Readers’ Digest” version of where our culture has evolved over the last 30 yrs.

  • Benjamin Dover

    Build the shining city. The foundation is you: