Wait, what? Twitter was recently buzzing over U2’s Bono and his boom-worthy remarks in praise of capitalism and free enterprise. Now it’s buzzing over actor Ashton Kutcher and a speech he gave to young people in which he proclaimed that no job was ever beneath him.

Kutcher gave an acceptance speech after winning at the Teen Choice Awards.

There had to be some Twitter snark, natch.

Heh. Now it’s more like “Dude, where’s his lockstep?” Is Kutcher breaking from the Hollyweird pack?

Most offered up only deserved praise.

The “Iowa boy” actor (who also revealed that his first name is Chris) continues to score on Twitter:

More from The Blaze:

“I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work,” Kutcher began with his first point. “When I was 13, I had my first job with my dad carrying shingles up to the roof, and then I got a job washing dishes at a restaurant, and then I got a job in a grocery store deli, and then I got a job at a factory sweeping Cheerio dust off the ground.”

He went on: “And I’ve never had a job in my life that I was better than. I was always just lucky to have a job. And every job I had was a stepping stone to my next job, and I never quit my job until I had my next job. And so opportunities look a lot like work.”

Ashton Kutcher, conservative? Come into the light, Ashton!


It does need to be heard; including by the residents of the White House.

Indeed. Actors James Woods and Ken Wahl have vowed to remain silent no longer. Wahl also believes that more “closeted” conservatives will be come out.

Is Kutcher next? Perhaps that is wishful thinking, but his insightful and powerful speech is a good first step.


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  • Clete Torres

    Ashton is no Conservative. He was in the tank for 0bama from the very beginning.

    Perhaps, maybe, he’s finally seen the light and has figured out that everything the left is spewing is complete bullshit.

    Probably not, likely just an accidental outburst. And I’m sure he’ll pay the price for it.

    • Gustavo

      The thing is that you look at all the productivity, innovation and wealth in this country and it comes from our most liberal places: Boston, San Francisco; L.A. NYC, DC. You look at where successful conservatives want to live and they are all liberal enclaves; NYC, Nantucket; Palm Beach. However when a person who lives in these ultra-competitive, ultra-productive places wants to get a laugh from human slowness and disorganization where can she or he go? A nice southern state where nothing gets done, but things are slow and pleasant.

      Yes there are very wealthy conservatives, but how have most of them made their money? Inherited it or pulled something of value out of the ground. Conservatives are great at feeling victimized, whining and repeating slogans you’ve been told to repeat, but you really aren’t workers. That’s why the “Red states” are also the poorest places in the US.

      • Todd Hill

        Republicans ache to grow wealth in great bastions of commerce like Detroit? Oh, how’s the crime rate in Boston, San Francisco, L.A., NYC Chicago (funny how you left out that city) and DC?

        Liberals are great at feeling victimized, whining and repeating
        slogans you’ve been told to repeat, but you really aren’t workers. See the Occupy movement for details, especially the hyper-violent activities of the Oakland ‘branch.’

        Places for conservatives to live? http://www.newsrealblog.com/2011/02/06/5-best-and-5-worst-places-for-conservatives-to-live/8/

        • GrindingMills

          I live in Chicago. Honestly, the only thing keeping Illinois from bankruptcy is Chicago.

          • Clete Torres

            Shitcago is also the only thing keeping Hellinois from going red every election. Everyone outside Cook and the collar counties could vote R and it still wouldn’t outnumber the low-info vote.

          • GrindingMills

            I’ll agree with that, but in terms of revenue for the state, most of it comes from Chicago. Just imagine how much money the state would have if those idiots in Springfield didn’t spend it all.

          • Clete Torres

            Wasn’t arguing the financials. It should be obvious to all that most of the State’s revenue comes from the highly populated Cook and collar counties. Was simply pointing out the equally obvious in terms of voting blocs.
            If Springfield could (or would, assuming they actually cared to) get their financial house in order and adopt a responsible budget, and get serious about fixing the demonstrably worst public pension problem in the nation, the lives of the residents of this dump of a state would improve dramatically. But as long as the criminally stupid keep voting for Democrats, nothing will change, and Hellinois will continue to be the laughingstock of the nation, along with Detroit and California.

          • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

            The money comes from Chicago, goes to Springfield and then back to Chicago where it is wasted.

          • Jerry Camp

            Chicago, like Memphis in Tennessee, is driving their respective states into the shitcan.

          • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

            That’s a laugh.

      • redheadgrl

        Then why are so many folks from those places moving to Atlanta?

      • Jim

        That’s also why Maine’s population hasn’t changed since the civil war, and why no real businesses are up here. Because it’s so conservative? I think not!

        • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

          The northeast is dying.

          Even CA’s population is leveling off and will soon decline.

      • Kenaniah Mahendra Shivram Wesl

        That’s a load of bullshit. If you look at some of the wealthiest states such as Utah, New Hampshire, Both Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa etc They’re all Red, or Conservative. The poorest states include New Mexico and California which have poverty rates above 20%.



      • Catchance

        Yeah, that’s why everyone’s leaving California now.

      • Kenaniah Mahendra Shivram Wesl

        BTW Those Red States were run by Democrats for over a hundred years. Mississippi has had only three Republican Governors since Reconstruction. California was a Utopia when it was run by Reagan and was Conservative. Look at it now.

      • VerminMcCann

        I don’t know what the country would do without all the crops, coal, etc., produced in those utopian enclaves.

        • Adela Wagner

          Hate to say it, but with Gustavo’s Dear Leader running things, we may find out. LOTS of coal mines closed in Ohio.

          • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

            I don’t feel sorry for them. They helped put Obama into office—twice.

          • Adela Wagner

            I’m not sorry for ANY Union puke who marches lockstep with their fist in the air. But the EPA’s “broad stroke brush” present from mister LeadingFromBehind is indeed hurting us all. Closing those mines have had a huge ripple effect in jobs here and PA. We have laws in place for safety issues,people are more sophisticated in looking out for themselves, there is no need for unions and I would love to see them all run out of power.

            We heat with wood, in an old woodstove and we are waiting to see if they are going to go after us next. Using heat seeking drones probably.

            And we also drive a 1987 Ford Ranger, basically the last truck you can actually work on, without having a white lab coat and a degree in computer science. Waiting for emissions control to screw with us on that.

      • RLEE

        See Detroit vs Texas

      • Clete Torres

        I don’t know the first Conservative that wants to live in any of those shitholes.
        And all the Conservatives I know would work circles around any liberal you’d care to point out.

      • trixiewoobeans

        How old are you? Most of those cities you mentioned were built and maintained by people of Conservative mind. The Libs flocked to them (while mocking the citizens that built them and lived there) because of their beauty, quality of life and yes, WEALTH! Now, under their Liberal overseers, they’re sliding into the toilet. Creativity, innovation and wealth are fleeting without good, solid, Conservative values and business acumen. It’s a shame you can’t see that, then stop “picking sides,” and just live as an American who appreciates a well-rounded populace.

      • Rocky Raccoon

        All those blue left wing s-holes are broke, California, oh and Connecticut which is the richest State is also the most in debt. You come here with your opinion and no facts. But that’s typical of liberals you love to chant catch phrases all while ignoring facts. Red States run the country. Conservatives aren’t workers? Who do you think is protecting your pansy ass in the military? Idiot.

        • Gustavo

          Rather than typing silliness like “are broke” you should have a financial professional explain states’ general obligation debt and how it gets paid.

          No, none of these places–with the exception of Boston–were founded or built by anyone who would think remotely like a conservative. The conservative mind by definition cannot create. Conservativism is defined by trying to halt the spread of progress. It was the founder of modern conservativism who declared “A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop”

          I did have a nice laugh at the guy who noted all those well-off Red States, but didn’t notice that they have populations that are smaller than a mid-sized city. (and Iowa and New Hampshite are hardly “red”).

          Please note that a quick look at per capita income per state (Per capita is Liberal for “average”): http://www.census.gov/statab/ranks/rank29.html
          shows that only two red states make the top 20, and one is Alaska where residents enjoy a truly socialist redistribution of the wealth under their dirt.

          For the one worried about crime I sorted based on violent crime DC was #15 Boston #25 I didn’t bother with the rest which where further down the line and I won’t bother telling you that red state places like Nashville, Tulsa, OKC, Atlanta all have higher violent crime rates than the liberal capitals that your party and spokespeople always denigrate.

          Someone asked why people from the “coastal elite liberal” places move to Atlanta and Houston? Well entry level housing here is $700 a square foot. The lyrics to NY, NY have a corollary. “If you can’t make it here, there is always Atlanta or another cheaper, warmer, easier red state place.”

          The truth is that liberals are too polite and inclusive to point out that Red states are leeches.

          I realize that self-awareness is not a strong point for conservatives, but yes historically your philosophy has added very little to this country, but left many indelible, ugly and embarrassing stains. One of the great things you have done in our history is leave after your cause loses: to Barbados and Canada after the Revolutionary War; to Brazil and the Caribbean after the Civil War. From reading conservative economists maybe you should try Estonia now.

          • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

            1) Don’t lecture someone on writing when you can’t spell New Hampshire.

            2) Conservatives are for traditional values because they work.

            3) Today’s liberals would be yesteryear’s Loyalists.

            4) Liberalism is not about “progress”. It’s about human selfishness wrapped in a cozy blanket of fake platitude.

            There’s nothing new or special about liberalism. It’s the same recycled garbage that has destroyed civilization after civilization.

            The problem with your thinking is that you believe that as time goes on, society gets better. That is an error and does not comply with published literature nor expert opinion.

      • Jerry Camp

        All founded by conservatives…like the very religious colleges of Harvard and Yale.

      • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

        I don’t know of any conservative who wants to live in NYC or DC.

        In fact, a lot of people would leave New York if they had a chance.

        The big business boom is happening in Texas, North Dakota and Utah.

        Those are red states.

        Also, the only reason why red states look poor is because of the blue districts inside of them and the 40% that votes democrat.

        “However when a person who lives in these ultra-competitive, ultra-productive places wants to get a laugh from human slowness and disorganization where can she or he go? A nice southern state where nothing gets done, but things are slow and pleasant”

        A lot of Black Americans are leaving places in the north that are currently more liberal and moving back south.


        • plaingolf

          You don’t know of any conservative who wants to live in NYC? Ever hear of Wall Street? Many people have the chance to leave NYC but don’t. Probably because they don’t think of everything as black or white. You and Gustavo have a lot in common. You’re both laughable idiots.

        • plaingolf

          You don’t know of any conservative who wants to live in NYC? Ever hear of Wall Street? Many people have the chance to leave NYC but don’t. Probably because they don’t think of everything as black or white. You and Gustavo have a lot in common. You’re both laughable idiots.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      He thinks his leftist friends would agree with him but they’re too busy stamping out rampant racism to mention that yeah, you should probably think about your own work ethic in between occupation gigs.

    • The Penguin

      He’s just making sure people come out to see his movie.

  • Ed Ludeman
    • Tigerspike

      Wow. Could they sound any more like they’re reciting a religious creed?

  • Turd Burglestein

    I had a “job” that was beneath me…see my avatar?

  • Homeschool

    I’m sure your parents are very proud of the person they raised.
    How disgusting, how sophomoric.
    Grow up.

    This is in reply to the TB comment below mine.

  • BoscoBolt

    Uh, whatever. We know where Kutcher actually stands.



    Let’s not try to make Kutcher into something that he is not.

    • ClarkFL

      Perhaps he’s become a bit disenchanted by the empty suit in the WH. Would happen to me if I was sold a lie by a phony.

    • Jen

      Half the people I know who voted for Obama have changed their position. In other words, they woke up.

      • NRPax

        Shame that they couldn’t do that before the election.

        • Jen

          Agreed. I tried my best. Believe me!

        • jeffunde


        • Hiraghm

          Like in the movie “Awakenings”, this is only a temporary consciousness. As soon as the next charismatic would-be leader steps into the spotlight promising a golden future in the Big Rock Candy Mountains, they’ll head back for the plantation.

      • Dee

        ..Like Oliver Stone.

      • FlyGuyMike

        He talked a good game. Luckily I wasn’t buying it. I’m still amazed there are people who think he’s a gift to this country.

    • Spiny Norman

      Ashton Kutcher is probably still a liberal, and will probably vote for Hillary in the next election, but when someone speaks the honest truth, he deserves at least some praise. Bill Cosby is famously liberal, but doesn’t shy away from telling the uncomfortable truth to his fellow black liberals.

  • Emily B

    I thought it was a fantastic speech and completely true. Exactly what that particular group of people needed to hear. But something occurred to me as I was listening. I think he could’ve said just about anything and the low-info crowd still would have screamed and cheered just the same.

    • OldLady Norma

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

  • JLThorpe

    I’m very loath to consider any celebrity a conservative or a potential conservative just because they have a position that doesn’t march in lockstep with the left. There are a bunch of people who thought Morgan Freeman was conservative because of comments he made during an interview years ago, but then he came out and bashed the Tea Party. Good for Kutcher for his comments, but as others pointed out, he’s not conservative.

    • RLEE

      True I saw him on a talk show one day (before I stopped watching mainstream liberal TV) he was really putting down the tea party and said some really mean things about Sara Palin so yea I’d say he is not going to come out of the conservative closest anytime soon!!

      • cbenoistd

        Oops, I should have read your post first!

  • An American Veteran

    Regardless of who he voted for or may support, the speech was heartfelt and it targeted the right audience.

    • RLEE

      Agree about part of your statement the speech was great however who he voted for matters very much when those people cant find jobs due to the person he campaigned for and voted for just saying

    • Night Owl

      Exactly. It was much better than the year they had Michelle Obama up there in her prostitute outfit.

  • Paladin

    While I don’t believe that Ashton Kutcher has suddenly become a conservative, it would do well to recognize that people change. Some people get “wake up calls” at different points in life. The conservative icon and national treasure Thomas Sowell was an avowed Marxist in his early years.

  • ObamaFail

    Give it time. And Kutcher will be out campaigning for Hillary.

  • Winebabe917

    Could it be that after Ashton played Steve Jobs in the new movie that it might have had an effect on his true principles from his youth? Just curious.

  • Will Cosner

    As a 26 yr old it concerns me how quickly some conservatives fawn over a potential Hollywood convert. I expect this from young people who think everything new is cool, but I expect skepticism from the older generation. Color me amazed that ANYONE would suggest A. Kutcher is now a conservative because he lapsed from the beauty pageant rhetoric we’ve grown accustomed to celebrities using, for example, “I’m for the general welfare of mankind, and thats why I’m progressive.” Even if he’s tired of the progressive regime (like most Americans) he still voted them in and campaigned for their benefit. Sure, a lot of FDR supporters turned coat when spending billions in other peoples money didn’t bring us out of the depression, but the fact that they voted for him in the first place is still an indictable error, in my opinion. As for me, I’ll live my life without ever giving a shit who agrees with me, celebrity or otherwise, on my Libertarian Conservative values.

    • grais

      *golf clap*

    • Michael Rice

      Agreed, but I think that stems from the fact Hollywood is so liberally bent, to the point the few conservatives there are fear speaking out.

    • Deborah Hallsted

      After all, Sara Leal, whom I believe he cheated on Demi Moore with, said he he asked her, “you’re not a Republican, are you?” She reassured him, of course.

    • NRPax

      I wouldn’t say I’m fawning. It’s more along the lines of when a child does something right, you want to acknowledge it and hope that the reinforcement changes behavior.

      Granted, you have a better chance in training a child than a celebrity but you get the general idea.

  • Mastro63

    Did he demand a Living Wage at any of these jobs?

  • Baba Ghanoush

    1 out of every 10 dems actually know what work is. Ashton just happens to be one who is famous. Let’s not confuse him for something he is not.

  • Jimni27

    Don’t care what political party he is from. An inspired speech is an inspired speech.

  • me

    Let’s not forget that he made that creepy “I Pledge” video with Demi Moore.

    Although maybe that’s key? Is it possible that now that he’s not Demi Moore’s other half he’s changing some of his views? Or re-evaluating his views? Or maybe reverting back to views “Chris” held back before he became “Ashton?” Only time will tell.

  • SutureSelf

    When actors do a movie about AIDS, they give AIDS-activism speeches. When they do movies about Rwanda, they give anti-genocide speeches. In this case, Ashton Kutcher just did a Steve Jobs movie, so he gave a Steve-Jobs-like speech. The ideas in it were good ideas and truisms, but let’s not be too premature with the “he’s seen the light” stuff.

    • Spiny Norman

      Excellent point.

      It’s possible that learning details about the life and ideas of the man he portrayed in a movie may have some lasting effect on his outlook, but remember, Steve Jobs was a capitalist, but he was also always a liberal Democrat.

      I’d like to believe Kutcher’s line “I never had job that was beneath me” is true and honest, because it was something his audience needed to hear, regardless of who was speaking it.

  • NRPax

    I ain’t going to bash him. There is a chance that he actually believed what he said and he may be sincere. If not? Blind squirrel, nut, etc.

  • TomJB

    If he is an Obama supporter, he has a long way to go, but this speech would thus reach people that might ignore anything coming from someone who doesn’t.

    My fav lines:

    “Opportunity looks a lot like hard work”

    “Each job was a step up to my next job… and I never quit a job until I had the next job”

  • Barry A. Brewer

    Obviously, playing Steve Jobs had an affect on him. 90% of that speech of “his” was paraphrasing of Jobs.

  • Texan357

    I’m trying to decipher “Ashton’s” – err, “Chris’s” – avatar. Little help?

    • nc

      It looks like he’s playing off his twitter handle (is that what you call it?) @aplusk

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

    Almost everybody grows up eventually. If they live long enough. Those that flat refuse to grow up eventually become Politicians and end up running the country — into ruin.

    • plaingolf

      That picture there is about the dumbest comparison of anything I’ve ever seen. It’s insulting and anti-American.

      • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

        lol wut

      • RLEE

        No what happened in Detroit is anti-American and it being pointed out is very pro-American!!

      • BAW

        It’s just a fact. It’s the truth. It’s reality. What is dumb about seeing it? Hiroshima was destroyed in 1945 but afterwards the people worked hard to recover and have prospered. Nice thought don’t you think? I’m proud for them. I’m sure they aren’t glad a bomb was dropped on them but clearly they did not wallow in anger and hatred, they moved on. And look what they have achieved. I’m impressed.

        In the same period of time, the people of Detroit watched as their city was destroyed by the decisions they made. I think they could learn something from the Japanese. But look away, we wouldn’t want that.

        • plaingolf

          What’s dumb is that you’re comparing an act that saved countless soldiers lives to the demise of a city that had plenty of chances and federal money. I do see the comparison that you’re trying to make. I just think it’s a really stupid one.

          • BAW

            Perhaps you can explain why it is “stupid” to look at two places and compare and contrast where they started and where they “ended” over a specific period of time. Why it is “stupid” to note that one place has improved dramatically and the other has deteriorated significantly? Why is it “stupid” to consider why the difference exists? Do we not look at good results and bad results and try to understand how and why they happen? Is that stupid?

            Perhaps you can explain the significance of the fact – that “the bomb” saved countless lives by ending the war – in the consideration of what happened in the two cities, after the bombing.

            Sure it’s just my opinion that the Japanese people did very well. The people in Detroit did not. While I think it’s clear and significant that things for the people in Detroit should have been much easier than what life was like for the people in Japan. I’d prefer to be able to proclaim we do everything better in the U.S. but when we don’t, I can’t lie about it and deny reality. I’m sorry you think that’s stupid.

          • plaingolf

            Sorry. You lost me at “Perhaps”.

          • BAW

            Nothing to be sorry for. If I don’t make my point or you don’t get it, that’s the way it is.

            Too bad though, reading through some of your comments I actually thought you made a valid point with:

            “I’d like to go to a pro choice rally and set up a table full of hatching chicken eggs. Then as soon as they hatch I’d smash them with a mallet. Bet they would be shocked at the treatment of those poor chicks.”

            I find the thought of smashing baby chicks shocking, but I think you made a good point.

          • BAW

            Nothing to be sorry for. If I don’t make my point or you don’t get it, that’s the way it is.

            Too bad though, reading through some of your comments I actually thought you made a valid point with:

            “I’d like to go to a pro choice rally and set up a table full of hatching chicken eggs. Then as soon as they hatch I’d smash them with a mallet. Bet they would be shocked at the treatment of those poor chicks.”

            I find the thought of smashing baby chicks shocking, but I think you made a good point.

          • plaingolf

            Sorry. You lost me at “Perhaps”.

        • plaingolf

          What’s dumb is that you’re comparing an act that saved countless soldiers lives to the demise of a city that had plenty of chances and federal money. I do see the comparison that you’re trying to make. I just think it’s a really stupid one.

    • Hiraghm

      Funny… with regard to Japan, I was asking myself earlier today which of us won WWII. We’ve embraced so much of their pre-war philosophy, I’m not sure whether it disgusts me or frightens me more.

  • The Penguin

    Regardless of whether or not he’s “seen the light” and is in fact turning away from the “left”, or not, It was a good speech and hopefully a lot of young people were listening.

  • nc

    It would be wonderful if Kutcher had finally “seen the light” but I’m not holding my breath. I believe he’s probably still just as lib as he always was.

    However, this was a fantastic message, delivered perfectly to exactly the audience who needs to hear it the most. I would love teachers to roll this tape ever year in their classrooms to remind their students that, while academic success is important, it requires hard work outside of book learning to really make it. And no job done well is beneath anyone.

    And, BTW, he ended by saying,”You CAN build that.”

    We conservatives always worry about “preaching to the choir.” Well, Ashton, you can spread this gospel far and wide. Well done!

  • redheadgrl

    Ashton is also a huge proponent of stopping the human sex trafficking trade working with foundations specifically in this area.

  • James Rose

    What’s this about a single best line in the speech “I never had a job that was beneath me”.
    Hell, that speech even inspired this 64 yr. old codger.

  • Conservative First

    What a sad commentary on modern American life that we get so giddy and excited when someone of any fame gives a speech on what should be common sense and taught to children from their fathers and mothers.

    • grais

      agree 100%

  • neoface

    Correct believes does not make you liberal or conservative, its just correct. In this country we love to label people from believes to party, to ethnicity, to class, to children’s hypo-activities(add, adhd..). Maybe Kutcher and Bono set a new standards for Hollywhores. I hope the kids are listening!!! Being a self reliant person or a social maggots?

  • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

    This isn’t really news to me at least, I saw an interview with him around 10 years ago where he basically said the same things. He really has worked his ass off for everything he has. I’m not a huge Demi Moore fan but she does tend to pick guys with conservative values because Bruce Willis is a registered Republican.

  • lee martell

    Ashton is too big a star right now, (and too damn likeable for most) to pay a negative price for his conservative views on work. He has not made his name walking around frowning and beating up photographers, like Kanyne West or Chris Brown. Ashton has not made his name by being the annoying Bad-Ass everybody waits to see destroyed or humiliated, as with Justin Bieber. Many of today’s stars are folks I don’t agree with politically, but I do respect their hard work ethic. Even Cher, I’ve been impressed with her drive and professionalism. Now if she could just keep her mouth in the closed position when not performing.

  • jkpalmdale

    To bad it was nothing more then a Publicity Stunt to push his new movie Jobs where he plays Steve Jobs and the words he used are things Steve Jobs would have said. He said Jobs to many times and emphasized the word.

    • dan1davis

      Seriously? A conspiracy theory about an actor’s speech to a bunch of teenyboppers?

      • jkpalmdale

        No Conspiracy Theory. He is in a movie opening soon called Jobs where he plays Steve Jobs. And he Emphasized the word Jobs over and over..

    • Dan Thorpe

      I don’t think there is any conspiracy theory involved, just a person that is speaking truths.

  • cbenoistd

    I still remembered this even after he got the Joe Paterno firing so badly wrong. (He owned up.)


  • missyree68

    I want to believe him it was so refreshing. Maybe he picked up some growing up while making the movie about Steve Jobs. Well said and I was proud of him. It was the best thing and most positive thing I have heard in a long time. Hope Ashton is a conservative but if he is a liberal and those were his real thoughts I commend him. I am most appreciative of his remarks.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    If only POTUS could apply such logic…but now’s the time to bask in our success so no need to coerce people to work.

  • JD Son

    Honestly, the states that are doing best are conservative. Those that espouse not living in their means, or “liberal” are headed towards bankruptcy, like Detroit. You want to espouse those values, be my guest, but also, enjoy the ride to hell, and don’t come crawling to us conservatives when the sh*t storm hits, morons.

  • Ruth

    At least no one said, “He’s really a conservative, let’s get him to run for President.”

  • Renny

    Am I too cynical that this display is more about ‘the movie’ he mentioned than anything else?

  • Barry A. Brewer

    All the things in this speech people are swooning over are direct Steve Jobs quotes – period.


  • Benjamin Dover

    Since coercion may be necessary in certain instances, the rule of law is also used to define the types and amounts of coercion that can be legally used by agents and administrators of the state.