So simple, yet so bam-y! Leave it to conservative author Larry Elder to sum things up with one question for the Gang of Eight’s Sen. Rubio.




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  • lesterwink23

    I’ve been a fan of Larry Elder for many years now…it’s good to see his unassailable logic is reaching a wider audience these days

    • nc

      This has been a breakthrough year for him, hasn’t it? It’s about time.

    • Samh09

      In case you didn’t hear, he mentioned your comment on his radio show today. So congratulations. Kudos to you sir.

  • V the K

    Rube has been reduced to arguing, “The bill sucks and Obama can’t be trusted to enforce the enforcement provisions, but we should pass it anyway because… um… “

    • RblDiver

      “because otherwise I’ll look like an even bigger tool and lose influence and stuff!”

    • Stephen L. Hall

      It’s so hard to say “I screwed up.”

      • MNWoman

        Exactly. I think he probably realizes that this was a huge mistake. I kept thinking he would try to get out of the Gang of 8. He may have started this with good intentions, but I think he may have been naive thinking he could actually make this a good policy. The problem is, he was the only conservative in the group. He had 4 liberals, 2 RINOs and whatever Flake is considered. He never stood a chance against the other Senators. He should have walked away. Very disappointing.

        • Jett

          I have no use for Rubio any more. Once this ball got rolling he could have jumped off the team but he has decided it is better to fall back on the old tried and true statist tactic of lying or at least treating the rest of us like we are idiots. He is no better than Schumer in my eye’s now. A big sellout.

        • nc

          The road to he!! is paved with good intentions. I think Rubio was so used to his charm working on everyone, he thought he could influence those buzzards in the Gang. By the time he realized his mistake, it was too late, damage done all around. Too bad.

          • MNWoman

            ‘Those buzzzards’…perfect description.

          • right_on

            There are tools of the legislature, and then there’s legislative tools. Rubio has experienced both. Let’s see if he can learn from his RINO experience. I don’t think Kelly Ayotte has.

          • TitzyFritzensimmons

            If Rubio’s too dumb to see through “The Gang of Eight” and those “brilliant” GOP strategists who advised McCain and Romney, he’s too dumb to be President.

      • trixiewoobeans

        And yet you get so much more respect when you do.

      • AceTrace

        But, but Chuck Schumer thinks the world of him.

        And if the devil thinks the world of him…

      • Spiny Norman

        It’s so hard, because he would have to admit he was used. The man is a US Senator, ferchrissakes. “Gullible rube” is not what the voters want or expect.

  • Ruth

    “What’s stopping Obama from using exo AFTER you do a deal?” Certainly not our Congress.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    It used to be that we called people who refused to follow the law “criminals.” Now we call them Senators, Representatives, Mr. Attorney General and Mr. President.

    • in_awe

      Actually, I still call all of them “criminals”.

    • freddy

      One day we’ll get a terror hit and they will come to understand they were coming thru the Southern border. Who would then be responsible.

    • OneThinDime

      Rand Paul says: “After ensuring border security, I then would normalize the status of 11 million undocumented citizens so they can join the work force and pay taxes. I would normalize them at a rate of about 2 million per year.” here:

      • Stephen L. Hall

        I agree that they should be “normalized” but not granted a “path to citizenship.” Document the undocumented by all means, but ban them from citizenship.

        • OneThinDime

          Hope you and your children will enjoy paying for them. Under Reagan’s amnesty for 3 million, 1.9 million Americans were replaced in their jobs with illegal aliens. Remember that when you, your family and friends are unemployed and unable to find work.

          • Stephen L. Hall

            Well, I do not specifically know what he means by “normalize”, but the idea that under the current demographic makeup of the country you could get a sufficient plurality to deport 11 million illegals with strident democrat opposition is unrealistic. A compromise may be a necessity at this time, but not capitulation. You can document the illegals without giving away everything, barring them from public assistance, etc.
            Then, if the political demographics change, you haven’t granted amnesty and you could get your desired results. As for the idea that I would be among the unemployed, that is a foolish notion, better directed at the less skilled, typically the Democrat supporters of that very amnesty which will harm them. You really ought to avoid forming a circular firing squad by lumping pragmatic compromise with ideological betrayal. Rand Paul is not Marco Rubio just yet.

          • OneThinDime

            What you are saying about no public assistance is already the law. We have this mess began Reagan legalized and normalized in 1986. 800,000 came across the border 1 year later and it’s been that way since. Deportation is quite easy. Give employers the ability to report illegals when they apply for work and then ENFORCE the laws. You catch 1 illegal, the tentacles lead to at least 20 more. Seize everything they have in the US and sell it to pay down the state level debts.

          • Stephen L. Hall

            “Easy” is irrelevant if those who enforce the law are unwilling, for that matter, so is illegality. I do not disagree, but I do not think that the political will exists, the opposition is more influential than you give them credit. Start a social movement and the law can follow, impose law while the social tide is against you, and you will never succeed. You want to win this fight (and we all do) then change the narrative. Honestly, most people do not remember back to the Reagan/O’Neil amnesty with future enforcement which never came about, and most people are not paying attention to this issue in a non-election year beyond the occasional soundbite. Shorten your position to a three word phrase and you might convince some of them.

          • OneThinDime

            Rand Paul referring to illegal aliens as undocumented citizens trumps Rubio. They are not citizens, they are illegal alien invaders that are destroying our sovereignty, bankrupting our cities, molesting our children, raping our women and murdering our citizens. Ole Rand should check into the illegal alien that raped his own children in KY.

          • Stephen L. Hall

            “Undocumented citizens” sounds like a slip of the tongue, not a change in policy position. I’ll give him a little benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

          • OneThinDime

            Well now he says tax revenues will increase and that it’s “FAIR” (liberal talking points). Guess he forgot about the 1.9 million displaced American workers with Reagan’s amnesty. Maybe he should read the Heritage report showing $8.3 TRILLION cost and listen to Ted Cruz on the employer benefits to hire illegal aliens and layoff American citizens.!4870AAAE-5773-4EF7-A594-5FE45FF24139

          • Stephen L. Hall

            Okay, the “fair” thing is much more troubling.

          • OneThinDime

            Yes sir it is.

  • MNWoman

    Are executive orders permanent or can they be overturned after a president leaves office?

    • Stephen L. Hall

      Executive orders are not law . . . they are an expression of the executive’s understanding of the law to his subordinates. Kind of like an officious interoffice memo from the CEO.

      • MNWoman

        Thanks for the explanation. I don’t trust Obama to do anything and his Executive Order for the DREAMers was outrageous. His arrogance has no limits.

        • Stephen L. Hall

          Don’t be too at ease. If the executive branch, which includes the likes of NSA, IRS, DEA and others choose not to follow the law and follow the dictates of the Executive in contradiction to the Legislature, we slide from being a republic to a dictatorship.

          • in_awe

            We have all the evidence we need by just examining Obama’s executive orders over the past 4 years instructing Homeland Security and DOJ to ignore provisions of immigration law. Now we have Dear Leader personally re-writing provisions of Obamacare. No where does the Constitution permit that!

          • MNWoman

            The constitution? Is that thing still relevant? You know, it was written a long time ago.

            Seriously, this administration scares me. Zero respect for the laws and as long as we have a Dem majority in the senate, who refuses to hold him accountable or may simply jsut agree with everything he says, there will be no accountability.

    • Republicanvet

      They can be rescinded by another President…or added to for that matter.

  • therealguyfaux

    Larry Elder and Juan Williams: brothers, as well as “brothers”?
    Not ideologically, of course! Just wondering…

    • wwbdinct

      LOL! They do look remarkably alike.

    • nc

      Nope, not even close.

    • Lisa Dean

      Juan Williams is Panamanian-American and Larry Elders is American but they do look like they could be brothers or cousins.

    • surfcat50

      There’s always a dumber brother, isn’t there?

      I try to make sure people know my brother is the dumber one (before he gets the chance to suggest otherwise!).

  • LinTaylor

    What? You mean Obama might do an end run around the Constitution to get what he wants regardless of the actual powers of the Presidency? That’s just crazy talk, Mr. Elder.

    • nc

      Elder has been “crazy talking” for years. That’s why we love him!

  • Cy

    Good thing this whole amnesty betrayal already convinced me never to vote for him or I’d be really pissed off right now.

  • StarTripper

    Give Obama your lunch money or he will punch you and take it. I didn’t know Rubio was Spanish for weenie.

  • Republicanvet

    Does RUBEio think that far ahead? Or at all?

    • David Howell

      This definitly took him off my conservative support list. What an implosion! Must be a lot at stake for Mr Rubio to look as stupid as he has.

  • Clete Torres

    Rubio has proved himself to be as malleable to liberal suggestion as any useful idiot on the left. There’s no reason why anyone on the right should ever trust him again.

  • freddy

    Rubio is a ho and someone is bankrolling him to run for president in exchange to push this bill that will hurt the rest of us. Takes no brains to understand 100 million people (20million here plus 4 family members each) in need of benefits and healthcare will break the bank not to mention displacing many workers especially blacks who are in a tenuous position as it is. He will soon be crying the only way to fix this asylum debacle is to hurry and pass the bill. Bad man……

    • aliswell


  • I M Free

    Marco Rubio = True Colors

  • nc

    Excellent, Larry, as usual!

  • David Johnson

    Rubio should just switch party’s. Just put a big (D) in front of that name.

    • ObamaFail

      Chris Christie and John McCain right along with him.

      • David Johnson

        Don’t forget Jeff Flake. Could have sworn AZ used to be conservative. Too many “Blue Staters” moved here to retire!!!

        • bicentennialguy

          They are like locusts. Once they make the area where they live uninhabitable, they must move on to find fresh things to destroy.

  • right_on

    I don’t understand the mentality of Rubio, and other Republicans. It’s as though they believe this type of ExOrd is legal. It is not Constitutional, therefore, NOT legal.

    If soldiers can to refuse to obey an unlawful order, why aren’t the members of Congress given the same ability? Or, are they simply suffering from a malady called “cowardice?”

    • StandProudNow

      It’s the “malady” for sure.

  • Voice of reason

    Spot on Obama will say whatever is expedient and then do whatever he wants, followed by a television appearance blaming Bush.

  • Booker

    I think Rubio is losing it. Probably lost it already.

  • Sonya A. Willis

    Poor little Rubio. He had dreams of the WH and thought he could charm his way into it the same way Obama did. I really believe that he thought he could talk out of both sides of his mouth the way Obama did an away with it.

    Sorry Rubio, we’re critical thinking Conservatives not Kool-aide drinking ObotZombies. Amnesty is bad for America and so are you.

  • sb36695

    Go home Rubio. Maybe you’ll regain some brain cells.

  • AtomicMountain

    With an AG like Holder, legislation, executive orders, SCOTUS decisions and all that other “representative republic” nonsense is meaningless anyway.


  • rambler

    Rubio is looking for a way to cover his butt. If he wants this amnesty so much then he needs to switch parties!

    • StandProudNow

      It is called “colito”

      (One of the few spanish words I know. I usually get the most important first :)

  • stillinthe60s

    Toolio gets owned by L. E.

  • Alicia987

    Hi, twitchy. I really love your posts when you go after liberal politicians and you can unite conservatives on the right by going after the left. But this rhetoric from you is dividing us, and is only helping the left. By railing on one of our own rising stars, the left only sits back and laughs because we are shrinking our appeal instead of having a big tent.

    We can have informed, intelligent debates on the right without accusing one another of “selling out” or “being an amnesty lover” or “anti hispanic” or “anti-immigrant”

    Also, as a conservative Latina myself I can tell you first hand that rhetoric coming from the likes of Ann Coulter and Malkin are viewed as offensive, and yes, sometimes viewed as racist, and is only hurting the conservative movement in the eyes of Latinos.

    Let’s be inspiring and optimistic in our rhetoric instead of just railing on those in our own party and labeling anything short of deporting 11 million as “amnesty”

    Thank you.

    • Love of Country

      Well, of course it is the Left who are obsessed with destroying race-relations in this country and they have been for over 150 years. So the idea that the Right needs to watch their P’s and Q’s while the Left spends their days obsessing on how to further damage race-relations in this country is absurd, IMHO. I mean the Left is 100x more racist than the Right in spite of all the hateful lies cast forward and projected by the Left on a daily basis.
      It is true, however, that people on the Right are against illegal immigration as well they should be and anyone who is offended by that is delusional and no proper American, IMHO. And to my knowledge, it is the Left, once again, who has had the long history of curtailing legal immigration …. not the Right.

      People must understand that the flow of illegals will ruin this country. Not because they will turn us into Mexico but because they will only help the DNC turn us into Cuba. Does that make sense? I hope it does and to be completely fair to your premise …. yes, the Right does need to watch their P’s and Q’s. But not because we are worse than Democrats but because the DNC has half-a-million people in their propaganda dept including Hollywood, the Press and thousands of racist, lying piece-of-garbage community organizers who go door to door just to spread their wicked lies!

      BTW – You do know Michelle Malkin owns Twitchy, right? And rest assured she does not have one racist bone in her body …. the bright and successful Filipino daughter of immigrants that she is.

    • StandProudNow

      Rubio WAS a rising star. Then…… he flipped on his campaign promis in a BIG traiterous way.

      Your last paragraph pretty much spells it out where you stand…

  • AZcommenter

    Yes, we’ve all seen how scrupulous Obama is about adhering to the letter of the law.

    Current federal law prohibits illegal aliens from receiving food stamps, but the Obama administration knowingly pays out billions of dollars in food stamps to illegal aliens every year, and even spends millions of our tax dollars on Spanish-language ads in Mexico, advertising the fact that they do this.

    But I’m sure if Congress passes Rubio’s amnesty bill, all that kind of crap will stop, and Obama will suddenly transform overnight into a president who takes his oath of office seriously, because . . . . well, just because, right Rubio?

  • Judy Taylor

    Rubio has a point and Elder has a point that trumps it.

    • StandProudNow

      What point is it that Rubio has? What point is it in being complicit with the liar in chief?

  • isabel matos
  • Gallatin

    Marco Rubio ✔
    “Commerce & entrepreneurial capitalism take more people out of poverty than aid.” BONO h/t @DRUDGE @DRUDGE_REPORT

    Senator Rubio please explain what your belief in capitalism has to do
    with your granting of amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens. Why don’t you push “Commerce & entrepreneurial capitalism” in Mexico?

  • Jeremy

    He is right. Obama picks and chooses what he wants to delay or eliminate in his Obamadoesntcare bill as I call it so,what is to stop him from doing it to an Immigration Bill

  • Jeff H

    If I am right, and I compromise, I become something other than right.

    Which leads me to believe that the urge to compromise among politicians is a deep inner nagging that they are not right.

    Let’s keep them as far away from the controls of our nation as possible.