First Sen. McCain weighed in on the averted Twinkie-pocalypse. Now this happened:

Twitter swiftly scoured for more disturbing details:

Buzz kill:

Alas, the Politico reporter says that there apparently is some context to be had.

However, the mockery won’t wait for context! Mockery waits for no man … or woman.

A date which will live in infamy.


The context has yet to be revealed. And should it be?

Heh. The first rule of context is don’t talk about context.

  • I M Free

    you only live twice and that a view to a kill. lol

  • Mister A

    John was just asking for a friend.

  • Patriot

    MWMRINO seeking companionship. Illegals welcome.

  • James Rose

    So, answer the question. Just hate when women won’t tell you if you don’t already know.

    • AWomaninTX

      Well… if you paid attention in the first place!


      • Zane Henry

        Gah…..I had to check to see if you were typing that next to me on the couch. “honey? was that you that just typed that?”

        It’s like when I’m in a restaurant and some kid’s mother tells the kid to sit up straight. Gives me flashbacks.

  • Hickory Stonewall

    pump it up johnny

  • Magnifico

    Today is the day I don’t care about the full context or the initial vague tweet.

  • froggy19510

    Could John McCain be any more creepy? Ya I think so.

  • Damien_Son_of_Hussein

    I love asian girls as much as all other white guys(it’s mandatory & genetic), but damn man. You’re 75 in the shade. That just ain’t right.

  • shimauma

    maybe he’s gettin tired of his super libturdian wife out libbing his rino self

  • cscape

    McCain’s next quote: “Rosebud”

  • maltwit

    Today will go down as the day McCain asked me whether I have ever used those “dating websites”

    Who was asking, John or Meghan?

  • bill_a_bob

    WOW You really like me, you really like me! RT @lindseygrahamnesty: Today will go down as the day McCain asked me whether I have ever used those “dating websites”
    9:58 AM – 16 Jul 2013

  • Stan

    Maybe the Senator has used one lately and is afraid the NSA picked up his ” pick up” line “Online”… Senate, Congressional Mingle… maybe. Nah….no way.

  • stillinthe60s

    Well, he’s gotta a cherub of a daughter to marry off doesn’t he?

  • waterytart

    The pic of McCain looks like the geriatric version of the bad guys in The Matrix.

  • SJ’s Dad

    Now THAT’S a “Creepy-Ass Crackah”!