Boom! Conservative author Larry Elder has been destroying race-baiters over the Zimmerman trial and their responses to the verdict.

Indeed. Today, he continued his beautiful reality checks while also setting his brilliant sights on Mr. Post-racial (wink wink!) Obama.

Double boom!

The always foul Marc Lamont Hill took issue with that:

Elder set him straight:

Professor schooled!

The vile tolerance brigade swiftly turned up the hate and the racism:

Yep. Revolting. But totally expected from the racist Left.

Mr. Elder’s tweets struck home with the sane.

Keep speaking real truth to power, Mr. Elder!


Boom-tastic! Larry Elder, Brit Hume tweet epic Al Sharpton slam

Conservative Larry Elder tweets refreshing post-Zimmerman verdict reality checks

  • TocksNedlog

    “Reason? Sanity? We ain’t havin’ none of that! Get ‘im!”

  • NRPax

    I see that Mr. Elder buys Louisville Slugger Cluebats by the gross.

  • Repubtallygirl

    I heart Larry Elder!

    • Keith

      Elder refuses to claim victim status and calls out those race baiters all of the time. He is awesome!!!

  • TugboatPhil

    It appears that Martin’s “village” didn’t do a very good job. It is being further demonstrated in the streets across our country right now. Where is the “village leader?” Oh yeah, golfing.

    • mapache

      You ever been to Miami Gardens? Speaks for itself.

  • grais

    This guy is good.
    I wish he’d school them (the ones who’re educable) about Uncle Tom’s Cabin,

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    To The Human Race…
    Life is to be entered upon with courage.
    Alexis de Tocqueville
    Intelligence is knowing that one has a brain to see with…
    the Natural Law…Natural Rights…
    As the only thing a person has the courage and ability to change about one’s self is behavior and attitude.
    Does the world owe you something?
    Do you owe it to yourself?
    The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule. Founding Father – Samuel Adams
    Is it not natural to defend oneself?
    Are one’s own hands and feet born and attached on to thy own self or born on another person?

  • Conrad2010

    What any Liberal will see when using a mirror.

    • Peyton

      I made this during the election for the Dems new mascot.

      • WBee1 Proud Navy Wife


    • Arkuy The Great

      Or, if they really want to be loved:

  • AZcommenter

    If Obama had a son, he’d likely be a racist, choom-smoking slacker with disreputable friends, who didn’t even have enough common sense not to jump a stranger at night in a concealed carry state.

    Oh, wait . . . .

  • keyboard jockey

    Whatever happened to inclusion, desegregation, and assimilation?

    No one can be taken advantage of a person or a group – unless they allow themselves be taken advantage of, and that includes buying into the race baiter’s agenda. The old tactic of calling someone a house slave or an uncle tom an oreo….who cares? Really it’s about as meaningless as calling someone a racist today, it’s been used so much it’s become meaningless “white noise”.

    Mr Elder is correct if George Zimmerman is white because of his father than Barack Obama is white because of his mother. That’s just how low the bottom feeding race hustler’s will go to re create a white racist “Bogey Man” to keep the sheep on the plantation. And why would they want to do that?

    Has anyone looked at the Black unemployment rate in this country?

    The Black unemployment rate for June rose to 13.7.

    But the Obama administration thinks it’s a good idea to pass amnesty so that those numbers go up?

    Black American Leadership Alliance, held a protest on Monday, against the amnesty bill passed in the US Senate did anyone hear about it? No because people were busy pretending that the old spectre of racism had reared it’s head in Sanford, Florida hyped by a corrupt media. What is the real purpose of ginning up racial unrest in this country? DEFLECTION.

    But still the NYT’s reported on it.

  • B-rad

    He’s speaking facts and truth! Get him!

  • B-rad

    Wait! He’s using facts and truth! Get him!

  • I M Free

    best lesson of the day

  • rambler

    O’s son would be on vacation all the time so we wouldn’t know what he was saying.

  • Dave Turson

    Obama’s son might not use the N-word, but he likely would enjoy using some “juicy” swearwords.

  • bigsiouxriver

    A 17 year old not responsible for his own behavior but 18 year old soldiers responsible for our freedom? That’s retarded.

    • HarlemGhost

      I joined the Navy at 17 (parents permission required) … you can be alot of things at 17 … a solider, sailor or in this case a mugger …

      • journogal

        Not only that, but a federal judge ruled that girls of any age can get the Plan B pill…

    • walterc

      But an 11 year old responsible enough to get morning after pill without parental notification/permission.

    • William2010

      I enlisted into the US Military during my senior years in High School in 1969. I was 17 years of age when I enlisted.

      I began serving in the US Military approximately 1 week after graduation, June, 1969. My birthday is after the second half of December. That means I was actually 17 and 1/2 years of age when I began serving.

      The fact that so many leftists and black racists, betraying their bigotry and hatred against Hispanics-Latinos and Whites in the Zimmerman case – they also hate Asians and express it through their foul comedy routines, comments, and violence they visit upon Asians-Orientals – Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and so forth, make the extremely disgusting, dishonest, distorted claim that little, sweet, saintly, clean as the driven snow Travyon Martin is or was a “Child” speaks volumes to the vindictiveness, the hostility, the dishonesty, and the malevolence of those who make such a specious, factually false claim.
      At 17 years of age many males, including me, US Marines, US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, and US Coast Guard members have been trained to kill or be killed, and serve the USA and its low information, malicious residents, many of them illegal (approximately 20 to 25 million), many of them racist bigots against Whites-Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics-Latinos, and protect the USA from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
      Please, all you racist, bigoted, prejudiced, hate filled malcontents, obsessed with the color of a person’s skin, their ethnicity, etc., Trayvon Martin was a young man, not a child.
      Martin was NOT actually unarmed. He had two arms, and he knew how to fight. He also attacked Zimmerman. Had Zimmerman been on the hunt, intent on using his firearm, Zimmerman could easily have fired on Martin, stopping him before Martin launched his attack and beat Zimmerman to the possible point of severe bodily harm, possible brain damage, needing facial reconstructive surgery, possibly put Zimmerman into a coma, or killing Zimmerman, in which case we would have heard and read nothing about the case.

  • lesterwink23

    I’m willing to bet that if you asked all these racist blacks where the term “Uncle Tom” originated, 99.99999% of them would have absolutely no clue

    • AWomaninTX

      It blows my mind that the character “Uncle Tom” has come to mean what it does these days. He was not a “sell out” nor weak . He died refusing to inform on those slaves who escaped, those he helped escape!

  • Howzah123

    The Left cackle in glee as they fan the flames of hatred and division

    They are truly evil and racist

  • dchrist81

    If Obama had a son he would BEHAVE like Trayvon.

  • chetnapier

    If he had a son would he teach him not to skulk around looking for houses to burgle?

  • Marty Luther

    @marclamonthill is just another race hustler prying into other people’s pain and insinuating himself into the fallacious argument in order to find work. “It takes a PhD”

    • MKFenris

      Well he does teach african american studies, which basically means introductory how to hate white people.

      • King Leer

        Tuition and fees alone at Columbia are just short of $50,000 annually for a very useful African-American Studies degree. Mom, dad? Where is the outrage that we see like when the price of gas goes up a buck?

    • William2010

      Marty Luther,
      I have long ago tired of Marc Lamont Hill.
      I do not know how he received his PhD.
      One thing I noticed about him, he is short on facts, long on pabulum, and excretes racism and racist nonsense virtually 24/7.
      Clearly one does not have to have a high level of intelligence, or be well educated, to walk around with a PhD.
      Doesn’t the Messiah, the Savior of Mankind, Barack Hussein Obama, and his masculine, butch like wife, Michelle, as well as Hillary and Bill Clinton, have PhD’s?
      None of them appear to be well educated or smart. Regardless, their cultists, their obsessive fan club, and the media, paint them as geniuses, and super well educated, when they clearly are not.
      Did they purchase them at the 5 and 10 cent store, or did someone with connections slide them through the system and put the “degree” into their hands?

  • lazypadawan

    Larry Elder, FTW.

  • NCRelite

    The sage from south central. I listen to his show quite often on my way to the gym.

  • Legal Immigrant in TX

    Since Obama is half white, is he half racist? He should be since whites are racists, correct?

  • toddm123

    Do any of these people know that Democrats ran the KKK, segregation, slavery, Jim Crow, etc? Do any of them know that they’ve sold their souls to the devil?

    • Wonder Pony

      No. They do not.

  • Damien Johnson

    I assume he got the word “victicrat” by combining the words “victim” and “democrat.” That is the tweet that especially struck a chord with me. I’m not buying all the scaremongering that I oughta be afraid to walk the street! That’s all the freakin’ mainstream news is, is scaremongering! 9/11. “PLANES ARE SCARY.” Aurora. “DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE TO SEE A MOVIE, EVER.” Sandy Hook. “YOUR CHILDREN WILL NOT COME HOME TODAY.” And now Trayvon. “IF YOU’RE BLACK AND WALKING THE STREETS, YOU’LL GET SHOT BY A hispanic WHITE GUY AND HE’LL GET OFF GOING TO JAIL FOR IT. BLACK MEN ARE NOW OFFICIALLY TARGETS TO BE HUNTED LIKE GAME.”

    Get real. While I’ll have common sense and stay close the house for a couple months at night following this, they’re not going to scare me out of living my life.

    • nc

      Larry has been using the term “victicrat” for many years, certainly at least since the publication of his 2000 book, “Ten Things You Can’t Say In America.” You don’t ever want to challenge him on the facts, he’ll shred you! (But in a nice way.)

      • William2010

        I’ve read “Ten Things You Can’t Say in America.” I enjoyed that book. Larry did an excellent job at cataloguing the racism, bigotry, arrogance, misinformation, and prejudice of Blacks in the USA. Leftists-Democrats are enablers, cheer leaders, and perpetuators of the nonsense.
        Good book.
        Excellent author.

  • tops116

    This whole thing was great, but the real winning tweet was: “Heard that GZ “is white because of his Dad”. Really? Obama’s mom is white. Therefore, America has yet to elect its first black president?”

    And for the record, Zimmerman looks like more like a Hispanic than Obama does black.

  • AmericanMom

    Larry is a man with wisdom and intelligence speaking. Too many moonbats praising thuggery and the possession of stolen property and calling the legal system unjust just because of his skin color and not because of simple right and wrong behavior. They are turning racial advancement back decades by themselves.

  • redgypsy

    Let’s see… I’m white–check (I’m racist). I go to a church where the pastor is black (oops, how’d that happen?). And he’s married to a hispanic (another oops). Many of the couples and families there are black, white, hispanic, and “other”.

    Umm. Well, we’re all human. We’re all actually the same species (homo sapiens) (whoa!–sapiens means WISE). So we’re all supposed to be wise.

    What happened?

    In the meantime, I guess I’d better cling to my God, my gun(s), and my church family.

    Please, somebody (i.e. racebaiters–get wise!!)

    Wisdom doesn’t include assuming someone is guilty because of the color of their skin, or who their daddy is. Wisdom doesn’t include blaming others for something I did. It also doesn’t include blaming me for something others DIDN’T EVEN DO.

    And wisdom apparently doesn’t include Obama.

    (Now I’d better be on the lookout for the FEMA police….)

    • nc

      Silly us. We thought this was the goal.

  • neoface

    Marc Hill is a foul gas bag, mute button gets used when he is on any show. This is what affirmative action produces these day. Liberals call all blacks “uncle Tom” if the black person doesn’t want to play a victim, which gives liberals a reason for being . LOL!!!

  • yourmamatoo

    The left, so caring and not a bit racist. Uh huh.
    They are such cowardly hypocrites, and they get away with it .
    How sad, our lame stream media never calls them out.

    • TexSizzle

      That’s because the So-Called Unbiased Media (SCUM) consists for the most part of leftists.

  • Gallatin

    Awesome job Larry, you know you’ve struck a nerve when they resort to insults instead of a reasoned discussion.

  • Damien_Son_of_Hussein

    I’ve never seen people fight so hard to stay in chains.. Maybe there’s no hope for them.

    • Medicinewoman2

      We even gave it a sophisticated name:Stockholm Syndrome. And no there’s not.

  • anjullyn

    Many blacks will never give up their victim mentality. To do so would mean having to take responsibility for themselves.

  • Magnifico

    If I had a son, I hope he wouldn’t look like Trayvon, because that would mean my wife had been banging some black dude.

    • AZGunslinger

      Go ask Steve Nash, formerly of the Suns, how that feels.

  • Paul

    damn, elder dishes out a twitter beat down extraordinaire!

  • theslowrider

    According to democrats, Marc Hill and others are descendants of chimps, so schooling him wasn’t that hard.

  • AtleastIamliterate

    Did any of these idiots ever read Uncle Tom’s Cabin? He was one of the few decent people in the damned book: he dies to protect another slave. Morons.

  • WBee1 Proud Navy Wife

    I`m so proud to follow you on Twitter Larry Elder Sir.
    I can`t wait to see you rip Piers Morgan a few new ones. I`m stocking up on popcorn as I type.

  • 912er

    When its time to play the victim card ,a 17 year old is called a child but when a 15 year old gets pregnant and needs plan B,a child is called an adult.

  • AZGunslinger

    Dang! Reading Elder’s awesome tweets made me want to get a Twitter account but then my loathing of Twitter got the better of me.

  • alanhenderson

    If I had a son he wouldn’t look like Larry Elder, but their snark might bear some resemblance.

  • Kristine

    I’ve always wondered why Obama is called “the first African-American President”. What will the media dub the person who is actually 100% black? Obama is the first half-black, half-white President. But the white part is entirely ignored. It’s actually pretty annoying. And conveniently misleading.

    Know what else? Obama wouldn’t have won without white people voting for him. But somehow all the white people are racist and hate blacks.

    The thinking, it is baffling.

  • disqus_eric

    I hope he’s ready for the onslaught of hate from the “tolerant” left. No one escapes the Democrat plantation w/out dire consequences.

  • Arkuy The Great

    “Heard that GZ “is white because of his Dad”. Really? Obama’s mom is white. Therefore, America has yet to elect its first black president?”
    No! No! You don’t get it, Larry. The “One Drop Rule” has a corollary; whichever drop is needed to conform to the preferred narrative is the one that is being expressed.

  • William2010

    If Barack Hussein Obama II – Barry Soetoro had a son, he’d look like Al “Shakedown” “Race, Hate, and Violence Mongerer and Hustler” Sharpton.