Wait, what?

Sen. Reid gave a speech Monday morning and guess who he gave a presidential shout-out to?

His idiocy has come to this. Twitter users also noticed a little something else about his head pat to Chelsea: He didn’t even refer to her by name.

Daughter shmaughter! Who needs a name? What difference does it make and all?

Do we smell a hashtag? Take it away, Twitter!

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    The Country of America as a Constitutionally Free Republic is just fine.
    ObamaGovt/ReidGovt/ClintonGovt = Despots

  • The Penguin

    If this idiot isn’t the perfect example as to why we need term limits for our so-called Representatives… I don’t know what is.

    • stuckinIL4now

      Since we already have a minimum age requirement to run for federal offices maybe we should implement a maximum age as well and make geezers like Harry Reidiculous retire in their 60s.

      • JuneUSA

        I really like this idea. Can we make it happen?

    • Pendy1

      Agreed, but Dirty Harry is a Senator, more’s the pity, not a Representative,

    • Vennoye

      More than that!! He’s a perfect example of why we need to kick them all out and start over!! Anybody there before 2010 is GONE!!

    • CSmith

      Actually, we need to repeal the 17th amendment to the Constitution. That would go a long way toward fixing the Senate anyway.

  • RblDiver

    I thought the left was sick and tired of families in politics…oh wait, only if their last name is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!

    • Jeremy

      quite right.

  • I M Free

    Clear evidence of an old stupid politician.

  • Marvin Nelson

    I seriously think that Dingy Harry needs a brain scan. He should call his proctologist immediately.

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Please, for heaven’s sake………….no more pantsuits!!!!

  • Christoph DeHaven

    Didn’t we get rid of hereditary monarchy in this land 200+ years ago?

    • stuckinIL4now

      It lives on, well and healthy, on a daily basis in Illannoy.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      237 years ago… Unfortunately, this “administration” has ignored that… Right now, Watching Senate GOP’s John Thune (South Dakota), Lamar Alexander (Tennessee) and others giving Hairy Reid their views on the “Nuclear Option”…. Going Nuclear on Him! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • jumper297

    Is it possible this doddering old fool has had a stroke and nobody has noticed yet?

    • TocksNedlog

      How could you tell the difference?

    • bluewaternavy

      To suffer from a stroke, one must posses a brain-something Harry lacks

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Mr. Reid:

    Webb Hubbell’s “daughter”? Or Bill Cinton’s “daughter”?

  • redheadgrl

    We are not a royal dynasty. Let’s get some new blood in DC!

  • grais

    Well, why not? She’s probably as qualified as Obama.
    Oh, wait….

  • Smurfet


    • JuneUSA

      My sentiments exactly but I tried it when Obama was running and it didn’t work.

  • Marjorie

    …and the republicans are “old, white men”…go figure…

    • Pendy1

      And Harry Reid is….?

  • Marbran

    If America continues its apparent love of Presidential dynasties then let’s just cut to the chase and abolish all elections. Good thing we had that Revolution, and all.

  • WBee1 Proud Navy Wife

    Alzheimers is setting in – he can`t remember Chelseas name
    Time to retire Harry.

  • JuneUSA

    You mean we go from dumb to dumber and have to like it because Harry thinks we should. I don’t think so. What has she ever done but be a daughter and okay what crimes her parents have committed? This is the best that our country has to offer?

  • neoface

    Why not, Chelsea is probably more qualified than Obama, she lived in the Whitehouse for eight years. We all know that more times than we like to acknowledge, to get a job is based more on who you know than what you know. I’m certain that Reid’s kids got their job because of their daddy.

  • LinTaylor

    Chelsea’s the perfect choice for a Democrat president; she combines the imperiousness of the Clintons with the unqualified incompetence of Obama.

    • Steven Fowler


  • Guest

    I know she looks it, but is Chelsea 35 already??

    • TocksNedlog


    • Roto

      Let’s just say she’s past Intern age :-)

  • Right Wired

    What is this, Game of Thrones?

  • Guest

    Reid is so besotted by Clinton, he would floss with the molester’s pubic hair…

  • TocksNedlog

    Okay, Grampa, let’s step away from the microphone now.

  • arttie

    Given Bill’s record, ????

  • http://discus.com yourmamatoo

    She could not even keep her job on that failed Brian Williams show.
    The folks found her, extremely boring.

  • Kat Marks Mackenzie

    I may vomit.

  • Guest

    How could she do a worse job than the current stammering, whistle-toothed Ignoramus-in-Chief?

  • Peyton

    That awkward moment when you realize that Chelsea Clinton will be old enough to be eligible to be President in 2016 and wonder what in the world her Mom is doing running for President.

  • Secede

    Chelsea Clinton- the only firm evidence that Bill actually had sex with Hillary at least once…

  • AZWarrior

    America doesn’t ‘do’ royal families. Harry, those young boys are clouding your mind as well as your failing libido.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    Why not some poor immigrants daughter Reid, how come only a filthy rich privileged American woman Reid? You’re the most disgusting hypocrite, coward out there

  • muckraker

    I wil not cast my ballot for that woman, Ms Clinton!