Finally Chris “happy white people’s independence day” Rock weighed in on the Zimmerman verdict. And it was chock-full of idiocy, as expected!

Bless his race-card-playing heart. Some of his Twitter fans upped the asinine:

Trials! We don’t need no stinkin’ trials! Twitter users helpfully provided a Teachable Moment:

Proof! Aye, there’s the rub. Pesky trials and facts and such.

But, hey, what else can we expect from “comedian” Chris Rock?

Indeed. Remember, this is the same man who took cuckoo pants to a new level when he proclaimed that President Obama is our “boss” and “the dad of the country.”


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  • screaminjay

    Why oh why? Chris Rock is usually smarter than that, but when it comes to show-trial, every celebrities turn braindead.

    • True American

      Are you serious? Christ Rock is usually dumb as a stick!

      • screaminjay

        If you say so, I think he done a few good skits that were a bit realist about the flaws of black culture. Which he can do, as it’s his own skin color.

        • rinodino

          Lol so the only comedy you like from Rock is when he goes in on black folks??? …yeah black people are the only ones still focused on race #subliminal bigotry

          • Amber

            “You know what’s sad? Martin Luther King stood for non violence. And I don’t care where you are in America, if you’re on Martin Luther King Boulevard, there’s some violence going down.” the great Chris Rock

          • screaminjay

            Well, what’s Louis CK doing is making fun of white people too…

          • Ronald Green

            Your race card company wants you to return your race card, it’s way over it’s limit.

          • Jeremy
          • Carmen

            Good one. Can I copy?

          • Jeremy

            I tweeted that pic to Al Sharpton’s twitter account ha ha.

          • Jeremy

            yeah go right ahead.

          • Real Ass Kangaroo

            Lmao i seen that one coming before he said it.. White people only like Chris Rock because of that Black people vs Niggas joke, failing to understand that is was a JOKE, (they really hate niggas as you can see here), even so much to the point that some of them wanted Zimmerman to walk for killing a kid. Pathetic human beeings.

          • Warren Lockaby

            “White people only like….” Hey Killa, you might note here that making such sweeping generalizations about a race of people is considered “racist”. Reminds me of a racist quip made by the late former Sec. of Ag. Earl Butz – as a joke – but it was so vilely racist he was forced from his Cabinet post. If you’re too young to remember ol’ Earl, Google “what did Earl Butz Say?” And BTW yes, he *should* have been canned for such a remark; he was as shameless a racist as you are.

          • john brothers

            beyond stupid!

          • Real Ass Kangaroo

            I see… you´re using the “I know you are but what am i” defense…

          • Elaine

            There is a difference between “killing” and “self defense”.
            The kid got kicked out of his school and was sent to live with daddy.. (abuse, theft, drugs, you name it) He is not pedestal material

        • dwok

          A comedy bit is a sign of intelligence in your world?

          “The President of the United States is, you know, our boss. But he is
          also, you know, the president and the first lady are kinda like the Mom
          and Dad of the country,” Rock said. “And when your Dad says something,
          you listen. And when you don’t, it will usually bite you in the ass
          later on. So, I’m here to support the president.”

          That quote is verbatim, from the mouth of Chris Rock.

          Based on that, he’s a flaming retard.

          • screaminjay

            Well, Charlie Chaplin was a comedic genius… yes, there is genius is great comedy.

            Not saying he is incredibly intelligent, but he is way above 95% of black stand-up.

          • billiam

            He was, about 10 years ago. Now he is just resting on his laurels, and tired schtick.

          • screaminjay

            As most stand-up do anyway. Very few stay interesting and relevant over long periods of time. Actually, most of them never start to be interesting…

          • Carmen

            And that’s the same thing the Germans did when they murdered millions of Jews and Christians. The only way to put these stars back to earth is to stop paying to watch or listen to them. It is time to have a revolution against Hollywood.

          • Jack

            he actually said that when Bush was prez….hahahahaha

          • VPeterson

            Wrong…..he said that on Feb 6th 2013

          • GRusling


        • Stephanie Warren

          chris rock is as annoying as his voice.

      • WendyHurts

        Not sure I would have called him “Christ” Rock, though I’m sure he thinks he qualifies for the position.

      • $336547

        Chris needs to change his name to Chris Rockhead.

      • carl

        You mean dumb as a rock.

      • Keli Grantham Steadham

        Chris Rock has been racist as long as I’ve seen him on tv. Every time I’ve seen him doing something that wasn’t scripted for him, he’s had something racist to say. I’ve never liked him.

      • jb

        chris rock is a stick. actually, he’s so small (build and intellect) that his name is really Chris Pebble….. or even a microscopic Christal.

        • Calcat36

          Chris Schtick?

    • Bobthefirst

      Chris Rock has proven time and again that his allegiance is first and foremost to blacks…. and to Americans second.

      • screaminjay

        Perhaps, but that’s normal by me, everyone is feeling attached to their ethnic group in life. Even if a lot of whites pretend otherwise for political reasons, we do too.

        • Steve E

          White aren’t “pretending” You dolt! We want a union of ALL races. But because of $$, ELITES, and black racebaters agenda we will never find harmony. You proved that w/your statement

          • screaminjay

            You think this ever existed or ever will exist in this world?

            No, there is culture and differences. Just because there is doesn’t mean people should go out to beat up each others.

            I come from Quebec, we use to self-segregate as Catholics from the WASP. Two communities, coexisting, with troubles but without much violence. Two white cultures, but different.

            Because I go further than skin colors, but language, culture, religious tradition, countries are formed by general principles, but also by common people. Blacks and whites can live together, it just take some sort of understanding of shared values.

            The French had no problem having minorities either in the past. But it was understood who assimilated to whom and what was the dominant culture to join as you became a Frenchman.

            You perhaps simplified the issue and not see the core problem is multiculturalism, which is a very toxic ideology that says everyone should form into communities that trade their cultures for a big mush of nonsense.

            Harmony is not blurring the differences, but accepting to be separate but equal and sharing the same principles.

            I’d say the same thing about the Muslim presence in France. Yes, they do self-segregate, but they do it all wrong because of race-baiting who keep telling them they are victims. So what they do, they refuse to assimilate to the broader culture while keeping theirs. Maybe this is too complex for you.

            Like take Vietnamese in France, never once have they had any problem with them. Vietnamese came to France, took on French first name to assimilate, learned French, opened up businesses and created a community among themselves. They assimilated without forgetting whence they came from, that’s the proper way to integrate in a country.

            Blacks have went crazy in the US because of certain organizations that are never ever run by any black person. Think SPLC and get back to me when you understand the roots of the problem is not just about people with Black skin. They’ve been manipulated to death, just like women through feminism, which of course is an insane ideology that’s anti-man and basically anti-human. Just like antiracism have become a code-word for anti-white.

          • grais

            “…separate but equal…” is a GOOD idea????
            It’s caused more than a few problems in the U.S. in the past.
            Perhaps you’ve heard about our struggles w/ segregation….

          • screaminjay

            Imposed segregation is bad, now there is still segregation, it’s just not imposed. You just put all young black men in prison instead and keep all the single-moms left behind on welfare. I know, bad cliché, but that’s a new struggle with something just as wrecked as the segregated south.

            It gets tiresome to argue over mere details. I’m not suggesting separatism, but that people will live in communities that resemble them. Not just in the US, everywhere on earth. You can share the same country, but don’t pretend a 33% White, 33% Black, 33% Hispanic neighborhood is a recipe for pure and simple social harmony.

            Did this ever happen, will it ever? I’m not American, I’m French-Canadian. Montreal is being flooded with Third-World immigrants these days. Guess what people do? Are they all racists? Maybe, who knows… but we are all moving to the suburbs and leaving them the city. Some go further back, because the farthest you are from Montreal, the less diverse it becomes. As more immigrants are all poured in Montreal, those who can afford to move out will in ever greater numbers. That’s what happen when you pretend multiculturalism and mixing up the people of every Third-World nations in one large Western city can give positive results. It never did anywhere, there is no example of a success story.

            Montreal wasn’t diverse at all 50 years ago. If they keep flooding, in 50 years it will have been left behind much the same way as Detroit was. It will be just ruins. Same old story, we just keep repeating the same mistakes.

          • Bobthefirst

            Nobody “puts” black men in prison or single mothers on welfare. They wind up there of their own accord… or they pull themselves up by their bootstraps and rise above their station. If immigrants can come to this country with nothing but lint in their pockets and become successful business people, there is *NO* reason that someone is destined to remain in a ghetto because that is where they were raised. To suggest otherwise is utterly ridiculous and incredibly cynical.

          • screaminjay

            Well the culture is the problem, I do not disagree.

            Some do rise above the toxic culture the Blacks have given themselves, which is popularized by billionaires in Los Angeles promoting vile demoralizing and repulsive gangsta-rap music.

            The role models of successful black men set fourth by the mainstream culture in the US is a huge part of the problem. I do know many black folks who rise above their culture.

            Don’t get me wrong, white culture in the US is also derelict, I wouldn’t give two thumbs up for whites and two thumbs down for blacks. It’s societal decay all over, poor moral code, bad work ethics, divorces, abortions, sex with strangers, high use of drugs, poor health habits, eating toxic food, pornography, vulgarity, ridiculous dress code… No, whites are not that great either, it’s not just one part of America that’s getting worst than their grand-parents.

          • Bobthefirst

            I did not suggest that culture is the problem, nor do I believe it to be the problem. That is a cop out for people looking to blame an external influence for their own shortcomings. The mainstream culture you described can put forth any examples it likes – that does not make them worthy examples. The choices each individual makes determine what their lives are going to be. We all have access to the same television stations, movies, music, and shopping – to blame “culture” for what a collective group of individuals choose to consume is overly simplistic and naive.

            When you look at the statistics, you will see the problem. Blacks are murdered at a MUCH higher rate than any other race… and overwhelmingly by other blacks. That’s not a bigoted interpretation of a statistic – that IS the statistic. Blacks also represent a disproportionate percentage of the prison population… because blacks are committing a disproportionate amount of crimes. To excuse their behavior, the convicts blame anyone and everyone but themselves, and apologists make excuses for them by blaming “culture” and saying we don’t do enough for the poor as if to suggest that ALL black people are poor and they have no choice but to resort to crime.

            I agree with the premise that we are a society with many moral deficiencies. Many – if not all – of these are the result of ethical issues that can only be resolved by ending government programs that subsidize irresponsible lifestyles.

          • screaminjay

            As I said, your culture keeps you in the dark as well, because you are spun to death.

            All the things you say are casual stereotypes repeated so often that they lose a lot of meaning, since there is no depth of analysis to statistics.

            Cultural Marxism does matter in the balance, because it is a culture war, government won’t do anything one way or another because it is way beyond mere politics. When I talk of culture, I don’t mean just pop culture, it’s a broader spectrum that’s been lost since the sexual revolution. Then we start destroying all our core values, since the Counter-Culture actually won out and have remained there since.

            You seem to take the secular libertarian approach that would believe a government will change something. That is not possible, not under the current system, you’re in too deep, so is Europe. Within a few decades, at current pace, the US will cease existing as a country, it will go the same way as Yugoslavia and the USSR, for similar reasons. Or the Czardom of Russia, for similar reasons.

            Irresponsible lifestyles are one thing, crime another. There is no moral outside of religion to me, Europe turned irreligious and you see the moral decay, the ruins, the lack of seriousness, of character, the feminization? Above all, the lack of birth in married families that stays married. That kind of society can only vanish and will if nothing changes. European culture is mediocre beyond recognition. Americans are following in lockstep. The end, without family units being formed, is the death of said civilization, which will be replaced by those who showed up. It’s not doom and gloom, just statistical realities. 50 years were sufficient to drop the proportion of Whites in the US from 90% to 63% or so… at current rate of mass-immigration without end, you will be Greater Mexico in the south-west soon. I really don’t see how it could realistically go any other way in the long run, if trends do not change.

            It’s the culture, but Blacks won’t be a problem if they continue on their self-destructive path influenced by disgusting role models. Mexicans (broadly speaking) certainly will. To a nationalist Mexican who’s conservative, California still belongs to them, it’s only occupied by you. Same goes for Texas. This time, they don’t need to declare any war to take them over, your government have been giving it back to them for 25 years (1988 Amnesty). This is all to destroy your country, just hope you understand what it is… and Fox News or the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, they’re all for it. It’s not Left-Right, not GOP-Dems, it’s everyone being lied to… and appeasing their puppet masters.

            Don’t make it about Blacks, they are incapable of doing much except causing wanton destruction. Let me know when you see a black person working on a farm, the basis of a civilized society is to grow your own food and harvest it. Americans decided to subsidize the basis of sustenance to a cheap labor destroying your living standards in the process. That’s globalism and it’s like a religion to your government, the free movement of people and goods. Nomadic people all over again.

          • Bobthefirst

            Your views are wildly inaccurate, but that is most likely because of your attempt to analyze the United States from your viewpoint as a French Canadian. I could spend all day proselytizing about the ails of the Canadian government and how the lack of an agreed upon universal language of government is inefficient and unnecessarily expensive, but it would all be conjecture based on the second hand accounts of expats.

            Again, I reject your suggestion that any American is incapable of doing anything except causing wanton destruction. I think that is a pessimistic, elitist, and bigoted point of view. On this, we shall never agree.

            Thankfully, we are not all as cynical about the future of our nation as you are. I pray that you are proven incorrect in your analysis.

        • emaleroland

          be racist if you want. There’s nothing wrong with solidarity towards your own race. The problem is using it as a narrative to inflict harm on others. The black community owns that. You know it. I know it. Even, racist Chris Rock knows it.

          • screaminjay

            If I do seem to disagree, it’s only about minor stuff. Of course, to the PC-police, I am outrageously racist, because everyone who think otherwise is…

            But the thing with identity-politics is simply that I can understand why an ethnic group will have solidarity for those who look like them. I don’t think that’s wrong if they do it sanely.

            I am not saying race-baiting is sane, it’s a racket to make money out of doing nothing good with your life. But that black can have solidarity, who cares? Some of them also can see beyond their color and understand this case was junk. Like this guy:

            Some of them can understand that race-baiting is junk and make them collectively look bad.

          • Jeremy

            He see through the B.S. good for him.

        • grais

          Your ethnic group before your country??
          That’s sort of (I mean ‘completely’) missing the point and spirit of this country, wouldn’t you say?

          (jesishcrist *smh*)

          • screaminjay

            No, country first of course, you have to live within the same borders after all.

            After all, the thing with race is that it’s traits gained through geography, temperature, many elements like that. Races do exist, but they are shaped over time. So the whites in Australia or South-Africa overtime will go darker, slowly but surely. While the blacks in Canada will turn whiter, slowly but surely.

            The country come first, but everyone have heritages. As I like to point out, there’s as many Norwegians in Canada and the US as there is in Norway. This is a very assimilated people now, so most of them do not speak Norwegian at all. Not all groups are like them however, an Irish remain in his tradition even if he doesn’t speak Irish anymore. An Italian, much the same. They are Catholics, so distinct from the original settlers, they shaped the overall culture by their inclusion.

            Some groups have just stronger roots, others are easier to mix. Especially Protestants with Protestants, the merger is easy, Germanic Tribes, Protestants, similar values and tradition.

            The USA is a very unique experiment in the world. You can watch at the opposite situation, Whites in South-Africa, now that’s a very persecuted group. Being a White Farmer there is now among the most dangerous job, a lot of them are being killed. Canada is the only country that recognize this and we take white refugees.

            If the opposite can’t be true, if a White minority can’t live in peace with a Black majority, then we have a problem. Of course, South-Africa was founded as a country the same way as the US. White settlers gone there, there was tribes around, they settled and made a country. Now it was handed over for the majority to run it.

            The US was founded by English people, then the Republic decided to take in mass-immigration to build up their agrarian then industrial juggernaut. Mostly European immigration there. Only recently have immigration turned almost exclusively non-European, that’s a choice. You venture to say, as the rest of the West, that any possible culture from every potential backgrounds can live side by side within the same borders. I don’t know if this is true.

            I do not even believe it’s those general categories like black or white. There is many kinds of black people and many kinds of white people. A Slav is not a Greek… Like an Ethiopian is not a Zulu. Even Arabs are generally to be considered white people.

            Small details then, white people are in all Continents if you accept the broad definition of what it mean. Yet, Arab Sunnis and English Protestants, do they get along, can they ever? It’s a fair question? How does one become an Englishman? Just papers?

            What does it mean to become an American? Is it just borders without anything else? It’s a complex question I cannot answer within a comment on a blog, but it’s this idiocy called multiculturalism that ruined everything for everyone, because it tell people they don’t need to have common values.

          • emaleroland

            God first, above all else. This encompasses truth. Next? Family, friends, state, country.

          • LisaMarie DeLoach Neilson

            I am an American living in Canada (Alberta). I agree with everything you have posted. Those that don’t understand what you are saying are either idiots, or intentionally trying to ignore the common sense in your statements.

          • screaminjay

            Well, of course… we live in the same country. I am in Quebec, bet you didn’t know some of us were not socialist loonies with all your press telling you what to think about us.

            Even bi-cultural countries like Canada or Belgium struggle to have a peaceful co-existence if there is two very strong identity-groups competing for power and influence.

            It’s funny in Canada too, because maybe Canadians think much the same on most issues, but the clear distinction is that Quebec-bashing trump bashing Trudeaupian Multiculturalism. I see parallels with the US always blaming “gun-owning middle-class middle-aged white males” for everything that’s wrong in the country (especially the liberal medias)… and Canada obsession with Quebecers. Especially the evil white ones up to no good. We just don’t perceive ourselves as a minority, we’re not immigrants, we settled this land, built everything in it and populated it at a rate of a dozen babies per family.

            That’s the same manipulation in both countries by the medias to create divisions among the people. What’s funny is, while there is perpetual Quebec-bashing, we don’t even care one second to respond to it in kind. That’s the thing when you don’t consider yourself a victim-group, you don’t cry foul, you don’t feel the other can’t condescend to you or criticize your culture. Yep, we have collective problems, so does English-Canadians who are a distinct people.

            First they (Trudeaupian ideologies, Charter of Rights, etc) flood you with immigrants, then they blame you for the economic disaster this create. Well, you know, unemployment rate among French Montrealers is only 5%. For the immigrants that are imported to help fix the economy (and improve government revenues), it’s getting close to 19%, so thanks for the wonderful boost! Working so well so far that I wonder why we don’t increase it some more. In practical terms, it’s a way to eradicate us, are you so sure what replace us will work out so well… I’m not anti-immigration, but the normal kind, that bring in people we may need, not the kind we have as a matter of policies bringing in all sorts of people who have nothing worthwhile to do when they get here.

            Want to know the dumbest thing, if the PQ government right now decided to cut down severely on immigration and going as far as giving a net preference to immigrants from France, every medias in Canada would call it racist, the Supreme Court would say it’s unconstitutional and we’d have Amnesty International on our case. Oh well, in the meantime our city is being improved by Algerians I guess.

        • Bobthefirst

          It is not normal to me. The truth knows no race. You may be pretending, but do not feel entitled to accuse me of doing the same. I have neither allegiance to white people, nor animosity for people of any other hue.

          • screaminjay

            I will agree it’s not really about race or skin colors. There is many ethnic groups among whites and blacks.

            See the article on Wikipedia to understand the difference. An Ethnic Group is not akin to a Race:

            If millions of Han Chinese move into Tibet, marry Tibetans, have babies with them, erase their culture and tradition, impose their own. Then this is a slow collapse of that culture and identity.

            If millions of Hispanics move to California and Texas, overtime it will have an effect. They formerly were part of Mexico, maybe they will be again given time at current rates of immigration, which is wholly irrational.

            I am French-Canadian, around a million of us migrated south from 1840 to 1930 to work in US factories (better pay than Canadian factories was the reason). We were not cheap labor, just a workforce needed. Those who moved assimilated, they lost their language overtime, so their heritage is more biological than cultural.

            Of course, French and English are the same people racially speaking, but they are different ethnic groups for historical reasons, having a different language, religion and ancestral ethnic background. Part Roman, part Visigoth, part Gaul, part Viking, etc… and Catholics since Clovis turned the former Romans into the Kingdom of the Franks.

            If you understand details of history, those who inhabited today’s France were called the Gauls. They were massacred by Caesar, so they vanished from history. They were absorbed in the Roman Empire and became Latin, they lost their religion (Druidism) and language. It was an ethnic group, it disappeared. Just like the new Greeks are not the same people as the Ancient Greeks as an ethnic group.

            If you think this is about racism, then the whole history of civilization was just a silly construction to divide people and we should just have one planet without border, one religion, one language, one global culture. Now that would be boring wouldn’t it?

    • Dutra

      Isn’t his beef with the jury and the prosecution that selected and approved them?

      • emaleroland

        No. Chris Rock’s thinking process, if you can call it that, is like alternating current. It follows the least resistance, just like criminals who beat a path to the gun-free zones. See Chicago.

    • Charles Stephens

      When has Chris Rock EVER been anything but smart like a box of hammers? He’s an idiot. He’s a funny idiot, but an idiot none-the-less…

    • drtevans

      Because he is black and no matter how well educated sooner or later the nig ger comes out in all of them……………….just look at obama

  • Clete Torres

    There’s a reason why everyone (intelligent) hates Chris.

    • Steve E

      Dislikes Chris…..

      • emaleroland

        or despises

      • JustLurkin

        DOUBLE AHEM, “EVERYONE HATES CHRIS” was the title of a very funny and successful sitcom that was a Chris Rock brainchild. Kinda ironical, ain’t it?

        • emaleroland

          Yes and more irony is it wasn’t a Chris Rock brainchild. It was a take off of Everybody Loves Raymond. There are other plagiarized shows, among other things, that come out as a race-based “black” altered version.

          • Rightturn

            How is it in any conceivable way a ‘takeoff’ of Everybody Loves Raymond?

    • jukin

      The Hollywood Illiteratti sure make it easy not to use their product.

  • V the K

    And what exactly did the police order Zimmerman not to do?

    • screaminjay

      Nothing exactly… and a dispatcher can’t even order someone to do something, they only can suggest. If your house is burning and the 911 operator tell you to exit, you probably should, but do you have to?

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Thing of the matter is, it wasn’t even a 911 dispatcher… he called the non-emergency number.

        • screaminjay

          Oups, sorry… then that’s even less of an authority figure.

    • Travis Bickle

      NOTHING. “We don’t need you to do that” is not an order. These racists are just supporting Trayvon Martin because he is BLACK.

      • Carmen

        They supported his family ONLY because Obama said something stupidly.

    • Steve E

      Z should have announced who he was, and this may not have happened.

      • Spiny Norman

        How could he have “announced who he was” when Martin disappeared from view, then accosted and attacked Zimmerman from behind as GZ was walking back to his truck? Did you pay even the slightest attention to the court testimony?

        • V the K

          No, he only knows the MSDNC/Lifetime Channel version of events. Trayvon was an innocent schoolboy who was on his way home from the store with a bag of Skittles when he bent over to pet a puppy and was shot dead by a frothing white racist Rambo wannabe with an AR-15 and an NRA bumpersticker on his pick-up truck who shouted “Sean Hannity! Weeknights at 9 on FoxNews!” while he blew Trayvon away.

          • emaleroland

            What the hell are you saying? I thought it was MSLSD?

          • Billy Wade

            Plus, I heard that Martin was actually skipping and whistling the Andy Griffith Show theme tune as well.

          • Dee

            ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! 1000 thumbs up!

          • Sargonarhes

            Sarcasm detected loud and clear on that one. Burn.

          • JustLurkin

            Yeah, YEAH! That’s what I hurd!

      • emaleroland

        hahahahaha funniest s**t I’ve read all day

  • kateorjane

    Are those people (Chris & his yes peeps) all stupid or just playing at it?

    • Steve E

      They are sincere in what they believe. They have been told this shit their entire lives. “White man is the bad guy” My prayers are for the black community to realize this is their country too and not allow the “Sharptons and Obamas” to dumb them down for their agendas. Education and discipline people.

      • Guest

        Where they around here was Obama and Sharpton when “White man is the bad guy” was killing slaves. after slavery when the KKK was hanging black men just for being black. through out the history of this counrty the white man has been the bad guy when it comes to the killing of black men

        • debi berryhill

          have you read any statistics lately? because it appears that maybe we should start teaching young blacks that “the black man” is the bad guy considering black on black murder rates are higher than ever? now…wouldn’t that just be stupid? no one should be teaching any child that a person of any skin color is “the bad man”. I was robbed at gun point at a previous place of employment by two black men…doesn’t mean i teach my kids that anyone with black/brown skin is a bad person. how stupid. bad people come in all skin colors…so do good people…that seems to be something everyone is forgetting.

      • Gregory Goff

        Was Obama and sharpton around when white men were killing slaves? were they around when white men in sheets were hanging black people. No the were not. and we have heard all our lives that the “white man is the bad man because of the way you have murdered us since we been here all the way till now. can’t balme Obama and Sharpton for that!

  • waterytart

    Thank God, I can shut ‘er down now, Chris Rock has weighed in. Whew I was starting to get kinda tired of typing.

  • Kevin

    I’d lose some respect, but it all flew out the window when he said the President was like my Dad… and no, he’s NOTHING like my father was.

    • MNWoman

      I was more concerned when he said President Obama is like our boss. Statements like that are truly scary. It must always be remembered that the government works for We The People.

      • mdtljt

        I thought him proclaiming Prezzy F*cknuts Messiah was worse…

  • BoscoBolt

    The obamanites are all chiming in with epic whines – Why haven’t we heard from Cher and Bette Midler yet?

    • ObamaFail

      They’re probably trying to wash the white off, afraid that they’ll be called racist for being white.

      • Steve E

        No kidding!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Adela Wagner

        Plus hangover’s are hell, takes all day to make it to the keyboard.

    • Marcy Cook

      Shhhhh….don’t wake them from their stupid stupor.

    • chrisallenrich

      Do you think they realized that they are; old, irrelevant and lame? Probably not. Stay tuned…

    • Frustrated Teacher

      we have…search through the Zimmerman trial tabs and you will find an all caps rant from Cher. Typically unhinged at that.

      • Carmen

        I’m still waiting for Reid and Biden. Bwahahahah!!!

    • emaleroland


    • Billy Wade

      …I for one would like to hear from Rosie O’Donnell.

    • grais

      Epic faulty assumptions…and they’re all dumber than dirt. The dispatcher may or may not have been a police officer. It doesn’t make one bit of difference, though, until someone can prove that Zimmerman Did Not Obey what may or may not have been an order from police.
      Lotta people say it; no one has proved it.

  • ObamaFail

    Well Chris Rock, what about Trayvon? Shouldn’t he have NOT tried to beat a man to death?

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      At the very least, he could have abstained from fighting in school which resulted in expulsion, and subsequently getting thrown out of his mother’s house.

      • Steve E

        He was also suspended for carrying burglary tools and stolen jewelry in his school backpack. That’s a troubled kid. We have to correct our children’s thinking. Many think this is normal!

        • scared_of_shay_whitey

          why don’t you just execute blacks on site then you wont have to worry about peoples past, which has nothing to do with the day in question

          • emaleroland

            That has nothing to do with his post.

          • Finrod Felagund

            Do you always just make stuff up about people you don’t like?

          • digitalPimple

            The Chicago way?

      • scared_of_shay_whitey

        what does that have to do with being killed by a person who is happy that he killed a black, he gets points for that from you I bet so if you or your family has anything that can be used as a tool you should be killed you people are just vigilantes

        • LisaG

          I daresay that if you had bothered to use proper punctuation in this comment, you might have come out with something coherent. As best I can tell from trying to decipher your remarks, I doubt I would agree with you though.

        • Finrod Felagund

          Lay down for about 12 hours or so and the LSD trip will wear off.

        • debi berryhill

          why on earth would you not only assume that zimmerman is “happy he killed a black” but actually post those words anywhere to show your stupidy and ignorance?

    • Steve E

      See…. Race had nada to do with this.

      • ObamaFail

        MSNBC, CNN, and other race-baiters made sure that the ill-informed thought it was though.

      • Lee RMiller

        Attorney General of the United States: July 14, 2013….

        These our complaints against Mr Zimmerman (crimminal issues).
        It is my legal opion reguarding the Zimmerman trial in Florida.
        From what I have herd, Florafa State statued on Children is 17yrs old or
        is and has that statued to 22yrs of age under the care of a parent when the child is attending college.
        I understand that it was noted in the trial procedings, Mr Zimmerman claimed two to three ethnic groups on his reportings to federal agencys, and on his Florada gun lic. when working his night watchman job.,.(weapons).
        This is my complaints against Mr Zimmerman of fruadulate , Crimminal activity(crimminal issues). I also belieave the dead boy did not recieave proper legal defense, Due to him being dead. And his parents restricted to legal informations on Mr Zimmerman. July 2013.
        I am willing to testify in proper support of the legal actions on Mr Zimmerman.. if brought forward to this crime on this young boy.
        I also belieave being night watchman, private Gurad, Mr Zimmerman is held to tell the truth, I do not belieave he did that, Nor de his legal represenitive as well. With holding pretient informations from the trial.

  • Bill Turner

    Don’t hate Chris Rock, just don’t pay to see him do his stupid show. He’s not that funny unless you don’t like Caucasians.

    • Carrieann1

      Yea — he’s one of the most racist people on the planet! Everybody hates Chris? Well, he HATES white people! And he never misses a chance to let you know that!

      • Truth

        And the funny thing is, it’s white people, starting with Lorne
        Michaels of SNL, who made him rich.

        • Adela Wagner

          I’ve tried to watch him before. Made me sick to see white people in the audience cracking up when he was standing there saying vile things about them. I’ve been made fun of before and I’ve been verbally assaulted…but I’ve NEVER PAID anyone to do it.

      • Ms K

        Yeah, but that apparently is okay. Hate double standards!

  • LegalizeShemp

    Rock has a long history of despicable race-baiting in his so-called “comedy act”, what’s new here?

    • Steve E

      He just continues the “baiting” and perpetuating of this BS. WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA!

  • Greg

    Chris Rock and his fellow racists are despicable imbeciles with a very low capacity for intelligent thought.

  • Spencer Phillips

    Like Rock does everything the cops tell him! If they tell him to take a long walk off a short pier you gonna’ do that!

  • LegalizeShemp

    You see folks, libs aren’t saying ALL whites are racist, just the ones who are unwilling to lie, cheat and steal to advance the liberal agenda, those are the only whites who are racist.

  • Greg

    And when did it suddenly become illegal to follow someone? (It’s not.) Where is it written that citizens must follow suggestions given by police dispatchers? (It’s not).

  • Carter_Burger67

    People seem to be forgetting that Zimmerman had disengaged with Martin and was heading back to his car when Martin ambushed him. Wonder what that little nugget of information keeps getting forgotten in all this? And before you start to feel too sorry for his parents, Martin’s body was in the morgue 5 days before it was claimed.

    • TDS

      Because to most of the “pro-Martin” folks, all that matters is that Zimmerman was the instigator of the entire situation all because did the aggressive act of getting out of his car.
      Once he did that, the entire situation magically became his fault, and gave Martin carte blanche to attack him for that offense.

    • grais

      I think these tweeters likely didn’t listen to one minute of actual testimony.
      And they don’t comprehend FL self defense law.

  • Oilfart1

    that guy is dumber than a rock. Damn!

  • NoVictims

    Actually the 911 dispatcher said, “we don’t need you to do that”. George Zimmerman heard we don’t NEED you to do that, he didn’t mind doing it so that when the police, whom he’d called, arrived, he could point them to where the suspicious person was.
    Chris Rock is just one more person who wants it to be a certain way regardless of the facts.

  • Christine Reinbolt Wilson

    NOTICE to all would be attackers…if you are beating my head against the concrete, I will shoot you the same way GZ did….JUSTICE was served in this case

  • Muttmonger Iam

    Why do people pander to these so-called celebrities?

  • habalady

    why do we care what Chris Rock has to say? He is somebody glorified by the media>

  • cabledawg

    I love how people act like these “celebrities” are legal experts! LMAO! most of these azzholes barely got out of high school! And all these black “celebrities” do not even give a wombat shit about TM. They are sitting in the multi-million dollar homes not giving a shit about you, me, and especially TM.

  • S Cory Collins

    So the people who fought to end Lynching, now demand a lynching…

  • MNWoman

    To the person who asked “Why was there even a trial?” I say “WOW!”

    Seriously, have people forgotten that every American accused of a crime has the right to a trial by jury? When you start suggesting accused people should not have the right to a fair trial by jury, it goes beyond absurd.

    • Richard Rowe

      they are saying there shouldnt have been a trail ,because he should have never been charged.

      • janieb34

        Not if you read the comment. They were indicating that he’s guilty and should have never gotten a trial.

    • GaryTheBrave

      If any person who claimed that Zimmerman was guilty just because he was charged ever has to go to trial, I’m certain they would want the jury to look at the evidence rather than just assume they are guilty because they have been charged.

    • jukin

      Only “Crazy Ass Crackers” don’t get trials.

  • URGR82

    Racism is strong in this one (Chris)…yeeess yes yes it is.

    • emaleroland

      He is our last hope. No, there is another.

  • Jacobs Camping

    Don’t make this about race. they were two people in a bad situation; but there are always some who need to spout not matter what. makes them feel important.

  • tessaprn

    I do wish if people are going to put their opinions out there, they would at least know the facts to what they tweet. NO police told GZ to do anything.

  • MNWoman

    For all the people outraged by this case, I wonder how many of them followed the case closely or just depend on misinformation.

    What happened was a tragedy, no doubt about it. But Zimmerman had a right to defend himself in a court of law and it was up to the state to prove he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Misinformation being repeated, such as the difference between a dispatcher and a cop, the difference between the dispatcher saying “we dont’ need you to do that and “DON’T do that” will only create more outrage.

    • V the K

      And I can’t fault people too much for saying idiotic things like “The police ordered Zimmerman to stand down,” and “Trayvon was just an innocent black kid walking back from the store,” because they are just regurgitating the lies fed to them by the MFM.

  • Steve_J

    Most of the people like Rock seem very poorly informed about the entire situation.

  • aclay777

    I am pumped, been blogging all day, but damn, Chris Rock came for a battle of wits and arrived unarmed, no real reason to waist time blogging this guys tweet, nor buy or see anymore of his so called career.

    • Brian Keim


  • TJ

    How not to get your ass kick by the police works for anyone not to get their ass kick by someone in the rain and in the dark. Trayvon tried to kick George’s crazy ass cracker and failed.

  • David Williams

    You didn’t trust the court system, why would you trust the police?

  • Tin

    So that’s where “dumb as a box of rocks” comes from – Chris Rock – and now we know.

  • Marcy Cook

    If he watched the trial instead of shooting off his mouth with no facts he would have learned that the dispatcher was a civilian and can’t give orders. He would have also heard that after the dispatcher said that he said “Can you see where he went?: O’Mara asked “Wouldn’t a reasonable person think that you wanted him to “see where he went?” The answer: “Yeah, I guess someone could think that.”

    Also the stand your ground law says specifically that you have no obligation to retreat.

    • Spiny Norman

      He didn’t need to follow the trial, because he is a superior being who “knows the Real Truth”, or at least the Urban Culture version.

  • fed-up

    Chris Rock just lost another fan.

    • Travis Bickle


    • xxGuitardudexx

      More than one.

  • Brian Keim

    Chris Rock is smart? Now that is funny!! Not sure what Law school he graduated from?? A) Dispatcher B) Following someone is NOT a crime C) The Jury believed that once Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman bashing his head, he felt endangered for thus self defense. Florida law

  • Duke of Earl

    GZ was looking for TM. So he must have quit following him or he would not be looking for him…

    • Travis Bickle

      Learn the facts. GZ was asked by 911, “where is he now” and GZ said, “He is now looking at me, he is coming toward me”. Martin is responsible for his own death and the jury agreed.

  • mspm

    No comment can’t think of a response to stupidity

  • Conservaguy

    I wonder if he realizes the 911 operator isn’t a police officer. Rock is a total moron and a racist of epic proportions. He should be ignored just like all other racist leftists.

  • Guest

    Funny how theses racist IDIOTS think that DISPATCHERS are POLICE and have any authority to do or don’t do what they tell you to do.. So glad another POS if off this earth.

    • rinodino

      Lets see how you feel when mr. Wannabe cop comes back in the news , not by his own doing this time, you pos

    • TDS

      I listened to one idiot this morning that actually believed that the police had told Zimmerman to stay at home, and he had THEN gone and chased down Martin in his car before getting out and shooting him.

      And this wasn’t just some idiot off the street saying that was saying this. It was someone that had been invited on one of today’s Sunday morning news shows.

      I just couldn’t believe it.

  • Todd Tizzod

    chris rock isnt that funny.I dont care for his movies.Chris Tucker is 100% funnier.chris rocks opinion dont mean SQUAT…….

  • TDS

    Sorry, Chris, but NO that is NOT actually illegal.

    But maybe Trayvon would still be alive if he had seen your PSA:

  • Travis Bickle

    I’m glad all these racist black celebs are showing their true racist colors. I’ll boycott them all!

  • DrSamHerman

    Since when did Chris Rock become such a fan of the police? Suddenly he’s a law and order ttye after being an antisocial jerk all of his life?

  • KAPPY234

    Enough already. It’s done, over. The jury did the right thing by evaluating the evidence (or lack thereof). It was overkill on the part of the prosecution trying to convict on the greater charge. Unfortunately, the liberal media will continue to inflame the public in the hope they can use this issue to sell more advertising space, regardless of the potential lawlessness that might result from their actions.

  • Calcat36

    “So the police tell you to do something you ignore them:” STOP RIGHT THERE. If I am stopped by the police, and I fail to comply with an officer’s LAWFUL order(s), guess what could happen to me! I would be failing to comply, which is illegal! Not to mention STUPID! Besides professor Rock-head, GZ was NOT a police officer. TM chose to be a thug, and he died like one. How much money has Rock-head given to the family?

    Put your money where your big mouth is, blow hard.

  • mattwm

    the police did not tell him to stop following, the dispatcher said that they did not need him to do it. the dispatcher is not a policeman or a law enforcement office of any kind. some facts will always be ignored by the far left, it’s how they dupe people. and he did stop following and was heading to his truck when he was attacked.

  • Justin Hogan

    Not only was it a dispatcher, but the phrasing the dispatcher used was that officers were being dispatched and they did not need him to follow the suspect.

  • Richard Wayne

    This braindead individual helped bring the ‘news show’ Totally Biased with Kamau Bell. It is a third rate daily show but with more race jokes!

  • Larry G.

    Chris Rock: Comedian jackass.

  • keyboard jockey

    Chris Rock smug for no good reason.

  • king

    Stick to your script Chris when you think for yourself you sound like a dummy.

  • bee

    rock is a scumbag

  • porgiefirefighter

    Everybody write really slow so Chris Rock can understand. “The police did not talk to Zimmerman, it was a 911 operator.” In the next lesson, we will explain the difference.

  • Commiefornia

    What did Rodney King do when the police told him to lie on the ground so they could cuff him for his safety and their’s?

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Assume that it was a police officer, like he believed. Ignoring a police officer is not illegal unless you have been placed under arrest or he is telling you not to do something that is already a crime.

  • Soonershooter

    Chris Rock is dumber as all hell, from wiki:
    “Rock was bussed to schools in predominately white neighborhoods of Brooklyn, where he endured bullying and beatings from white students.”—-
    He ended up getting a GED…the end of his formal schooling…

    • john1schn

      well, that can’t be true, cause we all know the only racism in America is in the South.

  • Lilli

    Why do idiots keep repeating the lie that the police commanded GZ to “STAND DOWN”…(yes, I have literally had someone tell me that was a “fact” and exact wording of the command)….because the truth doesn’t fit their race baiting, hate mongering, country dividing narrative…

    • MNWoman

      Apparently people would rather Zimmerman be tried in the court of public opinion where distorted facts are considered reliable evidence.

      Early reporting of this case in the mainstream media did nothing to help people get the full picture of this case and I don’t think people cared after the facts were accurately presented in the court of law.

    • TDS

      I listened to one idiot this morning that actually believed that the
      police had told Zimmerman to stay at home, and he had THEN gone and
      chased down Martin in his car before shooting him.

      And this wasn’t just some idiot off the street saying this, it was someone that
      had been invited on one of today’s Sunday morning news shows.

      I just couldn’t believe it.

      • Finrod Felagund

        Just when you think people can’t get any more stupid, they find a way to surprise you.

  • unknown

    How did Grown Ups 2 do at the box office this weekend?

    • john1schn

      I suspect, better than the others!

    • Finrod Felagund

      It didn’t even beat Despicable Me 2 which was on its second weekend.

  • Guest Speaker

    The real irony is the suggestion to not follow was to protect Zimmerman against Trayvon. The dispatcher just assumes the suspect you called in about really is a criminal, and if they think they are about to be caught they could react with violence.

    Also, for all Trayvon knew Zimmerman may have been an undercover cop. He didn’t even want to answer one question. He fled as if he was guilty. Trayvon had been busted before by people who look like Zimmerman. He smoked weed and knew to hide your joint when somebody like Zimmerman is coming. Trayvon ran because he thought he was a cop and didn’t want to get in more trouble(was at his Dads for trouble). If Trayvon would have had basic civics he would have told Zimmerman he was staying at his Dads and just on the phone.

  • corey2444

    Chis Rock is on my “do not support” list..

  • LAinNY

    Facts can really confuse these idiots that aren’t looking for justice but revenge…..

  • Calvin

    Chris Rock is not just stupid, he’s very proud to be stupid.

  • religionandhistory

    Pretend a community watch person only watching someone cannot defend himself from being brutally assaulted by a “child just getting some skittles” . Pretend a jury cannot see the enabling crimes (the state for political gain prosecuting an innocent man , tampering with evidence while politicians and liberal media destroy a man personally and financially with distorted facts , black and white photographs , half truths and disseminate outright lies) ! Law ,Evidence , Justice and a Jury of our peers …What was it you wanted …..? God bless each member of the jury with more sense than left leaning cheerleaders of racial division in the progressive media , or drug addled court jesters known fondly today as celebrities , actors and entertainers !

  • Raejean

    Chris Rock, you stupid or something?

  • FFlintstone

    911 operators are not policeman. They don’t give “orders”. They give advice. Liberal America is an example of th blind leading the blind. Now, thousands of idiot liberals are going to repeat Chris Rock’s idiocy like its a fact. Thousands more will repeat what they say. It’s a giant game of idiot liberal telephone.

    • Michelle

      The funny thing about Libs continuing to say Zimmerman defied an order is, they’re the one always crying about the police. Funny, they agree with a police order if it suits their agenda and second, for people who hate the police, they should stop creating more imaginary ones by assuming dispatchers are police officers.

  • Conrad2010

    Ever notice when Chris moves his eyes left & right. He looks like a Ventriloquist’s Manikin?

  • Conservagrl

    And when are we going to see Chris Rock leading marches protesting against crime on the South Side of Chicago and Detroit?

  • Terry Brown

    wow did he even watch the trial?

  • bkp100

    Well… it’s now official. Talent and intelligence *can* be mutually exclusive…

  • Dennis E. Amnott

    Apparently FACTS aren’t important to Chris Rock. Although, I am quite surprised he didn’t throw in a bunch of his “whitey and nigga” crap into his sentences as usual. The trial is over…..your side lost this time. The only real witness that survived is George Zimmerman and his lawyers presented a more credible case than did the Prosecution wuth their maybe’s and what if’s”

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    Even after the trial… even after the facts have been legally discussed and put into public record as a matter of law… even after all this… the facts behind what happened are still being spun and twisted by those on the left… and ignored by so-called ‘Low Information Voters’.

    I think some ‘Low Information Voters’ aren’t that at all. I think they actively discard evidence that doesn’t fit their world view because they’re comfortable with the status quo and don’t really want any sort of change that goes against that… to the point that not only will they discard the truth but prefer to be lied to.

    • SutureSelf

      There are still people who believe that the war in Iraq was blood for oil, that Bush lied, people died and that it was all in revenge for Saddam’s intention to kill GHWB. There are people who believe that 9/11 was an inside job and that all the Jews in the WTC were told not to show up for work that day. There are still people who believe that the Apollo moon landings were faked. There are those who believe Simpson didn’t kill Ron and Nicole but he knows who did.

      Why on earth should we expect the facts in this case to hold any more sway than the facts in those?

  • GulfPundit

    So the facts tell Chris Rock one thing, he ignores them, and everyone ends up more stupid.

  • unbiasedonthefence

    Despite what the media says…
    911 operators have no authority, GZ wasn’t obligated to listen..
    Furthermore the dispatcher said “We don’t NEED you to do that” Not… No, Stop, Shouldn’t…

    That’s why the prosecutor was NOT able to move forward on the basis
    that GZ acted AGAINST a dispatchers ADVICE and decided to pursue, that
    resulted in TM death… The decision was left up to GZ,…

    Another person in need of a remedial English Class

  • Jamie Huff

    Just keep opining Chris and I’ll keep NOT listening to your “artistic” output

  • justus1

    answer this question……….how did mr. martin get that close to mr. zimmerman that he could throw a punch and break his nose? when you figure that out, you have solved the case.

  • Guest

    Hey Chris Rock, first of all you aren’t funny. Let me axe you something. Why don’t you try to do something about the hundreds of blacks killing each other each other instead of concerning yourself about one gansta wanna be who picked a fight with the wrong “creepy ass cracka?

  • AZ_skier1

    Hey Chris Rock, first of all you aren’t funny. But let me axe you something. Why don’t you try to do something about the hundreds of black youths killing each other in Chicago, Detroit and other cities instead of concerning yourself with one wanna be gansta thug who picked a fight with the wrong “creepy ass cracka”? If you don’t believe in self defense…fire your body guard…I DARE YOU! Yeah…that’s what I thought you racist chicken $hit!!

  • AmericanMom

    Chris, if you are leaving to go back to your car and someone jumps and attacks you, how then could you call that ignoring the place where you called? Guess we’ll never know unless it happens to you?

  • Spikehb

    He should change his name from Chris Rock to Box-Of Rock because it would describe his intelligence better.

    • john1schn

      Boxes of Rocks all over are offended.

      • jtgun

        Yes, isn’t that a civil rights offense?

  • Ron Jossendal

    All Hollywood is a bunch of liberal morons!!

  • Garrett Gripling

    Finally I can sleep knowing that my wait of Chris Rock’s take is over.

  • yourmamatoo

    Ah, the gated community, hypocrites , are all speaking out.

  • Jeremy
  • GetsumJ

    In a related story, The local crime rate declines 5% after Martin is shot….

  • glo1934

    I frankly have NEVER CARED for Chris Rock and do not watch his movies; I have always felt he was pretty much of a low life, and everytime he opens his mouth he prove it; I used to wonder if it was just the roles he played but soon realized that NO, by golly, it was the REAL THING!

  • BillyHW

    All of a sudden the words of the police are sacrosanct to black people.

    • TDS

      No. They are just required to be followed by white (and off-white) people.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Which one way Trayvon Martin? Guns, weed, stolen jewelry, burglary tools.

  • Freedomride Ky


  • $8515856

    He’s right, there should never have been a trial, Zimmerman was defending himself from a thug, simple Fla. law states you have the right to use a gun if you think your life is threatened. Chris, if I was banging your head against a concrete sidewalk, don’t you think you would have the same right.

    • Peoriaboy

      Now that’s a good thought as you just might knock some sense into that thick racist skull of his chris rock go back to africa and live a good life before one of your own destroys you like they did that rapper from oakland hated white people so much one of his own riddled his ass with bullets.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Amazing. Not a grain of truth to any of the “facts” that have gotten Black Americans so angry, but it’s the word of the Lord to them. Such reactions used to make me furious, but now I just pity them. To advance the liberal agenda, Entertainment Industry, Press, Higher-Ed, and Race-Hustler are just destroying a whole demographic of the country

  • tgimacb

    Oregon 911 dispatcher tells woman caller “ask the intruder to leave”

  • Zefal

    Does chris rock hate Hispanics because George Lopez jumped ahead in the affirmative line to get a talk show? #REalReasonBehindOutrage

  • Lee RMiller

    jury made up sea witches; Rand, it was a 17yr old boy unarmed visiting, and was attacked buy Zimmerman, The boy was defending him self from Zimmerman; Zimmerman should have waited for back up security ? call in for the city police, Zimmerman did not, Zimmerman made physical contact with 17yr old boy, after Zimmerman was losing the physical fight, Zimmerman shot the Child in the chest. Zimmerman should have his DNA checked for illegal drugs…….This case is telling people Zimmerman mexicans have more rights that US Citizens, and many more like his kind can kill your children and get away with it…Manythat say he is no guilty, is unjust as the verdit..

    • Shambhala666

      English is your friend. Learn it.

  • Lt. Frank Drebin, Police Squad

    Let these people say stupid things. With every stupid statement, their ticket sales go down.

  • Know Really

    Are these celebrities that confident in their popularity that they insist on chancing p’ing off some fans who used to laugh at their jokes but will disagree with their political views? I know for a fact that my days of even giving a listen to CR are over. His popularity no longer rising, predict his best days are behind him.

  • Arkuy The Great

    Hard to believe that this is the same Chris Rock who once pointed the finger at his own community to excoriate the ignorant, violent, criminal element within. He even went so far as to call them by the “n-bomb” and declare “I’ll do a drive-by from here to Brooklyn!”.
    What happened to you, Chris? You used to be beautiful!

  • unbiasedonthefence

    I have followed the entire story from the start.. On CNN, MSNBC AND
    FOX, without watching the trial; and will tell you why GZ should of been found GUILTY.
    This is what happened that night…

    Trayvon after leaving choir practice at church went to the store to
    buy some skittles and tea for his little brother. On his way home
    singing church songs he helped an old lady with her umbrella and walked her
    across the street. He also saved 10 puppies and got some bullies to stop
    harassing a few girl scouts around the corner..
    Only a block away from his dads home, George recklessly drove by in a Hummer
    and and saw Trayvon was black. He immediately stopped the car, called
    911 and started to pursue; Trayvon seeing George following him, ran
    George being a track star caught up to Trayvon and asked him what
    he was doing around here. Trayvon said he wasn’t from around here and
    was just on his way to his dads house. George then stumbled backwards
    and hit his head on the pavement; causing him to scream in pain.
    As Trayvon called for help, he leaned over to help George up.
    That’s when George pulled out his .50 smith&wesson and shot Trayvon in the
    chest. George then stood up and thought, the first bullet needed some
    company..and shot Trayvon another 4 times.
    5 minutes later the police arrived and high-fived George..

  • Justified308

    You can’t fix stupid. But you CAN laugh at his ignorant a$$.

  • RedSoloCup

    He must have an IQ of a rock.

  • The Official Andy ®

    I used to think Chris Rock was funny. Now, he is just on that list of “Idiot Celebrities” upon which I will never spend a single dime of my entertainment budget on.

  • Carmen

    Oh, Chris Rock, I used to think you were funny. That’s exactly the point. “Used to.”

    • Finrod Felagund

      He’s still funny, just in the ‘off in the head’ sense instead of the comedic sense.

    • Peoriaboy

      I never did find him funny or eddie, Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby are the best , actually every white person ought to be sending his cd’s back to him

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    Didn’t these rocket scientists listen to the trial?! The prosecution had nothing. Zimmerman never should have been arrested. Zimmerman should sue anyone & everyone who demonized him.

  • DanFielding

    If Trayvon was white or if Zimmerman was black, then Zimmerman would have been found guilty. There was no evidence to show that it was reasonable for Zimmerman to use deadly force in that situation. Zimmerman was found not guilty because Trayvon was black and he is light skinned. There is no denying this fact.

    • Shambhala666

      At least that’s your delusion.

      • JRu4Life

        Yeah, so every time a white (or “white hispanic”) person is acquitted for an alleged crime against a black it’s obvious that they have only been acquitted because of their skin color. Right, whatever. #sarcasm

    • JRu4Life

      Yeah, so every time a white (or “white hispanic”) person is acquitted
      for an alleged crime against a black it’s obvious that they have only
      been acquitted because of their skin color. Right, whatever. #sarcasm

    • Peoriaboy

      You are so full of it and many person has been knocked to the ground and struck his head on something and died. The truth is Martin was looking for an unlocked door on the way home thats why he was so in touch with this woman he was on the phone with as she was probably giving him instructions as to what apartment that no one was at home in thats why he was complaining some one is following me so I won’t be able to get in until I shake him.Chris Rock should know the routine.

    • Jer

      You seem to not understand how our justice system works. It is not up to the defense to present evidence showing it was reasonable to use deadly force. It is the burden of the prosecutors to prove that Zimmerman broke the law in using deadly force. They failed to do so. It’s that simple.

      What you seem to be saying is that the prosecution met the burden of proof, and proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was guilty of the crimes he was charged with and yet jury is so racist that they disregarded all of that to find him not guilty. Which apparently means you were there for the trial and the jury deliberations.

  • Shook Roofing

    Wish comedians would just amuse me and stop with the social policy bull talk.

  • JPKirkpatrick

    Chris Rock Don’t…

  • Harry Stolzy

    If I had a son he would not look, think or act like Chris Rock…. Believe that!!

  • tops116

    Not only was it a 911 dispatcher Zimmerman was talking to, but that person didn’t even tell Zimmerman to back off. The dispatcher said Zimmerman wasn’t needed to pursue that violent thug.

    Speaking of which, Trayvon supporters keep forgetting to ask the one key question: why was Trayvon violently assaulting Zimmerman? As I recall, so many of that crowd kept insisting that Zimmerman was on top and doing the hitting, but then preferred not to talk about that aspect at all when an eyewitness said Trayvon was on top. Interesting… in a “kind of destroys their whole argument” kind of way.

    As for Chris Rock, didn’t like the result of the trial, eh? Well, too f***ing bad. Grow a pair and move on with the rest of your life. I realize the latter isn’t a tempting option considering you flushed your career down the toilet about ten years ago and only get by these days by leeching off Adam Sandler, but still, try to be a grown up.

    • Peoriaboy

      Some brother will probably do his a–in.

  • Mike G

    The 911 operators are NOT police, or at the very least, they are trained to be conservative with the caller’s life. They apparently have no “legal authority” to tell you what to do when you choose to risk you life. They would have told him to, say, “stay out of a burning building” and not rescue kids.

  • Mike G

    And Chris Rock is a moron. This is the same idiot who says that Obama and Moochele are my father and mother. He says I have to “respect them like parents,” but the same was not true for George and Barbara? I never voted for EITHER guy. Not the point. I HAD a mother and father. Bush-Obama? They are the same! And Chris rock is STILL a moron!

  • K-Bob

    Obsessing over skin color makes you sound stupid.

    The Hollywood types love to sound stupid.

  • AZWarrior

    I think it is time for La Raza to camp out on this racist Hispanicaphobe’s yard for a few months. No justice for Zimmerman, no peace!

  • Derek Penner

    But they didn’t explicitly tell Zimmerman “do not follow him”

  • Thomas Duensing

    Why do all of these people hate Zimmerman? He was tried and found not guilty. Maybe they all just hate Hispanics? Isn’t that racism?

  • Gary Fraser

    Yeah Chris Rock – that jury and law and order stuff is so over-rated. What we need is more pandering celebs saying whatever enters their prejudiced little minds, and what causes the least capable of us to say “hey right on man” etc.

  • Gary Fraser

    It’s getting so that no self-respecting high black kid can go out, buy some skittles, kick the crap out of some sorta white guy, and not get shot at….. where is the US we used to love…..

  • HARP2

    Low info Hollywood at it`s best.

  • John Smith

    This comes from the same idiot who refuses to celebrate 4th of July because it reminds of how bad America is.

    • Darth Chingus

      Yeah it’s so bad in America… how did a poor black man like Chris Rock get so damn rich in awful America?

      • Peoriaboy

        And you would think that now that they are all so rich they would move back to Africa where they would no longer have to be profiled. I’m beginning to think that instead of rounding up the ten or twenty million mexicans it should be those Africans and then they would no longer have to call them selves Americans.

  • John Smith

    This comes from the same idiot who refuses to celebrate 4th of July because it reminds of how bad America is.

  • PrincessofSnark

    And you all expected something else?

  • Steve Peterson

    Amazing that people are screaming “bloody murder” over this when some of the SAME people probably “danced a jig” when O.J. Simpson was found “not guilty”!

  • BearNJ

    So many like Rock promote this stalker angle for GZ who was a community watchman. Tell me then why wasn’t Zimmerman’s gun drawn if his intent was to kill Trayvon? GZ account seems logical that he confront and was attacked by Martin. This is a tragedy but Martin was beating Zimmerman who was screaming for help. Zimmerman had the right to defend himself.

  • Robert17

    Chris Rock has never been funny. He can’t hold Eddie Murphy’s jockstrap.

    • Peoriaboy

      Or the great Richard Pryor the only one that comes close is Chappell

  • realitychecked

    Chris Rock clearly has the intellect of a rock. ‘enuff said.

  • MarcusFenix

    This time, Rock is way off.

    Now, his rant, some years ago with regards to gun control, and the cost of bullets….actually made total sense to me.

  • MaryUKtheScot

    The first time I heard the “cracker” thing was a Chris Rock show, but that’s ACCEPTABLE racism!! “Kill cracker babies”!!!!!!

  • el_polacko

    i’m so weary of this mis-informed idea that george was told to stay in his car. didn’t anybody hear the actual 911 call ? george was already out of his truck trying to keep an eye on martin’s whereabouts and getting an address for the dispatcher when he was asked if he was following him to which george said “yes” then the dispatcher said “we don’t need you to do that” and george answered “okay” and was on his way BACK to his truck when he was attacked by martin. i must have heard this ‘he was told to stay in the car’ thing a thousand times in the last 24 hours and it’s simply not true.

  • Trudy Hill

    well the police did not tell him to NOT SHOOT, so what is your problem?

  • Kevin Underwood

    Chris Rocktard smarter than that? The guy is an idiot LOL along with all the other Libtards in Hollyweird

  • ScottinVA

    This is what happens when celebutards blurt out comments while armed with nothing but emotions and a political agenda. Chris… once again.. you have NO clue.

    Where was your outrage when the murderer O.J. Simpson was “acquitted?” Now, THERE was a real injustice.

  • $27789750

    These people are determined to cause trouble. It’s not even that they really care, they’re just upset that they lost.

  • Splinter Cell

    From a know-nothing racist comedian whose jokes all about WHITE CRACKERS and N****S? This is not news!

  • Matt

    Pretty sure a black man assaulting a white hispanic is a crime.

  • Ellen Altman

    As usual, Chris Rock demonstrates his idiocy and obvious bias. A 911 dispatcher is NOT a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), and does not hold the same authority as an LEO. Their advice or suggestions are just that…they are made to assist in the safety of that person. In fact…Zimmerman DID return to his truck after getting the name of the street sign where he last saw TM.

  • jbrown

    Just because someone can make you laugh at their ignorant jokes doesn’t mean they have a brain bigger than an aspirin.

  • Wayne Lyle

    First of all, 911 operators are not police!

  • eeddggy

    How stupid is Rock? My God he is one big nincompoop.

  • Kaya Hund

    I am sure that we will see Chris marching in the streets of Chicago soon, protesting all of the black on black violence that kills dozens of young black men every month.

  • frankie61969

    I say we stop going to see all of the Adam Sandler movies Rock is in and all of his own sh*t. The only way t get the Hollywood libs to understand is to hit them in the pocket book. Hollywood is out of touch ,your father said it Rock .The jury spoke

  • alumin

    Thanks for showing your true racist ignorance Chris Rock. Another performer I will never watch again. I hope you go broke.

  • wupe wilson

    If it was your kid, what would you say then?

  • LtColO

    Can we please have a moratorium on all tweets/comments/COMMUNICATION period from black entertainers, athletes, and politicians relating to the Zimmerman verdict?

  • William PokerMonkey Souther

    Isn’t it more just a contest between the blacks and whites? I mean…as far as the blacks are concerned? Whites….could care less. We have lives, and things that are important to worry/stress over. But whenever a black guy wins in court over a white person…its SCOREBOARD! Black politician beats white politician…SCOREBOARD….I mean, is anyone delusional enough to think all these protesting black folks really give a shit about Trayvon Martin? I doubt it. I think they are just more PISSED off because they lost!

  • bill_a_bob

    Dear Chris please remember the $50 I still have in my wallet after your next movie opens. Free speech is a biotch!

  • ArmyRetPat