Oh dear. Don’t look to Wolf Blitzer to let his colleagues know: He’s still stuck on the math portion, never mind geography and flags!

Twitter users noticed the latest CNN fail: Flags are hard.




That’s right. CNN confused Egypt’s flag with Syria’s flag (a flag formerly used by the short-lived United Arab Republic).



Heh. All flags look alike, right CNN?

CNN’s fail summed up with one word:


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  • ObamaFail

    Shows how bad “journalism” has gotten over the years. There was once a time where mistakes like that never would have happened.

    • Joe W.

      Yep…Back in the days when journalists had an education beyond the liberal tripe they get nowadays…..

    • jukin

      Don’t expect democrat party propagandists to be real smart.

  • mickeyco

    During Desert Storm, most of the nation watched CNN 24/7? Up to the minute, accurate info. How the mighty have fallen.

    • thetawake

      They were the only game in town back then. Now that there’s competition, people generally gravitate towards honesty & the ratings tell the tale.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Competition =Pressure
        Pressure = “Someone’s gonna screw up…it’s inevitable!”
        And when they do… Well I’ll still be watching Fox News… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • thetawake

    Whenever I’m ‘forced to watch’ CNN (dr’s office waiting room, etc.), I inevitably see an example of incompetence such as this one, or outright perpetuation of agendas & falsehoods. Every time. Only MSNBC is worse.

  • tops116

    Somehow this is George Bush’s fault. 😉

    • lainer51

      maybe not so much. His approval ratings are now higher than Obamessiah’s (not that that is saying much)…

  • TJ

    This would fall along the same lines of confusing a yellow flag with a snake and a red flag and a crooked cross.

  • Aitch748

    So just in the past week, CNN has displayed George Zimmerman’s driver’s license number and Social Security number to the whole world — and now they can’t get national flags straight. Brilliant.

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot


    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Stewart and Colbert would have the same Liberal bias, but at least the News on CNN would be funnier… People would be paying attention, but the news would be LESS SERIOUS! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • TomJB

    But but but he is so SMART!!!


  • TocksNedlog

    Juice-box interns STUNNED to discover that not everything they read on the Internet is true.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      :Juice-box” interns. Classic!

  • right_on

    “…can’t believe that the people at the CNN don’t know the difference between…”

    …their a$$es and a hole in the ground! (I can believe it!) They must use the research techniques pioneered by ABC News…

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Thank goodness we can depend on Fox.

    • Bristel

      Operation: Deflect is a go!

      • JoeMyGodNYC


    • BAW

      Did Fox really do that? Cause that’s just funny. Could Greg Gutfeld have been in charge of the graphic?

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Neither you, nor I, Nor ANYBODY, is 100% PERFECT, Joe.. Just sayin’…. Jawamax 8<{D}

    • lainer51

      Romney is good looking so that doesn’t fly.

    • Chrissy the Hyphenated

      Sorry, but that’s like the world’s easiest photoshop job … not buying it.

  • stillinthe60s

    Where’s Soledad when CNN needs gravitas?

    • lainer51

      she’s on Current TV listening to crickets with Joyless Behar…

      • stillinthe60s

        El Jazeer you mean?

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Flags are hard, CNN, and so is News! You didn’t just FAIL, you FLUNKED OUT BIG TIME!! I’d bet you wouldn’t make the same Mistake with out Stars and Stripes, or the British Union Jack… And I bet a lot of people in BOTH COUNTRIES that watch you on their Satellite dishes are angry, too! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • seemorejustice

    Obama would say, “What’s the problem with that flag?” Of course that would be coming from someone who thinks America is comprised of 58 states!


    • lainer51

      and bowls a 37 on TV and shoots hoops 2/20..

  • Dennis the Dreamer

    CNN hired 12 years old kids. So what’s new? Global warming.