Hey, he can’t! President Obama knows nothing about anything until he’s read it in the papers or seen it on the news, right? So we can’t expect to even hear from him yet.

But Sen. Schumer took to the Sunday shows today and weighed in on the Snowden fiasco:

More from National Journal:

Sen. Chuck Schumer, on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning, told host Candy Crowley that he is “very disappointed” with how Hong Kong handled Snowden, and believed that “the hand of Beijing was involved here.” He had harsher words for Russia, saying there’d be “serious consequences” for the U.S.-Russia relationship, and that “allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways.” The senator also made the assumption that Vladimir Putin approved Snowden’s plane landing in Russia, and called the president “infuriating.”

Twitter users, including Drudge editor Joseph Curl, aren’t impressed by Schumer’s bluster.

They also point out a few things about our craven President:

Heh. Stay tuned!


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  • stillinthe60s

    Don’t forget Obama got Bin Laden though.

    • Marjorie

      …and he’s working hard on unearthing the roots of the IRS scandal…and REALLY concerned about Benghazi…and is reading up on the NSA’s spying…and wondering why his golf game is not improving…and putting together his itinerary for Africa. He can’t be expected to be concerned about a little person like Snowden.

      • lainer51

        I am positive he has called Brian Terry’s parents by now to offer his condolences…. er… wait, that isn’t going to happen— I guess I got too much sun this weekend.

        • Marjorie

          Will send sunscreen!

    • AmericanMom

      Word was that it took several attempts by others to convince Barry to go after Bin Laden. If only we had access to Valerie Jarrett’s emails, we’d likely see what role Barry really plays at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    • tjp77

      …using all the intelligence and resources and techniques that wouldn’t exist if he got his way as a senator.

  • adam

    We really need to stop bugging Obama for answers, it seems that only Bush actually knows whats going on in the world while he’s secretly pulling the strings. I can see him now, rubbing his hands all greedily while staring at a globe… and there’s poor Obama wondering why this world is so racist and why money can’t buy friends in the middle east.

  • nc


  • mickeyco

    We already knew Obama was the worst president ever, Wasn’t sure until now he was the most stupid and the most ill informed.

  • AlmaAlma

    Well that answers why Snowden would go to a place like Russia.

    Someone mentioned that Snowden may have been an agent.

    Well can you imagine if Putin’s plan is to expose Obama to his own people.

  • jukin

    One of those guys thinks the government should be in control of everything, uses that government to squash liberty and his political opponents, and spies on all of the citizensin his nation using their personal information against them. His heroes are Lenin, Stalin, and Mao.

    The other is Putin.

  • jd

    As soon as he turns on the TV he will know…just the rest of us.

  • gracepmc

    Golf. The threat of Climate Change. La Grand Tour Afrique.

  • brewerandpatriot

    So does that make us even for shipping all them heavy weapons to the Syrian cannibals uhhhh terrorists errr rebels?

  • HolyCowRUKiddingme

    It is incredible to me that



    What a bunch of fools – or is it that WE are the fools

    The GOP better get their A$$ in gear and get rid of this corruption!

  • FlatFoot

    • mickeyco

      top favorite!

      • FlatFoot

        heh. Here’s another. It’s just a tad more… subtle. I’d love to shake the photographers hand. Whether intentional or not. LoL

  • NixTyranny

    Putin has “a lot more flexibility after our election.”

  • VotingForZombieReagan2016

    I wonder if that finger Putin’s holding up has Kraft’s Super Bowl ring on it.

  • Guest

    Obama is simply following the advice of his lawyers…as he has always done,
    saying NOTHING, admitting NOTHING.
    Some “leader”…..pft

  • praymorenow1

    You have to hand it to Putin, he’s enjoying himself lately….divorce, rhythmic gymnast girlfriend, new kids, Super Bowl ring, Syria involvement keeping Obama on edge, & smiling as Obama says pretty much nothing as Snowden is helped by Russia to keep sticking it to USA.
    Putin may be crazy, a deep communist, former KGB, all that…and he’s also deadly serious about what he does, what Russia is, fighting Chechens & others, being a bigger louder Russia than under Yeltsin.
    Obama is too busy praising Jeffrey Osborne.

  • walterc

    I find it interesting that when someone defects tot he U.S. from one of our “enemy” states like China, Russia, Cuba etc and they ask for extradition, we tell them no. And tout the “Freedom” mantra, but when they do the same thing to one of our wanted criminals, they are being unreasonable. Don’t get me wrong, I want Snowden back to face treason charges, but to spend the news cycle complaining about Russia and China not just turning him over seems a bit hypocritic to me.

    • jukin