Oh, Wolf! Bless your precious heart.

As Twitchy reported, protests in Turkey are ramping up  in Istanbul’s Taksim Square. Riot police are reportedly using water cannons and tear gas. Earlier this month, CNN-Turk chose to run a show about penguins rather than the protests. And now? Wolf Blitzer’s gas mask obsession. While the situation on the ground is dangerous, viewers couldn’t help but notice the incessant chatter about gas masks.


Insightful analysis? Well, if you mean obsession.



You mean it’s not all about the media? Who’d have thunk it?

Paging Jeff Zucker!

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  • CatHerder

    Maybe somebody in the newsroom cut the cheese?

    • Robn_s

      Nah, they just bought their monthly bottle of patchouli.

    • LightSabre


  • Billie Slash

    Funny that! A gas bag worried about a gas mask…..

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Insert Fart Joke here… Keep it handy, Wolfie, but Don’t obsess over it!… #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

  • jwmiller

    #MSNBC reporter n Turkey did same thing standing on top/building way above crowd.

    • Stone Bryson

      Very few on Twitter noted that, because hardly anyone watches MSNBC. :-)

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Wolf “I’m Old and Irrelevant!” Blitzer:

    Gas Masks do NOT fit, seal or work well around a beard!

  • Steve_J

    If he’s ever on Jeopardy again and there’s a “Gas Mask” category maybe he’ll get a question right.

  • BAW

    I don’t know. I read somewhere that the safe room in the Benghazi mission, if it had been equipped properly. would have had gas masks. That gas masks would have almost certainly guaranteed that Stevens and Smith would have gotten out safely. No doubt a gas mask would have also helped the security guy who managed to get to that window that he got open but had in the effort lost the other two who were probably overcome or disoriented by the smoke. Maybe Wolf knows that too and thus the gas mask obsession? No, I don’t think so either.

  • Jeremy
  • jebjr

    Something’s going on over at CNN, probably the new president, and it isn’t good. They used to be fairly informative and their election coverage was among the best, but no longer.They used to have some top-notch talent, but those individuals have moved on and the replacements are not cutting the mustard. The network’s news priorities are highly suspect. Lately they have become more like ambulance chasers and are going after soft news stories, the kind of stories that live in the conscience for only a few days. It got so bad a couple of weeks ago, and I got so fed-up, that I stopped watching them and stopped following them and their people on social media. It is sad indeed.

    • Ronald

      I agree. Their coverage has really gone downhill lately. They are still relatively unbiased though. I guess that’s a lot easier when you’re covering soft news.

  • Axelgreaser

    PEW! HE GIVES ME GAS. Blitzer’s atrocious liberalism and ‘canned opinons’ (where do these MSM people get their text?) makes him toxic AND gaseous and therefore unwatchable even with a gas mask. There are some odors that cannot be barricaded from the olfactory senses. I don’t think I’ve watched this smelly stinks on ice newsman for 5 years. How does he stay on the air? I’m kind of a ‘middle American.’ So who watches CNN, MSNBC the truly awful ABC and NBC? I don’t know what would be a bigger relief…Obama finally gone or tuning into awful journalists like Blitzer just to watch them squirm, bawl and begin their tirade of even bigger lies. The American press is non-existent, and that really stinks. Now, let’s discuss the facial hair…..’

  • andycanuck

    Too bad “gas masks” wasn’t a category on Jeopardy!