Huh. Funny that.

As Twitchy reported, President Obama gave a statement on judicial nominees this morning. Oh-so-coincidentally, it occurred during a hearing on the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups. Weird!

Citizens question the timing.

They also noticed a little something curious about the hearing coverage … or lack thereof.

Curiouser and curiouser! You can watch it here:

So much for transparency, right? To be fair, the Obama administration is transparent in one way:

  • Jack Deth


    Desperate “SQUIRREL!”

    • Clayton Grant

      If there were ever an animated cartoon of Obama, it would be called “Desperate Squirrel”.

      • Jack Deth

        I like it!!!

        Like ‘Secret Squirrel’ and his trusty sidekick, “Paranoid Joe”.

        • Clayton Grant

          Nice addition! It’s a pity Mel Blanc is no longer with us to do the voices. The characters are more in line with Pinky and the Brain though.
          Desperate Squirrel: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”
          Paranoid Joe: “I think so, Squirrel, but we’re already naked.”
          Squirrel: “Imagine thousands of me’s focused on the same goal.”
          Joe: “Doing a one-man show?”
          Squirrel: “No, Joe. To take over the world!”
          Joe: “Egad, Squirrel! You mean…?”
          Squirrel: “Yes. I’m franchising.”
          (with apologies to the creators of Pinky and The Brain)

        • CatHerder

          More like Scrat from the Ice Age movies.

    • 3579


  • TJ

    Does the O team not know of recordings. Live is the only time any own will hear it or just low information voters that don’t have internet. Interrupt a live open hearing, did the hearing really happen, yeah here is the video and transcript that you can watch anytime for then next 4 years.

  • Sir_Ronald

    Corruption! Corruption! Corruption! Obama is so shady!

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Obama is the real “Slim Shady”. I like it.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams) is airing the hearing.

    • ObamaFail

      So they put it on the internet, while showing Obama campaigning on tv.

  • ObamaFail

    What a pathetic scumbag. He’s obviously behind it, otherwise he would have no reason to try to divert all attention from the hearing to himself. It doesn’t really matter if the American people see it or not really. If the people being questioned give evidence that the IRS scandals lead to the White House, the guilty party or parties would go down anyway. It’s really irrelevant if anyone is watching the hearings on tv or not. Sure, it’s good for people to hear the testimonies and see how tarnished their golden idol Obama really is, but his distraction is only going to keep the misinformed stupid about what’s going on. The rest of us were watching on Fox News.

    • rinodino

      You were always watching fox news ha ha

  • RblDiver

    He didn’t know the hearings were going on since he didn’t read about them in his paper today.

  • TocksNedlog


  • Michelle

    The audacity of diversion.

    • rimpy

      what the slimy duplicitous vile putrid evil pigs do is
      divert, obfuscate and confuse, then benefit from it. EVERY situation they can create.

      • Guest

        Is this your new favorite site?

        • rimpy

          no I stumbled upon it. I did bookmark it, so I may be back. Have you read anything here?

    • Frustrated Teacher

      “Change you will never find out about until it’s too late”

  • JustLikeAnimals

    @CNN just joined @MSNBC as “not the place to go for breaking news.” Lapdogs.

  • Guest

    Obama’s handlers play his mainstream media like a penny whistle…
    a penny being their total worth.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Obama and his gang keep using the word ‘Transparency’. To quote from a favorite movie of mine (again)….””You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Obama ====> Transparency…..

      • Frustrated Teacher


        • JustLikeAnimals

          Nah….Just filling in the blanks for you. =)

      • rimpy

        princess bride?

        • Guest

          How’s your husband, the LT?

          • rimpy

            I have not seen or heard from Lt in some time…

          • rimpy

            well if i sneak out early I can catch a train. So, 7 minutes early I am out of here. Later

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Stephanie “The C^%$t” Cutter, Obama’s 2012 Deputy Campaign Manager, met multiple times with IRS Commissioner Douglas “Shifty” Shulman during his many trips to the White House.

    Behold the smoking gun.

  • jwmiller

    Doesn’t he know people who voted for him aren’t listening to #IRS Hearings?

  • tops116

    “Well, I diverted attention away from the problem for a couple hours. That’ll make the problem go away forever, right?”
    “Well, sir, actually–”
    “Excellent! I’m going golfing.”

  • Mary Blaisdell

    What difference does that make? Surely the media can walk and chew gum at the same time.

    • robcrawford2

      No, they can’t. They have degrees in journalism.

  • cscape

    even CSPAN is cowering before the evil power of the IRS

  • OLLPOH # UnBanHana!!!!!!!

    what difference does he make, what difference does the Men and Women in Black Robes make…
    …Does anyone see him or the Men and Women in Black Robes Advocating for The Constitution, The Bill of Rights


    their own Security of Posterity?

  • John

    Wait until Obama watches the news tonight and finds out he accidentally interrupted the IRS hearings!! He’ll hold whoever was responsible for this misstep accountable and will punish them accordingly!!! He will not rest!

    • Conservative Ohioan

      “Focused like a laser!”

  • kim

    Another ‘crisis’? But he didn’t have 4 years and 5 months to nominate these people?

  • Paul C.

    The lapdogs at it again, nothing ever changes. We will have to do it ourselves.