But, hey, “what difference does it make,” right? In fact, David Plouffe recently said it’s totally irrelevant! Good little lapdogs listened, apparently.

But Fox News’ Martha MacCallum is no lapdog: She took to Twitter to point out the absurd media double standard with one simple question.

Twitter users loved it.

Indeed she is. As Twitchy readers know, Ms. MacCallum has been asking some key questions via her Twitter account. Tweet like a girl, baby!


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Bam! Fox News’ Martha MacCallum slams Obama admin with key question

  • b_truit

    9/11/01; Why Mr. President would you sit there for 3 minutes in front of those children after getting the word?!!

    9/11/12; Why would we want to know what the president did when he found out, who he called or what orders he gave?

    • angeleyez

      Tom Brokaw on NBC’s “MEET THE PRESS” said he doesn’t know
      how Eric Holder can survive.
      Will Hillary’s scandals and hoaxes ruin her 2016 chances ?
      ▲ YES
      ▼ NO

    • ObamaFail

      I remember the liberal outrage over Bush continuing to read to those kids. They acted like it meant he didn’t care about the country or the attacks that day. But what he did was smart. It was a good move to not panic the kids, and finish up what he was at the school to do and then excuse himself. Because if he hadn’t, then the libs would have been whining about Bush causing a panic with small children instead of being discreet.
      But now, Benghazi happens, and those same libs don’t think there is any issue with King Obama’s refusal to consider an attack on one of our ambassador’s a priority. Obama went missing during those 8 hours, because he thought his campaign was far more important than getting help to those men and getting the scum that attacked them.
      Libs think it’s bad that Bush didn’t want to panic or scare the kids, but they don’t think it’s bad that Obama didn’t care about 4 of our guys being murdered by terrorists.

      • JR48

        My guess is that the guy just went to bed because he had a big fundraiser the next day. That is why we don’t know what he did because they can’t spin sleep as some sort of POTUS heroism.

        • ObamaFail

          I know how they could have spun it. “POTUS was heroically dreaming about an American Utopia, where everyone has jobs and there is no crime, and no terrorism!”

          • Miss Smarty

            Don’t give them any ideas, they might just try this spin.

          • cajun_2

            If you watch Messybc…you would know “been there, done that…;-)

          • Bebop_Bob

            MSNBC and CNN would

          • rhetorical1

            And everyone is a muslim

          • poh

            I bet he has a dream teleprompter.

        • Miss Smarty

          I think you hit that one right on the head.

        • cajun_2

          They cant dare say he just “went to bed”…then we would ask why wasn’t he sleeping at the white house instead of at Reggies’ house.?

          • James Johnson

            don’t pick on Reggies man

        • stan25

          Moochelle was calling him. We all know that the Mooch rules the roost in the Obama household

        • Joe Deveau

          I think he is still on the powder.

        • Dutra

          My guess is that Reggie Love was visiting.

        • Daryl L. Hunter

          He was probably watching the live drone feed kill his ambassador will he was cussing his election message misfortune.

      • grais

        Those kids that Bush was reading with agree.,9171,2069582,00.html

        Obama can never fill Bush’s shoes. Never.

      • rennyangel2


      • Adiaz2707

        If Obama had stayed to read to those children instead of Bush he would have been praised as a cool individual under pressure. Too much reverse discrimination nowadays, the truth should be party and colorblind. Don’t care which party is in control, let’s deal with the breakdown in the government and restore our faith in constitutional law.

      • Shirley Greenwood

        Good one Gary!

      • J August

        The left wanted Bush to react the same they would have: like an over-emotional child.

      • John N Florida

        The only people who questioned Bush are the same unsettled minds all in a dither over Obama and Michelle is as bad as they cum. Bush took off in AF1 and, as far as the country was concerned, was relatively incommunicado for 8 hours – which was fine. He was on the secure phones, mumbling drivel, and finally asked if he could go home to Laura.

        They got him home,

        Cheney assured him he still had the big chair and he, Cheney, would call him as soon as he needed him.

        With that, George took his favorite blanky and went to bed.

      • loriaw07

        But they sure can reverse the role and use kids as tools for their agenda! The children’s psychological well being didn’t matter to the libs during the tower terrorism…but when they want to take the 2nd Amendment away…it’s all about the kids. They are so easy to decipher.

      • Dapandico

        Gave the Secret Service time chang his route back to the airport and secure the AO.

      • Dapandico

        Gave the Secret Service time chang his route back to the airport and secure the AO.

      • demsaredelusional

        In those 8 minutes could President Bush have done anything to change the outcome? In those 8 hours could President Obama have done anything to change the outcome? I think the answers would be completely different, but then again, I’m looking at the situations logically not through the prism of liberalism.

      • demsaredelusional

        In those 8 minutes could President Bush have done anything to change the outcome? In those 8 hours could President Obama have done anything to change the outcome? I think the answers would be completely different, but then again, I’m looking at the situations logically not through the prism of liberalism.

    • ConspiracyExaminer

      …and NEITHER question was ever answered! There in lies the secret…

    • lainer51

      12/14/10: Why do Brian Terry’s parents deserve an answer re: the murder of their son?

    • Terri

      seems to me that Secret Service NEEDED some time to get things in place for his departure.

    • Barack Hussein Sharpton

      It’s irrelevant!

  • PeterP

    Smart and smokin’. Rare combination.

    • LightSabre

      Not for FOX News chicks!

      • nc

        PeterP and StingRay, you’re both right!

    • CowboyUp

      Yea, um, we can tell, uh, tell, um, how smart, er, um, he, um, is every, um, time he, er, talks without his, um teleprompter. That’s in whichever of the 57 states he happens to be campaigning in at the moment, 9 months after his last election.

  • MyrmidoNOT

    Because they are ’embracing’ diversity?? [ Their opinion(s) or the highway… ]

    We wish to ‘nurture’ (apparently)…
    they ‘order us’ to EMBRACE their opinion? (/sarc off)

    Part of their “false” fairness program/narrative…

  • JustLikeAnimals


    • MyrmidoNOT

      LSM/NFM too?

  • jwmiller

    One can sum up Media toadies’ actions with Clinton’s hateful words-“What difference does it make now?”

  • capisce

    POTUS himself wont know where he was until he hears it on the news.

  • yviemarie88

    Oh, Martha, they already know. We all do. We just can’t let dear supreme leader know that we do. Protect the Democrat bubble at all cost, that’s the true MSM mission, right?

  • waltermitty2012

    This is what happened that. night.

    Clinton: “Good night, Mr. President.”

    Obama: “Good night, Hillary.”

    • TugboatPhil

      You left off part of the ending:

      Obama: “Good night, Hillary….Good night, Reggie”

  • Steve_J

    Because they aren’t reporters they are enablers.

  • R1486

    Please…when did Martha ever call out Bush? No doubt Obama needs to be called out but don’t act like Martha ever did that from 2000-2008. Now crying because liberal media did exactly what fox news did for 8 years? I’m still waiting on those WMDs that “absolutely” existed. O yeah I forgot, that was years ago…what difference does that make now..?

    • Republicanvet

      Not saying the lie of no WMD’s has any truth to it, but the left has had the reins of power since Urkel was immaculated in 2008. For the next two years, the left controlled the WH and Congress.
      What stopped them from investigating then?
      What is stopping them now?
      Perhaps they would rather have the lie than the truth.

    • TugboatPhil

      You were too busy wanting to impeach President Bush over some pictures of naked Al Qaeda prisoners. Remember what a crisis in leadership that was?

    • Agent_Zeero

      You mean the ones Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Bill Clinton also said existed?

    • grais

      She’s talking about 9/11-12/12
      Don’t try to change her subject.

    • Tyrconnell

      Those WMD that every major intelligence service, not just the US, but the UK, France, Russia, u.s.w. said existed? With the proof of the use on the Iranians and Kurds? But please, continue worshipping at the altar of Saint Saddam.

      • nc

        And which might be being used right now in Syria.

      • Raina

        and on top of that it was still Clinton intel Bush did not pick his out until after.9/11 intel mess up.

        • Jay Stevens

          Yep, those WND.

    • ObamaFail

      Listen here libby, Bush went by the intelligence that was given to him not only by our own intelligence committee, but other countries. And don’t forget that he had the full support of the Democrats to go to war and to go into Iraq. You libs can’t handle anyone criticizing your God Obama for his God awful job he’s done as President, you don’t like him being criticized for helping terrorists get away with killing 4 of our guys in Benghazi, and you don’t like him being criticized for his blatant and illegal attacks on the Constitution. Go ahead and bring up Bush, but the last 4 years, everything bad that is happening in our country is because of the failures of that moron you libs elected. Also don’t forget that Mr. “Our Heroes Have Come Home” didn’t bring the troops home like you libs always applaud him for. Obama took them out of Iraq and put them in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

      • ChiTownGal

        And, there are more dead soldiers under obama’s 4 years then Bush’s 7 years. And laughingly, this is why obama got the Nobel Peace prize for what he promised to do to end the wars. What a farce.

        • Diana Lynn McDargh

          Thanks for clarifying why obama received the Nobel Peace prize. I never could figure it out.

        • scgator2001

          Hussein Obama’s purpose is to damage the US as much as he can before people wake up and realize he is working for them, not us. It’s called TREASON.

          Benghazi Giving US weapons to arab terrorists like Al Qaeda
          Libya Illegally attacked a foreign government
          Iraq: Removing troops to allow terrorists to attack the government
          Syria: arming Arab terrorists again
          Economy: doing everything he can to spend and run up the deficit
          IRS using the government to illegally attack his enemies

      • abbypatch

        And look what is happening in Iraq today because of the sudden pullout of our troops.

    • felicityva

      For the record, there WERE WMD’s in Saddam’s possession. He held the inspectors at bay while he moved them into the Bakaa Valley. And I highly doubt that you watched Fox enough during those years to know whether anyone ever called Bush out on anything.

      • Diana Lynn McDargh

        I would not be surprised if they still find WMD’s hidden in some underground bunkers just like they found saddam hussein. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

    • Rick Allen Carfagna

      You may want to look at archive reports before spewing falsehoods
      like an obedient liberal.

    • sheshell801

      Actually, the WMD are being used by the Syrian govt. to kill their own people. Proven. We gave Saddam three months to get rid of them. BTW, I would call Saddam and his sons as WMD too.

    • Keith Chalmers


    • rhetorical1

      Guess where Syria obtained those WMD’s. Yes the one’s that MSM told the world didn’t exist. Well isn’t it ironic that they are now surfacing? They did and still do exist.

    • Bebop_Bob

      Bush’s mistake was giving a warning that we were coming. It gave Hussain time to move the WMDs to Syria. Satellite photos showed convoys of trucks going to Syria before our troops got there. Chemical weapons labs were found in Iraq. The MSM didn’t report them so to make Bush look bad..

    • jbalish102

      They’re in Syria moron.

    • mario morales

      the difference is that all the intel agencies said that WMD’s existed. We believed since we had sold them some and they used them on their own people. Congress voted, so they must’ve believed. It wasn’t Bush on his own. Hillary voted and Kerry voted to let Bush send troops to Iran.
      Obama sent military to Libya without even asking Congress, and we weren’t facing an imminent threat. Unconstitutional.

    • lainer51

      Martha didn’t have to “call out Bush”… she is asking why the faux journalists on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSLSD never CALL out Barry and company

    • CowboyUp

      Apparently they’re being used on Syrians, and I notice you left off the long list of democrats, including bill, hill, and everyone in their administration who said the same thing about those WMD.

    • Finrod Felagund

      Your stupid comment was deleted but I’ll respond to it anyways. You made the laughable claim that there wasn’t even a trace of WMDs in Iraq, Salon (that right-wing rag!) shows you’re completely wrong.

      All you have is bluster and bile. Typical lefty, in other words.

    • Finrod Felagund

      Your stupid comment was deleted but I’ll respond to it anyways. You made the laughable claim that there wasn’t even a trace of WMDs in Iraq, Salon (that right-wing rag!) shows you’re completely wrong.

      All you have is bluster and bile. Typical lefty, in other words.

  • Steve

    Good for Matha. This double standard has gone on to the point of nauseum. It DOES matter whether Obama was ON THE JOB or not during Benghazi, WHY is it such a hard question to answer for his staff? Might it prove embarrassing? Probably no worse than our imaginations,

    • nc

      I think it was Bret Baier who said last week, why are we getting evasive answers to simple questions? Like where was BHO during the night of 9/11/12?

      • Steve

        Because they have “nothing” to hide. Don’t they realize it just makes them MORE suspicious…like pleading the fifth?

        • plumberskid

          Of course they know… they don’t care. They know that no matter what they do or say (or don’t do or say), they’ll be given a pass by their friends in the MSM and they figure the people are in no position to do anything about it anyway. One of these days they are going to get the surprise of a lifetime.

          • Steve

            I certainly hope that that is soon!

  • BeeKaaay

    The answer is: The press is dominated by leftwingwackos who let other leftwingwackos like Obama off the hook. This is Marxism.

  • Republicanvet

    Why is it the only two TV reporters doing a great job in their profession are women?
    Are all the male TV reporters cowering in the corner in fear of Barky and his thugs?

  • Ron Morisseau

    The real question should be, How may times did Martha say “RIGHT” to end a sentence

    • cajun_2

      Yes, she should have said” left”…left side of the brain causes zombie like symptoms and hiccups.

    • Snap N McGarrett

      you are sofa king wee todd it.

  • Nate

    They keep saying ‘irrelevant’; I think they actually mean ‘irreverent’, since most of the MSM still considers O a god.

  • nc

    Proof of the double standard she’s talking about? After nearly 12 years, who doesn’t still remember “My Pet Goat?”

    And yes, I had a libbie throw this up to me during a Benghazi discussion a few months ago. I tried, but I couldn’t get through.

  • Clayton Grant
  • Leslie Ward

    I really do wonder how liberals live everyday – they are so damned stupid. I have a conceal carry – I had to wait to get it – to see if I PASSED AN FBI BACKGROUND CHECK. I am a better customer, neighbor and/or friend – and I have proof.

  • rennyangel2

    Thank God for FOX. And this is why we need the Koch Bros to buy the Tribune Co. and introduce the MSM ot major cons. and REAL news reporting and editorial comment.

  • Ken Twombly

    Simple Question that goes straight to the point. Nice one Martha. So MSM ,WHAT CHA GOING TO DO NOW?

  • sfelt

    Why haven’t you gone after Obama on his protection of Monsanto and GMO’s? That affects all of us more so than Benghazi ever will.

    • Bullwinkle

      True, but the incompetence and cover-ups surrounding Benghazi are part of an extremely dangerous trend this regime has with body counts and denial.

    • johnrhett

      Benghazi might bring down this administration (it SHOULD). Unfortunately, the Monsanto/GMO problem is systemic throughout Washington and well protected by Congress. In fact, my Republican senator, Grassley, is Monsanto’s faithful lap dog. It’s sickening.

  • The Insolent Lemon
    • johnrhett

      You forgot the coke-snorting. The lackeys are so eager to hide what Obama was doing, I figure it must be really juicy.

  • MKD

    Mainstream Media?? what Media? What Reporting? OOHHHH! you must mean obama’s minions…..yeah them….

  • GlarryB

    But you can go on and on with what the Press has ignored when it comes to the current occupant of The White House. His college records, his passport records, “his birth certificate”, his social security number, etc., etc. Remember the screaming on GW’s DUI info? Remember the phoney missing time during his Air National Guard duty?

    Push it baby, push it !!

  • Sistervative

    Because Obama and the Obama-operated press all had the same agenda – to get him reelected. The man had to run off and campaign which made his whereabouts unimportant to the media as they vigorously worked to maintain the agreed upon agenda.

  • chiefpontiac

    It’s obvious where he was. He was talking to his staff about how best to cover up the “spontaneous demonstration”.

  • Kenneth Hardy

    Last 5 years was like living in Moscow!

  • radjahshelduck

    Hey, I know it’s a bit of a digression, but have they stopped “The Great American News Quiz” segment on “The O’Reilly Factor”? I used to love Martha on that.

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    Because liberals are like pit bulls once they get on a subject they don’t let go, we have jobs to go to, so we don’t raise hell non stop to get answers.

  • Geoff H Dyce

    They are dumping good generals..who are the replacements? Islamic prayer in Christian prayer in schools..Building a huge mosque in DC?..trying to get rid of the second amendment..muslim brotherhood lives in the whitehouse and is his cabinet..Jarrett is the president and the Kenyan is a he really an American?? because I do care..people are on food stamps in record numbers and the Kenyon and his ?wife? are living large..there really isn’t enough room to keep going. Where is this headed people and how much time do we have before we can’t turn back. Once we get there, I think the press will then go into cardiac arrest. Actually, I think many of his lackeys in congress and the senate will find that they will have no place at his table either.

  • Al Sulsona


  • Batman

    Why hasn’t the media (even Fox) mentioned anything about the gun runnning that was occurring at the mission in Benghazi? If they don’t have all the facts yet, that’s fine. Hopefully the story breaks soon. It’s about time.

  • Chris Knight

    The media is too busy spooning with the administration to be interested in facts.

  • H8Liberals

    Love her!

  • Wag_a_Muffin (D)

    I’ve asked it before, why was W’s action of reading of a goat book after 9-11 such vital info and yet any of Obama’s actions after Benghazi not?

  • Kay Headley

    It’s because his administration is so “transparent” they don’t need to know more….she said sarcastically.

  • Dave

    But, Martha, at this point, what DIFFERENCE does it make?!?!?

  • gold7406

    the msm will soon realize they have been played as fools. hustled by a highly organized political machine. hope, change, transparency, new day, blah,blah,blah.
    as soon as this baby left the used car lot, the wheels started to come off.

  • Big_Jake

    Let me enlighten all you members of the “unwashed” masses. Who’s to say Obama didn’t simply retire because his speech writers hadn’t had time to converse and discuss every possible way to “spin” every conceivable scenario? And of course there’s always the possibility that there wasn’t a TELEPROMPTER at the ready. What’s the leader of the FREE WORLD to do, think on his feet? That would be foolish and so very far beneath his impeccable standards! There was his re-election to think of, after all. What ARE you unenlightened right wing hacks? Savages? (sarcasm)

  • Dorîn Anghelescu

    Another reason we are joining a March on Washington Impeach Obama for June 14th flag day. I had an interview with radio show “Nothing but the truth” on 99.7 Nashville News Talk host Carl Boyd Jr. Find out about Carl and the march here: Carls website is also

  • Sean P Hamilton

    It never matters what others are doing wrong ,or why? if you know the truth ,then speak it and work to make things better.

    Whining about why your opposition does what it does accomplishes exactly what has been accomplished in the last 20 years.

    Obama and Bush arent the problem, they serve the easily distracted American people.

  • Guest

    When Obama’s corrupt presidency finally collapses…as it will,
    those in the media who enabled his despotic conduct,
    will also fall with him.

  • Mackie

    This reminds me of why having a degree in journalism from some liberal university is not always conducive to an open and free press in America. To many journalist today come with an already built in bias towards the right which it makes it difficult to move the political arguments forward.

    • $12209827

      Check the Humanist Manifesto I and II. Schools of journalism in colleges and universities are their tools for promoting liberalism and communism.

  • Michael Williams

    Prepare for your audit Martha.

  • $12209827

    Over the past 50 plus years We the People have been voting and corporately we have voted for the Government we deserve. Our government is a reflection of the character of We the People who send incompetents to Washington to govern us. Even those who don’t vote are responsible. And the liberal press is a reflection of the people who support its existence. The masses have been duped by the cunning manipulators of products of our education system at all levels. Ignorance is not bliss.

  • Gallatin

    martha maccallum ✔
    Press wanted every tick-tock of Pres Bush during 9/11 – why not require the same of Pres Obama during 9/11/12 #Benghazi ?

    The answer is simple only Fox News believes Barack Obama is an adult and needs to be treated the same as every other President throughout history. Fox News believes that just because Barack Obama is black he shouldn’t get a pass on the tough questions.
    The rest of the media apparently believe Barack Obama is a child and needs to be shielded from criticism. He needs to be coddled, be told how great he is.

    Now I have a simple question; who is doing more damage to Barack Obama’s legacy, the compliant protective media or Fox News?

    • Kimberly

      What’s more racist: treating the President the same as every other President before him, i.e. holding him accountable when bad stuff happens OR making excuses for him?

      • Gallatin

        I think we are in agreement Kimberly however I would slightly change what you said.

        “Who are the racists: the ones treating the President the same as every other President before him, i.e. holding him accountable when bad stuff happens OR the ones who make excuses for him?”

        You see I don’t believe anyone who treats Barack Obama the same as every other President is racist at all. The enablers and protectors are the racists.

  • Dutra

    The press does not want any of the truth, because they are part of the lie.

  • Gia Nguyen

    Obama does’nt have balls like Bush….NEVER.

  • James Smith

    Nothing new, this has been asked by numerous conservative commentators well before this. Regardless, the question is a great one that no one wants to answer.

    Knowing this administration, not answering tells us it would be an awful news story for the Bamster and speculation should not be considered over the top.

    Did he just go to bed?, was he watching espn?, was he with someone not to be mentioned? (does the whole gay thing come out now?), the speculation could be endless and is not unreasonable by any means.

  • waterytart

    He was curled up in bed, thumb in mouth, reading “Barack’s Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Day”.

  • G.

    The MSM has not been “news gathering” oriented since about ’04 or so. Their sole purpose has been the protection of an inept community organizer who got elected to an office way above his “pay level” and the creation and dissemination of pro-administration propaganda. When Bill Clinton is quoted as saying that Obama is “inept” and an “amateur”, then it’s coming out into the open.

  • yourmamatoo

    They know they elected a lame , inept , clueless nobody. Now they are covering their own tracks.
    They are fooling no one.
    Wonder how they will react with a Republican President , in 2017?
    No wonder Fox is # 1.

  • Brett McMicken

    cannot help but think how the press banded together to “save” the nation from sarah palin being vice-president.

    • John N Florida

      Probably saved McCain from being eaten ‘accidentally’ by a griz too!

  • Head First

    We know that as of 10PM after his phone call with Hillary, Obama knew what was really going on in Benghazi. There’s a blackout as to what he was up to between then and his fundraising trip to Vegas. I’m guessing, a good night’s sleep?

  • gus

    Here is an interesting question. If Obama is so great, why does he NEED the pass that the LIBTARD MEDIA gives him. Does he come up LIMP in the clutch? Why YES, every single time. Obama is a loser. A loser with immense power to do wrong.

  • Don Anastas

    It’s been “wildly” rumored that Obama was busy having a snort of blow than meeting with his Beau.

  • Arnold Townsend

    “Nice job in journalism you’ve got there. Shame if something were to happen to it.”

  • Arnold Townsend

    “Nice job in journalism you’ve got there. Shame if something were to happen to it.”

  • ClinkinKY

    Obviously, B.O. was reading “My Little Pony” (as opposed to a goat story) to himself, in preparation for his fundraising trip to Las Vegas.

  • Franklin Crittenden

    It is impossible to be fair and balanced when you have so much invested emotionally and credibility wise in this Presidency ..

    How can you now be truly honest about Obama without admitting that you have been wrong all along?

  • Invictus_Lux

    The better question is why is this Abandoner-and-Chief still asleep at the wheel? The next best question who was sleep over guest that night?

  • Invictus_Lux

    The better question is why is this Abandoner-and-Chief still asleep at the wheel? The next best question who was sleep over guest that night?

  • theBuckWheat

    Leftists (er, “progressives”) only demand the truth when it is useful in advancing their broader lies.

  • theBuckWheat

    Leftists (er, “progressives”) only demand the truth when it is useful in advancing their broader lies.

  • SalMoanella

    The “left” and “truth” are mutually exclusive terms.

  • bullet2354

    JUST imagine if today the President was a Republican!

    What would be MSM press be doing right now???:

    FIRST – 24/7 news coverage, entire broadcasts covering the story,
    special reports would break in to live-broadcast TV with every possible
    update; reporters breathlessly chasing after any republican official
    in any parking lot/sidewalk shouting ‘When did you know?’ ‘How far does
    this go?’ (when did you stop beating your wife.) Helicopters circling,
    video of Police/FBI/IRS/investigators – anything to tie criminality to a
    republican. The MSM would beat the “special prosecutor drum” to
    absolute death.

    THEN – “said victims” interviewed over and over and over about how
    could have this happen in America? the suffering the pain the loss (cue
    little girl holding on to mommy’) How could the government fail it’s
    people? The illegal tactics practiced on simple common folk
    -just-like-you –

    AND then the comparisons to other “criminals” would never stop,
    linking suspected republicans to all the nayer-do-goods in history,
    Nixon would be plastered all over the news, the new wordsmithed
    IRS-‘GATE’ terminology would hit and all MSMer’s would jump on giving
    the event a pet-name. (note how there is NO NAME for these current
    scandals yet!)

    QUICKLY FOLLOWED BY – the reporters ‘gushing’ outrage of “if this is
    true this reporter has never seen such an abuse of power in such a
    willful . . .blah blah blah.” and “the contempt the administration has
    for . . .” And then talk of who would get what punishment – this could
    lead to impeachment – jail time, at risk, penalties, – ‘the
    consequences will last for generations’ etc etc etc.

    The news Frenzy would just never stop. Buuuuuuut since these are
    democrats – the reporting will resemble something akin to getting a
    tooth pulled.

    Every MSM outlet will try to be the LAST TO REPORT ANY NEW ITEM so their OverMaster won’t be too harsh.

  • fburg22

    I think Mr. Bush should have jumped up waving his arms like a MONKEY and ran screaming from the room before even letting the gravity of the situation sink in. This action would not only have been another source of ridicule for the press to leap on but would have scared hell out of those kids. Obama’s solution to this problem would have been to simply disappear and go on a campaign trip the next morning. This last scenario would have been a non event to todays traitors in the press. Really, consider these two actions and consider one man took a moment to reflect then went about the job we hired him for, and the other RAN AWAY.

  • Expat61

    All Hail the Messiah! The MSM will never turn on the light bringer! Even when he is impeached and thrown in Jail, it is just a Republican Conspiracy! Nothing to see here, move along. The Chosen One hasn’t killed three hundred Mexican Citizens and two federal Agents. The Chosen One didn’t get an Ambassador, one State Department, and two CIA employees killed. The Chosen One didn’t illegally search the emails of Journalists. The Chosen One didn’t target our political foes with the IRS. All hail the Light Bringer! Because a The Fourth Estate can’t be biased with 90-95 percent of its demographic liberally inclined.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Beautiful and smart, what a combination along with Megyn two of my favorite women on Fox.

  • straightalk1

    Must be Obama’s special status of “A God walking among us…” but you know, I’m pretty sure his crap stinks just like everyone else…