Actress Patricia Heaton does not toe the Hollyweird leftist line.

Yes. Ms. Heaton stands up for truth and fights like a girl. She took to Twitter today to weigh in on the Benghazi hearing. Her response? Speechless.

She also retweeted this.


The truth is coming to light and it is destroying the previous claims of the Obama administration.

Twitter users agree and praise the three whistleblowers and their brave testimony.


Bingo. What difference does it make? It matters. Just ask Eric Nordstrom, who had to choke back tears as he began testifying today. Or Gregory Hicks, who was “effectively demoted” for daring to question the State Department. Ask the families of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

It matters.

Truth matters. And justice must be served for the four men murdered in Benghazi.


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  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Stevens was tortured, raped, murdered and his body dragged down the road…or as Obama put it, “they took him to the hospital.”

    If it were Bush, the MSM would be playing the “it was a hateful video!” lies continuously.

    • Jeremy

      There would be protests in front of the White House and liberals out demanding Bush be impeached.The liberal media would be running it all day long and calling for his head.

      • stellatruman

        I am convinced that people are not even aware of what’s happening unless they watch Fox or read conservative websites
        Shame on th msm

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          C-span, my friend. For truly unbiased, commercial free coverage.

          • stellatruman

            That’s what I watched today….kind of like watching paint dry , but it was live and unedited

          • DLago

            And there you have it kids. The real meaning of unbiased news. It’s like watching paint dry. That’s why we don’t see it much.

          • $24698634

            Spot on. In those famous words, “you can’t handle the truth!” Most Americans don’t have the attention span for it.

        • skhpcola

          Progtards have no shame or honor. They wear their lies and ignorance proudly on their slack-jawed, drooling faces.

    • milletime810

      The if it were Bush card is just as old and tired as the blame bush card is.

      • Corey Dennison

        Yeah, pointing out hypocrisy is just so, you know…boring and stuff. Isn’t it?


      • Gary Freeman

        Can’t handle the truth, libtard? If Benghazi happened under Bush, you libs would be just as pissed as we are. But since it’s Obama, you guys just shrug and say, “what difference does it make?!”

        • milletime810

          I’m conservative, I just calls it hows I sees it. It looks petty when you go around poking at Obama for bringing up Bush while at the same time go around saying well imagine if it were Bush when it comes to Benghazi.

          There are koolaid drinkers and water carriers on both sides and I don’t care for either of them.

          • Corey Dennison

            I’m conservative,

            And I’m sure we all believe you.

          • Jeremy

            I sure don’t

          • lainer51

            and Joe Scarface and Christine Christie are Republicans…..

            what’s your point?

          • Ben Bollman

            You are not much of a conservative if you don’t think Obama is responsible for his own actions or inactions as it were. We don’t need spineless wimps like you. I’m sure you are about as ‘conservative’ as Meghan McCain.

          • milletime810

            When did I ever say that Obama was not responsible for Benghazi? I believe the whole thing was a massive cover up but that has nothing to do with the point I was making, reading comprehension my friend.

          • Ben Bollman

            But you are worried about us looking petty and saying there are kool-aid and water carriers on our side. Even if there is it in no way compares to amount of liberals who do it and who cares what the hell we look like? Just being a conservative means we are going to look bad in the media no matter what we do, we need to grow some balls and fight fire with fire and quit worrying what our opponents think of us. You can’t listen to these liberal morons because they live in opposite land where killing babies is okay but killing convicted murderers is evil. We need to copy their tactics because they are working, we won’t survive by being civil because the voters whether they say so or not do not want civility. They want cajones. We need to call these stupid libs out when they are wrong about us and when they screw up otherwise people think they are right.

          • rinodino

            Speak truth to the blind and hope they are not hard of hearing…. I applaud you on your difficult task

          • lainer51

            I heard you like to “clap”

          • David Maggard

            It’s called contrast, if you can’t point out the different treatment the you can’t point out the hypocrisy, which is kind of the point, right?

      • lainer51

        spell check is a valuable tool.


      Makes one wonder about Obama Care & Patient Care in the post 84′ world…

  • $30423294

    Remember when we thought it was bad when Obama simply humiliated the United States, for example by swaggering over to Europe to demand the 2016 Olympics be held in Chicago?

    And how he came back all “this is a slam dunk!” and the committee gave it to Rio de Janiero?

    Remember that, when he was just a clown that the world laughed at?

    Good times, good times.

    • lainer51

      Kind of like the old high school days – we had to stand in the hall during class as punishment for chewing gum; what a joke.. Now it is acceptable to have sex with teachers and anyone who complains is “an out-of-touch conservative”.
      Oh how the world changed after the movie -“Bubba Does Intern”

  • $30423294

    You guys, no matter what you say, I still say he is not a Muslim who was too scared to stop a terror attack that one time in Benghazi.

    Well okay, that one time and then again in Boston.

    Okay, the Christmas underwear bomber too, okay.

    And the Fort Hood terror attack, okay he overlooked that too.

    Totally not an islamic supremacist in our White House.

    • Corey Dennison

      I’d laugh if it weren’t so sadly close to the truth.

  • nc

    I only caught the last hour, and frankly expected it to be a little dry with some juicy highlights. It was SPECTACULAR!

    Bravo to Hicks, Thompson and Nordstrom, they were excellent witnesses to the truth that has been too long suppressed. And kudos to our great Repub Congressmen who actually asked intelligent questions, acted like a team, and focused on the task. Great job!

    Question: How come we’ve never heard of Cheryl Mills before today?

    • Tiffini

      Good question. Edited for auto correct…

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Hillary had probably sequestered her due to the sequester.


    Truth we saw today!
    We Are A Truth Based People!
    This is Not A Party!
    This Is What Kind Of Government Do We Not Have?
    Hopefully, All Americans will think more than twice to allow a member of their family or they themselves to be serving “this ObamaGovernment” with any expectation that your security is First on their Agenda.
    As it is Clear and Present Danger That It Is Not!
    That is why here at home we do have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.
    Absolutely appalling that No One, We repeat No One from ObamaGovernment asked at any point in time permission from Libyan Government to Fly Any Vehicle in to Benghazi for any kind of possible attempt to prevent the 2nd Attack, or 3rd Attack.
    We Leave No Man/Woman Behind!

    • Squirrel!

      It was Hicks or Nordstrom (can’t remember which) who said at the end that no matter where you are “you’re on your own.” This isn’t verbatim. Several scenarios of job postings were stated by one of the Congressmen, and that was the response. I think it was Mr. Hicks.

  • Junie3

    Measure for measure Hillary, Obama and his incompetent administration. I think God has just about had it with you two and your puppet master, Soros.

  • DurkaDurka

    I don’t think I’ve ever hated Democrats more in my entire life.

    • rinodino

      Sure you have after Obama got elected the first time and then the second time I’m sure the hate ran through you like a river

      • lainer51

        more like pee running down hill.

    • love2rumba


  • $27789750

    Yeah…they lied, and to the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Shows you how little respect they have for the people they are supposed to care about. We got treated as tools in their re-election bid…some thing easily manipulated for their own ends. Then they are going to try to run one of the chief liars for prez in 2016.

    • Orlando Cee

      Yes they lied. Worse yet, they are civil servants, regardless of their rank in office. That means they lied to us, the American people–their BOSS.

  • barney59

    I just glanced at the LA Times and had to turn to page 7 to find any mention of the hearings today. It was labeled a Political event at that…

    Disgusting MSM.

    • el_polacko

      my local news didn’t even mention that there WAS a hearing…c-span 3 (?!) isn’t carried by most cable/satellite…cnn talked over the testimony…and even fox had to dump the hearings for the much more important case of the chick who stabbed her boyfriend. i give up.

  • Marvin Nelson

    Patricia, I applaud you for standing up to the Hollyweird libtards. I watched the hearings today and was absolutely spellbound by the testimony of all three witnesses. Their cool under pressure was impressive and their answers concise. The story that they are weaving is worse than anyone thought. Everyone needs to watch this and keep the pressure on the committee to get to the bottom of this.

  • Gallatin

    Once again Patricia Rocks!

  • John Ledo

    republicans seeking the truth while demonrats attacked the witnesses and did everything possible to protect their messiah and the witch hillary

  • Just Another Guy
  • Ben Bollman

    What makes it all so sickening is how much the media is covering it up and how the liberals in the media are mocking and dismissing it. I’m losing faith in humanity.

  • NixTyranny

    Wow, what a lucky guy Ray Barone was.

  • Axelgreaser

    GOD BLESS PATRICIA HEATON. She is a veteran of a hit, long running television show and presumably is set for life. She can pick and choose her projects and if they don’t come to her, sobeit. That puts her safely beyond the ‘long arm of the Don’, Barack Obama and his Hollywood from Washington, D.C. ‘transplant’, President of the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, thug and liar Chris Dodd of the ‘Dodd-Frank’ regulations python and a particularly cheezy 2010 mortgage fraud and AIG bonus scandal that sent him scampering off under the Commiewood rock. Hollywood is head to toe Unions and I believe conservatives in that cess pool of communism and free flowing money to Barack Obama are as fearful for their futures as a Benghazi Whistleblower. So kudo’s to Heaton for being upstanding in the middle of a town full of thieves with knives out, hustlers and degenerate anti-American film sludge who are bringing down America.

    “I have heard nothing about anyone being told not to testify or being threatened.”–Barack ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ Obama.

  • Paul C.

    Where is all the morons in Hollywood on this, you can’t hear a pin drop

  • sodakhic

    Two things that me so sick about Obama, his bowing to Muslims,Chinese, and Japanese and putting his big stinky feet on the oval office people’s)desk

  • $24698634

    I’m speechless that we keep seeing Heaton’s windswept prom picture.