Awesome. McDonald’s evidently listened to Twitter users like this one:

As Twitchy reported, Mr. Ramsey’s employer tweeted out praise for the hero earlier today. The Cleveland man became an instant Internet star yesterday, after he heroically helped Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight escape from where they had allegedly been held captive for a decade. His relaying of his tale, which included discussion of his McDonald’s chow-down, went viral, for good reason.

Some weren’t pleased with the McDonald’s tweet.

Clown? He is a hero and he deserves praise and a nice offer of an advertising gig, at the very least.

Most loved the bit of savvy social media interaction with shout-out to viral hero Charles Ramsey.

Indeed. A well-deserved pat on the back, and perhaps some future compensation, for a hero.


Boss of instant Internet star Charles Ramsey: ‘He’s a hero,’ ‘the greatest dude ever!’

Viral: Meet Cleveland man Charles Ramsey, who reportedly freed missing women

  • BwBarrnone

    Is he a Hero or just a good Samaritan?

    • reving19

      Some would say they are one and the same.

    • mwill


    • Bemani Dog

      Considering the situation, I don’t think the term “hero” is misplaced.

    • MyrmidoNOT

      Well intentioned…
      showing ‘content of character’…
      NOT walking away…
      ‘offering’ assistance…

      You decide… 😉
      (I’m just glad he was being humane, and did something!)

      • redheadgrl

        Dunno, he helped her out, but he also ate ribs and listened to salsa music with the perp, who knows how many times in the year he lived there…..

        • MyrmidoNOT

          True…I also “do not know” (at this time)…

          However…his ‘boss’ implied he was a good employee…
          …and “observing” several interviews…
          I’ll surmise “on the side of good faith”…iykwim

        • Lady 12

          Oh, come on. He didn’t know. The Green River Killer out here had all kinds of friends too that never thought there was anything wrong with him.

    • walterc

      Had the kidnapper returned while Mr Ramsey was still in rescue mode, it could have been deadly for Mr Ramsey. He’s a hero. Most people now days would have “not wanted to get involved”.

    • Lady 12


    • perdogg

      I think it takes a lot of courage to get involved these days. You never know when you are walking into a trap or getting involved into a truly domestic situation.

  • 2ifbyT

    This should be interesting. McDonald’s is a lefty enterprise. Will Michelle Obama stick her nose where it doesn’t belong – again – and try to tell them to the guy should only gets salads for life?

    • robcrawford2

      McDonalds is apolitical. Their franchise owners are across the spectrum, and getting into a partisan spat would be horrible for business.

      • 2ifbyT

        Their marketing is apolitical. Their owners are lefties.

      • perdogg

        Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t they get an Obamacare waiver?

  • NotaLemming

    Amanda Berry Kidnap House Flag and other Photo Anomolies Why did the Flags on the house change from peurto rican to American and back again?

    • Canadian in USA

      …and it begins.

    • Tom

      It took me about 3 seconds to see that both flags are on one pole.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Puerto Rican? The Kidnappers’ last names are all CASTRO-I thought they were Cubans! Jawamax 8<{D} Just sayin'…

    • NRPax

      You conspiracy nuts are pathetic beyond redemption. It seems that the only thing that can make your life a little less bleak is pretending that you see things in the world that other people can’t.

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    I live a block from a McDonald’s and have become addicted to their coffee. Good on ya, Mickey D’s for saluting Mr. Ramsey

  • Baba Ghanoush

    I don’t think this will be the last time we see the names Charles Ramsey and McDonalds in the same sentence.

    “Lifetime of free McDonalds, Ramsey in for triple bypass surgery”

  • Brandon Goeringer

    He should have said “I was just finishing my Bonefish.”

  • Donna

    minute ago flag | delete

    Charles if your reading this or if someone that knows him tell him to start a Fan website. How many would have continued to eat their burger, drink their coke, close their windows and turn up the radio not just ignoring the cries for help but making sure the cries would not be heard. Most would call Charles life a life of mediocrity – we have all been shown here – given proof that each of us are given choices that make differences – huge differences ….I have a feeling that this will be the defining point in Charles’ life – he was called and he responded. The character of a man is not defined by where he lives or how much money he flashes around in this warped society we find ourselves. Charles unknowingly you showed us all who you are – a man of greatness – a man we can all look up to – a man to be so proud of – a man that for once we get to see news that brings us joy – ……and then not only that we get to be introduced to his so totally Awesome personality. I guess you could call me a fan

    • mickeyco

      Thanks, Donna. Some of the criticisms have really bothered me.

  • WBee1 Proud Navy Wife

    Not only should Charles Ramsay eat free at McDonalds for life, but he should be given a 1% share of the McDonalds profits too in Cleveland, Ohio.
    God Bless you Charles Ramsay.

  • robcrawford2

    “Clown? He is a hero and he deserves praise and a nice offer of an advertising gig, at the very least.”

    Yes. But to a leftist, the guy’s a “clown” because:

    1) he’s black

    2) he freed some women from slavery

    • camnpat

      And he is a “clown” because he acted on his own to help someone else out of his own good will. We can’t have that!!! The government must be the one saving people!!!

      But seriously, and this is just speculation about what could have prompted such reaction, we have gotten to the point where any idiot in a reality show or talentless hack becomes a “celebrity” overnight praised by the masses, but anyone that acts to help someone else out of their own good will is seen with skepticism as someone just trying to get attention.

  • redheadgrl

    I thought the perp was also arrested at the McDonalds?

  • Clayton Grant

    New item on the McDonalds Menu: The McRamsey Hero Sammich! (with salsa)

  • FaithColeridge33

    Maybe he’ll help them capture the Hamburglar.

  • Guest

    Note that most of the media are deleting Ramsay’s quip that “I knew something was wrong when I saw a white girl run into the arm’s of a black man”. Whew, can’t touch that one with a 10 foot pole.

  • LegalizeShemp

    McDonald’s will probably come out with Charles “I ain’t Chicken” McNuggets.

  • LegalizeShemp

    McDonald’s should come out with “The Big Chuck”. Three all creep fatties, specially sauced, with their pickles in some long missing buns.

  • Beth Lott

    I am very disappointed that no one replied to this tweet with “I’m lovin’ it!”

  • padeeya

    I think Marlboro should send out props to the smoker that discovered the Boston terrorist hiding in the boat in his backyard.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Amanda Berry worked at Burger King, didn’t she? That’s two endorsements, free fast food for life from TWO businesses, and…RESPECT FOR THE COMPETITION! Jawamax 8<{D} #RightWard

  • © Sponge

    If McDonald’s rewards this man in any way, you just KNOW Owebama will step in to regulate what they do and Mooch will guffaw at the possible health implications.

    • michael s

      stop being petty

      • © Sponge

        You know I’m right. You should OPEN your EYES. They’ve waged war on all kinds of businesses in America and McDonald’s is a BIG one.

  • Lady 12

    I know where I’m eating tonight.

  • $27789750

    Talk about free advertising. I hope they give him something.. He’s a hero.

  • Diane Stephan

    God Bless him.

  • arrow2010

    have it your way!

  • SMH-DraggingMyHeels

    Some in the media are trying to paint this action by McDs with this ugly greedy capitalist smear; they are trying to incite more disdain & or judgment against a company saying a single word —– Good God.
    McDonalds simply tweeted a simple Salute to the victims and their hero. It was nice. Charles Ramsey deserves every accolade he gets. When did America decide business is evil? Think back to the advertisements during WWII — EVERY company did them. I have a canning jar ad with soldiers in it on my wall right now. NO ONE then thought Ball Jars were bastards or that they were capitalizing back then. I think this is crazy and sad.

  • Yeeheecom

    I still prefer the Whopper over the Big Mac

  • Zathras11 @B5

    Nobody waits for the other shoe to drop. They all rush to judgement. This “hero”(sic) is a serial wife-beater. “We’ll be in touch” might be what he said to her as he hit her. In prison 3 times for it. She divorced him while he was in the last time. The only difference between he and his neighbor is how his wife got away, because some in the neighborhood reported to police that Castro used to park his school bus in front of his home and bring LOTS of bags of McDonald’s (with drinks) into the house and they wondered why he needed so much food. The police ignored them. They also ignored reports of naked women on leashes being led around the back yard, screams, people at the attic window. Sick! You would think police were smarter. The three women are heroes, as well as victims.