Boom, indeed.

That was beautiful. But it didn’t end there. Who is up for an epic Ace of Spades media-blasting? We are!

As Twitchy reported yesterday, the fierce fighter for truth Sharyl Attkisson broke some news that destroyed Obama administration claims about Benghazi.  Of course, the shameful attempted smearing of the whistleblowers began almost immediately.

Ms. Attkisson continues to do the job that few others in the media will do. Twitter users expressed their gratitude and offered support for the fabulous Ms. Attkisson.

Other journalists? Not so much. The lapdogs are far too busy, what with all that burying of Obama’s bones.

Take it away, Ace (and some fellow Twitter users)!

Hmm. Curious!

Yep. What about that?

There is no way to pretend the President did not promise the American people, in the most public way possible, that he and his administration would not play politics with Benghazi. If it turns out they have and that his own staff was part of it, he should be held responsible.

Well, the media will pretend. Pretend like the wind!

That is perfect. The Very Special Media, which is full of Special Snowflakes.

Yes, they totally believe they are Smarter Than You, bitterly clinging rubes.


He continued his epic drubbing of the media today.

Also, racist!

Lapdogs need their kibble, dude.

This Twitter user responds to Ace and puts it in a nutshell.

The Fourth Estate is dead. But, hey, maybe they’ll get some more glazed donuts out of the deal.


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  • Lotte Lenya

    “Very Special Media” aka “Short Bus Special”?

    • Jeremy

      don’t forget the helmet.

      • LinTaylor

        And the mittens pinned to the sleeves of their jacket year-round.

        • CombatDiver

          And the Windex to clean the drool.

          • proud dad

            Hey. Those kids on “the short bus, with their helmets and mittens pinned to their sleeves and drooling etc etc” did not ask to be on that bus. And its heartbreaking for their families to put them on those busses every morning. So why dont you upgrade your level of “humor.” You are contributing NOTHING to this discussion and your comments are disgusting and disgraceful. Grow up

    • angeleyez

      Will Obama finally tell Hillary, “YOUR BUS IS HERE.” ?
      ▲ YES
      ▼ NO

  • mickeyco

    Nothing we haven’t known, but I think one of the saddest sentences I’ve ever read is the one right below the last tweet. The Fourth Estate is dead.

    • tops116

      Yeah, they committed suicide over Obama. Talk about not being free thinkers.


    VSM is destroying all of America.
    The are Not on our TV’s or computers what so ever, and haven’t been for many years.

  • tops116

    Oh, that was so funny. It’s just sad that it’s so true.

  • Michael Anderson (WB)

    “MSM is customer service for Team Obama. They sold him to us, now they protect their brand name by claiming user ignorance”

    The problem for the MSM is they have to keep building lie on top of lie now or expose themselves as the DNC press corps. Eventually the lies will be too much to sustain and it will all come tumbling down. Then some poor intern is going to pay a heavy price.

    • Kevin Krom

      That’s always the danger of being a liar — you have to concoct larger and more elaborate lies to cover the original ones if any scrutiny is applied.

  • Slapweasel

    A fish does not know it is wet, and there is something VERY fishy here.

    You can tap on the glass, yell at the fish, read it tomes and tomes of literature, show it empirical evidence with colorful charts and graphs.

    It is a fish. A very colorful, VSM fish.

    …I’ve flushed mine.

  • BeeKaaay

    If Benghazi was the LSM disposing of Obama’s suspicious backpack, then Fast and Furious was burying 300 dead bodies of innocent Mexican Civiliians to hide Obama’s racist policy against Mexicans.

  • AZWarrior

    None of this will matter in the end. Most Americans are just to self centered to follow or care about something so far from their everyday concerns as government. Sadly, indifference is the only thing that can truly destroy self government. You get the government you deserve in the end, so bend over.

  • Jay Medeiros


  • Zefal

    Big difference: obama’s Vaseline wasn’t used for making bombs.

  • CacheLaPoudre

    Ace is trying to get your attention to let you know the first tweet was supposed to be a quote of Greg Guttfeld, not a tweet to him.

  • BAW

    I heard Guttfeld say that on The Five rebroadcast last night and thought it was extremely apt. (Posted it as comment at WaPo.) Great to know Ace and I think alike, sometimes.

  • BAW

    And the media narrative that they just report what people want to hear (“if it bleeds it ledes”) is quickly falling apart as more and more realize what they miss and what they get if their only source is the “Very Special Media.” I, for one, didn’t know who Jodi Arias was until I saw the name in comments comparing the coverage to the lack of Gosnell coverage. Still know very little about Arias or Knox and already know enough about Limo Fire. If you care about important issues, you actually have to avoid the VSM or you’re just wasting your time.

    • Kevin Krom

      I still have no clue who Arias is, and my life is not diminished for not knowing. Knox I only knew of because I managed to not avoid those stories, but at least it has the hard news element of critiquing the Italian legal system.

      But with Arias, the limo fire, and even the Cleveland kidnappings, we see that some #localcrimestory items are national news, yet others (#gosnell) are not. Why? Of those four, which actually has a hard news element to it? The only one that’s buried by the VSM, and it’s buried because it hurts the narrative.

  • JR48

    “Whenever I launch a career I usually do it from the living rooms of persons whom I hardly know. I just show up with Schlitz.”

    THIS is why I absolutely adore Ace.

  • MarcusFenix

    Ace forgot to add “Cheetos” to what he brings with him…

  • SideshowJon36

    The press believes that they were played like a fiddle by the Right with the Swiftboat Vets, and actively decided never to cover a GOP line of attack again

  • DavidKramer

    I call the media exactly what they are, the DNC media. Short and exactly what they are.

  • socalcon

    Meh. “How Dare You?” matches so well with “That was a long time ago”, No?

  • $35072932

    Benghazi: Do as I Say, or as I Do?

    The fight at the U.S. consulate waxed and waned for ten hours. Yet during that time, the Marine Force Recon unit on Sigonella Air Base, 500 miles away, was never deployed and not one F-16 or F-18 was dispatched. Granted, Force Recon and fighter aircraft weren’t on alert and did not appear on the Pentagon’s official list of “hostage rescue forces.” But they were one phone call away, and no general asked for them. Ten hours provided adequate time for a range of ad hoc responses. Commanders are expected to adapt in battle.

    Pentagon spokesman George Little said, “We have repeatedly stated that . . . our forces were unable to reach it in time to intervene to stop the attacks.” That is true only if the Pentagon is incapable of improvising. If you see people in a burning house, you do your best to help immediately; you don’t wait for the fire department to respond in a normal manner. If called upon, the Marines on Sigonella would have gathered whoever was on hand and piled into one of a dozen military planes parked at the base. The Benghazi airport 90 minutes away was secure; CIA operatives were standing on the runway, because they had improvised by hiring a plane and flying in from the embassy in Tripoli, 400 miles away. A fighter jet could have refueled at that airport, with the CIA providing cover. Instead, the military ordered four Special Operations soldiers at the Tripoli embassy not to fly to Benghazi and join the CIA team.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    “Limo Fire, Jodi Arias, Amanda Knox”.

    Good thing those aren’t “local stories” like the Kermit Gosnell baby murders.