The Mother’s Day commercial offering from grocery chain Publix is simply beautiful. Make sure you have some tissues handy before clicking “play.”


LifeNews noticed the moving spot, which was released last year. More from LifeNews:

The little girl asks, “Can the baby hear me?” to which the mother responds, “I think so!” (It’s true: according to the Mayo Clinic, babies begin to hear and respond to sound around week 18 of pregnancy.)

When prompted by her mother to tell the baby a secret, the little girl embraces her pregnant belly and says, “You’re really going to love mom,” and the advertisement closes with Mother’s Day wishes from Publix.

Acknowledging the unborn is sadly uncommon.

Publix is continuing to air this commercial and recently posted it to its Facebook page. Twitter users have much praise for Publix.

The incredibly touching commercial is sparking tears across the Twittersphere.

Well done, Publix. Thank you for affirming life.

  • Clayton Grant

    No doubt Planned Parenthood and NARAL will find a way to condemn this touching commercial as an attack on “reproductive rights”.

    • CatHerder

      Unfortunately, you’re probably right.

    • Spatial Awareness
      • yacope

        ah yes, the Mothers Day Massacre…brought to you by the same Dr Gosnell being prosecuted for murder…the man should have been stopped back then but here we are with who knows how many of his “live birth abortions” performed by him….

    • Indynana

      “Planned NON-Parenthood ” they should be called.

      • Spatial Awareness

        “Infanticide Incorporated”

        • Gary Freeman

          That might be the best Planned Parenthood parody name ever.

      • Julie the Jarhead

        I’ve heard “Banned Parenthood” and “Planned Barrenhood.”

      • Jeremy

        I like that.

    • Lynelle Hullsiek

      LOL- yep, definitely a war on women.

    • Jeremy

      Yeah with their spokesperson being Sandra Fluke

  • $30423294

    true = good = beautiful

    This is how real human beings recognize the true and the good: it is beautiful.

    Deep down you know it.

    Release our great nation from the culture of death!

  • grais

    The true meaning of ‘planned parenthood’ is offensive to Planned Parenthood.

  • 24fan

    aww, I’m grown up but I do love my mama<3

    • TugboatPhil

      I just visited mine this weekend since I can’t make it for Mother’s Day. She’s 83 and still very active and independent. She had her tummy cut open so I could have my life. I still thank her and love her more each year.

      On my birthday I always call her. She’s the one who had to do something that day, so it’s hers to celebrate.

      • grais

        “…love her more each year.” Ain’t that the truth.
        My 90 year old mother was in the hospital on my b’day and when she told the nurse it was my b’day the nurse said to her, “Oh! Happy Mother’s Day!”

    • pajamakat

      My mom has been gone since 1985. How I miss her. I am now her age when she died. This commercial really made me cry.

  • Andy Rigo

    This is how we win the culture war: show the world the beautiful truth and hearts will be changed.

    • RaymondBenne

      That Sir is a great truth. Well put

  • Bemani Dog

    Publix makes the absolute best commercials.

  • CatHerder

    I’d give a lot to be able to tell Mom how much I miss her now.

    • Spatial Awareness

      Me Too. (;_・)

      • TheAnthillGoddess

        Me three.

        • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

          Me four..Mine died in 1991, of Cancer.. And my grandma died in Early 2006. Jawamax 8<{D}

  • capisce

    cue the boycotters.#Publix celebrating Mother’s Day like it was 1950.They close on Easter & Christmas too.Kudos

    • colchak

      Gosh I wish we had one up in my area.

  • yacope

    Beautiful commercial!!! Excuse me I got something in my eye…

    • ZoriahShepard

      So strange! As soon as I finished watching it something blew in my eye and I couldn’t stop tearing up…weird.

      • yacope

        me too, I think it might be my allergies 😉

  • nc

    Thank you Twitchy for sharing that lovely spot. We don’t have Publix here in the West.

    I love how they include the baby in the conversation and not “the bump” as is so common in pop culture these days.

    Bonus points for a yummy pinwheel recipe.

  • MyrmidoNOT

    Dignity and motherhood…
    Respect ‘family’ values.

  • Ron Rynhard


  • Gator Mom 7

    Publix is one of my favorite brands. As much as I hate the chore of grocery shopping, that store is the reason it has become tolerable for me. Best shopping experience you can find. And this commercial just reflects their brand as all of their spots do.

    • Heather_A

      Publix cake. #nuffsaid


      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Poppyseed Kaiser rolls from the bakery. And Sabrett Hot Dogs. ‘Nuff said. Jawamax 8<{D}

      • Jack Patrick

        Publix Pecan Coffee Cake Ring! Oh Lord, YES!

      • GW

        They make really good key lime pies.

  • Johnny Blade

    BOOM! This would be a much better commercial for Hannity to talk about than that stupid Mountain Dew one.

  • RaymondBenne

    ok Publix, come to NE Ohio and i promise i will shop only there, total support

    • ClarkFL

      Publix was founded a town over from where I live. Its expanding into North Carolina soon. Give it time, it will make its way up there. My wife works in the Pharmacy of a Publix. She loves it there. Great benefits, clean store, friendly staff, etc. My wife also has lupus and Publix has been more than generous with her needing time off for doctor appointments or if she needs to have lab tests done or just general time off because of how she feels. When Publix gets to your area one day, I recommend you tell anyone that wants a job to apply there. Benefits are good and their stock will easily make you a millionaire if you work and retire from there.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        THAT’S ANOTHER GOOD THING PUBLIX DOES:I notice they have part-time cashiers who are elderly (the line is slow, but he knows what he’s doing), and Porters/bagboys/Miscelaneous Employees who are Physically (or otherwise) disabled. Another PLUS for a great Supermarket Chain! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • NCRelite

    great commercial. if only more had this much impact, instead they’re usually loud and annoying

  • Will P.

    I’m sad, I was hoping to read some irrational posts deriding this commercial. I guess America is not quite as hopeless as I have came to believe.

  • $7610427

    Not everyone who is capable of giving birth is capable of being a “mother”. I thank God that the birth mother of my daughters had the sense to realize that, and that she recognized the sanctity of their life. Yesterday, I observed my girls and my bio son mill around my kitchen eating, laughing, poking fun at each other…while their dad and I held our new grand baby… We are very blessed to have raised two beautiful girls whose parent wasn’t selfish enough to abort them!

    • Jack Patrick

      You are a blessed Mom with blessed children. Praise God!

    • yacope

      Your family has many blessings, not the least that the mother realized that even though she couldn’t be a mother the children deserved to keep and pursue their own path in life. God Bless y’all.

  • conservativemomma

    Just went to Publix website and shared my praise for this lovely commercial.

  • tjp77

    Hmmm… how long before some lefty blogger calls it hate speech?

    • therantinggeek

      Give it a day or two.

    • Lynn

      Or cries for a boycott….

      i <3 Publix

  • camnpat

    “Despicable commercial showing two poor, trapped victims of society’s gender discrimination acting their gender stereotype of being in the kitchen, with the older woman showing signs of a womb infection the little girl has been conditioned to show love for. Pathetic and clearly intended to promote Eugenics and intended as a jab in the defamation campaign against that hero that is Gosnell.” I can hear this thought process going through Amanda Marcotte’s head already.

    Lovely ad Publix. I lived in the SE for many years and they always had some endearing ads for Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

    And yes, I’m a guy but a few tears rolled… 😛

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I shop at Publix here in the Panama City/Lynn Haven area (Both Stores!) and have a friend from School who works for Publix in the area…I saw the Mother’s day commercial, and it was very sweet and touching. If you live near a store (especially here in the Southeast) PLEASE GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS! It’s a few pennies more, but it’s worth it! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Mike Barnett

    I’m going to call this one my second favorite Publix commercial ever (although the pro-life message is awesome!). My all time favorite is still this one

  • AZWarrior

    The same LIEberal women who will say , “Yes, it’s a baby, IF it’s WANTED or a PLANNED pregnancy”, will say, “If it’s UNPLANNED or UNWANTED, it’s just a clump of tissue.” Sorry, NOW and NARAL, can’t have it both ways.

  • cscape

    Roh Row….. this means that there’s actually a LIVING PERSON inside there!!!! (only the truly delusional would think otherwise)

  • Jack Deth

    Superb Mother/Daughter moment!

    Dang Pollen!!!!

  • Silenttype78

    I cannot watch that right now because I almost started crying reading the twitter comments! I hope my kids love me just half as much as I love my mom :) – she is awesome!

    I miss my mom and Publix :( !

  • notenoughtime

    Love, it! It needs to be on 24/7 and highlight the gift and miracle of motherhood!

  • Political Junky

    That is so sweet! I lived in FL for 5 years and I used to get tickled at how obsessed with Publix people were. The younger people would always be real surprised to find out there weren’t Publix everywhere! One actually asked me where I get my food from in Texas. In saying all that, I am back in Texas now and I do miss Publix!

  • thehappyhedgehog

    Smart marketing! Likely it’ll win them some extra business from pro-lifers whilst offending no one. After all, I know of no pro-choicer who says all pregnant women should abort. That’s just self-pitying pro-life mythology.

  • Booker

    Very clever, Publix. Very clever. The culture wars may still have battles to come, I see.

  • Michael Anderson (WB)

    Dang it, I knew better than to listen to that while at work. Now I’m home and it sure is dusty in here.

  • pureabsolute

    Mom: “Why don’t you tell her how much you will love her?”
    Daughter to baby: “You are really gonna love mom…”

  • L.N. Smithee

    When George Jones passed away last week, I tweeted “If you don’t tear up listening to “He Stopped Loving Her Today,” you may be an android.”

    Ditto this commercial. Bravo! I’m on the West Coast, and I’m sorry I can’t go down to a local Publix and buy a bunch of stuff in appreciation.

    There are so many commercials that say either nothing or are prima facie evidence of drug use in ad agency brainstorming sessions. This is the complete opposite of those, and I wonder if the folks at Publix or the agency that created it had to fight to make it so meaningful.

  • Maxx

    This is an outrage against pro-choice women. I suggest they counter this travesty of equality by highlighting their version which shows a liberal driving PAST Publix to the Planned Parenthood across the street, where two weeks before Mother’s Day, a woman aborts her child.

  • BeeKaaay

    And the bloodthirsty leftwingwackos hate the idea that children have human rights, even if they’re very young.

  • DurkaDurka

    They need a Gosnell commercial for the next DNC dinner.

  • Beth

    Truly touching

  • KansasGirl

    Remember when parents were revered?
    Remember when children were revered?
    I’m not saying all people don’t…just far too many don’t.