As Twitchy reported, Sarah Palin slammed media “assclowns” over their ludicrous Nerd Prom (White House Correspondents’ Dinner) last night. Haters crawled out of the woodwork, natch. And some journos clutched their pearls madly. She said “assclown!” Oh, the horror! Huffington Post opinion writer Jason Linkins pitched a snit fit.

Touched a nerve, Jason? He madly tweeted and retweeted Palin-bashing remarks, all of which can be summed up with “I know you are, but what am I?” Waah!

“Trixie Klondike.” Sexist much, dude?

Yuk, yuk, yuk! She’s just a hillbilly Barbie and such. Isn’t he so enlightened?

Calling him an assclown is actually insulting to assclowns.

Next comes a Mediaite senior editor, as actor Adam Baldwin pointed out.

Yep. Here is Kirell’s pitiful snit fit.

Business Insider’s Henry Blodget:

A Time reporter clutches his pearls.

And, of course, he implies she doesn’t write her own tweets. How can she, being a “Trixie Klondike” and all, huh?


Assclowns, heal thyselves.


Tweet like a girl: Sarah Palin blasts ‘DC assclowns’ at ‘pathetic’ Correspondents’ Dinner

  • V the K

    “The sting in any rebuke is the truth” – Benjamin Franklin

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    It’s been almost five years now and Palin hatred runs deep amongst the boobs who worked her over in 2008 to pave the way for the jugeared incompetent fool in the White House.

    And they attacked every member of her family, even the babies and examined every detail of her past.
    Obama skated on by with his seamy past and shady associations because of his race.
    To this day the MSM protects and defends a guy they should have vetted.

    • Lady_Penguin

      To this day, the Communist/State controlled media, the MSM, protects and defends a guy they helped get in place.

      FIFY :)

    • R0nin

      Exactly. Although it’s not just his race– they’re ideologically committed to his politics as well.

      • Mark81150

        agreed.. they adore his brand of I’m a progressive, kneel peasant mentality.. The high end journolista’s have always been savagely hateful to her as an idiot. A verbal gaffe or too, while they leave Obama’s gaffapalooza fest buried in Geraldo’s vault, if a republican had anything close to Obama’s kind of gaffes let alone Biden’s, they would role their eyes at the hillbilly not well bred not ivy league prep school uppity retard peasant.

        and we all know it..

        the sickening part for me is the Palin haters in the GOP who join in on the hate, because she isn’t also one of the “right sort of people”.. just as snobbish as the press, and just as clueless as to why half the country loves her wit.

        • nc


      • donzap

        Leftists, Democrats, the MEDIA and Obama like to use the word ‘FAIR’ – a lot.

        If the MEDIA really wants to be ‘FAIR’ they can be FAIR by going through Obama’s garbage starting on Monday just like they did with Palin, by vetting Obama, as they should have to begin with, and by starting to ask Obama real questions in their fake news conferences.

        That would level things out a bit.

        Now, that would be FAIR.

        • Vennoye

          When 44th was running and elected and all the “FAIR” stuff started, I did a Bible search on fair–ALL references to fair are used to describe females, weather and youth!! Now JUST and JUSTICE is a whole different matter!
          1Ki 1:3 So they sought for a fair damsel–1Ki 1:4 And the damsel was very fair– Then, of course there is this: Pr 26:25 When he speaketh fair, believe him not: for there are seven abominations in his heart.

    • LightSabre

      As usual, you give a 100% accurate account of the situation. Thanks, Mr. Donahue.

    • oconnellc

      No doubt. it isn’t like you’d be able to name the church Obama attended or listen to speeches from the preacher at his church or name people who he attended cocktail parties with. Oh, wait…

      • TocksNedlog

        And the part of “mainstream media” that you are stuck on is WHAT?

      • Ben Bollman

        Yes, and the fact that these things obviously exist and are in plain sight yet never get reported on should prove to you that the mainstream media is nothing more than Obama’s PR team.

        • oconnellc

          Never get reported? Did you eat a lot of lead paint as a child? Never get reported? Don’t you think that saying something so obviously wrong and stupid will eventually cause you liver damage or something?

          • Ben Bollman

            Hint: Repeatedly saying something with indignation is not proof. You and I both know Obama’s background was never seriously reported on by the liberal media and when Jeremiah Wright was even mentioned the claims were not taken seriously, quit acting like a self-righteous moron.

          • oconnellc

            Taken seriously? What are you talking about now? This started out as a discussion of how no one examined any detail of Obama’s past. You know 10 times more about Obama than you do about Palin or any other pol, including details that are completely irrelevant. Stop being a sheep. Just go buy MM’s book and save her the effort of shoving it down your gullible throat.

          • Ben Bollman

            I only know what I do because I looked for it, no thanks to the liberal media. The irony of you talking about gullibility as you are sitting here defending Obama and the liberal media who are selling him is almost too much to bear.

    • MZ

      Making fun of President Obama’s ears now? Really? How is that conducive to legitimate policy debate?

      And what about hounding the President for years over claims his birth certificate was forged or people insisting he’s a secret Muslim? The man hasn’t exactly lacked for critical attention.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    My favorite thing about all this? 24 hours from now they’ll be BACK to calling her irrelevant, for umpteenth time. When some one calls you irrelevant after dropping 5-10 tweets about you, chances are you’re still relevant. If some one calls you irrelevant, while watching you for the simple purpose of disparaging you, chances are you’re still relevant.

    • vetgal1970

      She’s so irrelevant that they follow her tweets and pass around her facebook musings. It seems to me that if they thought she was irrelevant they would ignore her. Also, I am amused by the gender specific insults from the people who so wholeheartedly embraced the whole ‘Republican war on women’ meme just a couple of months ago.

      • WWMD

        No only pay attention when she does really stupid shiz not her normal stupid

        • Cal

          I see English is not your first language. Keep trying; you can improve.

          • WWMD

            No, I was trying to make it easier for those here to understand.

  • Rightturn

    It doesn’t happen very often, but Sarah Palin got owned here. She should have kept her mouth shut.

    • R0nin

      No, because when she attended, it wasn’t just Obowmao’s “Sycophant’s Ball”. She was part of the story. What’s the story now? Just mouthing the Second Coming’s words for him.

    • Mark81150

      Why?.. because she attended one party during her campaign?.. so she’s forever barred from making fun of the press now?

      She just said what most people think of the WH press, their smug replies are hardly ownage, they’re just being pissy.

      • Rightturn

        Huh? What campaign was she running in 2011?

      • donzap


      • world’s greatest orator

        If she hadn’t gone in 2011 the journolists would whinny as to her “envy for never having attended”–a variant of which was now rehearsed anyway. Since the BS dinner party got denounced more than usual this year she is arguably guilty of piling on. Better to allow this gaudy pseudo-tradition to collapse of its own bloat

    • $30423294

      Question of the day. When a pervert says in a comment that he or she “owned” somebody, is that like a kind of code word that means the pervert secretly pleasures himself while thinking about said beautiful woman?

      If so, then sadly I would agree with you that she has been owned by many leftists.

      • Sons Thunder

        @disqus_jn21Y5ayqK:disqus made it clear he wasn’t a Palin hater. He rightfully called out @mark81150:disqus for claiming she was campaigning in 2011. What he said was both accurate and polite. Yet his comments were downvoted and he is getting all sorts of personal attacks.

        It seems more likely that those who freak out when Palin is exposed to any criticism are the ones fappin to Palin.

    • donzap

      …Not at all. Sounds like wishful thinking on your part of perhaps an issue with reading comprehension. If you’re special, that’s OK…..

    • TocksNedlog

      Yeah sure . . . ALL of those assclowns somehow proved that they’re not assclowns. Uh-huh.

  • deejayaz

    They still fear her.


    • Rodney Brungardt

      YEP!! She must STILL be a threat to their agenda or we would never hear all this!!

  • $27789750

    Loved the line about ‘.. some journos clutched their pearls madly..’.Whoever came up with that one trumped all the slick repartee at that superficial snark fest last night.

  • Harry A

    I’d rather stay home and clean then go to a MSNBC after party .

  • 912er

    These assclowns are just jealous that no one commenting about their tweets…..Love you Sarah…..keep being our voice.

    • oconnellc

      That is your voice? That a bunch of parties she has tried for years to be part of, she now refers to as ‘assclowns’? That is what you want your ‘voice’ to be saying? Why have such a low opinion of yourself?

  • RememberSekhmet

    U mad @ssclown bros?

  • d1comment

    I don’t recognize any of the assclown tweets…

  • Jack Deth

    Oh, to have the ability to live rent free inside so many empty liberal heads. And elicit so many gut bustingly puerile responses!

    Could that be classified as a “Super Power”?

    If these responses reflect the quality and maturity of “journalism” today. Shouldn’t we all consider buying upscale or up market?

  • digitalPimple

    ‘Real journalists’ really have a high opinion of themselves in the public arena don’t they? Have they checked their numbers lately? Generally, maybe mistaken, but most of the public is more on Sarah’s side on this.

    It’s just coming from Sarah so they toss a complete fit. Truth hurts sometimes.

    • nc

      True, but in their eyes, “we” don’t count.

  • Mark81150

    Of all the remarks made about the WH press corp, they have to go ape because Sarah made a funny putdown? If she is so yesterday, why do they make such a habit of putting her back in the news whenever she says something they don’t like?

    I guess those smug self important slugs figure you ain’t relevant unless you have a no accomplishment record like Obama’s Harvard one.. It’s all in the proper breeding and all.. she “gasp” shopped at Wal Mart… the horror.. It’s the new class system in America, the media all go to the same schools, the same neighborhoods. and if you don’t know so and so, or have a roommate from college in such and such news channel, then you’re one of those trailer park rubes..

    Disgusting the left has instituted their own smug stuck up caste system in America..It used to be accomplishments mattered, now, only if they “approve” of your breeding.

    Sarah’s appeal is she has a sharp as a K Bar wit, she’s bright, she’s a non-apologetic Christian, and she speaks to us like a neighbor, as one of us, and the ever class conscious media hate her for that.

    It’s pretty much their hate for fly over America as much as anything, they hate her too because we don’t.

  • $30423294

    A good rule to live by is that if you have to explain that you are not an assclown, this is pretty good proof that you are one.

    Besides, help me out here, you sat at a gathering of porn stars, and you are surprised to find yourselves ridiculed for it? See kiddies, porn is not cool. It’s actually super un-cool.

    One last speculation, at least regarding the “men” who took offense. I suspect it has to be devastating to them to be ridiculed by an adult woman as beautiful inside and out as Sarah Palin. Such rejection triggers junior high school insecurity, which is particularly germane here because we are after all talking about democrats, so the junior high school psychology is pretty much the same.

    • Allan Hamilton

      Men? Liberal MEN? There are no men (in the masculine sense) in the progressive movement. But there are a galaxy of beta orbiters, all searching for the mother star that will finally give them everything their abortive mothers did not.

      • oconnellc

        Ha! That was funny. I see what you did. You are saying that all the men in the progressive movement are really gay. Ha! Gay! That will show them. They couldn’t possibly have an insight into anything or know any facts because they are gay. Gay! All the gays. Ha. You’re funny.

        • R0nin

          No, you don’t see what he did. Too bad you decided to broadcast your failure anyway.

    • Mark81150

      Check out the profile pics of most of the online leftwing media.. They are the defintion of the shy nerd who never got the girl in high school, and now by God with the power of da web..

      They are the righteous defenders of the one true faith… statism..

      and Sarah is their apostate.

  • Rulz

    “Yuk, yuk, yuk! She’s just a hillbilly Barbie and such. Isn’t he so enlightened?”

    It doesn’t show on here.

    • oconnellc

      Ha! Yeah, she is a dummy, right? I wouldn’t call her a hillbilly, though. A bit of a disparaging term used unfairly against people from rural areas. Palin is just a dummy.

      • Rulz

        I think she’s very smart and should be considered for an honorary doctorate for her example of what women are capable of.

        • oconnellc

          You mean quit halfway through her commitment because what she felt was a better offer came along? Yeah, great example. That’s right women, don’t worry about your commitments. When something better comes along, just drop them.

          • Rulz

            You mean like Senator Obama did?

          • oconnellc

            No. You aren’t very smart are you. This is a discussion about Palin. How did you miss that? It is everywhere? Her name is repeated every 10 pixels or so on your screen. Seriously? What makes you think this is about Obama. You made a comment about Palin being a good example and I made it clear that you are insane. She is a horrible example for anyone to follow. Why are you talking about Obama now?

            And if you are so stupid as to think that running for a higher office is abandoning a commitment, then you presumably would accuse Palin of abandoning her commitment once, and trying to abandon it one other time, only to be foiled by voters. Either way, what could your point possibly be, other than that Palin is a terrible example and anyone who has any respect for her is an obvious fool and dupe?

          • Rulz

            Palin seems to be much smarter than Obama on many issues. She should be teaching at an Ivy League University.

            Obama ran for president without even finishing his term.

            As for me not being smart, go out and publish a few times and then get back to me

          • oconnellc

            Holy crap, you change subjects so fast, it is difficult to keep track of what you are currently being wrong about. At least you have abandoned the stupid ‘good example’ thing.

          • oconnellc

            It is difficult to keep track of what subject your are busy being wrong about. But at least you dropped the stupid “Palin is a good example” theme. Not even you could flog that horse enough to make it walk.

            I wasn’t talking about running for a ‘higher’ office (assuming VP is ‘higher’ than Gov and pres was ‘higher’ than being in the Senate). But if you do decide to bring that into play, then Palin actually quit on Alaska twice. Once during the election when she tried to quit and lost and then again when she actually quit.

            As far as ‘smarter’ goes, it is difficult to imagine what you consider the criteria that makes one smart. The ability to list even one publication that you read should be in there somewhere. The knowledge that publicly ridiculing an event you have tried to attend in the past is stupid should be in there, too.

            And the publication thing… Jesus, you’re dumb. One, you have no idea how often I have published. Two, I know what goes into publishing. Trust me, I wouldn’t want to make that the crutch I stand on. Your twisted logic thread here seems like plenty to let us have an idea of how smart you are.

          • oconnellc

            No, I mean like Sarah Palin did. She tried to do what Obama did, except she lost. And then she just did what Palin did, which was take the job paying more money. Perhaps you missed it, but this is a discussion about Palin. Look at the top of the page. You are the one who made the comment about Palin being an example. Are you saying she isn’t? Do you even know what point you are trying to make now? Or have you realized that you were terribly wrong and now you’re trying to change the subject to Obama so no one will notice that you pointed to a nitwit and a quitter and said that she is a good example?

  • Steve_J

    How many “reporters” did the media send to Alaska looking for any dirt the could find on Palin? They didn’t find anything which means there was nothing to find or they are incompetent assclowsns.

    • Leroy Whitby

      There’s likely no dirt to find. Common sense says that a relentless search has been conducted for many years now and nothing . . . Palin is what she appears to be. Honest.An opponent of corruption. For Americans and the middle class. A patriot. Against the corrupt . . . and failing . . . establishment in both parties, media and academia.

      • oconnellc

        Except that one thing about her trying to get that state trooper fired. Or the firing of the public safety commish because he wouldn’t fire the trooper. Nothing corrupt there.

        • Leroy Whitby

          “There is no probable cause to believe that the governor, or any other state official, violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act in connection with these matters,” the personnel board’s report said.

          • oconnellc

            Use your head. She came out and said she had no idea why anyone in her office would try to influence the safety commission to get the guy fired. Really? You believe that? You think her chief of staff just completely out of the blue decided to try to pressure to get some state trooper. And on the call he keeps referring to “her family”. Why would her husbands opinion on anything matter? Sure, years later, this isn’t such a huge deal. But it happened and anyone who believes she didn’t do anything wrong is a sheep, willing to swallow any story given to them, as long as it jives with your preconceived notion… Anyone with the same politics you have couldn’t possibly do anything wrong. It is only those damn liberals who lie and act unethically. Sheep. And you think quoting the personnel board’s report is meaningful. Is that the same level you hold any politician up to? Including Obama? Any other liberal in the House or Senate? As long as there is no official finding against them, they couldn’t possibly have done any wrong. Sheep. Go buy MM’s book and save her some effort of trying to shove it down your throat.

          • Leroy Whitby

            If the best you’ve got is a finding that Palin did nothing that violated the Ethics laws, you’ve got diddly squat. It didn’t even reach probable cause which is a low standard. Which was my initial point!

          • oconnellc

            No, the best I’ve got is that Palin used her office to try to fire a guy who was in a custody battle with her family. Then she did fire the guy who didn’t fire the first guy. Don’t you think it is weird that her first choice as replacement held the job for 2 weeks? Sheep. You should just buy MM’s book about this and save her some time.

          • R0nin

            And you should come up with a new line. Instead of the one you used in almost all of your troll posts on this page.

          • oconnellc

            You mean the one where you should stop being a sheep? How about people stop being sheep and then I stop using it?

          • R0nin

            No, the one about “MM’s book”. I realize that “sheep” is too important to your self-image for you to ever give it up. You and all the other internet-tough wannabees.

          • oconnellc

            We were discussing it at the “internet-tough wannabees” meeting last night. You came up. See, since you are a “real world tough actual tough”, we all kinda admire you. We were trying to decide what you would want us to do. We voted and some people thought that we should still use sheep. But the majority ruled and the conclusion was that you should buy MM’s book about this.

  • Cliff Brown

    The truth libtards?

    • WWMD

      Just the truth of the fact you are actually allowed to vote when none of you would know a fact if it even if Jesus himself appeared and told you.

  • Rob Jones

    Actually “assclowns” is a much nicer characterization for that bunch of brown-nosing sycophants than I’d have been able to muster, and a helluvalot nicer than what they’ve called her. Kudos to Palin for showing more reserve than warranted.

  • Steve_J

    Too bad the media didn’t put 1/100th the effort into looking into Obama’s background as they did Gov. Palin’s.

    • tops116

      I’m relatively certain that they did put in the effort with Obama; they just didn’t report what they found because they wanted him to win.

  • Greg Greenlee

    Obama calls conservative gun owners “liars” and they don’t say a word! I watched part of WHCD until I threw up in my mouth! What I saw was a group of elitist snobs whose idea of self reflection is admiring themselves in the mirror! I bet the orthopedic surgeons in DC are busy today after all of the shoulder injuries from patting themselves on the back! Obama is a deaf monarch with no respect for the country of electorate and the Media are mostly jesters in his crooked court!

  • kateorjane

    Wow – such flailing indignation over a remark from someone they think is so insignificant. They really can’t ignore her can they? How dare the object of their disdain reflect it right back at them – doesn’t she realize how they all are?

  • oneword

    Why does anybody defend that dumb ass dinner?

  • lonestar

    These assclowns never gave themselves a red carpet before. Next years, they’ll vote for king and queen. Oh wait, they already have their BO and MOO.

  • anjullyn

    I think they were actually upset at her term of “assclowns” when they’d prefer the nomenclature of “asshats.”

  • jm

    We would be lucky to have her in Joe Biden’s place. You can’t get more assclown then him. He is the perfect example of the left’s propaganda that smart people are liberal and liberal people are automatically smart. The left never calls out the dumbest man to ever be vice president…. “just shoot two shots from your double barrel shot gun in the air ” — yeah because criminals can’t count to two.

  • K-Dubya

    Palin wasn’t even invited and still stole the show.

    • WWMD

      Um no she didn’t

      • K-Dubya

        I disagree. I check my news feeds and see a couple of mentions about Conan being a flop, a couple of mentions of Duck Dynasty stars attendance and article after article about Sarah Palin’s comments. That doesn’t even include the articles concerning responses to her comments. The media is infatuated with her.

        • WWMD

          while I may disagree I want to commend you on your civilized response which is refreshing compared to what I get here.
          It was the word she used that caught the attention and the fact she had attended also husband and daughter has attended as well

          • K-Dubya

            I have no reason to be discourteous. I’m also not one to be offended by the type of verbage she used so I didn’t really consider that aspect. However, I do understand the frustration (given the current state of the economy, unemployment, record numbers on federal aid, etc.) that most people have seeing people who are supposed to be serving OUR interests partying and yucking it up.

  • notenoughtime

    Amen, Sarah. Haters are going to hate especially when called on the carpet about their support for the worse Pres. and VP to ever occupy the White House.

  • Guest

    Oh leave the the poor little assclowns alone. They’re just mad because the term “nerd prom” is going to stick.

  • sb36695

    “If @SarahPalinUSA had won in 2008, she’d now be one of those ‘assclowns’ yukking it up at WHCD.”
    Maybe we would all be celebrating the booming economy.

  • donzap

  • iizthatiiz

    now being served at the After WHCD breakfast

  • $3838536

    Gov. Sarah always puts testosterone-deficient limpy liberals in a sniveling snit

    • donzap


  • The Petulant Klown

    They just can’t quit her. If she really is irrelevant, why do they spend so much time obsessing over everything she says and does?

  • Aruana Zeelie

    The Washington Post‘s Rachel Weiner busts Palin, but good:

    Palin has never attended the “nerd prom” herself, but in 2011 she showed up at both the Vanity Fair and MSNBC after-parties. Her daughter, Bristol, went to the dinner while Palin spoke to a group of antiabortion activists.

    …In 2009 the then-governor was scheduled to attend (as a guest of Fox News) but canceled her plans due to emergency flooding back in Alaska. Her husband Todd attended in her stead.

    • tops116

      Oh my God, that horrible woman. She–gasp–cancelled a public appearance to do something relating to her job. Oh, the shame of it all.

      • WWMD

        Huh? What job? 2009? Keeping her name in the papers was her only job then

  • Aruana Zeelie

    Here’s what WaPo reported on Palin’s 2011 WHCD activities:

    Sarah Palin walked into the Georgetown home of Mark Ein shortly before noon Saturday to dazzle a brunch crowd of Washington insiders and visiting luminaries. Black bell-sleeved summer dress, shiny hair. She and a clean-shaven Todd Palin posed for a few photos with hosts Wendi Murdoch and Susan Axelrod, then carved a path through the crowded dining room with their host for the weekend, Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren. (** read more: Donald Trump vs. Sarah Palin at WHCD weekend **)

    So, a win for Van Susteren, scoring the buzziest guest? (Her other guest, Kate Hudson, had to bow out for movie-promotion commitments.) Sure, but with an asterix, for Palin’s not actually expected at tonight’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, Van Susteren’s husband John Coale told us: “She’s just doing the brunch and the after-parties.”

  • Glen Graybill Sr

    HOw many other presidents have naked pictures of their mother posted on the internet??? hmmmmm None.

    • tops116

      Well, I wouldn’t put anything past Bill Clinton…

    • blueniner

      Stanley was a STRIPPER………

  • Kristy Patullo

    Who are these people? So they agree with her about the WHCD, but since she’s Sarah Palin, they mock her. No bias there.

  • tops116

    So, to prove how unimportant Sarah and anything she has to say are, these guys and gals… took the time out of their day to tweet about her. I mean, a snarky comment is one thing, but this is further proof that Sarah lives in these people’s heads rent free.

  • John

    The rest of America was “out there working” at 9PM Saturday? And where was Ms. Palin’s contempt for this event when she was governor of Alaska, and GWB attended it? And why did she send Todd to it? Could it be that Mrs. Palin is simply taking a cheap shot? It does seem possible.

    • aegean1

      Do you think America shuts down at 9pm?

      • WWMD

        No but people are allowed it have fun once in a while

  • Joel A. Edge

    Yep. “assclowns” a good description.

  • michael s

    Trixie Klondike. It works for me.

  • blueniner

    I see the Faux Conservative jealous Rooobio lover A.J Delgado weighed in with her usual Palin bash.

  • Section 9

    They hate Palin and what Palin said because they know what Palin said resonated with the rest of the country. The Propaganda Ministry has never been in less repute than it is today. Even Brokaw had to back away, and he’s your basic newsroom liberal from way back.
    The MSM is out of touch, and now they scream hypocrisy, having been lanced by Palin’s blow as an institution that is completely out of touch with the working people of the country. The Propaganda Ministry defends the powerful and the banks, not the public.

  • LeftistsStink

    Every one of the assclowns completely ignores the reason Palin was forced to quit as governor. That’s how we know they’re assclowns.

    • aemoreira81

      The AK legislature failed her—blaming liberals is the coward’s way out. Why I can say that with absolute certainty is because of something that could have been enacted that hardly exists in any court in the USA (an anomaly in the Western world) but which would deter such lawsuits: loser pays, in a way that if a party sued, it would be responsible for both parties’ legal fees unless it won in court, in which case the defendant would be on the hook for all legal fees.

      If AK had loser pays, how many lawsuits get filed against Palin? Maybe 1 or 2. Blaming the media is the liberal answer—blaming the legislature is the conservative albeit unpopular answer.

  • ozconservative

    “Sarah Palin reminds America how lucky we are that she’s not in Washington

    Instead you have Chicago Jesus and Crazy Uncle Joe……how fortunate!!!!!

  • world’s greatest orator

    The successful trolling operation caused Chrissy Zara of the “International Business Times” to have a Chrissy fit. He (?) has been collating, indexing, and critiquing the various foam-flecked twitterings arising from the non-incident

  • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

    Sarah speaks and the servants of the Prince of the power of the air screech. Pavlovian.

  • michael s

    Once again you palindrones are sad.She can insult people because she cant admit she’s jeashe didnt get an invite. Yet people arent suppossed to defend themselves against her snide remark. This is why she’s an unemployed lightweight. This is just like Katie Pavlich starting with Ice T,then Ice T is somehow wrong for defending himself(ALTHOUGH I LOVED HOW HE HANDLED HER) .Same thing here.

  • Terry J. Henry

    Liberal “Journalists” are assclowns

  • lcky9

    I find it AMUSING that so many years later Sara Palin still scares the pants off the left.. they don’t HATE her as much as for some reason they FEAR her..

    • MZ

      Actually, you’re completely right. The idea that someone that unqualified for the office came that close to being a heartbeat away from the Presidency is terrifying. It’s not about hate at all (I’m really not prone to hate and far prefer to think about actions that can make things better), but I do fear for the future of a nation that was so ready to appoint Palin as one of our most senior leaders.

      This isn’t an issue of class or education or even political party. Thousands of real lives were at risk in Iraq (millions when one counts the Iraqis), and for the next Vice President of the United States to think that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11 (at a time when even President Bush and his entire national security team admitted there was no connection). The same goes for someone who insists that Obama would have her disabled child brought before a death panel to decide whether he was worthy of health care.

      • Stephanie Warren

        Obama is the one who is unqualified, he proves it ever day.

  • Upstate Conservative

    If Andrew Kirell was a REAL libertarian, he would know that Sarah Palin may be the most libertarian leaning national candidate for a major party that we’ve ever had. But Andrew Kirell would rather look ‘cool’ by joining in the Palin bashing.

  • QAX3kFmH

    Keep fighting Iron Lady

  • Dick Beninya

    The assclowns doth protest too much, methinks. Friggin’ Assclowns…

  • vino veritas

    Considering she did, apparently, attend this same event in the past she really should have just kept her mouth shut about it or, at least, have been a bit more even handed in her criticism. Substantively, Sarah Palin is correct however she did herself no favors in appearing hypocritical by not, at least, acknowledging her past involvement here. However, what really irks the hell out of me regarding all these hysterical PDS-laden twits is their sanctimonious & arrogant ass backwards presumptionsinsinuations about Sarah Palin’s personal life and productivity.

    They are basically ganging up on her and trying to portray her as nothing more than a lazy, stupid, whacked out bimbo who, for whatever reasons, somehow just sits on her lazy butt all day trying on makeup while collecting paychecks from mysterious sources who apparently like to pay her for just being her. If not that, she must be attending extravagant soirees and growing fat off of platters full of caviar and some other rich exotic delicacies. The stupidity of their blatant hatred of someone like her is just so toxic and disturbing you have to wonder how many of them (not if they do) have a history of institutionalization for mental derangement and psychosis. Also, I will never get so-called ‘conservatives’ who suffer from this PDS insanity and dishonestly attack her like these crazy libs do.

  • vino veritas

    Considering she did, apparently, attend this same event in the past she really should have just kept her mouth shut about it or, at least, have been a bit more even handed in her criticism. Substantively, Sarah Palin is correct however she did herself no favors in appearing hypocritical by not, at least, acknowledging her past involvement here. However, what really irks the hell out of me regarding all these hysterical PDS-laden twits is their sanctimonious & arrogant ass backwards presumptionsinsinuations about Sarah Palin’s personal life and productivity.

    They are basically ganging up on her and trying to portray her as nothing more than a lazy, stupid, whacked out bimbo who, for whatever reasons, somehow just sits on her lazy butt all day trying on makeup while collecting paychecks from mysterious sources who apparently like to pay her for just being her. If not that, she must be attending extravagant soirees and growing fat off of platters full of caviar and some other rich exotic delicacies. The stupidity of their blatant hatred of someone like her is just so toxic and disturbing you have to wonder how many of them (not if they do) have a history of institutionalization for mental derangement and psychosis. Also, I will never get so-called ‘conservatives’ who suffer from this PDS insanity and dishonestly attack her like these crazy libs do.

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    It is so funny to watch all the liberals flip out whenever Sarah Palin opens her mouth. It doesn’t make any difference what she says they just flip out and spew hate.