Matt Drudge took to Twitter to offer some snark-thoughts on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He also offered up a memory from a past “Nerd Prom.”


Ah, memories!



Conan O’Brien did have something to say about Drudge:


Heh. Maybe Conan was reminiscing too?


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  • BlahBlah

    The best part? Both Conan’s and Jimmy Fallon’s writers are glued to Drudge. Whatever funny or not so funny news I see on Drudge in the morning, they appear on both these shows the next day. Every day. Every. Single. Day.

  • TocksNedlog

    Conan was reminiscing about “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” . . . all six months of it.

  • Right Wired

    I don’t care much for Conan, but c’mon..that joke was pretty apolitical and funny. It’s more than we expect from the enemy.

  • Pendog

    The more the Left rips on Drudge, the larger his base audience becomes. Why load a web site up with unnecessary garbage? The gold is in the content. Thanks Matt!

    • Brad

      Calm down. It was just a joke.

  • Harry A

    is it wrong that i kinda laughed a little at the drudge joke? i mean i visit drudge everyday but it still does look like it was designed in 1997 lol….but then again i visit it everyday so why should he change? it’s clearly working.

    • beebop1952

      It loads in a flash instead of those sites with too much crap. LOVE their format!

      • Harry A

        this is true! i hate having to wait for one half of the screen thats filled with useless videos to load before i can go where i want to go, never thought of it that way

      • FranklinWasRight

        And it is easy to read quickly, exactly as it should be.

      • SideshowJon36

        So much this. I don’t need a site that sings and dances and takes an hour to load. Especially the singing part. Any site that makes noises unprompted should be shut down immediately (weather.com, looking at you)

    • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

      yeah, even Greg Gutfeld has made Drudge site design jokes. At least it wasn’t a personal attack.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      It was pretty funny not going to lie.

    • algonquinmatt

      i love Drudge Report. Changing the design would be a big mistake.

    • Mammytwoshoes

      Yes it’s amazing the liberal sites that teach us capitalism bad, communism good – but then graciously accept the ad revenue and claim it’s “only to keep the site running”.

  • John (it true me am)

    I’ll admit I’m a long time Conan fan so I’m biased, but the Drudge joke was dead on. I remember years ago when I first went to the Drudge Report, my reaction was the same. Animated GIFs on a jumbled block of plain black text over a white background, no headers or menus to speak of, etc. Even if you don’t think it’s funny, the joke isn’t wrong, heh.

    • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

      Yeah, it wasn’t mean spirited. I’m sure Drudge probably even laughed at it.

    • Mark81150

      When you’re looking for news.. who cares if he doesn’t use the latest bells and whistles?,, really it’s a nerd issue.. readers just don’t care, it’s the text and picture selection we go there for.

      • John (it true me am)

        It’s not a “nerd issue”. While I agree that simple can still be effective, Drudge is extreme. It can be exceedingly difficult to actually find what you are looking for there unless you essentially just browse and click random articles, as the lack of organization goes well beyond simply being plain.

        I love Drudge, but there is simply no defending issues with his sites design, as it does go beyond lack of aesthetics.

        • JR48

          I feel exactly the opposite. A list of links and I scroll the whole page without having to endlessly click into different sections.

          Drudge is easy and about as simple as it gets. I don’t need him to arrange anything for me. It’s not that big of a site.

    • http://twitter.com/CDChambers62 Chris Chambers

      CNN and MSNBC have fancy web sites that are full of crap.

  • Brad

    Drudge Report does look like it was designed in 1997. Deal with it Matt.

  • radjahshelduck

    “Paula Jones liked my hat..” Geez, Drudge, you look like Darrin McGavin in “The Night Stalker.”

    • Jack

      I loved that show….and his beat up Mustang.

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

    Paula Jones admired Drudge’s bourgeoisie hat because she couldn’t see his epic shoes through her colossal schnoz.

  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    “What year is this? George Stephanopolous and Matt Drudge jokes…really Conan?”

    It doesn’t matter once you’re forever established in Jay Leno’s rear-view mirror.

  • Randy W

    If 1997 means not loaded with a bunch of useless ads and popups that are intentionally difficult to close, then bring me more 1997.

  • BrotherMatthias

    Drudge’s webpage is awesome. It isn’t the vomit-arhea that HuffPost of ads and stupid news has become.

  • LinTaylor

    Poor Conan, I almost feel sorry for a guy whose entire act is built upon telling an unfunny joke, then making rubber faces and stretching like a contortionist to get laughs so people will mentally connect the two and think that he’s hilarious.

    • DeBaliviere

      You’re thinking of Li’l Jonny Stuart.

      • LinTaylor

        No, I definitely meant Conan. I may not like the jokes Jon Stewart tells, but at least he tells them with confidence (and is willing to mock himself should a joke fall flat).

  • donzap



    I love Drudge. It irritates the lefties.


    Yes , Drudge is their daddy.

  • Lex_351

    The great Matt Drudge is the New York Times of our time. He is an editor and great link master to all the rest of the world’s news. His headlines has everyone talking for hours. It will be a long, long time before anyone dethrones him from holding the crown of News.