What a pathetic “real journalist.” Chuck Todd took to Twitter to snark about President George W. Bush during the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center this morning. Good little lapdog. Hope you enjoy the extra kibble in your bowl!

Twitter users rightly took him to task.

Poor wittle Chuckie doesn’t like being called out for his own shameless and classless behavior. Call the waahmulance!

You wingnutty wingnuts with wings just don’t get his humor, you see. Instead, you are bitterly clinging to “stunning anger.” Of course, he doesn’t understand that this “stunning anger,” is simply a dislike of jackassery.

Twitter users continue to give the hack the business.

Oh, make that happen!

Once again, a member of the media is not content to just be thought a fool. Keep proving it, Chuckie!

  • http://twitter.com/papertiguer papertiguer

    I think Chuck is late to the dance – the more terrorists strike the more we appreeshiate GB

    • Dee

      I’ll take Dubya’s southern drawl anyday over that stupid whistle-talker in office right now.

      • Saar

        His authentic southern drawl (which i miss too). Not like obama’s several accent’s he breaks into depending on what part of the country he’s in, white people- hardly any accent, -black people he get’s all southern but its fake and sounds ridiculous, and im sure he slips into a light ghetto speak when he tries to relate to younger people.

        • Emily B

          I’ve been saying since day one that he not only speaks with a fake accent, but I think he actually uses a fake voice!! I think his real voice sounds completely different and he tries to make it sound dignified or something. I’ll take GWB’s real voice and accent any day.

      • She-She Bee

        The whistles!! OMG – it’s like nails on a chalkboard – I can’t STAND IT!

        • grais

          omg. I didn’t see your post before I made mine.
          Well, I agree with you wholeheartedly.
          : )

      • grais

        I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand that whistle.
        like nails on a blackboard.

    • Mark81150

      They can shout “work place violence” till the end of time.. People registered it as a terror attack by a muslim, just like this one in Boston, they can say what they want, but folks know in their gut what it is.


    Absolute sycophantic jerk. And BTW its been over 4 years since we no longer get any thing on the TV or Internet that begins with an n. Trash, pure Trash the whole lot of them.

  • Steve_J

    Anyone with pubic hair around their mouth shouldn’t be making fun of other people.

    • grais


      that’s not funny

      • rivers


      • me

        is too!

      • Joe W.

        It was hilarious…until Twitchy deleted it. Prudes.

        • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

          Could we have a cleaned up version for us late arrivals?

          • Joe W.

            The poster made a reference to the type of hair that was on Chuck’s chin. Begins with “P” and ends with “C”…. Twitchy could not handle the joke. Wasn’t even nasty, Phil… The censors here are awful, IMHO… I’m waiting for my comment on the other thread that said if “Chuck turned his face sideways, he would be a candidate for a “Hustler” Magazine centerfold…

          • WilliamAmos

            It was a silly statement and really just a cheap shot. At least put a little thought into insults makes us look stupid when we don’t.

          • Joe W.

            But you guys censor posters for “cheap shots”, now, William?? That’s pretty much what happens on Twitter ALL THE TIME…..Talk about PC run amok….

          • WilliamAmos

            I restored the comment. Still think it was stupid thing to say. But I should have just said that rather than delete the comment.

          • Joe W.

            I don’t disagree, William. I simply detest censorship. Even if it makes us look “silly” or “Stupid”….Thank you, sir…

          • erehwon

            I agree whole-heartedly, particularly be censored by Casper Milqetoast, Esq., proud graduate of Miss Grundy’s Finishing school.

          • Sons Thunder

            Joe – One of the first times I posted here, I posted some of Ted Nugent’s comments. Because you didn’t like what I had to say, you triumphantly told me that you had flagged my comment for removal. It was removed.

            You don’t detest censorship. You detest being censored.

          • Joe W.

            What comment was THAT, Sonny?? I rarely flag, and only when I see the vulgar word used for describing the female sex organ. Begins with a “C” if you can’t figure it out. Why would I “flag” Ted Nugent??

          • Sons Thunder

            I’m not entirely sure – if I have a chance later, I’ll look it up and add a link. I think I was making the point that so many conservatives align themselves with Nugent even though he has a record of being vulgar & inflammatory. I would have shared some of those quotes.

            Nugent is on record as calling Hillary Clinton a “toxic c**t.” It’s possible I quoted that but I don’t think that was it.

          • Joe W.

            I will always flag posts that contain that particular word, Sonny. I detest censorship of “thought”, but I do believe that there are a few words that have no place in a conversation where both genders are participating in the discussion. That word is one of them.

          • Sons Thunder

            In other words, you support censorship.

          • Joe W.

            As you wish, Ass Hole…

          • Mark81150

            “stupid”?… depends on what part of America you dwell in,.. in the working poor part, we think it’s just repaying in kind, a bit crass, but not undeserved.

            and pretty funny as a throw away line.

            I would not have written it, but, it was no worse than a lot of the tweets that get posted.

          • erehwon

            You just aren’t getting a whole lot of love, here, are ya’ William B. I’m sure you are proud as punch of your hand lettered ‘Certificate of Appreciation for the Finer Things in Life’, presented by Miss Grundy’s Finishing School for Snotty Young Ladies of Breeding.

            Now you just keep that little pinky raised and continue to show us how to act like wimps — you know, just like you.

            I read your ‘list of accomplishments’ on the Hot Air homesite. To paraphrase someone else, “We are not impressed”.

          • Steve_J

            I look at it this way, Todds’ comment was a cheap shot and should have been answered the same way.

          • grais

            I got a kick out of the ‘shock value’, myself.

          • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

            I’ve had to be creative in descriptions before. It’s all in how you type the word these days.

    • Mark81150

      Thread winner..

    • WendyHurts

      Until just now I’d never seen a picture of UpChuck Todd… and you’re absolutely correct!! LOL!!!

    • Guest

      Finally, someone posted what people think when they see Chuckie. Steve wins!

  • WookieeCon

    “Um” — BO’s favorite word

    • tops116

      The greatest speaker in American history: the guy who says “um” at least once per sentence.

      • Saar

        dont forget “I”, he slips that in at least once a sentence as well.

        • sodakhic

          And”let me be clear”

          • ReeFungorio

            I’ve also noticed that he says “Yo” an astounding number of times even when scripted. I think he is saying “you know” but it comes out “yo” It is impossible to unhear once you listen for it.

          • ReeFungorio

            I’ve also noticed that he says “Yo” an astounding number of times even when scripted. I think he is saying “you know” but it comes out “yo” It is impossible to unhear once you listen for it.

    • Mark81150

      along with… “err.. huh, ah, mmm, hmm,” and his occasional stutters of ” I, I, I, I,”.

  • V the K

    In the MSDNC hive, Chuck Todd is known as “5 of 11, Tertiary adjunct to Unimatrix 001.” Everyone thinks Rachel Maddow is the MSDNC Borg Queen; it’s actually Chris Matthews.

    • TocksNedlog

      Chris is the whiskey queen.

  • grais

    Well, how DOES Chuckles pronounce ‘appreciate’?
    And what does ” a sense of history” have to do with any of it?
    And where, exactly, was the humor he’s talking about?
    And why is he pretending to be stunned?

    Oh, and why is he such a miserable hack?

    • therantinggeek

      Q.E.D. :)

  • bo1921

    Stunning anger that you’re so stunningly in love with the phony in the WH thereby keeping you from doing your job – you know, “speak truth to power.”

  • rivers

    Hey Chuck, no stunning anger. Just recognition that you’re a d-bag, nothing new. And it’s not pronounced APREESEEATE, just so’s you know.

  • tops116

    Sad thing is, Todd thinks he was being clever making the kind of joke pretty much everyone else made in 2000.

    • therantinggeek

      Too bad time travel is still science-fiction… #justsayin

  • Michelle

    On Chuck’s feed, below the tweet above, is another tweet he made and then this comment attached to it:

    Chuck Todd [email protected]
    @jignrig what every Bushie here in Dallas is pushing too btw

    Bushie? Really, Chuckie? Do you often act like a 12 yr old?

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      He isn’t acting. That’s his emotional development age.

  • Garth Haycock

    Chuck Todd reminds me of the kid in the neighborhood who antagonizes every other kid until, finally, someone punches him and he then runs home to his parents and cries about being bullied.

    • Billie Slash


  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    “A few on Twitter have no sense of humor nor a sense of history. Stunning anger as always”

    Sound like the left to me.

    Conservatives are funny and know history.

    That’s why they aren’t liberal.

  • TocksNedlog

    Short-bus Chuck Todd: “I’m funny, dammit!”

  • ceemack

    Wait…Chuck Todd complains about OTHER people not having a sense of humor? Pot, meet kettle…

    • Mark81150

      Haven’t met an Obama lover yet with a sense of humor, unless one of ours dies..

      Then they are just full of laughter and jokes.

      • http:[email protected]_karen idaho_karen

        Chuck doesn’t get ‘irony’.

  • 3seven77

    Hey Chuck. One word: “Corps-man.”.

  • mwill

    chuck…this is texas, you’re the one with the funny accent.

  • http://twitter.com/Stimulus4U Marty Luther

    Other msnbc jokes: Sharpton, Hardball, Morning Joe

    • OLLPOH

      Yes, Chuck don’t get it that the Joke is really on him and the rest of the sycophants.

  • unknown

    Won’t this be offensive to people of the South? Of course, they (aka Whites only) are allowed to be ridiculed because they deserve it.

  • RblDiver

    Au contraire, I have a sense of humor.

    It involves things actually being funny.

  • mickeyco

    OK. Color me stupid. I’m not from the south. How do you pronounce appreciate?

  • daeghrefn

    At least Dubya’s favorite word is polysyllabic…unlike Obama’s favorites: “I, me, mine”.

    • OLLPOH

      Love it! :)

    • http:[email protected]_karen idaho_karen

      Yay! Good one.

  • Lex_351

    Chuck Todd isn’t even worth the effort. His ratings are always in the tank .I only reply on Twitter to relevant, cool people. I laugh at the insignificance of Chuck Todd.

  • mickeyco

    Has anyone else noticed he manages to look smug & stupid at the same time?

  • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

    Ladies and gentlemen, this moron is considered the “hardest-hitting” journalist in the White House press “corpse” which is an apt name considering how often they play dead when Obama is around.

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    Well, I appreciate that Bush never told us about the “57 states” of American…

  • BobDD

    What an incredible lack of awareness! Core of Carping Corpse-ers . . .

  • Mark81150

    I lived in Texas for months during training, they speak just fine.. Obama sounds like a smug HAA-Vaard left wing nutjob stuck up professor pissed the country won’t unify and kiss his ring.. that, and he lies like a dollar store rug..

    But then, you Todd don’t know your history..

    because you are constantly are busy rewriting it to fit your narrative.

  • Mark81150

    I considered blocking the MSNBC channel on the TV.. but thought, why bother?, nobody watches them anyway..

    not even my democrat sis in law..

  • Stan

    Chuck should join the Terry Bradshaw commercial about “being old and fat and ugly”. Chuck can add STUPID, because that crap on his face suggests that no one could possibly take him as a serious Journalist.

  • $7610427

    At least GWB appreciates other people! Obama has never appreciated anyone or anything, but himself.

  • http://twitter.com/johnwquinn John W. Quinn

    Remind me, who is Chuck Todd?

  • thehappyhedgehog

    When the president of a country speaks in a distinctive way, it’s news. May as well get used to it. Bush’s malapropisms were comical, indeed. Incidentally, Putin has a speech habit that isn’t comical at all but quite sinister: his fondness for criminal argot.

  • interestedobserver2

    Chucky — always a class act. Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Piers, Chucky Cheese, and Mr. Tinglyleg. Wow! What a comedy line-up!

  • J.N. Ashby

    Why does balding Murray Hewitt have a problem with Bush?

  • Jack

    Did Chuckie talk tweet about Obama’s “Korpses.”

  • http://twitter.com/elizabethlipp elizabethlipp

    Hey, Cluck, where is the library named after you? You are disgusting and you made millions of Texans mad at you for making fun of Texas accents. Oh, your facial hair is a riot.

  • SheilaK

    At least Dubya didn’t need a teleprompter to speak that word!