That was beautiful. Yesterday on Fox News’ “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld followed up on his excellent Twitter rant, wherein he slammed those who wish to find “root causes” and humanize the Boston bombing suspects. 

He also destroyed “performer” Amanda Palmer, who wrote a poem urging empathy for the surviving Boston bombing suspect. She has since doubled-down on her moral bankruptcy.

Members of the media have been out sickly “humanizing” in force.


Twitchy reported on the latest one: Luke Russert, who tweeted out a “must-read” article that detailed how Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a “beloved” wrestling captain.

Deplorable. A Bostonian replied to Mr. Russert.

Thank you, sir. Boston, and those suffering from the attacks, continue to be in our prayers. Humanize them.

Twitter users have noticed the sickening displays and they are disgusted.

But, society!

Bingo. Blame evil. Case closed.

People have had enough.

The end. Stop hiding behind “humanizing” and “understanding.” Evil is evil. By avoiding that truth, you spit on the grave of every person victimized and killed in acts of evil. There is good and there is evil: No amount of chatter about “root causes” or reprehensible attempts to paint alleged perpetrators of horrible crimes as misunderstood “great guys” will change that.

Want to talk about real great guys?

Humanize them. Humanize men like the MIT officer, Sean Collier, who was killed during a gunfight with the Boston bombing suspects.

Now he was a great guy. Rest in peace, Sean Collier.


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  • Pulchritudinous

    NEVER turn someone like that into some “celebrity”. It’s probably a factor in why so many tragedies occur; the media puts too much attention on the killer posthumously.

  • independentjones

    Yes, and Adolf Hitler could paint. So F*cking What?!

    I blame the Left — for not holding themselves and others responsible for their own actions. This is why “these things happen.”

    • Amber

      and for not teaching assimilation and instead teaching that the usa is a terrible nation of white racists

      • MurphTacular

        Well, when you read the blind hatred on this board of ALL Muslims, not just terrorists, it gives one considerable pause.

      • E Quilibrate

        We’re so damn bad. It’s really curious that if it were true
        why do so damn many of them want to be here? Huh?

  • Ken Masterson

    Obama said we have beaten terrorism….by the time he, and the left, are finished, this will be called just an instance of “sportsplace violence”

  • MurphTacular

    There are tons of stories all over about each victim, but leave it to you guys to flip out about a handful of pieces talking to former friends of the suspects. As if that’s ALL that’s being written about … It’s not even close to a majority of what’s being written since Boston. But at, why “react” when you can “over-react?”

    • CatHerder

      Umm…because he’s a murderer?

      Am I close?

      • MurphTacular

        Sure, he’s a murder suspect, but he’s also a 19-year-old that until last week was popular and generally well-regarded among his friends. Do you think the press should be PROHIBITED from talking to his former friends about what their impressions were? Of course they are going to talk to those folks. When you’re a reporter, it’s called doing your job …

        • CatHerder

          He’s a CONFESSED murderer. Also, many of our home-grown mass murderers were well-regarded by those not their victims. Do you think the press should focus tightly on his sterling qualities pre-atrocity?

          • MurphTacular

            Technically (and legally) no one’s a “confessed” murderer until they plead “guilty” in court … Not that I’m doubting his guilt. But anyway, no, I don’t think the press has or will “focus tightly” on Dzhokar’s life before the Marathon. Like I said, it’s part of a much larger batch of stories about the victims, the investigation, etc. And should be seen as such. If this were all anyone was writing, I’d understand the rancor … But it’s not even close to a majority of what’s being written.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          So, you can show us all those paeans from CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN etc. about how well-liked and what great guys Eric Rudolph and Tim McVeigh were, right?

          • MurphTacular

            Those aren’t the neat parallels we might like them to be, Mike. Both of those guys, if memory serves, were generally reclusive. The Boston suspects were reportedly much more sociable.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Small amount of friends or no, *certainly* those gallant reporters searched them out to get the ‘human side’ of the story, right? To *understand* just *why* they did it and how *society* failed them?


          • MurphTacular

            Yep. Pretty much major crime story – especially one that generates a lot of interest- reporters work to find out as much about the suspects from people who knew them. Happens all over, every day … It’s part of the news spectrum. People want to know how folks end up doing what they do .. The human nature of curiosity, methinks.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            So you’ll easily be able to find those background stories.

          • MurphTacular

            If I wanted to go dig through nearly 20-year-old newspapers and TV archives, I could … Where IS the micro-fiche section at this library? :>

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Oddly enough, there’s this invention that was available in the early 90’s, it’s called the internet.

            Pretty obscure, I’m sure you’ve never heard of it.

            That’s *four* shovels.

          • MurphTacular

            Not accepting this shovel, yet. :> The OKC bombing was in ’95. I don’t think most newspapers’ online archives go back anywhere NEAR that far … That industry – sadly – took to the online realm quite slowly. Hell, sometimes I can’t find stories that were written in the past month, much less during Clinton’s first term.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Regarding Rudolph:


            By KEVIN SACK
            Published: July 28, 1996


            By Paul Gray Monday, Dec. 25, 1995

            So…no excuse that coverage can’t be found.

          • MurphTacular

            Yeah, some coverage, but just like in this case … The majority’s going to be about the victims/the probe/the trial, etc. Talking to friends of the suspects is always in the minority of stories, but it always happens. If I really cared about this Mike, I’d dig up a few of those “We knew him when he wasn’t wacko” stories, but I just can’t compel myself to do it … Sorry, boss.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            You *say* it always happens, yet you can’t be bothered to provide evidence to support your argument. Is that because it’s just not that important to you if the suspect is from the right, or fear that you’ll not find the ‘where did society fail them’ sob stories that the Brothers Kablamazov are getting?

          • MurphTacular

            It’s not my job to defend the American media. If they want to hire me to defend them on, I’ll have them call my agent. But until then, Mike, you’re just going to have to believe. :>

          • mike_in_kosovo

            If they want to hire me to defend them on, I’ll have them call my agent.

            Why should they buy the cow when they’re already getting the milk for free?

          • lainer51

            agent ????? ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

          • Amber

            a lot of newspapers’ archives are now online

          • lainer51

            Bubba was having sex in the WH with an underage intern (3 yrs older than his daughter)….. anything else you need to know?

          • MurphTacular

            Monica was 22. On what planet is that underage?

        • Amber

          Stalin was sexy as a young man too!

    • Lulu

      When you have the Main Stream Media suggesting & controlling
      the volume of spinning “What a great kid he is” and “He must
      have been influenced by his older brother” (Another angle used). These
      statements are not totally factual. A lot of people do not read newspapers anymore. They get their information from nightly prime time news channels, cable
      networks MSNBC, CNN, and yes, FOX. Oh, let us not forget web news sites like Salon, and Media Matters. Let us not forget celebrities doing the humanizing treatment gig too, Amanda Palmer and her recent poem posting. But hey, you think “a handful of pieces” aren’t a problem. Pretty soon Bin Laden was a just a leader of a small misunderstood militia.

      • SpinMeNot

        Bingo Lulu … the Trayvon Martin narrative, the outdated picture, the doctoring of the phone call audio. None of this will sway Murph; as we all know, you can’t fix stupid.

    • Amber

      because this is a forum specifically made for us to react?

    • lainer51

      why don’t you go to a more “suitable” outlet for your beliefs, since Twitchy “over-reacts”? How about
      “I’m a” ?

  • CatHerder

    They’re trying to Martinize this murderer, don’t let them. Next will be pictures of him as an innocent kid, it’s the same old BS all over again.

    • MurphTacular

      Too bad the First Amendment allows for a free press, eh? I suppose you’d prohibit newspapers from writing about murder suspects if you don’t approve of the story’s contents?

      • independentjones

        *Says the guy who, one post below, criticizes Twitchsters for “over-reacting” simply for expressing their own opinions.

        Heal thyself, Hypocrite!

        • MurphTacular

          Who’s over-reacting? You guys act like these stores shouldn’t be allowed to be written … Sounds anti-First Amendment to me … What’s it sound like to you?

          • Amber

            1st Amendment? Really?

          • MurphTacular

            Seems appropriate when people are loudly suggesting such things not be written, as opposed to them simply not reading them.

      • CatHerder

        I oppose the press jumping to choose sides before the judicial process is fairly begun.

        • MurphTacular

          Again, the press is writing multiple, multiple stories about the victims, their funerals, the investigation, etc. But you guys are only focusing on the pre-attack profiles of the brothers. How about some perspective?

          • bretzysdude

            How about no perspective on the evil? That might help.

          • MurphTacular

            I think there have been scads of reports on the victims and the attack. Short of writing ‘evil’ once per sentence, I don’t know what you want to see transpire.

          • bretzysdude

            Would you care to reread my message? NO perspective on the evil.

      • Kenai

        And you seem to want to prohibit anyone from being critical of ‘the press’.

        • MurphTacular

          Nope. When the media makes a boo-boo, having it pointed out doesn’t bother me in the least. The problem here is people are castigating the press for a few stories and missing the fact that MOST stories are NOT about the bombers lives prior to the attacks. Seems relevant, no?

          • Stephen K

            I must have missed your denouncement of the press “boo-boo” when they started insinuating that the bombing had to be the work of right-wing Tea Party types less than an hour after the explosions.

          • MurphTacular

            If you mean Chris Matthews, I don’t pay attention to him, period. Strangely, I learn more about what’s he up to at THIS site than I do anywhere else … I do remember hearing reports saying that the FBI was – considering it was tax day – that the attack could have been a right wing, anti-government group. Given the date, it’s hardly inconceivable that that was the case … Turns out it wasn’t. Doesn’t mean that I, for one, was hoping it was those guys, or these guys or any one in particular … I just hoped they’d be caught, regardless of their beliefs or motive …

          • Michelle

            You’re interesting Murph. In comments above, you scold someone for “jumping to conclusions” about you, and then directly above you make excuses for folks “jumping to conclusions” about the bombing just because it was Tax Day. Aside from that, I’ve never known the FBI to make public speculation in a situation like this and definitely can’t find anything reporting the FBI speculated it was a “right-wing, anti-government” (you do realize “right-wing” and “anti-government” are not synonymous, right?). Would you please direct me to some sources reporting the FBI speculated it was a right-wing or anti-government group? Because while the MEDIA was busy speculating it was a “right-wing, anti-government” group or individual, the FBI was busy questioning and searching the home of a Saudi student. You are all kinds of confused Murph.

          • MurphTacular

            michelle: Was directed to a clip on of NPR’s Dina Temple Raston from last Wednesday discussing the probe. She was quoting the FBI saying the fact the attacks happened on April 15 had helped guide at least part of the investigation … Seems logical, no? Turned out it was wrong of course, but that’s the nature of investigations … You try multiple angles.

          • Michelle

            It was actually the NPR’s narrative to make it about a “right-wing, anti-government” bomber, so naturally they attempted to add credibility to their “theory” by claiming the FBI was thinking the same. I’m guessing you missed it around here where Dina was slammed hard for her accusation? The FBI is not in the habit of disclosing speculation. They don’t actually disclose anything until they have some solid leads or at the least, a profile based on solid information. The fact that you just used NPR as a source of credibility when they were trashed hard for their speculation just voided your argument.

          • MurphTacular

            Of course, I know that NPR isn’t popular here in The interview part I heard on redstate’s link was all Dina paraphrasing an FBI agent. I don’t think it was her viewpoint that she was relating. And b/c the sources weren’t named, it sounds like the FBI was merely relating some of the angles they were exploring. And I didn’t use NPR as a ‘source of credibiility,’ I just explained how, in fact, it was reported that probes were examining multiple, possible motives for the bombing. It was that brought NPR into this, not me.

          • Amber

            That “cute” thug of a boy put down an explosive behind an 8 year old and walked away with no shame. We saw the evidence! End of story. I just used the 1st Amendment!

          • E Quilibrate

            It’s convenient to miss so much. Eh?

          • MurphTacular

            Convenient to miss so much what? Perspective? Information? Viewpoints? That’s a confusing post there, thy arpy-ness.

          • Kenai

            You bet. There oughta’ be a law against Twitchy posting stuff you don’t like. Uh huh.

          • MurphTacular

            Hey, Twitchy seems to be a big-kid operation. They don’t appear to mind little ol’ me finding fault with some – certainly not all – of their reactions.

          • WilliamAmos

            It’s OK to disagree. You have a right to be wrong.

          • MurphTacular

            As do we all … :>

          • E Quilibrate

            But he does’t have to enjoy a monopoly on being

          • MurphTacular

            LOL. I’ve certainly got no monopoly on ‘being wrong’ in these parts …

          • lainer51

            boo boo ??? how old are you?

          • MurphTacular

            It’s a public forum. I try to use PG-language, wish I could say the same for everyone … :>

      • Stephen K

        Give the First Amendment concern trolling a rest. When you liberals stop demanding that Fox News, talk radio and conservative websites should all be shut down because they provide nothing but “hate speech” and “GOP propaganda,” your bleating about freedom of expression might have some semblance of credibility.

        • MurphTacular

          First of all, I don’t consider myself a liberal, but thanks to jumping to that conclusion without any evidence.

          Secondly, I’ve never demanded any website or news outlet be “shut down.” Also, I believe that only sheep “bleat.” As for me, I’m simply discussing the issue at hand. And defending the First Amendment is always a good thing to do, don’t you think?

          • Billie Slash

            Not when it comes to oral flatulence.

          • MurphTacular

            If you don’t want to read about what suspects’ former friends thought of them before the marathon, feel free to not read those stories. But why grouse about them? The provide perspective.

          • bretzysdude

            Read my lips.

            I DON’T WANT THE MEDIA SHOVING THIS DOWN MY THROAT! I want them to provide real perspective about this. Don’t glorify and symphathize evil. Cling to what is good!

          • MurphTacular

            For the umpteenth time, there are TONS of stories out there about the Boston attack. A small percentage are about the suspects prior to the attack, doesn’t seem like that angle is being “shoved down anyone’s throat.”

          • E Quilibrate

            If it tends to glorify them or cover for their actions, then
            there is absolutely no reason to publish the garbage.
            Incidentally, I’ve watched your posts for a while and thereinlies irrefutable evidence of your liberal leanings.

          • MurphTacular

            “tends to glorify them or cover for their actions”??? By what, saying that the younger brother lived a fairly normal, unassuming life prior to this attack? That hardly makes its “garbage.” It’s just an attempt to paint a fuller picture of the suspect. And just b/c I raise questions that others can’t/won’t/don’t doesn’t mean I ‘lean’ this way or that … But thanks for noticing my efforts.

          • bretzysdude

            “I’m not a liberal.”
            You ought to join the circus. Must be a neat trick pedaling backwards.

          • MurphTacular

            Well, athletic ability is yet another of my keen attributes …

          • bretzysdude

            It’s probably isn;’t even one. As usual, you’re proably lying about that too.

  • Wilkins Micawber

    The idea of life-saving asylum doesn’t make any sense when supposed refugees, like both of the Tsarnaev parents, can return to live safely in Russia. The elder of the suspected bombers, Tamerlan, himself had likewise just spent six months in a supposedly deadly homeland — for what exact reasons we can only speculate. Do our immigration authorities really believe that Russia is so dangerous for Muslims that they must be allowed unquestioned admission to the United States, but not so dangerous that they cannot from time to time choose to revisit their deadly place of birth?

    • MurphTacular

      It’s my understanding that the father has returned to Chechnya because he’s ill and wants to be there at the end of his life …

      • mike_in_kosovo

        So, he’s going back home so they can kill him? I mean, you *are* aware that they requested asylum because they believed they would be killed back home in the ‘old country’, right?

        • MurphTacular

          Never claimed the whole scenario makes perfect sense … I heard the “going home to die” story back on Saturday. Wasn’t the return trip much later? Regardless, I’m sure there are many aspects of the parents’ asylum, return trips, etc., that we’re unaware of at this point …. I’ll have to do some more story-reading … Plus, some of these stories start to run together after awhile.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            From the NYT:

            Anzor Tsarnaev and his younger son first came to the United States legally in April 2002 on 90-day tourist visas, federal law enforcement officials said. Once in this country, the father applied for political asylum, claiming he feared deadly persecution based on his ties to Chechnya.

            So, the Chechens may *not* be looking to kill him, after all…I may have misspoke in that regard.

            Of course…that raises the question of, if he was in such deadly danger that he had to emigrate, why not go back to Chechnya? Conversely, if he wasn’t safe in Chechnya, either, why go back there now if he’s just going to be killed?

          • MurphTacular

            But didn’t he and the missus just return to Chechnya last year? Weren’t they here while the youngest finished high school and eldest boy got married, etc.?

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Just did a search on the father’s name, and according to info on Huffinglue and the Daily Mail, the parents are back in Dagestan. Guess that deadly persecution wasn’t all that deadly after all.

            The elder brother married in Cambridge in 2010 and spent 6 months in 2012 ‘back home’ in Dagestan and Chechnya.

          • MurphTacular

            Wasn’t there a 10-year gap between the asylum request and the return? Situations CAN change … Lemme look.

          • Amber

            It is a custom. Once you turn 60 they pretty much plan for their death and give up. Still sounds pretty selfish of the dad. I have a feeling Mama’s arrest helped push their decision to move

          • MurphTacular

            I still haven’t found a cohesive/coherent timeline for the shuttling of the parents.

          • SpinMeNot

            Mike, don’t waste your time, Murph is a tool of the first order, he comes here without a command of the facts and just wants to prove that his ignorance and idealism provide him a better perspective than our facts and experience.

          • bretzysdude

            Yeah, yeah, continue to humanize the terrorists. You’re just proving our point!

          • lainer51

            are you talking to yourself?

      • lainer51


  • daPenguin

    Adolph had a puppy and Mao used to pet the ducks so does that mean they were just misunderstood!!
    I want one of these MSMers to go to the father of the 8 year old and spew this nonsense!!

    • MurphTacular

      If you don’t want to read it, feel free to ignore it. And keep in mind there was a GREAT profile of the 8-year-old boy today in Sports Illustrated … Writing about Dzhokar is just one part of what’s being written about the attack.

  • radicallyalyssa

    “Muslim comminutes, around the world, DO NOT LIKE US.” This is spoken by a LIBERAL, people. This isn’t frickin’ rocket science!

    I feel so bad for Bostonians; to have to watch these programs and read these articles asking “Why did such a sweet, innocent, attractive kid do this?” is truly sickening, and it must be really hard for them.

    • MurphTacular

      Well, they can also watch and/or read about twice as many articles detailing the investigation, profiling the victims or recounting the funerals … Based on what I’ve seen, the profiles of the pre-bombing lifestyles of the attackers are dwarfed by the aforementioned coverage …

      • radicallyalyssa

        But what news do you read? That’s something we need to consider; I stick to my happy conservative outlets, but my mom watches ABC and NBC (and I usually join her) every night for some stupid reason, and often times there are reporters and anchors sucking up to these criminals – the same thing happened with the rapists in Ohio. “Oh, they had such promising futures! Their careers are now over!” The liberal media is what these people are watching, and it stings.

        • MurphTacular

          I thought bees “sting.” Do you mean “stinks”? Well, sure there’s lots of bad TV news out there. And I’m not here to defend the coverage of the Steubenville, Ohio rape case, which is what I think you’re referring to … That whole incident was sad, sorry affair. No one looked good at the end of THAT.

          • radicallyalyssa

            No, I meant watching that crap stings, just like a bee stings. It stinks, too, but I was referring to this causing pain to those affected by this tragedy.

            Right now on CNN (I’m bored, don’t judge me), Musket Morgan is interviewing Dzokhar’s friends from school, asking about how he acted and how close they were. This is such crap! I don’t even want to see what’s on MSNBC….

        • Gary Freeman

          I remember that. CNN was so worried about how the rape conviction would effect the future and lives of the rapists, without ever once lamenting what the victim must have been going through.

          • radicallyalyssa

            Exactly! Sickening!

    • Gary Freeman

      Liberals want to paint the terrorist as a good kid who was coerced by the evil American way into doing this, that way more of their brain dead liberal followers will march outside the court house demanding his release.

  • Jack Deth

    You can wrap a tailored suit and accessories around a sack of crap.

    Guess what?

    You still have a sack of crap!!!

  • golftilidrop

    That is a hallmark of liberal ideology, sympathize with the criminal (or in this case terrorist) and piss on the victims.

    • MurphTacular

      How can interviewing former friends of the suspect and reporting what they say be considered “sympathetic” or “p**sing” on the victims? What about the huge amount of stories that are about the investigation, victims and their funerals? Or did you miss those?

      • golftilidrop

        What I did’nt miss is the media’s attempt to humanize and drum up sympathy for a murderer. That was what this story is about. And my comment had to do with the typical liberal thought process, as in they are for the murder of an unborn child, and against the execution of a guilty murderer.

  • RevDrEBuzz

    Luke Russert, doing his little rich kid best to restore humanity.

  • Mary

    I heard a comment today ‘he may have had post traumatic syndrome” . Why can’t the left just say those words..he’s an Islamic Terrorist. Period; the end.

    • MurphTacular

      Did you ever think that maybe both things could be true? I doubt they’re mutually exclusive conditions.

  • TycheSD

    1984 – Seven tons of arms, ammo and explosives – Cargo seized on fishing boat Marita Ann by Irish Navy. Men jailed in USA and Ireland. Arms procured by drugs gang in Boston.

    1986 – Redeye SAMs, M-60 MGs, M-16 rifles, MP-5 SMGs, bullet-proof vests x 11 – FBI ‘sting’ foils plot to fly arms cargo by private jet from Boston to Ireland. Several convictions followed.

    1982-1986 – Detonators for bombs; anti-aircraft missile system – Group of IRA supporters jailed in Boston in 1990 for trying to smuggle a home-made missile system to Ireland. Member of group is also believed to have supplied detonators in 1982-88.

  • Mark81150

    These people are so profoundly brain damaged it sickens you to read their sympathy for Satan pieces,, It’s not empathy, when the victims are ignored in their blind rush to blame EVERYONE and everything about us, rather than face the fact he was a Muslim terrorist, and his intent was pure evil thuggish murder.

    So desperate in their PC mindset to defend Islam…

    They shovel horse s**t on the grief of the families, the wounded, the young lives stolen by a religious thug in their protected religion. That kind of sympathy is for muslims only, a Christan would be portrayed as the devil himself, jis church, his family.. and every single American who shared that Christian faith would be smeared by association..

    These “poor little dears” stories are the most blindingly suicidal kinds of PC stupidity I’ve ever seen..

    These clowns should be fired for giving cover to islamist terrorists in this country.. They NEVER ask, what’s wrong with islam, just what’s wrong with us.. they can all rot in Hell.

  • mhojai

    If jugears had a son, he’s act like Dzhokhar

    • lainer51

      and look like Smurph, er, I mean Murph

  • TycheSD

    People mainly trying to understand how kid who seemed so normal and well-liked for his whole life to that point, where even his wrestling coach went on and on about how decent he was, could do something so terrible. It’s not normal that someone could flip that drastically.

  • Rightturn

    What difference, at this point, does it make why he placed a bomb next to a child?

  • dunst43

    Beckel gets close but it’s not hatred of the US. It’s following the dictates of the Quran. It’s Islam. It’s not hard.

  • WWMD

    again tangents reign….one of the main questions any of the media ask of someone who did these hideous things is WHO WAS THIS PERSON. if you dont do this you run risk of not seeing it in someone else around you. he clearly lived here a while had friends people knew him this is important information. finding who he is is not “humanizing” but fact is HUMANS commit hideous crimes. and for the matter of the attack on Luke Russert above making you think he is suggesting he is in support of this guy. The link takes you to a sports illustrated article called:


    Read More:

  • Carl Brown

    This post in Twitchy is not nearly as interesting as the battle with the loopy troll down below.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    The Lame Media can “Humanize” Dzhokhar all they want… When someone terrorizes a Great event like the Boston Marathon, and keeps a city on lock-down for several days, they are no longer “human” in my eyes; They are a murderous Monster. It’s like saying “Yeah, Hiler killed Six Million Jews, but he always put a little change in the Salvation Army Kettle”, or something to that effect.. Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Gary Freeman

    Eventually MSNBC and CNN will run a profile about how that 8 year old boy was a right wing extremist, and that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev putting that bomb next to him saved us from the kid growing up believing liberals are idiots.

  • Brian

    People telling 1st hand..HONEST accounts of how people knew him and what they knew him to be is not propaganda or facts. It is the TRUTH. Just because you don’t like the TRUTH, does not make it any less of the truth. The media is SIMPLY reporting how people knew this guy. Not that what he did wasn’t terrible. This is exactly why we can’t have logical civil discussions in this country. You can’t handle when the narrative doesn’t fit you.

    What he did was evil. Reporting people’s personal experience with him is HONEST journalism. I’m shocked people could be so clownish

    • Christian Orpinell

      Hello Brian, I noticed you seem to be frequent troll on Twitchy. I thought it would be a rather good time to reply to you via a Twitchy comment you made since the reply you sent to me on Bossip (when you searched my profile like no-lifes / and creeps would do) has moderators that are liberal and censor comments (that they prefer, such as yours). Comments from a puke like you for example… From my knowledge Twitchy doesn’t moderate comments like a totalitarian donkey.

      The first reply…

      “You are really exposing your racism”

      Let me illustrate to you just how arbitrarily false this statement unfortunately is below…

      “White supremacy is over? By saying that, you’re spitting in the face of every black person who experienced racism as recently as the 1990s.”

      So you’re suggesting that white supremacy still resides in the U.S. to this day? Amazing. Might as well generalize all white people as racists.

      “You do realize that White supremacist organizations have increased in number since Obama’s election right?”

      Really? Aren’t those liberals? Liberals who continually perpetuate this notion that whites are inherently racists and consequently evil?

      “That many of them are in the south? That Jim Crow was as recent as the 1960s to which most of our parents grew up in?”

      1960s! Boy! Almost 50 years ago! The actions that those whites instilled back in time are still placing this mental stamp of suggesting that white supremacy still exists to this very day? So when a 100 years past those Jim Crow laws will hold proof that white supremacy exists 50 years from now?

      ”That there are still cases of black face, stereotypes about blacks?”

      Really? And there aren’t any about white people at all? (Hint, hint… white supremacy)

      That black men are 6 times more likely to face longer and stronger sentences in Prison? That even though the majority of blacks are not criminals, they are harassed the most by police?

      Really? The authority “harasses” black people the most? I can easily provide you examples of white people literally being harassed by police officers without any reason for them to do so.

      “That blacks only account for 13% of crack users, yet 90% of those incarcerated for crack possession?”

      So the crack possession isn’t as bad as the crack usage right?

      “People like you is what is sick with this country. The dismissiveness of past and current racism. It was not that long ago, and if you even read news concerning minorities, you’d see and hear many stories of discrimination.”

      That’s the problem, who are the reporters and disseminators of said rampant racism? Are you watching MSNBC, ABC, CNN, CBS? If you watch those kinds of news channels then of course; they will report every incident that has to do with a mere hint of perceived racism. (Even after considered examination of the situation there was absolutely no presence of said racism)

      “So quiet. And Malcolm X was no more radical than the people who hated him along with all blacks

      Wait, are you suggesting that the people who despised him are just as radical as Malcolm X? What about Martin Luther King, Jr.? Martin’s speaking, and teachings were of bringing people of all racing, colors, and ethnic backgrounds together. Malcolm X was a devout Muslim radical extremist and spewed hate-speech like none other. Malcolm X thought of white people as born devils. You do realize people like Malcolm X cause more harm against that rosy image of King, Jr.’s dream. As long as blacks continue to think whites are against them, they will continue to remain bitter, and ignorant towards others that are quite the opposite.

      The second reply…

      “And if there was no BET…what exactly would America have done?”

      Are you dead serious? You really think BET is the only accomplishment America has done in the name of black people? Just in case you haven’t noticed; you have a black president in office. That’s the highest office in the land. Hussein Obama has essentially more power and authority than the highest general in the military. Even though it takes years of rigorous work and actual achievement to be a top general within the military… and look you have a half-brain dead community organizer in the Oval Office.

      ”America took 200 years to apologize for Slavery(Clinton administration).”

      To apologize? So now this is an issue of whether whites apologize for what has been done in the past. Right? So if whites don’t continually apologize for something that has been done long ago; they’re all presumably racists right?

      ”Blacks were told as recently as the 80’s 90’s 2000’s that their features were ugly.”

      Really? Because every white person is racist towards blacks collectively? So if a white person, or for that matter anyone that isn’t black gets a whiff of racism from black people that doesn’t count? Oh, because black people are immune from being racist towards white people / anyone that isn’t black or closely black? A good example is this; blacks assuming that white supremacy exists within the U.S. as of this day…

      “That they weren’t smart enough. It is because of these black channels, organizations that blacks found confidence in themselves.”

      Because if you don’t have an exclusively all black channel; you’re somehow placed into the eternal abyss of un-confident people? So in order to relieve you of your lack of confidence we must create a channel that shows only black people and white people must be segregated from any participation of that channel’s broadcasting. Sounds to me like a lot whites marginalized there.

      “America wasn’t doing it. And why are you so focused on blacks racist?”

      Are you asking, “Why are you focused on racism from black people?” The problem is that I’m not focused on that in any way, shape, or form. In fact, if the huge majority of blacks wish to feel bitter for themselves and continue to think white people are putting them down; that’s completely fine with me. I can easily ask you the same exact question, since it better fits you… why are you so focused on thinking white people are collectively racist towards blacks still?

      ”Do you realize that there is an Asian History month? A Native American history month? That Hispanics and Asians have their own channels?”

      Of course! However, those very same channels, and sites, and places in communication feature people of different races also. Their channel doesn’t exclusively state the segregated context of different races and ethnic backgrounds not being aired on their shows… that’s why you have BET, where they exclusively state Black Entertainment Television.

      ”You’re focused on blacks because you’re a bigot, not because you make sense.”

      What if I told you that this statement as with everything you’ve said makes absolutely no sense, but it also expounds upon how you’re in fact the bigot? Because you’re immediately assuming that white people think they’re supremacists?

      “And you have failed significantly to make any strong argument. Until blacks are in power oppressing you and making you feel less of worth, you’re in no place to tell anyone how they should feel. If you want to compare a White exclusive school or tv station to a population of only 13% of people that have never enslaved whites or enacted Jim Crow, then continue to be stupid”

      So… let’s say that I have witnessed unfathomably amounts of racist backlash and pathetic / rather disgusting actions from blacks people in the downtown of my city against people that are not black… would I have to undergo slavery from the past to speak aloud my voice? Do I have under-go something of which the blacks from the inner city have no understand or relation of what actual racism is, and instead they’re fed the same lies of continual reverse racism against anyone that is white and not black? You see those uneducated buffoons, and half brain-dead people are fed a kind of culture that instills this mentality that whites are always racist, that whites can never apologize for what their ancestors did way, long ago in the past.

      Straight from the Wikipedia page of BET…

      “…scholars within the African American community maintain that BET perpetuates and justifies racism by affecting the stereotypes held about African Americans, and also by effecting the psyche of its young viewers through its bombardment of negative images of African Americans.”

      I’m waiting…

  • stillinthe60s

    Here’s an idea Leftist Meme Stream Media. Try humanizing these killers the same as you humanize conservatives. Your always so gun ho to pin all these atrocities on white male Tea Party types so try practicing your craft should the day ever come where your dream comes true.

    • BeeKaaay

      But that would require the LSM to have a conscience.


      Leftwingwackos don’t have a conscience.

  • BeeKaaay

    More proof of leftwingwackoism’s bloodthirst. Support the murderer while victims get no pity from these cold-hearted leftwingwackos.

    • Justin Levesque

      Because, in the minds of ‘leftwingwackos’, the victims are somehow to blame for the whole incident.

  • Hammerstrike

    Why he did it? Generations of clan fighting means that muzzies in general and chechens in particular sees children as tomorrow´s ennemies.
    How many soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq because they believed the local childrens where harmless?