Horrifying. As Twitchy reported yesterday, moral degenerates are using the hashtag #FreeJahar in support of the surviving Boston bombing suspect. But, that’s not all.

The sane breathed a sigh of relief when the surviving Boston bombing suspect was captured. It was the start of some justice for the victims, and for the families who will grieve for the rest of their lives. Lives were lost and other lives were damaged forever. A city was under siege.

The biggest concern of these twisted Twitter users is how “totally hot” they sickly think Dzhokhar Tsarnaez is. The man suspected, and now thankfully in custody for, planting bombs at the Boston Marathon with his brother. Next to children.


Seek help, please. Hottie? He is the face of evil. Perhaps these twisted souls need a lesson given by Greg Gutfeld.

Meanwhile, we will be desperately trying to not lose all faith in humanity.


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  • HARP2

    Yet people wonder why we end up with this type of elected officials…….pathetic.

  • Silenttype78

    Someone here said it best the other day when they said “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”.
    This is one of those times when I soooo feel that way.

    • Scott Carroll

      I’ve always heard women prefer the bad boy. Well ladies, this one takes bad boy to a whole new level.

      • mickeyco

        Yeah, but when I was a teen, a bad boy was one who smoked cigarettes, not blew up babies.

    • mickeyco

      I missed that first time around. Thanks for saying it again. I just can’t imagine the minds. Thank God my grandkids go to private schools.

      • Lucy

        What difference does their schooling make?

        • AmericanInfidel

          Today….it means everything.

  • TylerROM

    Sick fucking little girls. I would say kill yourself but then it would deprive a “hot” guy from doing it and we apparently if your “cute” youre innocent haha yeah fucking right let publically execute this piece of worthless sub human trash

    • TylerROM

      Stupid phone spelling ugh…but people understand what I said.

  • PatriotRG

    the stupidity of women is only marginally surpassed by that of men – i use the term men and women in the loosest sense. The Darwin award for stupidity should go to Troy and these silly girls – they should be prohibited from procreating in fact i make the exception and urge them to always use contraception. The human gene pool cannot take such an injection of stupidity if they had children.

    • mickeyco

      I’ll even pay for the contraceptives.

  • marcellucci

    Every one of those tweeters should have a limb removed as painfully as possible while looking at his picture……
    None of them have a soul…….

    • Leann

      what they dont realize is he would likely cut their throats as to look at them……clueless creatures

  • GraceflLady

    These are examples of the future of America. No wonder this country is collapsing! Girls this age are called “fan girls” and regarded by smart teens as idiots. So my 14yo debate team Red Eye watching daughter tells me. Then again she loves Greg Gutfeld but that’s a different problem. lol I’m gonna raise the best conservative I can to take this country back from these idiot fan girls!

    • b_truit

      Keep up the good work. And your daughter at that age is going to crush on someone, better gutfeld than bieber or a terrorist.

    • Jack

      What does being conservative have to do with fan girls?

      • Guest

        Point me to one conservative fan girl.

        • Jack

          No thanks. From what it looks like, it’s irrelevant, not even enough evidence for a correlation, and just some generalization and pushing of politics. It makes more sense for GraceflLady (and you, it seems) to prove that all the fan girls are not conservatives if that’s the point you’re trying to make.

        • Jack

          Ah, you know what, never mind… I see now that is a very right-leaning site. My apologies. I’d rather stay out of this. I neither agree or disagree with you, but I’d rather not debate with such strong opinions. Especially over the Internet. We all know how these things end up!

    • $305679

      you proudly let your 14 year-old daughter watch Red Eye and worry about the state of our country all in the same sentence. The irony, it hurts.

      • Jeff Coil

        Whats with all the personal insults? Don’t you have a life? Please contribute something meaningful and thoughtful. Insulting people strangers that you don’t agree with will not further the debate. It only proves you to be a moron.

      • Marti

        Because you think a 14 year old’s time is better served watching Sponge Bob? Good grief, grow up.

      • AmericanInfidel

        I’m guessing that if her daughter was a Piers Morgan fan you wouldn’t find a problem with that.

    • Guest

      Good for you. At 14 my son became an O’Reilly fan and thought fan girls were idiots …as an adult, he still does. 😉

  • jojofido

    bet these are the same things being said at the federal pen.

  • waltzingmtilda

    Well, he is a good looking kid. Doesn’t make him any less of a POS. I don’t think it’s shocking that these girls find him attractive, I think it’s shocking they are willing to use that attraction to excuse the fact that he murdered three people and maimed countless others.That’s the sick part.

    • TylerROM


    • NillaLatte

      They use attraction to accept all sorts of reprehensible behaviors. Drugs, lying, stealing, whoring around, beating up their girlfriends…celebrities do all of that and more and it’s “okay because they’re hot.”

      I agree with the sentiment above. This culture deserves what’s coming.

      • Billy Dean Göhring

        Whoa whoa whoa. This culture “deserves what’s coming”? It’s funny what you’re willing to use to “accept all sorts of reprehensible behaviors.”

        • Kai

          Look, his remark was far too glib, I agree, but I think the sentiment is just basically that we, on a greater social level, need to expect consequences when the sort of mindless thinking shown by this article becomes too pervasive

          • Tera Blair Kirk

            Yes you put it right, Nillalatte said this in an offensive way, it’s like blaming the victim. But you make the better point. Furthermore we turn a blind eye to this behavior and continue to let it fester, that is the mistake we make every day by not controlling our kids and how they act. I’m willing to bet that MOST of those tweeters are underage girls, and they shouldn’t be putting that kind of trash talk out in cyberspace. Their terrible parents are to blame.

          • $305679

            tween tweeters in cyberspace are ruining america!!! won’t somebody PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN???

            you sound like some bored suburban mom. Go back to your boxed wine and zoloft

      • arrow2010

        They are worshiping the golden calf.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Sorry, Girls! Dzhokhzr and his brother are already CLAIMED by their Seventy-two Virgins…. Catholic Nuns, armed with Shotguns and Baseball bats…And worshiping these two Terrorist clowns as idols says a lot for your intelligence (or lack thereof..) Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Blake Waymire

    These are the kinds of girls who can be abused emotionally and physically for years and yet stay with that abuser because “He’s good deep down, and I can change him.”

  • Right Wired

    Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.

  • michael s

    Typical treatment of people when they find out a terrorist is white, This is just one example. The lack of the word terrorist,now excessive use of bombing suspect is another. Conservatives turning into ACLU members on this terrorist being declared a enemy combatant. The lack of apology for dark skinned male. Amanda’s poem . I could go on.

    • J. Cox

      How about writing that in English…better yet..if the translation sounds half as stupid as the original..go elsewhere.

      • Raye09

        Michael are you just trolling or are you really this delusional?

    • E Quilibrate

      You need not go on, but please go away,

  • BlahBlah

    Not to defend all these sick little girls, but they probably think this is a new reality show.

    • Marti

      I guess I can see how the bearings on someones moral compass can be skewed when they watch drunken 20 year olds act like idiots, have random sex and get involved in Bar Brawls get big pay check for these antics.

    • arrow2010

      It’s shocking they feel zero empathy towards the people who had their limbs blown off by this monster.

  • b_truit

    Think..these kids will procreate. Those children will not stand a chance. Also they will have more kids than us sane people because we don’t care to get more gov assistance for the amount of kids we have.

  • Emily B

    “Like Jahar was cute and had so many thing to live for and he’s so young to be in this position! like why!!”
    Why?? Like, because he chose to be.

  • roccolore

    The ignorant girls defending the bomber would be forced to wear one of those Muslim potato sacks if they had their way.

  • Clayton Grant

    To the parents of these tweens … Take their freakin SmartPhones away!

  • 24fan

    I don’t know if I was ever that crazy as a teen..sure I had crushes and still do sometimes but I don’t carry it that far to that level. Ohh dear Lord have mercy.

    • Raye09

      I thought my crush on Marilyn Manson as a teen was weird….
      These kids take it to another level, there is nothing “hot” about a terrorist/murderer.

  • ClinkinKY

    “yeah, he beats me when he’s upset, but he’s so “hot” when he’s not pummeling me”.
    We’re doomed.

  • u_scruffy_nerf_herder

    These seem like the kind of freaks that draw cutesy pictures of Charles Manson and Ted Bundy.

    • mickeyco

      Would you like a complete list?

  • WingedBishop

    It takes effort to look like that much of a scumbag. Although I must admit he’ll look pretty good hanging from the end of a rope.

  • Howzah123

    Obama voters

  • Will P.

    Wasn’t Ted Bundy also “cute” and “likable”?

    • mountainaires

      Yeah, all his dozen’s of victims thought so; especially when he was biting chunks out of their breasts while killing them.

    • Peggy

      Don’t give me that crap. Obama’s in the White House for the same exact reason. Only the tween’s didn’t have nothing to do with putting him there. Adults did!!!

    • IBXNJ

      They all thought he was a nice guy until he bashed in their skulls!!

  • Hired Mind

    Evidence that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to give women the right to vote.

    • rinodino

      Evidence that you are driving the clown car today on twitchy…. A site run by a conservative woman; and these are the people she runs with lol

      • Hired Mind

        Evidence that Lefties have no sense of humor.

        Ps. You really think Michelle Malkin, of all people, needs YOU to stick up for her? She gets death threats and the most vile hate on a daily basis from you Lefties like you.

    • James Ball

      Yet the men are the ones murdering people left and right

      • Hired Mind

        Men are also the ones saving people left and right.

  • mountainaires

    Could we please pass a law making it illegal to be on the internet until you’re at least 18? Ferchrissakes; these people need constant supervision; they are a danger to themselves and others, due to stupidity.

  • mountainaires

    Why isn’t someone pointing out that these depraved idiots think it is “hot” to blow up an 8 year old little boy. That IS after all, the essence of what these girls are saying. They really should just be up front about who and what they are. People should be pointing out what they are.

  • Ellieinto

    This is even worse than the Dorner-worship. What the hell is wrong with liberals anyway?

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    If only Simon Cowell could make Jahar the 6th member of One Direction!

    • xjonaspones


  • neoface

    These mindless women probably don’t have anyone in their family maned or killed by this murderer. Some in this generation just don’t have empathy besides instant gratification of releasing their mindless thoughts. I’m really concerned for this generations, having Obama as their leader certainly doesn’t help, Obama is immature just like these tweeters.

  • cscape

    hey….. Hitler was adored and LUSTED OVER by millions of German women (and probably a goodly number of MEN as well)

  • BristolGOP Backup

    Thought number one: OH MY GOD THIS IS HORRIFIC


  • ToursLepantoVienna

    Repeal the 19th Amendment.

  • dabhidh

    This isn’t about “women prefer the bad boy” – this is people who actually are so self-centered that they have no genuine sympathy with the victims of tragedy. All that it takes is a pretty face, and either the owner of the pretty face is innocent and the victim of a frame-up, or what Mr. Pretty Face did is only a foolish mistake or a momentary blip in a life of blameless cuteness and should be forgiven. And the bitter irony is, these people probably regard themselves as kind and generous and open minded, when in fact, they are as close-minded as it gets, believing that cute people who please their eye and incite their desires can do no wrong.

    • arrow2010

      They support free Mumia, Occupy, Greenpeace, stop global warming, PETA and so on.

  • disqus_0YUJ7A60ga

    How hot is he now with his self-inflicted facial gunshot?? #pissonyourparade #nofaithinhumanity

  • JDW


    Well, I’ve always been attracted to the bad girls in movies. Trying to blow up the world? I say HAWT! And I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t give attractive girls the benefit of the doubt more often then average or ugly girls.

    But seriously… if he was innocent why did he have a shootout with police?

  • djm1992

    This one’s my favorite:

    “Iris @irisbilich

    Jahar is actually cute and funny and nice and popular and well-liked it seems impossible that he’d bomb Boston I just don’t understand”

    Yeah, Iris. I’m guessing there are LOTS of things you don’t understand, sweetie.

    She self-identifies as a “professional idiot” on her Twitter account page, so I’d like to think her tweet is sarcastic, but just a tad too subtle to detect. If it’s not, that’s too bad. It’s far too often that a cute face masks an empty skull……

  • Morbius

    When I say I would hit these chicks, I really mean I would HI These chicks.

  • Morbius

    When I say I would hit these chicks, I really mean I would HI These chicks.

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    You can only say ‘WTF’ so many times in a day before needing a stiff drink.


    um we are talking about teenagers for the most part. These mental midgets will be back to Beiber in a week.

  • James

    to all the tweeters,, this kids sweet incent face kinda sucks u in don’t it… don’t be fooled by its deception underneath is a killer a mass murderer out of thousands of people he places his bomb behind a line of kids and walks away knowing what is about to happen… he and his brother would of killed more people with pressure cooker bombs and pipe bombs if they hadnt of been captured and killed they are mass killers

  • Orlando Cee

    This is what happens in a country where it’s more important to vote for an American Idol than an American president.

    I’m sure Jahar will be having lots of sex. Just not with girls.

    • Faye Valentine

      Or where voting for a president is done with the same cares and considerations one uses when voting for the next American Idol. Cult of Personality.

      • IBXNJ

        Just like Charles Manson…

  • BeauDCrab

    Who says a guy can’t be murderous *AND* hot?

  • JR48

    Young and dumb. Young will be cured with time, but dumb is forever.

  • plz

    appearance has nothing to do with his actions aint nobody excusing what he did lol plz y’all need to get over it

  • Stephen Abbott

    He’s not Justin Bieber, he’s Just a Bomber. That makes him ugly, however his face looks.

  • dark angel

    Brain-dead incoherent illiterates fawning over a terrorist. Tell me we haven’t hit rock bottom.

  • stillinthe60s

    Serial immaturity kills! The next Ted Bundy reading these tweets must be salivating.

  • FrancisChalk

    Is there any doubt, that if any of these various air heads voted,
    they voted for Obama?

    • rivers

      None whatsoever. I’d bet my house on it.

  • petrichorandrose

    Several of these people are Bieber fans. Offf course they are.

  • motownmutt

    The name Katherine Russell comes to mind, as well as the thought: these people could wind up on a jury.

  • Tanker74

    I’d bet a dollar the girls saying he’s hot aren’t among the 72 virgins he expected to meet.

  • Belinda Richardson

    this is no different from Ted Bundy having a fan base to Charlie Manson with his sycophants. He’ll have a few women wanting to marry him before he hits his jail cell

  • Jerret Sodders

    hopefully before he is executed a few big prisoners named “Bubba” will think he is hot! 😉

  • Tera Blair Kirk

    I don’t think any of these tweeters are over 25. Let’s be realistic, kids are dumb. They don’t have children yet, hopefully they won’t in most cases. But to the point, opinions about the sanctity of life change dramatically after you have your OWN kids. That’s all I’m saying.

    • rivers

      Kids who are that dumb have lousy parents. I have kids, I was a kid, I know lots of kids. Nothing excuses stupidity of that magnitude.

  • Guest

    Brought to you bye useless parenting across the country.

  • Larry C.

    These moronic girls, brought to you by useless parents across the Country.

  • rivers

    1)The parents of these girls did a horrible job raising them.
    2)These girls are beyond stupid, they are also vile pigs. And they get to vote. And the Democrats think that someone else should pay for their birth control.
    3)The girl who wants to be blown up with Jahar’s babies deserves to get what she wants.

  • Jeff Coil

    Wonder if these girls would “think he’s cute” if it was their 8-year old child he droped a bomb next to?

  • ScottinVA

    And… many of these perverts VOTE!

  • Alan

    Now you know why Western girls are converting to Islam. Thinking with their vaginas instead of their brains…

  • Marti

    Timothy McVeigh, Ted Bundy and Paul Bernardo were also thought to be attractive by some people. It didn’t make them any less dangerous or innocent.. While it’s one thing to comment on their looks in passing, developing a school girl type of crush on murders is sickening and concerning. Sadly, it isn’t uncommon that many notorious killers have cult like followings.

  • lollymae

    Whats really sad is most of these girls are Justin Bieber and 1D fans….goes to show you how irrational and delirious these tween girls are, and they get offended when people call them crazed. smh.

  • Utahlady

    I used to fight for women’s rights, then I realized how damn stupid some of them are . I sat down and shut up and decided I liked fighting for animals more. The average animal seems to be smarter than the average woman.

  • Skeeps

    This is our female youth. And the reason Obama is still in office.

  • Jamelle Jackson Feddersen

    Note the pics….OUR youth is STUPID…. So what he is cute so were half of the serial rapists and murders from my youth. Did not mean that they were not guilty. His looks have not got a thing to do with his ability to blow people up. He is a very dangerous person and needs to be dealt with not put on a pedestal and admired. To think that these kids will one day be leading us is one scary thought.

  • poooneyou

    you lot seem to forget he’s a suspect. all acting like he’s guilty. did you see him put the bomb there? you know exactly what went down? not sticking up for him cos he probably is guilty but come on ease up, i mean he’s cuteee :3 (totally kidding i think these girls are stupid bitches too) (pls believe me)

  • wendy harrington

    How do these girls profess to know him so well? as per Iris @irisbilich

    “Jahar is actually cute and funny and nice and popular and well-liked it seems impossible that he’d bomb Boston I just don’t understand.”

    Do they project their wishes on to him so they dont feel so bad about thinking he is hot?

  • Jeffrey Lamela

    Sick, pathetic pieces pf crap. Their parents must be so proud. They will grow up to be good little liberals.

  • Jeff Coil

    I wonder if all these stupid girls realize that his religion declares that? it is not only a mans RIGHT to physically beat his wife, it is his DUTY to beat her into submission, then kill her (and her children) if she dishonors Islam? Do they have ANY clue what kind of life they would live under radical Islam? Do they realize that he probably considers them all to be whores, since they don’t cover their hair and face? Why do we have so many people in this world who support baby killers?

  • Tree Feathers

    what a bunch of nasty horndogs, What’s the matter people can’t get any real people to want yo stanky ass*s so you drool over teenage boys what a bunch of pervs.

  • Jen White

    Oh great, im not the only one who thinks hes cute! now i dont feel so bad lol

  • Jon-Paul Schilling, Esq.

    All one need do is think about those who are no longer able to enjoy life — all because of what this viral being did. To think he’s attractive…well, Ted Bundy is right around the corner.

  • Mikey

    why r u all calling them stupid and ignorant ?? theyre 14!!!! its not like them finding Jahar attractive is gonna change somethng