Inspirational, indeed. As Twitchy reported, London Marathon runners and spectators honored Boston today.

The inspirational banner, a heartwarming sign of solidarity, caught the attention of many.

Run if you can, walk if you must but finish for #Boston." That's the chant here. #londonmarathon

Londoners showing their love for Boston edging near the marathon finish line. #londonmarathon

As did this sign:

Says it all #londonmarathon #boston



Full Twitchy coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing

  • Jimni27

    What a great tribute. Makes it even more irritating that Obama sent no one to Thatcher’s funeral. I hope he feels like the crapweasel he is.

    • Gallatin

      He doesn’t need to “feel like” he is a crapweasel.

      • Jimni27


      • E Quilibrate

        Narcissists are incapable of such feelings.

    • KnowYourRightsFool

      Cheney was there, if that’s any consolation?

      • Jimni27

        no, but thanks for trying, lol :)

  • waltermitty2012

    When the modern Olympics started, the length of the marathon was 25 miles. When the Olympics were held in London in 1908, Queen Alexandra wanted to see both the start and end of the race. So, officials added 1.2 miles to the course, which eventually the official distance for the marathon. There is a tradition for some to shout, “God Save the Queen” at the 25 mile mark. I’ve said that myself, usually while limping towards the finish line.

  • mdtljt

    Thank you London & all marathon participants & spectators for y’all’s love and support…and for showing our pathetic Jackhole-in-Chief what true class is…

  • radicallyalyssa

    Very happy to see this amazing tribute. Thanks London!

  • $45875941

    Class act!

  • stellatruman

    Thank you London <3

  • KansasGirl

    My screen is blurry. Dang it.

    • Rabid

      Yeah, so ‘s mine…

  • Lidsamy


  • KnowYourRightsFool

    …and we love London!…just do something about that 20% VAT!

  • dancerina

    How wonderful. Londoners are great! I had the pleasure of visiting there in the nineties and they are so much like Americans. It is fun to describe our differences but we are family. Sorry about that 1776 thing.

    • Rabid

      I’m not..I think it made both countries stronger.

  • mike_in_kosovo


    Twitchy needs to blow out the site with some compressed air… getting lots of dust in my eyes today.

  • Rabid

    Thank you, London….(wipes away tear)

  • [email protected] com

    Outstanding London!!!