As Twitchy reported last night, the West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion was caught on video. Today, another chilling video surfaced.

We continue to pray for Texas. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones.


Full Twitchy coverage of the fertilizer plant explosion

  • Pulchritudinous

    Welp, that’s horrifying.

  • Ellen K

    The poor little town of West, TX is struggling to just understand what has happened. In the aftermath, people need to ask whether protocols were ignored, or whether someone intentionally did this or whether a language barrier prevented usual care from being used. Many questions…..

  • Pat Loudoun

    Landscape, people. LANDSCAPE! Turn your damn phones sideways!

    • Robert Hoover

      It drives me nuts. It’s like watching it on a miniature screen that you cannot enlarge.

  • Max Artifice

    Went to school near there many years ago. Spent not a few evenings in West at a redneck dancehall. Nice people. Nice little town. Lots of Czechs live there. So tragic.