“The blasts in Boston will, without a doubt, delay the immigration proposal in the Senate”

 “Not the time to discuss this. But immigration reform could be affected depending on the origin of the blasts. Remember 9/11?”


Not the time to discuss it, but he totally will anyway. Reports are now indicating 175 people injured, 17 critically. And 3 dead so far. But, hey, immigration reform.

Jorge Ramos calls himself an “immigrant journalist” and he is a host at Univision news. That’s “real journalism”? We would call it shameless and heartless.

h/t @JorgeBonilla

  • brewerandpatriot

    Isn’t he the guy that proposed to Tom Brady during media day at the Super Bowl?

  • Dandee

    He didn’t mention Feinstein introducing legislation against bomb making

    • TugboatPhil

      And if the security video is legit, we need to look at restricting high capacity backpacks.

      • V the K

        “Assault” backpacks. i.e. Backpacks that are black and scary, especially those designed to be slung over one shoulder. And do you really *need* a backpack that holds more than two books and a wallet?

        • Scott Carroll

          And what about these high capacity marathons? Does anyone really need more than 7 runners in a race?

        • tommcgtx

          You DON’T NEED a BACKPACK to KILL a DEER!!!!!!

        • Will Nuñez

          bwahahaha! line of the day my friend.

        • 1SkepticalChick

          That might considered a “high capacity” backpack. Who really needs 2 books?
          My backpack is Vera Bradley, very flowery, I’m not a bit scary!

          • RblDiver

            Back in HS, I used a rolling suitcase for my “backpack.” Think I’d need a “Can’t-Even-Conceal Carry-or-Roll” license now for it?

          • Garth Haycock

            Riiiiight…the less scary-looking the backpack, the more we need to worry. ;^)

          • 1SkepticalChick

            Shhhhh!! It’s a disguise for a black one. Now I’ll have to put sunglasses & a fedora on it.

      • rennyangel2

        Remove trash cans and seize garbage.
        Really, if the bombs were in garbage bins, that’s really bad for Boston cop sec.
        Now, Chuckles Schumer can find himself on a collision course with waste management types a la the Sopranas as he campaigns against trash.

        • SpinMeNot

          Ok, this is sarcasm …

          I think the problem is that we need to have multiple bins everywhere — landfill, compost, recycle, and bombs. The bomber is just misunderstood, you can’t blame the bomber, the bomb is the problem. If we had properly label disposal bins, it would not have happened.

  • TJ Wright

    Just searching for things to be outraged by aren’t you? Dear gawd. This site is pathetic.

    • J. Cox

      And yet here you are trolling because your site in full of group-think hacks who want to destroy freedom.How about you laser-like focus on 1 thing,while the rest of us multi-task,would not want that pea-pod you use for thinking to overload.

      • TJ Wright

        Meh. I saw a link about another stupid thing Michelle Malkin was squawking about I was curious to see what fake outrage the right-wing lemmings were clutching their pearls about today.

        Obama didn’t say “terrorism” fast enough?

        Someone talked about something that was not Rupert Murdoch or Alex Jones approved?

        Yeah, pretty much what it usually is. That or someone said something not nice about the loser VP candidate governor quitter from Alaska (via Idaho).

        • TEXANONLY

          You call yourself a homo so that pretty much sums up your pathetic life.

          • TJ Wright

            Quite right! Proud one too!

          • Joe W.


          • QBallBrazil

            Mr. Wright is only allowed “pride” because no other can have pride, unless it fits his narrow and distinct narrative of acceptable and unaccetable.

        • Sami B

          Actually TJ most Conservatives think that Alex Jones is just as much a hack as anyone else. The anger is the fact that Jorge Ramos and the like have tried to politicize this and similar events. It is very insensitive to try to take the focus off a tragedy and throw a figurative fit because his issue isn’t getting the attention he feels is warranted.

          • TJ Wright

            A figurative fit? Are you aware of Malkin’s oeuvre? If it were a right winger saying, this will stall Obama’s gun grab 2nd amendment shredding would Malkin’s little Twit Team throw a figurative fit like they did here?

          • QBallBrazil

            “Malkin’s little Twit Team”…Reinforcement of sexist overtones, plus Mr. Wrights self percieved superiority by reference to a team as “twits”.

          • $8245944

            Alex Jones wouldn’t exist if Obama weren’t so deceitful.

          • Sami B

            Alex Jones was around with his Illuminati conspiracy theories long before Obama took office. I agree Obama is deceitful but not sure where you’re going with that comment.

          • $8245944

            I wish more people would acknowledge Alex Jones doesn’t threaten our liberty–Obama does.

        • QBallBrazil

          Ooooh…we’re sorry TJ, maybe if some puppies or vegetables were harmed in the explosion you would have cause to be empathetic.

          What is being pointed out about Mr. Ramos is his exploitation of his agenda with what happened in Boston. In FACT we the “COMMUNITY” find that immigration reform is not being stalled.

          I see no “outrage” here, other than your own.

        • Lisa Dean

          This was an act of terrorism. Planting two bombs to go off within seconds during a crowded event, to cause injury/death, fear and terror in those around the area, is terrorism. It doesn’t matter who committed the act, terrorism is terrorism, even if no one wants to call it that.

          • TJ Wright

            No one says it was not. Do you have reading comprehension issues?

          • Lisa Dean

            Lovely, typical liberal behavior. You stated “Obama didn’t say “terrorism” fast enough”? You also stated you came to Twitchy to find out what fake outrage we were exhibiting. If you can’t see outrage in the tragedy that took place yesterday in Boston sir, why don’t you go elsewhere with your typical liberal behavior and converse with like minded individuals. Bless your small, cold heart sir and have a great day with your classless attitude.

          • QBallBrazil

            Even though an interogative, again Mr. Wrights “superior intelligence” and “enlightenment” states: reading comprehension issues. Because Mr. Wright is an authority on “comprehension and reading”.

          • TJ Wright

            The name is wright.

            To show possession one adds and apostrophe and the letter “S”. Like this:

            “again Mr. Wright’s “superior intelligence”

            You are welcome.

          • Tom Anderson

            5 bombs, only 2 went off

        • Steve_J

          You don’t think it was terrorism?

          • TJ Wright

            Of course I do. The right wing were the ones crying about our POTUS not saying the word terror soon enough. Really? How stupid is that? I’ll tell you. VERY!

          • wwbdinct

            He didn’t say it soon enough and we he FINALLY did…. the word came choking and spitting out of his mouth like he swallowed something repulsive. You would know all about that, wouldn’t you?

          • TJ Wright

            It’s too bad you hate your country and your President so much.

        • $8245944

          Yet, you are here. lol

          • TJ Wright

            Because you amuse me with your simplistic, reactionary, crying and feet stomping. Carry on. I love it!

          • $8245944

            Sure. Just admit you’ve got nothing to do and nowhere to go.

            Get a job.

          • QBallBrazil

            Yet another example of Mr. Wright self belief of superiority. He believes that you are inferior children who are “simplistic, reactionary, crying and feet stomping”….reinforced by his self ego and importance by foolishly stating, ” Carry on. I love it”!

        • J. Cox

          Wow…another vapid mindless troll post that hurls insults because that is the only refuge for you soulless O-bots.

          Click a link that takes you to your messiah Obama and go cleanse your mind on his altar,that should keep you going for another day right?We over here will continue to actually look at facts and critically think about things while you are spoon fed your daily dose of kool-aide,so you can go around and hurl insults,since facts and logic are like poison to you trolls.

          • TJ Wright

            Do you say anything that makes sense?

          • QBallBrazil

            Yet another example of Mr. Wrights intollerant and belief that he has a superior intelligence and is enlightenment: “…anything that makes sense”. You see, Mr. Wright is saying is only posts made that make sense to him must mean that there is a universal consensus of everyone that it MUST make sense to him.

          • J. Cox

            Make sense in the way a typical hateful leftist could understand?Then no,that would ask a lot of your 1 dimensional thinking process.I am sure you are more than happy to not focus on the 11-13 million illegals in our country and the amnesty that is being offered.I do however suspect that if they were 11 million Muslims creating a voting bloc that would oppose you and your messiah’s agenda…you might give a thought or two to the problem.But please…do go on with how smart and savvy you are and how all us “rubes” are so hateful as you post more drivel hating on anyone who doesn’t groupthink like you.

        • Joe W.

          Go cry to your butt buddy pal, Dan Savage. No one else gives a turd for your thoughts OR “feelings”, Princess.

          • TJ Wright

            Thanks for reading and responding, peasant.

          • QBallBrazil

            Notice the “peasant”, Mr. Wright is a Legend in his own mind. He seriously, although a delusion, believes he is superior.

          • TJ Wright

            I was deemed a “princess” so I correctly addressed my subject.

            Now, I have to get back to my job so I can happily pay my taxes for you.

            Toodles, Sweetie! XO

        • QBallBrazil

          “Meh. I saw a link about another STUPID thing…squawking (very sexist…even though Mr. Wright is a homosexual, he is male thus degrades Ms. Malkin as a female)”.

          “Yeah, pretty much what it usually is”. Bigoted. Tell us Mr. Wright, do BLACK people steal, because they “usually” do? Huh.

          • TJ Wright

            Now you are just being stupid(er).

    • wwbdinct

      Adios then! No one needs to read snarky posts by trolling libtards

      • TJ Wright

        Thanks for reading and responding! 😀

        • wwbdinct

          You’re welcome. BTW – libtards aren’t human. They’re subhuman. Just to correct the record.

          • TJ Wright

            Wow! Clever!

          • QBallBrazil

            Not clever…human. Something you forgot about. You see Mr. Wright, I AM a “Liberal”, I AM a PROGRESSIVE…when SOCIAL LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE (a very neat name for a mix or marx and down right fascism on par with Nazis) that’s why I AM HERE. It’s about equality. Not special rights. Not special voices. Every human equal. You don’t see it that way, you have a list with neat little boxes that must be checked in order for people to be accepted by YOU. You forget the lesson of “liberals” and “progress”….ACCEPT PEOPLE and see how to work issues out.

            And I give my reason for being HERE…because I see that there are people willing to fight for freedom and liberty, even though I may disagree with some or most, they do believe in THAT FREEDOM AND LIBERTY…not in some mandate from above.

            I stand with them. Now go back to your or HuffingtonPost…or DailyBS(KOS).com….you are seeking “acceptance” rather than pursuing equality for all.

          • TJ Wright

            Good for you!

        • QBallBrazil

          Mr. Wright, by my posts above and by pointing out to THIS “Community”, I have called you out (although with your narcissism and ego, you won’t see it) as being a SOCIAL PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL. Now Mr. Wright, if you are truly “educated”, “intellectual” and “enlightned”, you do know the difference between a Progressive, a Liberal, a Progressive Liberal and a SOCIAL Progressive Liberal….right? Mr. Wright, just because the Nazi movement was filled with white men, one with a funny moustache, does NOT negate the fact that anyone (including gays, ethinic groups, Justin Bieber…etc.) can be a fascist.

          Mr. Wright…and I encourage everyone to click his name and read his posts…you are not a socialist, you are not a communist, you are not a liberal, you are not a progressive…

          You are, by what you post and words YOU USE, are a fascist in the spectrum of the intollerants of our human history. Now, go back to Thinkprogress. com and post where you belong. :)

          • TJ Wright

            You believe whatever fantasies make you feel good(and what Malkin tells you). Ta!

          • QBallBrazil

            You see, I told you that your narcissitic and ego personality won’t see it. Again…by the words you type and use (all your 800 plus posts). You are drowning into a sea of apathy, now you believe Ms. Malkin dictates my free will. Too bad George Soros has yours (see what I did there?).

            Poor little lonely beta, no company for you tonight again. Just your keyboard and neon lights to fuel your intollerance and hate…your fascism.

            Facts are facts. I just made you the fool, from King to Jester…to the beggar on the street. When you are alone, inside your bed tonight, you will be thinking on how to give a witty reply…all along…you will never notice that I had taken away, which is important to any human, your individuality. You are apart of a collective, can’t do it on your own. Sooo partisan. Soooo worried about what “others” think of you.

            Enjoy the darkness that you embrace, and the consequence of lonliness in which you are RESPONSIBLE for creating.

            Sweet dreams Tinker Bell.

            Wait…that’s right, in the end, even Tinker Bell with her jealous and narcisistic personality, had the courage to DEFY HERSELF and actually save someone else.

          • TJ Wright

            I was a Princess not a King. You’ve spent so much time on me and my seven-zillion posts the least you could do is follow along with the insults your brethren have leveled.

            And yes we are all interconnected even you and me, Pinocchio.

      • Tom Anderson

        Wright is a professional troll under many names/personnas on many MBs, his sign off is his giveaway. If you really want to make his head explode, ignore him. It makes him crazy.

    • Joe W.

      “Well….bye….” — Curly Bill Brocius

    • QBallBrazil

      “This site is pathetic”. Judgemental and intollerant due to the set perception of Mr. TJ narrative. If you AREN’T an animal lover, If you AREN’T a vegan, If you AREN’T a homosexual…then you are “pathetic” by his reason, logic (which leads to) and rational that doesn’t fit his intollerant narrative.

      • TJ Wright

        You play victim very well!

        • QBallBrazil

          Wow…let’s see: My posts vs. your 804 judgemental and superior ego posts. Huh. Entitled to your opinion, not facts. You are looking pretty stupid here. Seriously…before you go eat a pound of fudge ice cream and/or redecorate your bathroom…go back to your fascist .com(s). You’ll just cry tonight. Sob in being lonely. Thinking you were the “Vanguard” in this territory. Accept this FACT: You’re a Beta.

          By the way, you can’t logically, reasonable, rationally and/or perceptively prove that I am a “victim”. :)

          • TJ Wright

            vegans don’t eat fudge ice cream.

          • QBallBrazil

            Then quit being a hypocrit and stop eating it.

          • TJ Wright


  • amberdru

    Can we do some better vetting for the “immigrants” we let in?..We have had “immigrants” who have tried to blow us up more than once… What do you think the Gang of 8’s mass legalization will bring? How many terrorists will get instant legalization with the” in the shadows” illegal aliens?…

    • rennyangel2

      Join Numbers USA and call COng. by the hour. 202-224/5-3121. Looks bad (good) for gun leg., so the drones are being forced to listen.
      This bombing may be our crisis that dooms immig. “reform” if this perp is really a Saudi on a student visa.

  • robcrawford2

    Tribalism is ugly.

    • $8245944

      The left needs it to survive. Their hatred consumes them.

      • Anna

        I have to pray constantly to keep from being eaten up w/ hate for bho & his entire group of cohorts! I started out praying for them as the Bible tells us to do, I prayed Psalms 5. Then after things kept getting so much worse,,,,, I went to Psalms 109! Its very very strong, I wouldn’t pray this over just anyone…. but I definitely consider bho & his cohorts an enemy of Gods Ppl & of these the great U.S.A. King David prayed this over his enemy,I feel we too can over ours! God save our “U.S.A.”

  • Scott Carroll

    Whenever you see/hear the word “but” in a sentence, prepare for the writer/speaker to completely contradict whatever they prefaced it with. For example:

    “I don’t think you’re fat but you look like a lardass in those pants”

    “Listen honey, I love your mother but does she really have to stay 2 weeks?”

    “I’m a conservative but I think Nancy Pelosi makes a lot of great points.”

    “I’m totally not a racist but I am a member of the Ku Klux Klan.”

    “I offer my condolences to you Americans on this latest horrible, despicable terror attack but you guys were asking for it.”


      I am black so I can not be a racist but I do not like them crackers

  • Smiley

    This gran puta is one of many Univision journo-lists pushing amnesty in the name of “la reconquista”, a backdoor retaking of the American southwest, as can be seen here.

    • Squirrel!

      Can we just give them California & be done with it then? Would like to keep Texas, NM & AZ!

  • Squirrel!

    Close the border! How’s that for immigration reform?

    • mdtljt

      AMEN!!! Come here legally & go through the proper procedures = Welcome to the greatest nation on the planet & good luck in your endeavors…break our laws by coming here illegally = GTFO & no sympathy for your “plight”.

  • Jim Denney

    It’s not “reform,” it’s amnesty.

  • Wigglesworth

    No se puede!

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Keep our borders open. Let every Abdul, Akmed and Muhammad in and wonder where the next pinada will explode. Nothing to see here, it’s only the US border.

    • OneThinDime

      DC doesn’t care about ordinary citizens being murdered, they cash in on the death taxes, save the SS and Medicare costs. Notice how quickly pos got extra protection?

  • CrustyB

    Bombing? Damn! This will delay free passes for illegal aliens!

  • rennyangel2

    I suspect the Boston bombing was caused by senior citizen tea partiers who got lost on the way their local sweater knitting confab and all farted at one time.

    Makes as much sense as CNN and other “news” orgs. who immediately think of “right wingers” as violent when all of our mass murderers have been Dems: from Lanza to Holmes to Klebold and Harris to Ahley to Dorner to Hasan and from followers of Mason to Lee Harvey Oswald to the student anarchist who blew up the Archduke Ferdinand and started WW I, they have ALL be reg’d Dems., liberal voters, commies, and leftists, with the one except of McVeigh, and his parents were union Dems.

  • JR48

    Hey, nevermind that terrorist attack, what about mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

    • pajamakat

      Sounds just like Obama. me me me. WIll mooochelle come out and say that could have been her?

  • Bemani Dog

    ¿Porque no te callas?

  • Plep

    He didn’t want to say it, but what if the bomber came into the country via the southern border? Adios immigration reform …

    • Squirrel!

      If it is the Saudi they’re questioning, it sounds as though he was let in legally, but YES, my concern is that anyone from anywhere can get here through Mexico, and if you take a Middle Eastern person & dress him in old jeans, a sombrero & give him a sack of oranges, who could tell the difference?

      • Tom Anderson

        He came in on a student visa, the visa is expired.

      • OneThinDime

        He’s no longer a student, thus the Visa is null and he is here illegally standing in line waiting for Rubio’s amnesty

  • Susan Brusco

    Joreg Ramos you are disgusting and I hope you are in an accident that injures you like the bombing hurt so many.

    • OneThinDime

      If hope an illegal alien realizes they won’t be prosecuted for any crime and targets Univision and the other hispanic groups’

  • neoface

    Yes, let’s talk about immigration! We need to around up all the illegals and ship them back to their country, as well as clumping the borders until we get an handle on our national debt. JMO!

    • OneThinDime

      Given them 30 days to get out, round them up, collect their DNA and fingerprints, insert and RFID tag. If they return, death penalty.

      • neoface

        Death penalty? You know the liberal bleeding hearts will never go for it. LOL!!! But I do think death penalty will be a good deterrence.

        • OneThinDime

          Let’s see how the liberal bleeding hearts feel when we parade the illegal alien that raped a 6-yr old, the illegal alien that murdered the mom of a 13-yr old when she refused to allow the illegal alien’s demand to rape her daughter in front of them and their children.

          • neoface

            You know how these liberal ideologues behave, unless it happens to them personally, they have no empathy for others besides their ideologue. Most of these people believe in fairy dust. In the state of liberal Hawaii, they have harsher laws against a animal abuser than a child rapist.

  • Beast

    Shame on you Jorge Ramos

  • AsktheWhiteGuy

    I can already hear the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Mecha, La Raza, LULAC, and the rest of the illegal alien citizenship entitlement groups howling. They couldn’t care less about what happened to those people in Boston. They treat it as nothing more than an inconvenient obstacle they have to work around to get amnesty. All they want is open borders, and citizenship. They want it NOW, and to hell with everyone else and national security.

    • OneThinDime

      And neither does Marco the Hispanic son-of-a-Communist Rubio, dropped the bill on the Senate less than 24 hours after the terror attack!

  • lcky9

    Gee to bad for ILLEGAL ALIENS HUH… As the government always have they should vote regardless of the BOSTON TRAGEDY since AMERICAN CITIZEN’S don’t matter to this government anyway..only PANDERING for ILLEGAL votes does and that goes for BOTH sides the isle..

    • claudia

      Who cares about illegal immigrants thats just it they are illegal!! People were hurt and killed and you worry about illegal immigrants? Disgusting Go back to your own country and fight for rights there!! We were born here!

  • fedup222

    I hope it delays it forever Jeorge

  • Tom Anderson

    Not the time to discuss this…… The only thing that should come after this sentence is the sound of crickets.

  • Rulz

    According to Y! and theblaze, a Saudi national is a person of interest right now and the left is going into defend Islam mode.

  • OneThinDime

    Time to deport 100% of the illegal aliens. They violated our laws, continue to violate our laws and through this demonstrate they will NEVER uphold our laws and Constitution.

  • camnpat

    Sadly, this is par for the course with US Spanish networks (in particular Univision): most morning talk/news shows have a section where a legal expert ask questions about how you can solve your “immigration issues”. Their prime time news shows, on the other hand, pretty much focus on immigration issues, some local news but mostly issues that “affect immigrants” (Obamacare, etc) , things that happen in Mexico, and occasionally what happens in the rest of central and south America. The rest of the day it is gossip shows, reality shows, and soap operas. In other words, anyone who doesn’t know English and lives with this crap on gets little to no actual information beyond whether La Raza is protesting for immigration reform and what politician is pro/against them.

    The best (or worst, depending how you phrase it) example of poor media fomenting disinformation are most of the Spanish networks who have no qualms about endorsing, implicitly if not explicitly, illegal immigration.

  • Dave

    I’m glad to see Univision has it’s priorities in order. Unfettered Immigration first, last and forever. That’s their goal.

  • DrSamHerman


    Eres un pendejo y cabaron. Callete!

  • Ken Alan Draper

    he better hope the terrorist didn’t sneak in through the mexican border.