God bless first responders, always.

As Twitchy reported, former New England Patriot Joe Andruzzi was one of the first responders on the scene.


People, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, took to Twitter to thank the brave first responders in Boston.












Powerful images were posted as well. Is it possible to hold on to some faith in humanity after a tragedy like the Boston Marathon bombing? Yes, it is:














We are all forever in the debt of those who run toward danger and not from it. This incredibly moving photo sums it up best.


God bless you.

  • http://reaganff.tumblr.com/ reaganFF

    God bless these men and women who put themselves at risk to help their fellowman, running towards danger when others run away. As the wife of a FR, I pray for them daily.

  • Right Wired

    “This will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” -Elmer Davis

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    The cop on the far right in the first photo with the downed runner is openly gay police office Javier Pagan. His husband is a retired NYPD officer who was one of the first responders at the WTC.

    • Steedy357

      You actually mean his pretend “husband” I believe.

      • Sean Maloney

        Not in Massachusetts, doll.

      • http://www.facebook.com/1269130691 James L. Greenlee

        Only if you’re pretending they’re NOT married. Both Mass & NY have marriage equality.

      • CShelCShore

        And this is the reason it needs to be mentioned. Same-sex marriage is marriage, gay people are people. There are gay people out and about in society affecting your life in positive ways. If you understood that completely, you might be more compassionate of gay rights and gay people in general.

        • John

          And please share with me all the human rights violations that gays are facing, or have ever faced…I will be waiting. Are they being tortured here in the US?? Are they being killed?? Are they starving?? Are they being banished from public?? Please tell me.

          • CShelCShore


            -gays used to be institutionalized for being gay
            -gays couldn’t dance with each other just 40 years ago
            -gays used to be subjected to electro-shock therapy
            -gays couldn’t serve openly in the military until recently
            -gays have been beaten, sometimes to death, for being gay
            -gays have been let go from jobs for being gay
            -gays often cannot visit their partners in the hospital
            -gay often cannot adopt children
            -In many states homosexual couples can not get married
            -gay couples don’t get the same tax benefits as straight couples
            -gays have been turned away from hotels for being gay
            -gays are restricted from giving blood
            -being gay is still punishable by death in many countries

            Go on?

            Thankfully things are moving in a positive direction with gay rights, and while it may be annoying to you, the “we’re not going to take it any more and you WILL listen to us” brigade has made these things happen.

          • John

            I would like sources for all of your claims, please. I can rattle off random facts too. “Gays have been beaten…” Ok, so have 2 million other straight people. “Gays often cannot visit their partners in the hospital…” HUH???? “Gays cannot often adopt children…” Not true, I know of two homosexuals personally who are in the process of adopting. “Being gay is still punishable by death in many countries…” So is being a Christian, or being a woman. What is your point?!

        • kim

          and unfortunately, libs can never seem to allow a crisis without using it for political agenda. no crisis too good to waste? This is about first responders. no matter who they are. it is not about marriage

          • CShelCShore

            I think Conservatives and Liberals are pretty equal in their use of crisis for political gain. Maybe you only see it when you don’t agree with that particular side.

    • John

      …And the other cops in the picture are straight….who freaking cares?!?! I am just glad that he was there to serve, not because he was gay, or because he was straight, or because he likes Cheerios, or because he prefers creamer in his coffee…I am so tired of all this division as if we would be more appreciative and supportive of him because he’s a gay officer. He’s a sworn officer of the law and a first responder…nothing more, nothing less. Give me a freaking break!!

    • Heather_A

      That’s nice, but why does it matter? Does his being gay bear (snicker) on anything?


    • ForTheRepublic

      Oh God, get off your soapbox. Straight, Gay, none of that matters right now. Jesus Christ, even a BAD troll knows when to drop the stupid political schtick for a while! Who cares if he was gay? He and his partner are heroes, and I salute them just as aicwould anyone else.

    • lcky9

      and this is IMPORTANT WHY???

    • Timo

      …and that’s why being gay is not the same as being African American. You don’t have to say, “Hey that guy on the right is black!” Good for him and the other officers for doing their job.

      • Sean Maloney

        Tell that to Mariah Carey.

    • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

      Leave it to a progressive to notice the IMPORTANT things.

      Also, can you please change your username?

    • http://peacock-panache.com/ Tim Peacock

      Cue wingnut outrage that gay, married cops that help people exist.

    • mickeyco

      Of all the beautiful/ moving comments that have been and could be made, you come up with this idiocy. Want to break down all the first responders by sexual orientation, race, nationality, age, etc. for us?

    • pajamakat

      And thank God he was there.

  • lcky9

    I have the up most respect for those who work for the EMERGENCY squads .. HOWEVER .. I do not consider them the FIRST RESPONDERS the FIRST RESPONDERS are ANYONE who runs to help as adverse to away and most time those are those standing in the immediate area.. they have been truing brain wash us into waiting for the EMERGENCY squads so far AMERICAN’S have it right.. who ever is the nearest is the first responders.. THANK YOU one and all who ran TOWARD the emergency WITHOUT waiting..

  • Tom Anderson

    God bless and keep these first responders, sworn and civilian who came to the aid of their fellows with wanton disregard for their personal safety. They give me hope and light in the face of unspeakable evil and darkness.

    • Axelgreaser

      You made me tear up. You said it perfectly here and below.

      • TJCrane_NCC1701

        Just Americans ! Left, Right, blah, blah, blah.

        This is the way we roll !

        My deepest sorrows for those injured or killed and my prayers for them and their families. To many to list…

  • Axelgreaser

    THIS CANNOT BE BLAMED ON BUSH. Literally or figuratively. In fact, that Boston was so responsive, so quickly can be credited in part to the former President. Our enduring safety up till now can also be credited to Bush. Bush presided during iconic evil, tho he was demonized as if he had personally driven those planes into the Pentagon, the WTC and a field in Shanksville, Pa. That said, may God heal the little baby cradled in that police officer’s arms, whatever the childs wounds may be. You look at that photo and you wonder, where is his mother? Is she safe? Because nothing could normally separate a Mother or Father from their infant during an event such as this. Where are they? We hope against and with hope they are not mortally wounded. And bless the first responder’s that were thrust into harms way through the actions of a diabolical maniac or ‘maniac’s.’ And give strength to the exhausted medical teams that are pouring their hearts into saving these unfortunate victims. And we pray for the City of Boston and for all of us because here we are. Again.

    And frankly, a pox on the opportunistic, predatory politicians that crawled out from under their smoldering rocks to politicize this mass murder attempt today. They are absolutely unconscionabe and repulsive. And perfunctory. Oh, I don’t condemn their human motives which they doubtless harbor, somewhere way down deep. I condemn their predictable rhetoric. One went so far as to exploit Obama to the fullest, to the point of nausea. She knows who she is. Which merely underscores, the left NEVER misses a beat nor do they pass up any ‘good crisis.’ Because its all about the prize: ‘Power.’ They know who they are, I won’t even sully my comments by naming them.

    • kim

      a pox? yet didn’t you just do the same thing by crediting Bush with Boston’s response?

      • Axelgreaser

        Indeed I did. Re-read, I think you’re confused. Boston’s ‘response’ was excellent and why not? It is an ‘international’ city and the city one of the 9.11 planes departed from (Logan). They are always on alert. They are well equipped with personell to meet disaster and combat terrorism which will always be hard to interfere with, especially when our central government has so many wars and ‘crisis’ to bear. As you know the Dem’s have rolled their sleeves up to combat America’s ghastly, all encompassing ‘War On Gay Marriage’, other wars, i.e., the ‘War on Women’, which according to them has women dying in the streets at the hands of marauding Republicans. Also, they’re always vigilant we’ve learned, rescuing ‘Dog’s Off The Roof’, and what else? Their irrational wars against Guns! In which they assure all ‘women’ (whom they cherish) that vomiting on the shoes of your rapist, or better yet, running to the porch and firing off a double barreled shotgun are effective ‘bone crushers’ and will send your attacker, flaccidly, back off into the dark night. Obama’s gun grab in this day and age is, frankly, almost enough to send you into hysterical laughter, considering what sitting ducks we’d all be without them. But you know, Dem’s, when they’re not slaughtering babies (Kermit Gosnell) do select their wars ‘selectively’. And they have ‘selective’ hearing and apparently don’t hear the silent screams that have been emitted from 50 million ground up fetus’s. Don’t you wish they were as hard on nations who despise us as they are on US, ‘we the people!’ As for terrorists, these people have much patience as President Bush warned, he pointed out that they have the time to wait for the next attack as they themselves have indicated. Again a ‘POX’ right square on the foreheads of those who slithered out behind the billowing smoke to evangelize on behalf of their progressive, big government, high taxing, strangling party. The Demon’crats. May they wear the Scarlet ‘P’ for the remainder of their reign. Did I clear it up for you?

  • j p

    And a shout out to all the K-9 units. I have been glued to the police scanners since yesterday and those dogs are in high demand. There have been a ton of suspicious objects reported and the dogs are the fearless noses that save us from having human bomb squads trying to test out every one and possibly being in the wrong place at the wrong time at a false alarm.

  • Rightturn

    Looks like there is such thing as society. And a beautiful thing it is.

  • MisterIncredible

    America’s not gone.

    • Axelgreaser

      No, but only in spite of the inept, incompetent, wasteful, ideologues that have crawled out of Pelosi’s fetid swamp, which is overflowing into the Potomac at this point and who undeservedly squat in the White House.

  • G.

    What is a “first responder”…an individual who knows what they may be called on to do, and yet willingly volunteers for the job; a person whose life has been spent joining the Scouts, attending a church, listening to and obeying their parents rules and guidance, developing as they grow a sense of responsibility for his/her fellow man; military service may come into play as their senses reach out to the needs of the communities in which they live.
    Your turn: what is a liberal who sits idly by while considering which aspect of America to condemn to advance their cause?