Twitter users gave the professional ghoul the business.

There are now 176 casualties, and three confirmed dead. Horrible.

That’s not all. Geraldo’s tactless “analysis” doesn’t even make sense.

First, he asserts that the Boston bombs were less powerful than al Qaeda bombs.

What evidence supports that?

True, the number of fatalities in Boston was lower than in, say, the 2004 Madrid train bombings or the 2005 London bombings.

Then again, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing killed “only” six people (plus one unborn baby). Unfortunately, the fatality count in Boston may eventually top that, as a number of people injured in the blast are in critical condition.

The number of fatalities is a faulty metric for judging who committed this heinous attack.

Second, he appears to assume that “homegrown” terrorists are not capable of utilizing powerful bombs. Evil Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh demonstrated otherwise:

The Oklahoma blast claimed 168 lives, including 19 children under the age of 6, and injured more than 680 people. The blast destroyed or damaged 324 buildings within a sixteen-block radius, destroyed or burned 86 cars, and shattered glass in 258 nearby buildings.

Third, he draws a bogus distinction between “homegrown” anarchists and al Qaeda. There are numerous examples of “homegrown” terrorists who joined Islamic jihad  (see, e.g., Beltway sniper John Muhammad, al Qaeda associate Jose Padilla, Taliban soldier John Walker Lindh, al Qaeda mouthpiece Adam Gadahn).

Is it possible that the marathon bomber is a U.S.-born “anarchist”? Anything’s possible at this point. But Detective Rivera’s flawed and flippant Twitter B.S. doesn’t get us any closer to the truth.

Back to the vault, Geraldo!


Twitchy’s full Boston Marathon bombing coverage

  • Silenttype78
  • Marcy Cook

    They should have left Willowbrook open so we could put him back in.

  • CatHerder

    Modest like McVeigh’s, you mean?

    • IceColdTroll

      ‘Course McVeigh had some help from Iraqis.

      • CatHerder


  • angeleyez

    It sounds like Geraldo is blaming Obama’s OWS terrorists/ Black Bloc anarchists ?
    Maybe Geraldo means those environmental wacko extremists ?
    Is Gerald a coward afraid to offend the Left-wing wackos ?
    ▲ Y E S
    ▼ N O

    • Elaine

      Maybe he really does have some information that one of those home grown Occupy nuts did this? Please share, Geraldo?

    • PatriotRG

      geraldo is a left wing wacko

    • SpinMeNot

      Hrmm, could he be talking about his mustache?

  • notenoughtime

    Geraldo should be careful what he wishes for; this may be a tragic crime committed by terrorist not of American soil. If so, Outreach is another failed policy that has made our country, from coast to coast, since 2011.

  • tommcgtx

    Anyone have a chair to throw at this guy?

    • ratizbad

      You can borrow mine,And you don’t have to return it.

    • 1SkepticalChick

      There’s an empty one available at the WH.

  • IRightULeft

    Too bad Geraldo wasn’t present at ground zero for the “modest in killing power” bombs.

  • Steve_J

    Rivera has proven himself to be a know nothing blowhard many times over the years.

  • Walt

    Does anyone on the planet actually care what this treasonous bastard thinks? After his disclosing troop movements in Iraq, I’ve held him up with Hanoi Jane Fonda for relevancy.

  • Tabitha Bliss

    He is such a leftard I really hope he’s done with his time pondering running for the senate as a republican. Last thing the party needs at this point is this guy associated with it.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    That chair to the face really did some damage.

  • TexMarine

    I heard it was effeminate, moustached, d-bags who are responsible.

  • Jillane Kent

    After the Hoffa era, you would think Geraldo would exercise restraint before saying anything with certainty.

  • Elaine

    I just hope whoever did this doesn’t get on a plane and head back home. Are there tighter restrictions on visitors who came for the race when they leave now? I don’t trust TSA in Boston at all. Plus this just happened recently: Global Entry Trusted Traveler Program –

    • Harry A

      you theorizing that whoever did this has to catch a plane back home is the same as geraldo theorizing that they are home grown.

  • Jack Deth

    Jerry Rivers was far more relevant when he was getting pummeled on a weekly basis.

  • Roto

    Does Geraldo mean these “homegrown anarchists” on Obama’s watch (so far)?

    – Najibullah Zazi, Afghan-American, on 9/19/2009 planned suicide bombings of the New York City subway.

    – Nidal Hasan, Palestinian-American, on 11/5/2009 killed 13 and wounded 32 at Ft. Hood shooting.

    – Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Nigerian, on 12/25/2009 attempted bombing of 279 people aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 with PETN/TATP high explosives (aka the Underwear Bomber).

    – Faisal Shahzad, Pakistani-American, on 5/1/2010 attempted bombing near Time Square with a 250 lb. fertilizer + 60 gal. propane + 10 gal gasoline explosive device.

    • nc


    • AlCashier

      please repost this for AMERICA on every site you can find. America needs to be reminded this is NOT the first muslim attack on obama’s time. and don’t forget FT HOOD …and BENGHAZI.

      • Roto

        I also wonder why nothing is said about Obama killing OVER TWICE as many soldiers in Afghanistan in 4 yrs than in all previous 8 yrs (2,171 to 983)

    • E Quilibrate

      Geraldo would speculate that you may have just impugned
      a bunch of Irishmen.

    • vetgal1970

      – Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, born Carlos Leon Bledsoe, American, on June 1, 2009 shot two soldiers in front of the Little Rock recruiting station killing one and wounding the other. He told police he had intended to kill as many Army personnel as he could. During his trial he pled guilty and in a statement to the judge claims AQAP gave him the task.

  • Guest

    Narcissist and bicycle seat sniffer Rivera just had to try and grab the limelight…
    he is, if nothing else, predictable.

    • mdtljt

      …bicycle seat sniffer?!?!? And here I thought I could pull off the pithy slam…hats off to you, Dopey, that was sublime!!!

      • E Quilibrate

        Boys bikes?……. girls bikes?

        • SpinMeNot

          Did you have to go there ?… by that ‘stache, we know the answer.

          • E Quilibrate

            Can’t spin you now can I? The initial impulse was irresistible. Thanks .

  • N3al

    He’s right up there with Bill O’Reilly. A couple of men who are not always right, but are never in doubt. They’ve both jumped the shark and it’s only a matter of time before FOX sees it and makes a change. I really find their hubris and egotism very obnoxious.

    • URLNTS

      And what R/Wer isn’t?

      • N3al

        I could make a very long list of good, decent reporters who I consider to be conservative. Brit Hume gets to the top of the list pretty quickly, for example.

  • neoface

    Rivera should just shut his trap, if it was his son the bomb killed he wouldn’t sound so flip. Not sure why FOX keeps him on, he is a better fit for MSNBC, along side of Chris Matthews.

  • Joe W.

    And this asshat has aspirations of becoming Senator Geraldo Rivera???? wahahahahahahahahaha…snort..snort…bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    • E Quilibrate

      It would be difficult to pick that asshat out of a crowd of ——-.

    • SpinMeNot

      I had that same reaction to Al Franken … all it takes is some voter fraud …

  • Michelle

    Geraldo is nothing more than our “homegrown” version of Piers Morgan. Made a name for themselves in tabloid crap, somehow both getting gigs on legit networks and then fancy themselves as genuine journalists.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      It’s time to hit Geraldo in the face with another chair.

  • Garth Haycock

    It seems that Mr. Rivera knows a bit too much about domestic anarchists and the killing power of bombs. Where were you yesterday at about 2:50 Eastern time, Geraldo?

    • E Quilibrate


  • sleazyrider

    Modest like the chair that broke your fat f++kin nose!

  • Richard Klinnett

    Is head is as empty as that vault was. Just go back to being a Playboy knucklehead!!!

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Geraldo Rivera needs to worry about his gold fish pond (remember how he freaked out when he lost power to the pump after Hurricane Sandy) and leave the bomb investigation to the FBI.

    • prescient11

      Literally, you stole the thought from my mind. Brilliant!!

      • E Quilibrate

        Mind miners mining minds?

  • fernmayo13

    One of the devices was made of 6-liter pressure cookers filled with metal, nails and ball bearings

    Sounds like some white trash anti-gov right winger

    • Fire and Adjust!

      Sounds more like Bill Ayers to me………and he falls on YOUR side of the political spectrum…………… and just where do you get your information for stating Al-Qaeda doesn’t use shrapnel in their bombs? The vast majority of the IED’s they use are ball bearing IED’s with the exception of a few shape charge explosives.

      fernmayo13 posted a comment in Michael Moore puts two and two together after Boston Marathon bombing · 18 hours ago Al-Qaeda doesn’t use shrapnel in their bombs.

      • E Quilibrate

        Fernmayo knows this……How? Another jerkoff heard from.
        Liberals simply can’t help themselves.

    • J. Cox

      Typical response of the illiterate left.No one but hillbillies use pressure cookers right?I guess I will have to tell the upscale vegan restaurant that pressure cooks all its meals they are not following the theory of the leftist kooks.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      In Al Qaeda’s online magazine, there’s even an article titled: “Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom” by “The AQ Chef.” It mentions, even recommends, pressure cookers, noting that weak explosives only work with the high pressure of a cooker or sealed pipe.

      You were saying?

  • Hired Mind

    This is much ado about nothing. Sure, he could have been more accurate. But all this over an inaccurate tweet? At least he’s not blaming the Tea Party. The Anarchists are more closely aligned with Communists and Occupy types.

  • Greg Greenlee

    What an ass! The weapons were anti small personnel bombs filled with bearings and nails. Considering there were 170+ injured and the high percentage of serious injuries, pretty effective! Please retire Mr. Rivera!

  • Wi Tu Lo

    weren’t you busy looking for some of Capone’s stuff…go away.

  • prescient11

    Meh, local crime story. Bigger question is whether Geraldo’s koi fish have recovered from that awful, icky Hurricane Sandy experience. Koi are very delicate, you know?

    • E Quilibrate

      Right, they populate the ponds at our golf course and 3 years
      of drought have convinced me that you cannot kill Koi.

  • John (it true me am)

    You know what is really ridiculous about Geraldo’s analysis? My understanding is that the bombs are the style IEDs found in the middle east… Most bombs are quite distinct in the region their maker originates from. Even if it turns out not to be muslim terrorists, they would still be using middle eastern style IEDs so his entire premise is just plain wrong.

  • Beast

    I don’t think Geraldo ever recovered from getting hit with that chair.

  • E Quilibrate

    What in the world is meant by “modest killing power”?
    Has Geraldo now concluded that dead may not really
    mean dead? As the world turns.

  • oneword

    what a douche

  • Clayton Grant

    Jerry … they are as likely to be home-grown anarchist as you finding something in Capone’s vault.

    • JustLikeAnimals


  • Bill Board

    I wish that loser (Rivera) would just STFU. He is ignorant.


    I guess this Geraldo thinks it was done by Bill Ayers, Obama’s buddy.

  • Thom Harris

    I refuse to listen to a man whose only career highlight is an empty vault. Even ABC thought he was so bad that they replaced him on Nightline (started as a countdown about the Iran hostages). He needs to be fired from FOX.

    • SpinMeNot

      I think you are not giving enough credit to his hard hitting exposes on the Satanic Church ….

      • Thom Harris

        Forgot about that :) Maybe he could work for Univision. At least he would be working for the 4th most popular network, right above NBC.

        • SpinMeNot



  • Tom Anderson

    Once a jackass, always a jackass.

  • Denise O’Connor

    Did he discover this information the same place he got his Al Capone vault information. #crystalball

  • Sua Sponte

    Thankfully he’s not in the field giving away military positions anymore…Let’s go to our expert on the scene, Geraldo Revera, said no one ever….

  • arrow2010

    Sounds like the MSM is laying the groundwork for blaming the GOP, Tea Party for this.

  • MarkH

    I think it speaks volumes about your ideology when that ideology begins to transform you into a POS.

  • old_ogre

    Fox news sure has been showing their Rino colors as of late, I have given up on them. Ditching this frikin idiot might help but they cannot afford to fire old Geraldo, he is their “token” illegal alien….

    • Ntr

      Well, that’s kind of the atmosphere as of late. The Republican party is also full of RINOs and Fox News is going along with the “trend”.

  • daeghrefn

    “First, he asserts that the Boston bombs were less powerful than al Qaeda bombs.
    What evidence supports that?”
    I guess he means that they weren’t airliners piloted into skyscrapers, so not al Qaeda. *shrug*

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Wow, Geraldo. I’m sure the hundreds who are wounded, the couple of dozen people who lost limbs, and the families of the three who died (so far) are so comforted by your stupid, underinformed, narcissistic, dumbass analysis.

    Go sit in a corner, drink your Kool-Aid, and STFU.

  • vetgal1970

    Once you get kicked out of a war for giving away the position of the unit you are embedded with, anything you say after doesn’t hold much water.
    They blow up markets and schools in the ‘Stans, and the results don’t look much different than this, but the effect is no less terrifying because it is more frequent. Has he never heard the phrase “Death by a thousand cuts”? Does he think they will use airplanes every time?

  • 1SkepticalChick

    Mr. Rivera should leave investigations to the professionals. Except for the bimbo’s, he can keep investigating the bimbos. Bimbos, not bombs, Geraldo.

  • CherDash

    Maybe your wording could have been “Then again, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing killed “only” seven people (including one unborn baby).

  • Junie3

    Maybe the FBI needs to start scanning images and looking for someone who’s white and wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.
    Why does these morons speculate on who done it, rather than wait on the investigation? They really do think they are brilliant. I mean they just sit around and think this stuff up, then put it out there for us to fall at their sleuth, master minded feet.

  • ceemack

    I’m sure the people who had their legs blown off are glad the bombs’ power was so “modest”.

  • ROLYAT136

    Hildago reports that he saw guys with hoodies.
    What a loser.

  • ROLYAT136

    ” . . . After the bombings, a Saudi by the name of Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was hospitalized and became a ‘suspect’, then a ‘person of interest’. His apartment was searched
    by federal and local authorities. No confirmation has been given so far
    to his involvement. The Media were quick to claim his innocence, of

    This brings us to the Boston marathon bombings. Foreign Policy is reporting that he’s ‘no longer a person of interest’, which means he’s “innocent”, right?

    Perhaps a quick look at the Arabic sources should raise the eyebrows
    of every American relative to the extent of the problem at hand. Many
    from Al-Harbi’s clan are steeped in terrorism and are members of
    Al-Qaeda. Out of a list of 85 terrorists listed by the Saudi government shows several of Al-Harbi clan to have been active fighters in Al-Qaeda: . . . ”

  • sleazyrider

    It’s a toss up who the bigger idiots are in times like these…the msm or the politicians.

  • Craig Jacobs

    Uh, Geraldo is about as relevant as Maury Povich.

  • pbtruth

    Geraldo is hoping that people like him are responsible for this. After all the only thing i see in him is an anti American, anti military

    anarchists him self. I guess that fact that he is a left wing Obama sick-o-fend means he can lie as much as he wants and easily state numerous hypocrisy statements with out fear of being called on it

  • ajdecarlo

    Who else here remembers “Al Capone’s Vault”? Ol’ Geraldo HAS to be right eventually. Right?


    Wingnuts in denial,what else is new!FACT,Geraldo is a Faux”news”,R/W Squawk Radio, REPUBLICAN!