How absolutely revolting. Actor/comedian Michael Ian Black slipped his despicable ghoul suit back on today. Suicide/murders? So hilarious! The suicide/murder that he is using for his “joke” involved a NYPD officer, her husband and her one-year-old baby.

But, hey, Michael Ian Black has yuks to try to collect.

He’s referring to the man who shot himself at NASCAR’s NRA 500 this weekend. Like other deplorable gun-control advocates, his response to someone’s death is snark.

A twisted Twitter follower weighs in.


Beyond not cool. Absolutely reprehensible. Morally bankrupt much, Mr. Black?

Alas, Mr. Black has no shame at all.

And it looks like he is going to keep digging until he reaches the earth’s mantle.

  • Love of Country

    Michael Ian Black [email protected]

    Was he watching the NRA 500? RT @Gothamist Off-Duty NYPD Officer Allegedly Commits Suicide After Killing Husband, Baby

    Hey Michael …. do New Yorkers always kill themselves after their favorite drivers fail to win the big race? I’ve never heard of such a thing but there must be a pretty high correlation in order for you to think your ‘joke’ might be ‘funny’, no?

    Or more likely, Michael, the guy was playing violent, bloodthirsty, progressive videogames ad nauseum or watching Quentin Tarantino movies all day long. Or, maybe he just realized that 9000 black Owebamao/DNC supporters murder Americans every single year over rims, sneakers, turf and drugs and that it’s simply no big deal in the eyes of Nancy, Harry or even Dinglebarry.

    Whatever you do, Michael, just don’t feign empathy for the loss of that young child ….. we all know how you vote …. Communist Party, DSofA.

    • Luke Givens

      LOL, “violent bloodthirsty progressive videogames.” Sometimes the comments here are just so self-parodying no further response is needed.

      • Love of Country

        Yeah, let’s get points for killing people while our favorite soundtrack plays in the background; that’s real healthy … especially when there is no father in the home and gangsta-rappers are their role models. Never mind that after feeding kids imagery of guns and gun violence ad nauseum, you then expel said kids for daring to make pop tart guns at school … unbelievable. Meanwhile, more than 10,000 Americans are gunned down in the streets every year and their perpetrators actually share YOUR political accumen (or lackthereof) as well as YOUR position or philosophy on violent videogames and violent, bloodthirsty movies as well.


        • MarcusFenix

          As much as I don’t want to agree with Luke, because he’s just a really crappy troll…..

          As someone who plays “violent, bloodthirsty videogames” (and actually in the queue for PvP on Warcraft right now, so i can go electrocute hundreds of other players…), for some reason I’ve never gone out and done anything remotely violent to other people for no good reason. I also listen to w/e music is on Pandora, which includes some rap (though most gangsta rap just sucks) and dubstep.

          Trying to lump all of the things in the world you believe contribute to violence in one huge pile just never works out. For example, 3 BILLION hours per week are spent by our entire planet on playing video games. I don’t go to the grocery store and see people trying to snipe me as I head towards produce. I don’t go to the gas station, and have to wonder if someone is sneaking up for a backstab kill. Those things are ludicrous.

          The pop tart gun thing was blown way out of proportion, as you correct assert. It was ignorant, and should never have gone down that way. Fathers not being in the home, that’s another problem and one that is difficult to address. It’s certainly not helping.

          Can violent games, images, movies, etc…desensitize people. Sure, I’d go with that. But thinking that those things *make* people disturbed is, to me, backwards. My position is that you’d have to be disturbed to walk away from those things and come to believe that violence is the first and only acceptable response.

          Bottom line, this hack comic said something that was without merit and lacked any candor or decency. He’s an idiot. He was right when he’d tweeted he’d gone lower….have you ever seen some of the crap he’s made? It’s much lower than his comments. But your diatribe about games and movies making people violent….just can’t agree with that.

          Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kill a few dozen people in Isle of Conquest. /sarcasm off

          • Love of Country

            You prolly had at least one parent teaching you right from wrong …. right? You also had at least one iota of self respect, too … right? Perhaps your childhood wasn’t filled with absolute hatred, confusion and rejection … right?

            Well consider yourself lucky …. some kids who play these violent videogames and watch these movies are afflicted with ALL of the problems I mentioned. They don’t have ANY self respect or moral compasses …. they’re VERY bitter and look up to violent felons/killers in the neighborhood for approval.

            So you go play your little games and kill lots of people secure in the knowledge you won’t be going postal anytime soon. Just don’t pretend to know how games and movies affect desperate, bitter people who live in violent cesspools and have zero self respect … if they can be swayed by diabolical messages of fascism from Dinglebarry, they’re but putty in the hands pop culture and Hollywood influences (sarc).

            BTW – it is said that subliminal messaging affects people’s behavior. If one tenth of one second influences behavior, then just imagine how influential an entire movie or videogame is.

          • MarcusFenix

            I did have one parent who did that yes. One. I had a rather absent father, that while he was trying to provide for the family, was never home. My mother worked to put more income into the house, so after about the age of 11, I pretty much had to figure it out on my own. So, to undercut your snarky, ignorant rant there, I was a very bitter, rejected child. Guess what, everyone grows up. Not to say I’m some huge success story and rolemodel, but I became a productive member of society. Sure, there are plenty of children who are those things, who never turn out to be crazy. Plenty of adults have those very things in their lives and are just fine, outside of that. A large portion of adults are gamers, with the 18-35 demographic representing a sizable chunk of players, yet…we don’t see them in mass numbers committing acts as a result of their entertainment choices. Self respect, learning right from wrong…some people don’t learn those things. But they would seem to be the exception, not the rule. You seem to believe it’s the other way around.

            Your snark and “go play your little games” just shows me that you, are in fact, the bitter one. You come across as somehow superior, with nothing to add to the discussion, and trying to pass off things you’ve heard, or believe for some shallow reason, as fact. So allow me to fill in some gaps for you.

            I’ll skip the requisite fact that in the history of the human race, video games have appeared for roughly 0.0000001% of that history. So, all of the violence, death, destruction, and evil in the world before that…..maybe they were trying to visualize games? How about more modern times, where there were games and movies to blame?

            The Unabomber. Not a huge gamer, I’d wager…with his little hut in the middle of nowhere. And he did what, again? Oh, thats right. Mailed devices to people, killed 3 people, injured 23. But maybe he was a Farmville addict and we never knew it?

            Osama bin Laden, and likely the mass majority of Al Qaeda. I don’t see them as huge gamers. Do we need to cover what they’ve done?

            I could go on like this, ad nauseum, about people and groups who couldn’t name a video game, much less claim to have ever played one….and who went on to do unspeakable things.

            Statistically, 185 million Americans alone are going to play a video game, for at least an hour or more, today. So, if these things are really to blame, why do you suppose we don’t have mass murder in the streets, chaos on every corner, and half of the population trying to slice and dice the other half? I don’t see those other 184,999,999 people “going postal”…which kind of shoots your “OMG GAMES AND MOVIES ARE BAD!!!” argument down a bit,

            So you can take your snark, snide “go play your little games” comment, and put it with the rest of your bitter, uneducated fallacies. As one of those children who were rejected, bitter, with less than 2 parents in the home, I can directly claim to know exactly how those things affect someone. They didn’t. It’s an entertainment venue. It’s pixels on a screen. In case someone hasn’t told you, none of it is real. If someone believes they are real, or takes unhealthy notions away from it, then perhaps we should look at the mental health of the person playing it, since they would be, statistically, the very rare minority and in need of some help.

            There are sick people in the world, who do sick things. One could argue that games may have an effect on some level, but you’re trying to site them as a cause, which is categorically untrue. You could try placing the blame on the person, who is the problem, rather than some animated drawings on a screen. The entire “subliminal message” thing is, for intent and purpose of this discussion, not even a real point. Just seems like something thrown in to try and legitimize your argument, which fails to do so. I would imagine if things are as you say in this regard, that the majority of Call of Duty players are going to get their pistols and take to the streets, because after playing for 20 hours in a campaign, clearly they didn’t shoot enough people. But that doesn’t happen. Ask yourself why, and be honest with the answer. I’m not saying that these things are great for you….especially if its someone who is mentally unstable to begin with…but again, exceptions and not the rule.

            And people, for the record, are stupid. That’s why they listen to liberal drivel. I just think you’re way off base, and acting like a jerk for no other reason than it makes you feel better. Keep your sideways moral superiority to yourself, and I will, in fact, go back to my game. Thanks ^_^

          • Love of Country

            Let me get this straight, you took great exception to “go play your little games” and came to a great many foolish conclusions because of it but failed to see you all but asked for it when you ended your first reply to me with “/sarc” which reflects how “snarky” YOU were being in the first place. I was just dropping down to your level and now I’m the devil? D’oh! I used to play those games for hours.

            But look, did all your friends drop out of school and have lenghty arrest records by the 8th grade? Then please don’t tell me how bad you had it at home and how bad your neighborhood was because that’s the level of dysfunction I was referring to when I indicated they could be swayed by Hollywood pop culture and videogames. I wish you and me had better childhoods but neither of us grew up on the tough streets in the most dangerous neighborhoods. Additionally, we know many crazy people are heavily influenced by Hollywood pop culture ie the Batman Movie Massacre.

            But back to the kids who are raised in places like the projects who are not crazy. Presumably, unlike perhaps you, they’re not bitter cause they only get to see dad on the weekends and never got that shiny new xbox for Christmas or whatever. They’re bitter cause they they live in chaos and peril 24/7. They’re bitter because they’ve been raised in squalor and dysfunction by often un-loving, calloused, drug addicted felons who slap ’em around for asking for dinner or some new clothes that fit and such.

            Finally, you’re not hurting me by continuously threatening me to go back to playing your videogame. Do you know that??? And furthermore, I’m shocked you would even indulge in such peculiar notions.

            Now go get some good head shots in for the POTUS too …. hopefully, it’ll save us all a lil money on his domestic drone-killing program, no? Videogames can be great fun, Marcus, and I’m not trying to stop the industry from doing anything. In fact, 99% of my vitriol on videogames is entirely in response to the gun grabbing movement, no?

            But again … YOU WERE SNARKY FIRST and then had a cow and thought I was the worst creep ever when I was snarky back …. not cool! :))

          • MarcusFenix

            I didn’t take “great exception” to it. I called you out for being a jerk about something. I used a little light-hearted humor and sarcasm. You jumped on your 20 foot tall soapbox. If you can’t tell the difference between my first post and your response, then there’s little I can do to assist you. Take that as you will. Here, I’ll respond, sans sarcasm from this point forward, to put things back into focus.

            To address your second paragraph, No, that wasn’t how it was, and I’m thankful for that fact. But you’re trying to make it sound like video games and movies are like this for people across the board. You certainly didn’t elude to the claimed “level of disfunction” previously. You used broad, sweeping strokes. You didn’t really answer anything I put up about violence and evil in the world pre-movie times, nor did you really think about the fact that these people who are sick and deranged are the exceptions and not the rule. I don’t see this mass level of dysfunction and chaos. Are you pointing to inner city issues? I would ask for you to point out specific instances or places where this is the case. It would help for discussion sake to show where all of this is happening, and makes it easier to respond to your post. From my point of view, I just don’t see all of this chaos, squalor and destruction pointing to, or linking in any meaningful way, games or movies. Can you elaborate on that?

            If you’re trying to show that people live bitter, harsh lives….sure, there is plenty of that to go ’round, regardless of living conditions, socio-economic factors, race, religion, or any other factor you can name. I just think you’re in the wrong by pointing to things such as games or movies as the de facto reason for it…which is how it sounds. If i’ve read into that more than you cared to put out there, then that’s my fault. I just don’t see this doom and gloom scenario you’re describing as being accurate, unless you’re trying to include a microcosm of some specific location.

            Far as hurt….this is text, so there shouldn’t be hurt. And “threatening to go back to my game” isn’t really a threat, or anything of the kind. I found that particular section silly. It was, again, sarcasm and an attempt at humor. So, for the record, we both see the other as having notions we find absurb. The main difference is, you’re focused on things that are pretty much an aside to the conversation, while I’m pointing at the actual topic and its details. Just what that is.

            Your last sentence…just doesn’t really make sense. You realize I think Obama is a complete idiot, inept in every sense of the word, right? Now, if we could just get the a$$hat to stop going on vacation all the time, we might have money for other things.

            Like I said, I’d like to hear your take on things mentioned above, and see where you’re coming from on this. I just think you’re stretching too far on it, and that you’re painting a picture that’s not realistic. As mentioned before, there are 185 million people who are playing video games, on average, today. I don’t see all of that translating into the mass violence and stupidity that you seemingly are trying to portray.

          • Love of Country

            You’re a fricken trip, no doubt. All I get out of all your posts are drama, some misplaced anger and some projection ….

            I’m no doctor, my friend … but I would humbly recommend some decaf and non-violent videogames for a spell.

            And so good luck, my friend …. maybe we’ll agree on something in the future. You do despise progressives, right?
            See you on down the lane, Marcus.

          • MarcusFenix

            If that’s all you took away from this, then….sadly, you’ve missed a great many things along the way. I don’t see those things in my posts…just an honest, actual accounting of where you’re coming from is what I asked for, but didn’t get. Perhaps another day then?

            I’m more of a decaf tea drinker anyway….earl grey, to be exact. I happen to enjoy puzzle and strategy games, such as Carcassonne (if you havent played it, you’re missing an interesting game, also played by our lovely host, Mrs. Malkin, and her family, and its like 5 bucks, so its easy on the wallet. Settlers of Catan, also another of her family’s games, is incredibly fun and competitive ). But I DO rather enjoy making some kid halfway across the country curse his monitor out when he gets facerolled. Consider it as a rousing form of schadenfreude.

            Sarcasm aside….maybe we will. You clearly don’t want to go down this particular path anymore, and that’s fine.

            And to help you….yes, I do. Progressive, liberal though is as much of a disease as is cancer, or the black plague. Without vigilance and a staunch defense, our country is in for much darker days. I don’t always believe conservatives have the answers, but I’d rather follow an incorrect conservative than any kind of liberal, any day.

            See ya round, bub. ^_^

          • ForTheRepublic

            Hate to interrupt the argument, but is the newest Gears of War any good? Havent’t heard much on it.

          • MarcusFenix

            Actually, its pretty solid. One of the more interesting changes is the random spawning that replaced the old system. Instead of having the same mobs in the same places, the game switches things up so you never really know whats waiting. Another fun feature is that you can activate what amounts to challenges in-game, which give you some bonuses and also changes how the narrative is told during the trial events, etc.

          • ForTheRepublic

            Interesting. And does it take place DURING E-Dayy, or slightly after?

          • MarcusFenix

            The story comes right on the heels of E-Day, as you play a Lt. (not Private, if you’ll notice) Baird and his squad, with Cole and 2 new players.

            Def worth checking out.

      • J. Cox

        Self Parody=DNC and the trolls who are fact challenged.Respond to that dimwit.

      • TocksNedlog

        And yet, you keep spewing.

      • Jillane Kent

        Yet, you feel compelled to respond, adding virtually nothing but second rate invective?

  • Spatial Awareness

    AND you’re proud. Good for YOU, cupcake. ==> MT “@michaelianblack I’ve gone lower. MT” “@eddie_curious that is really messed up to link the two things, irregardless of your stand on gun control. a low point”

  • TocksNedlog

    Trash is as sh*t does.

    And his ‘point’ is . . . WHAT? Cops shouldn’t be allowed to have guns?

  • Right Wired

    Can we please use double quotes when referring to him as an actor or comedian?

    For example, “Actor” Michael Ian Black.

  • Steve_J

    Is this guy an Alan Colmes wannabe or an Eddie Schultz wannbe?

  • ike

    Just ignore him. that would hurt him more than anything.

  • rinodino

    Come on Nicky sic’ em. Ha ha

  • MrApple

    Pretty tasteless, not too unlike most of his “funny” material.

    • Thomas Dobbins

      If there was a reality show for unfunny “comedians” M.I.B would be a major contenduh!

  • videosavant


  • Churchill4President

    Michael Ian Black is a frequent guest of Fox New’s Red Eye show hosted by Greg Gutfeld. I hope Gutfeld will stop having this creep on his show from now on.

  • blogagog

    Meh. It’s just a joke. Conservatives will realize that the two things (NRA and that guy’s suicide) are unrelated, and liberals will conflate them. This joke won’t change that. Remember that old saying, “Conservatives are thoughtful individuals, and liberals aren’t.”

  • Joseph Geromini

    this guys a loser

  • DurkaDurka

    Let’s joke about implimenting Sharia law and hanging gays in the town square. I’m sure he’d get a kick out of that.

  • Rick Stones

    You guys know this loser?

  • Sua Sponte

    Oh I remember this guy from…Uh…..From…Ehhh…Ahhh….Yeah, I got nothing…File under asshat…

  • Jedd McHead

    Michael Ian Black’s striving for a “Jim Carrey Asshat Award”. Another Hollyweird attention-whore building on his 15 minutes. YAWN.