“Do something about gun violence.” Translation: Stomp all over the Second Amendment.

The official White House website is owned by the government. You know, for the people and by the people. Ha! Not according to the Obama administration.

Once you can view the whole website, you see this:


Or this:


Never let a tragedy go to waste! Even if that means politicizing dead children.

Unprecedented! Except, you know, the Campaigner-in-Chief has done it before.


Campaigner in chief: White House website displays political #My2K tweets; Update: Twitter feed pushing hard

  • ride2live

    What a POS. Using taxpayers money to campaign against the Constitution.

    • CatHerder

      Campaigning is all he knows.

      • Love of Country

        hear here!

    • Love of Country


  • Garth Haycock

    Our benevolent Dear Leader is most gracious in remembering those of us who have fallen victim to the evil ways of freedom. Long live Dear Leader!

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      (Sarc) Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    ALSO RELATED:N.Y. Being SUED over Gun Control Epic FAIL!! Saw the story on Fox News, waiting for an update… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Clayton Grant

    Expanded background checks for law abiding Americans, but we can’t even get a cursory background check of Obama’s records and he has his finger on a nuclear trigger!?!

    • Love of Country

      And you have to prove you have owebamaocare but you don’t have to prove that you’re an American citizen … no wonder communism has failed everywhere. These people are equally stupid and evil.

  • Love of Country

    Hey Barry, can we just execute anyone who uses a gun during the commission of a crime and why not? Oh, because that’s your base?

    But before you try to overturn the constitution …. why don’t you simply recommend all inner-city people start raising their children with conservative values. It won’t just solve gun violence …. it will also solve racism, poverty and fatherlessness.

    Don’t be stupid, Mr. President, because you’re making us all look stupid on your inexplicable communist odssey to Cuban ruins.

  • Dorr Bundy

    68 senators need replacing.

  • Adi

    And to visit the WH you have to participate in the First Queen “workshops” or be invited by King “I’m not a dictator” Hussein The First.

  • Michelle

    This is the absolute epitome of Left hypocrisy. When we demand voter ID laws, they scream it’s racist and an attempt to keep the poor from exercising their Constitutional right to vote. I have to show an ID and have a background check to exercise my Constitutional right to own a gun, and they see no problem with that.

    • jinxy76

      Related to the ID comment…I don’t understand why having to show ID is so detrimental to the poor. What can you do that you DON’T need an ID? If you work for cash maybe, but those people ought to be looked at by the IRS, or ICE. I need an ID to drive, to cash a check, to go to the dr, to buy some medicines, to register to vote, to get married, to use a credit card, to buy alcohol or cigarettes…the list goes on and on. How can someone in this day and age NOT have an ID?

      • Michelle

        Exactly. You also must have an ID to get welfare. If someone is too poor to afford an ID, I am perfectly OK with states providing them with IDs for free in exchange for voter ID laws. Problem solved and no more voter fraud. As for needing an ID to register to vote – you don’t need one. I moved from CA to Boston 10 yrs ago, registered to vote in MA, wasn’t asked for my ID when I registered or any time I voted. Moved back to CA last year, re-registered as a voter – wasn’t asked for ID, simply mailed in the form and wasn’t asked to verify who I was when I went to vote in November.

        As for needing ID and background check to own a gun, I would be 100% behind that, IF AND ONLY IF the Dems compromise and say the EXACT same should be done to vote. Put their backs against the wall and pull the rug out from under them. You want background checks for my right to own a gun? OK, I want background checks for anyone’s right to vote. There is NO argument against that logic.

        • JustLikeAnimals

          More to the point, if you’re too dim-witted, stupid, ignorant, unmotivated, etc. to figure out a strategy to acquire a legitimate ID for yourself, should you really be allowed to vote for who will lead this nation?

    • Clayton Grant

      Also, gun-control has always been inherently racist. The original gun laws were written to keep slaves from even transporting weapons for their masters.

      • Michelle

        I think you miss the point. My comment wasn’t about racism, it was about how the Left screams that showing an ID to vote is keeping someone from exercising their Constitutional right to vote (I also said they scream racism, because that’s what they do), but they DEMAND I show ID and have a background check to exercise my Constitutional right to own a gun. My point was the hypocrisy – they fight to smash down voter ID laws and say it violates rights and it’s racist, but they don’t see it that way when it comes to my right to own a gun.

        • Guest

          I got your point. Was merely adding to it.

  • Ryan Scott Welch

    What would you expect from a Marxist?

  • Buddy Marlin

    How about just enforcing current laws ??? Watch him, he’s coming to get you!

  • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

    I have an idea, let’s elect an actual president next time. But first let’s start with his underlings.

  • Roger Stewart

    If idiots shouldn’t be allowed to own guns, somebody needs to check the White House!

  • Stretchrunner147

    michelle obama is in chicago touting her husbands gun control wants since the newtown incident prompted him to. She’s using a high school girl’s death as an example but what’s compelling is in the last year 28 other kids from this 1 school have been murdered or wounded and that didn’t prompt the obama’s to return to their home state?

  • Rick Weesner

    Why would I want to go to the White House web site?

  • GoneFishing

    “The official White House website is owned by the” People. NOT the White House. Propaganda and opinion pushing have no business there!

  • daviddlpe

    He is a worthless propagandist. Not a true leader.

  • CO2 Producer

    Our voices are louder when we speak together.

    You can make a difference when you join our choir. Now here’s the sheet music…

  • Chris

    Every time I see something involving this person, it just makes me mad. This guy is so hung up on what “HE” wants, that he will do anything to get it. Whether it is destroy the Constitution, or kill, he does NOT care about the America we all love.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Hussein the Horrible can’t pass a background check to own a firearm, but he sits in judgement as to who among us should be allowed to carry?

    That’s f&^%$#d up.

  • Matt Harrison

    No background check of illegals, or for the same illegals to vote-no background check on obama, though when he was a state senator, he could not pass a FBI background investigation to get into the WH, because of his multiple terror ties. And if you are a felon-the government cannot force you to register your guns, because it would violate your right not to incriminate yourself. But, I, one who served, has a clean record, and no mental health issues in the past, must pass muster with a government who openly calls me a terrorist due to my service and my belief in the Bill of Rights. Get me the hell out of America as fast as possible!

  • TroyGates

    I miss the old Fun times sending that link to people 10 years ago.

    • Guest

      whitehouse . com is a porn_site…. so?

  • Donimal61

    OK, so this just means they are desperate… pull out all the stops. So, if they loose then can blame it on obstructionist repulicans… “We did all we could, but…” Don’t fall for it! The WH really needs to look at studies on how gun control worked in Europe. Stricter controls led to more violent crimes (although not with guns). More gun owners resulted in less violent crimes against law abiding citizens.

  • Guest

    what a bunch of pricks. The bias and agenda by the left is DISGUSTING.

    Anyone want to shut up a gun grabber that says “Whats the big deal with registering your guns?” Just ask “Whats the big deal with showing ID to vote?” That shuts them up REAL QUICK.

  • Dennis E. Amnott

    This is sickening. He did the same jive ass jig on the coffins of those murdered in Benghazi, with the same phony tears and sympathy for the Sandy Hook kids that he doesn’t really give a damn about. Just playing politics on their graves and if he ginn up a few votes from it, he feels good.