Classy. Scratch a leftist, find a misogynist. Every time.

Katie Pavlich, author of  “Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up,” called out the rapper/actor after reading this post on Twitchy, which reported that Ice T and 2 Chainz tweeted a photo with guns to their heads.

While Ice T had gained some respect for his defense of the Second Amendment recently, he’s lost that now. Wow.

Ice T’s response to that?

Can you feel the tolerance?

You’re doing it right, Katie. Clearly, you have them running scared. And running sexist.

Fight like a girl? You betcha.

Update: The nasty continues.



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  • James DeAcutis

    Ice T’s comment counts as intelligent discourse for the left…

    • Harry A

      hes not even on the left, most of the issues ice-t comes out in public support of are actually conservative ones, including gun control.

    • MrApple

      He only lowered himself to her level AFTER her comment on him.

      • Stephen L. Hall

        I think the opening salvo was the moronic picture.

        • MrApple

          The picture was really stupid.

  • Justin 4 Liberty

    Ice-T don’t give a f*ck what you think. Duh! And stop running to the sexist safety zone, plenty of guys that are bitches too

    • TheOriginalDonald

      Cheif among them Tracy Morrow.

      • Scott Jacobs

        I’d ask what you base that on, but I’m guessing that you don’t know either.

        • TheOriginalDonald

          Didn’t read the article didn’t you, you bloody wanker.

  • conservativechick

    That was an ignorant and disgusting reply. RT so everyone knows who perpetrates the real war on women. Most conservatives do not speak to women with that much disrespect. They lambasted Rush for one thing he said. Wonder if they will get all up in arms over this? Anyone esle getting really sick of the hypocrisy here?

    • Harry A

      she called him a jacka$$ he called her a b!tch? whats the problem? i dont understand why you would attack someone who comes out STRONGLy in favor of the 2nd amendment?!? makes no sense to me. everywhere in hollywood libs with armed guards are calling for them to take away our guns, so you attack the one celebrity who has stood firmly for 2nd amendment? why?!? seriously over some dumb photo, maybe katie shouldnt be going around attacking those that stand with us.

      • Jimni27

        Yeah gotta agree here. What was she expecting, an apology? After being called a jackass? Pick your battles!

        • PeteRFNY

          Did you see what led to the “jackass” comment…???

          • Jimni27

            Yes, they were playing with props on the set. When someone is on the same side of the issue as you, why call them a jackass?

          • Joe W.

            Because the behaved like jackasses??

          • Jimni27

            Again, you want to call someone a jackass, be my guest, just don’t expect a flowery response. Jussayin.

          • Mike Mendoza

            You mean like whe some one has to resort to name calling because they have nothing intelligent to say.

          • Gerianne Bruce

            because he is a jackass!

          • Smiley

            So were those real firearms in that photo, or movie props, say from Ice-T’s show? Honest question, I don’t think the article answers that.

          • Jimni27

            I just assumed because I read somewhere that the other guy was doing a guest spot on the series. I could very well be wrong.

          • Laura Whetstine

            He was doing a guest spot and they were messing around and took a photo. Everyone has their panties in a bunch over NOTHING! I like Katie but she started it with the judging and the nasty comment so she got it right back. Oh well to bad so sad.

          • Paula Noakes

            Not over nothing! My nephew committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. It’s not NOTHING! Tweeting a photo like that influences kids/teens/young adults to try it themselves, and they likely WON’T have an unloaded prop gun.

          • CrusadaB

            It doesn’t matter if those guns are real or not. Basic gun safety says treat any gun as if it were loaded. That’s why a 6 yr old was killed by a 4 yr old last week. He probably saw it on law and order. Education is the key to gun control. NRA should be right alongside Planned Parenthood teacher kindergarteners.

          • CherDash

            They were prop guns, 2Chains is guesting on SVU. But playing with prop guns onset killed Jon-Erik Hexum and Brandon Lee.

          • Smiley

            What I mean is if they’re fake guns, as in, the crafted props I’ve seen before that are basically toys and can’t be loaded with any kind of munitions at all. If the guns they are playing with can be loaded with anything, then they (and the set) are being dumb and careless.

            FYI, if I recall, Brandon Lee was killed during legit filming, what happened was a combination of poor on-set safety and freak accident (what a loss btw).

          • mdtljt

            You’recorrect, Spacetime…in Wilmington, NC while filming The Crow. Funny you should reference that this weekend…we’re in the throws of the NC Azalea Festival & one of the most popular tours is the Location tour for all the movies & series filmed/filming here in Wilmywood :-)

          • conservativechick

            That was my point.

        • Ben Bollman

          Yeah, I don’t see the point of finally finding common ground with someone on the left and going out of the way to call them a ‘jackass.’ She could have disagreed without the name calling, it is counter-productive. What he said wasn’t right either though.

          • CherDash

            What he & 2 Chainz did *was* jackassery. Katie just called it as it is.

          • Ben Bollman

            As I said, what did the name-calling accomplish other than more name-calling? You can ‘call it how you see it’ without name-calling.

          • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

            And whatever Ms. Pavlich was trying to say was lost and it was her own fault. What was she trying to say? Still not sure about that.

        • John

          Someone stop the world. I want to get off.

      • mickeyco

        I’m with you, Harry. She started it by calling him a jackass & that’s okay. He calls her a bitch in response & he’s sexist? Sorry, Twitchy; don’t agree with you on this one.

        • ldwaddell

          She started it mawwwm, she called me a name first. Boo hoo, whaaa!

        • Elke E. Wilhelm

          Exactly mickeyco.

        • SkywalkerNoScream

          Reverse sexism

      • MrApple

        Damn right. Don’t complain if someone you dumped on turns around and dumps it back on you. And as for the “war on women”, I bet Ice T would arm his wife if she wanted a gun or would be in full support of her getting her own guns. While Democrats want women to fight off attackers with ink pens, call boxes, scissors, piss and poop, or with the thought that they have STDs or are on their period. Who really wants to keep women helpless and defenseless? You make the call. I have no problem with what ICE T said. He’s a grown up and she’s a grown up; they’re both old enough to fight this out verbally like adults. And sometimes feelings might get hurt, get over it.

      • Smiley

        I agree as well, the name-calling started from one side first, out of the blue, what did you think would happen. Weak grabs at victimhood is for the left.

        And yes, Ice-T though a wacky celeb is very pro-gun rights; he actually made some brilliant points including the fact that the push for gun control often comes from liberal police unions whom want the populace to become more dependent on them (a point I think conservatives are insane for not making more often). There had to been a better way to lecture that guy on gun safety.

        • Jimni27

          hey spacetime- if you have the time google the article Meidate did about a poll with cops regarding gun control- they polled ( I think) 14,000. An overwhelming majority are against gun control. There was a few cops in particular in the comments section that made some great points. They said when you have cops for gun control they are usually at the higher level, not the street cops, because the higher level officers have their hands tied by politicians and become politicians themselves. It was pretty eye opening.

          • Smiley

            Right, it’s not really rank-and-file cops advocating liberal policies, it’s the connected union bosses, and why public unions tend to fall apart without coerced money like in Wisconsin. For example, in LA Brietbart exposed police chief/crony Charlie Beck waving around fake rocket launchers he claimed were real in a push for gun control.

          • erehwon

            Not ‘fake’, they were ‘expended’. Amounts to the same thing, though, deliberately lying about their capablities for maximum media effect.

        • Gerianne Bruce

          Odd, the words brilliant and Iced T are rarely seen in the same sentence!

      • conservativechick
      • Dave Kearns

        I agree with you. I also think some of these columnist or bloggers need to come back to the center, from being too far right and left. Heads too big.

      • Elke E. Wilhelm

        I agree with Harry A

      • Gerianne Bruce

        He is not the only actor to come out against gun control, he is the only one who has done so and still managed to be an officious prick!

    • conservativechick

      I don’t care who started it. I hate any woman being called names lke that and I call out both sides for it!

      • nc

        I’m with you, Elaine. He overreacted horribly. I would feel the same if they were both men, BTW. Just classless.

    • Rob

      Hypocrisy? War on women? You’re one of those gender biased hypocrites that says they believe in gender equality, yet when a woman hits or insults a man, doesn’t believe the man has the right to hit or insult back in defense, right? Women aren’t delicate little flowers. If they can dish it out, they’d better be ready to take it when it comes back. Respect is earned, not deserved. She treated him with disrespect, and had it served right back to her. If she didn’t like the taste, too fucking bad. By the way, I’m a staunch conservative.

      • Elke E. Wilhelm

        I have to agree with you, Rob. Women have been demanding equality for decades, well I have to think that Mr. Ice-T would have treated a male pundit exactly the same way. And if a woman wants to be treated like a lady, she has to first act like a lady. Katie had boxing gloves on.

        • Rob

          Absolutely Elke.

      • Gerianne Bruce

        You are correct, a woman is a far superior being, it isn’t fair to assume that someone like him could possibly compete against a well spoken woman! And you also illustrate the point that all staunch conservatives are not necessarily intelligent. Even a broken clock is correct 2 times a day!

        • Rob

          Oh boy, another sexist, feminist hypocrite. So when did the second hand on your clock stop ticking?

      • Wes

        If you had an ounce of couth you wouldn’t use the f word no matter what.

        • Rob

          One of your recent Disqus comments about Anne Hathaway: “And everyone thought the cunt shot was an accident.”

          Don’t talk to me about couth, when you clearly have none yourself. Hypocrite.

        • Rob

          One of your recent Disqus comments about Anne Hathaway: “And everyone thought the cunt shot was an accident.”

          Don’t talk to me about couth, when you clearly have none yourself. Hypocrite.

    • Lorenzo Faberini

      Does muttering really vile words, when I hear Barry ,Nancy,Barbara,Chucky Schumer,Harry,Maxine, et al. speaking count as bad behavior?

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    ICE T ??

    You’re not even the real Mr. T, fool.

    Rappers change they names all the time. I’m changing yours,yo.

    You now “Pynapple Upsidedownn Kake Eddie”, or PUKE for short.

    • Canadian in USA

      Yeah, I pity that fool!

    • TheOriginalDonald

      I just spewed ice tea on my keyboard #IWANTCOMPENSATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  • Cy

    So he doesn’t give a crap about the second amendment, he just wants to keep his guns so he can pretend to be a gangster for his idiot fans. Figures.

    • TocksNedlog

      And the part where he doesn’t care about the Second Amendment is WHERE?

    • Tyler G Mathers

      if you watched gangland or any documentiaries about la or the crypts you will learn he was actually a real gangster unlike all these fake ass pussies now a days

  • Luke Givens

    Waaah, he called me a bitch after I called him a jackass. Don’t you know I am conservative, and therefore, can dish it out but can’t take it?

    • Harry A

      this! we’re supposed to be upset that ice-t called her a bitch after she cursed at him first, an unprovoked? if she didnt call him a jackass than i would see the problem, but she called him a jackass from the beginning, which was wrong and now we’re supposed to be upset?

      and now im supposed to think calling her a bitch (and ice-t has called many men bitches too) is some war on women? so does that mean her calling him a jackass is a war on men?

      • PeteRFNY

        Probably the wrong approach to take, but the pictures that provoked the “jackass” comment are somewhat dumb and (dare I say it), jackass material.

      • Joe W.

        Telling a woman to “f*ck off” is quite an over reaction to being called a jackass, Needlenose.

        • Rulz

          Picking on women is the privy of wimpy liberal males.

    • Joe W.

      Anyone posing and playing with guns IS a jackass, Bosco. Being called a jackass is not a reason for the vulgar response from this guy. But what can we expect from a liberal, gangster rapper?? He’s just street filth on a T.V. show, anyway.

      • Harry A

        anyone posing with gun is a jackass? i got friends who are soldiers and marines posing with their guns so i’ll let them know. also all the hunters, and there are many posing with their guns must be jackasses. and you a couple days ago sarah palin released that picture of her posing with guns, she must also be a jackass.

        • Joe W.

          I said “posing and PLAYING” with guns, jackass. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, I guess.

          • JustLurkin

            Wow. Now you’re trying to hit us with nuance. I like Katy more than T, but I have to side with him on this one. He knows what the 2nd Am. is and agrees with it. How random is that? In HIS crowd? You’d think he caught the same brain sickness as all the rest, but somehow he didn’t.

            Props to him.

          • Joe W.

            That’s the difference between yours and his “crowd”, pal. I was raised to not use that sort of vulgarity towards women. You and your generation throw filthy language around profusely, and see nothing untoward s about it. My generation is just different. That’s all. Rock on, anyway…

          • Tyler G Mathers

            who the fuck cares if someone is posing with a gun. its just that a fucking pose

        • CherDash

          Do your friends pose pointing guns at other people and their own heads, or do they have common sense?

  • Guest

    The content and tenor of Ice T’s message leave much to be desired;
    yet that foul-mouthed oaf is deemed a “poet” by the Empress Mooch…
    birds of a feather flock together.

    • Gerianne Bruce

      remarkable, isn’t it.?

  • NittanyLioness

    She *did* start off, apparently, by calling him a Jackass. Meh.

    • Slapweasel

      Yup. When I get “slapped”, I “slap” in kind. I didn’t particularly like his response, but I don’t like mushrooms, either.

      …I agree, “meh” is an appropriate response.

      *pushes away from table*

  • Amy

    So… she can call him names but he can’t call her names back? SMH

  • sleazyrider

    And he could have her a biotch…instead

  • cgraham77

    Did anyone honestly expect to have civil discourse with Ice T, the man who wrote the song “Cop Killer” and myriad of other songs glorifying gang violence.

    On a side note, I think he does a decent job on L&O. Heh.

  • Kristi Segovia

    ICE T is no longer…it’s Watered Down T now…he is a HAS BEEN…used up, thrown away, wanna be…NOTHING it says makes a damn bit of difference in THIS world!

  • Jules Arnold

    i thought icet was for the 2A, what happened? am i reading this wrong?

    • Joe W.

      Nope. He’s just a filthy mouthed ghetto gangster. Always has been…Always will be.

    • TocksNedlog

      Yes, you ARE reading this wrong, because he IS for the 2nd Amendment. Katie is OVERREACTING because she thinks the photo-in-question damages the message of responsible gun ownership.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    I would stop watching Law & Order . . . but, I never liked the show anyway.

  • Mike Sanfilippo

    I like Katie, but she got what she had coming to her. Completely unprovoked and unsolicited, she called him a jackass, which was completely out of line. She, along with everybody else, has no place complaining about what happened next. If Katie showed at least a slight modicum of respect while criticizing him(unprovoked), perhaps his retort would have been a bit different. Furthermore, him calling Katie a bitch does not indicate misogyny in any way, shape, or form- especially when she started this whole thing herself! It’s like a little kid pulling a dog’s tail and wondering why the dog turned around growled at him. I’m certainly tiring of Twitchy’s victim complex. So Ice-T gets called a jackass, and what, he’s supposed to be kind and respectful to Katie after that? Why?! For no other reason than she is a woman? That doesn’t sound like someone who believes in equality to me. If you find it justified to cuss at a man but not a woman in that situation, you don’t actually believe in equality. If you’re going to pick up a metaphorical rock and throw it at someone, you can’t complain when they turn around and throw one back at you. OH, and about that dude yapping about boycotting SVU and its advertisers- what makes him any better than the #stoprush zealots? It’s the exact same type of mindless drivel that they troll advertisers with day-in and day-out. I like Katie, but deep down she has to know she was totally in the wrong here, despite her indignant “it’s a good week because the left is calling me names” tweet. She’s better than that. Twitchy’s better than that. Come on now!

    • Raye09

      I’m going to have to agree on this one. Really of all things to focus on she chose an Ice-T photo. I personally don’t believe that violent lyrics, video games or movies affect normal people in the least. I have played call of duty and grand theft auto for years, I have been watching violent movies for years and I was never inspired to shoot out a building or steal a car.
      Calling to sanitize the media whilst complaining that your freedom of speech is being infringed on isn’t a good look.
      Her tweet was rude and let’s be honest, I probably would have responded the same way. She called him a “jackass”, that is not exactly intelligent discourse. I like Katie, but she was completely wrong here.

      • Mike Sanfilippo

        Hammer, meet nail.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Really of all things to focus on she chose an Ice-T photo.

        Jon-Erik Hexum and Brandon Lee were unavailable for comment.

        • CherDash

          Yes, exactly! What he said…

          • Raye09

            In 2010 Accidental gun deaths were 606 people, 11078 were homicides, and 19392 were suicides. If you are going to pull a point(this one being accidental firearm death) make sure it can’t be used against you. If you were arguing with an anti-gun zealot they would have happily turned this point on you.
            Again I am a gun owner, I don’t believe in gun restriction in the least, I also don’t believe in censorship and no I don’t condone playing with firearms, but Ms. Pavlich was wrong. I don’t care whose mouth it is coming from rude and uncalled for is well, rude and uncalled for. Using same immature antics you condemn regularly to make a point isn’t a good look.
            Before you call me a RINO I am a libertarian.

          • Mike Sanfilippo

            It is definitely frustrating to see Twitchy slowly slide down from the high road and right into the swamps with the entire leftist population.

    • michael s


    • VerminMcCann

      Thanks, you saved me a lot of writing. I’m worried that having control of our own little parts of the new media is leading the right to do what it did when it dominated the only media. Unfortunately, this is one of several recent stories in which Twitchy has beclowned itself this way.

    • SkywalkerNoScream

      Twitchy is using leftist tactics

  • troy raifsnider

    The sooner we stop thinking celebrity opinions matter in this world the better

    • Michael Bulger

      What? I get all my political information from celebrities…

    • trixiewoobeans

      They can do an awful lot of good if they possess reason, intelligence and common sense. Sadly, most don’t.

    • Miss Clairee

      If only Ice’s brain was half as big as one of Co Co’s butt cheeks! What a classy guy!

      • Stone Bryson

        Classless, and pretty thin-skinned, too. I posted one tweet about this story, and one more to L&O:SVU discussing his misogyny (both tweets had his Twitter handle in them), and he blocked me. Seriously.

        First time I’ve been blocked by a ‘celebrity’… feels pretty good.

        • EastValleyConservative

          Badge of honor. There will come a day when SVU will end, and he is not actually an actor, so he will be offered up only B movies and scripts if at all. He’s a thug.

          • E Quilibrate

            And what’s a thug with no creds? Can’t come up
            with the word.

    • CR

      Look who qualifies as a “celebrity” these days. It seems that to be famous you need to be:
      1. A gangsta rappa who is best buds with the first family
      2. A star of your very own sex tape
      3. Born to rich parents and also obscenely, ridiculously stupid
      4. Willing to go on reality TV and eat insects, sleep with strangers or make a fool of yourself
      5. Above all and in all else you do, tow the liberal line. ALWAYS and forever.

  • LochGates44

    Jackass is a pretty tame insult compared to calling someone a b*tch.

    • Slapweasel

      By weight, mass or volume?

  • Rulz

    “It’s been a good week, @piersmorgan called me an “idiot” and @finalleveltold me to “f*ck off b*tch.”–Katie Pavlich.

    Well, good signs that you are doing something right.

    • Gerianne Bruce

      Yes, you must be pushing someone’s buttons. Piers Morgan, really? what a wuss!

  • Bemani Dog

    Ice T will probably die a horrible death on SVU now. But if the left refuses to rein in their own when they act like jackasses, why should we?

  • BruceMajors4DC

    Careful. That’s the way Ice makes an overture.

  • Glitter

    I’m so disappointed to see the way he talked to her. I thought he was a nice guy.

    • elizabethlipp

      So sad. Won’t be watching him anymore. I used to like him so much. Foul mouthed actor. Would he say that to a male blogger?

      • Gerianne Bruce

        only to one who was smaller than him.!

      • Scott Jacobs

        If the dude called him a rude name? You bet he would. He’d probably say worse…

  • Thought Criminal #1

    $10 says he typed all that one handed while he shook his junk with the other.

  • LessGovMoreFun

    Ice Man – you just lost thousands of viewers. And yes, you will feel it. Did your mom drop you on your head or something? You need a better wristband. #war

  • Jack Deth

    Says the Politically Correct and protected token cast member of the ‘After M*A*S*H*’ of the NBC, Dick Wolfe ‘Law & Order’ franchise.

    • wwbdinct

      Ha ha. I had to stop and think for a minute what you meant by “AfterMash” then it came back to me. Very funny!

    • michael s

      i thought token was a racially offensive term. its obvious that its ok to use it against a black person you feel is opposite you politically. nacho cheese is still in hiding regarding racism of fellow righties.

      • Jack Deth

        Too bad:

        Last time I checked, he was the only Non Caucasian in the opening credits.
        Hence, token. A phrase the left uses all too frequently and draws no flak from.

  • Bk Sharkespeare

    You can’t take this man seriously…..Look WHAT he’s married to.

  • David Hamm

    I agree with Ice Tea !!

  • Kristy Patullo

    I follow Katie on Twitter. She’s pretty badass. Ice T seems like a douche.

  • Matthew T. Mason

    Excuse me, but could someone please fill me in on how “Hey @finallevel, thanks for continuing to promote the reckless and dangerous gun culture in America, jackass.” Is considered civil and undeserving of Ice-T’s reply? I am a conservative, and I can clearly see how Katie brought this upon herself. Does Twitchy believe they are doing themselves any favors?

    • William Bacon

      You like to be told to f*** off? You consider using that kind of language to be deserved for her comment? Grow up. Bless your heart.

      • Matthew T. Mason

        Let me explain something to you: Respect is something that’s earned, not assumed. If someone comes out of frickin’ nowhere, and says, hey, thanks for promoting the dangerous gun culture, you jackass, how exactly are you supposed to react to that? Like Henry Higgins, all, oh, beggin’ your pardon, miss? Or who the f*** are you? If you are going to come in here and tell me there is something wrong with me because I understand and agree with Ice-T’s comments, I am going to tell you to go play in traffic. And f*** off.

  • John Free

    Did Katie start that? Looks like name-calling like a LIB? I have probs reasing the whole TWITTER format- maybe I’m wrong.

  • id2nv2nj2ca

    OK, I just have to ask, as a non twitterer; is there any chance that isn’t Ice T himself saying those things? If it is, damn, I really liked watching SVU.

  • Concetta Adams

    Ice T is NOT for gun control…. Read before you go off on the man.

    • id2nv2nj2ca

      Who said he “was” for gun control?

      • Concetta Adams

        Some peoples comments ………..

  • MP Mac

    One mustn’t expect a great deal from someone who names himself after a woman’s beverage.

    • Tyler G Mathers

      ice-t is a southern beverage……..dip shit

    • TocksNedlog

      “Woman’s” beverage?

  • Hollie Roley

    Ice-T is a moron. Showbiz can’t even teach him how to act.

  • Dana Pierson

    She called him a Jackass… who cares what she had to say once that was said. His reply was perfect!!!

  • Robert Cleveland

    Looks like she instigated, and he responded…I’d say they’re even.

  • Deborah Barton-Schulz

    LOOK Fool…….First you should understand IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE GUN LAWS….having body guards we can’t afford! Second place I will not watch this show and blog it to all my friends, as well as a boycott of the sponsors. Third and perhaps most importantly…..PLEASE Consume Guano, then discontinue breathing!

  • ImTheNana

    She criticized him and called him a jackass, rather than instigating a conversation on why the picture was bad, and keeping it classy. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have blasted her back.

  • Craig Jacobs

    Look at what he’s married to. You’d be irritable and anti-social too…

    • Rick Bowser

      I don’t feel sorry for him in the least. It’s what he wanted, A white chick with a Bubble Butt and a big Rack….Typical Black Gangsta status symbol!

  • Megalith

    She called him a jackass. He called her a bitch. And…………?

    • TocksNedlog

      If this was “Moonlighting” they’d be doin’ it by now.

  • Rafael

    I think it was an appropiate response. She called him jackass, and he replied in the same tone. Insulting a woman doesnt make you a sexist. Liberals do it all the time

  • Herman Vogel

    I noticed that only left wing or liberal Tweets are usually allowed on these sites, odd,,yeah right..anywho, as for this moron Wrapper,,,play on words for this phoney name and fasade,,,,is a liberal street thug and will Never change,,,he has NO idea of the Real World as he can afford to hire Armed Guards to protect him…sad little man he is..
    Liberals: I couldn’t live life like that…

  • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

    Well she did start it by calling him a jackass.

  • Dave Kearns

    SO that’s the big to do? a tweeted pic of some fooling around, OH GOOD GRIEF!!!

  • Stretchrunner147

    you can take the trash out the ghetto but it’s still trash…….

  • SpiffyMclure

    She called him a “jackass” He told her to “eff off b**ch” Quid pro quo and such.

    • wwbdinct

      Yea sure – after you just went through half the comments here that said the same thing. Try something original for a change.

      • SpiffyMclure

        It’s a binary equation. One either agrees with the premise. Or not. That, genius, is why half the comments say the same thing.

  • BadKarma375

    Sounds like somebody got a little butt hurt. Poor Katie,,,didn’t she learn that if you talk shit about somebody, they might talk it back?? “Politically Correct”, fuck that!! This is still the United States of America where the Bill of Rights and the Constitution was paid for in blood. I will not Submit, I will not Comply!!

  • Michael Bulger

    Look, the rarified world that actors, (and make no mistake, he is merely an actor) is an elite little world with paid armed security and little risk. He wouldn’t last a day if he had to live on the street, broke and homeless. In fact, if he had gone to my high school 40 years ago, he would have gotten his ass kicked, daily.

  • ⚔Christophuh⚔

    …and then he deleted all the tweets. what a puss.

  • Texaggie79

    I’m with my Man Ice T on this one. T didn’t shoot or threaten to shoot anyone. He’s having fun with some props. Let the man be.

  • Wilkins Micawber

    This buffoon is as much an “actor” as Obama is a “president”.

  • Ray Scarbrough

    Well I Guess Sinse Ice T,s Wife Is Out Fucking Other Men Right in fornt of Him And having some of the photo’s Published For Everyone to See , I Think Maybe New york Might Wanna Take A look At That ! He could Be A Danger To Himself And others And Who Knows what Drugs He is On ? maybe They Should take his guns like they are doing To Everyone Else ? Its All For the Safety Of the State ! RIGHT ICE !


    Never watched #lawandorder #Icetea is a bad actor

  • RH

    LOL, heck, I didn’t even know “Law & Disorder” was still on….it’s been YEARS since I watched anything on the alphabet networks.

  • Frank Smiles

    It’s our own fault. America has tried to make royalty out of its minstrels. We need to remember that all too often, they are simply jesters when you strip away the bling.

  • Callie Mendoza

    ummmm…. didn’t she kind of start it by calling him a jackass?

    • MovingToNevada

      ummmm…because he is?

    • Angie

      Jackass isn’t a misogynistic word — try reading what is actually written in the story before responding next time.

      • Scott Jacobs

        So she can insult someone, but they can’t use a word that is a general-purpose insult back?

        Sorry, not buying.

    • Jeremy

      Ice T is a jackass

  • gilmer

    ..Ice T.. hahaaaa….. these “rappers” crack me up… I mean really… is that yer life? Anywank, one man’s opinion means absolutely no more than any other to me… what you really should think about is the vile filth that comes out of their mouths… losers one and all…!

  • Andy Trimble

    She called him a jackass. Why is he all of a sudden the bad guy for responding?

    • Angie

      Do you know what “misogynist” means re: how it is used in the lead sentence of this story: “Scratch a leftist, find a misogynist”?

      Oh who am I kidding? Of course you don’t, because just as that sentence is true, so is this one: “Scratch a leftist, find a completely brain dead moron.”

    • William Bacon

      It’s not the fact that he responded that makes him a bad guy; it’s the filthy misogynistic language he used in responding. Bless your heart.

      • Scott Jacobs

        Bullshit. If you can’t take being called a derogatory name, don’t use one first.

        Apparently I was mistaken when I thought that this was the side with the actual adults…

  • MovingToNevada

    Considering the trashy tart he’s married to, I can see where the filth comes from.

  • OldCop

    I’m not a fan of incivility anywhere, but it seems to run rampant on the internet, and especially in the “twitterverse”. I would not use the “F” word nor would I call a lady a “bitch”. However, it is worth noting that Katie Pavlich started it by referring to IceT as a “jackass”. Perhaps a bit more civility on her part and a respectful tweet that he might have considered his pose more carefully would have avoided the nasty exchange all together. I was always taught that if one wants respect, one must first give it. Perhaps manners are outdated or do not apply on Twitter? Have I missed something?

  • blue_strat

    IceT sounds like a 12 year old

    • Jeremy

      he has the mentality of one

  • michael s

    Kudos to Ice T.He put her in her place. She couldn’t do to him what she did to Toure Marc Lamont Hill Mo Etheridge. She started it therefore she had it coming.

    • nc

      “He put her in her place…she had it coming” – for expressing her opinion? Sounds like “war on women” talk to me.

      Oooh, should I duck and cover?

      • mike_in_kosovo

        You know how the liberals are… they like their women AND their minorities “non-uppity”.

    • Jeremy

      Ice T is a worthless thug you should be real proud of yourself looking up to that jewel of colossal ignorance.

  • Honu425

    I’m sorry, but if you read her first tweet to him, she asked for exactly what she got.

    • Jeremy


  • Gerianne Bruce

    Years ago I caught an Episode on HBO (when we first got cable) the show was called something like Pimps and Ho’s (or something like that) it was pretty raunchy, scantily costumed women being really subjugated by men, who were really vulgar and the guys were in these ridiculous, over the top zoot suit looking outfits, as they competed for King of the Pimps. Guess who? Years later I recognized him on SVU, all righteous and noble playing a cop !A paragon of virtue, the one and only Ice T. I never did hear him rap or whatever, and I never watched SVU again. He is such a hypocrite. By the way, the Pimps and ho’s thing was a documentary, or at least portrayed as one, he was not acting. On SVU he is a “good guy” Now that is acting!

  • lazypadawan

    What else could you expect from the star of “Leprechaun 5: Leprechaun In The Hood?”

  • midnightnc47

    who really gives a shit about what goes on twitter?……. From what I have seen, it’s nothing but a playground for immature celebrities. It’s fine to have your opinions but I could really care less…..;)

    • CherDash

      Then why are you on Twitchy? The subject of the site is Twitter posts and comments.

      • Doug Hershberger

        Yeah! who cares about twitter, twitchy, internet message boards or the people that post on them… oh… wait a minute… I’ll just be over here drinking my coffee.

  • Jillane Kent

    Why bother boycotting Law and Order SVU at this point? A quick peek at the ratings show that the public has been boycotting the show for a few years now.

  • Scott Jacobs

    How is Ice T the bad guy here?

    a) The guy grew up in a culture where you called people coming at you “bitch”.

    b) This is the guy that coined the phrase “eat a bowl of dicks* – how is anyone surprised that he’d call ANYONE “bitch” when they come at him?

    c) Am I the only one who saw Katie call him a jackass first? Am I?

    And when the HELL did we go after people for “promoting gun culture”? I though that’s what the Left did…

  • Hired Mind

    She started it. “Jackass”

    Can’t stand the heat…

    • Jeremy

      Ice T is a worthless thug

  • Steve Graves

    They think they are gaining clout by picking a side, only problem , he picked the wrong one. Not anyone who matters anyway. His clout is melting fast .

  • Tanya Danielle Faison

    This is childish.

  • OneBigArseTroll

    dude is a chump.. i bet if you bow up on him in the streets and he will ball up like a little rollie-pollie and call one of his NBC armed detail to handle the situation. he tops the list for a paper ganster poll

    • Scott Jacobs

      *chuckles* Yeah, not too likely – unlike most gangster rappers, he was actually a gangster back in the day.

      smack-talk to his face at your own peril.

  • SonsOfMontesQ

    no, twitchy. simply saying f*ck off bitch doesn’t qualify him as misogynist anymore than calling a man a jackass qualifies her as misandrist (< look it up). if you want to talk about his treatment of women, that's a different story. in all fairness, Katie did start it off by calling him a jackass. and we're surprised that ice t responds with similar language. c'mon, you've got better sense than that

  • Mike Mendoza

    He has the right to bare arms and the freedom of expression. Just like you have the right to say that he’s promoting a reckless and dangerous gun culture. So don’t get offended that he’s replying to you reply. And if he wants to put a gun to his head what the [email protected] do you care. Turn the channel or page or what ever your looking at. And [email protected] off !!!!

    • Jeremy

      stay classy tool

    • Doug Hershberger

      Exactly, dude only defended himself after she targeted him, 2nd amendment use of self defense to defend against her 1st amendment right to fuss at him, but it was his 1st amendment right to post that picture that started it all. Freedoms come with some catches, but if you don’t like what someone is doing while holding to them, use your own unwritten ‘right’ to ignore them.

  • John

    So its ok to call him a jackass but if she gets called a bitch in Defense thats wrong? Glad to see people have their priorities right.

  • EastValleyConservative

    He’s a pathetic excuse for an actor and I never understood how he got his foot in the door. He should also take exception to several story lines that NBC has scripted for SVU as of late–but nah, gotta cash those paychecks and live like a hypocrite. Gang culture is still alive and promoted, he is no exception.


    Tomorrow when Ice T wakes up he’s still going to be a thug want-to-be with a wife with huge fake breasts. What a glorious thing to define your life.

  • CherDash

    2 names: Brandon Lee and Jon-Erik Hexum. Don’t play with guns, even props!

    • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

      True. Gun safety is no joke. Too bad Ms. Pavlich said nothing about it.

      • CherDash

        I think their reckless acts were covered by the word reckless (unsafe).

        • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

          Her words: “reckless gun culture.” The word “reckless” describes “gun culture.” What “gun culture” is she talking about? Usually, it’s gun-grabbers that talk about the “reckless gun culture” of 2A proponents. Not one word about safety.

          My point was that her message was unclear, on top of being rude.

  • Nutstuyu

    Hmmm, twitter is over capacity? Wtf?

  • Wes

    Do any of you know a rapper with any sense?

  • neo_chimp

    I don’t understand why this happened. Was Ice T promoting gun control? If not, then there was no reason to come at him over his picture. The only reason to hassle a celebrity on a show with violence is if they are publicly denouncing gun ownership and the “gun culture”

  • Scales

    Because celebrities play roles as “smart people” on TV some people think they really are smart!!! Not so much…

  • Anderson

    Misogynist…have you listened to rap music? No shocker there. Is it an extreme reaction to go for the jugular because someone calls you out on the fact that you did something stupid? Yes. Right now, lots of young, impressionable, wanna be gangster IceT fans are holding guns to their temples, emulating this guy. Hope none of those guns go off, that would be a tragic result of a stupid move.

  • Charles R. Lawson

    I think that Katie really didn’t choose what she said wisely…it seemed as though she was writing a liberal comment AGAINST guns….and I think he probably reacted with that thought in mind. He probably has no clue who Katie Pavlich is….Granted his response was uncouth, but he’s not famous for couth.

    • Sean Ogden

      I have to agree!

  • SickandTired

    I always knew Ice Coffee was just a Thug! Surprise!

  • MarcusFenix

    Wait, Ice T was relevant again? I blinked and missed it. *snaps fingers*

  • Sean Ogden

    As much of a crush as I have on Katie, I have to ask why is it any of her business to judge a picture posted by Ice-T? Does she say the same thing when Uncle Ted Nugent takes a picture with a gun?

    • oconnellc

      That kind of critical thinking isn’t wanted here. Move along…

      • Sean Ogden

        Please forgive me.

    • CherDash

      Does Ted take pictures of him pointing his gun at another person, or at his own head?

      • Sean Ogden

        Again, what business is it of yours?

  • Jeremy

    Ice T is just a wanna be thug and a loser

  • lennonblackie

    Ice Tea had a song called “Cop Killer” and its Pavlich promoting gun violence. A liberal mind at work. Your time is done T.

  • Isabella1709

    Katie is a threat to these kind’s of liberals. They can’t think past their vulgar vocabulary.

  • Doug Hershberger

    I think some are forgetting that not only is Ice-T a proponent of the 2nd amendment, his tweet was merely an example of his use of the 1st amendment. I’m no thug, nor do I listen to much rap, but rap, and posting pictures of yourself doing anything (so long as you’re not breaking the law) is fine with me.

  • Jim McCormack

    Real warriors, heroes , and veterans who ‘ve used guns to kill don’t approve of foul mouthed low life leftist who spout racist at every conservative…

  • Aldorann

    Why did Katie start with him in the first place? She had to know he was going to respond. Who really cares anyway? this didn’t make me lose respect for him and his stance on the 2nd amendment. She clearly hates the 2nd amendment so…..

  • AlCashier

    WTH, we thought all those communist (formerly called ‘democrats’) millionaire druggie-rapper black “celebrity” goons on the democrat plantation -like IceT- liked those little white blondes.

    sad he’a US Veteran, did we have Affirmative Action in the Military back then too? hmm, a vet… so is RINO Wacko McCain & Lurch Kerry & Anti-Jew Hagel. eeeeew. yeah.. we just explained it to ourselves…..

  • BeauDCrab

    She started with “jackass”. What did she think a response for that should be?

  • Patriotic Viet Vet

    Who cares what his black ass thinks anyway

    • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng


  • E Quilibrate

    More jackassery from the “tolerant” left. How much is too much?
    Shouldn’t we just quit watching Ice T. After all, he said, “who cares”‘
    Clearly he knoweth not who overpays for his severely limited talent.

  • Andrew Stanbarger

    Is “bitch” more insulting than “jackass”? This strikes me as very pot and kettle.

  • BG

    Has everyone forgotten that this rapper rapped “cop killer” describing killing a cop. Of course he is pro gun! Just for the wrong reasons! Lyrics below