The Huffington Post wasted no time getting that up. It was published yesterday, within hours of the news of Baroness Thatcher’s passing.



But, hey, HuffPo will have to do better if it wants to match the disgrace that is CNN. CNN ran a photo of the late Prime Minister with accused pedophile Jimmy Savile.

Stay classy, media.

  • NotaLemming

    Oh enough of this Thatcher person… Lets talk about Hugo the hero of the left! Hooraa for Oppression re-branded as Democracy. Ok everyone lineup for your collective serving of misery… everyone gets a full helping!

    • Harry Hall

      Halving poverty rates and doubling GDP… you guys sure do have a strange definition of misery


        Move to Venezuela and tell us how you like it. :)

      • AaronHarrisinAlaska

        What’s being reported and whats actually happening are two different things. ^_~

      • cgraham77

        Wow, you’re pretty naive, aren’t you.

        • Harry Hall

          Yeah, I’m the naïve one, I’m the one who doesn’t know what’s being reported when media watchdogs and advocates for honest reporting, like the CSJ, have acknowledged that the private Venezuelan media abandoned all journalistic ethics and standards to oppose Chávez’s reforms from 1998 to 2005, when said newspapers and opposition parties have admitted receiving a total of $40 million from the USA, You people will believe anything you want to believe, even when I lay the facts out in front of your eyes.

          • cgraham77

            Then why don’t you take ERMERGERD’s advice and goosestep your way down there. You won’t be missed.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Oh look, a politician with dirty secrets. Ho-hum. Dirty secrets aside she turned her country around. More than can be said for Obama or Hugo.

    • Harry Hall

      Because didn’t deregulating the financial sector go well for us, isn’t the British economy now doing splendidly as a result

      • AaronHarrisinAlaska

        It did in fact. Partial deregulation of the economy and privatization of certain federally created structures are what increased the prosperity of both their and our nations. You’ll notice that increased regulation can be directly correlated to the lax job growth in this country. Well, actually I doubt you’d notice.

        • oconnellc

          You should show him a plot of the increased regulation correlated directly to the lax job growth in the US. That would shut him up. I can’t wait to see the look on that guys face when you shove that proof right in his face.

          Plus, I think Michelle Malkin has written a book talking about this same thing. We should all go buy it.

          Buy her book!!!!

        • Harry Hall

          The fact that we’ve just had our third banking scandal in as many years speaks somewhat to the contrary. Luckily here in the UK we aren’t as far gone as you Americans in terms of believing that unfettered incentives to corporate greed somehow promotes responsible business behaviour and sustainable growth. See: Lehman, Northern Rock, Barclays Libor, Trafigura, HBOS.

  • Love of Country

    Thatcher was 100x the human being Barack Owebamao will ever be!

    • SideshowJon36

      I disagree. 100 x 0 = 0

      • Love of Country

        Great post …. drew me in hook, line and sinker. And then the final catharsis was concisely represented with only one final and single keystroke of the key “0”. How you squeezed the 5 elements of a good story into just one short line of text was brilliant!

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Okay, read article . . . not impressed. OMG she raised the VAT tax!

    As if conservatives could never raise taxes to balance a budget. While conservatives prefer to have as low a tax as possible, it is not a conservative sin to raise taxes while reducing spending and reducing the scope of government. She inherited a mess, and cleaned it up, you take what you get.

    HuffPo’s only hope is to portray conservatives as more mindless than themselves.

    • oconnellc

      No doubt… Remember that pledge from Grover Norquist that all the Republicans signed promising to raise taxes if they needed to in order to balance a budget? Why… hey! Wait a minute!

      • Stephen L. Hall

        Are you explicitly stating that the situation Margret Thatcher encountered was identical in every respect to the situation we currently face here in America?

        “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” — Aristotle

  • © Sponge

    It’s funny that no one does a story on exactly what THugo Chavez did in Venezuela, how shitty Cuba is on a daily basis, how Democrat policies are holding minorities back and destroying the American economy. Where are the JOURNALISTS? Are they ALL hacks? Looks like it.

    • Harry Hall

      You’ve obviously never read a thing on Venezuelan media, have you. Those radical leftists (warning: sarcasm alert) at the University of Columbia, having conducted the most comprehensive review of the Venezuelan media in the early 2000s, said that they “failed miserably in their duty to provide information that their fellow citizens needed to navigate the storms of Venezuelan politics under Chavez. Instead, media owners and their editors used the news – print and broadcast – to spearhead an opposition movement against Chavez.”

  • Shurlock Ventriloquist

    What’s a pederast, Walter?

  • TDS

    She’s doing more good TODAY than Obama has done in the last 5 years.

  • Noonespecial

    The left is sociopathic and evil. There just isn’t any excuse for their complete lack of standards in attacking the dead, people of color, women – anyone that ever disagrees with their sick, twisted views of the world.

    • oconnellc

      Those evil sociopathic liberals. They attack anyone. They are so sick and twisted. Evil. And always attacking people. God, I hate them.

      Plus, I think Michelle is going to have a book out about this soon. We should keep our eyes open for it and buy it when we can.

  • J.N. Ashby

    “Dedicated to balancing the budget even if it meant raising taxes.” They kind of just gloss over that whole “cutting the hell out of entitlements” part that the Democrats never seem to want to concede…interesting that.