Boom. As Twitchy reported, Jay-Z and Beyoncé took an anniversary trip. To Cuba. Like we reported then, evidently “99 Problems” does not include oppression. Actress Stacey Dash, always a fierce fighter with a strong spine, rightly called them out. And she’s not backing down, even in the face of vicious attacks. As always, the oh-so-loving and tolerant Left can’t handle honesty.

The always foul Goldie Taylor kicks things off.

And then comes the repugnant misogyny, racial epithets and death wishes.


Stand strong, Stacey. We are with you.


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  • Josephine (D)

    I’d like to know how many of those bashing her for her sexy avatar(come on, you don’t see anything and she’s probably got at least her nipples covered by something) look at porn regularly. Hypocritical haters.

    • John

      How many of them had secret crushes on her and now know, though they will never admit it, that she’s *way* out of their league in more ways than one.

  • Kabong30

    And yet not one person can engage her on the issue? That’s a sad statement on how far we’ve fallen.

    • Lorenzo Faberini

      HOW FAR THEY HAVE FALLEN. not we Some of us pay attention beyond headlines, American Idol , and the trillion dollar free brown nose the media gives the Dems.

      • John

        The downfall was sealed when it became “authentic” to be a loser.

    • grais

      It’s not clear that any of them even knows what the issue is.

      • Saar

        She be attacken’ their queen and prince rappers. But seriously yeah- they dont understand the -issue- so quick to lynch.

        • ceemack

          Integration sure has come a long way in this country.

          Lynch mobs used to be whites-only.

      • e1988

        NO, it’s very clear! LOL

      • L.N. Smithee

        Bingo. All these people know is that they’ll be damned if they let anybody say anything bad about Jay-Z and/or Beyonce. Numbskulls.

        Speaking as a black man, I can tell you there is a LOT of hero worship of bosses and bullies in black culture in general, and specifically in hip-hop. That’s why so many rappers portray themselves as having unending disposable wealth and all the trappings of power – fistfuls of flying cash, luxury cars, mansions, servants, hardbodied female hangers on of easy virtue, etc. Also popular is projecting an image as a mafia kingpin. And there is no bigger kingpin than a dictator, a man whose word is law and gets whatever he wants when he wants it without question, and who also exercises power of life and death over everyone around him.

        It would (hopefully WILL) be interesting to find out how it came about that the Carters made their way to Havana under the POTUS’ nose (if we want to give HIM the benefit of the doubt) and who initiated it: Jay-Z the Raul Castro fan, or Raul Castro the Beyonce fan?

        • Honu425

          In truth, getting to Cuba is not hard. Go to Canada or Mexico, get a Cuban visa, and go. Cuba doesn’t stamp passports. I think the basic rule is that you can’t go to Cuba “from” the US, and you can’t go to the US “from” Cuba. That’s the reason for the intermediary stop. Google it, cruising sailors do it all the time.

          • Nicole

            You can go to Cuba from the US. You have to apply for a cultural exchange/educational puropses license.

          • grais

            And that’s likely what they used. It’s what Hollywood uses.
            They go there for fawning and facetime, they come back with cigars, having been treated like royalty.
            “cultural exchange”

            What a sad, sad commentary, eh?

          • IceColdTroll

            I think the operative idea is that is difficult to do so LAWFULLY.

      • Kevin Scott

        This was apparent when Albert Einstein, Jr. tweeted “Jay-Z & Beyonce did not tank the economy, not pay taxes or outsource jobs, ur boy Mitt Romney did…” Wow. I hope he enjoys his rides on the short bus.

        • aztectrumpet

          I was gonna say- not one of those things was something Romney did.

      • ljk64

        It’s not clear that any of them have a brain.

    • JD

      unfortunately, all those people dont realize they are confirming stereotypes so many others have spent their whole lives trying to disprove.

      • DoNotTread73

        You are spot on with that.

      • Robin Schaefer

        Absolutely . . . you are so right! Black Americans are not staying informed, but just following the Obama administration like sheep which is what he wants to control them. It’s just another form of slavery. There are many CONSERVATIVE black Americans who are very informed and are trying to be heard but are vilified and called horrible names and it needs to STOP. People INFORM YOURSELVES AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!! We are all Americans, no matter what color, so STAND TOGETHER and don’t let our freedoms and money be taken away by socialists!

    • Clayton Grant

      What I find to be even more sad is the fact that Stacy merely asked an innocuous question. There was no rancor in it. Just a question because it was in the news.

      • Sheerie Knoll

        and a simple “Yes” or “No” would have sufficed….

        • Clayton Grant

          tru dat

        • Philippine Wanderer

          Exactly right! THEY have to make anything that goes against THEIR wishes disgustingly dirty and ugly.

      • John

        Whenever the Left’s racist shock troops go bat-guano crazy, she’s definitely over the target.

      • IceColdTroll

        Well, it’s a rhetorical question, really. I mean I’m with her on it, but it isn’t a neutral Yes or No kind of question.

    • freeinaz

      Nice catch on that one.

    • Jim

      I was thinking the same thing. They don’t even attempt to answer her question. That’s because they don’t know how to think for themselves; all they know is hate.

    • KimmyQueen

      Interestingly enough none of those people actually cared to respond about what she was actually saying. They all stood to defend people who went to a racist country who treats their people like shit and therefore many of them actually die to get over here. It is disgusting.

      • Chris

        I think a lot of them are just stupid Democrats that want something to complain about even if they’re not complaining about the issue at hand.

    • Larry Miller

      They have no education, nor capable of getting one. Heck, mice are smarter.

      • LochGates44

        The sad thing is that’s what education today teaches the youth of this country.

      • RoxieC

        really obama has alot of educated people behind him, but there brainwashed into thinking this is right. I asked a girl today if she would get a chip in her hand cuz obama said to…. no hesitation, just “yes i would” clearly shes not one of the educated ones.

        • Jillane Kent

          I know more than a few that are disappointed with the direction he has taken the country in, but have too much hubris to admit they were wrong.

          • mschmidt48

            Best summation today’s American left.

          • John Mitchell

            You know more than a few what???

        • Pat Collins

          Hitler and his goons tattooed all the Jews on their arms with numbers.

        • Anderson

          What makes you think that they are just stupid followers? Lots of Obama voters are communists and socialists. They want this.

      • Jillane Kent

        Thanks to public education, they at least have the access to education. Sadly, equality of opportunity doesn’t guarantee equality of outcome. Many of these rubes are willfully, irredeemably ignorant.

    • James Steelhaven

      Not we, but the left. Pathetic lefties as normal.

      • Ebony Williams

        Really???? ALL of you have something in your house that is made in China if not everything. Stacy Dash is so irrelevant and she can’t stand it. You all are big hypocrites and can not be taken seriously.

        • Dee

          Aww sweetie, don’t be so jealous. She looks better than I do too and she’s 10 years older but I can admit it and own up to it. You, however, have to act like a junior high girl and name call. It’s okay, just accept it and move on.

    • yahneverknow

      My favorite is the twit who manages to blame Gov. Romney for tanking the economy and, in the same twit-breath, “who btw LOST!” Um… whaa?

      • Amber Lee

        I think my mind imploded thinking about that one

      • LaurieMcL

        Well, vulture-capitalist Romney DID do all he could to strip companies of their value and ship jobs overseas. Just sayin.

        • Kdiity

          And one of the sheeple speaks and as usual, doesn’t know what the hell she is saying !! Why don’t you realize that unions are much more responsible for so many jobs going offshore. Yet another ill informed, believe everything the libs say, moron. Good luck in life, you need it !!

        • therantinggeek

          In the meantime, how’s that health insurance premium increase working out for you? :)

      • Paladin

        That was one of Obama’s campaign messages: The flaccid economy is Mitt Romney’s fault. (Who knew that a state governor had that much influence on the economy?)

        • Dee

          Obama knows his voters are THAT stupid, to not give a second thought to one state’s governer having that much influence on the nation’s economy. He also knows they’re dumb enough to regurgitate the BS for him. LOL

    • L.N. Smithee

      It’s like I say when the Palin-bashers fly into a blind rage at the sight or mention of her name; They really have no idea why they hate her so much.

      • [email protected]

        Many of them believe that she said “I can see Russia from my house” But Palin never said that, it was a skit on SNL with Tina Fey. Never let the truth stand in the way of good fiction. <—- Demoncrat motto.

    • Gildmirth

      Not “we’ve” fallen, just they’ve. The Left is vile, immoral, stupid, and lazy. Hard not to look forward to the coming civil war.

      • Kdiity

        I wonder if the libs will have any guns…. just sayin’

    • Vennoye

      It is time to quit saying “we” when talking about the left….that is a whole other universe…which I do not understand and want no part of!

  • Cozyrn

    What sick sick people. And they support obama. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the under educated.

  • michael s

    I support Stacey Dash . Her views are hers, she’s not being malicious ,so people need not be malicious and make racist remarks to her.

    • Stathi

      Oh its one thing for Politicians, intellectuals, etc… to voice anti-socialist views, but being that most of these folks voted for a commy for President, of course they would hate her, especially since she is from the entertainment world…. the libs think they have a monopoly in that arena. Not. Anti-Commy entertainers mostly keep to themselves, that is why this stands out. Days like this I miss the McCarthy Era.

      • rinodino

        Then take your butt back to the racist 50’s then

        • Jillane Kent

          Please point out the racism that was displayed in the post you are responding to, rino. Furthermore, if you’ll recall, the racism of the 50’s belongs almost solely to the party you support and adore.

        • David McCormick

          Racism didn’t disappear after the 1950’s Rino…just so you know that. I don’t know why people are always ranting about a time period that they never experienced in the first place. At least people in the 1950’s actually had more class and manners then they do now…and that’s a fact.

          • nancytag1

            The people of the 50’s were able to express themselves in real words, without being rauncy, mean, disgusting, hateful, like today’s illiterates. It would be so much more interesting if some of the libs couldrespond with a reasonable, understandable, applicable retort, in our current English language..

    • grais

      It seems that they Do need to be malicious and make racist remarks to her. If they didn’t vent that rage at her, they might instead be torturing helpless animals.

      • RoxieC

        torturing amimals is a very white act. usually white male early teens to early twenties. more likely it would be a drive by. just saying

        • juttekata

          You mean like Michael Vick?

        • David McCormick

          Wrong Roxie. All races and ethnicities of people torture animals…I’ve seen black teens and young adults, Hispanic/Latino teens and young adults, Asian teens and adults, and white teens and young adults engage in it. I would at least like a source that says that white male teens and young adults engage in that heinous act more than male teens and young adults of other races and ethnicities. Just saying.

          • RBTS

            Hmmmm is Micheal Vick white? I forget.

        • John

          You obviously haven’t spent time in Philly’s University City district where it’s been common practice for many years for young black men to beat their dogs to make them mean.

      • overserved

        Most who do not have the intelligence to make a valid argument usually respond with elementary insults and slander in an attempt to cover up their own ignorance!

  • Cozyrn

    Is it just me or does it seem like the under educated blacks are on the attack.

    • Terrence Bailey

      The under educated blacks are exactly where the democrats want them.
      And like crack addicts,going after crack. The back keep voting for them. Give a big THANK YOU to Jackson, Sharpton, and the black caucus!!
      These guys are evil liers and the black sheeple follow without question. ask a Democrat a simple question about deficit spending and you will get back an answer like: purple… because aliens don’t wear hats!…???

  • Stan_LS


  • Ron Hirang

    Truth hurts that’s why all these idiots are bashing Stacey Dash.

    • Stathi

      Very true. I am surprised most of them can spell communism, let alone, understand what it means.

      • cgraham77

        Don’t give them too much credit. They are only parroting what they’ve been told.

  • Sick of idiots!

    Looks like we’ve been targeting the wrong countries for terrorist! I’s guesses us whiteys gones to haves to watch ours backs, bahahahahahahaha bahahahahahahaha!

  • Kim

    Do these jags understand what racism is? I just… really have a tough time believing that these “people” (let’s face it, they act subhuman) are stupid enough to believe whitey conservatives are THE racists while spewing this type of misogyny and hate. I guess the truth hurts that much. Cog dis and all that.

    • Doug Leuthold

      Stacey Dash escaped from the Democrat Plantation, she is nobody’s Uncle Tom, but the mindless twits who demonizing her….

      • John

        Sad…there was once a time when they would have *wanted* her to escape from the plantation.

  • journogal

    I am curious…do they react this way to Stacey, whose only fault is expressing her opinion, because they think are are untouchable and anonymous on the Internet? I can’t imagine saying these things to someone I disagree with, and definitely not on a public forum like Twitter.

  • Johnny Blade

    Davey D is as dumb as a rock… Mitt Romney crashed the economy?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I apologize for insulting the IQ of rocks with the comparison.

    • Politically Incorrect

      The low IQ’s of the Hitler & Stalin regimes murdered millions. These radicals kill their own in droves daily and won’t think twice about reaking havoc on us. They’ve little to no values and an over-abundance of street smarts. Don’t dismiss them!!!

  • Biggus_Footus

    Let me get this straight – conservatives and Republicans are the haters in this country, while liberals, Democrats, socialists, and Communists (is there a difference between them anymore?) are the tolerant, civil, open-minded ones. Okay. Got it.

    • Faith Neff

      I wish I could like this comment more than once!

  • surfcitysocal

    These vile, violent comments toward Ms. Dash make me ill. So much hate. Unbelievable.

    • rinodino

      You mean like the rights vile comments to Michelle Obama?? Yeah I guess you are right… Tear

      • David McCormick

        I don’t excuse any kind of vile comments…but using the “well YOU DO IT TOO!” defense is pathetic and ignorant.

        • rinodino

          Love how you single yourself out but let a few knuckleheads who probably didn’t vote or can’t vote and its the entire lefts fault so if that’s true than everything vile about the First Lady is consequently the rights fault because its on a Malkin site

  • Christopher Salazar

    Can you imagine the parenting and educational system that produced this perspective on life. They are disgusting, and I am glad I do not hang around people of that nature. I do not think I am better, just find their way of life vile.

    • grais

      As my m-i-l used to say, “They ain’t had no fetchin’ up.” With children this vile and angry and ignorant, the parents must be blamed.

  • oneword

    I cannot believe these people actually vote. They are an embarrassment to people of color. Martin Luther King Jr. would be appalled & they don’t even know it because they are so ignorant.

    • Stathi

      I am not a regular here thank God, and yes, they vote, right after drinking their acid laced cool-aid, straight to the polls, “change, change, change, change… down with the man, oh wait, now I am getting laid off, crap, well at least I get a free phone”.

    • Miss Clairee

      And when are they going to realize that using the “F” word and the “C” word publicly, lost all ability to shock, ohhhh about, uhhhhhhh 15 years ago? Find a new word to shock us all you liberal, uneducated morons!

      • oneword

        Those are the biggest words they know

  • Trudy Kurz Fessenden

    These people are so inclusive!


    Wow the tolerant Obama voters. Pathetic mindless sheep

    • katchi

      >implying any of those people actually went out to vote

      • KenC

        Are you kidding? they got bussed to 6 different polling stations to vote.

      • RoxieC

        i watched a video today. it was called “original obamaphone lady” these ppl in cleveland all voted cuz they said obamagave them phones, n all they had to do was sign up thru welfare…. any chance anybody else was awear that welfares lifeline program has been giving out cell phones sence bush was in office?

        • Jillane Kent

          The program, statistics show, had the restrictions and checks greatly loosened under Obama’s tenure.

        • RBTS

          Check your facts.The program was started with land lines for people who are shut in during the Bush admin.It has been expanded and exploited to cell phones under Obama.

          • RoxieC

            not in my area. i had one over 6 yrs ago. but i had the land line sence i was in elementry school.

          • RoxieC

            not in my area. i had one over 6 yrs ago. but i had the land line sence i was in elementry school.

        • nancytag1

          You’re way behind on the news. The obamaphone lady has gotten herself a job and no longer needs obama’s ” pity” and I applaud her.

          • RoxieC

            that wasnt at all my point.but good for her

          • RoxieC

            that wasnt at all my point.but good for her

      • Kevin Krom

        At the very least, they were voted for, if you catch my drift.

  • Saar

    “European Princess
    @REALStaceyDash do you care that you’re basically naked in your avi, playing around in tub full of water trying to talk politics?”

    — Says the woman who’s profile avatar picture is of her lipsticked up showing cleavage.

    These people are seriously demented.

    • Selma Birch

      Great call man, point out the hypocrisy of the left liberal NAZI regime, they don’t know it but no one is really fooled by their bullshit but other liberals!!!

  • huffzilla71

    I support Stacey dash I don’t think they should be down there and I realy hope what I have heard about the tax payers paying for it no true

  • DavidS

    “We’re going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the revolution. By which I mean: nothing.” -Che Guevera These people are so stupid. Stay strong Ms. Dash !

    • michael s

      Glad you brought up Che’s racism. I’ll never wear a Che shirt.

      • John

        Viva la Reagan Revolution.

    • breakn70

      Stacy Dash you’ve got guts and you are much admired. Love your truth telling.

  • Herman Vogel

    What the people attacking this lady should do is go to Cuba for ONE year,,,without money to back them up, without contacts and live in that Cesspool,,,then come back and tell us all how Great communism is,,sad part is,,,the media and our schools have blinded them on the Facts of that lifestyle…sad, huh.

  • Mary Ann

    No wonder this country is people are so hateful and mean

  • TheGazeAblaze

    Wether they like it or not Jay Z isn’t nothing but an ex-crack slinger and his wife is nothing but a lip syncing air head!!Stacey has guts,and when your right,you can tell by liberals reaction!!! Way to stand up for what believe Ms.Dash!!!

    • Cory

      I wish I could could be a lip syncher and make 100 million dollars.

  • oneword

    you wonder why people are racist?

    • rinodino

      Yes I do… Tell me why, other than phony BS outrage when I can find similar comments in the right about the First Lady.

      • David McCormick

        Once again Rino, “the phony BS outrage” is also a characteristic of the left wing, so get real. I never said anything disgusting about Michelle Obama, I just don’t like her. Deal with it.

  • Bruce Welty

    I hope that “@REALStaceyDash UR DEAD OUT HEA BITCH” is in NEW YORK do the POleece can arrest this racist hate mongering death threater.

  • redrick

    I think all the women bashing her are pissed she looks better than them and thier men wishes she was them instead

  • Constitutionalist

    Stacy Dash is beautiful and smart! Screw these low information voters bashing her!

  • blue_strat

    the party of tolerence.

  • Dwayne Jackson

    Here you go folks. Meet more Obama’s supporters. Their mothers must be so proud.

  • sleazyrider

    These peeps love greasy fried chicken …on your f++kin dime that is.

    • michael s

      what’s that supposed to mean? jay and bey have more money than you do . do you have a percentage in barclays center like jay? no you dont. did you sign the biggest endorsement deal in pepsi history like bey? no you didn’t . keep your hateful comments to yourself. .

      • Adela Wagner

        Don’t matter how much money someone has if they’re an asshole, it just makes them an asshole with money.

        And it looks as if you don’t see the person, you only see what they do or do not have, how hatefully ignorant is that? But then again, you’re one of those “tolerant” liberals aren’t you?

    • rinodino

      Yehaw !!!!!let it come out dude show us why they stereotype the right the way they do

      • mike_in_kosovo

        So, one against how many, up top?

        Typical #LowInfoLib logic.

  • blue_strat

    go Stacey. liberals can’t deal with truth and difference in opinions. the party of tolerence.

  • Kia

    OMGGGGGG!!!! That’s crazy!!! SMDH!!! All of ya’ll are setting us BACK!!! We may not like what Stacey Dash is saying but wishing death on her because she’s against Jay-Z and Beyonce is just doing too much! It’s not that serious! We’re all entitled to our opinion and freedom of speech but wishing death on her is too cruel of a punishment over people none of ya’ll know. You gotta love the hood in everyone though! lol!!!

    • breakn70

      “but wishing death on her because she’s against Jay-Z and Beyonce…”
      Kia, she didn’t say she was against Jay-Z and Beyonce. She criticized them for their support of a murderous totalitarian regime which makes its own people slaves. I don’t love “the hood” in everyone, either. Read the comments again. They’re racist and disgusting. She’s being accused of being a female “Uncle Tom” which is weak. Very weak.

      • Kia

        I have read the comments. You can tell that the only reason why people are wishing death on her is because she spoke out against Beyonce and Jay-Z. Regardless of what Stacey Dash says, wishing death on her is going too far! It doesn’t matter why, its STILL WRONG! It’s not worth it either way! The fact that these people are letting her take them that far out of character over a matter that is so far beyond all of our control is just plain stupid!

    • John

      I’m curious…which part of Stacey Dash’s statement didn’t you like…the part about Cuba being an oppressive Communist regime, or that when two wealthy and famous Americans publicly go there and spend money there, they’re lending support to that regime?

      Seriously…which part do you find objectionable?

      • Kia

        I was very clear about the cause for my concern.

  • Stathi

    Where is the intelligent, English speaking response section?

  • Chris Collins

    Wow coming from a bunch of low life’s and attack people. Wow Obama has done nothing for the economy. Oh BTW bunch of low information voters…. The democrats and your boy Obama and Biden were in charge of the govt at the time. They controlled the House and the Senate…. Talk about a bunch of dumb asses…. Know your facts cause you dont know Shit……

  • Mark Raymond

    Well whether shes naked or not doesnt matter. She has a right to voice her opinion whether the lameass libtards like it or not. And why is it that when someone, whether their beautiful like stacey dash is ornot has a differing opinion, the whinning losers wana get violent and kill someone. We patriots dont go around threatening to kill anyone for their opinion. In fact they can have their opinion no matter how lame it is as long as they dont try forcing it on us which seems to be the way the democrooks wana go. However know this. If they come to my door to try forcing their agenda, the outcome might not look pretty for them.

  • Faith Neff

    This just goes to show where peoples values lie. It is so sad to me that certain celeberities can do no wrong while there are people being oppressed and when someone stands up for them “They are the bad guy”? Seriously? Stacey Dash you keep standing up for what’s right no matter what ignorant people have to say about it. May God bless you for it. I personally think if they like Cuba so much and want to spend their money in a place where the people are treated so badly then they should just stay there. Just sad.

    • William C. Marks Jr.

      I agree!! Keep both those arrogant asses in Cuba.

  • KJStJ

    I find it interesting how folks are so quick to support Stacey Dash — where were you when white teens were mad that Hunger Games had black people in it — even though they read the books? Come on now — there are trolls on both sides of the aisle. Some of these Tweets — like most on Twitter — are unecessary, but let’s not get too high and mighty. And I wouldn’t call Goldie Taylor always foul — she didn’t say anything

    • rinodino

      Or when they attack Michelle Obama

  • Neely

    Is this all that tolerance I hear tell about?

  • BakerBabe

    Unfortunately, the answer to Stacy’s question is: NO, the Koolaid drinkers DO NOT care, They are selfish, lazy and only want FREE STUFF for THEMSELVES.

  • William C. Marks Jr.

    Two fat ass commie PIGS, Jay Z is a fool and his pig wife. Stacey is the bomb!

  • Jeff Harrell

    Well I guess we know the uninformed voters like hip hop.

  • Bob Barbosa

    A bunch of losers every last one of them, If you look at the majority of their profiles they have no command of the English language. They could barley put a full sentence together between the lot of them. I wouldn’t worry too much about a bunch of brainwashed commies. Stacey Dash is one who can think outside of the box and can see through the lefts bullcrap. Grow a spine you people and think for yourselves, quit being lead by the bull ring attached to the tip of your nose, suckers. In my book Stacey is a princess.

    • rinodino

      Of course because she believes what you believe if she was a liberal not so much

      • David McCormick

        And the left wing wouldn’t be acting the same way had Stacey constantly raved about Obama’s great policies?

  • Jacque Bauer


  • Selma Birch

    The issue is she is a black woman who refuses to stay on the NAZI liberal plantation, and the black task master Davey is going to makes sure she gets punished good by his white master( Liberal Democrats). Stay strong for your people Stacey.

  • reachrenee

    Don’t these idiots have a mall to loot or a KFC to brawl in?

  • charger

    ooookkk, see if you can follow this: 1. she is not being engaged on the issue because there is no issue. 2. the vitriol you see does not come from the “left” per se these are apolitical entities known as “Beyonce Stans” and they are ride or die for her. No one escapes their wrath when it come to Bey.

    • David McCormick

      Stacey was making a point that vacationers in Cuba are supporting an oppressive regime…I would say that that is a perfectly legitimate point to make. So yes, it is an issue.

  • PoopMeister

    Amazing how hateful the left are with their comments.
    Pathetic people the “Left loonies” are…WOW~

  • Rjtgbg

    Stay strong Stacey. For any comment to have meaning it has to come from an intelligent source which none of the left haters possess

  • freeinaz

    The only thing missing from these tweets is the disclaimer at the bottom which says : “sent from my Obama phone”

  • KenC

    And the English language takes another low blow. How about we stop trying to ban guns and outlaw Ebonics instead.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      ZING!! POW! WHAM!! STEELER DITTOES, Ken! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • David Johnson

    Amazing how racist the liberals get if they don’t like some thing!

  • MoonDogii

    Damn! I can see there are a lot of un-informed progressive/socialists on here bashing Stacy Dash for being honest. Sad part is, these people probably don’t even know they are progressive socialists……..

    • cgraham77

      They couldn’t even *spell* progressive socialists.

      • Walter Hefty

        I’m shocked that most of them are cognizant enough to power on a PC/Mac to be able to navigate to this page.

  • pinksugar

    And as usual, the Tolerant left non-racist people employ diversion rather than actually address the issue that was brought up. I’m shocked!

  • Scott Gooch

    Are all liberals dumb AND emotional?

  • Bill Malany

    show me your supportors and that is who you are

  • Glenn Nizich

    Jesus, are all people idiots, I could give a Rats ass if Jay-z and whats her name go to Cuba. We’ve been funding a socialist here for 4 years. Maybe they could visit the White house, oh forgot, its closed to the public.

    • Miss Clairee

      Beyonce IS visiting the White House soon. She and Adele will be performing at FLOTUS 50th birthday party this year…..on OUR tax dollars!

  • Semper Fi

    I love reading the lib comments. They are SO uneducated; it really makes for entertaining reading. Their grammar is horrible, they can’t spell, and they don’t have a collective I.Q. larger than my shoe size. Thanks, morons – you continue to make my day.

  • Melissa BossyBoots Votano

    It things like this that make me glad I don’t have a Twitter account….what a bunch of twats.

  • W. Mathew Drumm

    Hey Stacey:
    It’s like Dr. Ben Carson said: “When you don’t have anything useful to add to the discussion, get personal.”
    Leave the getting personal to me. None of these fools on Twitter (with an emphasis on the “twit” part!) would know what to do with a woman who in terms of intelligence is light-years out of their league, and we haven’t even gotten to the looks dept. yet. You and those smokin’ hot green eyes got Beyonce’s schizophrenic ass beat by a country mile, and Jay-Z likes ’em stupid, so that leaves his ass out of the picture.

  • Doug Leuthold

    I see Jay-Z was wearing a Che Guevera T-shirt with Che face on it. If you only know the history of Che, he hated the Black people. He would soon kill them, then seeing them walking around. Get educated Mr Jay-Z…you look stupid wearing that T-shirt…Stacey refuse to stay on the Dem Plantation and the Left can’t stand it…good for her

  • marilynnr

    My goodness. I can’t believe the filth that come out of peoples mouths when they see a Republican woman make a comment. I guess they are angry because they voted for the one person that will destroy our country.

  • Cliff Hicks

    WELL, So much for the tolerant, peace loving, non judgmental liberals… Wait, I’m using words that most of these scum don’t even know. They Certainly seem to lack the intellect to consider the concepts… Who are the slaves ? ,…

  • vino veritas

    It cannot be said enough: This is obama’s support. These are his views, too. Every so-called indy and fence voter who ended up voting for him back in 2012 also, simultaneously, voted their agreement with these people. All those people can say hi to the ‘new’ America. Same as the old America. Now with more of what you supposedly didn’t want before. Hope your happy because no one else is.

  • Gregg Hammerquist

    I like how they’re suddenly offended by the fact she’s appeared naked. When did they ever find that offensive? I thought that made her ‘liberated’ or something.

  • Political Liars

    Wow, I’ve never seen such an onslaught of pure pathetic English language before in my life. These people were educated in the chicago school retards

  • DoNotTread73

    Wow so very tolerant…how is it that these same people can be so utterly and totally racist while calling the other side that when its not even brought up? Straight to name calling and no one even debated the point she made which is true. Our tax money funded their little trip cronyism at its finest white house even gave it a stamp of approval.

  • Johnny Usher

    I love the use of proper grammar and spelling used by these incompetent wind bag Jay Z’s and Obama supporters. Ignorant voter base anyone?

  • Roy Bailey

    As usual, the truly loony left reveal their true colors. Spewing venom you would be hard put to find vomiting from conservatives.

  • Badd Karma

    Stacey your great and them uneducated ghetto asses dont even rate a word

  • Larry Hester

    Where is the kid they adopted??? She was never pregnant, and needs to have her butt reduced!! That is why I call her Lardassa!!

  • John Dorn

    Seems to me that these attackers have no ground to stand on and have to rely on personal attacks instead. You are all sheep being led to slaughter, wake up America, look at what’s going on, and Ms. Dash, stand strong, don’t back down, we need more celebrities like you to stand up and speak out against all the tyranny taking place. It also makes you wonder where the racists are as well, since some of these idiots want to play the race card “ALL THE TIME” these are the same people that want something for nothing, go get a job and earn a living and stop depending on others to provide for you, lazy, worthless, pathetic leeches.

  • YankeePatriot1969

    Hip-hop gangsta culture politics has destroyed a once-great nation.


    Attack me you idiot s. Jay Z is a trashy drug dealing , murder, wannabe musician and plain human trash. Bring it on you idiot s

  • Adela Wagner

    Yep, more of the “Right Wing Hate” Donna Brazile was talking about. Voice your OWN opinion, or ask a question the left HATES the answer to and just like “auntie crissle” above tweeted “sweetie we will end you”…ignorant fools, every one of them.

    And for the record, I have a sister in Cuba I have lost contact with, so this whole travel thing, really pissed me off.

  • Sassy3000

    Wow! The babble of the psycho-left is getting more and more violent. Big shock. not! She speaks out against two egotistical maniacs who support a barbaric and sadistic regime and their fans only care about how well they sing or rap! CAN WE SAY SHALLOW MORONS?!
    God Bless Stacy and may she continue to have the courage to speak out against the sick unpatriotic actions of those two half-wits! Beyonce and Jay-Z are probably waaaaaay too stupid to believe all of the stories of horror that the good and honest people of Cuba have had to suffer at the hands of that cold-blooded dictator Fidel Castro! But try and tell brainwashed simpletons anything even remotely truthful and all they do is stare, then drool and then they start laughing like a bunch of hyenas before calling you a bunch of vile names. RME

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      …BTW You won’t hear Jay-Z singing about the “Hard Knock life” down there, but here… Boo Hoo, Sean! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Charles Hodge

    America is not what it was or should be.with today’s leaders, rap rock and roll. gangs drugs. you become a nation that crumbles under your feet. it will never get better. the country and world is changing for the worse. people just don’t care. they call it a obamanation and the new normal. I say GOD help us!

  • longranger

    idoit’s don’t even know what there bitch’in about .If you have any sense you should be against communists like obama and the castro’s

  • Quantummist

    Someone should tell Jay Z what his Hero Che had to say about him… Guess he’s just another Useful Idiot for those that would plant his ignorant rear at the first opportunity …

    “We’re going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the revolution. By which I mean: nothing.” -Che Guevera

    “The Nig*** is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities,
    whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.”-
    Che Guevara

  • Amber Coppage Piper

    Proud of you for speaking up ,The truth is the truth and are country is headed to communism with the help of alot of lieing people in are government deceiving everyone and who don’t really care what happens to any of us !

  • 7Kevin

    She’s a beauty! I think most blacks dont think shes black enough, but thank god because shes not! She’s a smart hottie not ghetto queen .

  • kiwifruit

    Stay strong Stacey Dash!! Just the open minded, inclusive liberals showing what they’re really made of.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Keep fighting the good fight, Stacey!

  • Jerry Moss

    Wow……….her opposition is a classy bunch.

  • cgraham77

    Amazing how those with a vocabulary consisting of only 4-letter words turn around and call her “basic.”

  • David Ehrmann

    those people who don’t think ms dash is entitled to have a mind of her own, don’t have it themselves, sad but they act just like the left in the us, when they have nothing to say they attack.i was called a racist many times if i didnt agree with the prez. no ,if i did agree on something then i wasn’t a racist anymore. the same with ms dash, all she did is voice her opinion. in today’s america that becomes a nono, unless of course you have the right opinion. go stacey dash, as long as we’re still allowed to think what we want

  • Hal Fast

    These criminal minds are just like B.O. so there is no wonder why they voted for him. Plus they speak just like evil vile demons would speak, and that is sad. We can only pray for them, in the meantime. Love Stacey Dash! Go Stacey! How about lunch sometime? :)

  • John

    The people going after her are living proof of the adage, “misery loves company.”

  • Walter Rampton

    They covered this very thing on The 5 today. The issue is there is a block imposed by the US Government pertaining to Americans wanting to travel to Cuba even as a tourist. The Government gave them permission to go there. The White House pretty much used the State Department as a scapegoat when asked the question. So who gave them permission to go over there? The present administration ducked that question just like they duck everything else. If this had happened during the Bush administration he would have been crucified and everyone knows this. Its about time the hypocritical left just shut up.

  • cgraham77

    I thought this was the party of “feminism,” yet they what they are telling her is “you are a sexy woman, or, you have pictures on the Internet, …therefore you are not allowed to have a mind or a voice.”


  • Chris Reed

    How dare she make a valid point even though her history in entertainment sucks? Guess we shouldn’t listen to valid points of Charlie Sheen via 9/11 theories

  • JeffreyFuller

    Its very interesting that when someone tries to start a conversation on a real topic liberals can only respond with insults and foul language. While we’re on the topic, I think that is all I’ve ever heard come from a liberal, insults and foul language. I wonder if I could win an office if I set out across the country and slung out insults and foul language? Hmmm!

  • DawnJulio

    I am more alarmed at the tweets blasting her. My god….who are you people. at least she has a mind and can speak without saying fuck, bitch and everything else. She has class and reason and knows her history. What do you have besides foul mouths, attacking her instead of debating her, and just being racist. ow!

  • ueastsm

    So many “intelligent” remarks

  • Chris

    These people are showing how dumb they are. For one, some of them are too stupid to come up with a response to even show why they are attacking her. One person just said she’s stupid-very intelligent. Another just puts down that she should die slowly. I wonder how many actually know what the issue is about.

  • Carolyn Smith

    I dont know who Stacy Dash is and I dont know who JayZ is. I would like to know however why Ms. Dash is not entitled to an opinion and JayZ along with Beyonce who I USE to like,
    can support communism and its just fine with all you foul mouthed , ignorant idiots!!!!!

  • the game

    all those idot,ignorant rasict democrats!

  • RonPaulKicksAss

    Maybe she should have said that Jay Z and Beyonce are Illuminati asshats.

  • RH

    Ah….the ranting responses of the low information voter, too much into hip-hop, too much into American Idol, with their pants half down, to know what REALLY is important.

  • Chris

    It’s sickening how these people keep harshly attacking her with these hateful words, these empty threats.

  • hannah brooks

    these ppl are actually arguing haha i guess they cant find anything else better to do

  • Silenttype78

    Cuba…yeah…they just adore blak people.
    Funny how Ms.Dash talks about oppression then suffers for speaking out

  • Freedom_Road

    Wow!!! And they have the nerve to call others racist. These people are really showing their IGNORANCE, not one of them can have a decent conversation. Since when do all you idiots start liking communism? I guess you didn’t realize that under communism you don’t own anything including your fake bling that you wear! You have no rights and that includes your delusional responses. You bring out profanity because some one that is black doesn’t worship at the alter of Barack O’commie, you should be saluting her for having her own mind, but I guess you would have to have a brain fisrt!!!

  • Brandon Skaar

    Cheers to @REALStaceyDash for having the courage to make a statement. It would be interesting to read Jay-Z’s reply

  • Babycakes3847

    No freedom of speech for black conservatives. Did some one watched Hannity last nigth? They where talking just about that.

  • Kevin Niemeyer

    As much flak as she’s catching, she must be right on target. Man, she puts the sexy back into conservatism.

    • blueniner

      Sarah Palin would be proud of Stacy Dash, call em like you see em “You Betcha”!

  • RoxieC

    iv noticed that alot of people are saying stuff like yall just mad romney didnt win… and dude sayn “your boy mit romney did that” but the thing they fail to understand is, no one really likes romney either, we only voted for him because he wasnt a communist. just a better alternitive to obama. let it go already and find a real reason as to why we dont like obama… its not cuz hes black and its not because we love romney. try again. maybe something like, “yall just hate’n cuz you like your freedom”…. “you just mad cuz you work for a living to support my family, and i play gta n madden all day”

  • Randy Woodin

    THOSE on the LEFT will never be RIGHT.

  • Elijah Nash

    They are very cruel and hateful. None of them even mentioned any of the issues, because they’re ignorant.

  • neoface

    People who idolize Jay Z and Beyonce are same type of stupid ignorant people, or just simpletons. They are all Obama’s useful idiots.

  • Gary Gaynor

    My full support for you Stacey

  • cgraham77

    Goldie Taylor says: “I’m going say ‘Honey Listen’ in a condescending and patronizing way…but really its because I’m not smart enough to come up with a witty or thoughtful retort. The truth is…I don’t know what comes after that!”

    Could also be played out like this:

    “Honey Listen…”

    *crickets chirping*

    *looks around*

    “Okay…I got nothing…”

  • capisce

    All that hate and they can’t tell you why. The criticism of their music idols is enough – no clue about the history of racism, intolerance and suppression of freedom in Cuba.
    They know every word ever sung by their heroes, but would not be able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or Star Spangled Banner if their entitlements depended on it.
    The bigger the hate – the bigger the truth that provoked it.

  • edawg

    Man… I. Jus think it is amazing all of the ignorance coming form our ppl. America was founded on independence and the freedom to use your own mind. So now someone does and she’s a whore and a “modern slave”..something I’m sure Dr. King would be proud to hear coming from our african american community!! He fought for our equality and freedom……………………not Jay-z and his chick. Loyalty to hiphop or mindless drones… They ain’t done nothing to be put at such high standards… priorities ppl…smh.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    What a stupid invented “controversy.” Tens of thousands of Americans vacation in Cuba every year. It’s perfectly legal.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Without having to go through the Washed-Up-Town “Red Tape” Like everyone else who goes to Cuba? I believe it’s called “Cronyism,” Joe… Jawamax 8<{D}

      • JoeMyGodNYC

        The only “red tape” is asking for permission and stating your reason. I got permission in 2011 although I ended up not going because of Hurricane Irene.

        • Hiraghm

          A shame. Maybe you could have stayed.

    • David McCormick

      It’s a “stupid invented controversy?” Really Joe? Did you actually go back and read those disgusting comments? Stacey was merely making mention of the fact that vacationers in Cuba are supporting an oppressive regime…I wouldn’t be spending any of my money there because I wouldn’t want that on my conscience. These mindless idiots who hurl insults at someone for asking a question are embarrassing.

  • Tony

    Aren’t liberals always claiming that they support the 1st amendment. And yet about 50% of the tweets are saying that she should just not talk. It’s funny that they only support freedom of speech if you agree with them. On another topic, liberals also claim that they are compassionate and kind. Margaret Thatcher passed away and I am amazed at the vitriol that is being spewed from the left. Whenever someone disagrees with a liberal’s views they’ll wish harm upon them and personally attack them. Margaret Thatcher loved it when they did that. It means that they’ve already lost because they have no facts to back up their argument.

    • camnpat

      They support the 1st when it relates to issues they agree with.

  • shovelhead74

    Ghetto snipers. Too, too black for all us krackers.

  • Tony

    It’s just sad. Black people fought for their rights and their freedom and yet they are still enslaved by their mentality. Freedom is in the mind as well as the body. If your mind is shackled, you don’t need chains to confine you. And still they believe that all Black people must think alike.

    I work in a major corporation and a friend is a manager there with me. He happens to be Black. He tells me that when he visits his parents he has to “talk and act Black” or he is ostracized, not only by his old friends, but by his family. He’s doing very well for himself but that doesn’t matter to them. He says “It’s like a bin full of crabs. When one tries to escape, the others will grab him and pull him back. It doesn’t help them but it’s just what they do.”

  • shatwood

    Stacey Dash’s tweets are the best “teen” bait in the world.

  • wanapooh

    What a bunch of stupid liberals on this site! It should bug you as AMERICANS that these two spent the money made in America in a communist regime country.

  • Ed

    The future of America on display.

  • Scott M Sykes

    What do you expect out of an ignorant and uneducated society? Pimps, prostitutes, gangsters and gangster wannabes, rapper wannabes, welfare mothers, high school drop outs, and just about every other trailer trash has been would rather live in their Obamacide paid for life style and kiss the fourth point of contact of these communist oppressive pigs. When people start reading, when they start thinking on their own, and when they finally get off their couches and backs and actually contribute to society, instead of draining the assets and resources from it, then maybe they might have something intellectually worth saying. Until then, let them think they know the truth for when the darkness over takes and destroys them they will have no one else to blame but themselves!

  • Nicholay Carvalho

    Fucking dummy’s every single one of them! Your beloved president who has given us more debt,taxes and failed policies will go down as the worst president in History! The unemployment rate for african americans is at 14.2 % and you idiots love him how stupid! You deserve to suffer because of your bias and blind devotion to a man who has done nothing to help anyone! Fuck you and your failed president!

  • RK

    I feel like my IQ dropped about 100 points after reading half of those comments those animals wrote to Stacey Dash. And people wonder what is wrong with our country.

    • blueniner

      Gangbanger thugs……….

  • Puppyme1

    Stacy, they are just ignorant fools! Liberals are all for free speech just as long as you don’t disagree with them. So much for the so called tolerant left??? Stacy, you rock!

  • Amber Lee

    OMG! Doesn’t she realize she criticized these idiots’ gods? Or should I say “Oh my Beyonce’!!!” Doncha know that entertainers were once the UNDERclass? Now we look up to them, give them knightships and national honors? They do NOTHING for society except entertain us. If they all disappeared, society would not be affected much. Artists are a different matter but Beyonce is no artist. We hardly remember singers from the 18th century but we know Mozart and Handel. This is an example of decadence. We aren’t scare talking people. It is actually happening. Of course an idiot entertainer (yes I know Mr. Defensive that there are smart classy entertainers) would believe in mindless philosophies. When do they have time to read a book when they are too busy whoring themselves. Entertainers once had respect for their audience and knew their place. Decadence!

  • Moppy

    Does any lib know how to speak w/o being so blatantly vulgar?

  • Cathe Tenorio


  • Amber Lee

    People worship entertainers who were once the underclass of society. Our society is backwards.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Fox News didn’t seem to have a problem with offering “helpful hints” on traveling to Cuba. Why does Twitchy hate Fox News?

    • David McCormick

      What does Fox News have to do with this? Fox News isn’t a great news channel just like the other mainstream “news” channels aren’t. All of them have their own agenda and don’t give their audiences the full facts. It’s common knowledge.

  • Avey Owyns

    The one woman who pointed out Stacey’s profile picture while trying to ‘talk politics’ made a good point. It was a red herring, but a very good point.

    • Hiraghm

      I don’t get it?

      Conservative women aren’t suppose to be proud of their beauty that goes straight to their heart? Single conservative men are only supposed to get a glimpse of left wing hags and liberal bubble-heads?

      If anything, there’s a conflict between physical beauty and progressive politics.

      • Avey Owyns

        I don’t think I said any of that.

        There is a difference between being proud of one’s body and becoming an object of lust … and “the left does it why can’t we” is not a valid retort; it’s a childish complaint.

        No, the kind of ‘beauty’ that is present in Dash’s photo is exactly the kind of ‘beauty’ that goes hand in hand with progressive politics. Everything remotely aesthetic is drowned out by the blatant objectification.

  • Rulz


    GOP 2014

  • CSHJ

    Would you folks PLEASE stop using “fuck” in all your comments. It’s so low class and if you’re a Republican you should know better. It’s beneath you and it’s just plain disgusting. I know……I’m old and I’m old fashioned but I’m ashamed of you.

    • Rulz

      I think it’s also used a lot as a filler word for people who really aren’t sure of their argument/statement or are worried about offending someone/getting a negative reaction.

      Sort of a profane version of “like”, and people feel more comfortable with it on the internet than in person.

      BTW, thumbs up on your post.

    • David McCormick

      There is nothing “old-fashioned” about having standards…I don’t like F-bombs or the C-word…and I am a young adult by the way. People who curse a lot just make themselves look uneducated and foolish…both sides of the aisle do this by the way.

  • Darin Holmes

    wow, looking at all the comments, liberals are just hateful– Everyone should give a liberal a hug when you see one, but not to hard cause that guvment cheese might oooze out

  • Alyssa Maurer

    Wow all these people sending death threats for free speech. I thought this was America. If we can’t even criticize entertainment star then honestly who can we? Are they too elite?

  • MikeTX62

    Does anyone notice that, of all the people attacking Stacey Dash, NOT ONE of them is apparently willing (or able) to argue THE SUBSTANCE of what she said? They ALL attack her merely for having the nerve to say it.

    • Adela Wagner

      Thats why it kills me to see people with intelligence voicing a concern or asking a question or plain standing up and saying what they believe, cave under pressure from idiots. That is why O got re-elected. People are so afraid to be called a name like “bigot” just for saying they don’t agree with something. Not me, I HATE Obama! I hate everything he stands for,I hate these Hollywood pukes that get a free pass to do anything they want because he’s a buddy to them. There, and if that makes me a racist in dumbass speak, GOOD. That’s what I’ll be. What is Freedom if I can’t be me?

  • gtienhaara

    Stacy, You have more class (and intellect) in your little finger then the whole lot have in their whole collective useless carcasses.

    “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding
    because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they
    have not a single political argument left.”―
    Margaret Thatcher

  • CrossroadsDawg

    F-Bomb throwing liberal loons !! They have nothing to debate so they attack !! Simple Stupidity !!

  • [email protected]

    You Liberal Obama And Jay Z Fanatics Are Such idiots

  • Dennis Caelian

    I know many smart black women like Stacey Dash. Stay strong Stacey. I also know, seen and heard many monkeys like the posters attacking Stacey. Blind Zombie Liberals who follow their Obama puppet mastered by Biden. LOL.

  • Manuel Pacheco

    when will these gangsta hoodlums ever get out of their mental slave mentality?! Stacy Dash has more class and culture than all of these idiots put together.

  • James Walker

    I never heard of her but I like her already,look at all the hateful scum raving at her.ignorant,depraved,racist and stupid. The very cream of the progressive movement.

    • Hiraghm

      She was in a movie called “Clueless” in the ’80s… apparently these twitter twits took it as an instructional video…

      • Dee

        It was in the 90’s, but other than that – this comment of yours is flawless!

  • Margarita Banbanaste

    I am a cuban american lady so sick of celebrities flirting with The Castro’s Havana…I invite any of you to visit Cuba without the fanfarre, and the bodyguards. Nobody will understand how the simplest thing is a huge problem there. Well done for Stacey that is smart enough to realize that must be something wrong in a country where the people are risking and even losing their lives just to be free.

  • Ryan Clancy

    Someone like Stacey Dash calls out someone like Jay-Z and THIS is the reaction. Draw whatever implication you thought I made on that. Whats with all the crap about black women can’t be a republican WTF? I guess she doesn’t expect people to feel sorry for her. Just like when Dennis Rodman visited N Korea and thought hmm Kim Jong Un sure runs a ship-shape operation LOL. Most everyday people wouldn’t be living in places like Cuba and N Korea if they didn’t have to… but yea, go there on vacation and rip Stacey Dash for her republican principles. Says the rich hip-hop mogul.

  • TheAblePatriot

    I read all of the tweets posted in this article against Ms. Dash. I have combined the collective IQs of those posting the tweets. I have yet to reach 10! This group of collective morons should be the first targeted in the NEXT American Revolution. Ridding our nation of this malfeasance is no longer hopeful, it is needful! Sign me up…I’m ready to lead the way!

    • Hiraghm

      Morons have an IQ of 60; idiots have an IQ of 45. So you’ve got moron, idiot, then Marxist Obamabot.

  • blueniner

    I see all the ignorant eubonic tweeters have showed up. The morons have never lived in the oppressed Cuba, the land of no Freedom run by Marxist thugs. Kudos to you Stacy Dash!

  • Hank Guinn

    Davey d is about as dumb or as smart as oatmeal

  • Hank Guinn

    someone tell the tard Davey d mitt did not lose as we all know voter fraud paved the way for monkey boy to get back in

    • Hiraghm

      get back in, when he’s ineligible to hold the office. Article 2, section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution these parasites have never read requires the President to be a NATURAL BORN citizen… meaning a citizen of citizen parents. On Obama’s birth certificate, a British subject is listed as the father. Ergo, ineligible.

  • Chad Javier

    I thought it was out of bounds to say anything about how a woman is dressed, or not for that matter? -Oh, that’s ONLY if you’re raping her … my bad

  • D James Abbarno

    I love a beautiful SMART black woman. You go Stacy.

  • Justin Mars

    Apparently Mitt Romney is to blame for our economy? Thats what one of the first tweets said anyway. Are these left wing nuts really that stupid?

    • Hiraghm

      Yes they are. And it’s our fault because we let them take over our schools, because we were “reasonable” when ridiculous propositions were put forward in the name of “fairness”. And they’re not done.

  • Andy

    Wow…lots of racist liberals here who don’t even realize they’re racist. That’s the liberal way. She told you a truth and you couldn’t handle it….buck up libtards…your president is the worst in history bar none..undisputeably sure you can blame Bush but ahh…its five years later. Obama ducks and so do you of you still believe in his form of change. So Stacey Dash got nakedd…Obama is a walking identity complex…a gay Muslim wannabe Christian whose past is sealed and distorted by a trail of people who are no longer around to tell the truth. Wake the hell up…try some education from sources not paid by the Obama admin…yeah that means snopes too. Do your homework and quit pretending like you have a clue what it really means to be an American. You idiots elected an illegal alien…twice.

  • Lisa 670

    They are not intelligent enough to engage her in a debate. They are like children when they get mad, they attack! They are poster children for voter testing. If you can’t answer a few simple questions about your country, you should not be able to vote!

  • Heather Moreno Borrego

    It’s disgusting and degrading that someone would think that because she is Republican she should disregard her black roots and dye her hair blonde. How low to disrespect her family tree. I mean seriously, who is Jay-Z and Beyonce? They are no better than the average person. We all have and share God’s love. I get the same thing from the latin community. I am Mexican/ Italian/ and Spanish. I am a registered Republican and I do not care who doesn’t like it. Stacy is beautiful and I stand behind her.

  • Jen

    Is it just me or do these posts show up as links instead of pics of the tweets now? I thought it was just some sort of glitch, but it has been this way for me for the past week and it makes one of my favorite sites less enjoyable. Suggestions?

  • Hiraghm

    Parasites, that’s all her detractors are. Proles right out of 1984.

  • Wilma Jones-Swinson

    Way to go Stacy. You have people who will stand with you.

  • rivers

    Wow! Look at all these effing morons! NO CLUE about the oppression in Cuba! They actually sound mentally challenged, the way that they talk and think.
    You should see Aunt Crissie’s two latest tweets:

    “Imma have to smack this elderly bitch in my building I see”.

    10 minutes ago

    auntie crissle
    2)”does anyone know the age of consent in ny? it’s for a friend.”

    Scares the crap out of me that this psycho b—- gets to vote.

  • Blarney Rose

    The JayFLEAS need to know the oppressive treatment of Blacks by the Castro Regime! Duh! Just shows their ineptitude! Typical Obama worshippers…uninformed and no class!

  • notenoughtime

    It is time to ignore the haters who live in breath knowing they can twitter their incoherent thoughts and someone, somewhere will agree.

  • Dustin Ftp Rhoads

    Yes Stacy we see whats happening. SOME of us are awake. Don’t let the zombie babble get to you

  • Bemani Dog

    And then they pull Tamera Mowry into it. Obviously for the double whammy of being married to a guy who is (a) white and (b) a Fox News correspondent.

  • Arborius


    Jay-Z and Beyoncé show support for a suppressive communist government guilty of countless human rights violations and left wingers threaten the patriot who call’s them out. No surprise at all. Wish you all would move to Cuba so you can enjoy the socialist utopia of Cuba and stop screwing up the USA.

  • Ken

    Stacy I agree with you, Beyonce and Jay Z are akin to Jane Fonda, Sean Penn and most recently The Worm, Dennis Rodman.

  • therantinggeek

    When it comes to beauty, brains, AND common sense? Stacey Dash > Beyonce. #justsayin

  • Cory

    What’s wrong with visiting Cuba. Americans visit China and they aren’t any better. Cuba isn’t the only oppressive country in the world.

    • © Sponge

      It’s against the law, for one. We have sanctions against Cuba for its atrocities against it’s people and special permits are required to travel. Jay-z (former drug dealer) and his “bitch ain’t one” were granted one under auspicious circumstances and are only attempting to glorify a horrible situation for the people of Cuba.

      • Cory

        400K people visited Cuba from the US with govt. permission including the US chamber of commerce and I didn’t hear any outrage from people. #2 there are other countries that have horrible situations just like Cuba, basically the whole continent of Africa has oppressive regimes yet many Americans travel there freely. Same with Russia, China, Vietnam, etc. What’s so different about the oppression in Cuba than those countries.

        • © Sponge

          What sanctions does the US have against the countries you mention?

          • Cory

            None, but they got clearance from the govt. Why do you have a problem with Jay and his wife getting clearance but not the US chamber of commerce or other 400k Americans? Unnecessary outrage.

          • © Sponge

            “U.S. citizens are not allowed to travel to Cuba for mere tourism, though
            they can obtain licenses for academic, religious, journalistic or
            cultural exchange trips.”

            If the 400k you speak of are getting licenses for this reason, that’s one thing. Funding a torturous regime is quite different. So, you’re all good with traveling and glorifying North Korea as well, then? Good for you.

          • Cory

            Lol, I could care less about North Korea or Cuba. Really I would like to direct all tourism to Texas, but that’s another topic. All I’m saying is why the outrage over this? How has your life personally changed by them visiting Cuba?

          • © Sponge

            We’ll agree to disagree. Fund brutal regimes, then.

            I believe the post is actually about the hypocrisy of the left and it’s NEW TONE toward poor Miss Stacey anyway.

          • Cory

            Lol, both sides are hypocritical. There is no new left, and the GOP is still the same. I don’t see why people get worked up about what politicians say, they are mainly lawyers, so that should be in the back of everyone’s mind when they are hearing them speak. Politicians lie, simple as that.

  • © Sponge

    Stay strong, Stacey. Liberals suck, so you’re going to put up with this. Just know that they’re outnumbered and you’ve got support from the clear thinking society.

  • francesca9

    stacey dash supported the right person for the countrty….nice to see a conservative with some brains. you people are sick and twisted with your death thoughts because she does not agree with you that if you are black you must vote for obama because of his skin color. how racist! go stacey.

  • juli222

    Wow the level of intelligence in the above comments is astounding. Can people be that ignorant? I could care less for Jay Z and wife. They show their true colors…..their just like the wannabe in the White House and all the wannabe’s in Washington. Not surprising they would have visited Cuba!

  • Chris

    A lot of racial hateful words from some of these people.

  • sleazyrider

    Surely their skin color didn’t get them any special privileges…

  • Kdiity

    Gotta love those tolerant and open minded libs, dontcha?? It really slays me that they believe they really are !!!

  • Michael Rodriguez

    Don’t worry Stacey, there are still a lot of us out here who are smart enough to see the corruption and still like freedom.. I use to like jz, I grew up in his neighborhood but after really seeing things, not so much..

    Gvnmt needs to stop wasting our money on parties and vacations and do the right thing..

  • Yonderthehill

    Those who bashed the lovely Stacey Dash did not realize the chains were set heavily upon them. Good little slaves attacking for their big Democratic Massa.

  • Orlando Cee

    Stand your ground, Stacey.

    You’re a smart, classy lady with high moral standards–not like the hyenas that would bring you down.

  • dkhilly

    I was about to say: “I haven’t given them any capital.” But then I realized I’m a tax payer, and the’ve participated in publicly funded events :(

  • Michael Napal

    Cuba is a country in which its people have been plagued by a
    dictatorship for 54 years. A regime which has proven a total disregard for the
    most basic human rights, and continues to incarcerate and/or kill anyone who
    speaks out against it. This truth is one of the many reasons which we have maintained
    a policy of restrictions, tours travel and commerce. These are well-known
    facts, which these very public individuals are aware of… Stacy Dash statement supports her personal position and belief system, and is by no means motivated by racism, envy or any other idiotic reason suggested.

    Another bit of common knowledge is evident in most of the
    responses; in that racism is found in all races.

  • golftilidrop

    The only thing a liberal hates more then a conservative, is a black conservative.

    • therantinggeek

      Especially if it happens to be a black conservative woman. :) Stacey rocks, hands down.

  • Josh

    Ah, gotta love it when twitter trolls delete their tweets when it gets cataloged for all to see. Stacey Dash is awesome – she speaks her mind and morals unflinchingly against leftist tirades; a rare trate in modern Hollywood. Support Stacey!

  • Cedric Mills

    These idiots have not seen the real communism…I would love to see these fools get a taste of it…keep it going Stacey.. keep it going

  • right_on

    There’s only one reason for celebrities like Jay-Z to go to Cuba….CIGARS. I’m sure he’ll be “gifted” more than one box of Habanas. I wonder if Obama gave Jay-Z some “diplomatic pouches” in order to facilitate their entry in to the U.S.?

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Late to the party but don’t care.

    God, that woman is beautiful. Inside and out.

    Hot (wonderfully belligerent) mess.

    Go on girl.

  • buzzer7

    This is the “Real Problem”: Most of these hateful people are stone to the bone stupid! They just can’t stand an African-American that does not kow-tow to Obama, and his Hollywoodenhead Myrmidons! Good for you, Stacey, for standing up for beliefs, despite the vicious ravings of the “Obamazombies!

  • Cedric Mills

    These idiots have not seen the real communism…I would love to see these fools get a taste of it…keep it going Stacey.. keep it going

  • oconnellc

    By the way, Michelle talks about this in her book.

    Buy her book!!!!

  • GJ

    Stacy has always been white at heart. This is nothing new. Its not for our Government to tell us where we can and cant go. Its not hard to get to Cuba. She is only doing this to keep her OLD ASS name relevant. She will have her own republican talk show soon, I guess….. She kissin all the right ass..

    • QueenB

      I see. So if you think for yourself and use common sense, that is being “white at heart”. I’ve always wondered what “acting white” meant, and now I know. So, thanks for that. However, I am curious as to why you think black people are stupid and must follow what democrats say to the letter. Why are you such a racist? Don’t you think black people are capable of taking care of themselves without the crumbs the old, white democrats allow them to have? What did a black guy ever do to you to make you so full of hate and prejudice against black people in general?

  • $7610427

    These ignorant pigs couldn’t find Cuba on a map! Communist regime? Guuurl…whachutalkinbout…

  • nancytag1

    Stacey: GO GIRL!!!!

  • pegleg

    The “haters” can’t deal with a pretty conservative, thus the bathtub and other comments. She’s right and gorgeous. deal with it.

  • Benny Blaze

    A bunch of ignorant ass country ass unintelligent hypocrites making senseless comments while hiding behind their pc’s get a f***** life!!!

  • Benny Blaze

    A bunch of ignorant ass country ass unintelligent hypocrites making senseless comments while hiding behind their pc’s get a f***** life!!!

  • bo1921

    And did you notice how they both looked so… Cuban – even down to jay-z’s
    cigar (contraband?). Their fashion designer was really on top of things. I’m
    sure the natives were enthralled.

  • Steve Elliott

    Hang in there Stacey. 7 out of 10 had to use filth to talk.

  • Miss Malevolent

    Well, there is a reason the word fan comes from it’s root word, FANATIC.

    You know…it’s okay to disagree…just make sure you keep some perspective. And I’d say…next time you’re typing out that response twit…I mean tweet…just say it out loud…even better pretend like it is being said to you. And if you’re fine with being told to get cancer and die…press send.

  • Brian

    You can always find offensive tweets, from both sides

    But honestly this whole thing is a non-issue. The United States was also one of the last advanced nations to ban slavery, and still had Jim Crow in my parents life time. Should people have been banned from visiting the United States based on that?

    There are Cubans in this country who would probably love to visit their family members, but cannot. We’re pretty much the only nation with this out-dated embargo. It has not accomplished a thing. People should be “free” to visit whatever country they so choose. It should be no more illegal to visit Cuba than it is to visit China

  • b70

    funny how she didn’t even mention anything about race but they all did…tells me who’s racists and it’s not Stacey Dash

  • [email protected]

    Stacey Dash has a right to her own opinion, but just like a butthole, we all have one. Entertainers work hard for their money and can spend it on what they like. In this case they went on a trip and that’s what theypaid for. Whoever received the money after that spent it on whatever they wanted to which has nothing to do with Beyonce and Jay-Z trip. If you are going to blame someone, blame it on the folks who placed Cuba in a position of seeking communist oppressive regime measures.

    • Jeremy

      Jay-Z and Beyonce are both dim bulbs and they will be used as propaganda by commies

  • Craig Ankney

    I truly enjoyed reading all the comments slamming Stacy Dash because she spoke out about Jay-Z and Beyoncé going to Cuba!!! They have a Constitutional right to be as stupid as they are!!! I saw a Pepsi commercial featuring Beyoncé so I’ll exercise my Constitutional right not to buy any Pepsi products in the future!!! As for Jay-Z, doesn’t he know that “Che” hated blacks and that Castro murdered Che? This is Che’s bio: “ Ernesto “Che” Guevara, commonly known as el Che or simply Che, was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist.”

    I don’t have to boycott any of Jay-Z’s products because I don’t buy anything that a former Drug Dealer sells!!!

  • Thanatos144

    See all that racism by the tolerant progressives? That is the true face of socialism and stupidity… No wonder they go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

  • disqus_1qoZwoNzCH

    Stacey Dash is correct in what she has done. If they like Cuba, they can stay in Cuba losing them to the Communists will be no great loss.

  • Darrell

    She’s exceedingly hot! Stacey has the right worldview too….

  • Anderson

    She stays classy the left….not even close.

  • Jeremy

    The always tolerant lefties on twitter strike again

  • LindasClement

    Do not judge them or you will be judged. they didn’t use your money and they can go anywhere they want whether you like it or not

  • sue addington

    I love it when the so called “liberal &#%%& get all upset when someone just speaks their mind.. is this the reaction when not not receiving total love all the time. Grow up you big babys, and to say die slow.. NICE.. So these are your fans.How proud must be.. I say you and your family go take a visit to BENGHAZI! I hear it’s nice this time of year.