Oh, humanity.

Well, you won’t be disappointed, sadly. As we reported, former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died. Twisted sickos took to Twitter to dance on her grave: Utterly revolting.

But others are asking, “who is Margaret Thatcher?”

No, for real.



Bless their hearts. And if you think you are safe if you don’t use Twitter yourself, guess again!



‘Crack open the champagne’: Twisted Twitter users dance on Margaret Thatcher’s grave

Rest in peace: Margaret Thatcher has died following a stroke; Update: Twitter mourns

  • Emily B

    I give up.

  • CatHerder

    This is surprising how? These are the same people who ‘did it their first time’ for Obama.

    • Brad

      How do you know that? Some of those people are British not Americans.

  • http://www.freedomreconnection.com CO2 Producer

    So not even Meryl Streep’s portrayal in The Iron Lady was enough to make people remember who Margaret Thatcher is.

    “Meryl who? The what now?”

  • disqus_e2F2oUH6C7

    To all you dolts asking “who is Margaret Thatcher” do the following:
    Go to a library or book store, get a real
    History book, sit down and READ IT.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      I’m sorry to report that they also have no idea what a library or book store is either.

  • John (it true me am)

    The bigger stupidity is that they could have avoided looking like an idiot to begin with and just typed her name in one of a million other websites besides Twitter. But I guess the thought of being forced to read more than 140 characters is daunting.

    • GaryTheBrave

      If it doesn’t have a #hashtag or an @ sign they don’t know what to do?

      Seriously, though, it’s been 24 years since Reagan left office. Students going for their Masters degrees were not yet born. My dad fought in WWII and its ancient history to me. These people feel the same way of the Vietnam War.

      • Tommy

        History is history and if they can be bothered to know who Mao, Che Guevara, Stalin and Adolf Hitler are it stands to reason Margaret Thatcher should be just as known to these dolts as those leftist monstrosities.

        Yet Sadly, this is not the case. Only hate is learned.

        And all the while championing the leftist mantra of “inclusiveness” by means of divisiveness. The whole ideology is a crumbled mess of self perpetuating victimization and utopian narcissism from coked out illusionary vices dreamed up by a mad man.

        • NY Republican

          They don’t want us to learn about conservatives, they just want us to be kool-aid drinking welfare using low info voters

  • peteee363

    if you do not know who she is, blame a teacher! they don’t want you to know who she was.

    • Brad

      My teacher taught me who Thatcher is but I forgot it really fast because it wasn’t interesting in any way.

      • Ardell Simon


      • PeriMedic

        As a former history teacher, I don’t doubt there’s truth in your statement. Many history teachers make the subject very boring, and that is sad. I alway said history should be exciting to learn, as it is filled with sex, violence, drama, courage, humor, betrayal…all the things we pay to watch in the movies. It’s all in the instructors’ delivery.

        • Michael Anderson (WB)

          It’s also in what is being taught. Names and dates are about as interesting as watching concrete dry. Learning what people were thinking, that’s interesting.
          My favorite class outside my major was a history class. For the final, we were given a a single question. The professor basically asked for a story in our own words of what had happened and why. I wrote several pages, didn’t mention a single name or date, and lost one point for a misspelled word. Can’t even remember the various names of the emperors now, but I can talk for hours about why the Roman empire collapsed.

          • Jay Stevens

            The Roman Empire collapsed for the same reason Sparta did.

            Spartan matrons used to tell their men, “Return with your shield or on it.” Later, this custom declined. So did Sparta.

        • Jay Stevens

          I received my BSc degree while I was in the Army. My favorite teacher was one of my history teachers. You couldn’t get an “A”, but you could pass the course without ever opening the textbook. You had to show up, pay attention, take good notes, and participate in class. He was loud, abrasive, non-PC, and very dynamic. Great teacher.

  • kayakingfatso

    They’re liberals in the making. Instead of taking it upon themselves to search online who Margaret Thatcher is, they tweet asking so others can provide them with the answers. These half-wits can’t even be bothered to educate themselves.

    • Brad

      Why should they care? Some people don’t care about history especially if it’s some other country’s history.

      • journogal

        Isn’t world history taught anymore? Believe it or not, history is important, even world history, because it can repeat itself. There are people who don’t believe there was anything wrong with Mao, Hitler or other brutal dictators. I think there is an old saying, “those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.” You may not care, but you’ll be affected.

        • gotroy22

          Yes socialism was a colossal failure in the 20th Century but no info voters have given Obama a chance to implement it here.

          • journogal

            Frightening, but not impossible to fight. I’m not giving up.

      • VerminMcCann

        Why are so many of your posts premised on the idea that people should exist or post from behind the vale of stupidity?

  • CynicOwl

    Margaret Thatcher is someone who despised teacher’s unions.

  • Tommy

    Another proud testament to the quality of a liberal education. Shameful. They know and celebrate Mao but have no knowledge of the first female prime minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher.

    Liberals should be held at Gitmo for their actions and crimes against humanity for dumbing down our youth to Sponge Bob proportions.

    • Brad

      I don’t think they know or celebrate Mao. You shouldn’t believe everything these right wing bloggers tell you.

  • V the K

    Thanks, public education. American students can’t do math, write a grammatical sentence, or know any history, but they sure know how to put a condom on a banana better than any of our global competitors.

    • Stone Bryson

      I don’t know which is worse, V: The utter stupidity, or the vapid laziness. Is it really THAT hard to Bing her name? Wikipedia? If they can master the prophylactic, you’d think typing in a few characters in a search would be a snap.

      Sadly… no.

      • http://codelair.com/ Scott

        No, what’s worse is moronic “journalists” like this thinking 20 people out of 500 million people on Twitter is representative of anything.

    • NY Republican

      Some of us survived it

      • NY Republican

        and left as functioning adults

  • Mom2Ian03

    This is just sad.

  • TocksNedlog

    In this case, ignorance may be bliss, because as soon as these young toolbots learn who she is they’ll probably jump on the bandwagon with those that are dancing on her grave.

    • PeriMedic

      I thought the same thing. Is it better the US education system has ignored her, as opposed to the inevitable demonization of her?

    • trixiewoobeans

      They already are. They haven’t got a clue, but they’re faithfully following the herd.

  • PeriMedic

    While appalled, it may not all be these young people’s fault. If born after Mrs. Thatcher’s service, it would be the duty of our education system to inform them. Are you surprised then, that they would be in the dark (and I am a former teacher who has witnessed the system from the inside)?

    • GaryTheBrave

      I don’t know how many Prime Ministers Great Britain had over it’s history but I’m certain not all are taught in school anymore due to the arcane nature of some. It would be like going in depth into the legistative accomplishments of, say, Millard Fillmore. However, there should be as exhaustive exploration of the Iron Lady’s leadership as there is of Churchill’s.

  • http://twitter.com/LNSmithee L.N. Smithee

    I could understand if they mistook her for Becky Thatcher from Tom Sawyer, but they don’t know that story because it’s too politically incorrect to teach in school anymore. Is there a “Margaret” in any of the Harry Potter or Twilight books? What about Heather Has Two Mommies?

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      All they know about Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn is that it’s racist propaganda, written by the evil, white oppressor, Mark Twain. A man so ashamed of his work that he hid behind a “pen name.”

  • RightThinking1

    The Left are busy redacting the Reagan/Thatcher era from history, while simultaneously promoting a false narrative of Obama/Democrats. We are doomed.

  • Aaron Burr

    A friends kid asked who Margaret Thatcher was. I told him she was Dumbledores wife.

  • Bklynnygirl

    The only Margaret the left praises is Margaret Sanger.

  • Section 9

    It’s the duty of the Marxians in the Educational System to make Thatcher and Reagan Unpersons. People are surprised?

  • Baba Ghanoush

    I wonder of the, “Who Is Margaret Thatcher” crowd, how many are on the front lines for the War On Women?

  • DurkaDurka

    The UK is done.

  • $23639361

    These mush-heads haven’t studied history, but they’ve learned the marxist crap dolled out by the state-run edumacation system & from the battlefields of the culture war… they know who Lena Dunham & Sandra Fluke is


    Please send your own individual kudo’s to the Department of Indoctrination.

  • Male Factor

    …Judging by the amount of vitriol vomited by insipid left wingnut pseudo-intellectual Twitter activists, a great many people don’t know who Margaret Thatcher was.

  • jerry148

    Psst….Google is your friend, morons.