Perhaps he is one of the people tweeting, “Who is Margaret Thatcher?”


But, so far, his statement has been: Crickets.

Twitter users are keeping watch.

Tick tock, Mr. President.


Update: Hours after the news of her passing, a statement has finally been released.


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  • TrailBoss

    He is still Sleeping. He doesn’t get up early.

    • Elaine

      BREAKING: Obama’s early tee time delays statement release. Kerry blames some video?

      • angeleyez

        May West Obama the Narcissist will just talk about himself.

  • b_truit

    Obama still sucks? What’s new..

  • Rev TJ Conwell

    Shouldn’t be long until we are all knee-deep in Obama’s narcissism. Statement follows him sinking this countr … errr, putt.

  • Heather_A

    He prolly won’t for a while. His father had a deep personal dislike for the UK. If he could mechanically read a statement and then toss it in the trash in the full view of the press, he would. He’s the Ryan Leaf of Presidents.


    • TomJB

      Please don’t be so hard on Ryan Leaf. He had a great career at Washington State and presumably at his high school. The President’s performances in the IL an US senates were just as blase as his current performance.

  • traffic_robot

    The WH is hastily photoshopping a pic of himself over a union jack or something to that effect.

    • Txgirlinnh

      I was thinking the exact same thing…perhaps with a powdered wig

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        …or perhaps a powdered diaper — so he needn’t change out of his bedclothes before the press conference?

    • TomJB

      50/50 they screw it up and use a CSA flag instead

      • SE Haworth


  • © Sponge

    Well, she can’t listen to an iPod filled with his speeches anymore, so that’s out. She was conservative. That means he’ll say something rude and insulting when he DOES actually say something, so I’d really rather have him silent on the subject. It makes America as a whole look better.

  • grayjohn

    #1. He doesn’t give a shit. #2. He hates the Brits. #3. He’s glad she’s dead, just as he is glad every time an American Soldier or diplomat is killed. It makes his day.

  • grayjohn

    Was I too un PC for the comments? The truth is harsh and I thought you guys that.

  • NotaLemming

    I find it repugnant that @BuzzFeed is calling Margret Thatcher a FEMINIST because she was a STRONG women. Being strong does not make you a FEMINIST @BuzzNutS

    • Grumpa Grumpus


      Al the “feminists” I met after 1955 were the opposite: weak of will & easily led, weak of mind & unable to comprehend the complexities of normal mature relationships. All they had was a burn hatred of any tradition of Western Civilization. Oddly, their “passion to free their sisters” never extended to places where it was dangerous to gainsay the denigration of women: USSR, Red China, Indonesia, Africa (incl. Muzlem parts).

      And we still see that subjecting her “sisters” to: Honor-killings, cliterectomies, sexual slavery, bride-selling (… as in “” Achmed, it’s only 1 woman — do you have change for a goat?”), and all things of that nature are dandy w/today’s feminist —- as long as you don’t call her “Miss”, ask her to pay for her own “Plan-B” pill, ask her to wait a day for an abortion, or hold the door for her!

      To do any of those latter-four things… or transgressions like unto them is to invite death threats and all the other pustulous venom they can muster… including protest marches, defacing/destruction of property, character assassination… or at the very least the lockstep hysterical hyperbole-dripping wagging-of-fingers & tongues whilst screeching like frightened hens.

      • ked5

        feminists say women can do anything they want. watch how they respond when a woman choses to stay home with her children. can you say “meltdown”?

  • Alison

    It’s hard for all commies to come up with something good to
    say about the greatness of a great freedom lover today.

  • Adi

    We all know The Messiah is very lazy so He probably didn’t wake up yet.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Valerie Jarrett hasn’t decided how to play it, yet.

    • TugboatPhil

      She’ll probably note the event by posting a picture of Barry.

  • $27789750

    Because he isn’t fit to polish her shoes and the contrast is just too obvious.

    • rinodino

      Shoe shining is the first thing that comes to mind huh? You people make it so easy I swear

      • trixiewoobeans

        Ohhhh, first CRD (Closet Racist -of -the -Day) award! You sir, are the wiener! Your mind went straight to race with no provocation!

      • $27789750

        And you people make it so predictable, I swear. :)

      • SpinMeNot

        WAAAAAH — Mommy, the mean racists are saying bad things about our lord and savior!

  • docmacs

    “…as we carry on the work to which she dedicated her life…”
    I thought she was against socialism and communism…..

  • Luke Givens

    The statement has been released, I’m sure you are all very devastated because it means you have one less thing to be outraged about. Because clearly nothing says that you are mourning the death of Margaret Thatcher quite like squawking and bellyaching about Obama.

    • TugboatPhil

      I know. You must have taken a vacation in early 2009 after 8 years of cheering for President Bush.

    • KayGee

      You could literally take your second sentence, and change only the words “Mourning the death of Margaret Thatcher” into whatever the latest politically-charged current event is, and apply it to everything that’s happened in the the last 4 years.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Margaret Thatcher loved freedom and believed in self reliance….something the commie Obama can never understand. England could surely use another Margaret Thatcher…look at that pitiful, socialized country now.

    • Anderson

      America could use another Margaret Thatcher. Look at this pitiful, socialized country now.

  • Rob Stevely

    When Neil Armstrong died Obama tweeted a picture of himself staring up at the moon. I wonder how he will honor Mrs Thatcher, maybe with a picture of him eating fish n chips?

  • garygramscom

    They sent word to Donna Brazile to say something about the Great Lady, knowing full well she would say something stupid, to lower expectation of what the propaganda machine would put out.

    • E Quilibrate

      And amazing as it seems, Brazile never ever let’s us
      down in that dep’t.

  • ozconservative

    I’m not surprised that it took so long and that it seems so devoid of anything heartfelt. Obama hates the British for Kenyas colonial past. Watch 2016: Obamas America – it explains a lot about the man and his way of thinking.

    • michael s

      1. He doesnt hate the British for Kenya’s colonial past. 2. Why would that be wrong if so? 3. Where’s the guy that made Obama’s America,the lying religious family values conservative christian known as Dinesh DeSouza ? Please tell me inquiring minds want to know. 4. At least Pres Obama isn’t or ever was a Khmer Rouge supporter ,can’t say the same about your Iron Lady,that conservative icon / leftist communist mass murderer dictator supporter.

      • ozconservative

        Obama receives a pen set made from the timbers of a old slave ship from British PM Gordon Brown. Brown receives, in return, a selection of dvds with the wrong region code. He gives Queen Elizabeth, a lady who has led her country with dignity and grace for 60 years, an iPod full of his speeches. And, on top of this, he returns the bust of Winston Churchill. And he supports the Muslim brotherhood.

      • Jason Call

        1. Your opinion. Fine. 2. At issue is not whether Hating the British is right, but only to know whether Barack Hussein Obama hates them, that one might better understand his postures and behavior. 3. Do you allege that Dr. D’Souza is hiding, or something? He spoke at CPAC last month. And are you calling him a big liar-head? What lie? 4. What the…?

    • Jason Call

      Absolutely. D’souza reveals Obama’s motivations. Alinsky defines the tactics. Obama hates my country, wants to bring ‘er down. And, oh yes, hates Britain passionately.

  • L.N. Smithee

    “I wanna give a shout out to Dr. Joe Medicine Pro…”

  • Wag_a_Muffin (D)

    Give the man a break! He was busy at the golf course–why no one saw him on the greens is none of our business.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    I have to admit, Obama seems to have done well on this one.

    • SpinMeNot

      He offered platitudes eluded to her as being a feminist role model, failed to note that she fixed the same problems he is exacerbating, etc. etc. He talked about standing with the British to carry on her work. Her work was exactly the opposite of his work.

      • Stephen L. Hall

        His sentiment was decent and respectful. I did not say he believed in what she did or agreed with her. I agree with you on substance, but as a Presidential statement, this was well done. In the past, he has shown disrespect to our Congress and our Supreme Court, even the Queen of England, but credit where it is due.

        • SpinMeNot

          I must respectfully disagree with you on the “well the done”.

  • Patsplacepp

    So exactly what’s the story here? I’m sorry she’s passed away but isn’t this the same country that passed gun control, has universal health care and is home to Piers Morgan. I would have thought Americans would be more concerned about the USA than when a White House statement comes out on the death of an ex Prime Minister that other than be an ally with the US on NATO did nothing else for the USA…oh right Obama is in the White House..its fuzzy but it all makes sense now…(Yes being very sarcastic in all fronts)

    • $29561723

      Damn straight. Britain is even debating kitchen knife-control. It is now the safest country in all of Europe.

    • Cruz2016!!!

      Apparently you know nothing of what Margaret Thatcher accomplished…..your statement just proves how the UK has gone to hell since Margaret left!

    • Cruz2016!!!

      Apparently you know nothing of what Margaret Thatcher accomplished against communism/socialism during her reign…your statement just proves how the UK has totally sunk and is struggling to keep it’s head above water since she left!

    • Sonya A. Willis

      “…the death of an ex Prime Minister that other than be an ally with the US on NATO did nothing else for the USA…”

      My God please just shut up your ignorance and stupidity is mind boggling!

  • Joseph A White

    Barack Obama is not worthy of emptying Lady Thatcher’s chamber pot.

    • rinodino

      And you’re not worthy to clean the White House bathroom, so I guess you and him are even

      • Heather_A

        My.guess is that he doesn’t have the 500k tribute for admittance to the WH, so there’s that.


      • SpinMeNot

        Did Mr. White hit a nerve?

        • Rabid

          MOMMMY!!!!The mean people are picking in the Messiah again!!!

        • E Quilibrate

          It’s cute when someone like J.A. White nails it, that
          “other ” group gets their knickers in a knot.

        • Jay Stevens


  • Orlando Cee

    Margaret Thatcher had more balls than Barry and all his bath house friends will ever have. Hell, he might be with them right now.

  • KayGee

    “As Twitchy reported, 5 WHOLE MINUTES have passed since the last time we expected Obama to instantly release a statement regarding one of our favorite politician’s death, we will continue to amplify our mockery and shame as each second passes.” UPDATE: “We are begrudgingly forced to admit that he has in fact released a statement, but we are still obliged to hate him for being a Kenyan-Marxist-Socialist-Fascist-Stalin-Hitler.”

    • JoeMyGodNYC


    • SpinMeNot

      A statement that proves he knows nothing about what Dame Thatcher actually stood for, and what she accomplished. She was handed an economy far worse than what BHO inherited and created an accumulated growth of roughly 23% …

  • TDS

    Her death was not gun related, so it is no consequence to his current agenda.

    • Jay Stevens

      And he cannot blame Bush.

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Actually, I say he missed the point entirely on this one, as usual. His first statement makes a beeline directly for the feminist angle, which Thatcher rejected, and the whole thing ignores her embrace and success of free market capitalism.

    • SpinMeNot

      It did however reinforce what we already know about him and his staff — clueless wonders.

      • E Quilibrate

        I think you’re about half right. “wonders” might be
        a bit of a stretch.

        • SpinMeNot

          roflmao … ok, you got me there.


          • E Quilibrate

            Thanks, I always search out the posts which you and 3 others type, they are brilliant.

          • SpinMeNot

            Your kind words are appreciated, thank you sir.

        • Jay Stevens

          No. SMN got it right, just out of order: “wonder how they’re clueless”.

    • Jason Call

      No he does not miss the point. Remember his second Inaugural? He told us our Founding Fathers are socialists. Now Maggie Thatcher’s a feminist. Oh, and Reagan’s a gun-grabber. Sun-Tsu is a pacifist, too, now that I think about it. By the way, hurricanes and really bad snowstorms were only once-per-lifetime events before, oh, 1990? Revised history for the ignorant, feeble modern American.

  • trixiewoobeans

    Courageous, principled, strong, anti-Communist/Socialist…what can he say about somebody who’s everything he’s not, or even familiar with?

    • ked5

      everything he’s against.

  • Clayton Grant

    Loved Heather’s tweet: “Has Obama released a statement about himself on Thatcher’s death yet?”

  • Right Wired

    The Iron Lady would have kicked the Paper President in his bullocks

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    The timestamp on the press release I got from from the White House is 9:32am Eastern. What a stupid, silly and totally invented load of teacrap.

  • Gallatin

    The Iron Lady never gave him a book to read.

  • Debbie Walters
  • Anderson

    Really? It took over 2 hours for someone at the WH to do a google search and figure out who is this Thatcher person that the media is talking about instead of gun control? What? She was a notable world leader? A conservative woman to boot? No kidding, crap, guess we better do a press release. This is really gonna hurt.

  • neoface

    Just what “leading from behind-in-chief” does. Besides someone has to write it for him. With over 200 people working to write his budget proposal, and he is still two month late, that should give you an indication why the Jerk is always day late and dollar short.

  • Anderson

    Im sure if the WH actually released it at they time stamp indicated it was posted, Jay Carney read it at the daily press briefing. …… Oh wait……

    • JoeMyGodNYC

      I got the statement via email at 9:32AM. Obviously it was the very first order of business when people got to work today.

  • michael s

    Was he required by law to say something immediately? Stop being petty.

    • Thevelvetkitten

      It is called civility. Respect.

  • nc

    I find it hard to believe they didn’t have a “prepared” statement, ready to go. After all, she was in declining health and advanced age for awhile, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise. Newspapers have prepared obits of famous people all the time. So something tells me there was some “drama” behind the scenes before. Who knows?

  • Stan

    The teleprompter has been eliminated because of the sequester?

  • Terry

    What, no I’s?

  • Jason Call

    Does the special relationship still exist? Both nations are in decline, although Britain is much further along, with foreign invaders killing her off, Muhammad being the most popular male baby name for a year or two now. The mutual sympathies and shared philosophies between an American conservative and a British conservative cause me to intuit that our “grass roots” relationship is singular and special. Likewise, my homeland’s Low Information Voter is a dead-ringer for the former empire’s Feral Human. Heads of state are irrelevant, unless they are friends and compatriots to one another as Reagan and Thatcher were. I contend that they may take part in the special relationship if they please. Limbaugh said the other day that Thatcher thought of our founders as Britains. I perceive the likes of Thomas Paine or John Paul Jones to be thoroughly American. Daniel Hannon said once that he regards America proudly, as one would a successful nephew. I reckon England is my crazy old uncle. The point is that the relationship is familial. Barack Obama is an interloper, an outsider; and one, I believe, with cruel intent toward my United States. It’s just sad.