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As we have reported, the depraved have come out in full force upon former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s death. While those with moral compasses and human decency paid tribute to this great woman and her amazing legacy, twisted Twitter users spewed hate and danced on her grave in sickening displays of depravity.

President Obama did finally make a statement on Margaret Thatcher’s passing, in which he offered kind words and paid tribute to her. That was cause for more fits of hate.




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  • UnknownUzer

    Those who celebrate Thatcher’s death, are the very one’s guilty of killing off her country. It’s a shame that the very country Thatcher saved from communism died 20 years before she did, and by the hands of the very people she helped save from tyranny. Now the U.K. is under siege from entitlement mentality and multiculturalism. Britain has been conquered without so much as a shot fired.

    • Ardell Simon

      WOW, That is an incredible post, true and well stated!

    • okiepastor

      And U.S. is headed in the same direction. With an indoctrinated youth shouting ‘give communism and fascism a Chance!’ sad.

      • Sylvia Djordevic

        Have you ever seen so many people willing to put their necks in a noose? You know this is mostly public education’s fault. Since when does wearing a burka teach you about Geography? I bet those kids can tell you all the ‘wonders of Islam’ but can’t point to any country on the map. Stomping on Jesus, parade gun control, but blow LaPierre’s head off in video games..This is the bullshit public ed has created. American Civics? History? WTF is THAT? It’s unbelievable…

    • thetreyman

      what do you want to bet these are some of the same people who mourned hugo chavez’s death. they have no idea what real tyranny looks like.

    • Kenneth James Abbott

      The liberals who supposedly fight chauvinism chanted “Ditch the Bitch!” whenever Thatcher stepped out onto the floor, and the liberal student activist groups pelted her with eggs, trash, even rocks. In 1974, feminists pointedly ignored the disgusting mistreatment Margaret Thatcher put up with on a daily basis…. And a decade later they expected her to be grateful to them because feminism “opened doors” for women.

      It’s the same here in reverse. They absolutely spew hatred at her–but when the very things she fought against sweep England like a wave of sewage, they’ll blame her and her ilk for not being there.

      • UnknownUzer

        The truth has been spoken.

      • Kevin Scott

        Then they deserve what they receive, and I have more sympathy for an injured rattlesnake than these ungrateful and ill-mannered cretins.

    • Bojan Djordjevic

      Yep, Sheriah law running rampant…

      • Sylvia Djordevic

        Hey! I know you! <3 ;*

        • Bojan Djordjevic

          Where from? 😉

  • crazymensa

    What can you expect from small minded people with little to no command of the English language? They say the same things using the same words. Worthless drivel.

  • grais

    Would these cretins be able to type w/o using “f*ck” and “c*nt?”
    I’m afraid I believe they’re doing their absolute best.
    God help us.

    • J Ruse

      I doubt they can restrain themselves. But they’ve also been well trained to hate any leader who isn’t for massive government burdens and pandering to people who prefer to be low-witted and disinterested.

    • 1CatEye

      They certainly can’t talk without using those words. They think they’re being hip or daring, or something. Really, just the opposite. Thatcher would have made mincemeat of them, all without using obscenities.

  • Renny

    Limited vocabulary. That says it all.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    From a moderate/independent Democrat POV, I love watching the left blowhards get all worked up over this. The Kos crowd is not happy.

    • el_polacko

      i’m with you…i love when the left explodes with rage against obama. it gives me hope for the future that they are beginning to realize that he’s not their messiah.

      • Avey Owyns

        …right. They want someone more radical.

        • Marcy Cook

          Scary thought

        • Michelle

          Exactly. They want a through and through 100% Progressive. And the funny thing about that is…poll after poll of who claims to be conservative, moderate, liberal, etc. consistently show “progressives” at the bottom of the dog pile.

        • Patrick Dennehy

          When the guy said ‘Obama is right of Nixon’…I mean, what do you even say to that?? Obama is not left enough for you?..I.can’t.even. just WOW

        • John

          They don’t want to work. They want to sit on their backsides playing on their Xbox all day.

  • TJ

    Are they f’en Obama or Thatcher. It could go both ways. The H8 to Obama is not that he is to left it is that he is not radical left enough. And then how many times did he say “I” in the tribute could also get the f-bombs sent.

  • lissa

    One humorous side-effect…someone started the hashtag #Nowthatcherisdead and libs are mourning Cher…

  • D’Bak61

    Obama is just paying lip service to be politically correct. He cannot say what he really believes about the death of a great conservative, but I’m glad his Lefty useful idiots are too stupid to keep their collective mouths shut and in turn say what our Usurper in Chief really thinks.

    • shimauma

      I believe you are right on target there. barry hussien’s puppet handler or Totus-typer must’ve had a smidgen of common sense today.

  • Marty Luther

    Good to see that the Left is self-policing.

  • Jedd McHead

    The Left lash out at Odrama for making a statement of respect for the late Margaret Thatcher? This is PROOF that the Left is absolutely CLUELESS.

    Do they not, by now, realize Barry is never sincere about anything he says in the course of his duties as Head of State? The only time we see his true self is when he doesn’t know a mic is on or when his teleprompter isn’t available.

    So, chill, Libs. He’s just playing “the game”.

    • Paul J. Citro

      Great input!!

  • xristosdomini

    ……… “to the right of Nixon”? WTF? Someone clearly didn’t know Nixon very well… or Obama.

    The utter ignorance being displayed on social media about who Margaret Thatcher was is the very reason that those who hate her are going to win the political struggle. In many ways, America is being conquered by it’s “victory” in the Cold War. The most successful socialist nation on the earth right now is Cuba… and hundreds die every year trying to flee Cuba……………….. to come to the USA. This psychotic ignorance of history and geopolitics is a tragedy–not just because it exists, but because so many people fight to defend that ignorance.

  • rivers

    Do these people also celebrate the deaths of those who froze during England’s coal strike, the one that Thatcher put an end to?

  • louisiana_mom

    I don’t think they know the meaning of “freedom and liberty”… Because what the Left is offering is not “freedom” nor “liberty”…

  • golftilidrop

    The left never fails to live up to their vile and immoral reputation.

    • LmyLefty

      Yes but the “right” are so good at it…….makes us look like amateurs

  • Walt

    As per usual, the tolerant left eats it’s own. Either you agree 100% or they vilify you. Even if they liked you yesterday.

  • neoface

    Again this shows how hateful liberals are when you are not on the same page with them!
    Somehow I thought the democrats weren’t as moronic before they accepted all these social fringe people. These far left people really gives democrats bad name, they should distances themselves. It’s not worth their votes!!!

  • TocksNedlog

    Bi-partisan a$$holes

  • Michelle

    Judging by the pics of those who tweeted hate for Thatcher, most of them are very young. Thatcher has been retired longer than they’ve been alive, I bet they couldn’t pinpoint exactly why they hate her, their lives didn’t include her as their PM and they’re simply towing the line.

    • Gallatin

      They hate her because of what they were taught in government schools.


      I’m sure it has something to do with not letting them have other peoples’ money.

    • Kevin Krom

      (Psst… it’s “toeing the line”, not “towing the line”. As in, lining up as ordered, toes on the line, not picking up the line and carrying/dragging it.)

      • Michelle

        (Psst…Hey thanks for that, I’m not familiar with the spelling since it’s not something I do. Thank goodness you’re here, every comment section needs a Grammar Nazi.)

  • agroulx

    Liberals are not ashamed of showing their true colors as it clearly shows here. And they are the compassionate ones? We are supposed to be more like them? It amazes me how ass-backwards they are on their beliefs of what good morals are and that they think of themselves as model citizens for this country (or any country). Liberals are the most self-centered, hypocritical, destructive human beings on this planet.

  • Bristel

    These people don’t even remember a Thatcher premiership, let alone have studied her in detail. I can’t say I remember the Reagan era either, but at least I studied him in detail, enough to give me more knowledge on him than 99 percent of my generation, and I’d like to think that I have some more knowledge of Thatcher too.

    • oneword

      lived in England when she was PM, very didn’t country, now it is a cesspool filed with people on the dole & sharia law

  • conservativemomma

    I am getting so bored with these leftists hipsters. Honestly can they think of anything unique to say other than F***.

  • kssturgis62

    How is that possible that someone like her is erased from history. the United Kingdom was a Cesspool, a dump, a place that no one wanted to live in or be, or let alone visit. How do you not teach of the Assassination Attempt on her life? How do you not teach that the United Kingdom was so deep in Socialism that people were only working 3 days a week and everything was Owned by the Government? How do you not Teach about the Strike by the Miners? How do you not teach that she fought against the European Union, and predicted its failure, and she was Right and saved her country from making a Huge mistake. If it wasn’t for her Great Britain would have lost their currency and been in a Bigger mess. IT was bad enough PM Brown sold all their gold. What this woman did for her nation and then at the same time how she stated that Europe was built on History and the USA was built on a Philosophy, she stated how we were a Beacon, and even though many disagreed with her on the Falkland Islands, she was right there too, because she spoke of Latin America and South American Dictators. My Gosh she was so amazing. For these people to not know her, to not see how great She is, Tells the Whole Story of the Education System. Margaret Thatcher came along just in time to help Save the World. Yes I mean that, she helped save the world. She briefed Reagan on Gorbachev, and she said loud and clear he is someone we can work with and discuss things with. Because of her over 1800 businesses in Russia were Privatized, and they started building on Capitalism.

    These liberal Leftists are Sociopaths. Oh they are so meek and mild and may even be your friends, but the rage inside of them is deadly. They will always do more harm than good and will make sure everything is destroyed in their path.

    • $32413784

      I applaud you Sir, for such an eloquent history lesson. BRAVO

      • kssturgis62

        Thank you :)

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Communists sharing equal misery……oh how I am enjoying this..

  • CatHerder

    At times like this I am really, really glad Reagan passed on before the advent of Twitter and such. I can’t even imagine the venom these small-souled nobodies would have spewed at his demise.

  • J Ruse

    All these examples, short of two, maybe, are of people who exhibit an extraordinary lack of interest in just about everything, judging merely by their gross lack of followers and followings. Who cares how foul they are? That IS THEM. They are small in many, many ways. It saddens me how putrid they are. Can’t be shocked by it, only stunned by their childishness.

    They ought to get back to something useful, like working to get over their hate for an attitude of real freedom, not ENFORCED ‘FREEDOM’ which was the pathetic mess that Thatcher dragged UK out of. Those idiots also bitch that we are suffering from what she did. What did she do? Chiefly, dragged UK a little away form the decrepitness that is socialism.

  • Lisa Dean

    So, they’re taking Obama seriously in his statement regarding Mrs. Thatcher, even saying that they agree and like Obama until today. Low information Britts are just as bad as low information Americans.

    • Jan Herbison Walker


  • EastValleyConservative

    Yes,to the idiot left who keeps voting in the likes of Obama, not crushing the middle class is tyrannical. They are even stupider than we previously thought.

  • Voting Female

    lol… I cant wait to hear the reaction to Obama stating that Sarah Palin is a Great Patriot Whom The Country Owes So Much.

    I think some of these liberal ssssnakes would spontaneously burst into flames and explode.

  • Katie Johnson

    Those commenting these hateful statements about Margaret Thatcher do not know the meaning of respect, much less realize, understand, or care what she did for Great Britain, Eastern Europe, or the World. It’s a shame. People like this are reaping the benefits of living in a free society, yet have not a grain of respect for those leaders who helped make and keep it that way.

    • Raye09

      These people don’t understand that you can disagree with someone, but still show respect. It’s like they have no conscious or decency left. People love “freedom of speech” but don’t give a $hit about those who help them keep it.

  • maplebob23

    Well, Great Britain has pretty much fallen.

  • Squirrel!

    Obama’s politics are to the RIGHT of Nixon??????
    LMAO @ that!!!!

  • capisce

    If the left aren’t queasy about standing on the graves of children to push an agenda, they certainly have no qualms about dancing on the grave of one whose ideology led a nation out of the depths that failed socialist policies plunged it into.
    If they were honest, the worst they can say about Mrs. Thatcher’s unshakeable commitment to her principles and her country is that she was no Hugo Chavez.

  • $29520529

    The low informed left voters have such an extensive vocabulary, what would they do without the “f” word?

  • 1CatEye

    Apparently these people are unable to “communicate” without using the “f” word. Sad commentary on how few verbal skills they have. Must be union-educated.

    • Ronin

      ****! Right?

    • Brown Eminence

      In the words of Dick Cheney, “Go F**K yourself”.

  • Kevin Roe

    Hey, I have a idea. Let’s ban the word f*** from liberals’ lexicon and watch them implode trying to figure out another word to express everything they want to say! Seriously, is that the ONLY way you can express yourselves???

    • $29561723

      no. They’ve copyrighted “revenues.”

  • Red Fred

    I may not like President Obama’s policies, but there’s no way in h*ll I would ever tweet something like that to his twitter. Maybe he will begin to see what an arrogant brood he is supporting.

  • elHombre

    I hope these scumbags are Brits, because they are certainly indicative of a declining nation.

    • $29561723

      Try to imagine if the WWII generation were THESE d|ckless wards of the state. Hitler would’ve conquered the Isles in about 10 minutes.

  • daPenguin

    Rest in peace Maggie, without you and Ronaldus Maximus these hate spewers would not have been free to spew their hate. History will remember you kindly, as for the haters, Samuel Adams said it best:

    ““Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you;
    May your chains set lightly upon you, and
    may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

  • oconnellc

    Let me translate Michelle Malkin on this one.

    Michelle Malkin: Buy my book you fucking sheep!

    • Matt

      Sorry, Leftists are incapable of understanding, much less translating, conservative thought. You keep trying to be relevant, there, skippy.

      • oconnellc

        Buy my book!

  • Hera

    Oh my word…

    Do these people not understand that Obama needs to be diplomatic and kind in situations such as this? He’s required to show class and dignity which is what he is doing. Would they rather have him tweet, “Go long, you b*tch! F*ck you!”? Apparently yes.

  • J.N. Ashby

    In a moment of clarity, Obama realized he wasn’t a champion of freedom and liberty, and, as Maggie is the yin to Obama’s yang, he labelled her as such.

  • Roy

    Can these people put at least one sentence together without using the “f” word along with other vile and disgusting obscenities??

  • Guest

    Thatcher was willing to confront the Soviet Union,
    and their proxies in Britain, the trade union militants.
    The U.S. is heading down the same path which Britain trod,
    and requires someone with the same steel and resolve as Thatcher,
    to prevent the Socialist transformation intended by Comrade Obama.

  • oneword

    Another reason why my husband left England. I lasted there 1 year & had to get back to the USA. Fat, Ugly, dumb people on welfare

    • $29561723

      bunch of smug, entitled layabouts. Europe as a whole is ripe for a takeover. When Putin is gobbling up territory like a fat Limey eating fish and chips, I’m going to laugh and laugh and laugh.

    • Matt

      I love the Brits, love the country, love their history – but their Leftists are bleeting socialists sheep, who are allowing foreigners and extremists to take over their country.

  • Joel A. Edge

    Doesn’t take much for the mob to turn, does it?

  • Kevin Krom

    The irony of all this invective against Obama is that he likely had absolutely nothing to do with the statement. It lacks the distinctive over-use of “I” and “me” that marks a typical Obama release (along with a topical photo featuring… wait for it… Obama!)

    This was farmed out to some low-level flunkie who wrote a fairly generic statement based on her bio.

  • Brett McMicken

    don’t they know he didn’t mean it? he didn’t include a photo of himself in the tweet.

  • kateorjane

    This latest go-round shows that many British are exceptionally coarse and crude. No doubt some of it is due to lack of education & poverty but it also may be an example of generational users..

  • Matt

    The majority of these idiots were being bottle fed when Thatcher and Reagan were changing the world for the better. The Brits hate shows they’re ignorant of the big picture. Its amazing to me how the young skulls filled with mush have no awareness of the threats of Soviet Russia and how scary it was (at times) to live during that era. Of course who do we have for downplaying the Soviet threat- the far left, who enjoy the combination of socialism and totalitarianism represented by the Soviet- I suspect many of them look at the history books and say “If only that could happen here. Imagine Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Biden, heading up the Politburo”. Leftist nirvana.

  • Ardell Simon

    Its so much fun to watch the snake (libs) start to eat its own (their) tail!

  • LmyLefty

    So many right wing losers in here praising this old cow who did sweet fu## al for UK. Shame the IRA didn’t get to her first could have saved a lot of heartache people endured during her term as PM.

  • James

    It’s easy for those who have financial stability to plead austerity, but those that don’t have it and fall victim to lack of jobs owing to the economy being screwed up can have no opinion because they’re just scum, I can’t speak for everyone but give me a wage I can live on and I’ll bend over backwards for it, until then i’ll continue to struggle on the crappy minimum wage, which nobody can truly survive on.