Wow. You are an ingrate, Ms. Brazile. Just sayin’! Donna Brazile took to Twitter upon learning of the passing of Margaret Thatcher.

Bingo. Margaret Thatcher was a fierce fighter who knew that she owed nothing to “feminism.”

Amen. She paved the way for independent and strong women, who refuse to shroud themselves in a veil of victim-hood.

Brazile first tweeted some cover:

But, hey, what did she really do, right Donna? Just sayin’!

Twitter users refuse to let her take cover; They take Ms. Brazile to task and offer up some Teachable Moments. Actor Nick Searcy weighs in.

Zing! Women are people? That’s crazy talk!

Heh. The lessons continue, now with more hashtag. Enter #DonnaBrazileLogic.

Boom. Keep it coming, Twitter. Ms. Brazile clearly needs all the help she can get.


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  • Bklynnygirl

    The only Margaret the leftist Donna Brazile likes is Margaret Sanger.

    • Clayton Grant

      Zing! Nice!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Oh yeah, Margaret Sanger, uber- racist of Planned Parenthood, sponsoring the legalized “lynching” of black people, VIA abortion. How messed up is that?

  • Gregg Hammerquist

    I have a feeling that this may have been taken out of context (easy with the internet’s frustrating lack of vocalization). Perhaps her background warranted this reading of her post, but I think she was genuinely trying to elicit responses. Maybe that’s just the optimist in me; hoping no one would be that stupid.

    • TugboatPhil

      You may be right, but Donna stacks the odds against herself with previous tweets.

    • Smiley

      The words “just saying”, along with her rep, give the game away, CYA tweets aside.

    • William Bacon

      Illicit means “Forbidden by law, rules, or custom”, like her idiocy. She may have been trying to *elicit* responses.

      • Gregg Hammerquist

        My bad.

    • TocksNedlog

      She was soliciting class participation?

  • arttie

    A woman can be strong and effective without playing the victim card.

    • Miss Clairee

      ….or the race card!

    • Garth Haycock

      I’ll take that a step farther – A woman who does not play the victim card is strong and effective.

    • Jim

      Yeah, but then the statists can’t exploit her, so that one doesn’t count.

    • Frank Smiles

      Not Donna, though

  • Gallatin

    donna, the “Iron Lady” probably could have explained the above to you. If she was healthy enough and had had enough energy she probably could have discussed the disaster of government run health care with you.

    • nc

      And how to fix it.

  • grais

    Margaret Thatcher didn’t do anything worthwhile, Donna. *eyeroll*
    You can go back to sleep now.

  • moonsbreath

    Well, I had to look up Donna Brazile’s name because I couldn’t remember who or what she ever did!

    • Chip

      In the dictionary, next to “race racketeer.”

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    The most traumatizing fact of Maggie’s death was that as a politician she worked her self ragged to pull the country of a socialist created hole, only to live long enough to watch as it climbs back in.

    • nc

      So sadly true.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    On the topic though: she was a role model for both English and American women, proof positive that they didn’t need the help of men OR feminism to sit at the top.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Oh gawd…more ignorance from Donna Brazile….disgusting ignorance at that….love the #DonnaBrazileLogic hashtag…keep it going!!

  • 3seven77

    Seriously. Just when I think no one could ever be *that* stupid Donna Brazil proves me wrong.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Ms. Brazile:

    Your brazen stupidity has given me many more reasons to despise Democrats.
    As if I don’t have a surfeit, already.

  • Frank Smiles

    Brazile is a lib tool clowness

  • $30423294

    Wait, do young women still think it’s trendy to identify themselves as “feminists?”

    For a while good women used to say they were “feminists” but would quickly qualify it so as to disown the hateful gender supremacist cult that Brazile is trying (pathetically) to prop up.

    Lately it seems women find that the term is so dirty and so discredited that they avoid it altogether.

    I know that when a woman tells me she is a feminist I laugh inside and then I feel pity for her.

  • Kristy Patullo

    I am embarrassed for this woman. She is beyond ignorant.

  • Anderson

    Whats the point of trying to explain that you couldn’t fill Thatchers pumps on your best day Donna? If you were really interested in Thatcher’s legacy you would read a book…or Google. Just sayn.

  • trixiewoobeans

    Ignorance, thy name is Donna B. Please stop making it so easy, to tease thee.

  • DavidKramer

    Okay, just wondering why I had not followed Searcy earlier. Fixed.

  • Orlando Cee

    Clueless wonder Donna Brazile has no need to worry about Margaret Thatcher. There is no way she could even begin to cover her footsteps, in this lifetime, or the next.

  • jb

    The hastag “DonnaBrazileLogic” is an oxymoron.

  • nc

    Well, I could pile on #DonnaBrazileLogic but really, at this point, what difference does it make?

  • Hand of Doom

    Brazile is a moron. She is cooped up inside CNN with the rest of the shit for brains to understand that many people in this country offer different viewpoints & not act like bobbleheads to Obama.

  • maplebob23

    What has Donna Brazile ever done? Is she one of these shape-shifting lizard people or what?

    • TocksNedlog

      Hey, hey, HEY! A little respect.

      Don’t you think if she were ABLE to shape shift, she would?

  • RightThinking1

    Why yes, Donna, yes she did. As opposed to yourself who has left only a trail of droppings.

  • Stan

    @donnabrazile is still trying to figure out why her insurance premiums went up and her paycheck went down.

  • Everybodys All American

    The left … what they think they know that is totally wrong.

  • Brian Sprouse

    She did something Obama can’t do. She reduced unemployment ! for 13% to 5%