Conservative Party member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan took to Twitter to pay tribute to Margaret Thatcher. As we reported this morning, the former U.K. Prime Minister has passed away, following a stroke.

Daniel Hannan honors her and pays tribute.



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  • Tommy

    God yes, Thatcher has done far more for humanity and the ideals of peace then merely being a black man representing a party that needs the triade of identity politics to make an argument sound “credible”.

    Race/Sex/Class, the liberal trio of denigration and victimization. If it ain’t broke…. break it.

    • C. Dias

      I’m borrowing this… well said

    • William Bacon

      My late dad used to say about leftist politicians, “If it ain’t broke, fix it ’til it is.”

  • TugboatPhil

    She was far better than what the Nobel Prize represents today.

    She was also more of an American than half the people born here.

  • traffic_robot

    Word. Hannan is so succinct in his observation about the prize and the EU.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Well done, Mr. Hannan.

    He would be a great PM himself.

  • nc

    Hannan is so articulate and principled – such a winning combination.

  • Aisling Mc Mahon

    The Conservative Americans on this site do not seem to know much about her policies. Did you know for instance that she voted to legalise abortion?

    • Jay Stevens

      Yes. Your point? Are you complaining because she did and you think she shouldn’t have, or are you pointing out that in spite of being a foul, mean, nasty, wicked, evil Conservative (shudder) she voted to legalize abortion anyway?