Unreal. Or, unflippingreal as Sarah Palin would say. First MSNBC exposed itself with the exploitative use of a five-year-old child to discuss same-sex marriage. Now this.

Not very collectivist-y, Jonathan!

Zing! MSNBC’s new slogan should be “Lean Forward … into self-parody.”

But, Ms. Palin wasn’t done blasting the lapdog media. Next up? CNN.

She followed up that tweet, linking to a Breitbart article that lambasted CNN for a blatantly inaccurate attack on Palin, with this tweet linking to her Facebook page.


En Fuego, indeed.

More from Sarah Palin’s FaceBook page:

CNN: it’s no wonder your ratings still aren’t matching competitors. American viewers are smarter than you assume, and we simply want truth in reporting.

Please see the article linked below. Wolf Blitzer’s recent coverage of this story really was blisteringly dishonest. First, because he didn’t reach out to me or the SarahPAC staff for rebuttal. Second, because he failed to disclose the anti-tea party associations of the “architect” of this story whose organization is a competitor of my efforts to advance the candidacies of genuine grassroots conservatives – not those handpicked by the permanent political class.

As a side note, I find it interesting that CNN recently disclosed that their old “Crossfire” show might hit their airwaves again. Wasn’t CNN among those who issued blistering criticism about the use of a “crossfire” icon in 2010 to represent political districts we wished to see represented by commonsense conservatives? CNN, among others, implied that using a “crossfire” icon (which was a tactic first employed by Democrats to illustrate political maps of districts they “targeted” to win) was inciting violence.

Boom. The side note makes an excellent point.

Violent rhetoric, CNN! Inaccuracy and hypocrisy, thy name is CNN.

Fight like a girl? You flipping betcha.


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  • CatHerder

    “They don’t belong to the state they belong to ME! When they were babies I never saw the state comin’ around here with a spare tit!”

    James Stewart, Shenandoah

    • AlmaAlma

      Maybe that’s why the state are pushing for gay marriage. It’s all about busting up the family and leaving kids without any definitive parents.

  • Billie Slash

    This is MSNBC’s way of admitting they’re a bunch of tits–duh.

  • saywhatsaywhat

    Palin? It’s not 2008 anymore. That’s like the Dims trotting out Mike Dukakis opinions.

    • idesign2

      Did you just wake up from a 5 year nap? LOL

    • GaryTheBrave

      Rent free.

    • blueniner

      Then exit———————————————–>

    • RedSoloCup


  • Adi

    And now your daily Collectivist Message from MSNBC. Brought to you by Comcast.

  • Gregg Hammerquist

    “All your [children] are belong to us!”

    • SpinMeNot

      Call me the Zerg … actually, if you count my little zerglings, err, grand kids …

  • Stone Bryson

    There it is. Plain language, for everyone to see. Their goals, boldly stated.

    10 years ago I was called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for discussing the agenda of the Elites. Curious, how things change…

    • BlueGood


      Wiarton Willie, King of the Canadian weather-predicting groundhogs, was found
      dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound after predicting an early
      spring in Ontario”

      Lying little Rodent B*stard.

      Good to see he at least had the guts to do the right

      • Miss Clairee

        Ah hahhahaaha!!!!!!

    • Bob Capps

      I’m old enough to remember when Khrushchev pounded his fists and shoe on the lectern at the United Nations: “We will bury you without firing a shot! Your grandchildren will be Socialists!” After taking over the schools, news media, and Hollywood, here is where we are today. Full-blown Communism. Goodbye USA.

  • idesign2

    It’s hilarious that Palin gets you moronic natives of the Obamanation so wee weed up..:)

    How’s that Obamaphone working out for ya? LOL

    • foxnationasshoIes

      Will let you know after I finish 18 at the club. Btw, have you hosed off your trailer today?

      • John (it true me am)

        Wow. The lack of self awareness is astounding. You just walked right into that liberal elitist brick wall so hard.

        • $23293071

          and the Honey Grifters lack of self-awareness is downright adorable.

          Honey Grifter/Col. Blah Herman Munster 2016!

          • RedSoloCup

            Another troll, another inane post

          • journogal

            There’s a good caring liberal…let’s see, we have a twofer here: misogynist and racist. Do you get bonus money for this? Go ahead and parrot how GOP hates women and minorities, okay?

          • RedSoloCup

            He is an insult to Harley-Davidson.

          • $23293071

            Well they are probably miffed I work on my own bike, and not have them service it.

      • idesign2

        So are you just Obama’s caddy for today, or do you two have something more romantic planned for later? LOL

      • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

        He means 18 Coors Light at the Moose Lodge.

      • RedSoloCup

        Did you clean out the basement today like you promised mom? She’s been wondering why it reeks of body odor and weed.

  • John (it true me am)

    Wow. Now this is just plain frightening. And the number of people who will buy into it is even more frightening.
    This is communism 101. And should a parent complain about the “community”? Why, make no doubt it is the responsibility of little Billy to turn their parent in. Because the community comes before family.
    Of course “community” becomes “state with an armed military to back themself up” with alarming speed.
    You know. This is actually exactly why we have a 2nd amendment. Isn’t it interesting how it all comes back around to constitutional protections? Why, it could be that a group of people foresaw this very sort of problem…

    • Catchance

      Excellent response. Thanks.

      This is an extension of Hillary’s “It takes a village to raise a child”. Back then many people thought she was just saying that we should take an interest in our neighbors and look out for their kids. Sadly, no… she meant exactly what this idiot on MSNBC said very clearly and precisely.

      • Jean Dougherty

        She is nothing but a wino who is for late term abortions!!! She wants what Canada has…you pretty much can deliver full term and then carve up the baby! That is OK with Hellary! Just think about her statement on Benghazi, “WHAT DOES IT MATTER NOW ANYWAYS!!! “. Well bitch, unlike yourself, those Heroes who were set up and left to die because of YOU and OVOMIT, had loving family members who did not appreciate your callous disregard and disrespect for their lives! I hope this bitch meets the same form of death soon!

    • SpinMeNot

      As I said on another “thread” before I got to this … I got news for the first 100 or so they send after my grand kids … and it isn’t good news.

    • Jean Dougherty

      Just remember, the military hates ovomit! He just got done lowering their pay, dropping their education and housing fees, he did not accept most of their absentee balots! Not much love there!!!

      • John (it true me am)

        The thing about that is that military men and women serve their country with honor, and part of that is following orders even if they don’t agree with those orders. For a very good reason it takes a lot for someone in the military to break ranks. And unfortunately the very nature of this gradual insinuation of the liberal collectivist ideology doesn’t allow for much opportunity for the make or break full scale revolt of the armed forces, particularly as tomorrows military will be the very children raised in the collective..

  • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

    lol, you liberals are parodies of yourselves. How does it feel to live in a world of sitcom stereotypes? You are what we call a “low information voter.”

  • John (it true me am)

    Way to focus on the messenger and not the message.
    Forget about Palin a second and have the balls to try to defend the atrocious MSNBC propoganda video.

  • Jack Deth

    And she is living rent free in your and countless other knee-jerk, nothing new to add, blithering simpletons’ skulls!

    It must hurt so good when Ms. Palin turns it up to Eleven!

    • foxnationasshoIes

      Palin ’16!

      Hells yeah!!

      • RedSoloCup

        Yep, so we can watch your head explode!

  • Stan

    The PRAVDA news service strikes again. In the 60’s listening to shortwave broadcasting from Radio Moscow, I heard these same words from the Communist. At that time there was no one to stand up Like Gov. Palin. Of course dissenters were simply shot in the head for trying to keep their children. Hooray for her.

    • blueniner

      Sarah Palin is for” Freedom and Life”her enemies are for Tyranny and Death”!

    • OLLPOH

      And what you just said is an absolute Fact!

  • John (it true me am)

    Yeah. Okay, “Fail”. Because I was the one who said “No, look at me I’m doing a rich person thing so I’m important!”. Ever heard the term limo-lib? Because even to other liberals it is not a compliment.

  • http://twitter.com/moosebuster2 moosebuster

    I’m glad to see Gov. Palin is addressing the scurrilous “article” about her PAC and the fact that she actually pays her staff for working. The left is scared to death, and she is still living in their heads rent-free, 24/7. Way to go, Governor!

    • RedSoloCup

      Ding! They know with a flick of her wrist their free stuff (think Obamaphone) will be gone and actually have to work for their things.

  • idesign2

    Why all the posting? Seems you’re on a rant…LOL

    • Miss Clairee

      foxnationassholes has popped one too many Adderall. Step away from the amphetamines, step away from the amphetamines!

      • Jean Dougherty

        I see you were a product of Libturd education! (Spelling), that’s what I would say to more than half of these Libturds posting here!

    • RedSoloCup

      Methinks Uncle Soros promised him a $70 advance on next week’s paycheck, taxes excluded of course.

  • 56Survivor

    You are a joke. All you have to offer are PERSONAL attacks against a woman you don’t even know. Try to pretend that you are intelligent and please address the issues and lose the personal attacks.

  • TocksNedlog

    Oh, I see. Government ‘invests’ funds into public education; therefore, our kids become the ‘working capital’ of and for the collective.

    There’s a significant difference between saying “The government mandates education so that our kids CAN contribute to society, and won’t become a drain on it”
    — AND —
    Saying “The government mandates education because your kids MUST contribute to society, and we will control to the smallest detail the way in which they will do it.”

    It’s the ultimate school loan (or perhaps that should read “ultimate school loan-sharking”). Hey, we’ll teach your kid for twelve years, and all you have to do is give up any and all claims of the kid being yours. It kinda explains why liberals are so dead-set against school vouchers, doesn’t it? It’s not so easy to claim ownership of a kid that’s in private school, now, is it?

    • Squirrel!

      Government = Rumplestiltzken

      • Guest

        Government = RumpledForeskin

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Ah, yes… the Clinton regime… ;o)

  • 56Survivor

    You fear her. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be spending a lovely Sunday afternoon here posting dozens of ridiculous posts that say nothing.

    Your words do not define Gov Palin. They only tell us about you.

    • John (it true me am)

      Funny thing is he still has yet to address the content of her post, and is simply insulting her and everyone else randomly. I know that’s straight out of one of the liberal playbooks, if you can’t handle the message then destroy the messenger.

      • foxnationasshoIes

        Alinski forever!

        • John (it true me am)

          Wow I have to admit you were on that one pretty fast.

        • CatHerder

          Forever dead, anyway.

        • 56Survivor

          Good grief…..at least try to get your spelling right. Let me guess. You are a product of the failed government schools.

          • foxnationasshoIes

            Hells no, ‘bo…I’s a product of dem home learnin chistian books

          • RedSoloCup

            The new “politically correct” edited ones in today’s public schools.

          • Lady 12

            What a shining, beautiful example of tolerance.
            (Do I have to insert the /sarc/ or is that implied?)

          • Lady 12

            What a shining, beautiful example of tolerance.
            (Do I have to insert the /sarc/ or is that implied?)

        • OLLPOH

          And you will kneel before whom, another parasitical ruler?

          “Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams

      • 56Survivor

        I’m wondering if this kook is Cariboob whom I believe may have been banned. But then of course, all lefty loons sound the same when they reveal their fear of Gov Palin. Ha!

        • wwbdinct

          It is.

  • TocksNedlog

    “You didn’t raise that!”

  • wwbdinct

    Did MHP say that or not? Or was that promo made up by “Fox News”? BTW, you’re new aliases fools no one Cariboob.

  • sacha

    Well foxnationA-hole your name should Obama, MSNBC,CNN, ABC,CBS, NBC, and PBS C#$ksucker.

    • http://palinsdirtylittlesecret.blogspot.com/ ShadowGovernmentSeenHere

      There is no media, just propaganda machines for the State Department since the Coup and cover up.

  • wwbdinct

    Holla for your dollah Caribooboo!

  • V the K

    Typical prog. Intellectually incapable of addressing the substance of the argument. Only capable of of spewing insults and ranting bitterly at the *mention* of the name Sarah Palin. Also, has no idea we’re laughing at her.

  • http://yourdaddy.net/ NotaLemming

    If @CNN is run by Low information Voters, then Colorado and New York are run by Low Information Legislators.

    • E Quilibrate

      Guess that’d be rght.

  • sacha

    My children are a blessing from God. He gave them to my husband and me. He did give them to the government and the government did give them to me. So, Ms. Obama Butt Kisser Harris-Perry and the rest of you Obama Zombie Big Government Progressives keep your hands off my kids!

  • Miss Clairee

    Oh sweetie, it takes much more than an idiotic liberal troll like yourself to ruffle my feathers. Hey, aren’t guvment checks passed out on the 3rd of the month? Why don’t you take what’s left over from yours and run down to the store with your Obamaphone in hand, and buy yourself some Fritos and a soda! Pick your boyfriend up a pack of smokes while you’re at it.

  • 56Survivor

    The troll “Foxnationsassholes”, sounds very familiar. Could be that it is Carriboob who seems to have disappeared……as in banned.

    Try not to feed it. Let it spew its temper tantrums and expose itself for nothing more than a mere childish lefty loon who has a serious case of PDS. Sarah Palin CONTROLS haters like this one. Gotta LOVE it! 😉

    • idesign2

      It’s posted over 15 comments so far…LOL

      Rent free!

      • blueniner


        • 56Survivor

          I think it got tired of playing “down arrow derby” on the other site and showed up here! LOL

          • E Quilibrate


    • RedSoloCup

      Her mom finally discovered who was using her computer and leaving Cheeto dust on the keys….

  • http://about.me/petermichaelpetretich Pete Petretich

    Have the CNN hypocrites responded yet?

    • blueniner

      Wolf Blitzer, the Dime Store Mannequin is waiting for orders from headquarters.

    • RedSoloCup

      Piers will be dedicating the first 30 minutes of his show to it tomorrow.

      • http://about.me/petermichaelpetretich Pete Petretich

        I guess that means that he needs the high ratings that Sarah Palin always provides. In fact, that’s how Adele started her fabulous career back in 2008!

        She admits it too:

        “Adele interview on performing and Saturday Night Live”

  • Miss Clairee

    If being a happily married, hard working, well-educated, accomplished, well-traveled 45 year old mother who is a 5’7″, 118 pound Martina McBride look-alike is being a stereotype………then yes! I love being a living, breathing stereotype!

    • E Quilibrate

      You go girl.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      If YOU look like Martina McBride, milady……….your husband is one lucky buzzard 😉

  • J.N. Ashby

    I think you’ll find, Miss, that when the community comes together (and by community no doubt she’s implying “the federal government”), we tend to make horrid, unwieldy investments (No Child Left Behind was brilliant, though right?).

  • LegalizeShemp

    Looks like we’ll have to insist the progressives live up to their promise of severely sanctioning anyone who uses bigotry, stereotypes and offensive labels to describe a group of people. You know, like their copious usage of terms like “redneck, cracker, hillbillies and Lily-white”. Haven’t seen much outrage over these offensive terms have we?

    • 56Survivor

      When it is a loon from the left who is hurling these kinds of labels, I wear them proudly. They are proof that you have won the argument, sometimes without even trying! It’s just that easy!

    • OLLPOH

      not in awhile, just know that it will swing back around.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      That’s the point… not much outrage, because it’s seen for what it is.

      “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” The left can’t stand when they can’t rile you up by calling you names. Talk about frothing at the mouth… Just smile at them, as if they didn’t know any better(because they don’t, liberalism is a mental disorder), pat them on the head, and tell them to go run along and play.

  • TEXs


    SARAHCUDA Nightstick smacks liberals and RINOs right between their
    shifty eyes.

    • rinodino

      And after all that she quit, got fired and a vice presidential loser….good job cuda!!!!

      • ForTheRepublic

        and again, Sqeptiq redux shows up with no new material. Shocker.

  • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

    Self-admitted troll. Proud of yourself, jerkface?

  • TonyMitch

    This is actually the way our society is moving for dems and the left. Just go to any school full of minorities or poor whites. They take care of everything for the kids. Most of the kids r from single parent homes, are on some type of public assistance. Yet, the schools still give free breakfast and lunch. They bring in dentists and optometrist and pull kids out of class to have their eyes and teeth checked. Even the court systems are involved giving custody of children to mothers wothout jobs or edcuation. Forcing fathers to pay child support and making woman and children dependent on the government.

    • OLLPOH

      a society going where?

    • 56Survivor

      Yes. The leftists gain and keep their power on the backs of the poor, no matter the color of their skin. They have to keep them on the government plantation. It is nothing short of modern day slavery.

      If you have your hand out to someone for your survival, they OWN you.

  • http://www.black-and-right.com/ IceColdTroll

    Only in response to arsewipes like you, since it is the only language you seem to comprehend. Anytime you’d like to have a civil discussion and exchange of ideas, any of us would be glad to oblige.

    I won’t be holding my breath, though.

  • michael s

    i bet sarah has no problem taking that unemployment check.

    • 56Survivor

      What unemployment check would that be?

    • OLLPOH

      and you ?

    • RedSoloCup

      Your unemployment check?

    • idesign2

      She worth millions..:)

      You must be one of those low information voters we keep hearing about…LOL

    • journogal

      What unemployment check? It really irks you that she or really any conservative is successful and happy. Are you so miserable in your own little life that you find satisfaction in trying to tear others down? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Why are you so concerned about her, yet have no problem with what your/our elected officials are doing or trying to do? No, you are more concerned with a private citizen that can’t do one thing to you. No wonder why this country is in the shape it is in.

    • Section 9

      Did Sarah Palin misplace your unemployment check?
      You voted for Obama, too. That makes you doubly stupid. You misplaced your unemployment check AND you voted for the con man who told you he would give you a job four years ago.
      And here you are walking around with your Johnson in your hands thinking that Sarah Palin has your unemployment check.
      God I hope you are not on disability.



  • RedSoloCup

    Is being a living, breathing basement dwelling POS pleasing to you?


    Thank you Sarah for exposing the Truth.
    The lefties just love to glorify, and romanticize their lies and arrogance!
    They forget that we do have long memory banks.

    • RedSoloCup

      I see 1 person disagrees with you.

  • the_bat

    NBC used to stand for “National Broadcasting Company.” Apparently it now means “Nationalsozialistische Broadcasting Company.”

    • RedSoloCup

      I call it “Nothing But Crap”.

      • camnpat

        “No Brain Constraint” ;D

    • Section 9

      Yes, but Goebbels was actually a cynic who fully understood that not only was he lying, he was lying as part of a larger conspiracy. These people at NBC and other elements of the American Propaganda Ministry don’t even have Geobbels’ level of self-awareness: they actually believe their own bulls**t.


    Sarah you live rent free in CNN and MSNBCs heads, Please send them a bill!

    • JoeMyGodNYC

      Why would someone living rent free send somebody else a bill?

      • $23293071

        Shhh! Belushi is on a roll.

      • wwbdinct

        You mean like how I’m paying the bill for your Section 8 and food stamps?

        • E Quilibrate

          That’s the way to finish a column. A bunch of non sequiters.
          Wwbdinct, You are better than that..

  • in_awe

    “Give me four years to teach the children and
    the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
    by: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    • OLLPOH

      Yes, and his crappy brothers and sisters are still hangin’ out in America.

  • RedSoloCup

    In other words annoying others for your own personal satisfaction! Gotta make up for that attention mom and dad didn’t give you due to being the ugly kid.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      Red solo cup, you’re not just a cup (No, no, God no)
      You’re my friend, yea (Lifelong)
      Thank you for being my friend

  • $23089169

    What an example of courage – I just love Sarah Palin! The axis of evil (Dems, the press, and Republican establishment) just cannot knock her down.

  • 24fan

    You don’t care anything about kids, babies being cut up like meat n butcher shops, used for props, getting death threats especially if their conservative children. You care nothing for them. They’re just useful little slaves to indulge your cruelty

  • Rodney Brungardt

    My children are going to be raised my way period. It doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it takes parents (as in 2 parents)!!


    “How are you gentlemen!!

    All your children are belong to us.

    You are on the way to destruction.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/richard.jefferies.96 Richard Jefferies

      I was worried nobody was going to know the correct context of the original. Well said.

  • Bklynnygirl

    They abort theirs and want to indoctrinate our children.

    • Gallatin

      Sadly you are so right.

    • SpinMeNot

      And it is that simple … that sent a chill down my spine … and given my history, that is an accomplishment.

      *Goes to his happy place where Margaret Thatcher is on the radio, and Annette is on the beach …*

  • Meulen

    I’ll joke and say I wish Melissa had said this years ago when I would have gladly given her, for starters, the food bills, the clothing bills, private schooling bill, school sports bills, and of course undergrad and post grad school bills! However it would be over my dead, cold body that anybody but my husband and me would rear our children!

    • http://www.facebook.com/richard.jefferies.96 Richard Jefferies

      Your method likely produced productive human beings. Their method would have not.

  • arrow2010

    Sarah Palin living rent-free in liberal heads 24/7/365.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    (Child’s voice):
    “Mommy! Look at the funny man! When Rover’s mouth dripped foam like that you said he had to go to home to Heavenly Father — will he go, too?

    Mommy if I say ‘please’ will he go find Rover and tell him I know he was a good dog and didn’t mean to bite me — even though I had to get all those shots?

    And that I miss him?”

    (Woman’s voice):

    “No, Dear, I don’t think that’ll work — his sickness will follow him. It robs him of happiness both here and in the next world. He’ll be much too busy looking over his shoulder to carry any messages…”

  • Rightturn

    A very sensible lady apart from the fact that those were crosshairs, not crossfire, so moot point there.

  • bri

    Taking back our country one tweet at a time.

  • cvmoonshadow

    Boom!! Slam!! Pow!! Point US to the truth sista. Who watches them anymore anyway.

  • chula19

    Hey, great! If kids don’t belong to the community then there is no reason for me to pay school taxes considering I don’t have kids of my own. I love this “your kids belong to you” theory!

    • journogal

      Aside from property taxes that go toward more than schools, what else do you pay for in regard to other people’s children? (Furthermore, I thought liberals loved to pay taxes because it went to the government, and couldn’t wait to pay more, because the government knows best.) Do you pay for their clothes? Shoes? Food? Activities? Dance lessons? Soccer lessons? Do you take care of them when they are sick? Do you take them to do doctor? dentist? Do you put them to bed at night? I am confused…how do anyone’s children to belong to the collective? My children are my children… Until you chip in for everything and take an active role in their well-being, then you can rightfully say they belong to everyone. Paying property tax doesn’t give you or anyone the right to have a role in raising my children or telling me they “belong to everyone.”

      • chula19

        I didn’t say property tax, I said school tax.

        • journogal

          There isn’t any separate “school tax,” it is all property taxes that pay for local services. Taxes aren’t itemized (wish they were, though), unless you are talking about SPLOST (may be called something else outside of Georgia), which is Special-Purpose Local Option Sales Taxes and that’s voted on.

          Even still, you pay taxes, which liberals love, don’t they? According to liberals, they don’t pay enough. However, I don’t understand why you think other “children belong to the collective,” because you pay property tax.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    After reading the FB note a second time, I think she actually is calling out
    Rove, instead of Avlon. Avlon wrote the original article, but why would
    she call him “architect” instead of “writer”? I try not to take what
    she writes and push cryptic meanings, but in this case, I think she had a
    reason for choosing “architect” in her note. Who else in politics is
    called “architect”? I think she just gave ol turdblossom a kick to his
    nether regions. She really is loaded for bear.

    • Section 9

      Of course she is. Avlon is Karl’s poodle. When was the last time No Labels sponsored candidates in the GOP?

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Another one of Sarah’s residences where she lives rent AND property tax free!

    • http://PalinsDirtyLittleSecret.blogspot.com/ Assclowntroll

      Notice all the deleted comments here. This is from people leaking the truth about Sarah Palin and why she was planted in the election to intentionally LOSE.

  • littleones

    Spoken like someone who doesn’t have children, who’s raising her daughter?

  • Bill Board

    I am NOT responsible for anyone’s kid, period

  • copperpeony

    5 Apr:

    Liberal host touts Communism: Kids don’t belong to their parents http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/04/05/liberal-host-touts-communism-kids-dont-belong-to-their-parents-59638 … #tcot #ccot #pjnet @C2GTHR # TGDN

    I saw this on bizpacreview on April 5th. Could not believe my eyes what this piece of communist crap announced.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    I guess when you have an open mind and you lean THIS far forward, we should expect your brains to drop out on the floor. This woman is crazy!

    • RedSoloCup

      If it’s Melissa-Harris-Perry you would be right on the money.

  • capisce

    It takes a village of progressives to dismantle the family, one insidious step at a time.

  • Section 9

    BTW, you know why she hit on Perry, don’t you? The statement is such an obviously clever take on the fascist mindset of the modern progressive that Perry and the other Obamajugend are bound to take a few minutes from polishing their jackboots to respond to Palin.
    The thing with CNN is her explanation that John Avlon is Karl Rove’s poodle, which anyone with half a brain understood when that hit piece came out last weekend.

  • neoface

    Just like Obama telling small businesses “you didn’t build that”. Most of you may not know but it’s the communist motto, kind of like Star trek’s Borgs, a society is collective, individual who seek to stand out are committing heresy, therefore should be put to death if they don’t convert.

  • Elke E. Wilhelm

    And that’s why we love Sarah!!!!

  • Orlando Cee

    Some time ago in 1939 a racist white-supremacist named Hitler decided it would be a good idea for the state to own the children. I can’t imagine why Ms. Harris and/or MSNBC would claim that this is such a good idea, or even a new one.

    Seriously? Lean Forward?

    Didn’t she learn anything about history when she was in school?

    • Raye09

      Don’t be silly, most public schools don’t even teach history and have not for a while. My cousins junior high US history class was basically “Obama 101” with a little feminist movement thrown in.
      Even the history classes at my old schools have changed, in 8th grade I was learning the details of WW1, WW2, the civil war, the constitution and founding of the country, and the American revolution. Now the kids learned about the “War on Women” and “The impact of Obama”. I was in 8th grade just 8 years ago, amazing what happens when good teachers retire and hacks replace them.

  • kim

    In belonging to the collective, I wonder if MSNBC is advocating our children also belong to rapists, killers and pedophiles?

  • AlmaAlma

    Do these people even KNOW that they are on the wrong side of history. This sort of crap was looked down upon and rightly so. Don’t friggin’ try to revive it.

  • Raye09

    “It takes a village to raise a child” is the same bullshit that irresponsible parents spew.
    “I let Johnny play in traffic, it’s your fault for not looking out for him!” and “Johnny is always in detention , it’s your fault because you don’t want to help him sort his issues out!”
    It is also the same bullshit that possessive idiots(read: fascist) spew when they feel they can raise your child better than you can. Parents: Your children belong to you and no one else, all the responsibility of raising them is on you and no one else. You will dictate what values are taught to them and how they are raised, no the neighbors, not the news, and not peer pressure. 100% of this is on you.
    This ad slot is another blatant attempt to brainwash parents into handing their kids over to the “community”(which is vague and could really mean anything, from a drive by shooting death child molester pimp infested hell hole, to a yuppie suburb).
    As long as it doesn’t infringe on others rights, or is harming people how you raise your kid should be no ones business.

    Hey Melissa, how bout I take your kid to a Ron Paul rally? What about the new pot store that opened? Are you OK with that? Can I teach them that insulting another’s religion is wrong?
    We all know damn well the people pushing this would be mad as hell someone told them they were bad parents. What is OK for us poor bastards is not good enough for their kids.

  • Paul Citro

    This is the Obummer way, no one is responsible when something happens. No one is to blame.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Sarah Palin – keeping it real. One small complaint, Twitchy. Palin is Sarah’s married name. So that would be Mrs. : )

  • kblue905

    Awesome! Then she wouldn’t mind coming over and helping me do “our children’s” laundry? There are five of them and they’ve all had the stomach virus for a week. We’ll bond over Mt. Washmore.

  • digitalPimple

    HLN, (Head line News – Nancy Grace etc..) has passed MessNBC’s total daily ratings for months now. It also beats CNN.

    Yes, HLN has more total daily viewers than MessNBC.

  • Brian Sprouse

    What CNN really means > C.(Communist) N.(News) N.(Network)

    • Isahiah62

      Crappy Non News, Crescent News Network, Collective Nasty Nitwits
      yes peeps we do kn0ow this particular nitwit is from MSLSD

  • Donna W

    Exactly why it’s called the Communist News Network.
    And she is a Communist hack.

  • disqus_eric

    All your child are belong to us!

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Your child . . . you didn’t make that!

  • CPBinDC

    Sounds like she plagiarized a speech recommending eugenics.

  • hotnblak

    Come try to take my child and raise her in you twisted world, you would pray for satan, because he would be nicer to you . What a sick twisted bish.

  • dkhilly

    Silly MSNBC you cannot strengthen a community by diminishing families…in fact that’s the exact way to weaken a community.

  • dkhilly

    I wonder if she has ever asked how many of these “investments” would be necessary if families were stronger.

  • JesLHW

    Children belong to the community?! Awesome! I’ll be sure to let the community know whenever my baby needs his diaper changed or wakes up screaming in the middle
    of the night. What do you mean you don’t want to care for my child? You must be one of those hypocritical pro-lifers!

  • Kent2012

    remember, that once upon a time billy bob’s supposed wifey said “it takes a village” well she was right, if she lived in chinkee land or roosha ville, not in the USA…..

  • Isahiah62

    COLLECTIVE??? yup commies to the core- sure we should let the gov’t indoctrinate our children with their hate USA, racist memes –

    is this coincidental? a prez who wants fundamental transformation, ridding ourselves of a document that secures rights endowed by a CREATOR not a govt— written by passé old white slaveholders, people who are “doing it for the children” – by a prez who made education plans to indoctrinate our kids in hate of their own nation, with a domestic terrorist Ayers, an ugly past being whitewashed and commie agitators promoted as heros by leftard Obotics like Redfrod-

  • neatjunk

    Maybe Sarah Palin should have been a little more concerned with Bristol’s education. Compared to the Bush twins and Chelsea Clinton, Bristol is an embarrassment.

  • pelprint

    Had to listen to that one twice

  • AlCashier

    it’s getting to be we do not need a list of who America should purge during obama’s induced upcoming bloodsoaked civil war. we’ll just execute all the democrats, it’s that simple.

  • AlCashier

    God bless Gov. Sarah Palin. she’s a true 100% AMERICAN.

  • Lady 12

    I love reading Twitchy stories about Palin. There’s always six times he number of usual trolls.

  • Lady 12

    I love reading Twitchy stories about Palin. There’s always six times he number of usual trolls.