Unreal. As we reported, President Obama heads to Denver, Colo., today to spike the football over three anti-gun bills being signed into law. It being a day that ends in “y,” President Obama is to have human props handy. Citizens are once again disgusted.

Also disgusted? The police officers whom he is attempting to grossly use as props.

The Denver police department began asking for officers to volunteer to stand behind the president as his props during his speech.

More from CBS:

“Who better to stand behind you when you’re trying to ban guns than police officers. What an awesome prop,” said Rossi. He said DPD officers should not be used as a backdrop to make it appear the Denver Police Department and the City of Denver support stronger gun control measures.

“It’s agenda based and they shouldn’t be there,” said Rossi. “To me if you put Denver police officers behind the President, who is pushing this agenda, then what you are telling the citizens of the city is that the Denver Police Department is for this.”

Some current officers have taken to Facebook to express their disapproval.

Danny Veith reportedly posted the following to his Facebook page:

I am thinking about being on the sidewalk outside the Academy, on Wednesday, holding a sign that says something like “I’m a Real Cop Supporting the 2nd Amendment.” Anyone want to join me?

He also updated his Facebook profile to this:


People are onto your exploitative political theater moves, President Obama. Here’s an idea: Instead of using human props, why don’t you try propping up the Constitution?

  • oneword

    Obama makes me cringe

  • http://twitter.com/standsomemore StandSomeMore

    Hopefully someone in the crowd will heckle, “So are you now going to pivot to jobs?”

  • Big Irish Dude

    Is it any surprise that Obama would use Denver police as props? He did something even more shameless with children to announce gun control agenda after Sandy Hook. Obama’s ABCs of politics: Always Be Campaigning

  • http://twitter.com/smferggie SFerggie

    It will be interesting to see how many usefull idiots show up to be an Obama stooge. Co you should be so proud. I moved from that POS state in 1990 and by God I am glad I don’t live there now. State full of loosers that vote these aholls in.

  • RblDiver

    I’d love to see one of the props pull out a piece of paper with “MORON” in big bold letters during the speech. They’d probably be fired, but would have tons of donations flood in!

    • KylaGWolf

      RbiDiver they won’t because the ones you see standing behind him are the puppets that won’t speak out or do anything to make him look bad.

  • DanStlMo

    As a retired Deputy Sheriff, it makes me sick to see Law Enforcement standing behind this guy, anytime.

    • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

      Thank you for your service!

      • BlueGood

        Aye..Second that Emotion.

        Mr. O’Bama seems to be gaining less & less respect faster than Chester the Molester….Keep going Barky…can’t wait to see you hit bottom….HARD…..


    The Only Prop that Barack Obama Must Have Is the Oath to “Uphold” The U.S. Constitution, yet he Subjugates us, All The People with his Saul Alinski Black Liberation Words, Critical Race Theory Words And Excels At Polarizing, and Polarizing
    evil prosperous people percenters whom pay most of the tax in this country.
    victims of crime (whom are still grieving it over and over and over and over and over…..
    sexual preference,
    back of the bus,
    And he excels at Nothing Else.
    Boy he must be exhausted and ready to go back to Hawaii, oops we meant Martha’s Vineyard.

  • arttie

    It would even be embarrassing for the Keystone Kops.

  • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

    I would love to see a full-blown protest of the Obama theatrics by the Denver Police Department or maybe one of his “prop” police officers holding up a “Second Amendment” sign behind him.

  • Noneya

    Bricks Obama using cops as a prop. Maybe he could use you tube cuts to show him making free throws and three pointers. Typical Marxist con man.

  • http://batman-news.com gallifrey1

    How can anyone with ears like Barry’s possibly be that friggin tone deaf? The guy is a nightmare.

  • http://facebook.com/metalchick007 Lisa Renee’ Jones

    Why the hell does he feel the need to fly all over the US for these dumbass speeches?

    • gekkobear

      Colorado just passed the most draconian and restrictive gun ban the nation has seen… so that’s where he’s speaking.

      Oh, I should probably give some evidence on that; you might not have watched (as it’s CO law, not national law).


      The relevant quote:


      Now, does your magazine have a removable baseplate for cleaning? Of course.

      Could you add an extension after removing the base plate? Yes.

      So your magazine (nearly all magazines in production) are “designed to be readily converted to accept more than 15 rounds of ammunition”. regardless of initial size they’re all “large capacity” and all banned for sale/transfer in CO after July 1st.

      95%+ of all commercially available guns in the US require a magazine; that is banned in CO. So 95%+ of all guns are banned for sale (in a useful capacity) in CO after this law takes effect.

      Where else could you talk about gun bans after CO decides to make the most sweeping gun ban in history?

      • http://facebook.com/metalchick007 Lisa Renee’ Jones

        and totally unconstitutional. What part of “shall not be infringed” do they NOT understand?

        • TEXANONLY


      • KylaGWolf

        Ah but see that is the thing if they make it where you can’t remove it some if not most of the guns become unusable which is what they want. Time to start suing your states for failure to uphold the constitution.

        • Anderson

          According to Leslie Marshall, a liberal talk show host in Cali, you can still use your gun as a self defense weapon without bullets or a clip. I almost crashed my car when she said that. I almost crashed it again when a caller told her, that would make the gun a club you idiot.

    • tops116

      Because otherwise he’d actually have to try doing his job. Even liberals are beginning to concede that’s well-beyond his skill set.

      • stellatruman

        That is true. I sometimes procrastinate over some menial tasks at my job, so I run errands instead.

        • big K

          But there is a huge difference between you spending a few dollars of your own money to procrastinate and Nobama spending between $400,000-700,000 of taxpayers money while the government is struggling to pay it’s bills.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Campaigning and trying to convince others that HE is right is the only thing the Narcissist-in-Chief is good at. His only experience is as a community organizer, where he went into neighborhoods and rallied residents to HIS cause to create a better life for them (not encouraging them to make a better life for themselves). He’s since taken that same forum and scaled it up to the national level, where he believes in taking HIS agenda (not the country’s agenda) and rallying people in campaign to drum up support for what HE wants (not what the country wants). It’s Narcissism 101 with this ass-clown. He’s going to show detractors, and ostensibly the Congress, that America supports HIS vision. Add to that the fact that Democrats are already scrambling to secure votes for 2014 and the dumbass-in-chief is in his element: Perpetual Campaign Mode.

  • R.C.

    This administration is acting stupidly.

  • Jay Evans

    As a retired P.O., -if that Chief had any integrity, he would not approve such political use of his/her personnel. Most Chiefs are political puppets themselves.

    • KylaGWolf

      Jay my grandfather wasn’t he was a damn good chief and officer.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        He said most. God bless your grandfather.

  • Jack Deth

    Strange, erratic and entirely Non Coincidental outbreak of the “Blue Flu” commences in
    3… 2… 1

  • ObamaEnemyWithin

    Obama is the worst kind of politician. Never seen any political hack like Obama in my lifetime.

  • rogueco

    Where were these Denver PD officers when the bills were being debated? The Colorado Sheriffs all stood during the debates to oppose them. Denver PD and State Police officers? They remained silent.

    The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police is in favor of all gun legislation. I’d wager everything I own that each and every police union is also in favor. It’s a little late to complain about the President using you as political puppets when you have allowed your superiors and your union to do the same for years.

    • nc

      You said the secret word: union. I love and respect police officers (my cousin just retired after years of dedicated, and decorated, service), but their public unions are a conflict of interest when it comes to “protecting and serving” the public.

      Hats off to the Denver police for taking this stand. It was very brave to stand up to not only BHO, but to the pressure of the public sector unions. Better late than never.

    • Guest

      Point well made, rogue.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Every “prop” should just turn around with their backs to Obama. If anyone says anything they could say they were keeping their eyes open for attacks in that direction.

    • Clayton Grant

      So that would put Obama behind them, once again leading from the rear.

  • regmgr

    The only people that listen to our Marxist in charge are other socialists. Just tune him out whenever he speaks. Hopefully his teleprompter will break.

  • kckitty

    How is this different from GOP presidents???

    • Jim Denney

      For one thing, no other president gave a speech virtually every day. This “WON” jets all over the country in a taxpayer funded never ending campaign.

    • MisterIncredible

      Well for starters, George Bush didn’t have a perpetual campaign… AFTER he was reelected.

    • Jack Deth

      If you have to ask. Your bias is equal to or exceeds your ignorance.

      When President Bush had press conferences or addresses to the nation. It was him, a podium and a curtained backdrop.

      And there were questions from the press. President Bush answered them and was more often than not ridiculed in the press and media the next day. If his response(s) had legs. It usually went on for weeks.

      Not a protective phalanx of wide eyes, fawning, white lab coated political hacks seeking favors. In staged events where questions are NEVER asked.

    • Miss Clairee

      Leslie honey, I’m gonna say this as nicely as I can. You’re an idiot!

    • Thevelvetkitten

      Either it is right or wrong….not…this elementary..well so and so did it…
      Pick one!!

  • KylaGWolf

    If the police chief did not want his officers used as props he could have said NO plain and simple.

  • CanuckInPA

    As a former officer and a former CO resident I was hoping that those DPD officers didn’t March off the stage as soon as Obummer opened his mouth

    • Guest

      “hoping they didn’t” ?

      • CanuckInPA

        stupid auto speller on my phone. Meant to say I hoped they walked off the stage

        • Guest

          I kinda figured!

    • Justin Levesque

      That would have been GREAT!! Can you imagine the look on Obama’s face? Especially if they marched outside and joined a group of protesting gun-rights supporters?

  • Bill Board

    Obamao is a pathetic excuse for a human being, as well as for a president.

  • Section 9

    Great going, Firelight. Looks like His Oneness is not having the bestest of days.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Goggle has listed Officer, Danny Veith Facebook page as an unsafe site. My goodness he must have *really* pissed off the progressives!

  • SOD

    Have them all show up, in full uniform, and stand with their backs to the President.

  • Man of Little Means

    What ever happened to the fire side chat’s> They didn’t cost the taxpayers as much

  • Man of Little Means

    He calls CO. a model state. The state that just legalized pot which is a federal law.

  • Wayne Simanovsky

    And the Denver Cops were behind him because…………………

  • Justin Levesque

    The question should be, how many of the Denver police who were standing behind Obama were somehow threatened and forced to stand there? More than a few, I’d say. Which command-level individual told officers to be there or their careers would suffer?

  • David Harrison

    He went to Denver to pick up a supply of the chronic.

  • Anderson

    As a retired police officer, I can say that when your supervisor tells you to volunteer for a detail, there is nothing optional about it. Personally, I would have taken the suspension days for insubordination rather than sit on that stage.

  • William

    Don’t like being used as a pawn by the government? Don’t work for the government!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Your comment is an insult to our great police officers. 1000 Not likes for you.

  • Pants Up Don’t Loot

    Did Obama put a gun to the Cops head and make them be used as props?

  • JustLikeAnimals

    The narcissist-in-chief, wrapped in all his sociopathic arrogance and egocentric sense of superiority, expects to roll into town and have anyone he wants to huddle around and blindly support his Marxist-socialist agenda to destroy this country.

    Kudos to Denver LEOs for standing up to this ass-clown!

  • http://www.facebook.com/becky.cauthran Becky Cauthran

    Law enforcement for 19 yrs here. They would have to fire me before I would suit up and stand behind this so called President! No way!!