Ah, the misogynist creep Bob Beckel. Now, with more foaming at the mouth! Watch:

As Twitchy reported, Dr. Ben Carson gave an interview to Mark Levin today. During the interview, he correctly stated that “vicious” white liberals are some of the most racist people and they seek to put people in boxes. The vicious, racist Left proved Carson right with revolting cries of “token” and “Uncle Tom.


Fox News’ “The Five” discussed Dr. Carson’s comments this afternoon.

And, as always, Bob Beckel made a jackass out of himself. Twitter users rightly give him the business.

Indeed. How revolting. But, hey, some of his dad’s best friends were black! Case. Closed.

But, Dr. Carson isn’t that important, you see.


The drubbing of Beckel continues.

Boom. An exit question for “The Five”:

What do you think, Twitchy readers? There is one problem: Clearly, Bob Beckel can’t handle the truth.


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    Beckel he is talking about you! That is why you are angry. Liberals are the biggest racist trash in America

  • $22639970

    “Some of my dad’s best friends were black.” The cliché typically used by left wing repressives who would never dream of actually associating with blacks themselves.

    • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

      Or Jews, single women with kids, GLBT, Latinos, farmers, small-town teachers, fat people.

    • TJCrane_NCC1701

      My grandma and grandpa were served coffee by a Porter on a train before WWII and since I went to Journo school, I know more than a so called “rocket surgeon” who CLAIMS to be more black than me !

      Funny how it just rolls off of liberal’s tongues. I’d have to make/read notes to come off as this much of a nit-wit !

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Mars/1021563074 Justin Mars

      Don’t forget the ever popular, “I know black people”. Liberals are hypocritical fools.

  • TocksNedlog

    Beckel to Carson: “Don’t you realize your people need us?”

  • TJ

    The broken clock that is Bob Beckel is back to being 8 hours and 12 minutes out of sync with the rest of the world. As it was only in sync for the one second of Amazing race rant that is long gone again and it might take a long count of the Mayan to get back

  • NeoKong

    Beckel was sort of throwing out that “Doesn’t he know what we did for them” attitude.
    You see…He doesn’t mind it when a black guy calls Republicans racists but he got all upset when one called him a racist.

    • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

      Ben Carson knows EXACTLY what the left did, and that’s probably a reason why he might run in 2016.

  • JCRocks

    Another example of the growing fascism of the Left. There’s no room for disagreement, no room for individualism, no room for personal accomplishment.

  • SkywalkerNoScream

    Beckel needs his head examined

    • Catchance

      His head is so far up his butt it would take a proctologist to do it.

      • E Quilibrate

        If the insertion is that accomplished perhaps an
        eye, ear, nose & throat specialist should be called

  • kate_middleton

    The tweet from Camille Broden is on point. Now Bob knows how it feels when he and his buddies smear every conservative as a racist.

    But I do agree with Dana Perino – Dr. Carson is becoming overexposed. He’s been on so many tv shows. While I agree with what he says on most everything, he doesn’t need to be in tv daily talking about every issue. He should make health care reform and helping families his issue and really focus on that, especially if he is really considering running for office in the future.

  • Stan

    Beckel gives out advice like Dear Abbey, but his credentials are lacking. The campaigns he was involved in, with his advice, seem to have lost in the elections. He is a typical liberal with poison in his veins.

  • $27789750

    That kind of language has been coming from liberals ad infinitum…but it’s not alright when it’s turned on them. Phoney baloney Beckel. Carson an honest guy that libs cannot attack with their usual crap. Carson NOT directed by talk show hosts. He’s his own man and libs having a bird.

  • TheGazeAblaze

    Typical liberal behavoir when they are afraid of someone,Bob acted the same way with Ltc Allen West!!Liberals don’t know how to deal with black conservatives!!!So they attack their credibility and character….Bob sounds like a bigot to me about west and carson!!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Yes, they’re afraid of them. They want the black man to be looking UP at them with gratitude, so they can preen their feathers and congratulate themselves on their largesse. They don’t want him on equal footing or, God forbid, higher and better! Bob’s treatment showed he thought he was superior, and was insulted to find they weren’t properly awed and grateful.

      • E Quilibrate

        Trixie, Once again you have nailed the trifecta, maybe
        even a quinella this time.

  • Garth Haycock

    For so many years, I’ve felt that regressives get it, but deny the truth about who they are. Now, I’ve got to say that they really don’t get it. Beckel’s latest rant is empirical proof that they have no idea how racist they really are and it’s most likely because they’ve always been told that they are not the racists because they pretend to give a damn about people, no matter the color of the skin.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Yet skin color is the first thing they notice. The first ones to play the race card expose who the real racists are, because that’s all they see…not accomplishments, not character, integrity or intelligence, just color.

  • notenoughtime

    White liberals have proven themselves to be racists time and time again. Their hateful rhetoric spewed about Dr. Carson can be found everywhere we look. They are the same bunch who for some reason need to find excuses for their successes and mindset by degrading those who feel differently. Seems to me that they all have some guilt and mental health issues and the ethnicity of their “friends” is certainly not a free pass. Isn’t this what we have been hearing from the pundits that the GOP is guility of finding that one token black person to tout as their new conservative bestfriend. Hypocrites on parade.

  • Steve_J

    Beckel is nothing more than a crass slug.

  • lcky9

    as soon as the 5 comes on I turn OFF FOX..biggest reason is BB he’s an horses rear.. as for LIBERALS .. I was brought up in a liberal area.. let me tell you they are some of the MEANEST, NASTIEST, LAZIEST bunch of system workers I have EVER seen,..they believe that defrauding a insurance company is their right.. taking all the FREE stuff even they don’t need it all the time name calling those that provide the money to support that FREE STUFF..

  • Zefal

    Dr. Ben Carson does neurosurgeries, bob beckel does prostitutes.

  • Guest


  • http://ITSPEOPLE.com/ Tantalus XVI

    My shoes are black got dammit! This book i’m reading has a black cover! My phone is black! So don’t you go telling me I don’t know black people. Yes Bob that is exactly how stupid you sound.

  • sharinite

    Bob Beckel is that old l960’s hippie that hated women, despised anything or anyone who did go along with his trash thoughts…an ugly male that cares about nothing and will use anything to spew hate….his father as that makes anything he does or says right.

  • http://baldilocks-talking.blogspot.com/ Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

    Ben Carson is a brain surgeon; Bob Beckel is not. Enough said.

    • E Quilibrate

      Bob Beckel shall never have the need for a brain surgeon
      regardless of his condition.

  • Kleverabevera

    On top of Beckel, they had Perino and Bowling both doing their best to delegitimize Dr. Carson’s speaking out. Because he talks to much? I know Dana is a Karl Rove groupie. I was shocked at Eric.

    • SkywalkerNoScream

      The establishment is afraid of him.

  • EastValleyConservative

    The nonsense that everyone on The Five did last week praising Bob on The Amazing Race issue went on for far too long, proving it was a complete sham. When a dog manages to poop on the grass (as they have known how to do for 10 years) do you praise it for several days?? SHAM. They needed Bob to do his ONE good thing to override all the other stuff for a bit of distraction. If you are going to put a liberal on the show, put one on there with a brain and a clean mouth. The points won’t be any more relevant or forthcoming, but at least you won’t have to listen to Bob’s foul language.

  • http://www.freedomreconnection.com CO2 Producer

    This black fellow’s calling my buddies and me racist, you guys. A black conservative is such a minor part of the minority that it’s not a minority anymore. It becomes what we call an “infinitesimity” and should therefore be regarded as an irrelevant, tertiary fringe element of the political spectrum.

    Besides, he taking attention away from things I like to think about. Selfish p#!&$.

    • Tommy

      Considering the pattern of liberalism and black oppression, black liberals are the very tokens they’ve declared of black conservatives.

      Jim Crow, liberals. Black Codes, liberals. Solid South, liberals. Segregation, liberals. Filibustering the civil rights act, liberals. 20, 000 interned Japanese Americans in WW2, liberals. Preferential treatment based on race and sex, liberals. Placing the eugenics abortion clinics planned parenthood in minority communities, liberals.

      See a pattern?

      So liberals can dress their true form in the most beautiful garments known to man, but the truth is that liberals are indeed the most racist hypocrites in American history.

      And the few black conservatives that do exist understand and comprehends this factual accounting of their history. Liberalism in power equates to a reduction in both success and freedom, it is in the very nature of the leftist to oppress.

      So Dr. Carson is 100% correct and factually supported by history. But it’s perfectly fine as liberals continue to falter from a diminishing strength to use false racism as the major platform to any and all arguments. Without such weapons of the hypocritical, liberals will have no power to oppress anyone.

      Need proof? Research American history then observe the posturing and rhetoric currently spewing from liberals on all social media and media reporting outlets. The truth is far from subtle its monumental.

      • http://www.freedomreconnection.com CO2 Producer

        I have it on irrefutable authority from the experts in journalism, political science, community organizing, morning talk shows, standup comedy, and MTV Movie and Video Award nominations that you and Dr. Carson are nothing but liars.

  • Tommy

    Dr. Carson is absolutely correct. During the last battle over the civil rights act, to which liberals adamantly opposed the recognition of blacks as equals, racist white liberals saw a fright that would render the leftist pigs docile and powerless.

    They feared the rising power of black political might. It was strong, it was intelligent, it was fierce and it scared the hell out them. Then miraculously the left had a change of heart. Only it was superficial and nefarious.

    They knew the only way to retain power and continue their “superiority” is to destroy the black family structure. Revision factual history and instill the mindset of weakness and dependence.
    And they’ve done a very good job at it.

    As the majority of abortion clinics rest in minority strong communities. Such clinics like Planned Parenthood which was created and distributed by self proclaimed eugenics followers who want to cull the “undesirables” ( minorities). Such statements are factually available to all should they research it.

    The black family structure has been decimated by over 70%. Black unemployment is the highest at well over 14% – 20%. Black education is the lowest of other races in the US and has the highest dropout rates. The Democratic party has ensured the consolidation of power and their new form of subjection and slave cast.

    After all the racist south was white liberals not conservatives. They’ve since relocated to the north and west coast. Jim Crow, segregation the klan all branches and policies of liberals. It would be life changing should the black community learn factual history and the correlation of liberalism and black oppression.

    At the moment it doesn’t appear that blacks want to advance or to be free. They continued to follow ignorantly with the very party that attacks their viability now and the tortured enslaved servitude of the past.

    Until they realize this factual truth they will always be enslaved. History doesn’t lie but liberals surely do.

    • Juanita Outlaw-Bedford

      Sir, I greatly appreciate your statement of the truth in which I share wholeheartedly. Your comments need to be spoken often and loudly. I would like to add to your statement by saying that liberals and some conservatives as well have a preconceived concept of who I am as a black women. They make assumptions about my parentage, upbringing, my social norms. They automatically perceive me as needing them, or that the only way I have accomplished anything is by denying a “deserving” white person their opportunity. We black conservatives are at fault for allowing the perpetuation of this lie to continue. Now is the time to stand and be accounted for….for if not now, when?

      • trixiewoobeans

        There won’t be a “when” if you don’t stand “now”. Stand tall and be counted.

  • Paul Citro

    give the liberals enough ROPE……………………………

    • E Quilibrate

      We can only HOPE………………………………………..

  • ozconservative

    I wouldn’t mind betting Beckels dad was a JFK type liberal, meaning today he probably wouldn’t even get a berth with the Democrats.

  • Wells Farr

    Since blubbering drunk Bob invokes Pa’s memory, I wonder if he was a classless jerk like little Bobby. I’ve seen the other brother, whats-his-name, the actor, and he seems pretty rational.

  • justlittlolme

    Classic progressive tactic- if you can’t stop the message, attack the messenger.
    Anyone else notice that the same types saying Dr. Carson is ‘not important’ and shouldn’t be getting all this attention were the same ones constanly shoving Sandra Fluke in our faces saying SHE was important because she couldn’t keep her legs together?

  • Kate

    I could only watch a minute and a half of Bekel’s diatribe before shutting it off. Nothing infuriates me more than when liberals try to claim credit for the same Civil Rights policies that they fought tooth and nail against for CENTURIES.

  • WV Cherokee

    Let the man speak if he wants to speak! The left and the RINOs are analyzing his actions and trying to shut him up. We have been waiting on someone to speak out on conservative views…now we have someone whom we can respect. Let him speak! More people should do it. Who says his motivations are for office? He is an American with something to say. More power to him and let the chips fall.

  • arttie

    Obama has proved that being a looser political hack president is not brain surgery.

  • Karin_A

    I disagreed with Dana Perino that Dr. Carson is overexposed. Of course, I’m not glued to the TV.
    The talking point given to the fever swamp known as DemocraticUnderground is as follows: “15 minutes of fame over, Carson has imploded. B’Bye. Pass it on.”
    Just so you know what the sheep are bleating at each other.

    • Silenttype78

      To be honest,I can only take Dana Perino in small doses. I respect her analysis as someone who has insider experience (the same way I respect that about Bob Beckel for his experience as well).

      She is a total neo-con and her thoughts on issues are usually more in line with “establishment” Republicans than my own. Her views are too close in line with John McCain and too little Rand Paul for my taste.

      Plus, on a personal level her “holier than thou” attitude gets an eye roll from me on a regular basis.

  • http://twitter.com/debraraes debra steinman

    Bob Beckel said “Some of my best friends are Black” . So what?? Some of my RELATIVES are black but that doesn’t mean that I know more about Brain Surgery, and Racial Issues than Dr Ben Carson who actually ‘happens’ to BE black unlike Bob Beckel!

  • E Quilibrate

    Just heard; Beckel’s favorite song is “If I Only Had A Brain”.

  • radicallyalyssa

    Liberalism during the civil rights movement and liberalism now are two vastly different things. The same goes for Feminism, and it’s stupid when people compare them.

  • Guest

    Beckel is a crude, overstuffed left wing piñata,
    for the other members of the group to beat on.
    He is clearly at the end of his career.

  • Axelgreaser

    BECKEL: “SOME OF MY DADS’S BEST FRIENDS WERE BLACK” is an example of an old rhinocerous of a bleeding heart liberal, steeped in guilt and proclaiming his generational obsession with color in its most self-indulgent terms and it is all the more grotesque because when have you EVER heard a black person utter such an asinine statement? I would be more likely to be a fan of a person (even Beckel) who doesn’t ‘notice’ color in another individiual beyond its most elemental implications other than that the person is of a certain origin but still more importantly, another PERSON, Beckel, period. A person who should not be granted any excuses or escape hatches based on color and especially for the sole purpose of politcal access to that person meaning owning them for generations, which, Mr. Beckel, is also a form of indentured serviture or in more plainly: Slavery. There is literally a laundry list of excuses liberal whites have transferred onto blacks to excuse bad behavior, to insure ‘one upmanship’ and to enforce ‘political correctness’ which is a new ball and chain liberals have locked onto the black mans ankle to surreptitiouslly keep them ‘down’ along with the old standby of lavishing them with crippling welfare with no questions asked. Under Obama, welfare is now on steroids and how is that supposed to equate ‘caring for his base?’ Democrats have expanded the use of welfare so drastically under Obama as a ‘control’ mechanism to the point that they have made ‘working’ a second option. And by chasing industry off shore, they are making finding work more and more impossible, which of course adds to the breakdown of the ‘family.’ Beckel, a wealthy man, is simply the worst kind of white person, a professional race hustler and furthermore, he represents the party that is responsible for more supression of blacks than any other in any society in the history of mankind. Mr. Beckel, I’m from Seattle, and some of my Dad’s ‘best friends were native American Indian’s’, who in the early 50’s were treated in that part of the world like blacks in the midwest by a certain segment of caucasians, but look at them now. Many of them freeing themselves of ‘crippling Democrat love’, moving on and prospering and they’ve never been saddled with that list of ‘excuses for not reaching their full potential. With friends like Beckel and the Democrats, who needs enemies?

  • Stan

    Dr. Carson scares these Liberal creeps just like Sarah Palin, Allen West, etc. Beckel and Juan Williams are well paid to trash Conservatives, but I doubt they have another job to go to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.weiland1 Ronald Weiland

    Beckle talks out of his fat ass