The latest thing causing a leftist tizzy? Juicy Couture is joining the ranks of businesses that are forced to cut workers’ hours in order to try to mitigate the devastating cost of Obamacare.

Not just any workers. The Dudes of Juicy. No, for real.

Oh, dear. After you’ve picked yourself up from the floor where you have surely fallen in a fit of giggles, check out the rest.

RedState had more Thursday morning:

Yesterday, some person (or group) tweeted to me a link to a campaign (allegedly) by and for the current and former employees of Juicy Couture to demand “just hours.”

You see, according to the campaign, the hip and trendy Juicy is doing what other companies are doing in an effort to cope with the burdensome regulations and costs of the “Affordable Health Care Act” (aka ObamaCare)–the company is downsizing its full-time payroll to (mostly) part-time workers.

Surprise! Well, not if you have a functioning brain.

The group has taken the campaign to Twitter.

From their hilarious petition:

When we began working at Juicy Couture, many of us were full-time. Now, only 19 of the store’s 128 employees are full-time! Not only are they firing full-time workers and replacing us with a part-time workforce, just this month Juicy capped all part-time workers hours at 21 hours per week. We quickly realized that Juicy Couture is doing everything they can to not take care of its workers.

See, it was hard enough for us to make ends meet in New York City as full-time retail workers. But by keeping hours under 30 per week, Juicy Couture will no longer be required to offer their workers affordable health care – part of the Affordable Health Care Act’s plan to make sure more working Americans have basic health care. Further, we were told we’re only eligible for paid time off in case we’re sick or have other responsibilities if we work 1400 hours in one year. We did the math, and realized part-time workers reach that at 21 hours per week. This means that the vast majority of Juicy Couture’s workers will not ever get one single paid sick day.

That mean old company won’t throw extra cash at them so that they can live the New York City lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed! Dear Dudes: Companies are in business to stay in business and employ people. Obamacare regulations are making that increasingly more difficult; the costs are staggering and burdensome. That whole “you can keep your plan” deal? Obama lied.

Shocked and angered lefties join the campaign.

SEIU’s digital campaign manager:

Students Against Sweatshops. Yes, this exists:

Because, you know, hip and trendy Juicy Couture workers not being able to get the highest iPhone plan is totally like the Triangle Fire. (Too soon?)

More shock and fretting.

The sane give them a little dose of reality.

Bingo. Elections, they have consequences. Even for the Dudes of Juicy (stop! our sides!)


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  • Stupid Republic

    There’s not a line at the sports books here, however, the preliminary line that these two pictured clowns voted for Obama are 1:6.

  • Lexikin

    Don’t they get that this was the plan all along by their “savior”? Obama doesn’t want anyone who voted for him to get healthcare. THOSE LOOPHOLES WOULD NOT EXIST FOR BUSINESSES IF HE DID!. Lean FORWARD you liberal morons, your ballots are about to bite you in the a$$!!!

    • Ramsey Griffen


  • Spatial Awareness

    Isn’t this what these f*cking morons voted for????

    AAahahahahahaha!!! XD #WorldsSmallestViolin

    • trixiewoobeans

      Yeah, Hope and Change. Now they HOPE they get enough hours because they’ve got nothing but CHANGE jingling in their pockets.

    • richard40

      They not only voted for it, but then incessantly gloated about their “victory” afterwards. leftists seem totally incapable of linking simple cause and effect.

  • rennyangel2

    BAwAWAWAWAWAWA—sorry to say that, but you get what you vote for.

  • Maxx

    The cost of a “free lunch?”

    Liberal ignorance and naivety that one actually exists, except of course when you and
    I are the ones paying for it.

    • BooMushroom

      You wanna talk ignorance? 21 hours/week x 52 weeks = 1092 hours/ year, not 1400. 1400/52= 27 hours per week. How can we expect these people to forecast macroeconomic shifts if they can’t even do simple multiplication or division with the calculator built into their iPhone?

  • 1azuce

    At least you have ‘free’ contraceptives.



    • socalcon

      Too bad that free contraception wasn’t available while we were screwed with Obamacare.

  • Jack Deth

    Sometimes it’s fun to just sit back and watch the Ant Farm run amok.

    • Canadian in USA

      Schadenfreude. :)

  • Joseph A White

    They’re gonna get it from all sides before its all said & done, too. Fewer hours..higher taxes…higher retail prices..lower wages…reduced benefits…and more folks seeking to take those jobs away from them…But hey!!! Y’all are getting free condoms and cell phones…that way y’all can “hook-up” and have safe sex with your pals. Welcome to Barack Obama’s “fundamentally transformed” America….Deal with it…

    • Canadian in USA

      Glad I can get free condoms. If the government is going to screw me, might as well do it right.

      • Scott Anderson

        You’ll wake up with one between your butt cheeks.

    • Ramsey Griffen

      Unfortunately the rest of us have to suffer

      • Micha_Elyi

        “Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want and deserve to get it, good and hard,” teh Won said, holding a broomstick.

  • Billie Slash

    What’s that famous line from the movie “Animal House”???

    —Obama & Pelosi, 2009

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Taking a good hard look at that poster, Team Rubio? Team Jindal? Anyone with clout in the Republican party? This outrage over Obamacare oppression sure seems to be a darn good place to start expanding the party base, as well as great material for questions to put to Barry, Harry Reid, and Hillary in 2016,.

  • Kevin

    If they don’t like what is being offered, just go somewhere else? Obama said the economy is getting better, high paying jobs must be plentiful!

    • Brett McMicken

      pick up a shovel and start digging……the obama fertilizer

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    While angry about Obamacare’s effect on small biz, if this means I can go to Walmart for printer ink, a four-wheeler tire, and tampons for the “Ms.” and see one less 10yr old with Juicy splayed across the back of her sweat pants, well then hallelujah. There’s one paragraph out of that 27,000 page law I like.

    If Obamacare allows me to slap the sh!t out of “Juicy’s” accompanying parent, somebody please let me know.

    • Catchance

      “Juicy’s” accompanying parent voted for Obama.

      • Lamontyoubigdummy

        First. Touche.

        Second. Multiple times… across several states.

  • 3seven77

    Well don’t sweat it guys. If you don’t want to work “just” 21 hours there are plenty of illegal aliens that would be glad to. And because they’re illegals, they probably get food stamps, Medicaid and a free phone.

    • digitalPimple

      Irony: people will end up needing 2 jobs to make ends meet and guess what? With the booming economy good luck finding that second let alone the first.

      • beebop1952

        Making unemployment look far more appealing …. one worker at a time. The new Democrat mantra.

    • Sheldon Cooper

      Don’t forget they get free healthcare also.


    Maybe next time research before you vote.

    • Brett McMicken

      they would vote for him again over the “rich, white guy”

      • beebop1952

        Bingo. Because it is the comany’s fault and not 0bama’s.

    • Ramsey Griffen

      Right on

  • Miss Clairee

    I do not have one iota of sympathy for ANYONE who gets their hours cut or lose healthcare coverage if they voted for Obama! NONE!

    • V the K

      Ten Things to say to an Obama Voter Who Just Got Laid Off/Got His Hours Cut Due to Obamacare

      • 1389AD

        Haven’t seen you around for awhile. You used to be on Blogmocracy. I still blog there from time to time.

      • Worship Dancer


    • arrow2010

      I bet 100% of them voted for BAMBI.

      • plumberskid

        Probably more than once….

    • beebop1952

      When the labor waivers drop off and they get taxed for their Cadillac plans, the real fun will start. Anyone know of a pitch fork manufacturer? Sure to see their shares rise.

    • 1389AD

      I voted for Newt in the primary and Romney in November. I work retail. My hours got cut to just about nothing. I have been looking for a better job for YEARS and haven’t found one. This is one of the many reasons why I am emigrating.

    • pajamakat

      Black guy with an Obama cap on TV last week – “I guess we just have to take the bitter with the sweet”. This is not a joke. If it was it would be funny.

    • Patrick Dennehy

      Sad thing is, they would vote for Obama again if he ran for a third term. They never seem to learn…

      • $18912735

        Well hold on to your hat, cause that is not so far outside the realm of possibility… especially if the Dems somehow win the house.

        Actually, if Biden somehow gets elected in 2016, we will all be WISHING Obama could have a third term.

      • Miss Clairee

        Eeewwwww. But he’s the coolest President EVAH….and the coolest Fist Lady EVAH! Those are some grown-up and rational voting decisions, right?

      • RedSoloCup

        As long as he promises them free s*hit (on our dime).

  • Brian Garmon

    Shorter Juicy employee- “Wait a minute… our actions and votes have consequences?!?!?!?!?”

    • nc

      Don’t think they’re there yet.

      • beebop1952

        Nancy Pelousey will take the brunt of the hit. Barry made sure that his finger prints were no where to be seen.

  • sablegsd


  • Diane Stephan

    Two snaps up.

  • Glitter

    I’ll bet everyone of them either voted for Obama or didn’t vote. They should have listened.

    • lainer51

      can’t fix stupid!!!!!

      • nc

        But stupid puts us all in a fix.

    • Vennoye

      What you do not learn from people, you learn through pain!! We told you so gives such little pleasure compared to what they have dumped on all of us!!!

  • APW

    Heyyyyy. Where are our trolls? C’mon fellas, show yourselves.

  • disqus_e2F2oUH6C7

    Ahhh, poor people @juicycouture. If you voted for Obama this is what you get. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer also. The clue to Obamacare as being a bad deal should’ve been “We have to pass it, so we can see what’s in it. Do you sign a contract first, then read it? Thanks for voting the boy king into office. SUFFER.

  • Jd1367

    I’d laugh if my health insurance premium hadn’t just jumped to be equal to my mortgage.

    • beebop1952

      Haven’t heard yet about my retiree health care. I think they can dump you at 65. The current CEO of my former employer whose fleet of corporate jets is out of sight when she gets her pic snapped at the WH is sure to have this handled, right?

      • janerator

        Ursala Burns……Xerox……cretin.
        I’m sorry about your retiree health care. Kodak did the same to it’s retirees.

  • Steve_J

    They are getting “just hours”, 14 to 21 of them.

    • Native American Potato

      Could always drop them down to “just five hours.”

  • dwpittelli

    “we’re only eligible for paid time off… if we work 1400 hours in one year. We did the math, and realized part-time workers reach that at 21 hours per week.”

    Well, they did the math wrong. 1400 hours divided by 52 weeks is just under 27 hours per week. So something else must explain the 21 hour maximum.

    • Stephen L. Hall

      It’s “new” math.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Its a double whammy.

    1-It forces USA closer to gov’t controlled single-payer health plan

    2-More P/T jobs equals more jobs “created” under Obummer’s policies. Even tho we all know its BS, that is how it will be spun.

  • George Orwell

    “We did the math, and realized part-time workers reach that at 21 hours per week.”

    Just how many of them and how long did it take to solve that lengthy problem?

    Anybody that considers a one step calculation that you ought to be able to do in your head “doing the math” is lucky to have any job.

    • Native American Potato

      “We did the math,” would seem to imply that not just one person was doing the calculations.

      And they still came to the wrong total.

  • Mr Oni

    Dudes, Obama doesn’t work 30 hours a week, why should you.

    • scott

      That is PRICELESS!

    • $7610427

      Winner winner chicken dinner!

  • lainer51

    must be a shock to you clowns who voted for this regime to have to pull your heads out of your ***** and come face to face with the damage being done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carl Hardwick

    You’re all wrong. Those bonehead leftists would vote for Obama and any Democrat candidate again, again and again.

    Sure, they’re taking a personal hit because of Obamacare. But abortion, hatred of the US and gay rights are still more important to those leftists than mere money.

    I’m not kidding, conservatives don’t realize that modern leftists are stupid, liars and unrelenting. They’ll bury conservatives because we’ll stop fighting at a rational point. But leftists will never stop. That’s why we’re losing elections.

    • gridlock2

      The sad thing is, they think the solution to this government-caused problem is a bigger and better government program. They never figure out that the new program is just a new set of even bigger problems.

      • Stephen L. Hall

        “The sad thing is, they think . . . .”

        The sad thing is, they don’t.

  • cfc1905

    Well….at least you get a free phone! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  • ChefFred

    Hey, Juicy Kids, Run for Congress. It’s a part time job and you won’t have to suffer ObamaCare.

  • digitalPimple

    True story:

    Late night gas station dude I see weekly for my gas runs throws a hissy fit about Romney during election. Got heated. I warned him at the time.

    2 weeks ago he was bitching. Whats up? My hours got cut to 28 from 35. Says he can’t deal with 28. Just wont do. This is BS. I gonna leave this place…

    I said unfortunately any new job you find may just offer the same. He looked confused.

    I left. Tried to warn him. I did my part. You can lead a horse to water… Too bad sooo sad my friend.

    • R.C.

      I have a similar story with a cashier at my local carry out. However with a modicum of common sense he acknowledged that “maybe you were right dude”. Now he is looking for a third less than part time job.

    • Billie Slash

      Good story. Karma’s a beeeotch!

  • ML

    It’s going to be a nice big revelation for those who voted for Obama once the “Affordable” Health Care Act kicks in….less hours and money…whaaaa?

  • Randi Starr

    Yes………..I admit, I am enjoying the consequences of the liberals choices, where I come from, a red neck state, we call it growing up.

    • Judy B

      But for the ‘red neck’, aka country folk, we would have gone under long ago. They’ll also be the ones who fight the best, the hardest & the longest.

      • Randi Starr


      • June Clinkenbeard

        You got that right! Hand me that .06, baby sister. Time to reload. Since the “gubmint” knows we’re clinging to our God and guns, it proves a decided lack of brainpower to keep poking us with that proverbial stick they so love to wield. Eventually, we will respond in a way they are not going to like. Until that day comes, and it will, we gather together in little pockets here and there, watching and waiting for the other shoe to drop as it so inevitably will. I am a proud member of the “Clingers Club”! God bless you all and Happy Easter.

  • stellatruman

    Morons who relied on carefully executed sound bytes from obama campaign ads are now learning that elections have consequences . I am sadly grateful that my college educated magna cum laude graduate daughter has a career in retail…but it is full time with health bennys…not at all what I imagined for her , but she is not fooled by liberal bull …canttypethatword and dating a conservative

  • theBuckWheat

    The Obama demographic is going to find that ObamaCare in its full glory means that lower skilled workers are going to have two jobs, each less than 28 hours a week and zero benefits and zero overtime. To make ends meet, they will be working well over 40 hours a week and have increased commuting costs and energy use.

    Employers will also have higher costs, especially in HR but also in productivity, so raises will be less often and much less. In fact, any business that uses very many ObamaCare-limited workers will not be as prosperous as it could be. Liberals (that is, the Obama demographic) will soon be whining about all the extra greenhouse gasses emitted by people driving extra miles to their regular part time job #2.

    Screwed by their own socialist messiah! How does socialism feel now?

    • JR48

      And they’ll be fined by the IRS if they don’t cough up the big bucks themselves for healthcare.

    • nc

      Productivity will decrease because employees, tired and/or demoralized, will feel less inclined to do a proper job.

  • Terry_Jim

    Hmm, Juicy whiners, I see the problem there->

  • JR48

    Garsh, I’m stunned by this.

    No wait, I’m not. I can do math. I saw this coming in the primaries, the first time around.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    #JuicyCouture XXXLarge downsizing to XSmall. #OneSizeFitsAll

  • USKensington

    Why are these guys worried about their health care? They’re going to have health insurance under ObamaCare…or else.

  • Alice KAW

    Who needs health insurance?! really? They should all just stock up on the red peppers Hillary eats…those will keep them nice and healthy!

  • Scott Anderson

    For the leftist, a job is a means by which the government can extract wealth from your labor. There is no other purpose. Fewer hours = less wealth extracted.

    • Adam Weisshaupt

      Spread the Wealth around, and hours worked equate to wealth ( who knew?) . There are people without jobs- we need to redistribute your hours to the needy. If you don’t like it, you are being selfish.

  • Michael Clement

    Let it burn.

  • traffic_robot

    ZOMG, my job at this hideous cougar-outfitter is totally robbing me of my healthcare. Do you know how many soy lattes I have to sacrifice now? I might even have to get a cheaper data plan!! And do you know how much these carefully-curated nose piercings cost in NYC? This is stressing me the f-out. I can’t even afford my next rolfing session.

    Schadenfreude never tasted so good.

  • Adam Weisshaupt

    Who is John Galt? Anyone who responds rationally to any ludicrous incentives the govt forces upon them. Things will only get worse from here on in. If it weren’t for the enchanting screams of “Where’s my real live Unicorn” from the liberals, I would be pretty depressed about it.

  • jtc3187

    Gee these people accuse the company of not taking care of them now? Hmmmm i wonder what could have caused this? Im sure it wouldnt have anything to do with obamacare-i mean it was so cool that he got elected.

  • BidensHairPlug

    Gonna buy this stuff for my girl…..lots and lots of juicy swag….just to piss off the leeches that think they DESERVE something….all they deserve is what they voted for (and I speak in broad generalities). This is such a pain in my ass…the people of this mindset ALWAYS play the victim…

  • Garth Haycock

    I’ll say it again…there are no unintended consequences from Obamacare. What’s happening is exactly what those Marxists who hoisted it upon us wanted.

  • Rich Vail

    Yep, Dems rammed through a bad law. Bad laws have consequences. This is the result of a bad law. They did this by voting Dem, they got what they deserve.

  • King Leer

    Exactly why NO Republican should vote to ameliorate any of the dopey provisions. Unless say… you vote in the Senate to give the Medical Device Tax Das Boot… so it can go the House… where an amendment repealing the whole shootin'( can I say that?) match gets tacked on… and sent back.

  • King Leer

    Maybe they could raise the minimum wage to a “living” wage of say… $25 an hour?That should really set the full-time, entry-level job market on fire.

    Oh, this is so much fun, watching these dopes. And the full roll-out hasn’t even hit yet!

  • mike_in_kosovo

    To the tune of the old Toyota jingle:

    Youuuuu asked for it, you got it, Obamacare.

    Sweet, delicious schadenfreude….

  • FrancisChalk

    I am doing a jig about this.

  • beebop1952

    They are hoping that the bread and circuses of the madminisitration — gay marriage, gun control, soda control, cigarette control — will provide enough distraction so that they don’t realize they are taking it up the butt.

  • gridlock2

    So, if a company lays off one 40-hour worker and hires two 20-hour workers, does unemployment go up, down or stay the same?

    • beebop1952

      OMG … three choices will tax the liberal brain!

    • Native American Potato

      Actually it all depends on the two 20 hour workers. If both were previously unemployed then unemployment would drop since it doesn’t matter if you work 1 hour a week or 100 hours a week it still counts as a employed person.

      If only one of the workers was unemployed before and the other is taking the the job as a second job to replace his cut hours from his first job the unemployment numbers would remain unchanged.

      If both new hires are working second jobs there to try and get to 40 hours between multiple jobs then unemployment would rise.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Poor babies, got the hours cut at their little juice shop. maybe they should find a real job & buy some big boy pants.

  • socalcon

    Hmmm, can’t nanny Bloomberg get on this? Pronto?

  • agroulx

    If I was an employer, I would fire anyone and everyone who I suspect voted for Obama… The people with the bumper stickers would be the first to go. Take your medicine you liberal douche bags.

  • arttie

    Who would have thought?? Obviously Donna B., these guys and the people voting for O and his drones did NOT think.

  • ClinkinKY

    “But it sounded so great when Barack, Nancy and Harry pushed it”…said every idiot who supported it.

  • Mark Stephens

    It all comes down to four words (five if you’re Uncle Joe):
    What did you expect?

    • arttie

      Actually 6 since “question mark” is two words

  • ruth berry

    We tried to warn you, so suck it up!

  • ThorOdinson

    You mean to tell me that the Affordable Care Act is turning out to be a job killer? Wow, I wish someone had mentioned that beforehand…

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    All hail Obama…we tried to tell you, dipsticks.

  • capisce

    shared misery – isnt that what you voted for? Well, here’s your fair share.

  • David Hamm

    I feel that these Employees are blaming the company for not supplying affordable insurance . Well it’s not affordable it’s obama care .My advice to these employees is jump on board and help vote these Dictators out of office . If not let them eat cake.

  • $2943864

    I don’t feel bad at all – I tried over and over to tell them until I was blue in the face that Obama was lying to them. Just another thing to file under owning it. It has barely even begun.

  • Jimni27

    Took a day trip yesterday to one of my favorite shopping places in a pretty big city. It’s an outdoor mall with a Loews Theater. Half the stores were gone since the last time I went around 6 years ago ( when it was fairly new). Hardly anyone working in the theater. It was so sad. But the economy is doing great! / sarcasm.

  • 1SkepticalChick

    Votes coming back around & biting a**. Oh. Gee.

  • VincentBall

    First they came for the Dudes of Juicy Couture, but I was neither a dude or juicy . . . Bwahaha . . . I hope they drown in their own tears.

  • Mark S

    YAAAAAAAAY Obamacare !!!! Finally,….something the gets rid of liberals in the workforce. I thought I hated Obama…I was wrong !!!

  • kbielefe

    You guys are naïve if you think these workers will wake up and blame Obama for this. All it does is push them further left.

    • $2943864

      As long as they continue to pay the price . . .

  • Bernie Ballesteros

    Oh well.

    • RedSoloCup

      As Forrest Gump said “(Sh) It Happens.”

  • Clay Buster

    Free healthcare insurance for illegal aliens doesn’t come cheap. What did you folks expect? You’ve been lied to, there is nothing ‘affordable’ about Obamacare. Pay the price now for you have helped destroy this country by voting a radical communist into the White House. You want to lay some blame…blame the liberal media who helped deceive you along the way…ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC….

  • Stephen L. Hall

    I don’t know what these kids are complaining about . . . at 20 hours per week there will be twice as many jobs . . . they will just have to have 2 separate 20 hour jobs . . . without the unaffordable health care.

  • Princess_Jen

    Guess they’ll have to go get 2 pt time jobs like the rest of us. Boo freaking hoo. I feel no sympathy since masco just fired all of my husbands dept to get away w this. We didn’t startv a petition. We started a company & hired some guys. Now I pay for my own insurance. $900 a month.

  • RH

    Sorry, YOU idiots voted for this moron, you got what you deserve. Problem is, this is just the beginning. Eventually, we ALL will be in this boat. The only ones that won’t eventually be harmed by this will be the big labor unions, congress, & the president.

  • Larry Knight

    I am offended that liberals who voted for these people andwholeheartedly supported Obamacare are crying that they are losing their jobs or having their hours cut! Liberals stop crying no one wants to hear it. You people screwed you’re selves along with others. Nothing is free!!

  • ctmom

    Good. Hope it happens to more Obama voters.

  • Jan

    LOL! They demand…what a joke! They are the employees!! Juicy is in business to make $ and BO is doing everything they can to take it away! Welcome to socialism!

  • RightThinking1

    “We quickly realized that Juicy Couture is doing everything they can to not take care of its workers.”

    It is easy to see from the awkwardness of that statement that they are confused. They could not find a way to phrase their complaint in an appealingly logical way, thus they devolve into a nonsensical expression, hoping that they can paint Juicy Couture (whatever that is) as “non-caring”, which is a hanging offense among liberals.

    It is as though “to not take care of” as been trans-mutated into an active verb meaning…, what? One imagines meetings among the management, “Okay folks, let’s get busy with the Not Taking Care of Our Employees Program. We want to see more time and effort invested in not caring, and we are ramping up the budget for that.”

  • Teacher_in_Tejas

    As Oscar Wilde once observed “Sometimes the only thing worse than not getting what you want is GETTING it.”
    Enjoy the ride kiddies! Please keep your hands inside the care until it comes to a complete stop.

  • Texas Freeman

    At least we still live in a quasi free enterprise system, you know in communist China if you have to go to the hospital you better have cash or insurance because otherwise you won’t get in, period! No free health care there, they know that would bankrupt them. There is no question that Obamacare is a disaster created by social engineering minded people who treat everybody else as if they were mere worker bees, working to support their lavish government paid lifestyles. The people who crafted Obamacare did not ask the right questions, did not vette the concept enough, instead they ramrodded it through. We the USA are going down the road of Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Greece. Everybody play, nobody pay!

  • Texas Freeman

    The cost of anything must be paid one way or another!

  • Chelle Grant

    lmao stupid libturds

  • ricci

    gotta love people who have no clue why a business is in business…heres a hint its not to provide you with a set schedual or set hr or to even provide you with benefits. If your not happy either start your own business to compete with them and offer your co works the benefits and hrs and pay they want or find a new job its really pretty simple. Stop being lazy and complaining try doing something for a change in your life

  • in_awe

    Obama deliberately set the stage for this to happen. He and his acolytes wanting to fundamentally transform this country know that it will take mass marches in the streets across the nation to force Congress to create a nationalized healthcare system. So, they are “punishing” everyone to raise anger to the boiling point. Skyrocketing healthcare premiums, doctor shortages because of cuts in reimbursement, loss of wages and benefits due to cuts in hours and employment status (FT vs PT), group appointments with healthcare providers to save money, etc., etc. while touching everyone except the governing elite, their cronies, and the ultra wealthy. Welcome to a new day in American politics. The masses will be punished until our masters get what THEY want – full control over our lives.

  • Craig Jacobs

    So wait. People still buy overpriced pink sweatpants with “juicy” emblazoned on the ass? That’s so 2011

  • Michael Liu

    Looks like the “Affordable Health Care Act” isn’t so “Affordable” after all, eh liberals?

  • $7610427

    Meanwhile…the Obama daughters are living it up on the slopes…last week they were in the Bahamas. Chew on THAT JC Dudes…

  • Malishious Intent

    No sympathy. This is what you get you idiots

  • Gmama

    Duhhhh. What did they expect.

    Unfortunately now they will probably qualify for lots of government programs that those of us with enough sense not to vote for Obama will pay for.

  • Loren

    Hey when you are only working 3 days a week (24 hours) there is better than a 50% (4 of 7) chance that when you are sick, you won’t be working that day anyway. So you won’t need a paid day off.

  • Ken_Begg

    “High-end retailer Juicy Couture appears to be capping workers’ hours at 21-hrs/week to skirt #ACA requirements:

    Uh, actually they are cutting hours to *comply* with ACA requirements.

  • Annie

    I did NOT vote for Obama either time yet my health insurance premiums went from 162 to 314 per month. Thanks progs…

  • $18912735

    Wait till this thing comes on line:

    “…this robotic burger-maker that preps, grills, and assembles your Royale with Cheese—automatically—may soon replace human line cooks altogether while saving the fast food industry billions.”

    By “saving billions” they mean “not employing millions”.

    The day is approaching where menial entry level type jobs just won’t exist. This isn’t Obama’s fault, but similar to how he said he thought gasoline should cost $7.00 per gallon, he is just accelerating the process.

  • BlueStateRepub

    You voted for this, Libs. OWN IT! You saddled the rest of us with your foolishness, now OWN IT!

  • 24fan

    quoting homeward bound the movie; “yeah, well you snooze you lose.”

  • Lisa Dean

    Liberal complainers: did you really think Obamacare wasn’t going to cost you a dime? Or did you think all of us “racist, gun-loving” conservatives were going to float your medical costs?

  • Tantalus XVI

    Sarcastic conservative says
    #JustHours is #JustGreedy how dare you? Always more more more with you people. think of the hardwking americans! lol

  • Anderson

    It must be so hard when reality comes along and kills your unicorn. We tried to warn them and they called us racists. Oh well welcome to the real world where the rest of us live.

  • commonsense_is_dead

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Dumba$$es! Keep voting Democrat!!!!!

  • DwellsInFire

    Love it when liberals are victimized by their own policies.

  • Stan

    How is that Low Information Voter thingy workin’ out for ya?

  • Debbie Smith

    Oh well is all I can say if you didn’t vote or you voted for Obama you reap what you sow maybe you should have not been so blind.

  • busyboots

    It’s hard to believe that these people are/were so stupid.

  • RedSoloCup

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for them. After all they voted for this mess.

  • RedSoloCup

    Shit Happens.

  • AZWarrior

    Obama’s toadies, you get the government you deserve.

  • J.N. Ashby

    Well hey! At least it created part-time jobs, right?
    Obama: 1
    Naysayers: 0

  • Russ

    ” Companies are in business to stay in business and employ people.” I beg to differ, companies exist to make money, employing people is a side effect.

  • Papa Dog

    It’s not like we conservatives didn’t warn everybody ahead of time. These folks chose to vote with blinders on (Obama is so hip, dontchaknow), now the chickens are coming home to roost. Sorry, guys: you wanted it, you got it, you own it. Kwitcherbellyakin

  • lana ward

    Obama lied to the country. Why not? He knew he wouldn’t have to face voters again!! Romney and Republicans tried to warn you but Obamabots wouldn’t listen!! Now we all suffer

  • Carol Marie