The only surprise is that he didn’t give her a boost up and over while doing his trademark “Shamnesty Shake.” Remember, Sen. McCain just gleefully posed with a group of SEIU sign-wielding “immigration reform” advocates.

Sen. Schumer was there, too. Of course, since there were cameras around!

Ah, the Gang of 8.

No! You don’t say?!


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  • Lidsamy

    Why would we trust the gang of 8 to reform immigration when they refuse to enforce the laws we have?

    • Spatial Awareness

      Oh!!!! There you go!! Using LOGIC!!!!

    • comfypaws

      it’s the Obama administration refusing to enforce the laws

      • OneThinDime

        Not true. Congress has the ability to force enforcement with budget and they didn’t. They are all responsible.

      • $24698634
        • Catchance

          In the past, removal numbers did not include “returns,” who are Mexican nationals caught illegally crossing the border by the Border Patrol and returned.

          The Obama administration has started counting certain “returns” as “removals” in order to artificially inflate the numbers and create a
          “record level” of deportations. Specifically, those caught by the Border Patrol who are shuttled to a different town along the border before they are returned are being dishonestly counted as deportations. This has falsely increased the number of total removals by more than 100,000 for the past two years.

          In fact, if we count removals and returns together historically, then the Obama administration numbers are not close to “record-setting.” In the 1990s, the totals of returns and removals were well over one million. For example, according to the yearbook of immigration statistics, in 1996, removals and returns numbered more than 1.6 million, up from more than 1.3 million in 1995.

          In an October 2011 roundtable with Hispanic reporters, President Obama himself said the deportation numbers were artificially high because they include those caught at the border

          • $24698634

            You cite an organization that’s ‘for lower immigration levels” in its name?  One might think there is a bias there.

    • Tangchung

      This is the McCain lip service before he steals our paddle up sh*t creek.

    • $24698634
    • JustLikeAnimals

      Gang of Geezers!

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    He’s pissed it was only one.

  • SFerggie


  • Love of Country
  • capisce

    McCain, you could have just tossed her the food stamps. She could have gotten hurt and her “free” healthcare hasn’t kicked in yet.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      The “Gang of Geezers” welcome wagon: “Here’s your Drivers license, SSN, Mediaid card, and Obamaphone. Welcome to America!”

  • Tangchung

    After several shots from Border Patrol Agent’s “Bean Bag Gun” a game of Cornhole bean bag toss broke out.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Ha! “If you get the bag in the hole, we’ll turn our backs and let you run into the country.”

  • Clayton Grant

    If they had just electrified the damned fence and put some crocagators in the Rio Grande like I said, it would be a good start!

  • $46661540

    Imagine the shock on her face when she got to the other side and realized the area was swarming with law enforcement. She put all that effort (and risk) into climbing an 18 foot fence and the moment her feet touched the ground she was rounded up.

    • OneThinDime

      She’ll claim she’s a dreamer and will be released to pop her illegitimate baby on our soil

    • Joseph A White

      And given food stamps, free medical care and a free pass to Disneyland for the week…..

      • ToyZebra

        And registered to vote.

  • Chip

    Securty Before Amnesty!!!

    • BeautifulAmerica

      NO Amnesty–at all! I’m not paying any more for these lawbreaking sneaks.

  • FFlintstone

    At least this will dispel Napolitano’s myth that the border is secure.

  • ProudAmerican247

    “Border Patrol successfully apprehended her, but incident is another reminder that threats to our border security are real.” – John McCain
    DUHHH……REALLY, McLame???!!

  • SunsetLament

    There’s an 80% chance this woman will be a guest of honor at the next State of the Union.

  • gracepmc

    Must have been one of those posts unmanned due to Obama sequester cutting back on border patrol.

  • lillymckim

    I heard Nancy Pelosi was standing there with voters registration in one hand food stamps in the other

  • TonyMitch

    This woman will be the new face of illegal alien trying to make a better life. Maybe, she will get a tryout as an Olympic Pole Vaulter.

  • jb

    Last time McCain was on a gang with Democrats – -the Keating 5 — it didn’t work out so well for him. So now he is on another gang, and since misery loves company, he’ll spread manure all over citizens. Seriously, this guy and his reach-across-the-aisle act has been stale for many years. Indeed, he should stay on the other side of the aisle. Unfortunately, he is a useful tool for the Dems right where he is.

  • Brett McMicken

    he did give her his address and phone number. the mccains need a new maid.

  • 1SkepticalChick

    Sightseeing at the border. It’s not the zoo, people, it’s the wide open door to our country.

    • waltzingmtilda

      Thank you! That irked me too.

    • waltzingmtilda

      Thank you! That irked me too.

  • 1SkepticalChick

    Sightseeing at the border. It’s not the zoo, people, it’s the wide open door to our country.

  • kim

    I’m a bit sick of DC ‘gangs’ writing our laws in secret. I didn’t elect MY Congresswoman and senators so they could have NO input on the laws. And while running From Camera Hog Schumer, why hasn’t anyone in media called him out about his 8 years of Wall St de-regulation before the collapse?

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Old white men in khakis and blue blazers photo-oping around the border promising to fix the problem. Gimme a break!!
    “Gang of 8”???
    More like “Gang of geezers”!!!!!

  • JustLikeAnimals

    NEWSFLASH:::: McCain showed up somewhere and Lindsay Graham wasn’t there holding hands with him.
    Signs of trouble in paradise for “JohnLind”?