Neurosurgeon Ben Carson’s success? He totally didn’t build that, according to the always vile and racist (and boring, as actor Nick Searcy pointed out) Touré. The foul Touré jumped aboard the “tolerance” brigade train, calling Dr. Carson the “GOP’s black friend.”

He’s just a “token,” you see, as UPenn professor Deen Freelon would disgustingly say.

MSNBC’s Touré then doubled-down on the repugnant by taking to Twitter to spew more of his racism.

Dr. Carson couldn’t possibly be successful without someone else building that success for him, you see. How repugnant.

Like fellow racist Bill Maher who said that minorities are poor and take the bus.

How about policies that relate to all people? How sad that he only sees people by the color of their skin.

Sigh. Race-hustling and racism combined, once again. Sadly, the “execrable’ Matt Lewis attempted to give credence to Touré, but he was swiftly shot down.

Mr. Lewis can learn something right along with Touré. And happy warriors are givers, so they are happy to provide some lessons. Read and learn, gentlemen.

All “you people” must think alike, right racist Toure?

Exactly. Ask “Justified” co-star Nick Searcy about that, too. He refuses to entertain grievance-mongers and punches back at race-hustling bullies.

Ha! It’s far too dangerous.


  • Tabitha Bliss

    The ‘southern strategy’ is a proven lie & since when is asking for ID racist besides in the opinion of the vile George Soros?! (Yes, Soros started that).
    So this asshat thinks it’s OK to disenfranchise American’s votes for double voters & illegal alien’s votes? Unreal! Toure sucks!

    • Billie Slash

      Tabitha, he’s been promoted above asshat. He’s now an assquack. :)

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Toure:

    How exactly did YOU build your own success? Such as it is.

    Being a token liberal taking head in a predominantly white liberal/socialist infotainment organization certainly cannot pay that well. Especially since your were hired specifically and exclusively to attack black conservatives.

    Also not surprised that you were lazy or censorious enough not to supply a link to your
    allegation of government assistance and student loans.

    Anyone who purports to be a “reporter” instead of a talking points spouting lackey puppet would have performed due diligence.

    Just sayin’.

    • jacksonjay

      MSNBC added a number of Black faces when they were caught with a totally white line-up of talent! He is a token!

      • rippersnort

        What talent – oh I see your being sarcastic.

  • Elaine

    NAACP, La Raza and others sponsoring DIVERSITY job fairs. It SAYS “diversity is for everyone.” I think whites should show up at these to see what happens. You might actually find a good paying job, but it may be with the government.

  • Billie Slash

    MSNBC should rename Toure’s show “The Menstrual Cycle”–watching is the equivalent to a case of the cramps.

    • bluewaternavy

      Brain or abdominal cramps? Toure gives me a headache….

  • Patrick Dennehy

    Could it possibly be that I like Dr. Carson because I share in his vision and hold the same ideals?? No, it must only be because I need to assuage my ‘white guilt’. I can’t believe I was preposterous and pretentious enough to think that I could judge someone on the content of their character; turns out I’m just a racist. Thank you, Toure! You’ve enlightened me.

  • rinodino

    Toure has a point on voter ID and the GOP’s big problem with minorities and you really think attacking al sharpton or some other talking head will solve the problem while putting up minority faces for elections???

    You better get your foot soldiers on the ball…. Or keep looking stupid during national elections

    • Chase C.

      Why should I be required to have a ID for anything if I don’t need one to vote? Move along liberal and let the people that can actually use their heads have a conversation here. I hear the huffington post could use more viewers.

      • rinodino

        Yeah because righty on righty convos have worked so well lmao

    • wwbdinct

      Eff off misogynist! Sharpton is nothing but a two-bit anti-semitic race hustler who literally has blood on his hands. He deserves all the scorn and ridicule that he gets. And to think that this phony ass anti-semite said today that anyone who criticizes Mike Bloomberg’s policies is doing it solely because he’s Jewish! What a freakin joke! Of course you have no problem with the race and women hustlers considering your stand on women being able to defend themselves against rape. Hypocritical lefty – what else is new…

    • TocksNedlog

      So . . . Obama can give cell phones to poor minorities, but he can’t provide them with a valid ID so they can vote?

      Geez, your guy SUCKS!!!

    • michael s

      here’s why voter id was racist. notice it wasn’t a requirement during the republican primary for was only for the general election. that said it all.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Makes you wonder how minorities manage to vote in the 30 states that *already* require Voter ID.

        Well….it doesn’t make *YOU* or the rest of the #LowInfoLib drones wonder, of course… I was speaking rhetorically.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Toure has a point on voter ID

      Poor dino… so consistently wrong. The only “point” Tourette’s has is the one on top of his head.

      When Georgia became one of the first states in the nation to demand a photo ID at the ballot box, both sides served up dire predictions. Opponents labeled it a Jim Crow-era tactic that would suppress the minority vote. Supporters insisted it was needed to combat fraud that imperiled the integrity of the elections process.

      But both claims were overblown, according to a review of by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of statewide voting patterns in the five years since the law took effect.

      Turnout among black and Hispanic voters increased from 2006 to 2010, dramatically outpacing population growth for those groups over the same period.

  • Love of Country

    Touré [email protected]

    @ExJon A few black or brown faces onstage in a party that’s 90% white because of policies hostile to black & brown people proves what now?


    Hey you stupid racist piece of crap ….. what are you babbling about now?

    If liberal policies helped minorities than how come every city that has been controlled by democrats and completely devoid of white Republicans (the devil) for more than 50 years are all violent cesspools in steep decline? Answer me that, you goofy pos.

    Do you really think teaching learned helplessness and victimhood works? Where does it work? Where has communism worked? Suck it up and get to work …. or maybe you think Detroit and Chicago are shining examples of liberal Utopia?

    OMG, Toure …. you are such a stupid, racist piece of garbage I don’t even know where to end!

  • webnetcity

    Relax Toure’…take a deep breath..

    You don’t have to be a race-baiting jerk everyday of your life ya know?

    • pajamakat

      Yes he does. He certainly can’t get by on his talent. They guy is a joke. How many days did it take him to come up with these talking points ?

    • DavidKramer

      I would have to disagree. It is right there in his contract……………….”trust me”. Just using the Toure’s example of journolism.

  • rivers

    A loan, not a gift. A loan gets paid back, and you don’t stay in school if you don’t make the grades.
    Tell me, Milton Acadamy alum, Toure, are you running any scholarship programs for underprivilidge kids? Are you still celebrating your ex-girlfriends abortion? Are you still french?

    • Canadian in USA

      Since when did going to university/college mean you owe your professors/school in perpetuum?

    • David_Francis

      Toure went to school? I thought he was raised by parrots.

  • notenoughtime

    Toure is a moron. Regardless if a parent or the government pays the tuition, success is on the shoulders of the student. There are plenty walking around with student loans, many who walk away from their responsibility to pay back the money, who squandered their ability to get an education. If Toure wanted to be a better spokesperson, he would hail Carson’s success because education, when put to good use not propaganda, is the great equalizer in this country. Anyone, anywhere, under any conditions, can become a neuroscience regardless of their background. Instead, what we hear from Toure are insults and the typical talking points of the day.

  • t jack

    Toure should read his own tweets, he may just realize why msnbc hired him in the first place and that’s to attack black. If Ben Carson is Uncle Tom wouldn’t that make Toure Sambo?

  • NeoKong

    Gee…that looked like fun. I wish I was in on that in any way at all.

  • TugboatPhil

    The more honest Regressives become in public discourse, the more I realize that low expectations aren’t soft bigotry, it’s just bigotry. It’s part of their nature back to Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger.

    What is pathetic is that Toure and the other Black and Brown hucksters are acting as field bosses for Massa down on the DNC plantation. Rev C.L. Bryant knew well what he meant to choose Runaway Slave as the title of his documentary about leaving the Democrat Party.

    I can’t say for sure that the Republican Party is where the votes of “minorities” should be going, but I know that the Democrats have proven beyond doubt that their policies since LBJ have had a catastrophic effect on their lives. After the last election, I’m not even sure that the GOP deserves my vote.

    • 96leroy

      Why minorities should be Republicans

      1820’s: Levi Coffin (Whig→Republican), known as the “President of the Underground Railroad” helped thousands of slaves escape their
      masters. Raised in the south, he found slavery abhorrent. He helped slaves
      escape from 1826 onwards, even raising over $100,000 which he gave to the
      Western Freedman’s Aid Society. He retired his ‘presidential’ commission in
      1870 when the 15th amendment was passed. He died in 1877.

      Wilmot Proviso: Banned slavery in any territory acquired from Mexico. Rep. David Wilmot was a Democrat up to 1848 and a ‘free-soil’ Republican thereafter. The Wilmot Proviso was passed in 1848.

      1850 Fugitive Slave Act: Replaced 1793 version which was not enforced well. Drafted by Senator James Murray Mason (D) as part of the Compromise of 1850.

      Compromise of 1850: Legislation which held off the civil war for 4 years was drafted by Senator Henry Clay (Whig→Republican) and Senator Stephen Douglas (D). Neither side was very happy with the legislation (obviously, we ultimately had a war)

      Civil Rights Act of 1866 (aka: An Act to protect all Persons in the United States in their Civil Rights, and furnish the Means of their vindication): Meant to protect blacks after the civil war. Sponsored by Senator Lyman Trumbull (R). Vetoed by Andrew Jackson (D)

      Civil Rights Act of 1871 (aka: Ku Klux Klan Act; HR 320): Meant to enforce the 14th amendment. Requested by Ulysses S. Grant (R), introduced to the House by Rep. Samuel Shellabarger (R). Flew through the Republican held congress within one month.

      Civil Rights Act of 1875: Guaranteed equal treatment in public places. Proposed by Senator Charles Sumner (R) and Rep. Benjamin Butler (R). Signed by Ulysses S. Grant (R).

      Civil Rights Act of 1957: A voting rights bill. Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson (D) fought to have this bill passed in order to curry favor from civil rights advocates but allowed two more democrats, Senator James Eastland and Senator Richard Russell, to eviscerate the bill before passing it, essentially killing the bill.

      Civil Rights Act of 1960 (aka: HR 8601): More voter protection. Mandated by Dwight D. Eisenhower (R) and introduced to the House by Rep. Emanuel Celler (D) who sided with Eisenhower on the civil rights issues (went against his own party).

      Civil Rights Act of 1964 (aka: HR 7192): Outlawed discrimination against African-Americans and Women. Requested by John F. Kennedy (D) (signed by LBJ) and introduced by Rep. Emanuel Celler (D), each of which went against their party to do so. Senator Robert Byrd (D) filibustered for 14 hours but it eventually passed with a much higher percentage of Republicans voting for it than Democrats in a Democratic controlled congress.

      Senator Robert Byrd (D) was an “Exalted Cyclops” in the K K K.

      Alabama Governor George Wallace (D) actually blocked the doorway to keep a black student from entering a desegregated school. Federal Marshalls and the Alabama Army National Guard were called in to force him to comply.

      Civil Rights Act of 1968 (aka: Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 & Fair Housing Act) Introduced by Rep. Emanuel Celler (D) and signed by LBJ (D)

      Black Codes (1800 to 1867) Mostly used in Southern (D) states to control labor (slaves) immediately after the Civil War. Later to be replaced by Jim Crow laws.

      Jim Crow laws (1867 to 1964) were state and local laws enacted by the confederate Southern states (“Pres” Jefferson Davis (D)) to mandate segregation.

      Andrew Jackson (D): Creator of the modern Democrat party. Signed the Indian Removal Act which led to the terrible Trail of Tears. Whigs (Republicans) and Moralists denounced Jackson for the Indian Removal Act.

      Martin Van Buren (D) was blamed for Andrew Jackson’s (D) signing of the Specie Circular (Coinage Act) that threw the country into a 5 year depression. The Act made gold or silver the only form of payment for purchase of government land. It caused massive deflation.

    • 96leroy

      Regarding your second paragraph: The southern and very democrat plantation owners feared an armed black man. The left supporting disarming the entire population smacks of slavery in and of itself.

      • rivers


  • Miss Clairee

    Me to Toure: There SHOULD be an assault on entitlements. I know more whites on fake “disability” than blacks. I guess that makes me a white racist……and I’m white. So what does that make me?????? It makes me fed up with losers that are lazy and don’t want to work and want me and my husband to keep them up forever!!!!!

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Toure is a guy? Hmm .. Who knew?

    • TocksNedlog

      Well, he’s still not quite sure himself.

  • grais

    Dr. Carson didn’t exactly KILL any babies to get where he is now, like Mr. Niblett did, however.
    And another thing: Pediatric neurosurgeon vs. Whatever self-important thing it is that Mr. Niblett likes to pretend he himself is.
    Let’s compare….

  • Orlando Cee

    Toure sees a racist every day, every time he looks in the mirror.

  • HARP2

    Having trouble watching conservative blacks get ahead ?

    You have more problems than you realize Toure.

  • stellatruman

    Why does this man have a job ?

    • David_Francis

      Because he’s a professional stooge.

  • RIChris

    Democrat policies that relate to black and/or brown people thrive in slums, ghettos and barrios; and that, Toure, is nothing to brag about.

  • $1014973

    How did this retard ever get a job? And who in the hell is a professional race victim to question the qualifications of a f-ing neurosurgeon? That’s like comparing a rock to a fighter plane.

    • 96leroy

      Affirmative action and a supportive LGTB group got him his job. In his case, he does own everyone for having a job.

    • Orlando Cee

      May I amend that to read “comparing cow flop to a fighter plane?”

  • Walt

    The people of “color” that can’t seem to get an ID to vote are the same people that seem to manage ID to receive food stamps. How does that work?

    • rivers

      You cannot even begin to imagine the paperwork involved and the documents required to receive food stamps, waaay above and beyond producing a photo id, more like applying for a loan. Unless there are different qualifications based on race?
      Rent or mortgage reciept, birth certs., social sec., school transcripts and immunization forms if you have kids, income verification forms, license and registration for any vehichles, all utility bills, all bank statements, documentation for any cash or gifts, income tax filings, personal interviews are mandetory, etc., it goes on…and not that there is anything wrong with that, but if you want to tell me that it’s racist to ask for photo id to vote then you are a lying arshole.

  • Jimni27

    Let’s not forget all the poor people who were bussed in to vote by SEIU and other unions. What a pisspoor excuse.

  • Junie3

    He wouldn’t have graduated from the 6th grade without gov’t (Tax payers).

  • tjp77

    The supreme fallacy of Toure’s argument is that it assumes that government assistance would have been the ONLY way for Dr. Carson to get through school.

    The fact is that government drives up the cost of everything it touches, especially education. If the government wasn’t involved, other options beyond government assistance would be viable.

    • Gallatin

      Amen, I’ve been saying that for 30 years. The Federal Government drives UP the cost of college tuition. If there were no government involvement tuition costs would plummet.

    • David_Francis

      That is EVERYTHING! Insurance, health care, energy, food, elementary school, etc. etc. ad nauseum, is all more expensive because of govt. involvement.

  • SammFan

    Toure’ plays the Edward Walker (aka William Hurt) character from “The Village”. He wants to just keep telling Black American that it’s “scary outside the Democrat Plantation! The monsters will get you”; “Oh, and the fence is electric”. It’s over, Toure’! They’re figuring it out (and, like the movie, things are so bad inside that they have to go outside for real help).

  • Dale Black

    It’s spelled TouRACE, with an accent on the race.

  • Dale Black

    Hey TouRACE!

    See that picture of Prince as your avatar? He didn’t build it. He had the help of white record producers. Same goes for you– the only reason you have a career is because white people gave it to you.

    Think that sounds racist? How is it any different from attributing someone’s success to government?

  • Frank Drebin

    The college loans Dr. Carson received guaranteed him an opportunity only. Just like they would for anyone in America, the Land of Opportunity. His success was all his own.

  • Clayton Grant

    MSNBC – Enabling racists since 1996

  • Adela Wagner

    This guy is a nitwit, another prog/liberal who spouts off without research. He knows nothing as far as I can see, and I am a high school dropout.

    He says Carson received a student LOAN, ..betcha he paid it back.

    He says you must get to the DMV to get an ID to register to vote, ….I registered through the mail here in Ohio.
    Says you have to have a car and a driver’s license to vote, ….I do not drive due to a condition I have, and I use a state ID.
    He say’s you can’t go to college without a gov’t loan, ….if you work hard there are scholarships, work study programs and some insurance policies you can borrow against. And used to be, if you wanted to go to college bad enough,you worked your way through and went part time or took night classes..There are also schools like College of the Ozarks, that take no fed. funding and put you to work to pay your tuition.

    • stellatruman

      Not only ( presumably if he even had loans ) would he have paid them back , but take a look at what he has given back in terms of creating scholarships and paving the way for other ambitious students to make their way and get their higher education, How can anyone begrudge the man for what he has done unless you are uncomfortable with the fact that he is conservative , Christian and black ? Why is that such a threat to another person of color, or anyone for that matter ? Hypocrisy !!

      • Adela Wagner

        Exactly Stella, also he came from very little and had a mother who did not believe she belonged on the Liberal Plantation. Instead she worked hard and was a shining example in Carson growing into a remarkable man. The “poor disadvantaged” excuse was not in her nor his vocabulary.

  • Jillane Kent

    Oddly, I feel as though this “government assistance” comes with more strings than Toure is letting on….namely the interest payments my husband and I still pay each and every month makes our loans feel a tad less generous than food stamps, a ‘free’ cell phone, or medicaid.

  • oneword

    Dr Carson performs Brain surgery, Toure works for MSNBC, need we say more?

    • trixiewoobeans

      Sorry Dr. Carson, you’re getting the “Sarah Palin” treatment. You see, you have one fatal flaw…you’re not a Democrat. Brains, achievements, character and ability mean nothing if you’re not toeing the Democratic Plantation line, AND they can’t take credit for your success. You’re flying in the face of their most dearly held beliefs, that a black man/woman can’t succeed in the world without them, and they won’t forgive you for that. Thus, they attack like a cave full of rabid bats, and with just as much sense and reason.

  • Rulz

    “@GOPBlackChick You do understand Dr. Carson’s success is, in part, thanks to gov assistance aka college loans? No one builds it alone.”

    If the FEDERAL government had stayed OUT of the education sector, he wouldn’t have NEEDED all the loans!

  • Mister A

    Did anyone mention the fact that you still have to pay for college even if you got a loan? You pay it back (with interest). That’s not free assistance. That’s a loan.

    • stellatruman

      Excellent point. He may have been given a free ride to college too since he was a minority and incredibly brilliant .

  • Michael Rice

    Maybe, there are “few” black conserviatives because most blacks believe in liberal policies. Oh wait, that’s because the conservative policies of working as opposed to endless welfare, pro capital punishment, pro life and pro traditional marriage are racist. My bad. Of course, to be racist in any way, one would have to admit that the majority of people on endless welfare and on death row and pro abortion, etc are black. Then, of course…you, if white or conservative, would be called racist for admitting that, while, libs just call it racist withotu actually saying why. Do I have it right? I hope so, because tlaking in circles like that makes my head hurt.

  • BK

    “most people of color think [the GOP is racist] & that’ll be an electoral problem til they don’t” ~~toure

    And there you have his motivation and mission … Keep most people of color believing that the GOP is racist. The mission of a cold stone bigot.

  • j95lee

    Don’t you kinda have to pay back some of those loans? If you actually use your degree to become someone of importance, you’ll pay a ton of taxes.

    Subsidizing education or business isn’t exactly the case for expanding the welfare state or implementing disasters like Obamacare. If I lost 15 pounds working out at a state funded park, I’m a hypocrite for opposing Soda taxes?

  • marylandman

    Republicans are so stupid.

    • $1014973

      Good drop in. That DNC training is really shining through.

    • BoldFreshJew ⊕

      How utterly insightful. Dare I ask, how so?

  • PeterP

    Toure is a like a Doctor who opposes a pill that permanently cures illness. If approved, he’s out of a job. If racism doesn’t “exist”, Toure bags my groceries.

  • Love of Country

    Toure …. any chance that the DNC’s KKK style attacks on all minorities in the GOP is the cause for their reluctance to join and participate?

    Or is it possibly because the national DNC (for some reason) spends ridiculous amounts of time, money and resources in all local and state races whenever a minority is on the GOP ballot? Talk about transparency … OMG!

    So out of one side of your mouth, you racists cravenly besmirch, embarrass, ruin careers and reputations, scare and intimidate any and all minorities in the GOP …. and outta the other side of your mouths …. you lament w/ crocodile tears that there just aren’t enough minorities in the Republican Party. Sounds like the actions of racist madmen, no?

    And to top it off … most all of you dems seem to be hellbent on trying to make white people hated and villified in this country. This after you did the same and destroyed the black man for 200 years …. now white people are in your crosshairs and you’re encouraging black democrats to hate white people and you want them to feel that’s normal and okay? Are you serious?

    What you’re really doing is stuffing poison pills of racism down their throats and polluting their minds …… don’t they already have enough issues on the table and in their minds w/o you trolls on MSNBC encouraging them to be racist and dependent upon the govt for everything thus robbing them of all self respect too? Have you seen minority communities devoid of self respect? Can you say “neighborhoods controlled by gangs?”. Democrats steal religion and self respect from minorities …. end of story.

    And you think GOP policies hurt minorities?????

  • Geoff

    What is Toure’s saying? Dr. Carson became a doctor due to the generosity of United Negro College Fund scholarships and hasn’t donated any money back to the UNCF? No, that’s probably not it. Dr. Carson doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who wants to pull up the ladder behind him.
    Is Toure saying Dr. Carson became a doctor due to a Federal Student Loan program which surely has liberal Democrat origins, and therefore, Dr. Carson should support liberal Democrat causes, regardless of Dr. Carson’s own mental capacity to determine whether those causes are solving problems or making them worse? I think I’m getting warmer.
    Is Toure also saying Dr. Carson is a GOP darling because he is black, and the GOP wouldn’t survive without trotting out a conservative black man once in a while? Maybe. Toure seems to have all kinds of advise for the GOP on how to appeal to black voters. I think that advise boils down to ‘adopt the policies of the democrats’, and presumably run a more charismatic candidate since the elections wouldn’t really be about substance? I hope the GOP is more interested in Dr. Carson’s advise on appealing to conservatives, regardless of color.

  • Gallatin

    Touré ✔
    @GOPBlackChick You do understand Dr. Carson’s success is, in part, thanks to gov assistance aka college loans? No one builds it alone.

    Whatever still doesn’t change the fact that you are racist slime.

  • Gallatin

    Touré ✔
    @joeyhunziker Modern voter ID is also to functionally disenfranchise people without cars who’ll have a hard time getting off work to a DMV.

    Seriously this is what you are going with? As an employer I have already requested a picture ID before I have made the hire, if none provided then I won’t hire. It takes no effort at all for you to be stupid does it?

  • Jedd McHead

    We occasionally flip over to MessNBC to see what their distortion of the day is but I was blissfully unaware of Toure’ until today. He seems about as sensible as Jim Carrey.

    Btw, the “you didn’t build that” BS is about as worn out as throwing the race card at everything that moves (and is white). WHEN will the adults take charge? Guess we’ll find out in about two years.

  • RightThinking1

    WHO is ‘Touré’? Does he only have one name?

  • DrSamHerman

    As a Latino who went to medical school and completed post-grad training about the same time as Ben Carson: Toure can go to hell! I worked three jobs and I had government loans, but they paid less than 25% of my tuition overall and *I* financed the rest. How dare you tell me that we minorities are in medicine only thanks to government money! A lot of us worked until we dropped to get where we are, and we don’t need revisionist morons like Toure to tell us otherwise!

    • David_Francis

      Even if the govt. paid all of your tuition, that wouldn’t make you a good medical doctor. M.D.’s have a lot of responsibility. You did a lot of work to earn that.

  • michael s

    If Dr Carson didn’t do what he did at National Prayer , how many of you would still praise him ? 0. If Dr Carson didn’t do what he did at the National Prayer how many of you would say ,he’s benefiting from affirmative action? alot of you. Or he got into medical school over a more qualified white person or i can think of tons of neurosurgeons better than Ben Carson. This is the typical talk of people that claim they support Dr Carson . I support Dr Carson and Toure.

  • Bumr50

    In TooRay’s hermetically sealed environment, NO ONE is allowed to make their own success.

    It would be like one of those logic paradoxes that destroys the malfunctioning android.

  • John

    Toure is a pathetic gerbil who has to cut successful people down to make himself feel better. Dr. Carson saves lives, while the gerbil only flaps his gums.

    By the way, to the gerbil: I went to college and grad school for free, without any loans or government assistance. I clawed for every tenth of a point I could get in high school, took the SAT’s four times to maximize my score, and ultimately landed a full academic scholarship. My message: *compete*, and ignore the whiny, jealous gerbils.

  • APW

    Dr. Carson would probably agree that nobody does it alone, but in his case it would be God and his mother who gave him the most assistance. Toure makes me want to puke. He has no shame. He has no honor.

  • David_Francis

    If Dr. Carson were a liberal I might be disappointed but would still have to say, as he’s an accomplished neurosurgeon, he is a very intelligent man. Toure is a professional stooge.

  • Kate

    “Some people can’t get to a DMV.”

    Some cities count library cards as a form of ID.

    If I could figure out how to get a library card at age four, then any idiot of voting age can figure it out as well.

  • Liberty Ranger

    Still deciding if this is news or opinion. ………I’m so torn!

  • Minicapt

    Dr Ben Carson completed a degree program at Yale and moved on to Medical School at UMich. ‘Toure Neblett’ couldn’t make it past third year in a indeterminate degree program at Emory.


  • marcellucci

    As Oompa Loompa’s go, Toure sure knows what real life is all about…..
    Now….take him along to the Juicing Room…..he’s getting ripe….

  • Bill Board

    Toure is obviously envious of Dr. Carson, as he is an intelligent brain surgeon and Toure is just another mouthy loser on MSNBS. Toure does not even grasp God’s concept of procreation, which in his case is a good thing, because stupid people shouldn’t breed.

    • Raye09

      Agreed, Toure is clearly jealous the sheer amount of vitriol he has towards Dr. Carson proves it. He has been insulting Dr. Carson at least once a week for the past month.
      Really, what has Toure done to help anyone? All he does is spew ignorance in the guise of progressive thoughts.

  • marcellucci

    I have a dream….
    That the black man will realize what the white Republicans did for them…
    To make them free to make their own lives….
    To enjoy the freedoms that were written into the Constitution….
    To ask not what your country can do for you, but to ask what you can do for your country…
    To judge a man..not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character…..
    If only someone had said that in the past….

  • rivers

    Toure is a creation of the left, a complete sellout cashing in on the color of his skin. He has no priniciples. Isn’t that right Toure? Now you’re black but back in the day you inisisted that you were french. Anything for a buck, right?

  • Raye09

    I will say it again: Toure is clearly jealous of Dr. Carson, it’s blatantly obvious.

    Dr. Carson is a world renowned brain surgeon who had earned the respect of millions long before his speech. The man will always be regarded as a great figure in modern medicine regardless of what he does due to his talent. He has literally climed the latter from sub-par student to get to where he is now. His success is hard earned.

    Toure is a race-baiting, petty, ignorant turd on MSNBC. He was only hired because MSNBC was under fire for being “too white”. Before he was an angry well known troll he wrote about outstanding people(sarcasm) like Alicia Keys and John Ledgend. Toure is disposable and as soon as MSNBC finds a newer, younger better token he will be gone faster than a fart in the wind. Toure must appease his bosses by siding with everything Lord Obama does or else he will be taunted as an “uncle tom” or “sellout” and disposed of.

  • Conservativesniper

    Toure, whose ass did you kiss to get put on an admittedly PATHETIC network like pMSNBC? Aim high, fool. I hear they may be hiring on Al Jazeera. What a pointless idiot.

  • Paracletus

    Black professional vs. professional black

    • David


  • David

    “race pimps like him can’t survive if black people actually break free of the chains Democrats keep them in.”
    So true. Unfortunately, people are generally prone to “devisionistic” ideas; like someone telling them the grass is greener on the other side and, they can have some of it for free if they vote right, (Left, actually.)

  • David

    I’d also say that, student loans are not entitlements, they have to be repaid, with interest.

    Promoting education is something the federal government is actually supposed to do – according to those who wrote and ratified our Constitution. (Dumbing it down, however, isn’t: In regards to Public Schools.)

  • Wag_a_Muffin (D)

    Personally I am curious how Toure explains the Korean or Chinese experience in the U.S. A group of people, at one time thought to be inferior, and good only for labor or entry level jobs, as groups, do exceptionally well in school, tests, (and life) despite the fact that they are discriminated against and NOT helped by government programs.

  • $16304270

    Another loser that prefers to pull others down rather than perform the hard work of climbing himself.
    Getting tired of lazy blacks and their belt-fed excuses as to why they’re nothing but POS.

  • $16304270

    Is there a bigger loser class on the planet than American blacks?

  • smb04d

    I think Toure is missing the point…there’s government assistance to TEMPORARILY help those who need it (i.e. student loans) and then there’s providing EVERY TYPE OF ASSISTANCE so much so that it bankrupts the country, keeps it’s citizens incapable of surviving on their own, and divides the country. And yes, Ben Carson’s mother was on welfare, but only for a short period of time…she got off welfare on her own!

  • J.N. Ashby

    I wasn’t aware that the government seized college loans in the 1960s… Because to MY memory, that government assistance on college loans thing happened when I was in college a scant 7 or so years ago…

  • irishgirl91

    This light brown Libertarian works at a major retailer and has seen many people use EBT cards, some darker brown, some white. Strangely, they all had to prove who they were before benefits were bestowed. Is Toodles saying that all poor people are home bound illiterates that don’t receive benefits? I have yet to see one present an EBT that didn’t have ID, that includes an Indian family that could barely speak english.

  • Frederick Weaver

    Carson Responds To Touré: ‘3rd Grader’ With Nothing ‘Useful To Say’
    Now, you know why Rush Limbaugh called Dr. Carson the conservative the Left fears the most.

  • Frederick Weaver

    Carson Responds To Touré: ‘3rd Grader’ With Nothing ‘Useful To Say’
    Now, you know why Rush Limbaugh called Dr. Carson the conservative the Left fears the most.